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Complete Lack of Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BUFORD, GEORGIA -- A few months ago, my wife and I visited the Buford, GA location and talked to Anthony [snip] about the Porter Collection (specifically, we were interested in the bedroom pieces totaling more than $4,000). Anthony was very courteous and helpful and provided a positive shopping experience. We already own an entire bedroom set from Ashley Furniture that we like very much, so we have no concerns about the quality of the furniture.

On May 22nd, after hearing about the Memorial Day Sale, we returned to the Buford, GA location to purchase the furniture at 20% off. We asked for Anthony and were told he was not there. Another individual, I think his name was Joe (but I really am not sure), helped us. Although Joe was very nice, it was obvious he was new. Indeed, he later alerted us that he has been working there for about 1.5 months. Initially, Joe included the wrong bed on the order resulting in an inaccurate price quote (fortunately, I had asked him to create a comparison quote including the other bed and he noticed his error. imagine if I had not and the wrong bed arrived).

My wife and I were deciding if we wanted to put the purchase on our personal credit card or through the 12-month financing option being offered by the store. I asked Joe for more information related to the 12-month option and he was unable to speak intelligently about how the program works. He provided me the in-store flier of which I read the fine print, myself. It was clear I wanted a better understanding of this financing option and that his training did not provide him enough information.

I alerted Joe that we will definitely be buying the furniture today but that we would like to decide between putting it on our credit card or on the 12-month financing option. Joe said, "I understand. Let me point out the kiosk where you can determine how much money you will be approved for on the 12-month plan; that may help you make your decision. The kiosk runs a credit check and prints out how much you are approved for, you will just bring that piece of paper to the front once you are ready to check out." I told him thank you and my wife and I began to discuss.

We entered our information into the Kiosk and began agreeing to Terms and Conditions related to Ashley's financing option. I had no concerns with Ashley Furniture Home Store performing a Credit Check and meeting their requirements if I chose their financing, as described by the employee, so I agreed. After determining the amount for which we were approved (plenty to cover the purchase), my wife and I decided that given the benefits on our personal credit card (and knowing we would be able to pay it off in the current month), we would use our own Visa. I then read the receipt from the Kiosk and noticed it said. Your credit card will arrive in 7-10 business days.. CREDIT CARD???

I immediately went to the Financing Desk and was told I opened a Credit Card. When I alerted the lady that her employee said the Kiosk only performs a Credit Check, she just shrugged, laughed (along with another male employee beside her) and alerted me that I indeed opened a Credit Card. She offered to cancel it for me, obviously not realizing that canceling a credit card does even more harm than opening the card did in the first place (by negatively impacting my credit-utilization ratio which is a direct feed to credit score calculation). She then tells me that the card is automatically cancelled after 12 months of non-use. Oh wonderful, now I get to decide if I want to hurt my credit score now, or in 12 months. All for a credit card that I didn't want in the first place.

I called the Credit Card Company (GE Capital) the next morning to alert them the card was opened in error. They said there was nothing they can do until I talk to Ashley Furniture Home Store, first. I called the store 3 times on Wednesday and was told the Store Manager was in meetings and lunch. I left two messages that day for him to call me back. I also told the entire story to one of the female employees and she let me know that the store manager will return my call. After receiving no call, I contacted Corporate on Thursday, repeated the story, and was told that a Regional Manager would call me back. It is now Tuesday and I have not heard back from the Store Manager nor the Regional Manager. Poor customer service from management makes me even more mad than the poor training/execution of the floor employee that misunderstood and misinformed me about how the 12-month program works. I am now glad that I had the opportunity to see the lack of customer service prior to the purchase.

Fortunately, I was telling a friend about the situation and that I want the furniture but I don't want to give the Home Store any money. He alerted me about an awesome furniture store in NC called Gibson Furniture. I contacted them and they offered me a price $670 less than Home Store. s sale price, with free shipping and no sales tax (out of state)! My wife and I were within 3 minutes of paying too much for the furniture. Of course, I still have a credit card that I don. t want that is going to negatively

My wife and I have already spent more than $3,000 at the Home Store (on the previous bedroom set we bought), were minutes away from spending another $3,500, and had plans to purchase the matching living room furniture in the near future at approximately $2,000. Due to poor training and unbelievably poor customer service from Management, the Home Store has lost those sales and a previously happy customer (well done!). In addition, my generation relies heavily on online reviews...this situation will be included appropriately on the respective review sites for the store.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 2012-06-01:
When you get the Credit Card...DON'T Activate it! (There's usually a phone number to call and activate it. DON'T even call the number).

