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Terrible Product and Service
Posted by on
My husband and I made the mistake of going to the new Ashley Furniture store in our city in Canada the first weekend in September of 2007, 5 months ago, and making the decision to purchase a dining table and chairs ($1,200.00), a China cabinet ($3,000.00), two living room chairs ($600.00) and living room tables ($500.00) for a total purchase of over $5,000.00, which is a big deal for us. We loved the product as we saw it in the showroom and looked forward to our delivery which, we were told, would be in 28 days (or sooner!) I explained to the sales girl that I would ideally like to have the items by Canada's thanksgiving which is the first weekend in October. She said that there was a possibility that I could have the items by then. So I put my Thanksgiving dinner off and the week after thanksgiving I got a call saying our items were being delivered. I unpacked my old buffet and put all my good dishes and China on the floor in the living room so that I could easily just put it into the new unit when it was in place. We also phoned family and scheduled our dinner for that Sunday.

On the day of delivery, they brought in the dining room table, the two living room chairs and the bottom half of the China cabinet. It was then we learned that the living room tables had been damaged in transit and that we wouldn't be getting them then, but no one we spoke to could tell us what happened to the upper portion of the China cabinet. Also, the table was placed inside down in my dining room and I saw a huge, filthy footprint on the bottom of my brand new table! I mentioned it and one delivery guy asked the other one "did you step on the table" and the other guy said "yey" and just brushed it off!! I made them stop until I at least had time to clean the footprint off before they set the table upright in my dining room!

So we had our dinner that Sunday with all my nice things on the floor in the living room and without the top of the China cabinet. There was also a run on the back cushion of one of the living room chairs, when I spoke to them next about where the rest of my items were I mentioned that it would have to be fixed and was told that because I hadn't mentioned it until 3 days after delivery they wouldn't honor it because I could have done it myself!! Luckily, we had purchased the extended warranty which they say covers us for fixing anything any time. I have yet to hear from them regarding fixing that cushion. Also, one of the legs on the same chair was twisted around and wonky. It would have been apparent to the delivery men, but they did nothing about it. My question is: How did that leg get all wonky? And why am I paying for furniture which seems to be put through the mill before I receive it? But I hadn't seen anything yet!!

Eventually my tables were delivered. Then I found out talking to the customer service person I was dealing with that the reason they hadn't delivered the top of my China cabinet was because the mirrored back had been smashed in shipping. I was told that my China cabinet was sitting in storage somewhere waiting for new mirrors to be shipped. She then asked if I would rather it be delivered to me and then I wait for the mirrors. HELL yes!! I certainly didn't trust the glass portion of my $3,000.00 China cabinet to these people!! So they delivered it and thus began the most frustrating, disgusting evening of this entire experience. When they placed the top portion of the cabinet on the bottom I noticed that the glass was smeared with something. Well I knew I would have to clean it and anyway, the delivery people don't give a #$%@ about the items they deliver! After they left I began to clean the item -- or attempt to clean it. An hour later my husband came home from work to me still cleaning it and also crying and ANGRY!

The top portion of the brand new $3,000.00 China cabinet we had just had delivered, rather than being in a condition to show off to my friends and family, was so disgustingly dirty that I couldn't believe it. Filth and soot and dirt was layered inside it in every nook and cranny. And in terms of the smears on the glass, the best description I can give is that it was like a huge Sumo wrestler rubbed his bare, sweaty, oily body on it and then it dried. We used every product we had in the house that night to remove the disgusting greasy, crusty smears from the glass of this cabinet and didn't stop for THREE HOURS. My brand new $3,000.00 China cabinet was delivered so filthy that it took me FOUR HOURS in total to clean it once it was delivered. And if that wasn't bad enough, nobody at Ashley cared when I told them about it!! Also, there were 3 or 4 nicks in the wood to the point that there was raw wood showing and the finish along two of the edges was a real mess. So they sent over a service guy and he dabbed some touch up on everything and said it was fine. I guess that's what you get for $3,000.00 from Ashley.

