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Cash back checks
Posted by Plevna114 on 12/08/2009
GULF BREEZE,, FLORIDA -- I keep seeing the commercials on TV about Allstate giving rewards for safe driving not having tickets and stuff like that. On their commercial they say they give you checks back approx every 6 months. Maybe they do give it back to some people but we had Allstate for years and no accidents, no tickets and yes, you guessed it, no checks. We have yet to receive one check from them except a refund check because I dropped them from my auto insurance when they dropped my house insurance. This particular agent is in Gulf Breeze, Florida.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-08:
Did you bother to read your Declaration Pamphlet? Talk to your agent to see if you were eligible or just wait for a check?
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-12-08:
They also might apply it as a credit to your account if you pay monthly and not all at once.
Posted by ExGM-Customer on 2009-12-12:
I switched to Allstate a couple of years ago and got a fair rate. About 3 months after I paid them in full (like a dummy), they doubled my premium rate. When I contacted them, I was told my wife had an accident and they had to increase my rate. Well, I had proof from the DMV that she had never had an accident and Allstate was wrong. Allstate said sorry but have to have some way to get more money and would not re-adjust the premium. This is crazy! I immediately went to another company which turned out to be less than half of Allstate's rate. Allstate would not reimburse me after I dropped them. I think Allstate must be at the bottom of the barrel. Very shoddy business practice. Beware of Allstate!
Posted by don on 2012-11-26:
what a scam , this does not apply to california. yet the Adds still run in California
Posted by Anthony on 2013-02-18:
Same Here, had them for 3 years. have 4 cars covered and thankfully, no accidents. No refunds in mail, but more importantly, it doesn't go up every year unlike Geico. It was a constant battle with them. I'd rather not deal with hassle, but i agree. get rid of the commercials if its not true. I've yet to know someone that gets refunded as safe drivers.
Posted by tonya on 2013-03-24:
I was with them for 10 years and never got a check either...someone will have a lawsuit on that one too.
Posted by Jessie on 2013-05-17:
I worked with Allstate for several months, you most definitely have to go speak to your agent
Posted by Tim on 2013-06-16:
My girlfriend has had Allstate for several years - home, 2 autos. Never an accident, ticket - nothing. You guessed it - NEVER a "safe driving check every six months" - never a check at all. Scam commercials. I'm having her call her agent and ask for a check, even though I'm sure it won't happen.
Posted by Me on 2013-06-18:
This is an additional plan you have to sign up for. You can add it at anytime, but you do pay more for the additional benefits it comes with.
Posted by Chris on 2013-07-15:
I have wondered about that for awhile too. The cash back checks for safe driving are not part of the standard plan. Its part of the platinum plan and for my coverage it would increase my plan $80 every 6 months and will give me $35 cash back every 6 months.It does include other benefits so depends what your looking for and if the additional benefits are worth it to you.
Posted by ka on 2013-07-19:
Yes you do get a check in the mail every 6 months. Also unlimited accident forgiveness, and deductible rewards. It all depends on the type of plan you're on. The Platinum protection plan offers the check and the other perks. You can't expect a check and Money back if you don't have the right plan. If you have a local agent call and ask them. And for you customers that have been with Allstate 10 years and never seen a check, that type of perk was only introduced a few years ago. So call your agent and ask them. That's what they are there for.
Posted by Stephanie on 2013-08-31:
My husband and I have had our auto (and home) since 2000.... About 1 1/2 yrs ago, I called our agent and specifically inquired and advised the agent we want to sign up for the safe driving policy....they had to re-write our policy, and supposedly signed us up fir this, but still have never yet seen a check. I had inquired at the beginning of the year, the agent replied " your deductible goes down." Big Deal, that's not really rewarding me with money in my pocket! We live in Pennsylvania, so if this is not available in PA, well, they run false advertising and the agents are either really dopey or just scam artists!
Posted by Dave K on 2013-11-06:
I did not like the Allstate false advertising either, I've had Allstate 15 years, live in PA. no claims, just paid the bill on time. I called my agent as well as the company to inquire about the commercials, rewards checks, and any discounts, no, no, and no. My plan doesn't include that. I asked about my age, and they said they no longer give discounts based on your age or the amount of time you're been insured with Allstate. I am totally finished with Allstate, and cancelling my policy with them at the end of this year. I have seen my premiums go up and up with them, they are sneaky. However, I found the exact same policy, same coverage from a reliable trustworthy company for much cheaper. Shop around, you definitely can save. Money is money!!! I would have saved thousands of dollars by now....
Posted by rob m on 2013-12-27:
shop around. I compared several polices with several companies. Allstate was either at the bottom or close to the bottom in all searches. The tiny little check or credit doesnt come close to off-setting there ridiculous premiums
Posted by Ted on 2014-03-16:
I've been with Allstate for 10 to 15 years and haven't got a check. However I do live in California and some say it's not available here. I will find out tomorrow. What I don't like about them are the increases in premiums without notice and when I call to inquire they don't have a good answer. Just that's a fee from wherever.
Posted by larry rosenthal on 2014-04-03:
same for me=they had a survey from the home office on various issue=i wrote back complaining=i never heard from them-i still have all=state and have thought of a class action=by the way i asked them to apologize for their continual misleading commercials=you can imagine the silence
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What happened to them?
Posted by Radar1857 on 11/30/2012
BLANCA, COLORADO -- I have my home & auto insured with Allstate. I decided to change agents, as I was having a few customer service issues with my current agent. Actually I have never even spoken to the agent who owns the agency, as he leaves everything up to two staff members. I called Allstate last night to change agencies and found they have outsourced their customer service to an overseas call center. I know almost every company in America does this now, but insurance is something very personal and I don't care to discuss my insurance needs to some foreigner who probably doesn't even have insurance. Since I had no idea what this person was saying, I demanded to speak to an American customer service representative I was handed to an agent here in the US, but the connection was bad so I called Allstate's 800 number this morning and again got an overseas representative So once again I asked to speak to an agent in the US and finally was able to speak to someone. The agent said it would take up to 10 days to transfer my policies to the new agent. Ten days, really? Now days everything is done at the touch of a button. Why does it take 10 days to switch agents? I don't like the idea that someone in a foreign country has access to my home and auto information. Not to mention putting Americans out of work. Shame on you Allstate.
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Virtual Extortion & Poor treatment
Posted by on 11/07/2003
YONKERS, NEW YORK -- On September 23, 2003, I secured car insurance policy with Allstate Insurance Company broker, Frank Evangelista in their offices located at 475 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, NY.

