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AM Not Crediting Highest Interest Debt, Putting It on Lowest
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Rating: 1/51

SHELTON, WASHINGTON -- Last July I was looking at my bill, and noticed that on my two balance transfers, they were crediting the one with zero until 2016, instead of the zero one that would expire in Sept. 2015. The agent said he did not understand why "they" were doing that, and so, said he would fix it, and have the payments applied correctly. He also suggested I close one of the AE accounts and take another balance transfer at zero to pay the prior ones amount. So, deposited a transfer into my checking, and then paid off underlying one that had interest. He said he would make the corrections for AE misapplying the credit to lessor interest account.

In December I was looking at my statement and I owed more than the month before on that initial account, and the longer zero interest rates were being credited my overages. I was furious. I called them and the lady said she was aware that that had been happening and she would look into it... When she got back to me, she admitted that I was correct, and the $80 plus interest I had been paying since September should have been around $14.00, and the $7000+ they had listed should be around $3000. I disagreed with her as I had done the math over the past year and told her it should be more like $1200, and my zero interest should be intact for amount transferred.

She said she would fix it, and since I heard that before, I told her I wanted a full accounting of the credits (not just a statement) and I wanted to speak to a manager. This is fraudulent behavior as they were aware of, didn't notify the customer of the errors, and had I not seen it happen this second time, would still be paying interest on an incorrect amount to their benefit. How is this not lawsuit worthy? Patrons of AE need to be made aware of this sleight of hand. Fraudulent in all aspects... knew of the errors, didn't research and inform patrons, once identified, continued to do the same, and say "oops" again. Check into this people!

Amex Is the Worst !!
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Rating: 1/51

Amex is the worst credit card company with their worst customer support. No other customer support compete their employees and their disrespect towards customers. Here is my experience, recently applied my Amex credit card and it was hacked and was under fraudulent. I called Amex and requested them to decline transactions and close my card and send me a new card. Instead they told me to provide my identification which is a an hour work to send them a notary and supportive documents to prove my identity, but this notary has to be done on their which it took 7 days to send me.

And in meantime they allowed more fraudulent transactions instead of freezing my account and still I have been calling them and they are switching me across teams as if they are going to provide me a solution. I lost confidence on them as their employees doesn't know how to deal with customers and they are least concerned about us. Worst customer service and worst credit card company ever!!!

American Express is the worst company to deal with and they have no customer service at all.
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Rating: 1/51

I have been with AX since 1997. Due to my excellent payment record I maintained a very low interest rate for many years. In April 2016 they decided to double my interest rate from 7.4% to 15.9 on two different cards. When I called and spoke to three different people each one said there was nothing they could do because that is the market rate. That was a lie. All credit cards set their rates to whatever they want. I have 8% on two other cards which I will of course use from now on.

AX has no intelligent people in Customer Service and None are from United States. I am closing my account at American Express Bank this week also. I hope they go out of business. The poor CEO had to take a pay cut in 2015 and only made 18+ million. Oh... that's why they want me to pay more...hummmm.

Taking Money From Checking Account
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Rating: 3/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- They took 125 dollars from my checking account without my permission. They said they'd refund my money. Never received. When I called back they said they were investigating the matter. So they're not only crooks, they lied. I'm looking for counsel now so I can sue them.

It Sucks!
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Rating: 1/51

I've been enrolled in this Premier rewards card for five months, attracted by that opening card bonus of 50000 points. What a fool I was. Yes, I got those points but haven't used them yet (to tell you what, use them immediately once you get it or you'll never be able to).

This month, I got an email saying there's a security issue with my card and they need me to contact them immediately. I gave them a call and they put me through a bothering process to verify my identity with BOA, however, the moment I finished that, the girl on the other side told me: "Oh, your identity is still not verified, another team will contact you for that." Why, then why did you make me contact my banker of BOA and go through this process? They refused to tell you the reason. Fine, I have patience. Let's see.

The other day, I got another email saying exactly the same thing as if I had never called them. So I called them again and this time they need me to verify another bank relationship, ok! I gave them Citibank. The Citibank lady was very nice to help me go through the process and thanked me for being a loyal and nice member. HOWEVER, the AMEX lady was not satisfied. She told me she still can't verify my identity and need me to find my bankers and get their signature. DAMN YOU!

