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You Need Better Insurance to Protect You From Mayhem, Like Allstate
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PENNSYLVANIA -- One of Allstate's client's hit me from behind going 65 Mph while I was stopped in traffic. This caused the cars to catch on fire and blow up. I lost everything in the car and All State does not deny my personal items or claims but wants to only give me $2000 LESS of my claim because they claim my items are used. They want to deduct money from MY belongings when their client blew my car up? I lost car keys, an iPod, shoes, medication, my daughter’s car seat, my daughter’s belongings, my lap top, lap top bag and other items I had inside. I have copies of the police report, pictures of the scene (their client never braked), all copies of paperwork admitting their clients fault and more.

The fact that it has been almost 2 months and we can not replace anything is ridiculous. All State seems to think that because my daughter's favorite stuffed animals were 'loved' that I can accept pennies on the dollar for what they are worth? They think that because I wore a pair of shoes TWICE they are worthless? I can not replace anything, and would have all of my belongings if their client had been paying attention on the road. I was knocked out in my car and another driver had to wake me up to get out as it bursted into flames.

The driver was arrested for driving drunk, driving over a hillside and damaging his car weeks before he hit me! He had just gotten his car back from the repair shop 3/19 and wrecked into me 3/21! Their client shared all of this information at the scene of the accident and took full responsibility.

All I want to do is get my life back together and replace the things we have lost. I have tried to work with customer service this whole time and they do not want to cooperate. This is the worst customer service experience of my life; I do not know how they can treat me like I am the one at fault when I could have lost my life that day.

Allstate makes you feel like you are in one of their Mayhem commercials. They must get their ideas from claims from their clients that they deny and put through further hell.
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Bill on 2012-05-09:
The only way you are going to get satisfaction is to hire a lawyer. They will stonewall and lowball you until you give up and accept their offer.
They have tons of lawyers so you need to even the field.
I have always been against suing but after seeing how the insurance companies operate my opinion has been evolving.
CowboyFan on 2012-05-10:
Allstate is doing exactly what it is supposed to do: protect its insured - the at fault driver - against claims from other persons. The fact they do not want to pay what the op thinks the things are worth, is not bad customer service-they are not there to serve the op, but their insured.

This review is helpful because it points up the importance of buying coverage on our own vehicle to cover these situations, because then our insurance company will pay us, and they will fight it out with Allstate.
CrystalSword on 2012-05-10:
You can always take the drive who hit you to court, that's what I would do if the insurance company won't pay you. We have Allstate and they have been nothing but wonderful to us after someone sideswiped the truck and took out both passenger side doors. We ended up not even paying a deductible!
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Secret Documents Reveal Insurance Strategy
Posted by on
Investigators: Secret documents reveal insurance strategy

09:39 AM PDT on Friday, October 5, 2007


Shortchanging accident victims SEATTLE - Insurance industry profits are up, but the amount of claims paid out is down.

Consumer advocates believe they can trace the trend to a secret set of business documents, started by a company Allstate Insurance hired years ago.

Those documents turned the insurance industry upside down. They're from a business consultant hired by Allstate to boost profits. The consultant suggested a new business model that critics say is now widely used to shortchange accident victims who file a claim.

In the aftermath of her 2004 car crash, Bonney Lake resident Colleen McCallum wasn't just angry at the driver who caused the accident and sped off.

"Just out of nowhere the car next to me came into my lane and slammed into my car," she said. "It whipped my head around a lot and hurt my neck, my back. I had a lot of pain in my shoulders."

Since the "at fault" driver got away, McCallum relied on her uninsured motorist coverage from her own insurance company, Allstate Corp., to pay her mounting medical bills.

"But after several months in, I started getting more bills that hadn't been paid," she said.

McCallum says Allstate – the company with the slogan "You're in good hands" - was rejecting her claims. She hired attorney Karen Koehler, who says it's a familiar scenario.

"You're in a moderate car crash and for some reason your insurance company is making you jump through incredible hoops to collect on a modest policy," she said.

Now she's suing Allstate in a landmark court proceeding in Washington State. McCallum's legal team is trying to unearth the secret "McKinsey documents" -- the blue-print that several major insurance companies used to pay claims.

