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Will Never Fly Allegiant Again
Posted by Lz on 01/02/2009
CALIFORNIA -- First time flying with Allegiant and the last, I have never encountered such rude attendants as well as uncaring. We flew with our two yorkies in their proper kennels as soon as we entered the cabin we weren't greeted with hi welcome etc. Instead it was "you know you can't sit together with those animals, I said excuse me? She repeated it and loud I was shocked. We have always flew with them and have never had any problem, so I said as much so my husband and I got to our seats just two seats together when they closed the doors the attendant announces and ask if someone would be willing to change places with my husband so that "the puppies could be separated because two puppies are not allowed to be side by side in the same row I asked why all she did was to bring me the rule book so I said tell me why she said I don't know why so I was so upset I said I never had this problem with west jet so she blurts so why don't you go and fly West Jet. We paid $100.00 Each for our puppies and they don't even get a seat what a joke, she also she also told me if I don't like it to get off the plane.

Passengers said I got a raw deal and rude treatment so when we fly back home we will go with a real airlines that care about people.


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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-02:
i feel if you wanted your pets to have their own seat, you should have paid full price for a seat.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-01-02:
This is what is on Allegiant's web site regarding pets:

Can I bring my pet on-board?

Allegiant Air accepts only cats and dogs in the cabin of the aircraft. The pet must be able to stand up and completely turn around inside the kennel. The kennel must be a FAA approved carrier, which must be able to fit underneath the seat. The dimensions for the pet carrier are 9” H x 16” W x 19” D. For health reasons, Allegiant allows only one pet per carrier and also requires a certificate from a veterinarian, dated within 30 days of the travel dates, stating the pet is in good health, is able to travel and is current on all vaccinations. Allegiant charges a $100.00 per segment fee for each pet. This fee must be paid at the time of booking the reservation. To book a reservation with a pet, please contact the Allegiant Reservations Center at 702-505-8888 option 1 and tell the agent you are booking with a pet. The per segment Booking Fees will be waived.

Can my child traveling alone bring a pet on-board?

Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-01-02:
There may have been confusion with this part:

"For health reasons, Allegiant allows only one pet per carrier" even though each pet had it's own carrier.

And, by the way, the airline attendant isn't allowed to show any pax the 'big book of rules' that they have. It's a violation of the Airlines, TSA and Federal.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-02:
Another case of someone "special"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-02:
"...we fly back home we will go with a real airlines that care about people." They care about you, not your dogs. Many airlines don't even transport animals - not worth it.

Westjet isn't much different than Allegiant... high cost of (being) cheap.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-01-02:
I know that if you had each been holding a baby, they would have made you sit in different seats as well because there is only one extra oxygen mask per row. I am not sure if this is what they were thinking about with animals, though.

