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Food Poisoning
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Rating: 1/51

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- I went to Arby's on Sunday April 23, 2017, on North Clippert, here in Lansing Michigan. I had a beef 'n cheddar and it tasted and smelled very bad, the employees wiped their nose with their hands and they didn't wash their hands, they laughed and then they put gloves on. By law they are suppose to wash their hands. They touch the counters with the gloves and they refuse to change their gloves. I've been in the bathroom with the runs/vomiting and my stomach is still messed up! Something has to be done about that restaurant. They don't care if their customers get food poisoning! Please help me do something about that restaurant!

Not on the menu?

DURANGO, COLORADO -- Well, I guess this could've have been categorized as a complaint, but oddly enough, I wasn't really that upset for some reason. I was visiting the Arby's store in Durango, CO during lunch. I walked inside and there was only one person standing in line. I took my place in line. The odd thing was that no one was in sight to help us. We waited about 2-3 minutes and the customer in front of me finally gave up on the idea of eating anytime soon, and decided to leave. By this time, I was more curious than hungry, so I waited. And waited. And waited. 5-minutes pass by and nothing. I yelled, "Hello, can somebody please help me"? Again, nothing.

I figured maybe they were in the walk-in cooler restocking and just couldn't hear me, and maybe out back hauling trash. Again I yelled for assistance or service. Nothing. Okay, they got my attention. I'm mystified and curious as heck. I yelled, "If someone doesn't help me, then I'm jumping over the counter and helping myself". Figured that would get a rise out of someone. Nothing. By this time, I'm about 20+ minutes into my quest for lunch. 20-minutes and I've not seen nor heard ANYTHING. To heck with it, life's too short. I jump the counter and walk to the manager's office, which is wide open and unattended (as is the safe).

I looked around the back store room area and nothing. I glanced out the back of the door and saw nobody at the dumpsters. Man, oh man, is my level of wonder shooting through the roof. Last place to check is the walk-in cooler, which is generally soundproof, so perhaps they just hadn't heard me. A real possibility is that they were being robbed and holed up inside the cooler... or maybe I've watched one too many movies. Regardless, it was time to act. I flung open the cooler door and what did I find? Nothing. Okay, let's review. No one in the lobby, no one behind the register, manager's office door is left wide open, no one in the parking lot, no one in the cooler.

Science fiction movie plot perhaps? Well, I figured I've done as about as much as one concerned citizen can do, so I call in the big boys. I called 911, and relayed my story to the police. I waited behind the counter to ensure no bad elements tried to jump the counter and enter the manager's office or anything. I did have a fun time trying to explain my presence when two other customers came in while the police were en-route. When they showed, they drew their guns and did a thorough search as well. Nothing. How can a fast food restaurant of this caliber, in a busy town during lunch, be completely deserted.

Well, I won't leave you hanging onto the edge of your seats any longer. The police found the manager and two employees parked on the side street getting high. The police wouldn't elaborate on the drug of choice, but they were all pretty incoherent. As the ol' saying goes, "You would've had to seen it to believe it". Just unreal. The police thanked me and I was later contacted by the store manager and comped a free meal in the city where I live. So, you can see why I was more intrigued than upset, and didn't categorize this as a complaint. Weird, but true!

Time to make some change... literally!

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- I was taking a lunch break from work, and I decided to pick up some lunch for my wife and I on the way home. I stopped at the only Arby's in our city, and went through the drive-through. I ordered $15.45 worth of food & beverages. In my wallet I had a $5 bill, a $10 bill, and a $50 bill. No more or no less. Since the combo of the $5 & $10 left me $.45 cents short, I was forced to give them the dreaded $50. The lady taking my order was great, the food I ordered and later ate was equally delightful. But getting them to give me change for the $50 was a NIGHTMARE! The cashier said she couldn't make change for the $50.

I asked very politely, "You can't or you won't"? There is a huge difference. This is during lunch rush, mind you. I said I'd give them the $15 I had if they'd let me go on the $.45 cents. No dice. I asked to speak to the manager. He said they didn't have change. I started to become agitated. I said in a little firmer, yet polite tone, "You mean to tell me that during a lunch rush, between two lobby registers, the drive-through register, and the safe in your office, that you don't have $35 in change"? It wasn't as though I only ordered a Coke and wanted $48+ dollars in change. I had spent over $15 and only wanted back $34.55 in change.

The cashier was trying to be polite throughout the entire situation, but the manager then reaches in her register, grabs the correct change, hands it to her, and turns around to walk off and says loudly enough for the entire restaurant to hear, "Well, if he's going to be an ** about it, then just give it to him". Are you kidding me? The cashiers jaw just about hit the floor. She was stunned to say the least. I asked for the manager's name and the store number. I contacted corporate headquarters immediately upon arriving at my house. Two days later a district manager called to "investigate" the situation.

