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Received Bad Customer Service After Trying to Return Item That Arrived Broken
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Rating: 1/51

INTERNET, TENNESSEE -- I ordered this pearl rose name badge holder from BooJee Beads via Amazon. It arrived with the flower completely broken off. What really infuriated me was that in addition to having to scrounge up packing and go stand in line at Christmas time Amazon had the nerve to charge me for the mailing label. It's not my fault it arrived broken!

Furthermore, my inconvenience is compounded by the fact that I bought it as a gift. I spent several minutes on the phone with Amazon customer service. They said they would try to get me a refund. Instead of the $14.95 they refunded for the mailing label and it was listed for the wrong item.

Finally, I took some shoe glue and glued the flower onto the badge holder. Don't know if it will hold. Then I got an e-mail from BooJee Beads guaranteeing satisfaction. I related the entire incident. They told me to send a photo of the broken item for a refund. Obviously they didn't read the part where I said I went ahead and glued it. Amazon also censored my reviews of both the product and the seller. Really awful and incompetent customer service from Amazon and BooJee Beads!

Amazon Allows Storefront to Sell Counterfeit Product and Violate Trademark
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SEATTLE, ARIZONA -- I have resorted to online complaints because Amazon refused to post my warning to customers. Amazon's Miss Beauty storefront is selling a counterfeit of the US Patented Fullips product and is blatantly displaying the trademarked Fullips logo changing Fullips to Miss Beauty. When Amazon didn't post my first warning, I posted a second more strongly worded comment. Not surprisingly, Amazon did not post that, either.

Amazon Uses Merchants Like Guinea Pigs to See What Sells -- Read This and Beware
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- How Amazon Uses Merchants as GUINEA PIGS to see what sells: I was an Amazon Merchant for 1 year, sold thousands of items and received 99% positive feedback. My items are all legitimate and authentic and personally purchased from stores and official studio distributors. I sell mostly books, CDs and DVDs.

I sold this DVD title on Amazon in June 2009. It's a rare title and to my surprise received a lot of sales. On my 2nd week of selling, I moved about 100 pcs of this title and then I got a notice from Amazon stating I was under review but I could still sell and ship--although no money will be disbursed. That was fine as I know there is no problem with my items- I sold and shipped all orders with tracking.

When my account got released, they blocked that specific DVD title from my stocklist and there was a yellow circle with the slash in the middle at the side of the title meaning I cannot sell that item. I had the inkling something is not right and lo and behold, I searched the site and saw that AMAZON IS NOW SELLING THE SAME DVD which they did not even carry before. The item is NEWLY LISTED in the Amazon Catalog 2 days before my suspension. Apparently its a new product they are carrying.

So basically, smart @ss Amazon "STOLE" the item I discovered to be a great one and is now blocking me from selling it so as not to compete with them! HOW UNPROFESSIONAL and MONOPOLIZING! I would not mind if they let me sell it but NO, they are the only ones who can because its such a GREAT selling item!

Needless to say, they suspended my account 1 month after stating that my item was suspicious and COULD BE recopied media. I emailed them my receipts from the distributor with the proper business info but no, they insist that the DVD I AM SELLING COULD BE FAKE. Oh really??? Could Be Fake??? What the heck does that mean? It's either fake or real, nothing in between! SO why the heck did Amazon get the exact same item from the same distributor I do business with to sell on their site under THEIR ACCOUNT??? They discovered it to be a fast seller because of me and has now double-crossed me and kicked me to the curb to monopolize the sales.

I researched and discovered they have been DOING this with ALL SELLERS. They let you sell, and when they see an item selling like hotcakes, they get the item and sell it for themselves and kick the original seller to the curb accusing them of selling recopied media -- it's a MODUS OPERANDI with Amazon and they will keep doing this because they get away with it. This is illegal because they are trying to monopolize sales when they are supposed to provide a VENUE for sellers and not USE sellers to research what sells FOR AMAZON's BENEFIT.

I hope that Amazon will someday get slapped with a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT. What they are doing, using sellers as guinea pigs to research what item is good to sell then kick them when they have the item for themselves is VERY, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and WRONG!