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Erickson v. Allstate Insurance Company: Recent ruling by WA State Court of Appeals Commissioner Susan Craighead

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Raw: Court of Appeals – State of Washington, Allstate Insurance Company v. Nicole Erickson
"These documents are the 'Da Vinci Code' of the insurance industry," Koehler said.

Documents obtained by the KING 5 Investigators show the strategy: New York business consultant McKinsey and Company urged Allstate to trade in its "good hands" for boxing gloves - in some cases to use more aggressive tactics when settling claims to send a message to lawyers and the public.

The consultants said that paying "promptly and fairly" does not reward Allstate shareholders with profits.

KING 5 didn't obtain actual McKinsey documents. We obtained notes from a New Mexico lawyer who was allowed under court order to view them, but could not make copies.

Allstate offered McCallum what she called a lowball $9,000 payment. After two years of delay, the insurer suddenly asked to see one of their doctors for the first time.

"He went in and dismissed everything, said it's not important - she doesn't have fibromyalgia - she doesn't have whiplash," McCallum said. "There's no way these can continue for so long - so she doesn't have a problem."

McCallum's lawyer says it's textbook McKinsey strategy, which she says violates laws that require insurance companies to settle claims in good faith -- properly and promptly.

"McKinsey set up a way for them to cut clams. Make profit - cut claims," Koehler said.

Insurance companies used to focus on making money by selling more policies. But McKinsey offered a way to boost the bottom line without selling more policies or raising premiums.

One way to measure McKinsey's effectiveness may be through "loss ratio." That's a percentage showing each dollar collected in premiums - and how much of that dollar is paid out in claims.

In the mid 1990s, when Allstate hired McKinsey, it paid out about 75 cents per dollar in claims.

But a consumer group says that percentage dropped to just 47 cents on the dollar nationally last year -- meaning Allstate is keeping more of the money.

KING 5's review of records in Washington state show two of the three insurance companies with the lowest loss ratios - Allstate and State Farm - are former McKinsey clients.

"This is about how to build a better mousetrap," said Ben Cooper, Allstate lawyer. "How to run a better insurance company."

Allstate denies it's not following the law.

In two cases -- including McCallum's -- Allstate lawyers are appealing judges' decisions to hand over more than 12,000 McKinsey documents, arguing they contain trade secrets like how to root out false claims.

"These are precisely the things an experienced insurance company spends a lot of time and money researching to figure out what is the best way to handle claims," Cooper said.

McCallum's lawyers believe many policyholders have been shortchanged by McKinsey strategy, and that the documents are powerful evidence in "bad faith" cases against insurance companies.

They're asking the courts to release the documents publicly so that other crash victims can use them without expensive legal battles.

Colleen McCallum thinks it's only fair.

"They shouldn't be able to hide things and they shouldn't be able to conceal important facts when we have to reveal all of our private information," she said. "You know, I had to have my medical records, my personal life, everything dissected."

Allstate isn't giving up the McKinsey documents without a fight - in this state and several others.

In Missouri, the company is in contempt of court and is being fined $25,000 a day for refusing to give the documents to plaintiff's counsel.

In Washington State, the appeals court says the documents can be kept secret while Allstate appeals.

Claims payments in general have been dropping industry-wide. Many insurers say they're not being dishonest, they're reducing fraud, which they say was once widespread.

But experts say many insurance companies are feeling the competitive pressure to keep premiums down, and this is one way to do that and still make money.
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Anonymous on 2007-10-30:
This confirms what a lot of us have suspected for some time now. (VH)
Anonymous on 2007-10-30:
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Virtual Extortion & Poor treatment
Posted by on
YONKERS, NEW YORK -- On September 23, 2003, I secured car insurance policy with Allstate Insurance Company broker, Frank Evangelista in their offices located at 475 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, NY.