He asked about details of the conversation, and repeatedly said that an employee in his branch would never use such language. So, then you're calling me liar? Long story short with him, I DEMANDED a written apology from the manager of the store, and a refund of my meal. No refund was given, but I was comped two complimentary combo meals of my choice.

The problem that irrated me the most, is that they "have" the change, but don't want to give it to you. Too much hassle. And yes, I started working at a fast food restaurant for about 1-yr, just after I graduated high school. I know how much each drawer is given per shift, running out of change, etc... I can relate to why they try and justify their thought process. But on any order over $5-$10, giving change should not be an issue. The problem with boycotting Arby's is that I love their food. Arby-melts are to die for! Just the hassle getting them is what is horrible.

As If the Wait Wasn't Enough...
By -

SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- On Tuesday, July 14th 2009 went to the Arby's on Tyrone Blvd., which lacks a drive through but is the only one remotely close to where I live. With my wife and 3-year-old waiting in the car, I went in to find one poor soul sitting in a booth by the door holding a receipt, obviously waiting for his order to be filled, and 2 other customers in front of me. This didn't look good, but service there has never been stellar and I was getting a pretty good deal with the coupon I was holding so I decided to stick it out.

After waiting 10+ minutes watching a manager and 2 other crew members bumble around in the food prep area shouting at each other and the girl running the register, I finally arrived at the counter where, after I stood there for at least another minute unacknowledged, the register girl said "I'll be right with you!" as she walked by running some other errand. Little did I know those words were the closest thing I was going to get to any kind of human decency during my visit.

Not long after the register girl left, her heavy-set, female manager got behind the register and mumbled something like "are you waitin' on...?". I said that no one had taken my order to which she replied, "OK, whachoo want? C'mon, let's go!" while making that 'come on, spit it out' circling/waving motion with her hand. I was so dumbfounded, all I could think to say was "Nothing, with that attitude!" and I walked out. You would think that SHE was the one who had been cooling her heels in line, having HER time wasted but apparently I was keeping her from something more important (BTW, this was about 6:30 in the evening, nowhere near closing time).

Now, as an aside, I know what it is like to deal with the public (and some people can be real ** to deal with) and an incompetent crew that you may or may not have had any say in hiring, but never have I ever spat that kind of venom at a paying customer who was nice enough to patiently wait it out while I/my team got their act together. There are days when none of us feel like going to work, let alone smiling or being cheery with customers. I get it.

If I listed my occupation, one would probably agree that I get it more than most. I'm pretty forgiving in this area, and a simple "sorry about the wait, what can I get you?" (I'm not even going to wish for "sir" anymore) would have been all it took to get us back on a level playing field, but this was apparently too much to ask. Even if getting to the next closest Arby's involved air travel by bush plane and a dog sled ride over frozen tundra, I would not fulfill my craving for a potato cake at this company's Tyrone Blvd. location.

Poor Customer Service at Arbys in Arlington TX
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I am never going back to Arbys again, and I will tell everybody I know just how bad the service is there!! I have sent 3 e-mails asking to be contacted, and even sent one to their corporate office, telling them about the food that was knocked on the floor, and the manager picking it up, and putting it in a bag, to be given to a customer in the drive through. I told them how we had to clean off our own tables, and that the 2 chicken sandwiches for 4.00 was a total rip off... (It's one sandwich cut in half which makes it 2 sandwiches) My daughter who is 9 yrs old thought it was a happy meal with no toy..

Nobody gives a ** at this place!! We complained about the bad service to corporate, and received 3 free coupons .. We took the 3 free coupons, and went to go eat at the same Arbys we received bad service, it's the only one that's close to our house...

(I brought my camera this time) The place was very messy, trash overflowing out of trash cans (it was a lot worse when I left), soda area very messy... They screwed up our order again (as always). We walked in and waited in line. We were not even greeted (as usual). We placed our order, a total of 4 meals. I then mentioned we had 3 free meal coupons, the cashier said (oh damn, I wish you had told me that before I started ringing you up). I said "I am sorry, I did not know there was a procedure." She rolls her eyes, and sighs "huhhhh let me get the manager.") The manager comes over, and says "what do you want??" Rudely!

"These people have free meal coupons, and I need to take it off..." "How did you get these", the manager asks me ... I said "I got them because of a bad experience we encountered here last week", and she says, "oh you are one of those people.." We just got classified as complainers!!! Is this the way Arbys trains managers??? I cannot believe the way Arbys managers treat people!!! Whatever happened to (Hello, how are you doing) or (oh I am sorry you had a bad experience, let me make it right for you). We paid for the one meal with a 100.00 dollar bill, and I swear the cashier cannot count back change.

