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Abysmal Quality -- Shoddy Beyond Belief
Posted by Twila on 01/21/2006
ALABAMA -- This is a follow-on report.

My Ashley chairs finally arrived after multiple calls to the store manager and two visits to the store for face-to-face conversation. I knew I was buying cheap chairs, but even I was not prepared for the miserable workmanship in the upholstery and unsightly gouges on the chair legs that were delivered. They are, without question, the worst furniture construction I have ever seen. Those chairs would be destroyed within the year with regular use. Rather than continue the argument with the local store, I have put them in a little-used room and written off the cost as a lessons learned.

For those who are unaware and believe they can appeal their problems to Ashley Headquarters, each store is locally owned and just licensed by Ashley to sell their furniture. Corporate Headquarters doesn't care one whit how you are treated as a customer. They pawn off their schlock -- referred to as furniture -- to a local dealer who will do whatever it takes to sell it to you. And, you can be assured that the pieces you see on the floor look much better than what you will receive. That is why you can never buy from local stock. The upside of my experience with Ashley is that it has convinced me to volunteer a few hours a week as an investigator with our local BBB.

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Posted by inarealdaz on 2006-01-22:
a few years back i purchased a sectional sofa from ashley's...the one in the store was being terrorized by some very large family bouncing and crawling all over it...after they left my husband and i were looking at it and he opened one of the storage drawers and discovered a phone he unwrapped to look at and place the wrapping in the bottom of the drawer. when we purchased it, we were very clear in the fact that we wanted a new one and was told that we would absolutely get a new one....well they delivered the floor model to use (wrapper in side the storage unit)...and when we confronted the sales associate he denied it....after a lot of argueing with the store manager they fessed up and said it was the last one they had...so i got it half price with a 5 yr warranty...you really have to watch this company...they will screw you if they can
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Buyer Beware!!!
Posted by Outraged Customer on 01/28/2010
Allow me to give you a little insight into what Ashley Furniture believes to be "good customer service"....

My husband and I purchased a sofa, char, and ottoman set from Ashley furniture because they had a set in the sage green color that we could not find anywhere else. At the time of purchase we were informed that our order would be non-refundable because they make all furniture to order once your order is processed. We paid for the furniture in full, as required. I then brought in paint samples to compare to the floor model and painted my entire living room to coordinate. Over two weeks later, when we were awaiting the arrival of our furniture, we received a call from Ashley Furniture corporate saying that we would not be getting our furniture because it was discontinued. That's right....the "made-to-order" furniture we paid for was discontinued two weeks after our order was placed. The man told my husband that he would look for a floor model for us or refund our money.

At this point, our losses included the money for the furniture, the money for paint and supplies, and interest charged to our credit card. In order to get a receipt, we would have to drive to a store forty minutes away to do the return. On our way, we called customer service who argued with us that they would only issue us an in-store credit. RIGHT! We decided to wait to see if a floor model would be located. At the end of the weekend we received another call from the man who was looking from the floor model. He offered us a model that he found and was only going to discount us $154.00. Since we were unable to find furniture anywhere else in that color, and also did not want to repaint the living room, we were forced to except the pathetic discount. We still even had to pay for delivery!

So basically, I ended up with USED furniture for only $154 less than what I was going to pay for BRAND NEW furniture! Also, when I went to post this review the first time, I encountered a message asking me to give Ashley Furniture a second chance and allow them to fix the situation. So, I decided that was fair and sent an e-mail to the provided address. I included my entire situation, and as expected, I NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE. That was almost two weeks ago!
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Posted by J Conway on 2012-05-23:
Documentation is the key with this and so many other companies. If it is in writing then they have no choice to provide what they sold. Your credit card provider should have been able to help on this.
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Ashley Furniture Sucks
Posted by Becca7496 on 07/19/2005
HENDERSON, NEW MEXICO -- Don't ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture they suck big time. NO matter what good deal they offer you they will screw you in the end!!! We purchased over $5000 worth of furniture from them. After several months of a delay on their part we finally got our furniture and not ONE piece did not have something wrong with it. This was the delay on their part in the beginning because most of the furniture they had gotten from the warehouse was defective so they reordered new furniture, which upon delivery still had many flaws. We are still having problems with them fixing what we have. My dad is a teacher and they have a website for teachers to sell stuff, get opinions, etc. and we found out after we ordered from Ashley that everyone on the website has had nothing but problems with them. This is an entire school district not just one school. We are in the process of seeing if any of them are willing to help us do something about this ongoing problem. They just can't keep screwing people around like this. We have ordered furniture over the past several years from various places (IKEA, Bassett, Walker, and RC Willey) and we have had never had a problem with any of them. I would never buy ANYTHING from Ashley AGAIN. THEY SUCK!!!!!!
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Posted by Keith Foshee on 2011-07-25:
This is a 2 bit outfit. Buyer had better beware!
Lies, rude people and POOR SERVICE.
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Fine Print on the Back Negates Everything Except Consumer Liability
Posted by Twila on 01/11/2006
ALABAMA -- Generally, you get what you pay for. I was aware of this when I purchased two inexpensive chairs, with all that entails in terms of quality, for a second home. But when I put out money, I expect something. Since my purchase, I have received nothing, not even the dreck that has been described by others on this website My credit card has been charged, but there is not a record of my purchase in the local store. Furthermore, within a week of purchase, my sales associate was "among the missing" -- that is, he doesn't work there anymore. I have received no explanation for the discrepancy nor promised delivery time, contrary to what was written on the front of my contract.