I was told by Frank that since I did not have car insurance in my name previously that I would have to go into a New York State Assigned Risk program for a year. I agreed to the terms and Frank told me that I would need to put $1,000 down and that he could not take a personal check, bank/certified check, money order, traveler’s check or credit card. I paid in cash. Frank also told me that I had to pay a $40 brokers fee. When I asked him why they charge a brokers fee if they make money on the policy, his response was, “Believe it or not, we don’t make any money on the policies we sell. All we make is the $40.” Needless to say, I didn’t believe it. But, I needed insurance on my car and I had taken the day off of work to handle it and didn’t want to waste my day.

Frank also told me that because I had an accident in July 2000, and even though the accident was not my fault as per the police report, I would still have to pay a higher rate than normal for my assigned risk plan because a claim had been made to the insurance company of the owners of the car (my parents). This made no sense to me but, since I am not an insurance expert, I went along with what Frank presented. Frank informed me that even though he was not supposed to remove a record off my DMV record that he had taken the incident off two weeks ahead of time, in hopes that it would get me a better rate. It didn’t.

About two weeks later, I received a bill from Allstate requesting $800 more dollars for the down payment. Upon my receipt of this increase – which felt like extortion – I promptly called Frank Evangelista who bad-mouthed the Allstate Insurance Company, stating, “I don’t know why they’re doing this. I agree that it’s totally ridiculous. They’re really giving you a raw deal. The best you can do is put your policy under someone else’s name that does have insurance.” I asked him how much my insurance would be per month and he told me around $800…up from $599 per month (which is already too high)!

Needless to say, I promptly looked around for replacement insurance. I secured identical coverage with Liberty Mutual for about $6,000 less. The Liberty Mutual agents were kind enough to handle the cancellation of my insurance with Allstate. In getting my insurance through Liberty Mutual, I was asked to fax them the policy. My agent at Liberty Mutual sent the cancellation letter to the address listed on my Allstate policy (please see enclosure A). I called Frank to make sure that he had received the cancellation. He said that he had not received the cancellation notice. When I gave him the address that the cancellation letter had been sent to, he told me that it was the owner’s relative’s agency. He was very defiant and could not understand why the cancellation letter would have been sent to the Central Avenue address – as opposed to the Tuckahoe Road address. I explained to him that the address on every piece of correspondence he had given me – even my policy – had the Central Avenue address on it. His reply was, “The main office must have the wrong address and I need to get this corrected.” This is a million-dollar insurance company, people put their trust in them everyday, and they cannot get their office address straight? At this point, Frank asked me to fax a copy of the cancellation notice to him. I didn’t have my copy of the notice with me so I called my agent and asked them to fax Frank a copy. My agent was out of the office and sent the fax to Frank the next day.

The fax was returned to Liberty Mutual with a handwritten note on it from Melanie (also working in the Allstate office on Tuckahoe Road) that the letter was insufficient that they needed the cancellation letter with my signature or they needed the Liberty Mutual insurance cards with my signature (please see enclosure B). I signed the letter and faxed it over to them. The policy was supposed to be cancelled.

Today, I got a call from my Liberty Mutual agent, and she informed me that now Melanie says that my signature is not enough to cancel the policy, that Melanie is now requesting a copy of my new policy. After futilely trying to determine why Allstate needed a copy of my new Liberty Mutual policy, my new agent acquiesced and faxed the new policy. My Liberty Mutual agent suggested that I call Frank to make sure they needed nothing else to cancel the Allstate policy.

