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They Take A Small Accident And Make A Bigger One Out Of It With High Premiums
Posted by David546 on 02/27/2009
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Got my new insurance quote. $237 more/6 months because of two little things. A couple LITTLE and I mean LITTLE fender benders and a ticket. I didn't kill anybody, they didn't pay out a lot of $$ like it was some big accident between two incapacitated vehicles, nor did they pay out anything on my vehicle. They just take advantage of a small situation/accident to make it a large one that benefits them and I'm tired of those greedy companies. What if it had been a big accident? Then what? $5000/year?

Insurance is nothing but a racket. Always has been, always will be.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-02-27:
If you're policy renews every 6 months, that means you had two accidents in that period. Even if that ticket coincides with one of them (proving at fault), that's cause for any carrier to want an increase. If that ticket was something else and separate, then that's 3 incidents in 6 months. It's impossible to fathom any other outcome except perhaps them not offering to renew at all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-27:
I could sympathize. But, how much did Allstate pay to the owner of the other guy's vehicle and what was the ticket for? Face it, your history says 'bigger risk'. Bigger risks always pay more. I'm surprised the 'good hands' didn't toss you out altogether...a practice Allstate is famous for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-27:
As always Slim an excellent analysis of the situation.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-02-27:
Well thank you stew. I'd vote you best answer if they still offered it on the menu
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-02-27:
"A couple LITTLE and I mean LITTLE fender benders" I would love to know how many are a couple of fender benders and what the ticket was for. There is a huge difference between a parking ticket and a ticket for running a red light.
Posted by lobo65 on 2009-02-27:
I hate Allstate too, but I'm with Spiderman. A few fender benders, and a ticket would mean a rate increase with almost any company.
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Allstate Fraud
Posted by Wiley44 on 05/14/2011
Hi. Been with Allstate 40 years off and on. Never made a claim, never had any tickets. My car was stolen April 9 2011. It's May 14 2011 still waiting. They won't call you back. They pass the buck. Rude, they just don't care. My attorney called 3 or 4 times they never called him back. Your in good hands with Allstate...around your neck.

They should be charged with fraud. They Suck.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-05-14:
I'm not sure why you contacted an attorney, but that was your choice. Your lawyer should know they just don't cut you a check immediately, when a car is stolen.

Did they find your car? I know when my car was stolen, Allstate, whom I've also been with for many years, was top notch. My agent took care of EVERYTHING. He made the calls to Allstates claim department, as well as staying in contact with me everyday, to also make sure I was doing ok, which I wasn't, it was a terrible thing to find your car gone. Then two weeks later, my car was found, destroyed, and I had my check from Allstate a week later. I know how frustrating it is, but it does not happen overnight that you'll receive a check. They investigate, to make sure no fraud what committed, which I am not in anyway implying. My entire process took about a month.

I'm sorry this happened to you. I know what a nightmare it is.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-14:
Do you have an Allstate agent? Have they told you nothing at all about your claim?

Why are you using an attorney?

With State Farm, I would use my agent to get information. They always answer the phone there. Maybe yours could inquire the status of the claim?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-14:
Many factors determine how long it will take for your claim to be paid. Your claim should be managed and organized from the beginning. so that you have a rental car (if applicable). It is in an insurance companies best interested to settle a claim timely.