If you carry an item that is 100% Authentic and Sells like hotcakes, PREPARE TO EXPERIENCE THIS. Amazon is like a mafia syndicate which aims to monopolize the market and they will use you to give them ideas what to order from distributors. Once they have your item--prepare to get kicked in 1 month's time. IT HAPPENED TO ME and TO MANY OTHER SELLERS.

Amazon must be stopped and sanctioned just as Microsoft was sanctioned for billions regarding trying to monopolize software market. Don't Give your sources to Amazon, don't give them any info on your supplier. You will get suspended either way, once they acquire the item for themselves because they don't like competition on a hot-selling item.

If you are one of Amazon's victims, try to contact a lawyer and a media company in your area and get this information out. This tactics must be stopped as it is UNETHICAL BUSINESS and ILLEGAL because they terminate your account over FALSE accusations and an INVENTED reason given you can prove authenticity of your products which I can.

One day, Amazon will have to answer for all the injustice they did to honest sellers they kicked after unknowingly using us as guinea pigs and I hope they will PAY BIG TIME! Attention to lawyers out there who wants to take on this case, there are THOUSANDS of former Amazon Merchants who have this exact same story to tell and this class action case is going to win if brought to courts. Contact me anytime if you need a plaintiff.

Failure To Redeem Promotional Credits
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Rating: 1/51

Addendum to my 1st letter to Mr. **: I have researched the promotional balance of $34.75 all over Amazon. I have discovered that there is no record of this amount and this would account for the lack of Amazon being able to apply this, my balance due to me to any product I purchase, regardless of whatever manner you stated, state or will state in the future.

I did discover I do have a promotional balance. I am owed $26.00 in the Amazon MP3 Category, $25.00 in the Amazon Video Category, $25.00 in the Kindle Editions Category. Total = $76.00. All this when I was never able to view any prime videos in 2015, never bought any music nor bought any Kindle books. I gather this must be a ploy as to entice me to spend additional monies, then and only then will I ever see the $76.00 (refer below in black and white), only if I spend money to buy other prime video/music/Kindle products. Kind of a coercion process, I suspect.

Again, the $35.75 owed appears nowhere so how can it be applied since no one knows of its existence besides you and I. And remember I have your email that validates this amount. I did not pull it out of hat. I am forwarding this all for your review and assessment. My impression is that there is something terribly wrong here and should be addressed. Since you are the assistant of Mr. **, you probably are the person to do so. Unless you prefer I forward all the above in the form of a presidential complaint and notify others which I rather not do. In lieu I am sure this is a computer glitch and an obvious oversight by your organization.

I have now spent an enormous amount of time reading all your correspondence about policy of Amazon, the products that change and that it would automatically be applied at the appropriate time. Well sir, since no one knows of this besides you and I, I can't see it ever being applied to anything and the fact that $76.00 is owed me in the prime area, you may want to reconsider your 1 month extension of prime services. Not that I really need it since if I buy something it shall always be over $35.00 and the shipping shall always be free.

I suggest you review your position on this matter and come up with something equitable otherwise I shall contact the FCC and other government agencies and consult an attorney about this matter and the manner your firm does business. Govern yourself accordingly.

Very Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

FLORIDA -- I had an order which was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, Jan. 7. I received a delivery notification but nothing was in the mailbox. I called customer service and they set the item for a refund and had me reorder. This was to be delivered on Monday, Jan 9th. I received an email that says will be delivered Tuesday the 10th. When I spoke with customer service I told them would only reorder if it came on Monday which she assured me it would. I even have an order that shows Monday.

I got the standard apology in terms of delivery notifications but I am still very aggravated because I am a Prime member and had it been shipped when I ordered it I would be receiving it on Monday. A few hours later I started getting calls from Amazon saying "thank you for contacting Amazon." I spoke with one representative and explained that I did not call them. The second call I ignored. The third call I again spoke with another customer service representative who had no idea how to stop these calls. I asked to be transferred to the IT department but they were closed.

Amazon used to be so reliable and such a good company. I've also noticed that Prime orders don't count for much since they don't ship them out the same day that you order them in a lot of cases. I've now cancelled some of my subscriptions and save orders and will probably cancel all the rest. What a shame because Amazon used to be a great place to shop.