As for flying Westjet, Allegiant and Westjet don't share a single route in common because all Allegiant flights are domestic USA and all Westjet flights are domestic Canada and transborder.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-02:
Perhaps they wanted the dogs separated as to prevent them from yelping at each other. Flying sucks. My best advice to anybody flying is a handful of xanax and check in your humanity along with your bags. Good info! (VH)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-02:
I think Crabby may be right about the yapping, but I have to disagree that your post is helpful....I'm having a hard time believing that the flight attendant spoke to you in such a manner, and I'd like to hear her version of what happened.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-02:
Typical New Yorkie attitude, IMO.
Posted by old fart on 2009-01-02:
New yorkie attitude.... oy vey!
Posted by Suzeeee on 2009-01-20:
Regarding the pets.... this couple sounds a bit high maintenance. I'm sure the Flight Attendant told them the rule (albeit incorrectly) and they gave her/him an attitude. You can tell by the comments that they were unreasonable to the crewmembers. Aside from that I wanted to comment to Mrs V that while we Flight Attendants are required to protect the sensitive information in our manuals, we ARE not only allowed but in some cases required to show certain information to the passengers.
In this case there it was correct for her to show the FAR to the passenger.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-20:
Not only are yorkies yappy, they smell. If I pay big bucks for an airline ticket, I sure wouldn't have one under my seat. Pets belong in the hold, or at home.
Posted by Lisa on 2012-01-09:
What matters is how rude they were!!! I haven't even flown that airline, but I purchased tickets for my 2 nieces to come to see me from ND to Tucson, and the treatment they received was unbelievable. We arrived 40 minutes prior to take off for their return flight, and they were treated so rudely that my teen age niece said to the guy who was hollering in her face to get out of her face. He threatened to call the police. My older niece asked to talk to someone else and while she was trying to get them a seat someone flagged her over, she came back and said they couldn't and they would need to buy a new ticket! They wouldn't even let them on the next flight. No other airline would do this!!! And okay some ass is going to post but it is their policy. Policy does not equate to customer service--and allegiant has none. They won't be friendly when they communicate their policies, won't be apologetic, and won't even let you fly the next flight even when you are 40 minutes early!!! I suspect the rude comments in response to this poster were actually allegian airline employees. Don't fly with them, they are jackasses. I have flown many times including overseas, and not surprisingly have missed a few flights. None where I arrived 40 minutes in advance. But on every flight for which I arrived late, each of which was different airlines, I was put on the next available flight. Allegiant is outrageous!
Posted by 85750 on 2012-01-09:
I agree that the employees at Allegiant airlines are extremely rude. While the pet policy is what it is, they could have communicated it politely to this couple. My experience with the airline was also very poor. I purchased tickets for my nieces to fly from Bismarck, ND to visit me in AZ over Christmas and New Years this year (2011-2012). They wanted to get away because their brother, my nephew, had just passed away in September and it was too close, they wanted a change of scenery. So the flight to Mesa from Bismarck was okay, but on the return flight, we arrived 40 minutes in advance of the flight. My nieces were told that the boarding had closed. It was surprising, but their policy is that you must be checked in 45 minutes in advance. So it is not my complaint that they have this policy even thought I don't like it, but rather how it was told to my nieces, with absolutley a very rude tone. The man behind the counter was so rude to them that my 30 something year old niece, who looks much younger, asked if there was someone else they could talk to. He directed her to another person, and while they waited to talk to her, he told them to move their luggage. My teenage niece said something along the lines of they had no where to put there luggage. He then hollered at her and she felt that he was shouting in her face, so she said "get out of my face." He then threatened to call the police on them, saying "Do you want me to call the police?" My older niece said to her sister, "come on let's go." Then my sister and I arrived back at the small airport where the flight was taking off from out of Mesa. By this time there was still about 35 minutes before the flight. I was driving so my sister went in and although my nieces were about to leave she went to the women who the rude agent had told them to talk to. She started trying to help, even trying to see if there were still seats on the flight, when she was called away by someone else. Then she came back and said told them that they couldn't fly on this flight and in order to fly on another flight with them they would need to purchase new tickets! This was a shock to me as I have flown for many years, and have missed a few flights in that time. For all of the flights I missed, and arrived at the airport for it, I was offered the option of being put on the next available flight (which may have been the next day or later but still offered a flight). Allegiant may have had a seat available, as indicated by the person at the counter who was trying to assist them when she was told not to do so. But more importantly, they did not even offer to get my nieces on the next flight the following day!!! My sister said to the girl who conveyed that new tickets would need to be purchchased, "this is is the worst airline ever." At least they didn't threaten her with calling the police over that. The girl behind the counter said "yes," and said "your better off flying out of Sky Harbor." So if you can fly any other airline, don't use them. Especially if you are ethnic, as my nieces are young native Americans and were treated very poorly, not just in regard to policy, but in regard to common courtesy. No customer service and very different from other airlines in regard to allowing you on the next flight if you miss yours!
Posted by cheated and lied to on 2013-07-23:
Allegiant Air employees are rude and uncaring and you can't talk to anybody who has any authority to do anything about any complaint you have. they simply do not care about customer satisfaction. I will never fly with them again
Posted by Sabrina on 2013-09-04:
Why do we have to pay 200.00 return for a sm dog that actually doesn't get a seat, which I understand, but that they are considered my free personal carry on. So they get to resell that suposed seat and if I need a carry on I have to pay more money. Why not allow 1 free carry on to store above, that would be fair.
Posted by flyinggriffin on 2013-10-17:
Don't feel bad. The Allegiant F/As are not only rude to passengers but when they come to corporate they are rude to the people who work there every day. They act like they are better than anyone else in the airline, forgetting there are a lot of people who enable them to fly from place to place.
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How Does Allegiant Air Stay In Business
Posted by Mannk on 01/02/2009
I am stunned by the scheduling practices of this airline. Several months ago, my parents purchased 2 tickets on Allegiant Air from Peoria IL to Mesa AZ leaving today at around 8pm. About a week ago, they went to confirm their arrangements. Online, the scheduled departure was bumped up to 11 something AM. Seeing as this was a huge change (8 hours) that also impacted their bus reservation to get to Peoria, they called Allegiant. The first person they spoke with told them that the computer was wrong and that there had been no change in schedule. Uneasy with this answer, my parents called back and spoke with someone else, who first denied a change in schedule, but after checking into it, then confirmed the change. Based on this info, my parents then had to rearrange their transportation to the airport in Peoria.