So, I finally have everything except the mirrors that go in the back of my China cabinet. I'm still not happy with the state of the glass on the cabinet, I feel there is still an oily film of some kind on it which prevents me from getting it sparkling and smudge free, but there's nothing more I can do; apparently, I just have to live with it. So I filled the cabinet with all my stuff and 3 weeks later they called to say the glass was here and someone would come to install it that week. So I once again emptied all my treasured items to the floor in the living room. They sent one guy which was ridiculous because two were needed; one to hold the glass, the other to screw it to the backer. I kept asking the guy if I could help and he kept saying no. I kept hearing crashing and banging it finally I went in to see what was happening and found that he had damaged one of the mirrors.

Luckily, they had sent one of the mirrors that survived the original shipment and I had it handy, so he removed the damaged one and put up the one I had kept. After he left I started to put my things back into the cabinet and low and behold, one of the mirrors has a big chip off the corner, which he could not have missed when he did it putting it in. But he said nothing about it and just put it in and left!! So I had to reload the cabinet, phone Ashley and tell the person I'm dealing with that AGAIN we had a problem. So she ordered another piece of mirror and we got a call last week that it was in. Over our answering machine she made an appointment for the service man to come out. It was the day after we had scheduled to have new countertops put in our kitchen and the items from my kitchen were in boxes in my dining room. A guy phoned to confirm the appointment the day before while the guy was there for the countertops and about 5 minutes after I had just had a call from my cousin that my uncle had just passed away. I told the guy on the phone that it wouldn't be possible for the appointment as scheduled by Ashley. He said no problem we would get another call from them setting something up for another time. Thank you very much.

Two days later my contact from Ashley calls me and tell me in an authoritative tone that she won't charge us for a missed service call THIS time, but next time we may not be as lucky!!! I had read some of these complaints, unfortunately not until after we purchased the items. I contemplated sending my review at each step through our journey, but because the customer service person we have is very nice, I avoided doing so. But since being told about the charge for the missed service call after FIVE MONTHS of their disgraceful screw ups and horrendous representation by Ashley staff, I've HAD IT. And I still have to empty my China cabinet again for them to put on the last piece of mirror. Hopefully then we will have seen the end of them.


I don't know how these people will continue to be in business for much longer if many people read these reviews. Then, so much for our warranties!!
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Tammy02 on 2008-01-24:
The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. If a store is unable or unwilling to assist with a warranty claim, Ashley’s corporate office can assist by notifying the store of their warranty obligations. We request that you consider contacting the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department. We are here to help!

Our contact information is as follows:
Email: consumeraffairs@ashleyfurniture.com
Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612
Tammy02 on 2008-02-12:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. responded to "Ghastly Furniture"s personal email on 01/24/08, unfortunately we have not received a reply back. An Ashley Furniture reference number was provided for quicker service. Therefore, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should "Ghastly Furniture" reply to our email, we will review the information and proceed from there.
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AZ Ashley Homestores SUCKS
Posted by on
GLENDALE/PHX, ARIZONA -- I will try to summarize the last 6 months of Ashley Furniture Homestores hell. July 1, 05 we purchased a sofa, loveseat and dining room table and chairs for $3,000. Two months later, the table arrived, but they did not bring the sofa and loveseat, as they were broken. After the table legs were attached, they opened the leaf and chunks of wood and parts fell out of the table on the floor. They left the table and chairs - so we would have something to use and told me to set up an appointment with the service technician. Another month later, the tech is set to arrive on Monday and the sofa/loveseat was to be delivered on Sunday, a day before the tech. The Saturday before the tech appointment, I receive a message that said if I did not call back today, they would cancel the tech appointment. We called all day Saturday and left messages not to cancel the appointment – no one would answer the phone at the number they gave us. Turns out that the call centers only leave you on hold for about 10 minutes, then automatically switch to the voice message system, so if no one answers your call within the 10 or so minutes, you can leave a message that “will be returned the same business day”. By the way, the call back, it never happens.