I was told by Frank that since I did not have car insurance in my name previously that I would have to go into a New York State Assigned Risk program for a year. I agreed to the terms and Frank told me that I would need to put $1,000 down and that he could not take a personal check, bank/certified check, money order, travelers check or credit card. I paid in cash. Frank also told me that I had to pay a $40 brokers fee. When I asked him why they charge a brokers fee if they make money on the policy, his response was, Believe it or not, we dont make any money on the policies we sell. All we make is the $40. Needless to say, I didnt believe it. But, I needed insurance on my car and I had taken the day off of work to handle it and didnt want to waste my day.

Frank also told me that because I had an accident in July 2000, and even though the accident was not my fault as per the police report, I would still have to pay a higher rate than normal for my assigned risk plan because a claim had been made to the insurance company of the owners of the car (my parents). This made no sense to me but, since I am not an insurance expert, I went along with what Frank presented. Frank informed me that even though he was not supposed to remove a record off my DMV record that he had taken the incident off two weeks ahead of time, in hopes that it would get me a better rate. It didnt.

About two weeks later, I received a bill from Allstate requesting $800 more dollars for the down payment. Upon my receipt of this increase which felt like extortion I promptly called Frank Evangelista who bad-mouthed the Allstate Insurance Company, stating, I dont know why theyre doing this. I agree that its totally ridiculous. Theyre really giving you a raw deal. The best you can do is put your policy under someone elses name that does have insurance. I asked him how much my insurance would be per month and he told me around $800up from $599 per month (which is already too high)!

Needless to say, I promptly looked around for replacement insurance. I secured identical coverage with Liberty Mutual for about $6,000 less. The Liberty Mutual agents were kind enough to handle the cancellation of my insurance with Allstate. In getting my insurance through Liberty Mutual, I was asked to fax them the policy. My agent at Liberty Mutual sent the cancellation letter to the address listed on my Allstate policy (please see enclosure A). I called Frank to make sure that he had received the cancellation. He said that he had not received the cancellation notice. When I gave him the address that the cancellation letter had been sent to, he told me that it was the owners relatives agency. He was very defiant and could not understand why the cancellation letter would have been sent to the Central Avenue address as opposed to the Tuckahoe Road address. I explained to him that the address on every piece of correspondence he had given me even my policy had the Central Avenue address on it. His reply was, The main office must have the wrong address and I need to get this corrected. This is a million-dollar insurance company, people put their trust in them everyday, and they cannot get their office address straight? At this point, Frank asked me to fax a copy of the cancellation notice to him. I didnt have my copy of the notice with me so I called my agent and asked them to fax Frank a copy. My agent was out of the office and sent the fax to Frank the next day.

The fax was returned to Liberty Mutual with a handwritten note on it from Melanie (also working in the Allstate office on Tuckahoe Road) that the letter was insufficient that they needed the cancellation letter with my signature or they needed the Liberty Mutual insurance cards with my signature (please see enclosure B). I signed the letter and faxed it over to them. The policy was supposed to be cancelled.

Today, I got a call from my Liberty Mutual agent, and she informed me that now Melanie says that my signature is not enough to cancel the policy, that Melanie is now requesting a copy of my new policy. After futilely trying to determine why Allstate needed a copy of my new Liberty Mutual policy, my new agent acquiesced and faxed the new policy. My Liberty Mutual agent suggested that I call Frank to make sure they needed nothing else to cancel the Allstate policy.

I called Frank and he answered the phone. I asked him if they had everything they need to cancel my Allstate policy and he told me that they had not received the fax of the new policy from Liberty Mutual. He said that he had just walked in and didnt know what was going on. If he had just walked in, how can he tell me that he never received the fax? He abruptly transferred me to Melanie. I asked her what the problem is in canceling my policy. She immediately launched into reasons why she needed the various faxes. When I tried to speak, she said to me, Whoa, slow down. I told her that she will not speak to me with that tone or in that manner. She went on to explain that the original cancellation letter went to their post office box and she had indeed received it this, after Frank told me they had NOT received the original cancellation letter! When I told her that Frank says that the original cancellation letter went to the owners relatives agency on Central Avenue and they didnt receive it, she replied, Well, Frank doesnt know what hes talking about. I indicated to her that I have been to their office and see that they sit about six feet apart and I think its ridiculous that neither one of them know whats going on. She went on to say that when Liberty Mutual contacted her about canceling the policy, she neglected to look the policy up and didnt see that it was assigned risk. So, in essence, she made both myself and my Liberty Mutual agent go through unnecessary work all because she was too lazy to bother looking up the policy? Unacceptable! I informed Melanie that I would be filing a formal written complaint to the New York State Department of Insurance, she hung up the phone while I was still talking.