Fast forward to this morning. My parents arrive at the airport more than 3 hours early. The board says their flight is still at 11ish. (I think you probably see where this is going...) About 10am, the scheduled departure time changes back to the 8 pm time! Reason given---it's the holiday time, so schedules are fluid.

Incredible! Now my parents get to sit in the Peoria airport for 8 extra hours. Does Allegiant not care about customer service at all? I suspect you can only treat your passengers this way once, unless there are no other airline options. Our family will NEVER use this airline again.
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Posted by moneybags on 2009-01-02:
I have heard that this airlines LAST and FINAL flight will be this Sunday, 1/4/09.
Posted by Mannk on 2009-01-02:
Well, that's just peachy! I've searched for confirmation of your info online, but without any luck. Time will tell, I guess. Thanks for the tip.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-02:
It amazes me that people complain when things go wrong flying with airlines such as Allegiant, Spirit, etc.
These airlines poach the cheap customers (bus crowd). Flying into secondary markets, with very tired aircraft and marginal flight crews/customer service.
You get what you pay for.
Posted by Mannk on 2009-01-02:
to VF-213: By the time it was all said and done, my parents' tickets including all the "extras" were approximately $350 apiece. I don't call that a cheap ticket. Don't people living in secondary markets deserve decent customer service?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-02:
Mannk respectfully, two points.
1. Secondary markets are fine, I was pointing out these airlines fly to secondary airports/markets, nothing to do with pax geography.
2. If by "extras" you are including taxes, the actual ticket cost was cheap. You bought on price, as you could have flown a legacy from surrounding airports.
Bottom line, I still contend you get what you pay for.
Posted by Mannk on 2009-01-02:
I agree that you get what you pay for. In this case, my parents, who aren't as internet savvy as you or I, didn't realize how easy it is to check out an airline's reputation or reliability. I'm sure they have learned a valuable lesson in that regard.

The main "extra: I was referring to was the luggage fees they were charged. Without that, each ticket was closer to $300. Unfortunately, the closest legacy airline that they could have used was still at least a 2 1/2 hour drive away.

They saw an opportunity to fly non-stop from an airport less than an hour from home for what I still contend was not a cheap price. Their mistake was in trusting that this particular airline would operate in a reasonable manner.

