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Terrible Service -- 6 Hour Delay -- No Food or Water (Except for Sale)
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Fly the unfriendly skies of Allegiant Airlines (and BTW, never choose Orlando-Sanford Airport as your departure or arrival point). We were going to my daughter's, Tammy, wedding in Cincinnati. Mazal and I departed for Orlando SFB for the 1:37 flight #620. We were told that we had to be there at 7am. However it took just about the same time to get to the airport - no highways - just a dark, unlit back road that went on for nearly 20 miles. Thank God my Waze starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was working. The prime parking lot was nearly a 1/4 mile walk to the terminal - no shuttles. Do you think that is bad? Well as southerners say: "You ain't just whistling Dixie."

Returning from CVG to SFB was the pits (and they had their nerve to charge for those pits) on Allegiant. The plane - flight 621 - was scheduled to leave CVG at 3:53 pm on Sunday 7/12. Their website was apparently down on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I was unable to access the site to get our boarding passes. I was finally able, late Sunday morning, to get the passes, which I put on my smartphone. We arrived at CVG at about 2:15 pm. Allegiant wanted us there 1 hour before the 3:53 departure. The TSA lines were monstrous.

After finally reaching the TSA officer, he said his computer could not read the Allegiant barcode on the smartphone. He sent us back downstairs to Allegiant to get a paper boarding pass, which we rushed to do. We returned to TSA and checked in and hastily walked and then took the tram to the other side of CVG (Gate A18). Then more fun happened. We were informed that the 3:53 departure was changed to 5 pm, then changed again and again. The charging ports at the gate did not work and my phone's battery drained (Therefore no Waze on the way home to The Villages from Orlando-Sanford in the blackness of the evening).

The airline claimed that an electrical light was out and they had to fix it (BTW, how many Allegiant or CVG electricians does it take to fix a tiny light? Well, I'll let you figure it out. Also remember, the federal government requires paperwork and more paperwork before the plane is allowed to leave the tarmac). We were finally allowed to board a little after 7 pm (more than 3 hours after the plane was supposed to leave. The plane started to taxi at 7:30 pm and lift off was 7:46 pm - just a little less than 5 hours considering that Allegiant wanted us at the gate by 2:53.

The plane with its disgruntled passengers was filled to capacity. We were not offered any monetary or coupon reimbursement and not even a tiny bag of pretzels or some water. However I did see a flight attendant glance around before giving an empty cup to a passenger who had his own bottle of water. (I guess there may have been a corporate spy on-board and she didn't want to lose her job). After awhile, the perky flight attendants came around trying to SELL their overpriced junk food to the passenger. Although the captain did apologize for the delay, the staff would not give any complementary "food items" to the sardines stuffed into the Airbus.

By the time we left Sanford airport's arrivals terminal and walked about a half mile to SFB's prime parking area, Mazal and I were exhausted. But the fun was just about to start up again. My phone was dead, therefore Waze and Arnold's melodious voice were not available to guide us home through the blackness of the night. We traveled up and down roads -- busy roads and dinky roads -- all to no avail.

Finally I found a gas station open and we filled up. The attendant gave me directions to that notorious Route 46, which extended as a 2-lane pitch dark road until it reached civilization about 20 miles at Route 441. (Thank God the chainsaw and ax murderers on that road were out partying somewhere else). We arrived home at midnight, 6 hours after we should have arrived home. I plan to post this message on Allegiant's Facebook page and send copies to the FAA and Department of Transportation.

To sum up: "I will not pledge allegiance to the Allegiance Corporation of America." Maybe we should give up flying and drive or take a bus or train. This note is also being sent to Allegiant customer service. I hope that Allegiant customer server is not just an oxymoron. I believe we should be adequately compensated for the horror that we and countless other sardines encountered that day.

Allegiant Airlines
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Allegiant? does it have a heart? Now that my head and heart have subsided from pain from the loss of my mother, I want to write this message to Allegiant due to the COLD BLOODED experience I received from this company. I'm going to try to keep this short as if I write it in detail it will sadden me to no end.

April 29th, my mother passed away in my arms. A week later I called Allegiant as I will not be able to use some tickets I purchased. Customer service agent advises me that there is no procedures on bereavement situations but she will ask management for special circumstances (placed on hold). Agent comes back online and tells me that management sees there is no procedures on bereavement and decides to decline my request. Management advises agent to offer me $5 dollars as a REFUND!!