Sunday arrived and they dumped off the sofa/loveseat and literally ran out of our house. We discovered that there were tears in the leather and 2 of the 4 built in recliners were broken. Called customer service – no answer, left message. Monday the tech said we needed a new table and we had him look at the sofa/loveseat. He said that he could fix the sofa/loveseat with some parts and some welding in 3-4 hours. We said no, we wanted new furniture, because that is what we paid for, and he was not going to get 3-4 hours of my time. He said he has to order the parts and we need to call customer service to request new furniture. Called customer service Mon – Fri, no answer, left messages (honestly about 15 messages were left during this week) – no responses. Saturday went to store where we purchased them (Bell & 67th Ave, Phx, AZ) and spoke with manager, Tom. I explained our situation and Tom sent in a customer complaint form and gave me the corporate customer service number and a contact there, Jill. Monday I called the corporate customer service and asked for Jill, they said she was not available, and would leave her a message to call me, no response. Called several times over the next few days and left messages for Jill, they would not let me talk to her. Three large boxes of parts arrived at my door, and are now occupying a walkway in my garage. No mention that parts were to arrive at my house, and not a call from Ashley to have the tech fix the furniture – not that I would let them anyhow.

This is what has saved me, so far, we used their financing – American General. I called AmGen and filed a dispute. AmGen set up a 3-way conversation with them, the mysterious Jill and myself. Jill said she would order another sofa/loveseat for us. I told her this was their last chance, if we received damaged furniture again, I wanted a credit. Guess what, two weeks ago on Sunday (early Dec) they showed up with another torn up loveseat, I did not even look at the sofa nor have them pull it out of the truck. The driver said customer service would call me, but of course, they did not. I called AmGen and Ashley customer service on Monday, Ashley did not answer (both corp & reg customer service), left messages. AmGen said they could not make Ashely give us a credit, but would request that they do so. In the meantime, AmGen said that according to their file, Ashley had ordered us another sofa/loveseat (4th set) – this again without even talking to us. The AmGen rep will be back in the office tomorrow, so hopefully I will get my credit and they will pick up the broken sofa/loveseat.

It is almost comical now, but if anyone has a contact out there that I can use, I would appreciate it. DO NOT purchase from Ashley Homestores, and always use credit for large purchases so you will have some type of recourse with the business.
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Ayleian on 2005-12-24:
Comment on my own message. No resolution yet, maybe after the holidays. I filed with the BBB tonight. I tried the mjedlowskicustomercare@ashleyfurniture.com (aka jedi) email address for the AZ CEO, but it comes back as failed. They do not even answer their phones, why did I expect the email address to even work....
Ms.Consumer on 2005-12-24:
Wow! What a horrible company. Sorry your holiday was ruined.
doglover on 2006-01-03:
Hey there....sorry to see you had to go through that. I had a similar situation with the Ashley in Avondale, AZ. I did contact the BBB too! My story is on here as well. I will never EVER go to their store again and I work right in the area and deal with people regularly who need furniture...I happily send them to the Room Store.
Ayleian on 2006-01-08:
More from the original poster. I guess my email did make it through, I received a call on 12/26 from the Corp office asking me what I wanted, told her refund and pick up your crap. A week later they picked up, but would not pick up the 3 boxes of parts thay had sent to my house. I loaded them up and drove to the store and threw them on the back dock, scared the hell out of the crew on a smoke break. The corp rep called back and apologized for not picking up the parts, told her it was par for the course. Waiting on my refund. We did purchase a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman at Mor for the same price as the Ashley crap. It was delivereed on time and in perfect condition. Tried our luck the same week with a entertainment center at the Room Store, guess what, on time and perfect condition. One of the Mor delivery guys said he woked at Ashley for 1 month. He said that they are required to "fix" the broken stuff and they resell it as new. A salewoman at Mor said that Ashley was not paying the correct commissions and withholding the sheet that shows how much they have sold. She said it seemed like they were trying to go out of business by shafting their employees and poor customer service. Stay away from Ashley, not worth it, tell your friends.
geekgrl on 2006-09-09:
In trying to obtain a refund, I discovered that each Ashley Home Store is independently operated by whoever bought the name. It's an ideal setup for them to hide behind the Ashley name.

