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Ashley Furniture Dining Room Sets Consumer Reviews

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Shoddy Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Dining room set was delivered broken. We tried to refuse delivery and the men said "too bad, here's a wrench, fix the problems yourself." They left, and we are left with a set of junk. You need a seat belt to sit at the dining room chairs.

Delay Delivery Time!
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO -- We bought one of the newest, expensive dining and living room sets on July 5, 2013. The customer representative told us the sets would be delivered to us in 2 weeks. In the paper, it's said August 15th. I talked to the customer service and she said the latest would be August 15th. At the end of July, we added 2 chairs to our dining room set and at that time, they checked their system and told us everything is on schedule and our stuff has been loaded into the truck, on its way to Canada.

August 14th, I called customer service and she said there is a delay and by 20th, it will be here. August 19th, I called again and surprisingly, they told us there is a delay and our stuff just loaded on the truck. At the end, she told me call her on August 26th to let me know where the truck is!!! I really do not care about the truck, it's my purchased furniture which have to be here by now! She kept saying that we are not "the Brick" which has lots of inventories in their warehouse.

I just want to know if you are claiming that you are one of the high-end furniture store, you must act and treat your customer like a high-end personnel with prestige because I expect your store to be more organized, on-time and trustworthy and lot more honest and transparent! When you make a promise to your customer, you have to keep your promises, not just at the time of purchase! I am very upset with the customer service, delivery time, the wrong information and the delay which every time will be added on. This is not a high-end store would treat their loyal customers!

I have spent a lot of money in your store and I expect good timing and transparent relationship. I am so disappointed at your delivery time. It is coming from USA not over the seas!!! Honestly, there is no logical and convincing reason behind this delay except for lack of customer service and not putting customer's need in priority!

Terrible Customer Service and Failing to Honor Marked Price
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Rating: 1/51

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- The incident in question occurred at approximately noon on July 6, 2013 at the Frederick branch of Ashley's Furniture. My fiancée, her mother and I were shopping for furniture. We spotted a dining room set that was marked at approximately $349 that included a glass top table and 4 chairs. The sales associate was very courteous and pleasant. Unfortunately, when he went to ring up the sale, his manager did not allow the transaction to occur. I politely asked the sales associate if I could speak with his manager.

When we spoke to the manager he said that there was a mistake and he could only sell the piece for $478. My response was that it is misleading and unfair for him to advertise one price but refuse to sell it at that price. My fiancée's mother even offered $400, but the manager rudely declined and walked away.

As an aside, my fiancée and her mother are Chinese-born Asian Americans who were speaking Mandarin to each other during the interaction. The manager did not seem to take kindly to this and was very rude and disrespectful during his interaction with my fiancée and her mother.

Nonetheless, I requested the number to their corporate offices and the names of the sales representative and store manager to which the staff obliged. I asked the sales representative if I could have the original sticker price so that I may take a picture of the price tag for evidence. Regrettably, he tried, but his manager refused to give us that piece of evidence. We then asked the sales associate if we could speak with the manager again, but the manager refused to speak to us. Instead of making a scene, we cordially walked away and decided to voice our frustrations both to their corporate offices and the Better Business Bureau.

I also want to make it clear that the sales associate was very pleasant during this entire ordeal. His kindness in the face of a difficult situation was admirable and he deserves praise. However, the manager was unfriendly, unprofessional, spiteful and unethical in his actions.

Protection Cover Plan Is Garbage!!!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I purchase a dining table 2012 and couple of sales people insist I have protection plan for the dining table, but I really didn't want the plan. As I was walking out the exit door, the manager stop me and persuade me for the protection coverage because it would cover any damage up to 5 yrs. 2014 I have damage part of the table so I called to obtain coverage information. The representative came online and ask when this accident took place. I told her I don't recall and she kept insisting a date. I told her approximately 2 months ago but I took time to find the receipt.

Ashley Furniture representative came back online and told me I still have the coverage but because I didn't inform within 14 days of the accident it's not cover. She told me I should read the coverage protection line, it mention about 14 days coverage. I read all the tiny line and nowhere it mention about time frame. How SNEAKY, if you don't want to cover, be upfront. I can always purchase another table, it cost less than $500.00 but the whole concept is wrong!!!

Since I Walked Into The Store Until My Furniture Arrived, I Received And Excellent Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I went to Ashley furniture just to take a look on what they have; since I first walked into the door, they make me feel welcome. I spoke with one of their representative, and explained him what I need and what I may be interested to buy, depending on how fast it can be delivery home. He started looking and showing me different furniture styles and I ended buying my new Living room set, three tables for my living room and home decorations. I can tell they were very patient because I was looking for specific color and style.

They send a text message to my cell phone confirming date and time within 48 hours after we closed the sale. I received everything within 2 weeks, early morning and on time. I really have, as I said before, an excellent customer service.