Then why did you let me go through the whole process, I only have one hour lunch break and there was no time left for me to have lunch with all of your **. Not to mention both banks proved all my info correct. COME ON, I AM A REAL PERSON! And again they refuse to tell me what the security issue is and why with two banks' guarantee, I'm still not a trustworthy person!

Also, it's not long since I got those bonus points, so I wonder if they just want me to cancel the card so they get all my money for their purpose and don't have to give me the bonus. And the bank statement is a total mess. I paid in full but the amount I paid somehow becomes what I owe them, so what is showed on their website is I need to pay twice the amount of money as before. I'm SPEECHLESS. I've never had this awful experience with any bank in the world. I decide to cancel this card and never use AMEX again, they really know how to piss people off.

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Rating: 1/51

I have been a member since 1993. I have a Blue and Green card. I can honestly say in the past there have been a few times that I have had to call and let AMEX know I would be a little late making a payment and they were always so accommodating. Great customer service. This past December I had an issue paying some of my other creditors but was current with AMEX and right before Christmas AMEX cut my spending limit way back right after I made my timely payment to them. My other creditors whom I called and made payment arrangements with were ALL accommodating.

Now several weeks later ALL are caught up and several have been paid off completely. After 21 years my longest creditor did not stand by me during this short credit glitch even though they were paid. Their action and particularly their timing (right before Christmas) I found to be shameful and reprehensible. AMEX you lost a customer that others are happy to take.

If You Think They Treat Customers Bad...
By -

If you think they treat customers bad, you should know how they treat their employees. I currently work in customer service for American Express and wanted to let you all know how unfair they are to their own employees. There's a million things I could share, but the one that stands out most is how they grade our performance. There are only two pieces of information they use when determining if you do your job well. These pieces of information decide whether you stay or go, whether you get a bonus or not and whether you will ever be promoted to something above phone representative.

When a customer calls in, they will receive an email survey on how the experience was and if they would recommend American Express to their friends. The survey's results are broken down into two parts: customer service and "refer to a friend." Under customer service, the customer grades the call on a scale from Poor to Excellent with things like Very Good and Fair in-between. If we do not get an excellent, our stats drop. Period. It matters not what is said in the comments. Only an excellent increases our stats and anything less, hurts our stats.

Next, the customer decides if they would refer a friend to American Express on a scale from 1-10, 10 meaning they would absolutely refer AMEX to a friend. If we do not get a 10, our stats drop. Period. It matters not what is said in the comments. Only 10's increase our stats and anything less, hurts our stats. Now, you should know that THIS is the part of the survey that affects our stats more because it's weighted more. Refer to a friend score is like 60% and customer service is 40%.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. The customer gets to write in comments all over the survey, anything they want about their experience or AMEX in general. Often times, I will get a survey come back that will be a "Very Good, 8" for example. Now, mind you this result actually brings my stats down. Then I will read the comments and they will say, "Customer service representative was very polite and helpful. My problem is not with her. AMEX voice response system is too confusing and it takes forever to get to a live person. Also, I don't go around recommending credit card companies to my friends."

Oh, wonderful. Thank you so much for saying kind things about me, but giving me an 8 on refer to friend instead of 10. You have no idea Mr. Customer, that because of you, I will not be receiving a bonus and I may not get that position I've been eyeing in project management. Customers also use this survey to complain about things that have happened to them in the past or on a previous call. They will even specifically say in the comments something like, "This is not about THIS call, but last month I tried to pay my bill online and your website gave me an error message... etc. I'm sick of your website giving me problems."

Management doesn't look at those comments, they only care about the NUMBER we were given. In fact, EVERY SINGLE one of my surveys I have ever received that were less than Excellent/10, specifically stated in the comments that I was wonderful. I was pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful, polite.. etc.

However, the comments will go on to complain about an AMEX POLICY or the way our statements are printed. Or our voice response system. Or our website. Or that AMEX won't waive a late fee (which, by the way we reps don't decide. We don't make the decision to waive or not. We run your request though a web "tool" and either get approved or denied. Period. We don't get to determine on our own if we feel a waiver is justified regardless of your circumstance).