I called Frank and he answered the phone. I asked him if they had everything they need to cancel my Allstate policy and he told me that they had not received the fax of the new policy from Liberty Mutual. He said that he had just walked in and didn’t know what was going on. If he had just walked in, how can he tell me that he never received the fax? He abruptly transferred me to Melanie. I asked her what the problem is in canceling my policy. She immediately launched into reasons why she needed the various faxes. When I tried to speak, she said to me, “Whoa, slow down.” I told her that she will not speak to me with that tone or in that manner. She went on to explain that the original cancellation letter went to their post office box and she had indeed received it – this, after Frank told me they had NOT received the original cancellation letter! When I told her that Frank says that the original cancellation letter went to the owner’s relative’s agency on Central Avenue and they didn’t receive it, she replied, “Well, Frank doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” I indicated to her that I have been to their office and see that they sit about six feet apart and I think it’s ridiculous that neither one of them know what’s going on. She went on to say that when Liberty Mutual contacted her about canceling the policy, she neglected to look the policy up and didn’t see that it was assigned risk. So, in essence, she made both myself and my Liberty Mutual agent go through unnecessary work all because she was too lazy to bother looking up the policy? Unacceptable! I informed Melanie that I would be filing a formal written complaint to the New York State Department of Insurance, she hung up the phone while I was still talking.

Additionally, Frank never informed me that I had to have a photo inspection of my car completed. So, even though I have secured coverage else where, I have received letters stating that my coverage had been decreased because there was no photo inspection on record (please see enclosure C). Mr. Evanglista didn’t bother to even tell me of any Allstate photo inspection locations. Liberty Mutual provided a handy reference sheet and website address with lists of the photo inspection locations broken down by county (please see enclosure D).

I should also mention that when I initially went to the office, both Frank and Melanie were not dressed professionally. Melanie in a t-shirt and cargo pants and Frank in an oversized sweater and pants. Not exactly proper office attire for financial and insurance “professionals”.

At this point, I was tired of dealing with Allstate. When I called Frank and Melanie to get to the bottom of this matter, I was treated with contempt and was hung up on. Surely, I would find relief at the corporate office? To the contrary! I spoke with Phyllis who, initially offered to take my complaint over the phone but, when she realized that my policy was assigned risk, transferred me to Allstate Shared Markets (1-866-245-9172). She told me that she could not handle my inquiry at the corporate office. I spoke with a representative at that number and he said that he didn’t know why the corporate office couldn’t help me but, they can’t handle complaints at this number either. He gave me the number to the New York Automobile Insurance Plan (212-943-5100). I called them and they could not help either. At this point, I called Phyllis in the corporate office back and told her that I don’t have a problem with my policy but, rather with how I was treated by one of Allstate’s agent – this is a customer service issue. She told me the same thing she had said earlier – that she couldn’t take my complaint. I then went to the web site and called the New York State Department of Insurance Consumer Service Bureau (212-480-6400) to get instructions to file a formal written complaint.

I have no doubt that the treatment that I experienced with Allstate is because I am African-American and I plan to exercise my full legal rights to make sure that no one else – of any race - has to endure such a humiliating situation.

In conclusion, I had a VERY bad experience in doing business with Allstate. I will NEVER do business with Allstate again and have told everyone I know about my experience with Allstate and am referring everyone to my Liberty Mutual agent. I am also a business owner and would NEVER permit anyone in my office to treat one of our clients in such a horribly degrading manner.

While I am entitled to my pro-rated refund, I hereby request a full refund in the amount of $1,040 in light of treatment to which I was subjected.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-07:
It sounds like the bend over backwords to help you get insurance, then you cancel them, rat them out to their boss, and call them racist when I never heard one word about race mentioned in any connotation? Dude, good luck in your life.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-11:
Sounds like you are the one who is extorting Allstate. You know you are not entitiled to a full refund, so you play the race card because you think they will buckle and give you a full refund.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-13:
I continued to read down through this entire letter and then it hit me why you were having so much problems. You can not figure out weather you were born in America or Africa. If you were born in America, you are an American or the same if you were born in Africa. It sounds like you have brought a lot of problems on yourself and want to blame someone else for your problems then say it is because of the color of your skin. Your story makes me sick.
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-02-16:
I'm sorry to hear about the horrendous treatment you got! I'm an American like you, though, I'm white, I think that what you detailed was inexcusable. Unfortunately, the moron who wrote before me was correct, you are only entitled to a pro-rated refund (your down payment- # of days that allstate covered you). If things don't work out with your agent, give GEICO a try! I've been with this company for four years and I know from my own experience (I'm also a policyholder) that you won't find a major carrier that is more customer service oriented. But if things do work out, I'm glad to hear that you found a REAL company to insure with!!
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-08:
Make SURE these ppl get a copy of your CURRENT insurance showing your inception date so they can cancel the policy w/ this date. If you have to call customer service, speak with a supervisor. The cancel notice shouldn't be needed with a copy of your new policy. Good luck to you.
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They call you a liar!
Posted by MonaLisa00 on 09/04/2010
In July 2010 while at an amusement park, an Allstate customer backed into my car and left the scene. I have pictures of her vehicle parked crookedly next to mine before the accident. She lied and said she wasn't there. When I proved her wrong with receipts and pictures from the scene, including damage to her vehicle that matches damage to my vehicle, Allstate said I made the whole thing up and was lying. They said I hit their customer and/or the damage to her vehicle was old. They actually never investigated--after 2 months of calling and emailing them; they simply took their customer's word for it that, 1, she wasn't there, and 2 she didn't do it. I've been sick to my stomach after being called a liar, but after reading these reviews, I actually feel better. I'm not in good hands, but I see I am in good company!
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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-04:
Did you file a police report? Take her to small claims court. But I think unless you saw her or there was an eye witness, you may not be able to prove your case, but you won't know unless you try. Just out of curiosity, why did you have photos of her car?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-04:
seems odd. Unfortunately there were no witnesses, so what can you do? Honestly, lets think about this. If she really DID hit and damage your car, do you really think she would have still parked next to you? lol most people would have left and parked pretty car away! LOL
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-04:
I want to know why you had photos of her car, too, before said accident.