I believe if it's not activated at all, it can't show as an open credit on your credit report.
clutzycook on 2012-06-01:
I wonder if it would have THAT much of an impact on your credit rating. Unless you're looking to purchase something big like a car or a house in the next 6-12 months, wouldn't your score likely recover after a comparatively short period of time?

But if what DB says is correct, then just don't activate the card and it'll be fine.
Anonymous on 2012-06-01:
Whether it's activated or not, if you cancel the card before GE Capital reports it to the credit bureaus, it won't impact your score...but, if they've already reported it, it doesn't matter if it's activated or not, it will show up and can affect your score...also, the credit check will stay on your credit report for 2 years, which is standard.
anonymous on 2013-12-03:
Wow the same exact thing has just happened to me!!! I was told they were checking my credit and now I have a credit card I was sooo upset and all employees and managers and owners are very unprofessional, rude, decieving, and untrained!!! I was at a dover, de Ashley Furniture store...
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Ineffective Warranty
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARCADIA, WI -- We bought a very nice black leather and cherry wood office chair from Ashley furniture in 2008. We paid well over $500 for it. It WAS very nice. But recently the black leather started to crack, kind of like you would see on a el cheapo office chair.

Now keep in mind, this is used at our home, and on a casual basis. A 4-year chair, already worm out does not bode well for their quality of furniture. I wrote Ashley furniture telling them all about the leather breaking, even after only casual use, and this is how they replied.

Their reply:
Date: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 10:57 AM
To: Kevin
Subject: Kevin/Ashley Furniture Ind/Contact Us

Hello Kevin, Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your Ashley furniture. Our warranty on office furniture is effective for one year from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, you are past the warranty period for this item. If you would like assistance in getting this item repaired please contact the store where you purchased it. Since you are past the warranty, you would be responsible for the cost of any repairs. Tammy ~ Ashley Consumer Affairs


Tammy, a one-year warranty is nice, but obviously, it only covers the company's best interest. I wouldn't expect a nice chair to wear out in less than a year, and if it did, we would've taken it back to Ashleys and be done with it.

But since the chair is only 4 years old, and it's already worn out with casual use, we'll attribute it to being cheap furniture.

This will keep us from purchasing any furniture from Ashley's in the future. If you would stand behind your products, let say, like our patio furniture company did after 10 years, and fix the problem, then THAT would be noteworthy.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2012-07-03:
Generally speaking, and we see this all the time, a one year warranty is a one year warranty.

What else has a one year warranty? Tv. Appliance. I'd expect both of those to last several years as well, but if they fail after 2 or 3 years I know I will have to pay for the repair.

Ashley has a reputation in the quality category, easily found elsewhere on this site. Choosing to shop elsewhere is a good idea.
KevinTX on 2012-07-31:
I agree. Here what I'm getting at...

