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Horrible, Horrible Airline. Do Not Ever Use.
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Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My Letter to Alegiant Airlines:


First I would like to say I am not normally a person to send in non-complimentary emails or phone calls. I am a very logical person and am very easy to appease under most circumstances. I am a veteran and have definitely been in some difficult situations so normal delays and inconveniences that come with air travel do not bother me. Get me to where I am going and that's all I ask.

This email is to inform you that you did not get me to where I was going in this instance. It was for a flight from Austin to Las Vegas and then back from Las Vegas to Austin. You'll notice that I was not on the return flight from Vegas to Austin.

On the morning of March 24th I arrived at the airport at 6:10 in the morning. My plane did not leave until 7:30 that morning and never have I had to arrive at the airport earlier than an hour and a half so I Figured I had ample time to check in, get through security and then get on the plane. I was incorrect in this instance. Let me explain some things that I noticed:

1. Every other airline has kiosks and allows people with carry-on luggage to check in and get on their way. I am one of those people. I had 1 small bag. Your airline has no kiosks and forces each and every single passenger to wait in line to get their ticket. Please see my next point about lines.

2. Every other airline had barely a line to wait in for people to check in with luggage. Your airline had a line OUT THE DOOR. It was for lack of better terminology the biggest cluster [snip] I've ever seen. You had a lady yelling out different cities to get them to the head of the line so they wouldn't miss their flights. I happened to come in at 6:15 and supposedly she had been calling for "Austin" but I suppose I arrived a minute or two late to hear these calls, so I waited in line like you're supposed to.

3. You have all your flights leaving at the same time in the morning - Why? How about you stagger your flights until you can get your check-in situation fixed? It seems to me you're taking on too much and can't handle the amount of traffic you're getting through your airline. This brings me to my next point.

4. I get to the front of the line after waiting an hour in it, only to find out that I missed the 45 minute pre-check in window and I would not be allowed to board my plane now. It was very clear at this point that your staff was over worked and very disorganized. No one was smiling, no one could help, and no one was cordial. I was directed to a rude woman at the far left to see if she could help me. I asked about how I was supposed to get home and she said the next available flight was THURSDAY. Lets think about that - I'm in Las Vegas Nevada, I live in Austin, TX and I'm told that there are no return flights until 3 days later? Ok, so you only fly Thursday - Sunday and there's nothing the rude woman can do for me - AT ALL.

5. I then have to go over to Southwest Airlines and pay $542.00 for a one way ticket back home. FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO DOLLARS. I'm not sure if that's a lot of money to whoever is reading this, but it's damn sure a lot of money to me. A few years ago and I wouldn't have been able to afford it if you know what I mean.

So, I'm writing you to let you know about mine and many, many, many other people's experiences at your airline that day. I am writing to let you know that not only did I not get to use the entire amount of my ticket with your airline, I had to pay out an additional $542.00 for a new ticket due to the coordination of your airline schedule, lack of equipment to serve it's customers and it's staff - Who to be honest was doing the best they could under the circumstances.

Please take into consideration this email and give me a call back. Is there anything you can do to help me? Is there anything you can do to appease this situation? Sure... I could have arrived at the airport 3 hours or more earlier, but who knew your airline would be slam packed at 6am. I've been traveling for over 25 years and never have I seen anything like this that early in the morning anywhere.

Think about it. Talk it over. Can you try and make this right?

Agitated customer.
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I Will Never Fly Allegiant Air Again
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Rating: 1/51
Never Again! What passes for customer service at Allegiant Air is shameful. Any money saved by flying this airline is so far offset by the shear frustration created through processes that are so clearly designed to discourage and hoodwink customers in order to garner additional revenues.

A mistake was made on my original plane reservation where one seat of one leg of the trip was assigned for only one of the two of us flying, with no readily apparent way to correct this. The online chat option was ‘down’ and after being on hold for nearly 30 minutes, the most impolite and uncooperative customer service representative told me that there was no way to correct this mistake. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that she would have someone call me within 48 hours. Of course, no one called me. Prior to calling, I had sent an email through their online customer service about this and received confirmation that someone would get back to me in 48 hours via email. Of course, no response was received. Eventually after logging complaints on-line, I received the ‘customer service’ response that nothing could be done.

In the meantime, I figured out how to delete the seat selection online and instead of having my cost reduced by the amount of the charged seat, I received a credit voucher for future usage.