In my case, I found out our store is owned by the Levitz Family of Levitz Furniture fame. So since its owned by the family, there's not a "corporate office" I can contact and I'm doomed to argue with the local store.

Don't buy from Ashley Home Stores - you don't know who you might be dealing with and there is no customer service.
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Out of Stock / Discontinued
Posted by on
ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- As I write this I am livid and literally shaking!!!! I cannot believe that this company is still in business given the horrible customer service that they provide. My husband and I were very excited at the thought of buying new furniture. We happened to drive by Ashley's and decided to give it a try. Of course the customer service prior to the purchase is superb. Lots of advice, very patient and till the very end of the transaction, very courteous. Then the NIGHTMARE begins. They had told us 2-4 weeks for delivery. My quest for the truth comenced last Thursday when I called to follow up on the ETA. Since then I Have been given responses such as: furniture has been discontinued....certain item is not in stock until March 25th... Not sure when delivery will take place. I have had to place most of the calls. I do get calls but every time they tell me something different.

At this point I am out $4200 and tons of headaches!!! I don't know what to do. How can they get away with this. How come no one is aware. I wish I would have read this before and trust me...we would have never even looked towards the furniture store. Now I'm afraid that the furniture will not be in good conditions and if I ever will get it all!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!
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49er fan on 2011-03-08:
Very sorry for your current situation but you are not alone. This occurs daily with this company as you can see from all the complaints that are very similar to yours. The problem is that there isn't much you can do, they already have your money and this company doesn't like refunds so if by a miracle you do get a refund expect a headache and possibly a restock fee. To answer your question about how they stay in business is somewhat simple. They do provide good service, seem caring during the sale and their stores look really nice but once they get your money it usually goes downhill. It is a shame and I wish you the best of luck dealing with this company, unfortunately you will need it.
Augustus2099 on 2011-03-08:
Sorry about what happened you can contact the BBB or your state Attorney General. Never pay for the furniture unless you are absolutely Sure it is in stock at the place if not walk out.
Whiteduck on 2011-03-09:
I'd feel worse for you if you'd also ordered a faucet from eFaucets...
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Wish I had read these reviews before spending $2983.33 on Ashley furniture!!
Posted by on
GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- In January I purchased living room furniture from Ashley Furniture in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I also found a dining set I liked, but did not purchase it. I went back to Ashley on February 13th to purchase the dining table & chairs, but was informed by my sales associate that the set was discontinued. She said she would call around and find a set for me. She found the table & chairs available on the floor at another store. I paid an additional $99.95 fee to purchase the catalyzed finish with elite protection plan.

My living room furniture was delivered on February 17th. The area rug had three holes in it and was fraying along the edge. I also received a phone call to arrange delivery for my dining table that had not been included on the shipment because it had been shipped from Appleton to the main warehouse in Stevens Point. We arranged delivery of the dining set for 2 days later on February 19th. When the delivery arrived, my husband was told there would be a COD delivery charge. We had just paid a delivery charge for our furniture delivery two days earlier!

On February 20th, I went in to Ashley furniture and talked with my sales associate. She refunded the second delivery charge and found a replacement for our area rug. I also discussed with her that the table delivered the day before contained over 20 scratches! She indicated I could either call in a claim on the elite furniture protection or she could have service come to look at it. I told her I preferred to have service look at the table because it was delivered in that shape. I did not feel I should have to make a claim for something I DID NOT DO!! I also emailed her several pictures of the table scratches.

On March 3rd, the service associate came to look at the table and told my husband that the table had been “abused” and would likely need to be replaced. He asked if we had abused it and slid items across the top. My husband told him it was delivered to us in this condition. I would NEVER purchase a table in this condition. I purchased this table sight-unseen and informed my sales associate of the condition the morning after it was delivered!