Our outdoor patio furniture was a hand-me-down and at ten years old still looked pretty great. BUT, one of the chairs had a mechanical issue (it's pedestal broke) so I wrote the company. I was SO SURPRISED when they offered to replace the chair at no cost to me... AFTER TEN YEARS! Wow! Sure enough, we rcvd a brand new chair frame a few days later. Now THAT is service :)
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Delivery continues to be pushed back for months
Posted by on
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- On April 3rd my husband and I purchased the Porter Bedroom Suite (Bed, Dresser, Mirror, 2 Nightstands, and chest) this came to a total of $2500. We were told by our saleslady that it would be 4-6 weeks for delivery and I was fine with that. I signed the contract and went on my merry way. A couple of days later, my sales representative called me and said that the order was now going to be pushed back to mid-July because of such a high demand on this collection. I was told that we could exchange it for something else, or wait it out. We decided to wait it out since we were unable to find something else we liked. My saleslady called me weekly to keep me up to date on the order situation, which I appreciated. Then last weekend, I realized I hadn't heard from her for 2-3 weeks, so I decided to call her. They told me that she no longer worked there, so someone else checked the order status for me, and low and behold, the order has now been pushed back to September. I was enraged and asked for a manager, but since it was a weekend, they said the manager was not available and would call me back on Tuesday when they returned to the store. As of Saturday, I still hadn’t heard from them. My mother and I went to the Furniture Store in Lexington, KY and walked in like normal customers. A salesman came up to us and asked if we needed any help and we told them that we would let them know. We made our way to the Porter bedroom set and then asked the “schmoozing” salesman how long the delivery would be since there was a tag on the bed that said it was unavailable for immediate delivery. This was on June 26th (keep in mind, I ordered mine on April 3rd), and the salesman said that it would be August when it could be delivered. We then told him that we’ve had the set on order for 3 months already, and we wanted him to explain HOW the newest purchaser could receive this bedroom suite a month before us. He got quite defensive because he had just been blindsided by us and caught in a lie. He was yelling so loudly at us that there were a few people who did stop to look and see what was going on. He later took back what he said and said that if we had bought the furniture that day, it would probably be more like December that we would get it instead of August. Once we talked to the manager and told him what was going on, he apologized and basically told us that there was no way possible for him to give us an accurate date of delivery but if I called him the following week (which will be next week), he would try and get me an answer. I will never shop at Ashley again. We proved that they will lie and say whatever they have to in order to make a sale and once the sale is made they don’t care what happens.
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User Replies:
Sherri on 2014-06-05:
Same thing happened to me! I bought furniture May 10th and had an estimated date of delivery of May 21st. On May 27th I called store and was told it would be June 8th. They did not contact me to let me know anything. Then they said the table was out of stock so they did not know when it would come in. I said that was unacceptable and wanted my money back. Customer Manager said I might could take the floor model, but I would have to wait on the chairs. Why would I want a table with no chairs? I asked for a refund, she said I would have to talk to manager and pay 10% cancellation fee. He was in a meeting. I asked for him to call me back. I called back 3 hours later and he was out to lunch. Then I called 1 1/2 hour later and finally spoke to him, wow was he a jerk. Spoke to me as if this was my fault and he was sorry I was not 'educated' on how the furniture would be delivered. What education do I need if my table is 'out of stock'? He said corporate would have to approve the refund. What is there to approve if the item I paid for is out of stock? I want a refund and he said it should take 5 to 7 to 10 days to get it if corporate concludes it was a store problem. Like it would be my fault for not having my table delivered that I had paid for a month ago. He told me not to threaten him, I did not threaten, not that I did not want to but what good would a threat do? I told him I wanted the full refund and he was not to withhold the 10% and he hung up on me. Wow, I won't ever buy anything from them or any Ashley store. I hope to get my refund in the next month!
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Don't Bother With This Crappy Store In Central Park, Fredericksburg
Posted by on
VIRGINIA -- When we first purchased our home in '09, it was in need of lots of furniture. We went to Ashley Furniture in Central Park, Fredericksburg, VA, with hopes of getting some nice pieces to fill our home. After paying down on one layaway, we were left with one final suit for our master bedroom. The store manager at the time Buddy was wonderful with assisting us with our previous purchases. He had assisted us in changing out some pieces that were not really our style for more contemporary pieces. With this in mind, we trusted him to come through for us once more when we needed that same done for the bedroom suit. We were told that they would take care of the switch out for us. We looked forward to it being done right, being that we were familiar faces in the store, and walked out without the new receipt with the made changes in hand.

On January 2011 we walked into the store to take one last look and to make a payment on the suit. We were greeted by the same sales representative that dealt with us, Mr. Eddie French. He began to tell us that one of the items in our suit was no longer available. After speaking with him for a while, we discovered that the suit he was talking about was the one that was supposed to have been swapped out for the other that was more of our style. He then began to tell us that the suit was now more expensive than we originally anticipated, because it was a few months from the last promotion, which would have kept it the same price. Now we had to pay out an additional $599. for a night stand. I was highly upset to say the least because it was an error on their part for not doing the switch out as promised when the prices were still going to be the same. Now my husband and I had to pay extra for something that was their mistake. I tried to get it resolved with the new store manager. But after seeing his people skills upon yelling with a couple on the sales floor, we knew it would be challenging. When we told him about the issue, we told him that we would like to take off the $1000. mattress and just pay for the suit, because the mattress was simply too expensive and that we could not afford that price at this time. We even told him that we saw one for $650. and needed to know a. s.a. p. to take advantage of the other promotion. He told us he would let us know by Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Needless to say he never called us at all. It's now June 22, 2011 and we have yet to ever get a call from this joke of a manager. After contacting their Customer Service Dept. many times, no one has once tried to contact us within these five months to have this matter of the mattress and the price change for the extra night stand resolved.