Poor Customer Service and Product Warranty
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Rating: 2/51

I ordered a Dell notebook computer which had confusing and poorly described warranty information provided. Questions to Ezy the online seller suspiciously avoided being answered and instead referred me to Dell's support page. Dell refused information until I had purchased the product and had a serial number etc. In good faith I went ahead and bought the thing.

After delivery Dell tells me I only had 9 months left on the warranty (1 year from the date Ezy bought it from Dell) and an extended warranty cost more than the computer itself. By the time all this happened my 10 days return allowance had expired. The seller refused to accept the return and Amazon refused everything.

In short I believe the seller intentionally misrepresented the product and avoided answering the question in order to make the sale. Amazon does not vet their suppliers properly nor accept later input from their customers (instead they put you thru an elaborate review submission process and then tell you some technicality eliminates acceptance of the input). I will be very cautious of purchases thru Amazon in the future and advise every one of the same.

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have been in contact with Amazon for a week now, I got a folding Dahon bike that have a defect on the pedals and the seller did not [want to] help, Amazon posted a claim, and now they cancel the claim because the address of the shipping was hostel. I am from Brazil. How I would know someone in US where I could be sent to? Of course I have moved and now I have a 450 bike at home and need to walk for 6 miles a day to work, since I have no money for the metro. Amazon bad service.

Amazon Simple Pay's Illegal Business Practices
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SEATTLE, VIRGINIA -- I have worked with Amazon Simple Pay in the past and have had to inquire several times about their sketchy business practices. In fact if you have a little time on your hands, just do a simple Google search for "Amazon Simple Pay complaints". I am sure that it will take more than just a little time to peruse the results, much less open and read each one.

There is no doubt that complaints about such a large company will fall on deaf ears. After all, who wants to take on Amazon? Who do you go to, and I am just guessing that they will have a swift answer for you when you do inquire and then the case will be closed, so why waste your time right?

As part of Amazon's customer verification practices, when a seller opens a business account, they must submit a bank account for fund transfers. When a customer enters their bank account information, Amazon makes two small deposits into the account. The two deposit amounts must then be entered into Amazon's system so that they can "verify" the bank account before funds can be transferred.

In the meantime a seller is allowed to collect funds from their customers for products, services, etc. After a few weeks and after you have accumulated a rather large sum of your customers funds, you will find that you are still awaiting the two small "deposits" into your bank account from Amazon. You will make several attempts to contact Amazon about the deposits and you will receive a response, usually within 2-3 days.

The response will undoubtedly be "We were unable to verify the two deposits into you bank account". This is a scripted answer, as I have found from perusing others complaints from around the world. The sad fact is that Amazon never makes the two small "deposits" into your bank account. This will leave you in quite a predicament for quite a while.

You will most likely continue using the credit card processing service as you do not want to disappoint your customers. However those two small "deposits" will never come and you will be unable to withdraw any of your funds. I personally submitted 3 bank accounts, even opening one of them solely for the purpose of collecting my funds from Amazon. The first two bank accounts were completely valid. I have had them for several years without a single problem. However for reasons only known to Amazon, the two small "deposits" that they submitted never found their way into any of my bank accounts.

I was forced to cease using their service because I was unable to collect my customer's funds from Amazon. I am sure that this is a routine complaint for you guys and if a human ever reads this, it will simply be dismissed as an "isolated case". I can assure you however that I am not the only one that has experienced this issue.

As I stated earlier, please take a few minutes to search the internet for complaints about Amazon Simple Pay. I am sure you will be surprised. Please take the time to investigate this issue in detail. If you do decide to contact Amazon, please do not accept the first response that you receive. Please take the time and initiative to actually investigate Amazon Simple Pay.

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Rating: 1/51

VARIOUS LOCATIONS, VIRGINIA -- This is worth a 1 time read for anyone looking to sell on Amazon or expect to have a great experience dealing with Amazon.