Most companies have a 48 hour waiting period in the event of a theft. Afterwards, your claims adjuster will begin processing your claim. At any moment you should be able to contact your claims representative and ask how long they estimate it will take to process and pay your claim.
As Skye said, the process should take about 30 days.
Posted by Grandma GG on 2012-01-11:
I have had nothing but grief from Allstate and really don't know how, or if, it will ever be resolved. I am getting the runaround from them after 16 months of waiting for my claim to be resolved. They keep assigning a new adjuster who starts the process all over and I am not only tearing my hair out, I feel like I am going to have a heart attack over all this. At what point do you hire an attorney? I imagine that on all their desks they have little plaques telling them to toy with us....give those damned consumers the runaround and never let them see you laughing. I am too too old to deal with this. What is the point of even having insurance?
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Right to privacy?
Posted by Bikerman on 12/09/2010
I have been an Allstate customer for several years, but I recently had a claim. I had given the customer representative my cell phone number so that they could get in touch with me during the day. Within two days after my claim was reviewed, I received a phone call on my cell phone at 8:30 PM. It was a survey company, Issues and Answers, calling to inquire about my recent experience. Allstate had given them my personal cell phone number and did not even request permission. When I called I & A, I specifically requested personal assurance that my phone number would be deleted from their database. I asked four times and NEVER got assurance. The representative told me that he would "research it" and call back in a couple days--but never did. A couple weeks later I received a call on my home phone from Q & A research. I returned the call, and the Phone Room Supervisor told me that there is a 9 in 10 chance that the reason they had called me was for a survey--for Allstate! Apparently Allstate considers it acceptable to give out customer phone numbers to surveyors without customer consent. Surveyors are conveniently exempt from the "No-Call" list. Apparently a person's phone number isn't considered confidential as long as Allstate is using it to "improve" their services, even when they give it to a third party.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-09:
I suggest you get a free Google Voice number. I never give out my personal number to businesses because they do foolish things with them. It is much easier to block/deny/ignore calls using that type of service.
Posted by Skye on 2010-12-10:
Good advice incred.

OP, contact YOUR Allstate agent, and let them know about your situation. That's what we pay our Allstate agents for, to help with situations, so that we do not have to call any 800 numbers, which I never do, because I have an Allstate agent. I have a great agent, and in fact, received a very nice Christmas card from her yesterday.
Posted by Bikerman on 2010-12-11:
I contacted Allstate corporate headquarters and talked to a lady who was an assistant to the president. I asked to speak to the president and she told me that he was "busy running the company". I guess that means he was too busy to talk to a customer. For what it's worth, the adjuster visited within a couple days and took care of the damage claim immediately. No complaints about him.
Posted by allstate sucks on 2012-01-26:
I have received a call from this company issues and answers on behalf of allstate. They called my house at 9:51 at night and woke up every body in the house. Does anybody else have 18 month old twins or get up at 4:00am to go to work. If you do you know how pissed I was when this happened and how just unprofessional these people are when you try to tell them you don't want to talk or hear from them ever again. Then tell me that they can call me anytime until 10 pm becasue i'm a allstate customer and the NO CALL LIST does not apply to them because of that. What is allstate thinking hiring this outfit. The agent and ajusters did a great job with my claim and this has just ruined the great job they did by using this outside company to do exactly what the agent is there for. ALLSTATE FIRE THESE GUYS OR LOSE CUSTOMERS
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No loyalty, no class
Posted by Maad at allstat on 08/12/2010
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- I have been a customer of Allstate for 17 years and I stopped in the 1202 Cape Coral office in fort myers office today to transfer my insurance down to fort myers after a recent move. I have never been so humiliated by a person who provides a service in my life. He essentially told me he did not call me back because I had insufficient insurance on my vehicles and he did not want to take on the liability of my lack of coverage on my vehicles.

Please keep in mind that I was in his office for boat insurance, renters insurance and flood, not car insurance. I believe he dismissed me as a customer due to the fact that my coverage was not significant enough for him to run a quote for me.

He proceeded to use scare tactics, telling me I could be sued and lose everything if I was in an accident with this kind of coverage, but never offering me information regarding other alternatives, such as prices or examples of different policy choices for better coverage. He just simply dismissed me and my 18 years of customer loyalty. When I insisted he explain his reasoning, asking him if my coverage was sufficient under Florida law, why he felt it was inadequate and in what way, he spoke louder and louder until the entire office could hear our conversation and I could not pay attention to what he was saying. When I asked him outright to write down the exact reason he would not give me a quote for my insurance he wrote down, “agency choice for no liability coverage”.
I told him that if this is the case, he should have called me in a timely manner, offered me a quote for my requested coverage’s and explained his concerns about my insurance and offered me alternatives, not told me loudly in the office that I did not have adequate coverage on my vehicles for him to consider insuring me for my other needs.