I have placed the purchase in dispute on my credit card. But I shall go one step further. Since I now believe that the store uses unfair sales and lending practices targeted towards those who may be least able to afford it, I intend to bring this matter to the Attorney General's office in my state. Thankfully, the Consumer Affairs Division is more active in this state than many others.

Overall impression

Deceptive sales practices. Abysmal delivery services. The fine print on the back of the contract negates everything that you are told by the sales person and everything you sign on the front of the contract. There are 91 written complaints within our local Better Business Bureau since Ashley Furniture came to town a relatively short time ago. Sorry I didn't check first. Suggest others do so before signing anything.

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Posted by Consumers Rule! on 2006-01-11:
Posted by david07003 on 2007-11-23:
See my review...yes, they like it when you sign your rights away.
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Do Not Buy From Ashley Furniture
Posted by DocRonL on 12/13/2005
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I think this letter says it all. I sent it to MJEDLOWSKIcustomercare@ashletfurniture.com (now there's a contradiction in terms!). His mailbox was full and the e-mail was returned without a response of course. Dear Sir: I am writing you because I am in dire straights with my home furniture in my new home. Please bear with me while I explain this to you as objectively as I can. Basically, I went to the Ashley Furniture store in Morrow, Georgia (right outside Atlanta in Clayton County) to shop for furniture back in September. I found everything I needed and the Salesman (Barry) was completely helpful and courteous. I told him I would be back the following month to place my order. I came back on October 15th and placed my order for $15,659 worth of furniture and I paid a $5000 down payment (30%). Again, Barry was very helpful and courteous but had to check with a manager for my situation. I told him I was building a house and that it would be completed on November 30th and that I wanted my furniture at that time.

I also told him that I would be financing the balance and asked if that would be a problem. He checked with the manager and everything appeared to be on track. He went on to say that it would take 2 to 4 weeks from the time I came back and financed my order for me to receive my delivery. I came back on November 12th and did exactly that, arranged for financing. Well, the 4th week has passed and despite my efforts to plead with the store manager (Dennis) for some sort of partial delivery so that I could have some furniture in my new house, no one seems to be hearing me. All I am told is that my furniture has not arrived at the warehouse in Norcross and that no delivery can be made until then. That’s all. Even after being promised that the delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks. I thought I could count on that, but now all I am told is that I just have to wait. I appealing to your sense of fair play in this matter as I explained my exact situation and was assured of a furniture delivery in 2 to 4 weeks.

Again, Barry had to check with management almost every time I made an inquiry, so it was not just something that he promised. There are several other stores that would have had my furniture to me already, but I was convinced that the contemporary furniture I saw at your store was what I wanted. I also expressed this to your sales staff (i.e. that if I could not get the delivery around the time my house was completed due to my Family coming in from different parts of the country then I would shop elsewhere). I was told this was not a problem. Finally, when I called to inquire about the status of my delivery, I spoke with the Office Manager (I believe her name was Keisha). She was extremely rude and kept insisting that I had a Future Order therefore, my order is not ready. I still do not understand that to this day. I explained to her like I am mentioning to you right now that I was told I would receive my furniture 2 to 4 weeks from the time I arranged the financing. She was even raising her voice (I know I was not her problem that day but she was having one) and I simply told her I just wanted to know when I would receive my order. She finally agreed to let me talk to the Store Manager (Dennis). He appeared to be helping me, but in the end he told me all I could do was wait.