As always, BUYER BEWARE!!!!
Posted by vector4 on 2009-05-01:
I've had to wait hours upon hours traveling on non-budget airlines... thats just a fact of flying. 8 hours IS a long time but as cheap as allegiant is I personally wouldn't complain. I flew on them roundtrip to Vegas from Louisiana for $190 after taxes (I never check bags) and for that price they can stuff me under a seat and I'll just take a nap.
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Very Unusual Check In Policy
Posted by Fromundas on 04/03/2010
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I scheduled a trip to Blaine Washington from Palm Springs for my wife to spend her birthday with our grand children. I booked the flight 3 weeks ahead of time, and surprised her with the planned trip the morning of her birthday.
On arriving at the check in counter of Allegiant Air in Palm Springs at 10:37am for a flight scheduled for departure at 11:20am (43 minutes before departure) we were informed buy the attendant assisting a family of 4 just ahead of us that the counter was now closed, that we were considered a "NO SHOW" and we would not be allowed to check in and that we had forfeited out air fare. At first, I thought this was just a bad April Fool's joke. To my AMAZEMENT, it was not.
As we argued our importance of boarding this flight, another passenger scheduled for this flight, a young mother, with an infant daughter, whose husband was based out of the local 29 Palms Marine Base and was serving duty in Iraq, joined us in the check in line. This young girl was traveling to Blaine Washington to be with her mother who was in the hospital and was scheduled for stage 4 cancer surgery the following day. She explained her situation to the attendant, asked for consideration for her boarding this flight, as she could not afford to forfeit her fare, and could not afford the $258.00 fare needed for the next available flight departing 5:20pm the following evening.
On witnessing this poor display of customer service, 2 couples, waiting to check in at the competitor airline (WestJet) next to the Allegiant Air check in counter came over and purchased the ticket necessary for this young girl to travel to see her mother the following evening. A TRUE ACT OF HUMAN KINDNESS!! Much unlike the way the attendant from Allegiant Air had acted. I truly feel this attendant got pleasure out of denying my wife and this young mother boarding, as she had a bit of a smirk on her face.
Needles to say, this is by far the worst display of customer service on the part of ANY company I have ever experienced!
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-04-03:
Most if not all airlines have a 45 to 60 minute cutoff to check bags before a flight. The fact that you arrived 43 minutes prior doesn't make Allegiant the bad guy.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-04-03:
I quote right from their website ...
"What time should I arrive at the airport for my flight?
Allegiant recommends arriving at the airport at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure. Customers need to be checked in no less than 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure which is when the Ticket Counter closes." Its pretty simple, you missed the check-in time. I don't know why people think the airline should care more about their time and money than they do.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-04-03:
At most airlines the computer locks out agents so even if they wanted to check you in they could not.
Posted by stephenm on 2010-04-04:
It is not a matter of providing bad customer service or who can come up with the best reason for being late or the most urgent reason for travel.
The cut-off time is 45 minutes so that the TSA can search your bags if they need or want to and then they can be loaded. It is a security matter. Whenever you fly today, take the airlines' advice and get there at least two hours ahead.
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Poor Customer relations
Posted by Dissapointed customer 44 on 07/20/2010
This spring we were booked on a early morning flight with Allegiant Air. The flight was delayed over 9 hours due to issues with the plane coming from Las Vegas. We ended up missing an entire day in Vegas as well as a Golf Reservation. Those on the flight were given a whopping $25 voucher for their troubles. I wrote a letter to Allegiant Air that took over 3 months to get a response. Their response was your lucky you got the $25 voucher. Buyer beware of this airline who does not care about it's customers and only cares about the bottom line. They may be cheaper but you get what you pay for. Look for another airline to fly.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-07-20:
All airlines have delays due to many reasons. Allegiant is a small discount carrier without the number of planes as the majors. When you buy cheap you get mediocre service sometimes. Were you looking for a free round trip instead of the $25 voucher?
Posted by dissapointed customer 44 on 2010-07-21:
I don't disagree that the low cost carriers have a lower profit margin but a good portion of their profit is generated by extra fees such as baggage fees or food charges. I would have been satisfied with a voucher for half of my flight which would have been about $80. I have flown other low cost carriers who have no issue in giving a free round trip ticket (example: tran air)because they know they will make it up other fees and services. The biggest issue was the delay in response to the letter and the attitude of the individual giving this response.
Posted by Marty Gehrke on 2012-11-12:
Allegiant told me that they would respond to my issue in 4 to 6 weeks. I waited until the 6th week and contacted them now they are telling me 6 to 8 weeks.
I sent 2 different requests back and now they won't respond at all!!!!!
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"Free" Show Tickets Almost Impossible to Redeem
Posted by Eborngas on 05/27/2013
LAS VEGAS, OREGON -- Allegiant seems to have a policy of trying to make it so customers purchase a service they cannot use! Be very aware if you book a "package" of flight and hotel and the hotel is for any in the MGM system with the "free show tickets" Allegiant seems to try to make it so you cannot redeem them!!! I chose this package for a little birthday get away for my husband and I in late June as it was a slight savings over what I found elsewhere. The email they send to customers tells you " To reserve your complimentary show tickets as part of this package, please visit http://www. mgmresorts. com/tw and enter your confirmation number. " and that you must do so within 72 hours of booking the package. At the top of the email it gives your confirmation number issued by Allegiant.

I tried countless times to do this and each time it would not work. Finally I found an email to get ahold of customer service (finding a phone number seemed impossible) and sent my problem request and got an instant reply that said they would get back to me with help within 24-48 hours (remember only have 72 hours). I did not hear back within 48 hours and all the while kept trying to do what the original email told me to do. Finally I found an actual phone number for customer service and called. The representative said she gets calls like this all the time and this is the part of her job she hates. The email they send is not forthcoming with the correct info--the representative told me this! In fact the confirmation number required to book the tickets is the hotel confirmation number which is not generated until about a day after the initial booking, and that is not sent to customers unless they call this very hard to find phone number and ask! Then she emailed it to me.