Delivered "Manufacturing Defect" Table - Won't Back Their Products
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- In June 2013, I purchased a faux marble kitchen table from Ashley Furniture. There were scratches and rub marks on a major portion of the table top. Because of its sprayed material a consumer would not have been able to notice unless the light was shining directly on the table at an angle. Since I did not report this until after the 48 hour window, Ashley is not taking any responsibility for a table they say is damaged (not a manufacturing defect).

The Ashley representative who came over to inspect the table claimed it's not a manufacturing defect; therefore, the one year warranty does not apply. There is no evidence they do any quality control themselves before delivering the product. When you make a complaint, the representative that comes over to your house to look at your table, claims he doesn't work for Ashley before he/she gives you his opinion of what is wrong with the table. However, he/she does work for Ashley, so you're not getting a fair opinion.

The table comes with a limited one-year warranty only if there is a manufacturing defect. If the representative (who does work for Ashley) claims it is not a manufacturing defect, they won't cover the table. I will never buy anything again from Ashley Furniture. They don't back up their products.

This Leather on Chairs
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- Maybe 4 years ago we bought a nice table and chairs from Ashley furniture. The chairs have fabric backs and leather seats. Well lately I have noticed little signs that tears are beginning in many of my chairs. It seems as if the leather is so thin that the chairs have not held up to normal use. I don't even have small children in my home and we basically use the table for dinner.

I called the company and although they spoke to me there is no recourse. I am out of luck. This was a set I thought I would have for many years. The woman on the phone asked me if I conditioned the leather and I said "no." I have my leather couch for over 10 years and never conditioned that either and that looks awesome. They skimped on the thickness of the leather and now it's ripping. End of story.

Wish I had read these reviews before spending $2983.33 on Ashley furniture!!
By -

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- In January I purchased living room furniture from Ashley Furniture in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I also found a dining set I liked, but did not purchase it. I went back to Ashley on February 13th to purchase the dining table & chairs, but was informed by my sales associate that the set was discontinued. She said she would call around and find a set for me. She found the table & chairs available on the floor at another store. I paid an additional $99.95 fee to purchase the catalyzed finish with elite protection plan.

My living room furniture was delivered on February 17th. The area rug had three holes in it and was fraying along the edge. I also received a phone call to arrange delivery for my dining table that had not been included on the shipment because it had been shipped from Appleton to the main warehouse in Stevens Point. We arranged delivery of the dining set for 2 days later on February 19th. When the delivery arrived, my husband was told there would be a COD delivery charge. We had just paid a delivery charge for our furniture delivery two days earlier!

On February 20th, I went in to Ashley furniture and talked with my sales associate. She refunded the second delivery charge and found a replacement for our area rug. I also discussed with her that the table delivered the day before contained over 20 scratches! She indicated I could either call in a claim on the elite furniture protection or she could have service come to look at it. I told her I preferred to have service look at the table because it was delivered in that shape. I did not feel I should have to make a claim for something I DID NOT DO!! I also emailed her several pictures of the table scratches.

On March 3rd, the service associate came to look at the table and told my husband that the table had been “abused” and would likely need to be replaced. He asked if we had abused it and slid items across the top. My husband told him it was delivered to us in this condition. I would NEVER purchase a table in this condition. I purchased this table sight-unseen and informed my sales associate of the condition the morning after it was delivered!

After the service associate left our house on March 3rd, I received a phone call from the service department that since this table was purchased off the showroom floor, I would need to pay for the service call and for the repairs. I called back and explained that the table was purchased sight-unseen based on the table I had seen in the Green Bay showroom in January. She indicated she would talk with the service associate and make plans for the repair to be covered. I never received a call back, so I AGAIN went in to Ashley two weeks later. My sales associate said she would have her manager call me.

The store manager called me on March 22nd indicating he would give me a complete refund and have the store call to arrange pick-up of the dining room set. (That has been 3 weeks and NO phone call!!)

It has now been 2 months since the purchase of this set and I have never heard any more regarding the table. I paid $831.29 for this table and chairs that looks like it has been used for several years. This is not acceptable! My entire purchase with Ashley was $2983.33 and I am very unsatisfied with the whole purchase experience!! The area rug had three holes. The table has scratches all over it. And then I was charged two delivery charges two days apart from each other. It seems like I was told anything I wanted to hear just to make a sale; whether it was quality merchandise or not!

I wish I had read these reviews before shopping at Ashley. Their service is poor after the sale!!

Terrible Product and Service
By -

My husband and I made the mistake of going to the new Ashley Furniture store in our city in Canada the first weekend in September of 2007, 5 months ago, and making the decision to purchase a dining table and chairs ($1,200.00), a China cabinet ($3,000.00), two living room chairs ($600.00) and living room tables ($500.00) for a total purchase of over $5,000.00, which is a big deal for us. We loved the product as we saw it in the showroom and looked forward to our delivery which, we were told, would be in 28 days (or sooner!) I explained to the sales girl that I would ideally like to have the items by Canada's thanksgiving which is the first weekend in October.