On a weekly basis, I have been contacting the Customer Service Manager named Sherri to find out the status of this matter. The issues I have here is that she herself never calls when she says she will, or tells me that she will have the General manager or store owner get in contact with me which they never had, and that she will escalate the situation to the necessary people to have me satisfied. Upon my last conversation with Sherri on June 4, 2011, she told me that she had sent my information to Mike, one of the Regional Managers and that he would call me and if not, that she would call. On June 5, 2011, my husband and I went into the store to make a payment. The following Sat., June 11, 2011 we went back into the store to have the canopy bed switched out with the regular bed due to a new ceiling fan being installed in the master suit. The manager Kenny began to cover himself with riddles of deception and lies by stating that he had just called us this past Friday and left a message for us to call him back. I immediately knew this was a lie because the phone number was disconnected and not in service. I challenged him by asking him why he did not use the number that was provided when I left messages there several times. He stated that he just went off of the numbers on the ticket. Then he asked us if that was a good number to use. We told him no and that the number, which I gave to Theresa, a store rep., was the most suitable number. We did not know it at first, but once we had the changes made to the bed and walked out with our receipt, we realized that he had placed inaccurate, deceptive and misleading information on out ticket about him leaving us messages on the old number. I was infuriated with all his incompetence, ineffectiveness as a manager and shenanigans that he was up to, because when we were in the store the previous week, our ticket stated no such notes about him leaving messages. The following Tuesday, June 14, 2011 and June 21, 2011, I left a message for Sherri; I have yet to hear back from her.

Needless to say, this matter that is five months in the making has ineffective, inept and incompetent people working in a customer service oriented field with obviously, no ability of how to rectify such a simple matter. My deepest wish is to replace the joke of a manager at the Fredericksburg store with a more qualified candidate, because Kenny will eventually cause this store to loose more and more customers daily. I on the other hand, will do all within my power to post every negative review on the web about this experience, because of the inability to have this matter resoled in such a long time. The General Manager Mike and the store owner should be embarrasssed to have such dissatisfied customers as myself and to loose us to their competitors. The Ashley Furniture store at Carl D. Silver, Fredericksburg, VA reminds me of a Brooklyn fish market, all hype but no true quality.


R. Woolfolk
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User Replies:
Whiteduck on 2011-06-22:
If you knew you could complain on here, why didn't you check Ashley out before you bought anything from them?

Nothing in your complaint is out of the ordinary for Ashley...
trmn8r on 2011-06-22:
If I witnessed a manager yelling at other customers, I'd take my wife, the kids and the dog, and leave the store.
Paul on 2012-02-22:
Stay far away from this Ashley furniture. I hope you were able to get back all of the money you put toward the purchase on lay-away.

I'm working on putting a claim through the warranty service I bought with the POS furniture.
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Ashley Durablend Leather Sofa Start Peeling Within Two Years
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I bought Ashley Durablend bounded leather sofa set from furniture source (11545 Reeder rd Dallas TX 75229-2112) on 11-4-10.

It will start flaking up & peeling like old vinyl, 9 months ago. I complain to Furniture Source but first they told me that they will try to help me but after holding me so long they refuse me to help & told me that Ashley denied their complain.

I am so disappointed by Ashley furniture. I also have another sofa from Ashley too which I bought 5 years ago with some part leather but its absolutely fine .It means this sofa set have some kind of manufacturing defect. I do not have any pets & small kids. I bought two piece set & have problem with both.

Please help me in this case. These are the pictures of the defective Ashley sofas. Please check them out and email us back that you got them.

Sofa serial # 390882717 --2370188---M.O.# MA2NPOO
Love seat serial # 390882954-----2370194----MA2NPOO
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Kids Furniture Safety Issue - Company will not resolve
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS -- I bought an Ashley Furniture Children's Cottage Retreat Nightstand item ID B213-92 for my daughter before she could walk. She has now begun to walk. She pulled her self up by the front of nightstand and it fell over on her. Thinking it was just a fluke accident we kept it. My wife told me the other day when the little one opened the drawers which were full of children books it fell on her again, without pulling down on the drawer, just opening it. I called Ashley Furniture in Carbondale Illinois, where it was purchased, to see what their return policy was. The lady that answered said see the bottom of the invoice, if you take delivery then there are no refunds or returns, because it was Special Ordered. Last time I checked they have to order everything because they are too cheap to keep an inventory. I kindly explained it is a design flaw and that needs to be addressed because it is a safety issue. Her response was just attach it to the wall. I asked to talk with the store manager and she told me that he is a busy person, he will get back to me when he gets time. Still have not heard from him. (I will give him a week and after that time to go to the Better Business Bureau and Ashley Corporate, do not really know how much it will help but worth a shot.)