Additionally, Frank never informed me that I had to have a photo inspection of my car completed. So, even though I have secured coverage else where, I have received letters stating that my coverage had been decreased because there was no photo inspection on record (please see enclosure C). Mr. Evanglista didnt bother to even tell me of any Allstate photo inspection locations. Liberty Mutual provided a handy reference sheet and website address with lists of the photo inspection locations broken down by county (please see enclosure D).

I should also mention that when I initially went to the office, both Frank and Melanie were not dressed professionally. Melanie in a t-shirt and cargo pants and Frank in an oversized sweater and pants. Not exactly proper office attire for financial and insurance professionals.

At this point, I was tired of dealing with Allstate. When I called Frank and Melanie to get to the bottom of this matter, I was treated with contempt and was hung up on. Surely, I would find relief at the corporate office? To the contrary! I spoke with Phyllis who, initially offered to take my complaint over the phone but, when she realized that my policy was assigned risk, transferred me to Allstate Shared Markets (1-866-245-9172). She told me that she could not handle my inquiry at the corporate office. I spoke with a representative at that number and he said that he didnt know why the corporate office couldnt help me but, they cant handle complaints at this number either. He gave me the number to the New York Automobile Insurance Plan (212-943-5100). I called them and they could not help either. At this point, I called Phyllis in the corporate office back and told her that I dont have a problem with my policy but, rather with how I was treated by one of Allstates agent this is a customer service issue. She told me the same thing she had said earlier that she couldnt take my complaint. I then went to the web site and called the New York State Department of Insurance Consumer Service Bureau (212-480-6400) to get instructions to file a formal written complaint.

I have no doubt that the treatment that I experienced with Allstate is because I am African-American and I plan to exercise my full legal rights to make sure that no one else of any race - has to endure such a humiliating situation.

In conclusion, I had a VERY bad experience in doing business with Allstate. I will NEVER do business with Allstate again and have told everyone I know about my experience with Allstate and am referring everyone to my Liberty Mutual agent. I am also a business owner and would NEVER permit anyone in my office to treat one of our clients in such a horribly degrading manner.

While I am entitled to my pro-rated refund, I hereby request a full refund in the amount of $1,040 in light of treatment to which I was subjected.
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2003-11-07:
It sounds like the bend over backwords to help you get insurance, then you cancel them, rat them out to their boss, and call them racist when I never heard one word about race mentioned in any connotation? Dude, good luck in your life.
Anonymous on 2003-11-11:
Sounds like you are the one who is extorting Allstate. You know you are not entitiled to a full refund, so you play the race card because you think they will buckle and give you a full refund.
Anonymous on 2003-11-13:
I continued to read down through this entire letter and then it hit me why you were having so much problems. You can not figure out weather you were born in America or Africa. If you were born in America, you are an American or the same if you were born in Africa. It sounds like you have brought a lot of problems on yourself and want to blame someone else for your problems then say it is because of the color of your skin. Your story makes me sick.
dvsmadcow on 2004-02-16:
I'm sorry to hear about the horrendous treatment you got! I'm an American like you, though, I'm white, I think that what you detailed was inexcusable. Unfortunately, the moron who wrote before me was correct, you are only entitled to a pro-rated refund (your down payment- # of days that allstate covered you). If things don't work out with your agent, give GEICO a try! I've been with this company for four years and I know from my own experience (I'm also a policyholder) that you won't find a major carrier that is more customer service oriented. But if things do work out, I'm glad to hear that you found a REAL company to insure with!!
PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-08:
Make SURE these ppl get a copy of your CURRENT insurance showing your inception date so they can cancel the policy w/ this date. If you have to call customer service, speak with a supervisor. The cancel notice shouldn't be needed with a copy of your new policy. Good luck to you.
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No loyalty, no class
Posted by on
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- I have been a customer of Allstate for 17 years and I stopped in the 1202 Cape Coral office in fort myers office today to transfer my insurance down to fort myers after a recent move. I have never been so humiliated by a person who provides a service in my life. He essentially told me he did not call me back because I had insufficient insurance on my vehicles and he did not want to take on the liability of my lack of coverage on my vehicles.

