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Amazon Allows Storefront to Sell Counterfeit Product and Violate Trademark
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SEATTLE, ARIZONA -- I have resorted to online complaints because Amazon refused to post my warning to customers. Amazon's Miss Beauty storefront is selling a counterfeit of the US Patented Fullips product and is blatantly displaying the trademarked Fullips logo changing Fullips to Miss Beauty. When Amazon didn't post my first warning, I posted a second more strongly worded comment. Not surprisingly, Amazon did not post that, either.

Failure To Redeem Promotional Credits
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Rating: 1/51

Addendum to my 1st letter to Mr. **: I have researched the promotional balance of $34.75 all over Amazon. I have discovered that there is no record of this amount and this would account for the lack of Amazon being able to apply this, my balance due to me to any product I purchase, regardless of whatever manner you stated, state or will state in the future.

I did discover I do have a promotional balance. I am owed $26.00 in the Amazon MP3 Category, $25.00 in the Amazon Video Category, $25.00 in the Kindle Editions Category. Total = $76.00. All this when I was never able to view any prime videos in 2015, never bought any music nor bought any Kindle books. I gather this must be a ploy as to entice me to spend additional monies, then and only then will I ever see the $76.00 (refer below in black and white), only if I spend money to buy other prime video/music/Kindle products. Kind of a coercion process, I suspect.

Again, the $35.75 owed appears nowhere so how can it be applied since no one knows of its existence besides you and I. And remember I have your email that validates this amount. I did not pull it out of hat. I am forwarding this all for your review and assessment. My impression is that there is something terribly wrong here and should be addressed. Since you are the assistant of Mr. **, you probably are the person to do so. Unless you prefer I forward all the above in the form of a presidential complaint and notify others which I rather not do. In lieu I am sure this is a computer glitch and an obvious oversight by your organization.

I have now spent an enormous amount of time reading all your correspondence about policy of Amazon, the products that change and that it would automatically be applied at the appropriate time. Well sir, since no one knows of this besides you and I, I can't see it ever being applied to anything and the fact that $76.00 is owed me in the prime area, you may want to reconsider your 1 month extension of prime services. Not that I really need it since if I buy something it shall always be over $35.00 and the shipping shall always be free.

I suggest you review your position on this matter and come up with something equitable otherwise I shall contact the FCC and other government agencies and consult an attorney about this matter and the manner your firm does business. Govern yourself accordingly.

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have been in contact with Amazon for a week now, I got a folding Dahon bike that have a defect on the pedals and the seller did not [want to] help, Amazon posted a claim, and now they cancel the claim because the address of the shipping was hostel. I am from Brazil. How I would know someone in US where I could be sent to? Of course I have moved and now I have a 450 bike at home and need to walk for 6 miles a day to work, since I have no money for the metro. Amazon bad service.

Replies Didn't Deliver the Items I Paid for and Then Banned Me From Their Website
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I placed two separate orders for two different items in December of 2014 that were expected to be delivered in December of 2014. The items were never delivered, despite the tracking information for both of the packages showing that they were delivered - I never received the items. I tried multiple times (I ended up contacting Amazon customer service 6 times regarding this issue) to resolve this issue with customer service.

Each time, I was told that I would be contacted by somebody within (blank) business days (usually 1-3 business days). However, I was NEVER contacted by the team that I was supposed to be contacted by, nor was I followed-up with by the customer service rep, even though they said they would follow-up by a certain date.

When I contacted the company for the final time, again they tried to make me wait (blank) business days, which I wasn't going to settle for, because I knew I would not receive a response; instead, I chose to turn to my credit card company for help, since I knew I would not get any progress made with the Amazon customer service team. I filed transaction disputes with my credit card company for each of the two charges on my account, stating that the items were never delivered.

Several weeks went by and I thought everything was settled, but I then was contacted by my credit card company saying Amazon had rebutted the dispute, with their response being that the tracking information showed the packages were delivered - this was already known. I fully understood what the tracking information showed, but I still never received the items. Now, my dispute with my credit card company, which I was forced to go through because Amazon made no efforts to help their customer, is at a stand-still due to Amazon's lack of clarity, lack of support, and lack of care for their customers.

Additionally, after many years of being a loyal, paying customer to's Prime membership, I received an email early this morning saying that the company has closed my account on the basis of me requesting too many refunds. However, this is nowhere near the truth. The only source of refund requests comes from a fault in the company itself. did not take appropriate measures to ensure that I would receive the items that I paid for, such as is the case above. Obviously, since I paid for the items, I expect either the item I paid for or my money back so I can order the item from a merchant who WILL ensure that the item gets delivered to me.

When I contacted's customer service department, they offered to provide me a refund for the items that the company did not ensure successful delivery of, and I accepted the offer. For the company to now say that I am at fault for accepting these offers is completely ridiculous, and it truly shows how little they care about their customers, even the loyal Prime-paying customers who have dumped thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars into their company.