Weeks later and within the 24 hour time prior to departure time frame, I tried a change to my baggage selection, realizing that the carry-on baggage allowed by Allegiant is basically a purse, and tried to apply my credit voucher only to be ‘told’ that if you paid by debit card, you can’t apply a voucher. Only credit card users can have vouchers credited!!! So, another built in design to totally frustrate and add costs to the unsuspecting customer. The bonus you get by user your debit card, thus less expense to Allegiant, is now rendered futile because I had to pay the extra baggage fee on my credit card and am left with a credit voucher for future use!! Absolute absurdity.

And on top of this, the online effort to make this credit card additional payment based on my baggage was totally futile. I tried 4 times to no avail. The Please Wait never went away and it would not process the transaction. So, what I am sure will come next is that I will be forced to pay a higher baggage fee at the terminal, because the online option was not conveniently not working!!!!

I then went into my reservation via My Allegiant and wanted to change my baggage again and choose my seat assignment. This time I was asked to pay an additional $40 for the baggage change, instead of $14—the differential between my carry-on cost of $26 and the $40 checked. The system would not allow me to deselect the carry one bag option, therefore paying for both now!!!!!

So after being told that the cue was 10 minutes and being on hold for 42 minutes to speak to an actual person, I am happy to say that the woman who finally answered handled the matter. However, since it took an hour and a half to handle this part of the mess, we are boarding in zone 6. Thank god for small favors.

I work at a college of hospitality with over 3500 and I promise I will make sure that Allegiant Airs example of the poorest most aggravating ‘customer service’ I have ever experienced is taught to each and every student for years to come.

Shame on you Allegiant Air. Shame on you!!!! You should all have to use your own booking and customer service processes as punishment.

Life is too short. I will never fly this airline again. I could have driven from Orlando to Harrisburg Pa in the time it took to unsatisfactorily deal with this simple request to change a seat assignment and make a change to a baggage selection.
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"Free" Show Tickets Almost Impossible to Redeem
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Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, OREGON -- Allegiant seems to have a policy of trying to make it so customers purchase a service they cannot use! Be very aware if you book a "package" of flight and hotel and the hotel is for any in the MGM system with the "free show tickets" Allegiant seems to try to make it so you cannot redeem them!!! I chose this package for a little birthday get away for my husband and I in late June as it was a slight savings over what I found elsewhere. The email they send to customers tells you " To reserve your complimentary show tickets as part of this package, please visit http://www. mgmresorts. com/tw and enter your confirmation number. " and that you must do so within 72 hours of booking the package. At the top of the email it gives your confirmation number issued by Allegiant.

I tried countless times to do this and each time it would not work. Finally I found an email to get ahold of customer service (finding a phone number seemed impossible) and sent my problem request and got an instant reply that said they would get back to me with help within 24-48 hours (remember only have 72 hours). I did not hear back within 48 hours and all the while kept trying to do what the original email told me to do. Finally I found an actual phone number for customer service and called. The representative said she gets calls like this all the time and this is the part of her job she hates. The email they send is not forthcoming with the correct info--the representative told me this! In fact the confirmation number required to book the tickets is the hotel confirmation number which is not generated until about a day after the initial booking, and that is not sent to customers unless they call this very hard to find phone number and ask! Then she emailed it to me.