Please keep in mind that I was in his office for boat insurance, renters insurance and flood, not car insurance. I believe he dismissed me as a customer because that my coverage was not significant enough for him to run a quote for me.

He proceeded to use scare tactics, telling me I could be sued and lose everything if I was in an accident with this kind of coverage, but never offering me information regarding other alternatives, such as prices or examples of different policy choices for better coverage. He just simply dismissed me and my 18 years of customer loyalty. When I insisted he explain his reasoning, asking him if my coverage was sufficient under Florida law, why he felt it was inadequate and in what way, he spoke louder and louder until the entire office could hear our conversation and I could not pay attention to what he was saying. When I asked him outright to write down the exact reason he would not give me a quote for my insurance he wrote down, “agency choice for no liability coverage”.
I told him that if this is the case, he should have called me in a timely manner, offered me a quote for my requested coverage’s and explained his concerns about my insurance and offered me alternatives, not told me loudly in the office that I did not have adequate coverage on my vehicles for him to consider insuring me for my other needs.

He also mentioned to me many times that his father owned the company and his father specifically advised him he didn’t want to deal with this policy and I should go back to my agent in Venice. I explained to him that I would be seeking a different company, that I was disgusted with his customer service. He loudly stated as I walked out of the office that if Allstate wrote me such a bad policy, he agreed I should switch companies also.

I am mortified, angry and disgusted with my treatment by this agent. More so, I am disappointed that a company I trusted could have this kind of disregard for my loyalty in a time of impersonal, easy access internet insurance.
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User Replies:

Alain on 2010-08-13:
There are plenty of insurance companies that want your businees. Dump Allstate and go to someone else.
dan gordon on 2010-08-13:
your blaming a company for an agent who is independent and most likely not an employee of Allstate. That's quite an indictment.
Joan C on 2010-08-24:
Hi. I work for Allstate and happened to see your comments. I would be more than happy to get you in touch with the right person to address your concern. Please let me know if I can help.
chrissiann on 2010-08-31:
dan gordon, true that we may be blaming a company for an agent, but you must remember that the agent is representing the company; thus it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that it has the best of the best representing itself or fire that agent. If Allstate cannot do even this simple task, then I also will take my business elsewhere other than Allstate.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHESAPEAKE -- They recommend using repair centers in their network, bragging on the customer service. Horrible customer service, it took a week to get an estimate, When I dropped it off they said they would have an estimate in 2 days. They kept my vehicle 5 weeks and saying they were backed up, waiting on parts, still working on it, Meanwhile dragging their feet about giving me an answer in helping with a rental once my rental allowance ran out, I ended up without a vehicle for 9 days.Allstate kept referring me back to the repair shop would not have chosen if they had not recommended. Allstate did not have me in good hands. I have been with Allstate for 20 years, but I am shopping for new coverage for my house and 2 cars.
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Home Policy-- Bait and Switch. Quote a Price and Increase 2mo. Later
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SHAWNEE, KANSAS -- Last March I decided to switch Insurance carriers and shopped around with several providers. I settled for Allstate Insurance -- an Agent with Modern Consulting, Inc. was very attentive and answered all my questions. I had a lot of questions because I wanted to make sure I compared apples to apples. After much review, I decided to switch autos, home and rental on a package deal.

Two months after the policy came into effect I got big increases in the premiums for the home and rental (both paid by the mortgagee), with no good explanation. It simply was a bait and switch scam. I was lured by a competitive rate and two months after, when nobody is paying too much attention (because you assume you have your policy settled) I get a notice for the increases. The increases made the work of shopping around and the switch from the previous carrier worthless. Be very careful with Allstate Insurance. Don't believe their quotes, they'll sneak increases when you're not watching.
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Allstate Commercials Are Not True to Their Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- An Allstate insured customer's car crashed into my garage causing damage to 2 garage doors, main load bearing support and frame. Filing the claim, the Allstate Claim Representative took information pertaining to the accident report file by the Local Police and informed me that I should hear from Allstate within 24 hours. 48 hours (2 days) passed, no contact from Allstate; so I called inquiring as to why I had not be been contacted.