She said that there was a possibility that I could have the items by then. So I put my Thanksgiving dinner off and the week after thanksgiving I got a call saying our items were being delivered. I unpacked my old buffet and put all my good dishes and China on the floor in the living room so that I could easily just put it into the new unit when it was in place. We also phoned family and scheduled our dinner for that Sunday.

On the day of delivery, they brought in the dining room table, the two living room chairs and the bottom half of the China cabinet. It was then we learned that the living room tables had been damaged in transit and that we wouldn't be getting them then, but no one we spoke to could tell us what happened to the upper portion of the China cabinet.

Also, the table was placed inside down in my dining room and I saw a huge, filthy footprint on the bottom of my brand new table! I mentioned it and one delivery guy asked the other one "did you step on the table" and the other guy said "yes" and just brushed it off!! I made them stop until I at least had time to clean the footprint off before they set the table upright in my dining room!

So we had our dinner that Sunday with all my nice things on the floor in the living room and without the top of the China cabinet. There was also a run on the back cushion of one of the living room chairs. When I spoke to them next about where the rest of my items were I mentioned that it would have to be fixed. And was told that because I hadn't mentioned it until 3 days after delivery they wouldn't honor it because I could have done it myself!! Luckily, we had purchased the extended warranty which they say covers us for fixing anything anytime. I have yet to hear from them regarding fixing that cushion.

Also, one of the legs on the same chair was twisted around and wonky. It would have been apparent to the delivery men, but they did nothing about it. My question is: How did that leg get all wonky? And why am I paying for furniture which seems to be put through the mill before I receive it? But I hadn't seen anything yet!!

Eventually my tables were delivered. Then I found out talking to the customer service person I was dealing with that the reason they hadn't delivered the top of my China cabinet was because the mirrored back had been smashed in shipping. I was told that my China cabinet was sitting in storage somewhere waiting for new mirrors to be shipped. She then asked if I would rather it be delivered to me and then I wait for the mirrors. HELL yes!! I certainly didn't trust the glass portion of my $3,000.00 China cabinet to these people!! So they delivered it and thus began the most frustrating, disgusting evening of this entire experience.

When they placed the top portion of the cabinet on the bottom I noticed that the glass was smeared with something. Well I knew I would have to clean it and anyway, the delivery people don't give a ** about the items they deliver! After they left I began to clean the item -- or attempt to clean it. An hour later my husband came home from work to me still cleaning it and also crying and ANGRY!

The top portion of the brand new $3,000.00 China cabinet we had just had delivered, rather than being in a condition to show off to my friends and family, was so disgustingly dirty that I couldn't believe it. Filth and soot and dirt was layered inside it in every nook and cranny. And in terms of the smears on the glass, the best description I can give is that it was like a huge Sumo wrestler rubbed his bare, sweaty, oily body on it and then it dried. We used every product we had in the house that night to remove the disgusting greasy, crusty smears from the glass of this cabinet and didn't stop for THREE HOURS.

My brand new $3,000.00 China cabinet was delivered so filthy that it took me FOUR HOURS in total to clean it once it was delivered. And if that wasn't bad enough, nobody at Ashley cared when I told them about it!! Also, there were 3 or 4 nicks in the wood to the point that there was raw wood showing and the finish along two of the edges was a real mess. So they sent over a service guy and he dabbed some touch up on everything and said "it was fine." I guess that's what you get for $3,000.00 from Ashley.

So, I finally have everything except the mirrors that go in the back of my China cabinet. I'm still not happy with the state of the glass on the cabinet, I feel there is still an oily film of some kind on it which prevents me from getting it sparkling and smudge free, but there's nothing more I can do; apparently, I just have to live with it. So I filled the cabinet with all my stuff and 3 weeks later they called to say the glass was here and someone would come to install it that week. So I once again emptied all my treasured items to the floor in the living room. They sent one guy which was ridiculous because two were needed; one to hold the glass, the other to screw it to the backer.

I kept asking the guy if I could help and he kept saying no. I kept hearing crashing and banging it. Finally I went in to see what was happening and found that he had damaged one of the mirrors. Luckily, they had sent one of the mirrors that survived the original shipment and I had it handy, so he removed the damaged one and put up the one I had kept. After he left I started to put my things back into the cabinet and lo and behold, one of the mirrors has a big chip off the corner, which he could not have missed when he did it putting it in. But he said nothing about it and just put it in and left!!