But of course this is only after I cannot do what Allegiant told me to do to get my tickets, and now it is past the 72 hours and the representative says it may or may not work and there is NO recourse with Allegiant as the 72 hour rule is through MGM. She gave me the MGM phone number and said I could not speak with anyone up the chain at Allegiant--they do not allow it (again she said she wished she could as she hated this part of her job). Unbelievable! I have never worked with a company like this that would purposely sell a product then give incorrect information to follow to redeem the full purchase, and then tell you that if you don't like it you are stuck with no recourse. Luckily MGM had a much better approach and over the phone they validated my tickets. Yes, Allegiant is cheap but as far as I can tell this is a scheme and seems to be unlawful!
Delayed baggage
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Never again will my husband and I fly Allegiant Air.
Someone had told us about this airline that had cheap non-stop flights out of XNA (NW Arkansas) to LAS (Las Vegas) so we decided to take ourselves on a fun vacation. I had never been to Las Vegas and was excited. Unfortunately had I known then what I know now I would have flown on a different carrier even if the flights were more expensive.
On Sunday we checked in at XNA 2-hours before our flight (per our confirmation) with one checked bag. When checking our bag in there were two women working at the counter. They mentioned that there was another flight going to Tunica before our flight and they “hoped” that our bag didn’t end up on that flight (then they chuckled). First of all I didn’t that was funny at all and second I was hoping they knew what they were doing. Our flight left on time and off we went. The pilot said “sit down, relax, and lower your expectations.” I should have known right then that this vacation wasn’t going to work out as planned.
Our flight landed at LAS on time. We went to the baggage claim area to retrieve our bag and start the fun….NOT. Our bag never showed up, as well as three other couples who were on the same flight (and had also checked in about the same time as us). My husband told the Allegiant Air customer representative that our bag didn’t show up and that we had a feeling that it had ended up in Tunica. She pretty much ignored us and handed us a form to fill out. By the time we left the airport it was midnight. We still had to get a shuttle to the hotel (which I will never do again) and get checked in. We were exhausted and had no bag, no clothes, and no toiletries. We were told that Allegiant Air would call us as soon as they located the bag.
We had pre-paid to rent a Harley for 3-days starting on Monday. That would have been fun but we didn’t have any of our motorcycle clothing. All we had to ride in was shorts, t-shirts, and sandals (not the safest). That day we never got a call from Allegiant Air. My husband called them and left two messages. We were still hoping our bag would show up so we held off on buying clothes, although we did buy the necessary toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) to get buy.
On Tuesday afternoon we finally got a call from Allegiant saying that they had found our bag. They weren’t going to send the bag to us in Vegas but would have it waiting for us when we returned to XNA. I was so upset! If they had listened to us in the first place they would have found our bag on Sunday night and would have had plenty of time to get it to us before our vacation was over.
We still had 2 more days in Vegas without clothing or our toiletries (meds included)! Finally we decided that we needed to buy some new clothes. After all, I didn’t come to Vegas to do laundry every night in the bathtub!
Finally Thursday came and we headed home. I knew that Allegiant would make it right by us. I wrote a letter explaining our situation and sent it to their customer relations office with a copy to the VP. It took over 3-weeks to hear anything back from them even after I repeatedly left messages and sent e-mails. What they gave us was a lousy check for $75! That’s it! Certainly not enough for two people to replace clothing and toiletries for a 4-day vacation. They explained that they would pay up to $25 per day up to $100. I’m thinking that would have had to be for each ticketed passenger since you can barely buy a pair of pants for $75. After another series of phone messages and e-mails I finally get someone with Allegiant to tell me that their policy for “delayed” baggage is per bag….not per ticketed customer (although they can’t give me the link where that is in writing).
Basically Allegiant Air is a cheap airline, flying cheap planes, and is totally lacking in the customer relations area. Never did hear back from the VP either. Southwest Airlines here I come!
Worst flight in 40 years of airline travel
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My wife and her two sisters secheduled a roundtrip trip from Phoenix, AZ to Medford, OR. The flight was delayed because of "mechanical problems". They finally ordered pizza which was cold and then provided soda pop in very small cups. The outgoing flight should have arrived in Medford at 7:10pm. It did not arrive until about 1:30 AM. It was the last flight at the Medford Airport but they could not quickly unload the luggage so everyone could go home. My wife's luggage was nowhere to be found. She was about to report it lost when it came up the baggage ramp. No other baggage had come up the ramp for quite some time. No compensation was offered for being over 7 hours late.

On the return trip we kept checking the alrline's website for any delays, etc. None showing they went to the Medford Airport two hours early as the airline demanded only to find out that they had "Mechanical Problems" again. Same yucky, cold pizza and soda. Finally they were told they would depart about 1:30AM. As they went through the baggage check the ticket clerk "Scott" was very rude. One bag was 6lbs overweight. After having them wait over 6.5 hours (the plane did not depart until 3:30AM) nthey wanted to charge for the overweight. They had to repack the bags, which was not easy. AFTER it was rearranged in total oopen view ov everyone in the small ticket area, all closed up and within the weight limit, THEN the TCS came over to the ticket counter and demanded to hand search the baggage. A 62 year old US Citizen has just got to be a very high risk terrorist threat don't ya think??? After not finding ANYTHING they could confiscate, they reluctantly ticketed the bag and sent it on its way.

The plane did not take off until about 3:30AM!!!. That's about 7.5 hours LATE. All the while their website had not shown that the flight was delayed or anything when I checked it at a little after 11PM (that was about an HOUR after it was supposed to land in Phoenix). I tried to verify flight status with the company but it was closed for the day. They did not have ANY phone numbers with a live person so I could find out what was going on. For all I knew the plane took off and had crashed.

When they finally landed about 5:30AM (again about 7.5 hours late) they parked the plane quite a ways from the terminal. There were thunderstorms in the area with lightining so they would not allow deplaining (good idea). They waited another half hour while the passengers were hopping mad along with the ground crew that had to turn the plane around and this was making them very late too.