I respectfully request that you look into this matter and please let me know if anything can be done to immediately remedy the situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Ron Booth
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Posted by CjCinColorado on 2005-12-14:
Why don't all of us call this bozo manager on behalf of Ron Booth ? I'm calling first thing in the morning ! Here's the two numbers information gave me. 770-472-4750 ...and 770-629-4663. Let's UNITE !
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HIGHLY RECOMMEND this store!!!
Posted by MIKE-DEE on 03/29/2006
FRANKLIN, WISCONSIN -- I'd researched this site and had seen some negative reviews but decided to go to the store anyway and see what they had.

I was blown away by the assortment and was in the store for 3 hours just looking around. My salesperson was incredibly attentive - walking me around from group to group and answering my questions.

My wife and I bought an 8-piece dining room group and a couch, loveseat, coffee table, end tables and a recliner. The stuff was delivered in 10 days - exactly when they said it would come and the goods arrived without a scratch.

The delivery people were courteous and set everything up with no hassles. I had not a single problem the entire process. We're going back this weekend to by the bedroom set we didn't get last time.

I would highly recommend this store. Don't believe all the negativity - try it for yourself

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Posted by Ponie on 2006-03-29:
Are you employed by Ashley full time or part time?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-30:
You smell something funny here too Ponie?
Posted by KenPC on 2006-03-30:
Let's see, that make sit 10,000 to 1. The odds are clearly turning in Ashley's favor.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-30:
When I see hundreds of bad reviews for a company, I generally keep far away from them. Your post is obviously a scam if for no other reason than "delivery people were courteous and set everything up with no hassles"
Posted by mjholly on 2006-04-01:
Any company that shares its name with my gold digging ex-girlfriend (her name is Ashley) who owes me money creeps me out. I hate Ashley furniture!
Posted by MIKE-DEE on 2006-04-12:
To answer your comments - in order...

1) Not employed by Ashley at all

2) If you smell something foul - check you pants

3) Odds still suck for Ashley - just was lucky enough to get good service

4) Maybe they had a good day - maybe you're just a prick and get what you give - It's called Karma

5) I feel for you and have never met an Ashley (person) I liked either.
Posted by CJ2920 on 2006-08-09:
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Same Old Company with New Name
Posted by 0310younts on 11/14/2012
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Warning, Warning, Warning, Warning!!!!!!!My wife and I bought a "new" set of furniture for our den from Ashley. We bought a recliner, wedge and two sofas. Almost immediately, the recliner broke and so did one of the recliners in the sofa. The tech came and told us it was due to poor workmanship but was able to make repairs. Within a few weeks, one of the "leather" sofas started to peel on the seat and back. My wife and I are senior citizens with no children at home and no pets. The tech came and said that the materials were defective. He ordered parts and a few days later, he came and replaced the entire top and bottom. He failed to replace all the padding so the seat is now flat. We moved this sofa and started to use the other thinking it may be fine. Wrong!!!! It has started to peel in four places. We went to the store and talked to the manager and he said that even though the warranty had expired, he would "take care of our problem". The tech came and said the materials were defective and they should replace the set. He ordered parts. Then Ashley called and said they would not make any repairs since it was out of warranty. I called back to the manager and he said that he did not tell me that he would fix the problems and to call the customer service manager at corporate. This was a huge waste of time. She could not care less and was almost arrogant and condescending towards me. I found out that Ashley was once Levitz and they have filed for bankruptcy several times due to poor quality furniture and bad customer service. Same company with the same problems. Do not purchase anything from this company. The extended warranty is bogus. They say if you do not use it that they will refund your money. This is not true. They give you store credit which is worthless. If anything happens to your furniture, they will claim that it is neglect or consumer abuse and wouldn't do anything. I bet Ashley owns the warranty company as well.

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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-14:
Levitz (after almost 100 years) went bankrupt and was liquidated in 2008. Ashley was never Levitz. The closest possibility is that Ashley acquired some empty stores which they opened under their crummy name.