Amazon Uses Merchants Like Guinea Pigs to See What Sells -- Read This and Beware
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- How Amazon Uses Merchants as GUINEA PIGS to see what sells: I was an Amazon Merchant for 1 year, sold thousands of items and received 99% positive feedback. My items are all legitimate and authentic and personally purchased from stores and official studio distributors. I sell mostly books, CDs and DVDs.

I sold this DVD title on Amazon in June 2009. It's a rare title and to my surprise received a lot of sales. On my 2nd week of selling, I moved about 100 pcs of this title and then I got a notice from Amazon stating I was under review but I could still sell and ship--although no money will be disbursed. That was fine as I know there is no problem with my items- I sold and shipped all orders with tracking.

When my account got released, they blocked that specific DVD title from my stocklist and there was a yellow circle with the slash in the middle at the side of the title meaning I cannot sell that item. I had the inkling something is not right and lo and behold, I searched the site and saw that AMAZON IS NOW SELLING THE SAME DVD which they did not even carry before. The item is NEWLY LISTED in the Amazon Catalog 2 days before my suspension. Apparently its a new product they are carrying.

So basically, smart @ss Amazon "STOLE" the item I discovered to be a great one and is now blocking me from selling it so as not to compete with them! HOW UNPROFESSIONAL and MONOPOLIZING! I would not mind if they let me sell it but NO, they are the only ones who can because its such a GREAT selling item!

Needless to say, they suspended my account 1 month after stating that my item was suspicious and COULD BE recopied media. I emailed them my receipts from the distributor with the proper business info but no, they insist that the DVD I AM SELLING COULD BE FAKE. Oh really??? Could Be Fake??? What the heck does that mean? It's either fake or real, nothing in between! SO why the heck did Amazon get the exact same item from the same distributor I do business with to sell on their site under THEIR ACCOUNT??? They discovered it to be a fast seller because of me and has now double-crossed me and kicked me to the curb to monopolize the sales.

I researched and discovered they have been DOING this with ALL SELLERS. They let you sell, and when they see an item selling like hotcakes, they get the item and sell it for themselves and kick the original seller to the curb accusing them of selling recopied media -- it's a MODUS OPERANDI with Amazon and they will keep doing this because they get away with it. This is illegal because they are trying to monopolize sales when they are supposed to provide a VENUE for sellers and not USE sellers to research what sells FOR AMAZON's BENEFIT.

I hope that Amazon will someday get slapped with a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT. What they are doing, using sellers as guinea pigs to research what item is good to sell then kick them when they have the item for themselves is VERY, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and WRONG!

If you carry an item that is 100% Authentic and Sells like hotcakes, PREPARE TO EXPERIENCE THIS. Amazon is like a mafia syndicate which aims to monopolize the market and they will use you to give them ideas what to order from distributors. Once they have your item--prepare to get kicked in 1 month's time. IT HAPPENED TO ME and TO MANY OTHER SELLERS.

Amazon must be stopped and sanctioned just as Microsoft was sanctioned for billions regarding trying to monopolize software market. Don't Give your sources to Amazon, don't give them any info on your supplier. You will get suspended either way, once they acquire the item for themselves because they don't like competition on a hot-selling item.

If you are one of Amazon's victims, try to contact a lawyer and a media company in your area and get this information out. This tactics must be stopped as it is UNETHICAL BUSINESS and ILLEGAL because they terminate your account over FALSE accusations and an INVENTED reason given you can prove authenticity of your products which I can.

One day, Amazon will have to answer for all the injustice they did to honest sellers they kicked after unknowingly using us as guinea pigs and I hope they will PAY BIG TIME! Attention to lawyers out there who wants to take on this case, there are THOUSANDS of former Amazon Merchants who have this exact same story to tell and this class action case is going to win if brought to courts. Contact me anytime if you need a plaintiff.

Amazon Rips Off Sellers
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I am a new seller on Amazon and I am using a dropship supplier to ship my orders, basically my supplier. I listed the inventory I intended to sell, over 500 items. Because I was new, I wasn't clear on how to do my pricing so I listed my items for what the MSRP is.

I soon began receiving email messages from Amazon, claiming that my prices are too high and due to this, they stated that they are deactivating my listings; they began doing this on certain items, not my entire inventory. They stated that my pricing should fall within the wholesale and MSRP prices.

There were a multitude of items that were deactivated and instead of checking each SKU to determine if an item was deactivated I simply removed all inventory. I then proceeded to go to my supplier's website to download a fresh inventory feed. I adjusted my pricing to exactly what Amazon wanted and I uploaded everything fresh, to my webstore because it was easier and less time-consuming to do it this way.