The skies opened up and really unloaded just as they started to deplane (no covered skyways). Everyone was totally soaked as the distance to the first terminal was a distance away. Then they were drenched again as they have to go from the first building to the baggabe area. Then a third drenching from the baggage area to the parking lot.

THe first sister ended up having to miss her work day as she normally starts work at 4AM (palne didn't even arrive until 5:30 and deplane until 6AM and home by 7AM) so one more vacation day wasted.

The second sister, after being up for 24 hours did make it to work but had to drive an hour to work without proper rest.

The last sister has fibromyalsia and was in great discomfort with no sleep for 24 hours and all of the totally unnecessary aggravation finally collapsed into sleep within ten minutes of arriving home.

After all of this (total delay for BOTH flights 14 hours) broke the piggy bank and offered $25 vouchers off the next flight with them. I hope it is made of very low acid paper because it will ROT before we EVER fly this abamanation of an airline again!!!

Their rates may be low but their service (or lack thereof) is even
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Keep Your Money Even Though the Weather Is Too Bad to Travel.
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Rating: 1/51
FLORIDA -- Unbelievable. I booked a flight in early October for travel over the Thanksgiving holiday to Pennsylvania. A snow storm blanketed the airport the day before our trip and snow and freezing rain continued through the next day (our travel day). I called to cancel our trip because we would have to drive 3 hours from the airport in Harrisburg PA, through mountainous, treacherous roads to get to the family home. "Sorry" was the response, you can't cancel unless you have "trip flex" protection. Now let's review cost. Two round trip tickets from Orlando to Harrisburg cost $812.00 (including all the fees). The fees were $236.00. My husband and I are over 60 and could not risk driving in those conditions. If I had paid $75 per leg per person ($300.00) for trip flex then I could change the flight or get a partial refund to be held by the airline for 6 months to be used for a future flight. So I'm out over $800.00 because I failed to predict the weather accurately. What's really sad is that they keep fees that have nothing to do with the ticket, such as carry on luggage fee. So if I had paid about $1112.00 for my ticket on Allegiant, a bare bones, poor service, poor safety record, airline, I could have changed my flight. How stupid of me! If I had any self respect I would have booked on Delta or American. Paid $925.00 for my trip and received a refund minus $150.00 per person if I cancel within 24 hours of the flight time. Think carefully before you use this unscrupulous, unethical, unsafe, airline just because you want a direct flight. Sad...just sad. Never, under any circumstance will I use this airline again. I will log on to every complaint site I can find and tell this story. Maybe it will save someone else some serious grief.
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Scammed by Allegiant Van Lines...
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Rating: 1/51
EUGENE, OREGON -- To start off I called Allegiant Van Lines and spoke with Alisha. Allegiant sent me my bid at $3300.00. I was moving from Utah to Georgia. Did I make a mistake yes, but the fact is why are these people still doing this.

Anyway, they showed up and started packing my things. When they showed up, my wife called me and told me they had other customers product on the truck. I asked Alex if I could get a weight ticket with what the truck weighed before we start loading my belongings, he replied yes I can give you one. Anyway, long story short they loaded my belongings and I followed them down to the CAT scale, because I demanded a weight ticket. Once we got to the scale Alex had his co-partner stay with me while he went and weighed the truck. Alex came back and said the scale isn't working correctly so I will have to email you a copy, which I thought was fishy to begin with. I never did receive any paperwork other than the estimates with the bill. Long story short the bid has gone up 3 times, which is at almost $9000.00.

My company helped me re-locate, which paid the deposit to move. I have had to reschedule 3 different times to get my belongings, which now they are trying to charge me storage fee. Alex is saying now, that they will not deliver my belongings until they receive full payment.

Do you believe they even had the nuts to ask my work to wire them the money? I thank all the write ups on these people because it helped me become more knowledgeable on who I am dealing with. I am working with the federal government to get my belongings back, but at least we all are taking one step closer to finally shutting them down.

Thank you for your help the other day for sending me the email address to the agent, you know who I am talking about. Please do not use these guys. They have many alias and have had there DOT number changed numerous times.
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Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I would like to share my horrible experience on your Allegiant airline. On August 1st my 6 year old daughter and I were flying from St. Petersburg to Youngstown at 7:15 in the morning. We arrived at the airport at 6:00 AM and stood in line to check our bag, which was prepaid, when I got to the counter my bag weighed 43lbs. The gentleman at the counter told me it was over weight and if I could remove three pounds, I did and put the additional three pounds in my pack back to carry on.. Then he proceeded to tell me that this bag was too big and it would cost an additional $50.00. He was extremely rude and I was not the nicest person with a tired daughter and it being so early in the morning.