He also mentioned to me many times that his father owned the company and his father specifically advised him he didn’t want to deal with this policy and I should go back to my agent in Venice. I explained to him that I would be seeking a different company, that I was disgusted with his customer service. He loudly stated as I walked out of the office that if Allstate wrote me such a bad policy, he agreed I should switch companies also.

I am mortified, angry and disgusted with my treatment by this agent. More so, I am disappointed that a company I trusted could have this kind of disregard for my loyalty in a time of impersonal, easy access internet insurance.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-13:
There are plenty of insurance companies that want your businees. Dump Allstate and go to someone else.
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-08-13:
your blaming a company for an agent who is independent and most likely not an employee of Allstate. Thats quite an indictment.
Posted by Joan C on 2010-08-24:
Hi. I work for Allstate and happened to see your comments. I would be more than happy to get you in touch with the right person to address your concern. Please let me know if I can help.
Posted by chrissiann on 2010-08-31:
dan gordon, true that we may be blaming a company for an agent, but you must remember that the agent is representing the company; thus it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that it has the best of the best representing itself or fire that agent. If Allstate cannot do even this simple task, then I also will take my business elsewhere other than Allstate.
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If your claim is over seven days old it is not a covered claim
Posted by Maxie 7612 on 06/11/2010
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- A plumber ran a snake through my drain and caused water damage and mold, I called Allstate, they sent an Adjuster two weeks later. She told me without seeing the mold, only sticking her hand under the plastic that they did not cover the mold, it was "old". Each Adjuster that I talked to had a different story. Some would cover it, some wouldn't. Allstate cannot get their stories straight. They are very rude people. Although the Amendment in the policy says they will pay water damage and mold remediation, they don't. The Supervisor in Arizona told me that anything over 7 days old was called old and they did not cover that. So if something happens to you and you turn it in on the eighth day it is now weeks and they do not cover it. I have now been five months with no kitchen and the back wall of my house is cut out. Their Adjuster, Michele Ganz said she would cover a spot of mold that was on the wall of my kitchen, only that spot of mold was actually dust from the compressor on my refrigerator. I showed her mold on the back of my carpet, where it had leaked into my living room, she told me that I could scrape that off. I even tried contacting the CEO of Allstate and could not get past his Secretary. These people are unreliable and you definitely are not in good hands. By the way, I am a Senior Citizen.
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Posted by Starlord on 2010-06-11:
Contact the Arizona Department of Insurance. You do not just scrape off mold, because it puts out microscopic spores that set up shop anywhere they touch down. It sounds like what you have is a 'sick house,' and if Allstate is going to drag their feet, then say it is an old claim, then they are not dealing in good faith. You have remedies, you just need to use them.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-12:
I don't think the plumber caused the mold. It has probably been there a long time, and it usually has to be professionally removed. Did you get an estimate on the cost to restore your home? I didn't think mold was covered under homeowners insurance, but I guess it depends on the policy. If your policy states that they will pay for water damage and mold remediation, then I would contact the Department of Insurance as Starlord suggested.

I hope you get this taken care of quickly because mold can be very dangerous to your health.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-06-12:
i agree
snaking out your pipe won't cause water damage and mold

unless he used a light saber to do it
or unless your pipes were so rusted through that anything could have broken them open.

water damage does not come from having your pipes cleaned out
it comes from having a pipe that leaks
same from the mold.