To no fault of the Agent, she offers me to have her send a request to upper management to view my circumstances due to a death in the family as there is no procedures in any of their terms and conditions. To me, when there is nothing on terms and condition on bereavement that it would be up to a values base decision which is basically a human making a decision.

A few days later I get this notated in quotes, "We are sorry for your loss and understand the nature of your request as ** party are inquiring about changing travel plans due to family bereavement circumstances. In an effort to keep our fares low for all customers and to stay competitive, Allegiant Travel does not offer medical/bereavement exceptions or fares." WOW. An email to say sorry but yea NO. Sorry for your loss but we need to keep your money. Sorry but we really don't care.

Allegiant, my name is Rommel **. For the love of everything that is good on this earth, you need to look in the mirror and really look at yourself. Do you care for your customer? Do you have a heart? I'm sadden to say to you that you do not. As I write this, I'm sadden that a US based company would even think of just saying sorry but it's your loss not ours. I must say that you fall short in the humanity chart. I will close this letter to say that in a small way, I will try my best to be heard in any and every avenue of electronic reviews including any news outlet that can share this about you. Shame on you management.

Horrible, Nasty, Rude, Life Changing
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORDE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Walking into a old airplane hanger and calling it a "airport", this should be shut down. When inside it smells of mold, roof has leaks, port-o-potties for the restroom, all staff is rude and complete scumbags! This is the worst airline company I have ever seen. The FAA needs to step in and shut them down. The employees really need to check themselves because the attitudes they have, you would think they are movie stars and in reality all they are is ghetto trash that maybe they received a GED.

The experience of waiting for over 4 hours because they delayed the plane because Allegiant is too stupid to fuel up, buy newer parts, or wait not be scumbags and have proper equipment so the planes are safe. I bet the CEO travels on a real airline and not this ghetto trash. Funny no one hears from him. I wouldn't want my children to fly this airline.

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Rating: 1/51

MILILANI, HAWAII -- I arrived at 9:41pm on Friday May 22, 2015 to LAX. I patiently waited to retrieve two checked bags on carousel A. The luggage with my clothes came across the belt. My other bag did not arrive. I was only in LA for the Memorial Day Weekend for a Field Hockey Tournament with my Coed Team from Hawaii. The bag that did not arrive was my stick bag. It had three sticks and two shin guards in it; along with a mouth guard. These are all of the items that I needed to play in the tournament. As you can already assume; no, I did not play.

We spotted Sergio **, who works for Allegiant, and asked him if it normally took this long to get bags off of our Allegiant flight (I am actually embarrassed to capitalize the 'A' in the name of the airline; it doesn't deserve to be a proper noun). Anyway, he told us that it did not normally take this long and that the baggage probably did not make it on the flight in some nonchalant attitude. He gave us every excuse in the book, including saying that it was oversized.

Now, my teammates who had larger gear bags than I made it safely to LAX without any issues with baggage. There was no reason why mine should have been considered 'oversized' unless it was because that they flew with a different airline -- with that, I wouldn't be surprised. Mr. ** then proceeded to explain to us that it was in a holding area in Honolulu and will be on the next flight tomorrow, Saturday 23 May 2015. We asked what time would it arrive. He retorted that we could come back at 9:45 pm (same time) to retrieve the luggage.

Of course this meant that I would be sitting out for the first day of the tournament. I was frustrated, but I was glad that I was given direction and guidance to retrieve my luggage the following day. Mr. ** gave me a phone number to call: ** -- I later discovered that this was the 'duty phone' (which is a cell phone that sits in the office of Allegiant in LAX) -- More to come on that.

I painfully sat out on all the Saturday games, but I still went to support. I called the number that I was given multiple times. It never rang. It just gave me a busy signal -- I had complete cell service. Nevertheless, I knew that we would head to the airport around 9pm to retrieve my luggage later on that day.

At 7:23 pm and 7:26 pm, I missed two phone calls -- from personal cell phones. One from Amaya ** and one from Chrystal ** -- both who work directly for Allegiant. I didn't see the missed calls until 7:51 pm and immediately called both numbers back after listening to the voicemails. It had only been 28 minutes. The voicemails both stated that my luggage did arrive and that they were closing soon. Unbeknownst to me, soon literally meant in 5 minutes from when they left the voicemails.

The first (Amaya) did not answer. Luckily Crystal answered. In hopes that I would hear some good news, I unexpectedly get told that they are no longer at work, the cage is locked up (with my bag inside), and I would not be able to get the gear until 630 am the next day (Sunday 24 May 2015 -- the last day of my tournament). I told one of them to call Mr. ** and leave him my number and to call me back.