This Allstate Representative was very rude in telling me that I did not submit a claim with a Contractor's estimate. I inform Allstate that in the initial reporting of the claim, I was not informed of the steps that needed to completed in filing the claim, only the Police accident report information was requested from me. I requested to speak to a Manager, but very convenient to/for Allstate, all Managers were in a meeting. I requested for a Manager to call me inference to claim, but no one ever called.

After submitting the Contractor proposal, I received a call from a Becky stating that Allstate was settling at 40% below submitted contract proposal and I could take the settlement and do whatever I please because it was none negotiable. I ALSO ASKED, to have a claim adjustor contact me, and/or the Contractor, but again Becky told me that they would not; true to her word, no Adjustor has contacted me or the Contractor. I'm very taken aback by Allstate response to my claim. Their insured customer's auto damaged my property, but Allstate is treating me as I'm the villain.

With their paid spokesperson and actors/actresses, the commercials may be entertaining, but Allstate true Customer Service and Claims Representatives are very lacking and in a sense MAYHEM!
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User Replies:

Karnamay on 2013-03-08:
I would definitely get a lawyer. When lawyers get involved they change their tune pretty quick.
trmn8r on 2013-03-08:
I tend to agree with Karnamay - you need assistance of some sort, and it appears a lawyer would be the right kind. Dealing with Allstate yourself, you will not be treated like their insured. You are the enemy in this scenario.
BigAl on 2013-03-08:
My first response would be to sue the person who did the damage to your property. He or she is afterall the responsible person in this instance. AllState is merely the company they have chosen to protect them in these type of incidences. If Allstate policy holders are held accountable for the shortcommings of their protection it will have an adverse effect on their continued loyalty to the company. Allstate could not care less if you are happy but if the people who supply Allstate with premium money are not happy with their coverage then Allstate will be forced to change their business model. Keep in mind that the insured in this case probably thinks it is not his problem when in fact it is.
madconsumer on 2013-03-08:
contact your homeowners insurance carrier, and have them intervene.
clutzycook on 2013-03-08:
Mad has the best answer, IMO. If that fails, then get a lawyer.
MadMom on 2013-04-16:
I agree whole heartedly. My daughter was injured in an auto accident caused by an Allstate policy holder. While they paid for my totaled car (barely),they are being nasty about paying for her injuries. They told my husband, one you're PIP runs out (handled by our insurance (State Farm) - who has been wonderful with every claim we have erver had with them) we're on our own until we "settle" How are we supposed to "settle" before we know what care she is going to need and for how long? She's still in physical therapy and still in pain....

Good Luck! Your NOT in "Good Hands"

Steve on 2014-04-04:
Same thing...older person drove her car into my garage. I was told adjuster would call within 2 "business days". 4 days later I called. And was told Oh no, we need you to fax your claim, and our adjuster will look at it. Had to file separate claim for car damage. Car side handled rental, repair, and sent a check. All good. But now it's been weeks and can't get response for "diminished value". As to property side, they agreed with repairs to my house, bushes, but zero money for Craftsman tool chest, aluminum ladder, etc. Emailed my own Allstate agent for help.......crickets, crickets. Will end up in small claims court I guess. I will be changing insurance company. I mean, I don't want someone I've caused harm to go through all the work just to make their life whole again.
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H.O. Policy, Read The Fine Print. It Could Cost You!!
Posted by on
I've been shopping for H. O. insurance after Traveler's whacked me with a $400.00 premium increase. Five year customer with no claims. Called Allstate for a quote. Gave them my info and told them I wanted a $500.00 deductible. The agent emailed me the quote in a PDF file. Everything looked pretty much standard including the $500.00 deductible I requested.