Excuse me when I buy children's furniture it should not have to be strapped to the wall to prevent it from falling forward when the drawers are opened. I could expect that response if it were adult furniture but children's. I guess Ashley furniture is more worried about making a buck than the safety of the children's furniture it sells. If they would make the sides three inches deeper there would be no issues with falling forward.

I will never buy anything from them again and you should not either.
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User Replies:
jcape42 on 2012-02-04:
The store manager called me back finally and told me that the company sells 10s of thousands of these sets so there is no issue with the design. I asked since I am having the issue where does the complaint go from the local store. He said no where. So the corporation is not getting accurate information about what its furniture is or is not. His response to me was attach it to the wall. He tried to use an example of a Flat screen tv, if a child climbs up on it and it falls over is it a design flaw? My response was a flat screen tv is not children's furniture and is not designed to sit on the floor where a child could get to it so his example does not work logically. He changed the subject back to attaching it to the wall and the only thing he would do is send the strap to attach it because it was not in the box. Still will not buy anything from them ever again.
clutzycook on 2012-02-04:
I think a lot of children's furniture recommends that it be anchored to the wall.
Venice09 on 2012-02-04:
I have never heard of attaching furniture to a wall to prevent it from falling over. Furniture should be designed not tip, especially children's furniture.

My grown daughter has a dresser from Target's Shabby Chic collection that reminds me of this nightstand. She has used and abused it for the last six years, including several moves. It was not overly expensive. It is still in good shape and certainly never fell over! I highly recommend it as an alternative to Ashley Furniture.
furnman on 2012-02-06:
One suggestion, distribute the weight of the items in the drawers, put the books and heavier items in the bottom drawers and lighter things in the top so the piece won't get top heavy. However be careful as to how much you put in the drawers as Ashley drawer bottoms are not very strong and everything call fall through the bottom. Remember you are dealing with Ashley quality. Sorry, the words Ashley and quality should never appear side by side.
George on 2012-02-07:
Heavy children's furniture should be anchored to the wall, especially if you are going to load it full of heavy books. You don't pull out all the drawers on your loaded dresser or tool-chest and expect them to stay upright, do you?
A toddler who is learning to walk will use anything within reach to help pull themselves up.
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Bad Furniture Please Don't Buy From Them
Posted by on
1516 US HWY 41, INDIANA -- Key Town wall unit Model #W668-26

The floor model was very nice, What they deliver to me was pure garbage!!!DUSTY!! Sections were not stained, dented, scratches, door had 1 screw in each hinge, door did not line up, glass shelves were scratched and cracked, lights did not work! They sent a repair man and he damages the front with his tool belt causing a noticeable scrap, he tried to adjust the door HE HAD to have noticed the screws missing but did nothing or say anything about it. The store than sent out another unit and it was worse than the first. The whole top of the crown molding on the unit was not stained and it was so dusty and looked like 100 people touched it. Finger prints were so prominent that a CSI agent would have found 100 criminals. They finally agreed to refund the purchase and tax but not the delivery, I am now fighting to have that refunded.

If you have any questions about my experience email me at Had I known that the furniture was not made here in the USA I would have never entered the store another Lie by this company Please beware!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2011-07-05:
Gee, from one glowing review I was inclined to think I was all wrong about this trash heap of a company.

Using that picture and your review, it is easy to visualize the pieces of junk that must have been delivered to you. Excellent review, very helpful.

Welcome to my3c, and be sure to check out the Community Ward if you get a chance.
Venice09 on 2011-07-05:
I've seen other complaints about the quality of the delivered furniture compared to the showroom pieces. Maybe the trick to a successful purchase from Ashley Furniture is to pick up the floor model with your own truck.