It is interesting to note that the BBB gives Ashley an A+ rating. This is an example of the world's oldest profession thriving in our modern world.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-15:
Ashley is not Levitz. With that said, anyone who does even a modicum of research of Ashley Furniture, they learn that it is cheaply made furniture that readily breaks down. I don't think I'd ever pay for anything with their name on it.
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Please don't ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture
Posted by NeverbuyfromASHLEYFURNITURE on 02/09/2006
GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I am a poor college student with my little sister (10 years old) always wanted to have a bunk bed. We saved up money during the summer and was able to go buy a bunk bed that cost $750. We ordered on 8/10/05 they said it will takes 4-6 weeks. On 10/08/05 we brought mattresses and throw out our old bed. They delivered it and told us that it's defective, there's no way they can put the bed together. so we said okay, order me another one. before that we came to the store and the manager was very rude. He said he will throw me out if I ever use any fraud languages. Then on 12/02/05 they called and said it's ready. This time they deliver it and started to put it together. They found out that there's a missing part. Can't put it together, I felt bad because I didn't want the 2 deliver guys to take off everything and carry it back again. He called the guy who is in charge, that guy goes "I'm just trying to make things easier for you ma'm" He sounded very rude. He said it will be a week until the other part arrive. I told them they can put it in my garage, and now it's 2/10/06 and it still not here yet. Please don't buy anything from Ashley Furniture. I'm serious. I never put any of my time to fill any complaint... But this is what I'm doing today. There's no way I can cancel the order because it will costs me 30% of my money... I called a couple times and they never return my call. When I call again, they said there's no record of you calling.

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Posted by KateM on 2006-02-10:
Did the ten year old sister write this letter?
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-10:
Certainly doesn't read as though the 'college' student wrote it!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-10:
Do you two hate most people in general or only the ones that don't meet your com standards? How would you feel if you were to find out that one of the people you shot down due to the quality of the composition of their complaints (instead of the content of them) turned out to be handicapped or something; if they're doing the best they can, what's YOUR issue with it? If you don't have something constructive to say in regards to a person's post then consider keeping it to yourself. I know you're angry people...I can tell by your consistant barbs towards people who post reviews (I'm not including the peanut gallery of regulars...bless their hearts) and I'm sorry your consistantly angry - but why try to make everyone else miserable? They just want to get the word out - or vent some anger. I agree it's hard to read and irritating sometimes...but then I realize I'm not God and no one's perfect - then that irritation goes away. You Silly Crazy People!
Posted by kat07 on 2006-02-13:
I just want to say I agree with you. I will never buy from Ashley again. My experience with their Customer Care Dept.was a very upsetting one.After a month of trying to get a Technician to come my home, I am now having to go the Vice President of the company because of the rudeness of the dispatcher and the promises of different Managers. I have worked in Customer Service for over 30 years for some very large companies and this is not how customers should be treated. I'll stick with Rooms to Go.
Posted by KateM on 2006-02-13:
I didnt realize that only people that Mad Eyes deems worthy can make fun of the genuis' that write letters. Guess its a good thing I couldnt care less.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-13:
What do you mean, no one's perfect...have you forgotten about me????
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-13:
Poster: There has to be someone for you to contact, above those you've already worked with. Waiting this long for a bed...there's no excuse for it.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-15:
Kate...I never said you weren't allowed to do anything...I was just asking why you did. If I didn't think you were worthy or deserved to post your opinion, why would I bother taking the time to address it...why wouldn't I just have admin delete the posts so I wouldn't have to look at your mean spirited catty comments?
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Appalling Quality, Delivery And Service
Posted by Freealfin on 06/26/2005
At the end of April '05 I bought over $8,000 worth of furniture from Ashley in Arden, NC. So far the experience has been nothing but a big disappointment.
On their first partial delivery, about six weeks later, approx. 50% of the goods were rejected for damage.

On their second partial delivery, about two weeks later, two items were badly fixed. One was reluctantly accepted but one was rejected. I wrote on the delivery paperwork that partial deliveries will no longer be acceptable since I did not want to continue to invest five hours of mi time every time they felt like delivering a few pieces. Since the last delivery there have been three attempts of partial deliveries and the bed issue has not been resolved. Additionally, call to the store are not being returned.

The second delivery included a queen bed set. During the night I fell off the bed. The brackets holding the side rails are defective and one gave out allowing the side rail to fall off. I temporarily "fixed" the bed so I could sleep on it. The following day I called customer service I was told that an Inspector will be at my home in two weeks or there about. The "fix" included a shim and some spacers. None were attached to the bed. During the fall, three plain wood legs 2x2 were damaged as well. These legs are a makeshift arrangement to cover for a faulty design. The inspector arrived and looked at the problem. He told me that Customer Service will call me with a resolution.