But of course this is only after I cannot do what Allegiant told me to do to get my tickets, and now it is past the 72 hours and the representative says it may or may not work and there is NO recourse with Allegiant as the 72 hour rule is through MGM. She gave me the MGM phone number and said I could not speak with anyone up the chain at Allegiant--they do not allow it (again she said she wished she could as she hated this part of her job). Unbelievable! I have never worked with a company like this that would purposely sell a product then give incorrect information to follow to redeem the full purchase, and then tell you that if you don't like it you are stuck with no recourse. Luckily MGM had a much better approach and over the phone they validated my tickets. Yes, Allegiant is cheap but as far as I can tell this is a scheme and seems to be unlawful!
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Posted by Sarah on 2013-06-16:
I was having the same issue booking through the website but I took your advice and called MGM resort vacations and they directed me to the box office. If anyone else has problems like this just ring them at 1-866-867-9269. I chatted with a girl called Stephanie and she was so lovely to chat to and help. Now as long as the tickets really are there when we are it seems all good to go! But I definitely think there should not be so many hoops just to get what you have already paid for!
Good luck!
Posted by Ty on 2014-01-08:
Yeah.. seems very very difficult to me. They kept saying it was in my confirmation email, and it wasn't. This is after sitting on hold for 60 freaking minutes. Finally through chat... when I told the rep how inappropriate this is, she ended the sessions with a have a nice day.

Won't be using Allegiant again.
Posted by angel on 2014-01-19:
You have to call allegiant or the MGM to get a link and your confirmation number to be able to get the tickets within the 72 hour time frame.
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Online Ticket Purchase
Posted by Gjclfish on 09/05/2011
Allegiant website for travel reservations is quite deceptive. Everything is opt out, rather than opt in. If you have never used the Allegiant website: beware. Allegiant has a pricing function called Trip Flex which is well hidden and it goes relatively unnoticed until you have submitted your reservation and billed. Afterwards, when you see this charge and do diligent research, you find it can be deleted, but can only receive a credit voucher which means you would have to fly Allegiant again to recover this charge.
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Worst flight in 40 years of airline travel
Posted by Boris_ on 07/21/2009
My wife and her two sisters secheduled a roundtrip trip from Phoenix, AZ to Medford, OR. The flight was delayed because of "mechanical problems". They finally ordered pizza which was cold and then provided soda pop in very small cups. The outgoing flight should have arrived in Medford at 7:10pm. It did not arrive until about 1:30 AM. It was the last flight at the Medford Airport but they could not quickly unload the luggage so everyone could go home. My wife's luggage was no where to be found. She was about to report it lost when it came up the baggage ramp. No other baggage had come up the ramp for quite some time. No compensation was offered for being over 7 hours late.

On the return trip we kept checking the alrline's website for any delays, etc. None showing they went to the Medford Airport two hours early as the airline demanded only to find out that they had "Mechanical Problems" again. Same yucky, cold pizza and soda. Finally they were told they would depart about 1:30AM. As they went through the baggage check the ticket clerk "Scott" was very rude. One bag was 6lbs overweight. After having them wait over 6.5 hours (the plane did not depart until 3:30AM) nthey wanted to charge for the overweight. They had to repack the bags, which was not easy. AFTER it was rearranged in total oopen view ov everyone in the small ticket area, all closed up and within the weight limit, THEN the TCS came over to the ticket counter and demanded to hand search the baggage. A 62 year old US Citizen has just gotta be a very high risk terrorist threat don't ya think??? After not finding ANYTHING they could confiscate, they reluctantly ticketed the bag and sent it on its way.

The plane did not take off until about 3:30AM!!!. Thats about 7.5 hours LATE. All the while their website had not shown that the flight was delayed or anything when I checked it at a little after 11PM (that was about an HOUR after it was supposed to land in Phoenix). I tried to verify flight status with the company but it was closed for the day. They did not have ANY phone numbers with a live person so I could find out what was going on. For all I knew the plane took off and had crashed.

When they finally landed about 5:30AM (again about 7.5 hours late) they parked the plane quite a ways from the terminal. There were thunderstorms in the area with lightining so they would not allow deplaining (good idea). They waited another half hour while the passengers were hopping mad along with the ground crew that had to turn the plane around and this was making them very late too.