She counted it back 3 times, and each time it was different. When she handed our money to us, I told her "do not close the change drawer", I counted each bill to her one by one, and showed her that she shorted us $10.00... So we get our food, and the first thing is obvious... We ordered 4 meals, and got 3 fries.. I asked the manager about it, and she brought a small order over. I said "no, I got the extra value meal (large fries)" You know what...

I am tired of typing!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS ARBYS ON COOPER STREET in Arlington TX!!! They do not care, the managers do not care!! The employees think that customer service is a joke!!! Not to mention if there is food on the floor, they put it back up to be served to you!!! You get much better service at Taco Bueno next door, or Long John Silvers close by as well...

To the Guy Who Complained about not getting change for a $50 bill
By -

To that man who complained about the cashier wouldn't give him change for $50 bill at the drive through window. He stated he had worked for fast food. OH really? Then you should know there are signs posted in most fast food places that specify no change for 50 or 100 dollar bills. This is for the cashier's safety. Maybe you're not also aware these places do get robbed at gun point. Each drawer contains a certain amount of cash to serve customers and any overage that would cover change for large bills jeopardizes the cashier's safety. In many cases the cashier can be a high school student working between school hours, or a senior citizen supplementing a Social Security check.

Also to that rude customer who complained about the cashier not being able to find the product on the cash register's menu. Were you really in that much of a hurry you forgot your manners? The cashier was probably new and struggling to learn what is a complicated system that isn't as simple as it looks. Fast food places will throw their new cashiers in the mix without prior training and expects them to wing it as a greenhorn. The cashier is probably doing the best he can under the circumstances of irate customers who think, Hey, you're just a peon attitude and I the customer am God.

The customers need to look at themselves and consider, Hey this is just a fast food joint. The workers are only paid minimum wages to do the chores of what can be equivalent to three or four people at one time. Plus listen to irate customers, the same people who act like they're in a five star restaurant. You want exemplary service go to that five star restaurant where the workers get paid their worth and serves you accordingly. Otherwise when you are greeted, "Hi and Welcome to our store. May I help you or May I take your order." At least have the decency to smile back and stop taking your anxieties out on some kid or senior citizen.

And when you leave have the courtesy to thank the worker for keeping the restaurant clean inside and outside, including the bathrooms, scrubbing up after sloppy customers, keeping up the stock filled dispensers ie; ice cubes, beverages, napkins, condiments etc. Which can be a nightmare in between trying to run the register. For giving you the best service they are capable of giving under those circumstances.

Lastly for thanking you for your patronage even though YOU were rude to them. In this economy that cashier just might be an out of work head of a family teacher, administrator, police officer that got laid off and this is the best he or she can do for the time being. Who knows one day that under appreciated cashier might be you.

Poor Customer Svc., Mgr Threw Bag of Food in My Face!
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- Manager took my order. When I got to the window, I wasn't sure if there was another window that I needed to go to since he took my credit card then handed it back to me and shut his window without words. He finally came back with my food. I checked my order, looked for my receipt, and handed my kids their beef sandwich. When I brought to the attention of the manager that I did not receive my receipt, he rolled his neck and said he gave me my receipt. He stated that he hands receipts back with credit cards. I said, "No, I am sorry, but it is not in here."

I checked with my credit card that I set in the compartment near my driver seat. I checked under the last beef sandwich that was in the bag. He said, "Mam. I know what I am doing and I always give the receipt. I put it in the bag." OK - He just said he gave it to me with my credit card. Now, he states he always puts it in the bag.

He said, "If you are just saying you didn't get a receipt to get a free combo, then I will give you this card (as he held on to it very tightly waving it in my face), but I am sure I gave you the receipt." I said, "Sir, I really don't need free food, but if your protocol is to give a receipt and you don't give me one, then it is your policy that we alert the manager and a free meal is honored at the next visit."

As he accused me of "just wanting free food", I tossed the bag back up onto the window ledge and told him he could check the bag. He had the nerve to crumble the bag and throw it back at my face!! I went inside and told him that the only reason I am asking for a receipt is to keep up with the money spent on feeding my children vs groceries to cook, because it is very hard for me to cook due to an injured arm and I want to justify the spending at restaurants. He said, "Well, I am going to apologize, but you need to apologize to me first!"