After waiting for two weeks I called. I was told that my shim and spacers (not attached) voided the warranty. Since the last delivery, there have been three attempts of partial deliveries and call to the store are not being returned. We are now at the end of June, 9 weeks from purchase, and there is still about $2,000 to be delivered and the bed issue has not been resolved. Will keep you posted on further developments.
Robert Ozinga
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Posted by Becca7496 on 2005-07-20:
I hear you about Ashley Furniture. We purchased over $5000 worth of furniture from them. After several months of a delay on their part we finally got our furniture and not ONE piece did not have something wrong with it. This was the delay on their part in the beginning because most of the furniture they had gotten from the warehouse was defective so they reordered new furniture, which upon delivery still had many flaws. We are still having problems with them fixing what we have. My dad is a teacher and they have a website for teachers to sell stuff, get opinions, etc. and we found out after we ordered from Ashley that everyone on the website has had nothing but problems with them. This is an entire school district not just one school. We are in the process of seeing if any of them are willing to help us do something about this ongoing problem. They just can't keep screwing people around like this. We have ordered furniture over the past several years from various places (IKEA, Bassett, Walker, and RC Willey) and we have had never had a problem with any of them. I am planning on contacting the original store where we purchased the items from again and if I don't get satisfaction (which I don't see happening) I am contacting the BBB and the Attorney General's office and anyone else who can possibly help me get this resolved. I would never buy ANYTHING from Ashley AGAIN. THEY SUCK!!!!!!
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Ashley Furniture -- Poor after-sale Service
Posted by Scorf on 09/05/2006
ARIZONA -- We purchased (among other items) an entertainment center from Ashley Furniture on Bell Road in Glendale, AZ. We were leery of signing their "contract" that said there was a 30% restocking fee if we were not satisfied; however, our salesman assured us that he's never had a problem with that, and that if there were issues, they'd work with us.

Our entertainment center showed up missing one of the four pieces (major piece, about 1/3 of the product) and the installers were unable to install/assemble it without the missing piece. (They were nice guys, and were truly horrified that it wasn't complete). They left the parts in our living room, a few pieces still have the shipping blankets wrapped around them (to this day).

Our living room looks like a warehouse -- parts unassembled, some wrapped in packing blankets from the delivery truck. I took some photos.

Also, parts that were put together at the factory were slapped together (front doors aren't aligned and the hinges weren't tightened so the doors rub, etc).

After several weeks of this, we decided to just have them take away the pieces and get our money back. (Note, we still haven't received 1/3 of the entertainment system.)

No deal! The store manager (Rick) and corporate customer service kept referring to the "contract" we signed saying we'd have to pay 30% restocking fee. I told the manager that we haven't received the entire piece yet, so why should we pay the entire fee?

He did offer us a 15% coupon, that is, only if we pay the 30% restocking fee. I told him that because of this, I didn't want to buy more! He said, "OK, here's your paperwork back."

Over the holiday weekend (Labor Day), we received a message on our answering machine, the delivery guys *may* be at our house sometime between 9:00AM and 1:00PM on Tuesday ("no grantee" she said) with the remaining part. We called back the next day to reschedule as we couldn't be home at that time. They said that there would be a $40 re-delivery fee if we didn't meet their schedule (it was "already entered on the route"). The woman said, "You can always find someone to sit at your house that day."


We had about $5,000 to spend on upgrading our living and dining rooms. We almost spent it all at Ashley Furniture, but decided to try them out on a few items. Good thing we did. We still have the remaining $4,000 and considering what we are in the middle of with Ashley Furniture, we we'll spent it elsewhere.
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Posted by perfect on 2006-09-08:
Very bad after sale service..I will not buy anything from them...
Posted by jcc on 2007-09-10:
I am cancelling my order at Ashley Furniture on Bell in Glendale and will have to pay the 30% extortion fee.
Posted by Skye on 2007-09-10:
It amazes me, that Ashley is still in business, with so many disatisfied customers, and nothing but complaints against them.

Posted by Lisalawyer on 2013-10-08:
I am in the middle of a very similar situation with the Portland, OR Ashley -- I'm on the fifth failed attempt to get my tv stand delivered - every time so far, they've either damaged the item or forgot to put me on the schedule. Today, the excuse was that the invoice showed a balance due -- really? I paid in full on August 30 and they have made three previous failed attempts to get it to me thus far -- today is the fourth FAIL on their part. And in speaking with corporate, all they can offer is 'an apology' and a loyalty card - I can't be bought off that cheaply, and certainly will never darken their door again. I spoke with a regional manager named Bobbi, and she was utterly useless - when I asked if there was a single MBA in their business she actually asked, "MBA?" like she'd never heard of it ! Pathetic !
Definitely use your hard earned money elsewhere !
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