The skies opened up and really unloaded just as they started to deplane (no covered skyways). Everyone was totally soaked as the distance to the first terminal was a distance away. Then they were drenched again as they have to go from the first building to the baggabe area. Then a third drenching from the baggage area to the parking lot.

THe first sister ended up having to miss her work day as she normally starts work at 4AM (palne didn't even arrive until 5:30 and deplane until 6AM and home by 7AM) so one more vacation day wasted.

The second sister, after being up for 24 hours did make it to work but had to drive an hour to work without proper rest.

The last sister has fibromyalsia and was in great discomfort with no sleep for 24 hours and all of the totally unnecessary aggravation finally collapsed into sleep within ten minutes of arriving home.

After all of this (total delay for BOTH flights 14 hours) broke the piggy bank and offered $25 vouchers off the next flight with them. I hope it is made of very low acid paper because it will ROT before we EVER fly this abamanation of an airline again!!!

Their rates may be low but their service (or lack thereof) is even
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-21:
i think for "mechanical problems", i would expect a delay. better safe than sorry.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-07-21:
Allegiant Airlines has older planes than a lot of other airlines. They can offer cheaper fares because it is cheaper to buy a 25 year old plane than a new one. Problem is those tend to break down more, and Allegiant is like other low cost airlines like Spirit and Jetblue that do not rebook you on the competition. You get what you pay for...
Posted by DisputeTheCharges on 2009-07-21:
I'd rather them fix the problem than fly an unsafe aircraft and potentially crash. $25 off the next flight that's like 1/2 off your next flight! In the end you got to where you wanted to go at the cheapest rate possiable safely. The Smurf Police probably figured you had something valuable in your bags that they could pocket.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-07-21:
Older people are not free from security searches. I think the reasoning is that seniors might be easier targets to unknowingly take stuff onboard.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-21:
I agree with Ben. Once, when my daughter was getting ready to board as an UM, another UM(under 16), got pulled aside and searched. I'm sure it was awful for him, but mom should not have left the terminal before he boarded.

But, I understand their stance. ANYONE, minors or older people could be taking contraband on board.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-21:
TCS? Don't you mean the TSA? If you didn't like the cold pizza they were providing you could have bought you own food. By the way, no matter what else occurred, overweight is overweight.
Posted by Jay on 2013-04-07:
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced…period. Allegiant flight was delayed out of Youngstown. We live 1.5 hours away so waited to show up until 1.5 hours before the delayed takeoff time. When we got to the airport, there was no one working at the counter. They had closed up and gone home. So, no one could print us a boarding pass, even though we’d already checked in online. So TSA wouldn’t let us through. And no one was there to help. We went home. When we called, two managers denied our request for a refund. Done. NEVER FLY ALLEGIANT!
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False advertising
Posted by Riccoincanada on 11/15/2010
I was comparing price packages on different sites to fly from Bellingham to Las Vegas & on Alligiant Air (Sunday, Nov, 14,2010) they have advertised save $40.00 when booking Hotel & flight & "•Price is guaranteed, if you find a lower package price your next flight is on us!" Well after comparing I found same package on Expedia.com but for $130.00 less, so I called alligiant Air (at 11:00am on Nov,14,2010) customer service & explained that I found same package on Expedia but for cheaper, they proceeded to check on line & said that I had a different connecting flight? I said both packages were direct flights! Then she said there's was cheaper? but at different prices than I had. She quoted me $150.00 more than what I found o Expedia, I offered to email her the links but she declined at started to get mad! I tried to explain but she "Hung up on me" I got my wife to call back 5 min later & after my wife explained the price difference she was told that they would not match & we should purchase our package on Expedia.com. What a joke False Advertising, terrible Customer service. we purchased our package on Expedia for over $130.00 cheaper, which is great but if your going to advertise get a Free Flight Free if you find the same package (dates, flights & Hotel) cheaper on another site you should have to Honour it! Moral of the story don't deal with Alligiant! I saved screens for proof!