ANYWAY bottom line is these are things that are out of our control as reps. Yet, we still get punished for them. Now, I realize customers don't know this. They have no idea that what they score is a direct reflection on THAT representative and that representative alone. I feel bad for customers because if most of them knew this, they would grade reps (well at lease ME), perfect and then use the comments to rant because the comments don't affect my scores. That way, they could get their message across, but not hurt the representative they just spoke to who was wonderful and did her best.

What ends up happening is a lot of reps will say or do ANYTHING to get a good score. Meaning, they will say things the customer wants to hear knowing full well it can't be done because all we care about is what number you will put on that survey you get tomorrow. If you call back later because you were told something that wasn't true, what does the representative care? He got his Excellent/10 out of you already. See, AMEX has put us reps between a rock and a hard place. We are forced to look out for ourselves and not the customer.

It's a shame because I am damn good at my job. I've been in customer service for many years and treat people kindly and always sympathize with them. I am well spoken and polite. Customers love me. They do not love AMEX though and AMEX has found a way to make this MY fault and MY problem. For those of you who truly had a nasty rep, I am sorry. Those people deserve the Poor/1's you give them. I do not however. I have personally known reps that have been let go because their scores were too low. Each of these reps have had wonderful phone skills, always spoke gently and politely and truly cared.

Unfortunately, the luck of the draw was too many customers chose to take out their frustrations about AMEX policies on those rep's surveys. It's not the customer's fault. Like I said many reps can be nasty and deserve those scores. MY customers who liked ME, but not something about AMEX and their policies had no idea when they chose to give the call an 8 or 9 or 1 or 2 or whatever... that it would hurt only me. Me personally. Me and only me. They have set us reps up to fail by their stupid policies and money hungry ways.

They know full well that the surveys should be an honest place for customers to express their disappointments with THEM as a company, but they chose to put it on ONE rep's shoulders, even if it is clear the venting is not about how that one representative treated that customer or handled the call. They've done this so they have an excuse not to pay us well or promote us. Sad. I'm looking for a job more suited to reward me for treating people with kindness and respect, which is what I am good at and passionate about. I really am sorry for all of you who have had terrible experience with customer service. You deserve better. And so do I.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- As loyal customers of over eight years with American Express, my spouse and I write to complain on their disinterest in retaining us. I spoke with a customer service agent on 3/15/2015 about a balance payment I scheduled on that day to prevent the accrual of interest charges. The agent assured me that American Express will not charge interest since I had made a good-faith effort to pay the balance, and issued a confirmation number. However, the statement on 3/18/2015 showed an interest charge, and when I called customer service again on 3/22/2015, both the agent and the agent's supervisor insisted that they will not honor the prior agent's assurance.

When I asked the supervisor to include a note that " continued business with American Express will depend on the company's willingness to accommodate requests by longstanding customers..." she instead explained the contract document to me.

I am hopeful that, as a company dedicated to retaining existing customers, they would (1) alert customer service to avoid a defensive communication style with customers; (2) allow the billing/customer service departments to waive interest charges in especial cases; and (3) ensure that customer service agents honor prior commitments. I also note, that in my nine years as a customer, this amounts to the first instance I accrued an interest charge.

Horrible, Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

I had been with my company for 8 years before a recent layoff. American Express was the company card provided. That will be the last time I EVER have a card through Amex. Received a phone call out of the blue yesterday from an extremely rude customer representative that was outright harassing! I used my card almost daily for the last 8 years and now there is a balance due that was not taken care of by my company.

I called today, to take care of the balance and tried to discuss my fees and was told it was my fault and nothing could be done. I understand if I was trying to get out of something but I was trying to get an explanation and was made to feel like an idiot. My credit score is over 750 so it's not like I don't pay my bills. This was the worst experience I have ever had with ANY company. I will tell anyone I know to get rid of their Amex cards. They are terrible to work with!

Canceled my account of 35 years due to bad customer service
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I called to make a payment by phone as I have done for the past year because they were not posting my checks on time. This month they had not posted the prior month's payment from their automated system. They made this my fault because they had not debited my checking account. I should have noticed it. What?? Not only that, they charged a late fee and issued a late payment report to credit agencies. Never having been late in 35 years, rather than call or mail or send a late statement, they did that instead. This was AFTER I had paid by phone.

Their customer service people are global (IE not in the US and are not at all helpful anymore). The "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do Mr. **" didn't earn much respect or admiration from me. Not only that they will not send checks for credits to my account for 90 freaking days! What kind of company are they running anyway?

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