I am not sure if they did as I had asked, but I surely did not receive a call back. 8:47 pm instructed me to call and text the duty phone because someone would be there until 9pm that night. I called again and it finally rang, but no one picked up… It was 8:47 pm. As you can already assume, no I did not get to play in the next day of the tournament.

Obviously, there are a few things wrong here. I won't attempt to unnecessarily recap the last 24 hours -- I think you have been patient enough reading this -- but what I will do is express the one thing that grinds my gears the most: we were LIED to. Mr. Sergio ** is not capable of handling the position he is in if he cannot even give the correct hours of operation for his department. He led us on, gave me false hope and cost me money for the tournament that I did not get to play in.

I expect to be fully reimbursed for the expenses as follows: California Cup Field Hockey Tournament: $141, USA Field Hockey Membership Fee: $10, Total Airfare for Allegiant: $401, Mileage: 85 miles at $4 a gallon, Parking: $8. I will be sure to never use Allegiant again, and I will continue to share my experience with others in order to ensure that they make the right decision and choose a different airline.

UPDATE: Today, Sunday 24 May 2015 I received my bag. There were five people working the check in desk. You guys don't even have an office at LAX. How pathetic! I was told to wait because Sergio, the only one that has the key to the cage where my bags are at was not working today. WHAT?! That was AFTER they had told me, the day before, to come in at 0630 to pick up my bag.

What if I had come there at that time? Nobody would have even been there to help me. Instead we took our sweet time and woke up at a decent hour to get there at 9:45 am. And after they told me to step aside and that they will help me. I proceeded to give my testimony on the last 72 hours to everyone (like 7 people) waiting in line for this awful airline. Somehow they miraculously found a key when I was told that Sergio was the only person with a key. I expect to be completely reimbursed for my flight and the cost of my tournament fees. I will not stop until I do.

Horrible, Horrible Airline. Do Not Ever Use.
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- First I would like to say I am not normally a person to send in non-complimentary emails or phone calls. I am a very logical person and am very easy to appease under most circumstances. I am a veteran and have definitely been in some difficult situations so normal delays and inconveniences that come with air travel do not bother me. Get me to where I am going and that's all I ask. This email is to inform you that you did not get me to where I was going in this instance. It was for a flight from Austin to Las Vegas and then back from Las Vegas to Austin. You'll notice that I was not on the return flight from Vegas to Austin.

On the morning of March 24th I arrived at the airport at 6:10 in the morning. My plane did not leave until 7:30 that morning and never have I had to arrive at the airport earlier than an hour and a half so I Figured I had ample time to check in, get through security and then get on the plane. I was incorrect in this instance. Let me explain some things that I noticed.

Every other airline has kiosks and allows people with carry-on luggage to check in and get on their way. I am one of those people. I had 1 small bag. Your airline has no kiosks and forces each and every single passenger to wait in line to get their ticket. Please see my next point about lines.

Every other airline had barely a line to wait in for people to check in with luggage. Your airline had a line OUT THE DOOR. It was for lack of better terminology the biggest cluster ** I've ever seen. You had a lady yelling out different cities to get them to the head of the line so they wouldn't miss their flights. I happened to come in at 6:15 and supposedly she had been calling for ** but I suppose I arrived a minute or two late to hear these calls, so I waited in line like you're supposed to.

You have all your flights leaving at the same time in the morning - Why? How about you stagger your flights until you can get your check-in situation fixed? It seems to me you're taking on too much and can't handle the amount of traffic you're getting through your airline. This brings me to my next point.

I get to the front of the line after waiting an hour in it, only to find out that I missed the 45 minute pre-check in window and I would not be allowed to board my plane now. It was very clear at this point that your staff was over worked and very disorganized. No one was smiling, no one could help, and no one was cordial. I was directed to a rude woman at the far left to see if she could help me.

I asked about how I was supposed to get home and she said the next available flight was THURSDAY. Let's think about that - I'm in Las Vegas Nevada, I live in Austin, TX and I'm told that there are no return flights until 3 days later? Ok, so you only fly Thursday - Sunday and there's nothing the rude woman can do for me - AT ALL.
I then have to go over to Southwest Airlines and pay $542.00 for a one way ticket back home. FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO DOLLARS. I'm not sure if that's a lot of money to whoever is reading this, but it's damn sure a lot of money to me. A few years ago and I wouldn't have been able to afford it if you know what I mean.