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Posted by Ben There on 2010-11-15:
Are you sure the package you saw on Expedia offered Allegiant flights? I didn't think they sold them. To qualify for these price guarantees, the other package you find must be on the exact same flight (same airline, flight number, departure time, etc...). If you found a cheaper package using Alaska Airlines it does not qualify.
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Allegiant Airlines- Read Before You Click!
Posted by Jaelynn on 01/12/2010
Allegiant offers fantastic fares, but beware before you click out of each area when purchasing. You won't even know what hit you! You start off with your airfare and before you know it the ticket costs you as much or more than standard airlines. You pay for your seat selection, priority boarding, checked baggage. All of these items will be sneakily added to your bill, so watch what you sign up for. One other word of caution; Allegiant's carry-on size is smaller than all other airlines. They actually walk around the terminal area measuring bags. We were able to carry on our bags in Wichita but on the return in Vegas the bag was suddenly too big!

Also, the max size for checking a bag is 80inches and 50 pounds. I would hate to even think what would happen if you went over on that one!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
"All of these items will be sneakily added to your bill, so watch what you sign up for."

I did a test... and there's clear "typing" on the bottom that tells you everything they put in there. There's even a link to their baggage policy. Unless you are completely in your own world and not paying attention... those items aren't sneaked in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Most airlines, when you get a quote only tell you what the fare is. Normally they ad the taxes and other fees at the end. I never click purchase on ANYTING online until I have a clear view of the total being charged to my credit card. Most every reputable company will list the exact charge before accepting.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Doesn't Allegiant Air fly the smaller size aircrafts? That's why their requirements are stricter for carry on luggage. Less room for bags and they have to worry about the weights and measures of the aircraft
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
"Allegiant Airlines- Read before you click!"

I almost didn't read the post because this is the best advice I've ever seen by a reviewer. This should be the motto of everyone who purchases online. If that happened though, sites like this might soon fade away. We wouldn't want that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Look at it this way OP. Which is the better deal?

A burger for $5.


burger $.75
bun .50
lettuce .50
tomato .50
3 pickle slices .25
mayo .25
ketsup .25
mustard .25
onion .25
wrapper .50
charge for handling .50

The price where you can't see the cost of each item individually? Or the one where it is broken down?
Posted by Alain on 2010-01-12:
I do like the 'read before you click' advice. I do and haven't been surprised by a bill in a while.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
LS....your itemized burger only adds up to 4.50. I'll take that one. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Judge lol...I know. I was trying for the discounted burger as opposed to the full priced one. But MOST people won't look at the overall price that way..ONLY say "WTF! 50 cents for a piece of lettuce!!!".
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
LS, how much for cheese?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Cheese isn't an option. You would have to be a frequent eater cardholder to even ask for it and even then it's 1.00 more.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
What Judge said is right. You want cheese, book with the airline directly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Dayam! Sorry I asked for cheese! I'm gonna do a review on LS's new restaurant.
Posted by jaelynn on 2010-01-13:

No doubt that Allegiant has a legal obligation to post that they are adding extras at a cost to each step. I object to their method. Most people are accustom to requesting add-ons; Allegiant just adds them on whether requested or not. It is up to the consumer to remove them. It would be easy to skip right over these add-ons if you are in a hurry; I almost did exactly that and I book on line travel all the time. I also heard a guy on the plane complain that he paid to check a bag because the language was confusing. He thought that it was required to pay for a bag whether carried on or checked. I personally think that if the Airline was not trying to sneak in additional fees they would present them in an entirely different manner; maybe as all the major Airlines present them.
In behalf of Allegiant I will say the flights are just fine and you can't beat it if you live in a little town with a tiny airport, like Wichita where there generally are no direct flights. It is nice to actually be offered a direct flight option; you just need to be careful
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-13:
Jae, what you fail to understand is that with the bigger airlines, all fees are included in the fare. With the smaller ones, it is broken down. If you could see a Delta fare broken down with food, seat price, fuel, blah blah you would complain about them too.