This is where I have a real concern, my bag never showed up in Youngstown and was the only bag on the entire flight that did not arrive. I have to believe after not being very polite to the gate agent that he tore my bag tag off and placed it in the pocket of my bag and placed someone else’s checked luggage tag on my bag and sent it to Peoria, IL. I cannot prove any of this but wanted to make sure you were aware of this coincidence. It was very interesting that the girl in Peoria called me and told me that she found my the tag in the pocket. I even doubled check that I had my name on the bag before giving it to the agent.

Next, when I arrived in Youngstown and inquired about my bag it took almost an hour for someone tell me it did not arrive. I spoke to Chad the manager and he told me someone would return my call that day. I NEVER heard from him or anyone from Youngstown or St. Pete. I called 866.719.3910 over 10 times in two days and never received a call back. I had some very important things in this bag for my daughter.

I finally decided to call the agent line and held for 45 minutes before connecting to an agent. Once I finally connected to an agent they sent me over to Scott. I left him a Voice mail and he did return my call on Friday afternoon. I did receive my bag on Saturday.

As a traveling professional for 17 years this is the first letter I have ever written and hope that you look into this incident. I will never fly your airline as it was not worth the few dollars I saved and the situation I put my daughter in.
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The Worst Moving Company On The Globe, Do Not Use
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Rating: 1/51
EUGENE, OREGON -- Allegiant Van Lines is a giant scam. It is a handful of criminals who will steal your money and goods. They do not have their own trucks or drivers. They are scam artist brokers.

They will give you a low, appealing initial estimate. Julian/Josh/Brad/Chris/Alicia/Sherry/ Shannon will contact you and you speak of an excellent deal; then they'll take your money and disappear.

They will be days late to your pick up. They will arrive in a UHaul or Budget truck and will double or triple your original estimate and add on fees that make no sense. Once the truck is loaded and gone, you will have no idea where your goods are. No clue because no one at Allegiant will return a single email or return a single phone call. Well, Julian might, but he'll just make a sarcastic attack at you, proving over and over again what a giant jerk he is.

Their telephone #s are Google voice generated, and their warehouse address in Eugene on Roosevelt is a fake address. Alicia is the owner and will speak to you only once, promising to "fix everything, with a discount, ASAP delivery" and will never follow through. Any subsequent phone calls or emails you send her will go without any responses, for weeks. If she does respond, she will give you no information other than "we're trying to get your things on a truck ASAP" - in her characteristic all caps.

At this time Allegiant shouldn't be doing inter-state business as they had so many complaints with the Dept of Transportation (45+ this year) that they got shut down. If they somehow are up and running again, with another name as they've done in the past (Northern Van Lines, Word Alliance Lines), then please be aware, DO NOT USE at all costs!
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Disrespectful and Dangerous for Senior Citizens
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Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- At McCarran airport in Las Vegas I registered to get a gate pass to escort my 85 year old mother to her departure gate D3 for Allegiant Air on June 24,2013 and assisted wheel chair. ( My mother walks with a cane in unfamiliar areas and long distances is very tiring for her.) My mother is very proud and does not like to use the wheel chair. Once we arrived at the gate she said she was OK without the wheel chair. About 15 min they told us there was a gate change so we were instructed to go to gate 6. It was a reasonable distance so we walked there. After about 10 min they said another gate change to D16 which I asked my mother if she was OK with the distance and she said she was OK. We get there and 15 minutes later they announce another gate change to D31.

Went to one of the agents and said this is the 3rd change and my mother gave up her wheel chair at D3 I am very frustrated and she does not get around easily. She offered to get a chair but my mother declined. So we walked it and it was quite a distance. We sat there for about 15-20 min and there are no signs no announcements when it's close to boarding time. Again I ask an attendant when will my mom board she checks and says they are boarding at D6 so now we are under a time crunch. My mom is exhausted. When we get back to gate D6 they are boarding and tell the agent what they put us through. She said she was sorry not even looking into our eyes. My mother is finally boarded and I decide to wait until the plane departs just in case they de- board, which Allegiant is famous for.

It takes 45 min before the plan even moves. Once it moves I leave the airport. I call my mother later to make sure she arrived safely home. She did but said people needed water on the plane it was very warm while they were waiting for take off and the attendants said they had no water and the passenger should have got their water before boarding. I can't believe how rude this airline is. Las Vegas is hot and there should be a regulation that water always be available on board before the passengers can board. I am so glad I went with my mother to board she would have been so stressed alone..
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