After the service associate left our house on March 3rd. I received a phone call from the service department that since this table was purchased off the showroom floor, I would need to pay for the service call and for the repairs. I called back and explained that the table was purchased sight-unseen based on the table I had seen in the Green Bay showroom in January. She indicated she would talk with the service associate and make plans for the repair to be covered. I never received a call back, so I AGAIN went in to Ashley two weeks later. My sales associate said she would have her manager call me.

The store manager called me on March 22nd indicating he would give me a complete refund and have the store call to arrange pick-up of the dining room set. (That has been 3 weeks and NO phone call!!)

It has now been 2 months since the purchase of this set and I have never heard any more regarding the table. I paid $831.29 for this table and chairs that looks like it has been used for several years. This is not acceptable! My entire purchase with Ashley was $2983.33 and I am very unsatisfied with the whole purchase experience!! The area rug had three holes, the table has scratches all over it, and then I was charged two delivery charges two days apart from each other. It seems like I was told anything I wanted to hear just to make a sale; whether it was quality merchandise or not!

I wish I had read these reviews before shopping at Ashley. Their service is poor after the sale!!
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User Replies:

idontthinkso on 2010-04-13:
Thank you for sharing this. I'm not currently looking for Furniture, but knowing the past can greatly shape the future.
Anonymous on 2010-04-13:
Reviews like this is what reminded me to tell my friend recently NOT to go to Ashley. She's been looking for a living room set and twice she mentioned Ashley. I said go, but I told you what the reviews are like and I'm not going with you.
Anonymous on 2010-04-13:
That is too large of an amount to just let it go. I would take all receipts, email pictures of damaged furniture, etc...and confront the store manager in person. Get confrontational. Demand to see them in person, and DO NOT accept "Oh, they'll call you back later". Small claims court if nothing else. For you to do nothing further, is only perpetuating the problem.
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WARNING!! Do not do business with Ashley Furniture
Posted by on
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I regret buying from Ashley and here is why:

Delivery was scheduled for 2 weeks after purchase and was on time. However, I received a call the morning of telling me the hutch part of the China cabinet was damaged and they could not deliver and would reschedule and call me back. No call back. Upon arrival of the delivery truck, the delivery guys had no clue what they were doing. They made more work for themselves offloading this set than they should have. They also damaged the buffet and 1 of the chairs when they offloaded them. I contacted customer service about rescheduling the hutch and setting up a service tech to try to repair the damage from the delivery drivers. Still no answer on the rescheduling but a service appt. was set for the following week. When this guy showed up he actually made the damage worse. This dining room set has a black matte/dull finish and now the buffet and chair has a shiny polyurethane spray on it and the chair legs have white marks all over them. It was ridiculous. I called customer service again (still no clue when they would deliver the hutch) and they wanted to send another tech out to try to fix the damage the other guy did. I said that was unsatisfactory and they just need to replace both the buffet and the chair and deliver everything together. After getting nowhere with customer service I contacted the store manager. Initially I had a difficult time getting him to call me but I am very persuasive. Since I got him involved things seemed to get better until today. First of all, I got a call 2 days ago from the delivery department saying they would be here today between 10-2. I also received a call yesterday saying they would be delivering all 3 pieces (buffet, hutch and chair). At 2pm, no delivery or phone call. I call the store manager and am told that I am #5 for delivery and should be here soon. Come 4pm, still no delivery. I call back and talk to the manager and he contacts the dispatcher and is told they would not make the delivery today. Furthermore, he told me there was no record of all 3 pieces being delivered, only the hutch. That has now been scheduled for tomorrow morning but I not getting my hopes up. As for the other 2 pieces, that is on order again but I have no indication when it will actually be delivered. This has truly been the worst experience I have ever had with a furniture store. I have a large home and a lot of furniture from numerous stores, including some being shipped internationally. Never have I had a problem like this.