I stated that I wanted my order replaced and the card for my combo since he did not follow his protocol AND I wanted my receipt still with his name on it so I could complaint to the higher up. This is not a store that I visit... this was my first time here. I happened to take food to my ill aunt and uncle who just lost a sister and this happened to be on the way home. I will NEVER visit this location again!! NOT EVEN FOR THE FREE COMBO! POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

Wheres the Super Arby Sandwich?
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Rating: 2/51

Like most fast food restaurants these days, the drive through menu is impossible to navigate - and since I have a day job, I haven't had a chance to determine whether they (Arby's) even still has the Super Arby sandwich which was the large RB with lettuce and tomato. I was, however, nearly blinded by all the panels hawking some turkey sandwich... who on God's green earth goes to Arby's for turkey?

I know beef is expensive these days and so are tomatoes, but Arby's has never ever been shy about selling pricey sandwiches. And not everybody is on the down low. Arby's never was aimed at that type anyway. So, if you're going to cater to the penniless, I guess that's fine, you have to pay the light bill. But imminently, you're there for roast beef (at least in my former life you were) and that's why I go to your restaurant. In fact, as an Arby's customer for at least 30 years... its the ONLY reason.

So here's a tip - to get your old faithful customers back (who by the way were never slack about parting with a buck) to your now empty restaurants: Construct a drive through menu with the stuff listed a la carte and have a large clearly stated area on the menu for your (flagship) roast beef sandwiches. And for heavens sakes, if you dropped the Super Arby sandwich (I would presume all for the cost of tomato slices) then just close the place down - you're history.

As a rule of thumb I refuse to order anything from a menu that is 90% bundled stuff, and I can't find what I came there for; and if you can't offer a roast beef sandwich with the time honored lettuce and tomato (instead of a bunch of other garbage on it) I'll just go to Krogers and buy the stuff and make my own.

McDonalds lost my business long ago because of their horribly designed menu (and lousy hamburgers). I don't like anybody telling me what to order with my sandwich. I'll decide that myself - based on the sandwich and its price - a la carte, thank you. If this is mysterious to Arby's - send someone at corporate to a White Castle drive through sometime. They actually list the menu items SEPARATELY! Wow! Isn't that a great idea?

Surveys given invalid validation codes for free Roast Beef
By -

Basically 3 weeks ago my wife, grandson, and I ate at Arby's. We went back and got grandson some fries. We had 2 receipts and did the FREE Roast Beef for a survey. I was told I could only do ONE SURVEY A WEEK WHEN I called in. I did one survey by phone and my wife did the other survey online. The validation code for online was twelve hundred and something and the phone validation code was **?

One week later we went to redeem our offers. We were told any code below **? was outdated. I showed the cashier the date stamp for a week ago and written on the receipt, Offer valid for 30 days, and asked how they were outdated. We were told rules are rules. The place was busy and many were listening to our conversations including a peace officer. Our receipts were denied. We did the surveys again immediately and asked for a reply online and someone to call me by phone concerning Arby's inconsistencies. No one has contacted me. I really do not why I am wasting my time doing this again.

We went in today and were told the validation code was outdated and we could only do the survey once a month. Again I showed the cashier the date stamp for a week ago and written on the receipt, Offer valid for 30 days. I remarked on my survey, "If the validation code I am about to receive is less than 15?? It will be outdated before it is issued. Check to see if you gave me an invalid validation code." My validation code was ** which was outdated before it was given to me.

By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I was violated by am employee by the name of ** while at the drive through window at the Arby's Location on 48th Street and Southern. I was waiting at the drive through menu trying to decide what to order. There were no cars waiting behind me for approx two min. Once a car pulled up behind me I choose to drive through and wait behind that vehicle and decide on my order. As a courtesy so that they didn't have to wait for me to decide. As I waited, my windows were rolled down allowing me to Hear the conversation between the Car ahead of me and the drive through employee. It was a lady in the car ahead and she asked the employee to give her free food.

He then said to her "what do you want?" she ordered two meals w/out drinks. She made it clear to him that the food is for free coming across as someone who frequents that location for free food. Once she proceeded to the window I then pulled up to the intercom and questioned in a joking manner "How do I get free food?" He then said you have to be a family member of mine. I was not pleased w/ the response therefore I proceeded to pull up to the window and asked ** for his Managers contact information. He got irate and pointed his finger at me and leaned out of the drive through window into my car as though he was going to lay a hand on me.

I then leaned back to avoid him placing a hand on me. He began yelling "You are trying to cause a problem or get me in trouble, you can go to Wendy's and order". He paused for a moment. I believe it was after seeing how scared I appeared. He then leaned back into his window and slammed the window hard and got right on the telephone refusing to take my order.

I was on the verge of calling the police but I was so shook up I proceeded to go home as it was late and I had a work schedule the next morning. I was not prepared for such service. After leaving I thought it would have been better if I would have involved the police as it was a scary situation for a lady, in a car alone at night. Shook me up...

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