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Pain in the **
By -

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I wish I would have done some investigation prior to making purchases. The lack of communication between Customer Service rep, warehouse managers, store sales clerks, and the regional managers is non existent. I guess I'm just another RIPPED OFF consumer with some unsatisfactory furniture. After months of going back and forth with the above reps I have come to the conclusion that these individuals need some education. They over all couldn't care less about the customer and assume in time you will go away.

Well, I'm one that won't and will attempt to educate consumers NOT to buy or be suckered into the less than acceptable craftsmanship, customer service and regional managers spineless attempt to be a male. My dog has more testicles and she's a female.

Junk Furniture
By -

8823 PULASKI HWY, MARYLAND -- I bought living room furniture on 1-4-11.. it took 3 weeks for delivery. I was so happy to get it, after the man came in and set it all up for me, I started to clean it up the room and I noticed all the damage on ALL the tables. (coffee table and two end tables) And also the sofa, I called the store immediately.. they said somebody would call me back within the week. I waited and never heard from them, so I once again called the store. I've been hearing the same thing for about 8 weeks now. "We will call you by Friday."

So now what do I do? My husband is disabled and we have saved for a long time to buy new furniture.. I am so pissed off that this problem has been put on hold for so long now. Just yesterday the sales person who sold us the set called and said someone will be here this week but he could not give me a time. He did say "it would be some time on Wednesday." I guess we will see (ONCE AGAIN).

The tables are not repairable, there are gouge marks in the wood and nails coming through the side of our sofa in a few spots in which my infant grandson has bumped into or leaned up against and has gotten hurt. We should not have to be scared of the children in our home getting hurt on brand new furniture. The lampshades are bent and broken. They also say they can repair them as well, I don't think so! I want brand new lampshades and tables.

When I went to the store with my lampshades the salesperson said "We can give you the floor model lampshades." I PAID for brand new lampshades to be sent to my home, not the ones that are in the store for people to look at, test out, and use. I did not buy second hand furniture and will not have someone fix something I paid hard earned money for.

I want new lampshades and they did eventually call me back and say I will get brand new ones. But when? On the rate we're going, I never know when I am going to get new lampshades, tables, or a sofa. Or if it will even happen. Ashley Furniture's Policy is that they will immediately come out to fix/repair/or replace any damaged furniture.

In this case I DESERVE a replacement of brand new furniture since all of these damages were done before I even received any of the merchandise. Me and my husband have experienced mental anguish because of this wrongdoing. And Ashley Furniture have been quite stoic during this whole process and its inexcusable and all I am asking for is restitution or the furniture replaced in a timely matter. And the workers when I call do nothing but give me idiosyncratic responses to my concerns. All I want as the consumer is what I put my hard money out for and in a timely matter.

Horrible Product, Horrible Customer Service
By -

HUMBLE, TEXAS -- My husband, myself, and two family members went into Ashley Furniture on 07/05/09. My husband and I purchased a living room set, sofa, loveseat, recliner, 3 end tables, sofa table, coffee table. I had moved several different coffee tables in front of the sofa set to see if I liked it with the set. I was unsure of the final one so ** told me that I could have it delivered and if I did not like it no problem, I could send it back. I was paying cash so I ask her how long would it take for a refund since it was cash, she stated that refunds were processed on Thursdays and checks cut on Friday. We were Sunday so I figured I had time to figure it all out since furniture was being delivered on Monday.

Furniture arrived on Monday as promised. However, I was talked in to paying the 99.00 delivery fee because the delivery people would come in, assembly all tables for us. We do not live far from the distribution center, approx. 30 minutes. Since things had to be put together, we paid for the delivery. Well, when the furniture arrived, it was not in boxes, not wrapped with blankets or plastic, just simply stacked on top of each other in the truck with no protection at all. The tables were not in boxes and no assembly was required. Two of the tables were damaged.

After the movers left, my husband and I started arranging the furniture. The quality was horrible. The living room set was not the same quality as what was on their showroom floor. Remember I lifted and moved these coffee table and end tables in the store. They were nowhere near the quality, much lighter. I was shocked. I called the next day to talk to someone regarding some of these issues but the person we needed to speak to was off.