"She lied and said she wasn't there. When I proved her wrong with receipts..."

How did you get a hold of HER receipts?

Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-04:
The Op could have taken photos of her family/friends as they got out of the car, thus getting the other person's car int he shot

As for receipts, the OP doesn't say she has the others person's receipts, just receipts.

I took it to mean the combo of photos of the other party's car as well as the Op's receipts from that day are what she is using as proof. I am also assuming at least one of the photos shows the other party's plate number. i could, of course, be wrong in my interpretation.
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-04:
I was just wondering, if the person was parked crookedly next to the op, how did they then back into the OP?? What does the police report say?
Posted by bcd on 2010-09-04:
“I have pictures of her vehicle … before the accident … including damage to her vehicle that matches damage to my vehicle”

How is it possible that pictures taken before the accident show the damage?
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-04:
Ahh, and the plot thickens.
Posted by mrnmrsweibel on 2010-09-05:
I am really confused. The OP stated the person hit her vehicle then left the scene but then she says she has pictures of both vehicles with damage. How does she have both?
Posted by MonaLisa00 on 2010-09-05:
Nothing sinister going on y'all, I promise my integrity is intact--retired officer with a clearance. Here's what happened: Parking lot was full, so I pulled into next available slot. When I got out, I noticed vehicle I parked next to was crooked, and if/when backing out if she wasn't careful she could possibly hit my car. I could have moved, but traffic was building up behind me, so I took a pic of the vehicle--just in case. Got witnesses to that. Well, should have moved because when I returned, there was the damage. Told all this to the cops, and they said I was still right to park where I did. In the pics I am 12 inches inside my lines and parked straight. She has a larger vehicle, parked slightly crooked. Her license plate is clearly in the pic. When cops called her, she told cops she has season passes to the park; I don't. So my receipts show the only day I was there. When filing report, Allstate refused to investigate--going on her word that she didn't do it and was not there. So, I hired someone to find her vehicle and take pics. And there was the damage--matched up perfectly to damage on my car. Showed my insurance company all my evidence and they said we definitely have a case. Since Allstate has refused to investigate properly, we're taking them to arbitration. I'm extremely disappointed in the way the Allstate reps spoke to me over the phone, and how long it took for them to return calls and emails. Literally said, "For all we know you hit her then called the cops to cover up." And it went on and on. And yep, there are security cameras at the park--but my luck--the camera trained on my lot was broken that day! Lesson learned, park far away and walk. Only $800 damage; I've already paid; still going to arbitration, though. And I'm trusting karma to work this out. Thanks for listening.
Posted by bcd on 2010-09-05:
Story 1:

“pictures from the scene, including damage to her vehicle that matches damage to my vehicle”

Story 2:

“I hired someone to find her vehicle and take pics. And there was the damage--matched up perfectly to damage on my car”

As a retired officer you are aware that when someone changes their story it significantly affects their integrity.
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-05:
The bottom line is, Allstate has no obligation to you, only to the person they are insuring. You are disappointed at how they spoke to you on the phone, but again, they are not insuring you. They are there to protect their insured, not some stranger calling and insisting their client hit your car.
Posted by MonaLisa00 on 2010-09-05:
Bcd, I didn't change my story. In my efforts to be succinct, I didn't elaborate in my first comment, so I've responded to your questions with the truth. I have pictures from the scene where she and I are both parked with no damage to my car. I have pictures from the scene with damage to my car when she is gone--my car has not moved, but she has vacated the parking lot. After the cops found her and Allstate refused to even investigate, at the advice of an attorney, I hired someone to find her vehicle and take pictures. My story is the same. She parked. I parked. No damage. She leaves. I now have damage and so does she. Perhaps my leaving out some of the details gave you the perception that I was being untruthful. Again, I'm not. Naive maybe, but lying, no sir. I assumed they would at least investigate.
Skye, your point is well taken. They are taking care of their customer, which I am not. But I am confident she hit me and she is lying to them and to the cops, so Allstate is covering for her; I get that. At first it was, we're sorry that happened; we'll look into it. When it took them a while and I followed up, that's when the nasty comments started coming--again without them ever investigating--which, according to my insurance co. is a foul, so yes, we are going to arbitration because my insurance says we have strong case--their words, not mine. So I stand by my initial comments. Allstate called me a liar--which I am not. Two of their associates were unprofessional over the phone. They didn't investigate my claim, which is incorrect procedure. Again, judging from other comments I've read about them, I think I'm in good company with my rhetoric. Wsy?
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-05:
Mona, how did you find out she was insured by Allstate?
Posted by MonaLisa00 on 2010-09-05:
My insurance co. did a run on her plate and couldn't find her. They told my to file the police report, and the cops told me her insurance company. Cops also said because it was a hit and run that I should pursue her insurance first. According to the cops, I still have the option to file charges, too.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-09-05:
I sounds like a car was parked in a way making it impossible for the other car to get out without being hit. They took pictures beforehand because they knew they would be hit. Wow! Unless there were eyewitnesses, it is still tough to prove.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-05:
If the OP has all this experience, had the foresight to take pics, etc...why not just MOVE her car?