So I had to reload the cabinet, phone Ashley and tell the person I'm dealing with that AGAIN we had a problem. So she ordered another piece of mirror and we got a call last week that it was in. Over our answering machine she made an appointment for the service man to come out. It was the day after we had scheduled to have new countertops put in our kitchen and the items from my kitchen were in boxes in my dining room. A guy phoned to confirm the appointment the day before while the guy was there for the countertops.

And about 5 minutes after I had just had a call from my cousin that my uncle had just passed away. I told the guy on the phone that it wouldn't be possible for the appointment as scheduled by Ashley. He said "no problem." We would get another call from them setting something up for another time. Thank you very much.

Two days later my contact from Ashley calls me and tell me in an authoritative tone that she won't charge us for a missed service call THIS time, but next time we may not be as lucky!!! I had read some of these complaints, unfortunately not until after we purchased the items.

I contemplated sending my review at each step through our journey, but because the customer service person we have is very nice, I avoided doing so. But since being told about the charge for the missed service call after FIVE MONTHS of their disgraceful screw ups and horrendous representation by Ashley staff, I've HAD IT. And I still have to empty my China cabinet again for them to put on the last piece of mirror. Hopefully then we will have seen the end of them.

People beware!! Never, never buy from this store! If you do, you are opening yourself up for ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS AND FRUSTRATIONS and PAYING YOUR GOOD MONEY FOR BAD PRODUCTS AND BAD FAITH!!! I don't know how these people will continue to be in business for much longer if many people read these reviews. Then, so much for our warranties!!

Horrible experience w/the lack of customer service with Ashley Furniture
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- This is my horrible experience w/ Ashley Furniture in San Diego. AVOID PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AT ALL COST. I emailed CEO Michael Jedlowski at his given email on 8/1/06, but I have yet to receive a response from him or his managers. I wish I knew about this site before purchasing from them. Here's the timeline:

On 5/28/2006, I purchased a dining table set at the 7310 Miramar Rd, San Diego showroom. Parts of the reasons that I purchased the set from Ashley Furniture were the Sales Associate **'s sale pitch of: “We have our own factory; we control the quality, the inventory, the distribution, the pick and delivery of our furniture”. After around 6 weeks, I was informed that the dining set arrived, and I picked up the above dining set at the San Diego Ashley Furniture Warehouse located at 11045 Technology Pl, #100, San Diego.

When I installed the parts together, I noticed that one of the six chairs has the wrong parts. I called the warehouse and was informed to bring the chair back. 7/2/06: I brought the wrong chair to the San Diego Ashley Furniture Warehouse located at 11045 Technology Pl, #100, San Diego and explained the wrong chair situation to Manager **. ** indicated for me to keep the wrong chair for the time being, and he'd order another chair right away. The correct chair would be delivered to me via UPS within 2.5 weeks at the most; UPS would pick up the wrong chair and deliver the wrong chair back to Ashley Furniture.

7/20/06 at 9:38 AM: I telephoned Manager ** at (858) 683-1100; ** is out of the office, so I left a detailed message with Receptionist **. ** responded that she remembered me from 7/2/06, and she'd give ** my message. 7/21/06 at 11:16AM: I called Manager ** again. ** informed me that ** is working today, but he was currently out of the office. I left my phone # and explained the chair situation to ** again.

7/21/06 at 2:02PM: I called for ** again. ** said that “** is in the warehouse." ** already told ** that he ordered the chair, but it has not come in. I asked ** "when did ** order the correct chair?" ** responded that it was the same day that I came in, "but sometimes it takes a little longer to get it.” I informed ** that I'd wait until the middle of next week.

7/27/06 at 1:29PM: No delivery from UPS, so I called for ** again. ** informed me that ** is out of the office, and the chair has not come in. I asked as to when the chair would be delivered? ** replied that she didn't know, as she has no control of the inventory. I asked for **'s last name, but ** refused to provide **'s last name. I left my phone # with ** for ** again.

7/27/06 at 1:35 PM: I called the Miramar showroom at (619)393-4663, where I purchase the dining set. I spoke with ** and explained the whole situation and the lack of returned phone calls from Manager **. ** looked up my purchase info by my first & last name and phone #. ** informed me that she'd forward my concerns to a Manager name **. ** indicated that she does not know **'s last name. 7/28/06 at 12:45PM: Manager ** from the Miramar showroom returned my call. ** informed me that he'd send an email to Manager ** and to expect a phone call from ** or ** by tomorrow (7/29/06).

8/1/06 at 10:27 AM: No phone call from ** or **, so I called the Miramar showroom again and asked for **. ** informed me that ** is out of the office today. I left a detailed message for ** with **. 8/2/06: I place another phone call to ** at the Miramar showroom. ** remarked that she remembered me from our last conversation. ** informed me that ** is out of the office again today, but she took my phone # and would leave my message for ** for tomorrow. I sent an email to CEO Michael Jedlowski: 8/3/06 Still no response from anyone from Ashley Furniture.

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