I began receiving those same email messages and Amazon started deactivating my inventory again. I got upset and emailed them. I stated that I adjusted my prices but they continue to deactivate items. When I complained about it they claimed that it was just a "suggestion" to lower my prices so I can make more sales. I emailed back and said that if it were just a suggestion then why do you continue to deactivate my items? And besides that, I looked on the marketplace and compared my prices with other seller's prices and theirs are higher priced.

I initially had a webstore through Amazon but got frustrated and discouraged and cancelled the webstore. A week later I decided to open a new seller account using a new email address that isn't associated with my first webstore. Now what's going on is that I have tons of orders from customers and Amazon is sending me order notifications to the email address that was associated with my first webstore, not the email address associated with my current webstore.

Even worse, none of my orders are posted under "manage orders" in my webstore. I wouldn't know that there were any orders at all if I didn't check my email account that was associated with my first webstore. Now I have customers emailing me asking where their orders are, and complaining about it.

I looked at all of these orders which made me enough money to buy a used car but yet Amazon has not posted them to my account. I have no way to contact those customers unless they email me first; their orders show no email contact addresses. I don't even know what to tell them.....

An Overlooked Promo Code Applied After the Order Was Placed.
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I've been trying to find a nice winter coat for my no-longer-baby Clutzy. But of course finding one at a reasonable price is hard to come by. I thought I had one at Walmart, but when I looked at it, it wasn't what I had in mind. So, in the middle of my local Walmart, I ordered a London Fog bubble coat from the app on my phone. It was only about $10 more than what the Walmart coat was going for, but it's London Fog, so it's a name I know.

When I got home and looked at my order online, I noticed that there was a promo code for 20% off eligible outerwear that I could have applied to the order. Of course, my order was in the "shipping now" status so cancellation and reordering wasn't a very good option. So I decided to call Amazon customer service. After explaining what happened, the CSR managed to apply the discount to my order, bringing the cost of the coat down to about what I would have paid for the Walmart coat (especially after taxes). How awesome is that?

Update 11/18: The coat arrived last Tuesday, however Amazon failed to process my refund. I called and explained the problem. The person I spoke with said he would process it, it would take 2-3 business days and he sent me an email to confirm it. Fast forward to this morning (business day #3) and still no refund. I was about to call Customer Service AGAIN when I happened to check my bank account online and noticed that I was being charged less for a pair of pants I had just ordered.

I checked my email and they had applied that refund to my AMAZON account and just used it for my next order. Obviously it doesn't matter at the end of the day since the money just went back to Amazon, but what if my coat purchase had been a one and done? I'm a little disappointed in Amazon's less than upfrontness about the whole matter.

New Add-on Requirement a Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Amazon now has a feature called, "Add on". What it means is that you can't order the product you want unless you spend $25! Even a Prime membership won't help with Add-on products. This is a ploy to make profit. The claim is that shipping on certain items is costly and making it an Add-on alleviates the shipping cost. Maybe it alleviates the shipping cost for Amazon, but it alleviates nothing for the customer who doesn't want to buy more or unnecessary items. If you don't want to increase your order to $25, you CAN'T order the item - even if you were willing to spend the shipping fee!

Consumers are very capable on deciding if they want to spend the shipping fees. Amazon has now decided for you. I am already ordering fewer items from them. I am finding other sites where shipping is less than having to bring my order up to $25. I was a great fan of Amazon until this ridiculous move. I will be much more wary of what I order from the company. They have already lost my business twice - and that is in one week.

Terrible Company That Steals Your Money!
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Amazon put my account 'on hold' for absolutely no reason and refuse to remove the hold from it. "We didn't receive your fax", yes you did! I sent it to you five times! Awful customer service, the 'account specialist' cannot be reached by phone, only by 80's era fax machines, appalling service, they just don't care at all. No other website I have used, has this appalling and unintuitive 'verification method'. Shoddy website. Accounts can be put 'on hold' for no reason at all and Amazon will then keep all of your gift card balance and any other balances all for themselves.

Have Not Received a Refund
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Rating: 3/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I return a Kindle in March 2013. acknowledge that I would receive a refund. However this has been a NIGHTMARE! Amazon has no sure way of refunding your money. They state they will refund it on your credit card only if it is valid. Nevertheless, it has been almost 3 months and they have not refunded my money yet. I have called so much until I know what they are going to say to me. I cannot believe they have such poor customer service.

Of course their customer service department apologies but they do nothing to get your money back to you. If you call Seattle, Washington to its headquarters they give you the runaround and pass you over to someone who cannot help you. It sad, one of the biggest companies around but one that does not have any ideal of what it means to have good customer service. I would love to get my money back but when that will happen, I don't know but I am not giving up that is why I am making a statement on your website. HELP, I need my money refunded.

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