More than once, I have chosen not to park next to someone who clearly has less than acceptable skill.

I would rather walk extra feet/yards, etc, than choose to park next to someone who clearly has issues.

After all, it could be said that the OP hit the other car pulling into the spot.
Posted by gesellman on 2010-09-05:
damned if you do, damned if you dont.... Insurance companies are there to collect your money and have your license promptly suspended if you do not pay them their monthly fee... They are NOT there to pay for your car and would rather spend millions to not have to pay a thousand dollars to someone just so no precedents are created in case of future litigation.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-09-05:
Mona, did you contact your insurance agent and let that person handle it from the beginning? That's what I would do because I'm paying the premium for my vehicle insurance. The companies can work it out between themselves with a claim. There have been spots I've chosen not to pull into because of how another vehicle had already parked. I just circled around again in the lot until I found another place. No guarantee I wouldn't find my vehicle damaged upon my return but I simply don't ask for trouble.
Posted by MonaLisa00 on 2010-09-05:
Rockfishing, I get your point, but I am clearly in my spot--I have a small car and am at least 12 inches within the lines; I didn't block her in; she's parked crooked in her spot. You're right, too--tough to prove.

Raven, in the pics you can clearly see that I could not have hit her car. We are both parked behind other cars and couldn't have pulled forward. The only way for my car to get hit is for her to back into mine. The SUV in front of me prevented my from pulling forward to where I could have possibly hit her. You are right about moving, though. But as I said earlier, it was busy, traffic was building behind me, I took the next slot--and now I see I took my chances. Still doesn't give her the right to hit my vehicle and not take responsibility, though. I was in my spot. She violated me when she entered my spot upon backing up.

Nohandle, you're so right! My insurance told me to file police report and cops told me to go after her insurance. Since then, my insurance co. is involved now--very helpful so far.

I do appreciate all of your comments. Gives me a good perspective all around. Thanks, again!
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-05:
For the record, I believe your version of events, Mona, and I wish you luck in the arbitration. Please be sure to keep us updated.
Posted by MonaLisa00 on 2010-09-05:
Thanks, Raven! It'll be a couple of months, but I will keep you posted.
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Appalling customer service and payment
Posted by JoeMari on 06/03/2007
LINCOLN PARK, NEW JERSEY -- In April, 2007 my husband and I suffered a total loss during the Nor'easter, which flooded our area. Our home in NJ was half way under the waters from the Passaic River for days. Once we returned we had nothing. Our oil tank overturned and spilled all over the yard, everything in the home was destroyed, our furniture was destroyed, our photos, albums and memories were gone. This catastophic event was further aggravted because it was our first home and we were only in it for 8 months when it happened. All our stuff was new. We had Allstate for flood coverage - $86,500 for dwelling and $25,000 for contents. Their adjuster, Daryl Adams, came and "assessed" our damage. We got an estimate from a reputable contractor for $65,000 to fix the entire house, including removal of mold because of the danger to my health, in particular. I have had FOUR kidney transplants, but it is of no concern to Allstate. Allstate came back with a pathetic settlement amount of $38,000 dwelling amd $17,000 contents. Our proof of loss for contents alone was $40,000!! After that followed pressurized tactics to try to get us to settle for their amount, telling us the oil tank and mold clean-up wasn't covered, abuse in treatment and now us having to pay on our own to get the work started. We are living separately in another state with family and our lives are a wreck as our home sits empty and getting worse and Allstate sits on their good name and does nothing!! "You're in good hands?" Our asses!
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Posted by Nohandle on 2007-06-03:
I'm sorry for what happened to you JoeMari. I don't have Allstate, I have State Farm, and I do know mold is not included in the coverage. Obviously State Farm is not the only company excluding mold coverage now. You stated you had $25,000. in contents coverage and they offered you $17,000. when your loss far exceeded that for contents. What was their reasoning behind that? I'm certain many other members would be interested.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-03:
I don't understand. You cannot obtain flood coverage from any commercial insurance agency. There is only one place you can buy insurance coverage, and Allstate ain't it. I am sorry for your loss, but what you are describing is like being upset because you were in a collision while insured by Safe Auto, and being upset because they will not replace your car. Safe Auto, by the way, only offers the minimum legal insurance in your state, which does not include comp and collision.
Posted by SAJ on 2007-06-03:
starlord, you are wrong. There are two types of flood insurance available, depending on where someone lives. There is insurance through FEMA, which is offered via the federal government, and many insurance companies offer private flood insurance. I would contest the offer from Allstate, and, if necessary, request an arbitration hearing.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-06-03:
Check out this link re: flood insurance. it is backed by the federal government, but sold through agents for insurance companies so the OP may not be incorrect in saying that AllState covers her. http://info.insure.com/home/flood/
Almost all insurance excludes mold coverage. That is not at all uncommon.