So, I'm writing you to let you know about mine and many, many, many other people's experiences at your airline that day. I am writing to let you know that not only did I not get to use the entire amount of my ticket with your airline, I had to pay out an additional $542.00 for a new ticket due to the coordination of your airline schedule, lack of equipment to serve it's customers and it's staff - Who to be honest was doing the best they could under the circumstances.

Please take into consideration this email and give me a call back. Is there anything you can do to help me? Is there anything you can do to appease this situation? Sure... I could have arrived at the airport 3 hours or more earlier, but who knew your airline would be slam packed at 6am. I've been traveling for over 25 years and never have I seen anything like this that early in the morning anywhere. Think about it. Talk it over. Can you try and make this right? Sincerely, agitated customer.

Keep Your Money Even Though the Weather Is Too Bad to Travel.
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Unbelievable. I booked a flight in early October for travel over the Thanksgiving holiday to Pennsylvania. A snow storm blanketed the airport the day before our trip and snow and freezing rain continued through the next day (our travel day). I called to cancel our trip because we would have to drive 3 hours from the airport in Harrisburg PA, through mountainous, treacherous roads to get to the family home. "Sorry" was the response, you can't cancel unless you have "trip flex" protection.

Now let's review cost. Two round trip tickets from Orlando to Harrisburg cost $812.00 (including all the fees). The fees were $236.00. My husband and I are over 60 and could not risk driving in those conditions. If I had paid $75 per leg per person ($300.00) for trip flex then I could change the flight or get a partial refund to be held by the airline for 6 months to be used for a future flight. So I'm out over $800.00 because I failed to predict the weather accurately. What's really sad is that they keep fees that have nothing to do with the ticket, such as carry on luggage fee.

So if I had paid about $1112.00 for my ticket on Allegiant, a bare bones, poor service, poor safety record airline, I could have changed my flight. How stupid of me! If I had any self respect I would have booked on Delta or American. Paid $925.00 for my trip and received a refund minus $150.00 per person if I cancel within 24 hours of the flight time. Think carefully before you use this unscrupulous, unethical, unsafe, airline just because you want a direct flight. Sad... just sad. Never, under any circumstance will I use this airline again. I will log on to every complaint site I can find and tell this story. Maybe it will save someone else some serious grief.

Scammed by Allegiant Van Lines...
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Rating: 1/51

EUGENE, OREGON -- To start off I called Allegiant Van Lines and spoke with Alisha. Allegiant sent me my bid at $3300.00. I was moving from Utah to Georgia. Did I make a mistake yes, but the fact is why are these people still doing this. Anyway, they showed up and started packing my things. When they showed up, my wife called me and told me they had other customers product on the truck. I asked Alex if I could get a weight ticket with what the truck weighed before we start loading my belongings, he replied yes I can give you one.

Anyway, long story short they loaded my belongings and I followed them down to the CAT scale, because I demanded a weight ticket. Once we got to the scale Alex had his co-partner stay with me while he went and weighed the truck. Alex came back and said the scale isn't working correctly so I will have to email you a copy, which I thought was fishy to begin with. I never did receive any paperwork other than the estimates with the bill.

Long story short the bid has gone up 3 times, which is at almost $9000.00. My company helped me re-locate, which paid the deposit to move. I have had to reschedule 3 different times to get my belongings, which now they are trying to charge me storage fee. Alex is saying now, that they will not deliver my belongings until they receive full payment.

Do you believe they even had the nuts to ask my work to wire them the money? I thank all the write ups on these people because it helped me become more knowledgeable on who I am dealing with. I am working with the federal government to get my belongings back, but at least we all are taking one step closer to finally shutting them down. Thank you for your help the other day for sending me the email address to the agent, you know who I am talking about. Please do not use these guys. They have many alias and have had their DOT number changed numerous times.

Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I would like to share my horrible experience on your Allegiant airline. On August 1st my 6 year old daughter and I were flying from St. Petersburg to Youngstown at 7:15 in the morning. We arrived at the airport at 6:00 AM and stood in line to check our bag, which was prepaid, when I got to the counter my bag weighed 43lbs.

The gentleman at the counter told me it was over weight and if I could remove three pounds, I did and put the additional three pounds in my pack back to carry on. Then he proceeded to tell me that this bag was too big and it would cost an additional $50.00. He was extremely rude and I was not the nicest person with a tired daughter and it being so early in the morning.