This company SUCKS!!!! I will never again set foot in their store (I am even hesitant to walk in and use the $100 in-store credit). I will warn everybody I know not to purchase anything from Ashley Furniture and I going to post this review on as many sites as I can find.
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Damaged furniture no resolution
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WOODBRIDE, VIRGINIA -- To make a long story no too long these people have been so rude to me about everything they will not fix or repair my scratched up tables and won't compensate me for the damage they threaten to charge a 30% restocking fee if I return the damaged tables so they are trying to force me to keep their crap tables. The manager at the store was horrible and the manager with delivery was kind enough to offer a full refund on delivery but then hours later called back and said she couldn't do it. This place is insane they are rude cheap and overall unprofessional do not buy from them regardless of the deal they offer they have horrible track record of cheating people and I will make every effort to tell as many people as possible.
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trmn8r on 2012-11-13:
Savvy consumers find out about Ashley and avoid them. I'm sorry you were treated this way and ended up with trash instead of new furniture you can be proud to own.
KevinTX on 2012-11-13:
Yep, like trmn8r said, those of us on this board know about Ashleys... I will never buy from them again because of the same sort of 'crap' furniture they sell and the lack of customer service.
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Horrendous Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GREENVILLE, NC -- I purchased a dining room set & a China cabinet from the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Greenville, NC. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to have the furniture delivered. In about 6 weeks, we got a call saying our furniture was ready to be delivered, but the cabinet part of the China cabinet was broken & another one would have to be ordered & that it would take 6-8 weeks to be delivered. In 6 weeks, I had not heard from anyone, so we called to inquire about the reorder. After explaining the situation to numerous people on the phone over the course of 3 days my husband finally had to go to the store & speak to someone in person. It was decided they simply forgot to order the new cabinet & assured us that one would be delivered within the week. The next week, a new cabinet was delivered & it had a chip in it & the delivery people scratched the buffet while trying to install the cabinet. They also chipped the table when it was delivered. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this until they were gone. We were told we would be refunded our delivery fee due to the inconvenience but this did not happen. Someone from the repair company came to look at it because we had purchased the warranty. Before he even looked at the chip he noticed the wood was warped & immediately said it could not be repaired. After removing the dishes it was found that MOLD was growing in my China cabinet! Mold is also growing on the buffet between the buffet and cabinet. The whole thing is going to have to be replaced. My husband again had to go to the store because no one would return his calls. He spoke to a manager who basically told him “we can’t say where the mold came from” & insinuated that it was our fault. I have spent $2000 on this furniture that is basically crap, & no one wants to take responsibility for it. The customer is horrendous.
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Alain on 2012-07-12:
A good first step would be to report this to North Carolina's consumer agency via http://www.ncdoj.gov/Consumer.aspx (click on File a Consumer Complaint' in the "Take Action" box on the right side of the web page). Also, file a complaint via http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml Ashley has a terrible reputation, coast to coast, concerning their consistent lack of customer service, poor delivery and sub-grade products. As you can ascertain from the numerous complaints about them, both here and on other sites, you are but one of many of their victims.
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Terrible wood dining tables
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
YORKTON -- Bought this Carlyle dining set from Ashley Furniture. Had this table 2 weeks and it has tons of scratches from what I have no idea. I use placemats that when they move on the table it leaves scratches from cloth?????
Yesterday someone was writing out an invoice on my table and all the numbers are now imprinted into the table. Not impressed. I can see it if a person spent like $300 on a table I know you get what you pay for but this is ridiculous and will never ever by Ashley brand again. Beware of their so called hard woods ( it is soft).
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KevinTX on 2012-06-01:
Eeks! That is def' not good. We had an exterminator come by the other day and write out his bill on our ultra expensive entry table.... I was sweating when I went to check for imprints. Luckily there was none. Your guys should have known not to write on it.. I would use THAT as your leverage.. can you photograph it and shown them?
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Ashley Furniture Consumer Nightmare
Posted by on
Ashley Furniture is the worst company ever. We purchased a table and chairs less than 2 years ago and have had problems from day one. They always referred us to the warranty company for any problems, which we have had to contact several different times now. They have been out to replace our cushions 3 times. Within just a couple of months they are wearing down and getting these defects in the "leather". We have talked to the company and corporate and they will do nothing for us. They said that we had a one year manufacturers defect warranty but they would never honor that and kept referring us to their 3rd party warrany center. The store salesman would recommend that we "LIE" to the warranty company and tell them that it was accidental so that they would cover the cushions and the store would get out of replacing them. BUT the problem is that every time they would replace the cushions they would put the same manufacturer made cushions back on and within a couple of months they would be ripping again! We spent $2,000 on this table and feel COMPLETELY ripped off and have seen MANY complaints about Ashley Furiture on the web and under their online store reviews. We are a family of 7 and cannot afford to go out and purchase ANOTHER table! The corporate office is very rude and would not help us in the slightest way...pretty much said tough luck! We do not have the money to hire a lawyer and even if we did it would cost us more than the table is worth! We feel completely taken advantage of and will never shop at Ashleys again and will tell EVERYONE we know that they DO NOT back up their products and that their products are the worst quality on the market despite the initial look of the furniture in the store! There are SO many complaints about this company online that something has to be done to make the buyers beware!
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Venice09 on 2011-06-13:
Excellent review! Very helpful.