This link tells you a short list of things that are covered and not covered. It would appear that your oil tank should be covered. http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/housing/natl-flood/insurance.htm#cover Interesting to note that it doesn't cover basement improvements (i.e. ramilyroom) or personal belongings or furniture in the basement.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-03:
Try contacting them in a few weeks, maybe they are lying to you because they had to give a lot of people money and ran out.
Posted by Dzldoc on 2007-09-01:
Welcome to KATRINA LAND! Stop talking to insurance "THIEVES"
Get a lawyer immediately and sue them. Forget mediation it is not binding,you have 1 year to file. They will never do the right thing forgettabout it. Same thing happened to us. It's an epidemic nation wide. These CROOKS! are doing it to everyone. Do Not Delay! They will NEVER take your side.
This Crap is disgusting!
Good Luck and God Bless.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-01:
I agree with Dzldoc 100% and think you should take that advice immediately, don't wait doit now!!!
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Unfair policy concerning passenger not covered under strange policy guidlines
Posted by Richardandpeggy on 11/29/2003
TEXAS -- My gramdson was living with us for a while and Allstate required that persons under a certain age with a drivers lisence are required to be on the policy. That seemed reasonable so we did exactly that. After my grandson moved out a few months later I decided to remove him from the policy and was informed that in order to do so I would have to sign a paper that also gave my grandson no protection as a passenger in my vehicles forever, as long as I was with Allstate. I was furious. So if god forbid I had an accident and my grandson was a passenger he would be **** out of luck. It sounds unethical to me. I wish I had contacted an attorney at that time. At least that specific rule should be questioned and Allstate knows this rule is reckless and stupid.
Allstate once insured my cars and home but no longer and never again.
Thanks, Peggy Cooke
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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-03-31:
Usually, if you can prove that a child/grandchild is no longer living with you, that's all an insurance underwriter would require to remove them from a policy. I'm an agent for State Farm, and all I ask my policyholders to do is to provide us with a new address, and proof that they have insurance on their own car elsewhere. Did you call your agent directly, or did you call Allstate's 1-800 #? Many times the people who take calls at a call center do not know all the rules, they just read from a sheet of paper. Good luck with our new insurance company! :)
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There ARE Good Mechanics Out There
Posted by Missmaryaz on 07/17/2011
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Allstate Transmission & Auto Repair rebuilt the transmission on my 2000 Ford Expedition on April 1, 2010. My Expedition (4x4) had (at that time) over 150,000 miles on it and couldn't be driven over 35 miles per hour or it would stall going into the next gear. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy and timely. They were by far the best price I could find, charging me $1195 and on their website offer coupons, so they took off another $123. The warranty was 12,000 miles or a year, whichever came first. It has been almost 16 months later (and now I have over 214,000 miles) and it is running great. I did have to take the truck back in last week and they replaced the brakes, charged my air conditioner and put in a brand new radiator. Like the last work performed, they were very affordable and timely. The truck is running great! I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you Allstate Transmission & Auto Repair! You have a lifetime customer!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-07-17:
What a wonderful review! It's good to know there are still great honest mechanics out there.
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You're not in good hands.
Posted by Time for change on 06/03/2010
CALIFORNIA -- Http://www.youtube.com/laylafanucci2
Song I worte above: You're NOT in good hands:

Car Hits Twelve-Year Old Girl While Standing On Sidewalk
Our daughter was injured as a pedestrian in a serious car accident while standing on a sidewalk with a friend when an underinsured driver jumped the curb while making a left turn and hitting our daughter straight on, flying her up in the air where she landed on top of the car hood and was slammed to the ground as the car continued on driving down the road without any regard to our daughter’s well being. We learned from her doctors that she had sustained a brain injury resulting in cognitive impairment in addition to other physical injuries. Directly after the accident, she had to relearn simple math and forgot how to walk home from school as one of many examples. The accident occurred in 1997, and she has made substantial progress through great effort on her part and a relentless desire to get back what she had lost in the accident.
Allstate Denies Injury
Allstate contended that we had fabricated our daughter’s injury and we had convinced her that she had suffered a brain injury despite medical testimony to the contrary. Despite Allstate’s lowball offer of $15,000 to settle our daughter damage claim, the arbitrator awarded our daughter $1.4+ million dollars in damages for the injuries she sustained. Although Allstate represents that you are in “Good Hands,” they offered only $15,000 on a $1,400,000 injury under our Uninsured Motorist coverage. During the arbitration proceeding, Allstate was even able through their crafty lawyers to get their own expert to change his testimony whereby he had written a prior report that indicated that my daughter had suffered a closed-head injury and had suffered some degree of unconsciousness as a result of being hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian. Again, my daughter was hit by a vehicle, thrown on the vehicle’s hood, and was slammed to the ground as the driver drove off down the street without any regard to hitting my daughter. The Allstate expert changed his testimony during the arbitration hearing by indicating that my daughter did not suffer a loss of consciousness, which is often a material element in supporting a brain injury, since the force of a car hitting a pedestrian did not necessarily constitute sufficient force to render such an injury. These facts alone should speak volumes about what I consider Allstate’s deceptive insurance practices in denying claims to their own customers. This is precisely why Allstate has one of the lowest ratings of all insurance companies in the United States.
Inadequate Insurance Coverage
Although I was advised repeatedly that the Personal Umbrella Policy that I purchased in the amount of $1,000,000.00 applied to my daughter’s injury under the Uninsured Motorist provisions, Allstate prevailed in subsequent lawsuits through the appeal process, after we had won two prior verdicts, by convincing a jury that no such coverage ever existed with respect to Allstate’s Umbrella policy. Allstate never offered such protection although they advised me on several occasions it was my fault for not reading cover to cover my lengthy policy with more loop holes than Swiss cheese. Instead of $1,250,000 of protection, we only had $250,000.
Umbrella Policies and Uninsured Motorist Protection-Buyers Beware
When I purchased my Personal Umbrella Excess Liability Policy from Allstate Insurance Company, I was advised that the $1,000,000 million of additional Umbrella was in addition to my underlying $100,000 of Uninsured Motorist coverage, which was later increased to $250,000, as well as to my bodily injury portion. Subsequently, when I asked to increase my Uninsured Motorist coverage, I was advised by Allstate that all I had to do was simply increase my Umbrella from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000, which I did in order to protect my family in the event one of us were injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorists. Uninsured motorist coverage can be obtained at very little expense, and the protection to one’s family is of most importance due to the high number of uninsured and underinsured motorists in the State of California. This is precisely why certain insurance companies do not advise their insureds to get additional uninsured motorist protection, since they do not want to pay large claims for injuries sustained by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.
California Law
California only requires by law that a driver carry a minimum of $10,000 of bodily injury coverage per person. For example, the woman who hit my daughter was only required by law to have $10,000 in insurance to cover my daughter’s injuries which were in excess of $1.4 million. An umbrella policy offers substantially more liability protection in amounts of $1,000,000 or more at very little additional cost. In my situation, at the time I believed I purchased the polices, I only had $100,000 in Uninsured Motorist coverage when I was led to believe I had an additional $1,000,000 of coverage on top of that.
The uninsured limits were eventually increased to $250,000 only because Allstate now required higher underlying limits for the Personal Umbrella to apply. The Allstate agent testified in court that Allstate would never advise you to obtain more uninsured motorist protection once you met the minimum of underlying coverage for the Umbrella to apply since he would never advise you that the Umbrella did not apply (“sneaky”), again leaving their insureds subject to substantial risk and exposure if hit by an underinsured motorist.
Under California State law, an insurance agent is not required to advise their customers that they should obtain increased uninsured motorist coverage nor are they required to advise them that their particular Umbrella Excess Liability policy is not linked to the uninsured motorist portion. However, certain insurance companies doing business in California offer an umbrella excess liability linked to the uninsured motorist protection, such as Farmers Insurance Company. State Farm Insurance Company used to link the two but stopped doing so in 1996. I contacted a State Farm insurance agent on January 21, 2010, and asked if the two were linked, and she indicated she was not sure but would contact her underwriter and get back to me, whereby she was informed that State Farm no longer offered Umbrella protection linked to the Uninsured Motorist protection as of 1999. I then asked her what the maximum of uninsured motorist coverage one could obtain through State Farm, and she did not know off the top of her but after looking at one of her policies she indicated $250,000, which is not adequate in my opinion. When an Umbrella Policy purchased from Farmers Insurance Company (at least as up to a year ago when I last checked), the insured is offered an option of having the umbrella tied to the uninsured motorist portion by checking a box.
However, Allstate has no such election or coverage. It is also possible to go outside of the “Good Hands” Allstate Company and obtain a stand-alone umbrella policy which is linked to the uninsured motorist coverage.
Our Agent Mike Baldwin Goes Outside of Allstate to Get Protection
Not Offered by Allstate
In fact, our agent with Allstate, Michael Baldwin, did exactly that -- he went outside of Allstate and obtained such an Umbrella policy from State Farm that was tied to the Uninsured Motorist policy in order to protect his family. He admitted in a court of law that he never advised any of his clients over his 20-year career with Allstate that (1) the Allstate Umbrella policy was not linked to the Uninsured Motorist coverage, and that, (2) an insured can go outside of Allstate to obtain an inexpensive Umbrella policy that was in fact linked to the Uninsured Motorist coverage as he did. When I obtained an Umbrella policy, he had already gone out of Allstate to obtain such protection for his family that was never offered to me, since he testified that it would have been too confusing for me to understand this concept and this would be a recipe for disaster. The recipe for disaster were not having Umbrella protection for my daughter’s injuries, a concept that totally escaped Mr. Baldwin. I had referred Mike Baldwin numerous clients including my mother and other friends. I also lectured at his church on estate tax matters. I considered Mike a friend but he concealed this information from me. He indicated that he did not have a duty or a moral obligation to tell me. He also admitted in a court of law that during his 20-year career, none of his customers ever asked whether the Umbrella was tied to the Uninsured Motorist coverage.
The reason that no customers ever asked this question is that the belief that such coverage under an Umbrella policy applies equally in a situation, that if the insured, someone or if someone in their family is injured, the Umbrella protection applies. Even insurance agents are under this mistaken belief as are attorneys, judges, as well as the average consumer. Even the attorney that was representing me in the court action with over 30 years of insurance litigation experience was not aware that his Umbrella and Uninsured Motorist protection were not linked until he took my case and checked with his insurance company. After checking with his insurance company, he immediately went outside of his insurance company to obtain an Umbrella policy for only a couple hundred dollars a year in premiums that was in fact linked to his Uninsured Motorist.
Dirty Secret
This is one of the dirtiest secrets in the insurance industry, and Allstate is one of the worst offenders and has one of the lowest ratings among attorneys who represent clients against Allstate for denial of claims. I strongly advocate that the law in the State of California as well as other states and perhaps even under federal law should be changed whereby an insurance company that does not offer Umbrella protection linked to the uninsured motorist provisions should be required to advise their customers that they can go outside that particular insurance company to obtain such a policy at very little expense and without terminating any of the insurance coverages with the primary insurance company. A better solution would be to require all insurance to offer Umbrella policies tied to Uninsured Motorist protection.
The Personal Umbrella policy which was sold to me protects everyone in the world for injuries caused by me but my family are the only ones in the world who are not protected under this same policy to the extent I protect total strangers. This is so hard to believe that my family happens to be the only ones outside the Umbrella. The ordinary consumers as well as sophisticated individuals are not aware of this serious potential gap in insurance coverage.
We believe that Allstate’s conduct over a substantial number of years is despicable and immoral. We strongly advise the California Insurance Department change the laws in California to protect other insureds from the same fate that we suffered under the “Good Hands” of the Allstate Insurance Company.
Allstate Decreases Insurance
When I first met Mr. Baldwin to discuss my insurance needs, I had three times the uninsured motorist coverage then, than I had when I walked out of the meeting with Mr. Baldwin. Although he testified in a court of law that he never decreases the insurance coverage of an insured when he reviewed their existing coverages, he subsequently decreased mine by two-thirds of what I had in place before the meeting.
Although I was teaching income tax and financial planning at UC Berkeley, at the Graduate School of Finance level, attending the graduate law degree program through NYU law school in taxation, and working as a tax attorney for a sophisticated East Bay law firm, Baldwin stated in a court of law, but only after being prepped by clever Allstate attorneys after his deposition, which went poorly in my opinion, when he made no such claim that I was incapacitated to make any insurance decisions on behalf of my family and that my wife had to make all of the insurance decisions on my behalf.
He further testified that we declined any increased uninsured motorist coverage because my wife wanted to save $18. My wife was not even involved in discussions regarding our insurance needs since she was taking care of our two small children at the time. His testimony that I was incapacitated to make such a decision on behalf of my family clearly is without merit and a complete fabrication of the truth. This is further evidence that Allstate will go to any length to Win a case in blatant disregard of the truth in my opinion.
Change Hands - Change the Law
We believe that the testimony of Mike Baldwin as well as Allstate’s egregious actions in this case, should serve as the “Poster Child” and “Poster Company” for reform of the insurance laws in the State of California as well as on a federal level. Join me in making this a reality and forever changing the insurance laws so that when an insurance company represents that you are in “Good Hands” that you are in fact in “Good Hands” with all fingers attached and without serious gaps in coverage which they do not disclose to you. Please check with your insurance company to be sure that you have adequate insurance protection as well as having an Umbrella policy tied to your Uninsured Motorist protection. If necessary, change hands. We would never want anyone else to suffer the same fate that we experienced by not having adequate insurance protection for our daughter’s injuries due to lack of disclosure as well as misrepresentation, in my opinion, on behalf of an unscrupulous insurance Company
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AllState - Total loss car valuations
Posted by Rjpathak on 08/12/2003
My car has been total loss in auto accident ( not my fault)