This is a good review. It paints an accurate picture of a typical Ashley experience. There doesn't seem to be one aspect of the company worth giving it my business.
49er fan on 2011-09-10:
Very good review!!! As you stated, the piece you purchased looked "very nice" in the showroom but unfortuantely what you received was very different. When you walk into an Ashley Furniture Store you are meant to believe you are actually in a high end, upscale furniture store. They do this by surrounding their furniture with various accessories, lamps, paintings etc not to mention the overall layout of the store itself. Then when you look at the price tags (not to mention the "deals" or promotions the salesperson may be pitching you while you browse) you assume "wow, this is a great deal". But, look a little closer and you will find you are getting exactly what you pay for!!!! Almost all of the furniture is made overseas, shipped to the US and then stored in a few warehouses Ashley has. This is one of the reasons why delivery of your furniture can take forever before you receive it. A few pointers and things to ask if you decide to purchase your furniture from an Ashley Furniture Homestore: 1) How long is it going to take to receive my furniture? 2) Is the quality of the furniture I have seen and may purchase going to be the same as the furniture I have viewed in the showroom? 3) If something happens and I am unsatisfied after receiving my furniture at the time of delivery what are my options?:: Customers purchasing furniture from this company have a right to know the answers to these questions from the salesperson before making a decision to purchase furniture from Ashley. Find out the estimated time of delivery or arrival of the furniture from your salesperson, if something happens and the ETA of your furniture is not what was discussed immediately contact your salesperson and ask for answers. When you receive your furniture inspect it, sit on it, just like you did in the store. If you have questions or concerns then immediately let the delivery personnel know, if that doesn't work call your salesperson. If you find something that is unsatisfactory after looking over, using, setting on, etc the furniture you have purchased then do not sign anything accepting delivery, refuse to sign and then contact your salesperson and notify them of what happened during the delivery!!! I hope this helps people considering purchasing furnitiure, we all know how much it costs to purchase nice, quality,furntiure to put in our homes.
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Same Old Company with New Name
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Warning, Warning, Warning, Warning!!!!!!!My wife and I bought a "new" set of furniture for our den from Ashley. We bought a recliner, wedge and two sofas. Almost immediately, the recliner broke and so did one of the recliners in the sofa. The tech came and told us it was due to poor workmanship but was able to make repairs. Within a few weeks, one of the "leather" sofas started to peel on the seat and back. My wife and I are senior citizens with no children at home and no pets. The tech came and said that the materials were defective. He ordered parts and a few days later, he came and replaced the entire top and bottom. He failed to replace all the padding so the seat is now flat. We moved this sofa and started to use the other thinking it may be fine. Wrong!!!! It has started to peel in four places. We went to the store and talked to the manager and he said that even though the warranty had expired, he would "take care of our problem". The tech came and said the materials were defective and they should replace the set. He ordered parts. Then Ashley called and said they would not make any repairs since it was out of warranty. I called back to the manager and he said that he did not tell me that he would fix the problems and to call the customer service manager at corporate. This was a huge waste of time. She could not care less and was almost arrogant and condescending towards me. I found out that Ashley was once Levitz and they have filed for bankruptcy several times due to poor quality furniture and bad customer service. Same company with the same problems. Do not purchase anything from this company. The extended warranty is bogus. They say if you do not use it that they will refund your money. This is not true. They give you store credit which is worthless. If anything happens to your furniture, they will claim that it is neglect or consumer abuse and wouldn't do anything. I bet Ashley owns the warranty company as well.

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User Replies:
CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-14:
Levitz (after almost 100 years) went bankrupt and was liquidated in 2008. Ashley was never Levitz. The closest possibility is that Ashley acquired some empty stores which they opened under their crummy name.