If people checked the reviews before purchasing, Ashley would be forced out of business.
Shcking on 2013-07-14:
Most furniture stores have a 1YEAR manufacturer defects warranty. Your purchased warranty is for accidental damages. After one year, this Ashley's corporate won't replace a manufacturer defect, but then, neither will Apple. All of which is in the contract. The salesperson wasn't trying to get out of anything, because getting the replacement would have made him money, but has no negative effect on him or his paycheck. He was trying to help you get it covered because you were outside of the ONE YEAR manufacturer defect warranty. I get how you feel, but I think you're thinking more emotionally than logically.
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Nothing was right and some of my order wasn't even there!
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My wife and I ordered a counter height brown wooden dining room table, two counter height chairs with black leather, 2 counter height benches with black leather and on counter height corner bench with black leather. I eagerly waited for the delivery. 2 weeks later I received my order. To start they were three hours after their very large delivery window. I called to see when they would be here. The customer service lady apologized and said "One of their delivery drivers did not show up to work today." She went on to say that " Another delivery driver was called in but he has 3 other deliveries to make. She then confirmed the contents of the order "2 stool 2 benches one corner bench all counter height with black leather and one brown counter height table." I confirmed and hung up. The delivery window was from 10:30 to 1:30pm on the 20th of April. The driver showed up at 5:00pm. This was just the beginning. The two workers who delivered the dining set proceeded to bring the furniture in. They brought all the chairs in and said "OK thanks!" I said "Wait, where is the table?" He said "I don't have a kitchen table on my invoice" I showed him my receipt of a counter height table and explained that I had just confirmed the contents of the order with their Customer Service representative He called them on my phone and let me talk to the customer service rep, who explained to me that the table was canceled and that "She could not guarantee that I would GET a table." I was very angry and explained that I had not canceled that order nor did I see a cancellation of my payment on my credit card, and that I had a receipt in my possession that stated a table was purchased and had an agreed delivery date of April 20th. After a lot of "There is nothing I can do about this coming from her, I asked to speak to someone who COULD do something." She explained that she would contact the store who would have to put another order in. I FINALLY got a call from them saying they would deliver it tomorrow. The customer service lady VERY rudely told me that it will not be delivered today and nothing was going to change that" Her tone was condescending and almost like she was talking to her child. A very you need to deal with it kind of attitude. This is STILL not the end. I then inspected the chairs. Two of the chairs had legs that were uneven. Two of the legs were about 1/3 of an inch short (or one leg was 2/3 short however you want to look at it) This caused the chair to rock from corner to corner VERY noticeably. The chairs had brown leather instead of black. And one of the benches was screwed together tight at all. I bought a $1400 table, and I fear I will never get what I paid for. I just hope my experience can save someone else this loss as well.

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ejack053824 on 2010-04-20:
My God!! I wished you found this site first before buying from these degenerates. I can only recommend staying on them till you get satisfaction or take them to small claims court.
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