Allstate Insurer crashed on me..

Now its more than 2 month ..All state has evaluated my car value to half of the fair market value.

a. Classified advt. valued at 4995
b. Quote Cars for 3K.
c. Vehicle Value Tax by NC County Of Orange valued at $ 2290
d. Trade-in from dealer is 2500
e. Kelley Blue Book value is 2500

and All state only wants to pay only 1200.. I have discussed this issue with NC insurance commissioner office.. no helps from them.. they told me to file a suit..

Don't know why tax payer money is spend on having commissioner office if their consumer division does not have any law to protect consumer from being ripped of by this insurance companies.

I need some good advice ..I do not have time and money to spend on litigations. Is there a federal agencies that I can file complain with.

Don't tell me to go to my congress man..because I have not money to donate to their Elections funds.

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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-03-31:
Contact your insurance agent and see if s/he can do anything to help. Insurance companies use KBB to evaluate total losses, but a lot of other factors go into it as well, like mileage, wear and tear, etc.
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Rip Off
Posted by Elyza09 on 02/26/2010
BLOOMINGTON, MN, MINNESOTA -- I had an accident which was totally not my fault. The lady failed to yield at an intersection. After the accident, I called her insurance to file a claim. They gave me a person that was handling the claim and he took his time trying to get it resolved. I provided a police report clearing stating that she was at fault and was even given a ticket for it. They still continued to investigate and determine that they would only cover 90% of the accident. They tried tell me if I am driving through areas that have side streets, I should always slow down when I am passing any side roads which is BS! I argued with the adjuster until I was able to speak with his supervisor. She finally agreed to pay 100% of the claim. After that, they continue to make you go to them to finish the paperwork of getting your settlement after having to return the rental car they provided. They are very difficult to work with and expect you to just figure it out on your own when it wasn't even your fault and even tried to blame you for the accident. I suggest NEVER having them as your agent as they will try to pay out as little as possible but have high premiums.
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-02-26:
Got a big shock for you. ALL insurance companies try to pay as little as possible on a claim. We have been with Allstate since we had Farmer's refuse to insure my Honda Goldwing on the ridiculous basis that I didn't have motorcycle insurance the year before. Allstate has been very good to us and the agents here in Lacey, WA are fantastic.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-02-26:
Why didn't you report the accident to your own insurance company and let them handle it? That's what I always do.
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