you would have to prove that him cleaning your pipes out somehow made them leak
but it's also very possible that whatever was clogging them to begin with perhaps was causing the issue
Posted by Maxie 7612 on 2010-06-13:
The Plumber snaked my drain on 03/06/2010, the mold was not found until 04/09/2010, when I noticed water discoloring my tile and my cabinets. The drain was a metal drain pipe that had some rust on it, but the plumber told me that he might have went through my pipe. I called them out four times and each time they said they saw nothing, until the last time when my cabinet was discolored. I have read extensively and mold will develop in ten to fourteen days.
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Allstate Agents
Posted by Browja6 on 02/25/2010
I have never had innsurance with Allstate and I never will. I was envolved in an acciednt with one of their customers a couple of days ago. The lady that hit me was really nice and was very sorry for rear ending me. A day later I was contacted by Allstate by some lady who was talking so fast I had to ask her to slow down 6 times. I told the lady that I was on the road and that I could right some numbers down that she kept rattling off but she would just have to be patient with me. I was rushed through the process of getting a contact name and number (the agent helping me was [snip]) and then she told me that they would provide a rental car for me as long as I had insurance, a credit or debit card and a valid driving license. She told me as long as I have all of those the only thing I would pay for is the gas that I would use. I told the lady I had all of the above and she said she would have someone call me about a rental. At this point I'm thinking maybe Allstate isn't that bad I might switch to them. So I get up to Enterprise to pick the car up. They told me I would have to pay an additional 14.99 Per day for full coverage inn seeing that all I have is liability.

I told the man to put it on their tab. He stated that they did not discuss that when arrangements were made. No problem I say let me just call the good people at Allstate to let them know about the issue because I was not informed about this sudden change in plans. I speak with jimmy about the problem and he informed me in his exact words that it is not his duty to cover the fee his job is to pay for the rentle and thats it not a penny more or less. I proceeded to tell him that I was informed differently and he began speaking over me and kept doing it through out the entire exchange. He was very short with me rude and extremly sarcastic. I asked for his mgrs name and number and he said hes not there he was the only guy there.

I asked again for his mgrs information and he finally gave it to me. He then told me it wouldn't matter if I spoke with his supervisor because he will say the same thing. (I wanted his mgrs info so he could be informed about the rudeness of his employee and not the miscommunication on the additional fee) by now I'm livid and did not want to deal with him at all anymore on the phone. Before I could tell him that I would call his boss tomorrow he hung up on me. The scary part about this whole deal is we just started this process and they haven't even sent out anyone to look at my jeep yet. I am not looking forward to dealing with Allstate nor will I ever recommend them to anyone and I haven't even been a customer of theirs. If anyone for Allstate reads this please contact me about this joker. He does not need to be working for you guys. All he had to do was try to work with me but he didn't even try at all he just wanted to tell me off. My email is jbkenzie@gmail. Com
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
Their job is to low ball you. Fight them!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25:
True. Insurance companies make money by paying out as little as possible. A fight with them is probably gonna end the OP on the wrong side of it. Allstate and other insurers do this all day, everyday. The little people very rarely have to do it so the advantage is with the other side.
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What a joke
Posted by Jojo25271 on 07/15/2009
An Allstate drive hit my car and I am the one who called and reported this information to the company, I still have not gotten anywhere on this I WOULD NEVER EVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY MYSELF AFTER SEEING HOW THEY ARE, I MISSED WORK AND ALL THAT ON TOP OF TRYING TO DO WHAT THEY ASKED WITH EST'S AND ALL .... WHAT A JOKE
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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-07-15:
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-15:
Your best bet is to sue the at-fault driver directly for the damages.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-15:
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-15:
Isn't that Jojo's insurance company's job?
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Posted by Catnateman on 01/16/2014
CHESAPEAKE -- They recommend using repair centers in their network, bragging on the customer service. Horrible customer service, it took a week to get an estimate, When I dropped it off they said they would have an estimate in 2 days. They kept my vehicle 5 weeks and saying they were backed up, waiting on parts, still working on it, Meanwhile dragging their feet about giving me an answer in helping with a rental once my rental allowance ran out, I ended up without a vehicle for 9 days.Allstate kept referring me back to the repair shop would not have chosen if they had not recommended. Allstate did not have me in good hands. I have been with Allstate for 20 years, but I am shopping for new coverage for my house and 2 cars.

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The End Is Not Good
Posted by Ojikyesu on 11/12/2013
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- Good people bad company.

To see if a person is of a good character or bad takes very long relationship. You come across lot of people with very impressive first impressions that people tell even tell their deepest secrets but end up having a huge scar for the rest of their lives. Even if their first impression appears hard hearted, the more you get to know the person, you see them with sincere heart, trying their best to keep their promises, always thinking about the other person over self, and doesn’t change their mind is a person of good and beautiful character.