This is where I have a real concern, my bag never showed up in Youngstown and was the only bag on the entire flight that did not arrive. I have to believe after not being very polite to the gate agent that he tore my bag tag off and placed it in the pocket of my bag and placed someone else'€™s checked luggage tag on my bag and sent it to Peoria, IL. I cannot prove any of this but wanted to make sure you were aware of this coincidence. It was very interesting that the girl in Peoria called me and told me that she found my the tag in the pocket. I even doubled check that I had my name on the bag before giving it to the agent.

Next, when I arrived in Youngstown and inquired about my bag it took almost an hour for someone tell me it did not arrive. I spoke to ** the manager and he told me someone would return my call that day. I NEVER heard from him or anyone from Youngstown or St. Pete. I called 866.719.3910 over 10 times in two days and never received a call back. I had some very important things in this bag for my daughter.

I finally decided to call the agent line and held for 45 minutes before connecting to an agent. Once I finally connected to an agent they sent me over to **. I left him a Voice mail and he did return my call on Friday afternoon. I did receive my bag on Saturday. As a traveling professional for 17 years this is the first letter I have ever written and hope that you look into this incident. I will never fly your airline as it was not worth the few dollars I saved and the situation I put my daughter in.

Disrespectful and Dangerous for Senior Citizens
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- At McCarran airport in Las Vegas I registered to get a gate pass to escort my 85 year old mother to her departure gate D3 for Allegiant Air on June 24,2013 and assisted wheel chair. (My mother walks with a cane in unfamiliar areas and long distances is very tiring for her.) My mother is very proud and does not like to use the wheel chair.

Once we arrived at the gate she said she was OK without the wheel chair. About 15 min they told us there was a gate change so we were instructed to go to gate 6. It was a reasonable distance so we walked there. After about 10 min they said another gate change to D16 which I asked my mother if she was OK with the distance and she said she was OK. We get there and 15 minutes later they announce another gate change to D31.

Went to one of the agents and said this is the 3rd change and my mother gave up her wheel chair at D3 I am very frustrated and she does not get around easily. She offered to get a chair but my mother declined. So we walked it and it was quite a distance. We sat there for about 15-20 min and there are no signs no announcements when it's close to boarding time.

Again I ask an attendant when will my mom board she checks and says they are boarding at D6 so now we are under a time crunch. My mom is exhausted. When we get back to gate D6 they are boarding and tell the agent what they put us through. She said she was sorry not even looking into our eyes. My mother is finally boarded and I decide to wait until the plane departs just in case they de- board, which Allegiant is famous for.

It takes 45 min before the plan even moves. Once it moves I leave the airport. I call my mother later to make sure she arrived safely home. She did but said people needed water on the plane it was very warm while they were waiting for take off and the attendants said they had no water and the passenger should have got their water before boarding. I can't believe how rude this airline is. Las Vegas is hot and there should be a regulation that water always be available on board before the passengers can board. I am so glad I went with my mother to board she would have been so stressed alone.

Scam Company - 22 Complaints W/ The Fmcsa
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Rating: 1/51

EUGENE, OREGON -- THEY HAVE 22 COMPLAINTS W/ FMCSA. SCAM COMPANY, DO NOT USE THEY HAVE 22 COMPLAINTS W/ THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (FMCSA), check them out. They gave my daughter a contract for $1943.02 and after her things were loaded on a Budget Rental Truck, in Home Depot boxes the driver came back w/ a "new" contract for $3329.00!!!! This was for a small one bedroom apartment and they didn't even take everything.

We took all of her clothes, shoes and other things she needed since her things were going into storage, the rest we gave to her neighbors. I started calling and calling, no one returns your calls, you might get lucky if they p/u the phone, but you can forget it otherwise. I'm a Mother who puts up w/ nothing when it comes to my children, especially when my daughter is a Wounded Warrior who served in Afghanistan.

They are all about deceiving the public and taking your money, period. If you get your stuff back in one piece, you're lucky or lucky if you get it at all. Read the negative reviews, those you know are true and check them out w/ the Federal agencies, too. I had the Houston Police by our side when they showed up, here in Texas it's a crime to hold goods for more money, so we were lucky in that we didn't pay anymore than the original contract, but most people aren't. Not that I would have paid them anyway.

Oh and ** have threatened to take me to court if I filed any complaints w/ any agency against their company... WHATEVER!!! They write most of these reviews, look at the similarities and you'll see what I mean. Let everyone you know, not to use this company, it's run by criminals. They need to go to jail for good. PROUD MOM OF A MARINE SGT & NAVY PETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASS.

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