I am a seller on Amazon and pay a subscription fee to have a professional type seller account with them. I recently logged in to my account to find all my listings have been wiped off their website in a hold status and informed I didn't meet a certain criteria to sell until the first week in Jan, about 6 weeks away until the holiday season is over with. I of course being shocked that I only had 1 issue with my account because of a buyer putting in a hotel temp address and didn't receive their item from the hotel thief.

I wrote a nice well thought out email to their seller support dept only to met with a brick wall and a dept that had no sense of being flexible with my situation despite the fact there were over a dozen items sold in my store in the few days prior. I just couldn't believe that someone who pays to have a upgraded subscription and in a desperate situation to make money being unemployed couldn't make an exception as sometimes have to be done on a case by case basis especially when a customer is making a very strong complaint......

Now the juicy part..... The only way myself and others in my situation can even have a hope to get back to supporting their households are to enlist in Amazon's own FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) warehousing system. I have to pay and provide boxes, packing material etc. to have my items shipped to their warehouse to sell them or else I cannot sell them. Hmmmmmmm. What a strong-arm tactic.

Selling collectibles - this isn't a good option as in a massive warehouse items aren't handled with care or concern and are stacked on shelves and possibly mixed with others and confused and result in a loss of a sell by return. Oh and I also have to pay an additional charge to have by their carrier to have the items picked up... What a crock!!

So to sum up all the hours I've spent loading hundreds of items on their website and the special care and attention I can give the items that sell and the extra special care I give my customers has to be extinguished for???? Not to mention paying money for a service not rendered as a professional seller account. What a joke!

What a poor business decision to cut off the hand that feeds. Obviously if I'm not selling they aren't making their cut of my sells and of course this hurts me also. I don't see the logic in this move but I guess if your a big fish then you can swim however you want to but I can't share how vexed this has made me. I'll be spending the holidays broke and trying to figure out how to mail hundreds of items to their local warehouse so I can try to keep it all together...

Replies Holds Funds of Innocent Sellers for Months
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SUITE 1200, WASHINGTON -- I have been selling on Amazon on and off for a few years recently I decided to focus more on selling on the site. After getting income of about $1500 for about two months I decided that I could use a pro account. After making several inquires to amazon's customer service, (and it took a few inquires) I was told that the only way to do this would be to close down my current account and start again. I was unhappy about doing this but I reluctantly agreed.

So I closed my current account and opened up a pro-account. The site said that funds would be held on new account for two weeks as a security measure. I was not happy with this but it seemed reasonable. Right before the two weeks were up I had accumulated about $1400 in my account. The day before the funds were to be released, I received the following message.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience on, we are conducting a review of your seller account. During this review period your funds will be reserved in your Amazon Payments account for up to 30 days.

I immediately stopped selling on Amazon despite them telling me that it was OK. I called customer service and they told me that I had been "selected" and that this was "routine". At that point I started doing research on Amazon and I was surprised to learn how often they do this and get away with this. I provided them with all the tracking information like they requested (everything was delivered and there were no complaints). I also receive a total of 17 positive feedbacks with no negative feedback.

They requested information about where I source my merchandise from and other business information. Information which I feel is an invasion of my privacy. Why should I have to reveal to Amazon detailed information about how I sourced my merchandise. No other online company has requested this. Not eBay; not overstock and not others. My merchant account company has also not requested such information. It is clear to me that they are requesting it to gain useful selling information for their own use.

I did not try to contact them again about the fairness of holding my funds because I read that a number of people that have tried to do that have had their accounts permanently terminated, rudely told that any further emails would not be returned and fund that were already held for a long time would remain in "custody" for several more months.

After I received the notice mentioned above I sent them in all the information that they requested in spite of my objections. Immediately afterwards, I emailed them asking if the information that I sent was sufficient. I only received a form letter that did not answer my question. I repeated this and I got the same response.

About a week ago (3 ½ weeks after they sent the initial email), I received another email that the information that I provided them was insufficient and that my funds would be held for an additional 15 days. They did not explain what was insufficient, but I knew from experience that it would not help to ask. I again sent them more detailed information and I am now waiting. It has been more than thirty days since I shipped my last orders and I have no complaints against me. If they do not want me to sell on Amazon because they think that I am not trustworthy (actually I think that the opposite is true), so they should not let me sell, but why should they hold my money?

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