Out of sight out of mind. People don't care about that 50 cent piece of cheese until they see that burger broken down into pieces.
Posted by AllegiantAirCustomer on 2012-08-17:
Just a regular flight from Las Vegas to Laredo, right. Wrong. Paid for priority seating at the front roll - where no accommodations are available if seating on seats 3c/3a because the oxygen tanks take up all the bins above our seats. Bummer, huh. Then the flight attendants tuck away your bag in a bin mid plane without giving you the location of your bag once you have landed at your final destination. Then when asking for the flight attendants to help you locate your bag they tell you to seek out your own bag in the third of fourth bin several seats back with people pushing you back into your seat - causing a hardship and incidents with people being shoved into seats and altercations - all because the flight attendant don't know to defuse incident before hand. I think flight attendants should all be given a remedial course on customer courtesy, friendliness, and good service with a smile - instead of the snear and ignorant flight attendants Allegiant Air has like the male attendant named: RAY. I hope pilots that are called upon their flight attendants should also be trained at defusing incidents and not excalating incidents by threatening to call security and police on profanity charges that are uncalled for since they have all congered their own reason not to service my baggage claim with the best outcome towards the customer. Flight 462 was a smooth landing plane, but the service on that flight really because the worse attendant RAY express against me.
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Delayed baggage
Posted by Doucanoe on 10/23/2009
Never again will my husband and I fly Allegiant Air.
Someone had told us about this airline that had cheap non-stop flights out of XNA (NW Arkansas) to LAS (Las Vegas) so we decided to take ourselves on a fun vacation. I had never been to Las Vegas and was excited. Unfortunately had I known then what I know now I would have flown on a different carrier even if the flights were more expensive.
On Sunday we checked in at XNA 2-hours before our flight (per our confirmation) with one checked bag. When checking our bag in there were two women working at the counter. They mentioned that there was another flight going to Tunica before our flight and they “hoped” that our bag didn’t end up on that flight (then they chuckled). First of all I didn’t that was funny at all and second I was hoping they knew what they were doing. Our flight left on time and off we went. The pilot said “sit down, relax, and lower your expectations.” I should have known right then that this vacation wasn’t going to work out as planned.
Our flight landed at LAS on time. We went to the baggage claim area to retrieve our bag and start the fun….NOT. Our bag never showed up, as well as three other couples who were on the same flight (and had also checked in about the same time as us). My husband told the Allegiant Air customer representative that our bag didn’t show up and that we had a feeling that it had ended up in Tunica. She pretty much ignored us and handed us a form to fill out. By the time we left the airport it was midnight. We still had to get a shuttle to the hotel (which I will never do again) and get checked in. We were exhausted and had no bag, no clothes, and no toiletries. We were told that Allegiant Air would call us as soon as they located the bag.
We had pre-paid to rent a Harley for 3-days starting on Monday. That would have been fun but we didn’t have any of our motorcycle clothing. All we had to ride in was shorts, t-shirts, and sandals (not the safest). That day we never got a call from Allegiant Air. My husband called them and left two messages. We were still hoping our bag would show up so we held off on buying clothes, although we did buy the necessary toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) to get buy.
On Tuesday afternoon we finally got a call from Allegiant saying that they had found our bag. They weren’t going to send the bag to us in Vegas but would have it waiting for us when we returned to XNA. I was so upset! If they had listened to us in the first place they would have found our bag on Sunday night and would have had plenty of time to get it to us before our vacation was over.
We still had 2 more days in Vegas without clothing or our toiletries (meds included)! Finally we decided that we needed to buy some new clothes. After all, I didn’t come to Vegas to do laundry every night in the bathtub!
Finally Thursday came and we headed home. I knew that Allegiant would make it right by us. I wrote a letter explaining our situation and sent it to their customer relations office with a copy to the VP. It took over 3-weeks to hear anything back from them even after I repeatedly left messages and sent e-mails. What they gave us was a lousy check for $75! That’s it! Certainly not enough for two people to replace clothing and toiletries for a 4-day vacation. They explained that they would pay up to $25 per day up to $100. I’m thinking that would have had to be for each ticketed passenger since you can barely buy a pair of pants for $75. After another series of phone messages and e-mails I finally get someone with Allegiant to tell me that their policy for “delayed” baggage is per bag….not per ticketed customer (although they can’t give me the link where that is in writing).
Basically Allegiant Air is a cheap airline, flying cheap planes, and is totally lacking in the customer relations area. Never did hear back from the VP either. Southwest Airlines here I come!
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Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-10-23:
I remember this complaint being posted on another site a month ago. Maybe this will help---it is from their contract of carriage. See #75 and #80. http://www.allegiantair.com/aaContractOfCarriage.php
Posted by Ben There on 2009-10-23:
Allegiant is not like other carriers that have a robust schedule to lots of places - they fly to vacation spots like Vegas and Orlando once or twice a week from smaller cities. This means if you or your luggage miss a flight, it might be 4 or 5 days before they have another plane going anywhere from that airport. It also means that the check in staff probably works a couple hours a week.
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