It is interesting to note that the BBB gives Ashley an A+ rating. This is an example of the world's oldest profession thriving in our modern world.
At Your Service on 2012-11-15:
Ashley is not Levitz. With that said, anyone who does even a modicum of research of Ashley Furniture, they learn that it is cheaply made furniture that readily breaks down. I don't think I'd ever pay for anything with their name on it.
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Poor Customer Service, Poor Delivery, a Nightmare With Over $5000 Worth of Purchase
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CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- The WORST. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR PURCHASE fROM THIS COmPANY. I made a paid in full purchase of over $5,000 worth of furniture in early October 2011.After making my purchase I was told that all of my items where in except for my bedroom furniture. Almost one month later I called to check the status of my delivery and I was told that they wear waiting on an accent chair that I purchased by martinque mystique 5000260. I said I thought you said that that item was in. I was hit with ooh I'm going to call you back. Per a Mr. Titan. I called the next morning and was placed on hold. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and I was told there was no supervisor there. I then asked who am I speaking to. There was a pause as she said LOLA. I then said I'm on my way. Just from remembering my past two visits at Ashley I knew if nothing else there were supervisors avialable at all times. AS entered I saw my sales manager and I explained my situation to him. He directed me to a young lady at the register and we looked up my purchase. I was then told that they did not have a delivery date for my chair to come in and that the particular livingroom set that I purchased has a back log until April 2012. I said that shouldn't effect me because I made this purchase in early October and there was no notification of a back log. On top of that I heard that the livingroom set that I ordered has been being returned because of tears and broken arms. OMG. I then asked for a refund. My representative turned the computer around to a young lady whom of which I immediately identified as lola because of her voice and asked her if I could get a refund. lola looks at the computer and turns it away quickly and says ooh no. I'm not giving her a refund it has'nt been 6 weeks. OMG why didi she do that. I began To yell. YOU all TOOk MY $5000.00 with no problem. 1 month later I still don't have my furniture. I wasn't notified about no chair being on back log. Iwant my sh--t with no problem. Give me the display for a discount, call another store or do something. Give me my furniture or return my money with no problem. After my representative speaking to a manager. The chair issue was resolved and my delivery was scheduled for 11-07-2011. Well today's that day. I received no phone call from Ashley. therefore I called them to see what time my furniture was going to be delivered. I was told that my date was rescheduled to the 9th because they don't deliver in my city on Mondays. No one called me to ask if this was fine or to see if I was going to be available. The 9th is my birthday I have an out of town flight scheduled for this day. THE WORST EVER. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.
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Alain on 2011-11-08:
This behaviour is typical of Ashley. File official complaints at: and, for added good measure at
It won't cause Ashley to solve the immediate problem, but it will help alert other consumers to stay away from Ashley, just as your review here will help to do.
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Flee From This Company. Do Not Buy Anything From Them Or You Will Be Sorry!! Never Again Will I Waste My Time Or Money
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MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Oh lord, Where do I begin, First the good stuff, My daughter and I went in there and all the sales people hang around the front door and rush you when you walk in, you don't get a chance to look around, obviously there there to sell you something and make a commission, like piranha, But I have to admit our sales lady was very nice, helpful, polite and did come down on some prices, even with a sale going on, My problems came in after they got my money as I paid them that day for my 4 grand if stuff. Being promised the whole time oh it will be there in 2-3 weeks delivered to your house,4 weeks at the very most if they have any problems, I told them I was remodeling my home, and I also had company coming in from California for a month to visit, oh no problem it will be there blah, blah, they would sell you a bucket with a hole in the bottom while you were up to your neck in a fire, and tell you theres no hole in the bucket. you need to Bail water faster, I just got my last item from my order I had to pick up about 40 miles each way that was ordered January 1, 2009, and was paid for to be delivered with the rest of my stuff, that came well after that 3-4 weeks I was promised and after my company came and stayed a month after that 2-3-4-week period it was promised to be delivered, it came the day after my company left, After they slept in the floor because we didn't have any living room furniture, no dining room furniture etc, we had beds.

I eventually went to Walmart and bought a 60 dollar inflatable bed for them to sit and sleep on in the empty living room, I was never so embarrassed in my life, I think my company got the feeling I did not want them using my new furniture, and had it delivered the day after they left, sure made me look like crap, I had to take them out to dinner almost every night as we had no dining room table and chairs as we took Ashleys so called professionals at there word that we would have our furniture in 2-3 weeks. So being Disabled, I had to get removal help when I could to get my old stuff out to make room for my new stuff, that was not a good thing, if Ashleys was going to take that long they should have told me to leave my stuff in the house as I told them my situation and they could have taken it out, and I would have had something for myself, kids and company to sit and eat on for the last almost 3 months.

My $700.00 oriental run did not make the original delivery, everything was paid for completely from January 1st, and I was assured by the delivery people it would be along shortly and they would call me about it, I never heard another word from Ashleys.