Buried deep in the fine print was a "Tropical Wind and Water" clause. Huh? Never heard of this one. Allstate is slick, here's how it works. A Tropical Storm originates in the Caribbean with Hurricane Winds then makes land fall in Florida. It then goes up the East Coast but rapidly diminishes. By the time it hits N. J. and further points north it's just a rain event. Now a policy holder in N. Y. files a claim for minor damage to their home. They have a $500.00 deductible. Allstate says this does not apply because it started out as a Hurricane 2000 miles away. The deductible is now 3% of your home value. What does this mean?

Let's say your home is insured for $300K. You expect a $500.00 deductible. Wrong!! The 3% now kicks in and your deductible is now a whopping $9000.00!! This is why they are called "Allsnakes" Buyer beware!!
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User Replies:

Bill on 2012-09-25:
Good info. I just renewed my HO's with Nationwide.
I'll check the policy declarations again.
trmn8r on 2012-09-25:
This is something to watch for. Nationwide does it too, I believe. And as this article states, the perecentage may vary depending on your proximity to water:

Some of these companies were whacked severely by losses, which is why the "tropical cyclone" clauses were instituted. The insurance company's position is: "if you own a home in higher risk area, you have a higher deductible for those risks". It's somewhat logical.
CowboyFan on 2012-09-25:
Nothing unusual about that. Such policy provisions are pretty standard in Florida. You can reduce the amount of deductible for Hurricane damage by paying a higher premium, or you can continue to remain self insured for the 3%. You still have choices.
Slimjim on 2012-09-25:
I'm surprised your Policy even covers windstorm. My parents live in FL and everyone I know there has to get separate windstorm insurance, and yes, that deductible is the norm for this type of coverage. Windstorm losses most definitely are a separate animal and are always insured differently.
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Looking for suggestions
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
2 hours short of a week since we bought a new-to-us car, my wife is at Petsmart and some lady backs into our car, causing $1,300 worth of damage. The woman that hit our car admitted fault at the scene, but apparently the story changed to the insurance company.
No cameras. Her insurance (Allstate) talked to us about splitting the damage, but now we can't get anyone to call us back.

Anyone out there have any experience with this? Is there anyone we can complain to, to get some action?

Small claims court? If so, are we suing the driver or her insurance company? I'm at a loss.
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User Replies:

msnye on 2012-08-31:
I would suggest immediately contacting your insurance carrier and letting them hash it out with Allstate.
radar1857 on 2012-08-31:
Number one, you do not split the damage when someone hits you. Call the state insurance division in the state you live in. They will take your complaint and contact the other insurance company for you. Also, why isn't your insurance company doing anything to help?
ChuhBaca on 2012-08-31:
Our insurance company is not being much help either. They suggested we, talk to a supervisor. I will call them as well, to see if I can't get further action.

Also, radar, at this point it is just one word against another.
CowboyFan on 2012-08-31:
Did you have collision coverage? If so, your insurance company should fix it, you pay the deductible, then your insurance company goes after them and gets back both the money it spent and your deductible from them.

If not, your insurance company won't be of any help, since you don't have coverage for that. Sue them.

Best advice, take photographs of cars and damages of every accident which happens, before cars are moved, just in case there is a dispute.
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Agent Rips Off Elderly
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HINSDALE, ILLINOIS -- My parents have been loyal customers for 40 years and the agent has taken many many dollars from my elderly parents when I call her she told me that they would get a 15% off for the past many years but fail to provide them with even a written letter saying they would get this discount then she had the nerve to say that since they had a small claim after no claims for 40 years that they will not get the 15% discount.

I ask her to provide my parents their 15% discount for all those past years they haven't had a discount. She says she cannot do that. I cancelled the policy and we went to another insurance company then she has the nerve to send them an outstanding balance bill because she said she had to terminate the policy. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and filing a complaint to the department of aging.

If this is how this crappy company takes care of theit 40 years loyal customers I cancelled my policy with them as well beware you're in good hands till something happens then they open their hands and treat you like crap.
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leet60 on 2012-08-17:
Sorry to hear your parents were misled. As always, with anyone who works on commission, if the "promise" is not in writing, they may deny it was ever offered.
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