You can tell by a person by the way they use the bathroom. There’s a saying that person is different before using the bathroom and after using. There are people who clean up their mess after the use so others who follow will use clean facility. These are people with good character. But there are people who use the bathroom as if they’re never going to use it again, spilling water over the sink, wasting papers and water since it’s not their money. These are people who has two different mistrustful characters.

This is my story.

Three years ago, 10/26/2010, I’ve injured my knee as the other driver illegally made a quick U-turn. He was carrying All State auto insurance. I went through physical therapies, cortisone injections, surgery, acupuncture but I’m still limping. I’ve hires an attorney but we ended up firing him as he lied about his work and we ended up getting bills through the collection agency.

June 2013, All State called me to notify that the agent who’s handling my case has was changed. He started out saying the agent who was handling it before didn’t offer you enough and depicted he will compensate for the time loss and all the treatments. I told him I’m still limping so I need more treatment. He said go ahead and get all the treatments I needed and just send them the bills. As of this date, I am still being treated by UW physical therapy.

On 10/23/2013, when I was home, I’ve received a call from All State so I answered but I don’t know how that’s possible but it went to voice message. Immediately after, All State called my home phone so I answered but they terminate the call as soon as I answer. So I called All State 5 times and left two messages after but no one answered or returned my calls.

I found that after 3 years past, legally All State is not responsible for me. I did call many times and left messages but no response after their call to me on 10/23/13.

At first, they sweet talked to me in believe that they will do their best to be there until I am finished with my treatment and empathized with my pain but at the end they refuse to respond to any of my phone calls or messages. If they don’t give my any settlement then they will have some profit but it’s not forever. You need to wait until the end to make any decision to see if a person is of a good character or bad, company with a good standard or bad.

My story part 2.

For the past three years, I have been limping severely. My legs are very weak that I am constantly bump into things so I have bruise everywhere. My two toes are bruised and black color as I put lot of pressure on it to make my balance. I constantly wake up in the middle of the night to take pain medication. Due to my physical health, I am deeply depressed and easily irritated about everything. I had a small restaurant but due to my injury, I had to hire more people so I didn’t bring enough to pay for the bills. Consequently, I had no choice but to close my business a year ago. I am currently in physical therapy at UW.

Three years after my accident date, on 10/28/13, I’ve received a call from All State. He said he will compensate for the past three years I was in pain and having to hire more employee with $8.50 per day but only if I sign it by today. I didn’t sign since the promises they have been telling me is different from that they’re offering. I have been suffering from this excruciating pain for the last 3years, unable to walk straight, not to mention the mental health and financial hardship. I am still limping. All State is very inconsiderate for people with pain, adding great stress and mental health issues.

Why didn’t All State respond to any of my call before the 3 years is up? I consulted with a lawyer but was told they can’t help me since it’s been 3years since the accident. Even if I need more treatment, there was no way for me to extend and if All State refuse to pay any, there is nothing I can do. I believe strongly that All States purposely avoided my phone calls and didn’t return call until a day after the 3years. They’re still hurting the people who are hurt even more.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-11-14:
You need to get another lawyer and you need to fight this. Right now. My sister was injured in an auto accident 18 months ago and she ended up needing surgery to correct the injury. She has a lawyer and they're probably going to end up in court at some point. She gets bills and phone calls from collection agents, but she just refers them to her lawyer. If she didn't have them, she would have likely gone insane long ago from the stress of the situation and the pain caused by her injury.
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Unauthorized and Unknowing Premium Increase
Posted by Ptrujillo on 11/05/2013
HUDSON, FLORIDA -- I had Allstate homeowners and auto insurance in Illinois for the past 12 years. Recently I have retired to Florida and discovered my premiums doubled without my knowledge and authorization. Reluctantly, I had to change companies in order to save myself two-thirds of the cost. Allstate is still billing me for the unauthorized premium for the final month. Corporate office is no help, and now want to send me to collections! I would not recommend this insurance co. to anyone in their right mind.
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