Being a patient man, Single dad with children I'm raising while I'm physically disabled also, I have learned about patience, So I waited and waited until I was beginning to fear I would forget about my rug and remember it 6 months from now and Ashleys of course would say, you got your rug pal 6 months ago, don't try pulling that,,So since my phone was not ringing off the hook I call them one day, And I get someone on the phone who can't find my order, looks up my name sees who my sales lady is and I hear them talking about what, where it could be, why didn't I get it yet etc, Total confusion on the other end, so she comes back on the phone and says oh, we are going to have to call you back in a little bit on that, and yes sir its been a very long time most people are yelling and screaming by now when we deal with them like this, I said I'm a very patient man but, I want my rug I paid for months ago,,So I'm left expecting a call back shortly telling me the status of my rug,(but I did also overhear that my rug had come in over a month earlier and why had no one called me but they could not find it anywhere).

So I sat home all day long waiting for that call, I got it about 7 or 8 hours later telling me they had it but actually didn't have it, they had to find it somewhere in there warehouse, and they would call me, several days later I got a message on my answering machine telling me my rug was down there and I could come and pick it up anytime, at this point its almost comical, like dealing with the three stooges, but I think they would have even had the common sense to deliver it since I had paid for it already to be delivered and it says that on the paperwork I took off the rug when I got home with it, apparently they also do not read down there, I'm sure it was on the computer order as it was printed out from a computer on the attached delivery sheet on my rug, needless to say I drove 80 miles plus round trip, to get a rug I already had paid to have delivered and to top that off, everyone was sitting around the front doors swarming potential customers as they walked in, I got by that and went to the back counter where the 3 people sitting back there looked like I was inconveniencing them because I had to interrupt there conversation to find out where my paid for rug was, so after she pulls up my name after I tell her the ordeal I have been going through for the last few months, and she says oh your rug is over there, and points to a rack of them rolled up.

So I'm like oh OK, being surprised by the lack of interest and effort I went over and she got up and headed over there and said there it is, and I said Ma'am, I'm disabled is it really heavy I donr know, I can't pick it up she says, So its not a huge rug so I figure maybe I can get it and I was able to slip it out of the race and drag it out of the store as all the sales people watched me, and not a single one offered to help, by then I was ready to leave that place, as I was walking away from the back counter the girl says maybe I can find someone to help you, by then the hard part was over the lifting, I could drag it to the car and she could have helped me but choose to stand and watch me after I told her I was injured, thank god for my pain meds later on I sure needed a good dose of them, after that dose wore off. I never saw such an unhelpful bunch of people in my life, except for my original sales lady she would have and did carry the first rug I bought out to my truck for me, god bless her, I have nothing bad to say about her and I think she would not have allowed that to go on had she been working that day, she knew I was Disabled, And would not allow me to help her carry the first one out, and none of those other lazy sales people would lift a finger to help her carry it through the store and to my truck back in January.

And when I took my rug home yesterday, I walked right through the middle of them all gathered there, not a single one offered to help a customer carry a rug out, much less question me as to where I was going with it and did I have a receipt for it, no one checked my id or asked me any questions, like my address, they just took my word for whom I was and allowed me to walk out with a rug, not signing anything, showing them anything like identification, I was shocked at the lack of security and the could careless attitude, I could have walked out with the safe and no one would have said a thing. long as it was not there safe. Had I been a crook I could have just looked on one of those other rugs, and sent someone in and told them to say I'm [snip] and I'm here to get my rug, and they could have just walked out with an $800.00 rug, then when [snip showed up I'm sure they would have told him he got his rug two days ago, Most likely where my rug went in Jan, when I didn't get it, If I owned that business, id be reaming some butt over that, lack of concern, seems everyone down there is worried about sales and commissions rather than anything else. In the thirty some years I have been in business locally in the same area, I have dealt with all kinds of thieve and professional thieves in my time, And ill tell you what, one of the thieves that was not any good at it most likely has there whole house full of Ashley furniture, rugs and anything else they can just pick up and walk out the door with unchallenged.

I could have backed my truck up to the front doors and loaded it up and no one would have said a thing, nor did they when I took my rug out of there, the only person that had any idea what I was doing in there was that girl at the back counter of the store, if those idiots were smart they would have a customer service counter up front to catch the disgruntled people as they walked out, rather than a bunch of sales people sitting on their butts loitering waiting on customers to bring them money in the front door, personally I like to look around a little then find someone to help me.
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smal on 2009-03-23:
Oh ,I found out why Ashleys has so much delivery delay and problems,I was told by someone High up in there company,that this Delivery situation will be resolved soon ,As they are purchaceing an additional Nissan Pick up Truck to double there delivery service,lol
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