To make a long story short, after one of the managers hanging up on my husband, we instructed Ashley to pick up all of the furniture we would go somewhere else to buy our furniture. We were told it would take a week before someone could pick it up. Then our refund of 3300.00 would not be processed until that following Thursday. My husband and I went up to the store on 07/16/09 to make sure the refund was being processed correctly, because they conveniently kept forgetting about the Montage for 298.00 we paid for - an insurance on the furniture.

Once we got that all straight we were told to expect our check in 7-10 days. Well, today, 07/29/09, I call to check on refund. I was told that the check was put in the mail on 07/20/09. Now mind you, they were very quick to let us know it would take every bit of the 7-10 days. But now, they are trying to say that they mailed it out 2 days after it was processed. Needless to say, no check has arrived here. Trust me, I have been at my mailbox everyday waiting on our 3300.00 refund. I have requested that they stop payment on the check (I know it was never issued yet, nor mailed to my home).

I told them to send it to their store in Humble and I will pick it up, I was not going to play these games that it got lost in the mail again. I should have it by Friday but we will see. I will never set foot in their stores again. I have also talked to some delivery people that used to work for Ashley and Fingers - they have confirmed that the quality you receive at home is not what is on their showroom floors. I personally can't believe that they left that furniture in my home for over a week being used, then are going to take it back to their warehouse and sell it to someone else as brand new.

Makes me wonder since it was not wrapped nor covered when it was delivered to me - where it was before I got it. We went to Rooms To Go - got much better quality of furniture for a better price. Delivery was great - everything was wrapped - and the guys were very courteous. MY ADVISE - STAY AWAY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. I will update when and if I get my refund check like promised.

Horrible Customer Service and Product delivery
By -

CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- WORD OF WARNING!! I have to share my TERRIBLE experience with others so that they do not make the same mistake I did by patronizing Ashley Furniture. On February 18th I purchased a living room set (Sofa, love seat and 3 tables). At the time of purchase they informed me that it would be 6-8 weeks for delivery (something they assured me was an industry standard).

I decided to live with the 6-8 week delivery timeline even though that would mean I would be living in my new apartment for a month without any living room furniture but I figured I could tough it out. At the time of the purchase the sales associate forgot to notify me that the set I had purchased was on back order. At 7 weeks I called to store to inquire about my purchase and the sales associate informed me that my order had been shipped and would be in the Ashley warehouse in my town on that Friday 4/10. He said that they deliver 7 days a week and they would call me Monday to set up a delivery time.

Monday rolled around and I didn't get a call so I called Monday evening, no answer so I left a message. Tuesday comes and goes no call. Wednesday I call again no answer I leave a message. In the meantime I decide to physically go to the store to see how busy they are that they can't answer the phone or return a call. Not one customer (as is usually the case in Chico) was insight but I saw at least half a dozen sales associate (no one acknowledged me).

When I went to explain my situation to the woman working at the sales desk she had no apologetic words for me. All she did as ask me my name, look up my order and inform me that my order was still on back order after 8 weeks of them having my money clear and free. She didn't apologize for the lack of communication of the sales staff, to inform me of the back order or the fact that their sales staff was so poorly trained that they were telling me that my order should already be in. She offered to leave my information for the owner to check on and call me to let me know when I could be expecting my order.

He called me a couple days later and I explained my regret for doing business with his company as well that I was going to be telling others of my negative experience. All he offered was a sorry and that it was going to be another 3-4 weeks before they would have my furniture to me. So Ashley Furniture will have my money free and clear for over 12 weeks before I hopefully see my furniture, but I am not holding my breath. In addition I am still paying $85.00 in delivery fees. It has been so long since I have ordered the couches and tables I don't even remember what they look or feel like. Today is 4-25 and it will still be another 2 weeks before I see my furniture.

My advice go to a local furniture store they only take a percentage like 20-40 percent upfront and you pay on delivery (many offer free delivery). This is a huge motivator from them to get you your furniture because they don't get paid until you get your items. I wish I would have thought about paying a little more for the cost of the couches, I would have received better customer service and I would actually have my couches by now.

In economic times like this you would think that companies would focus on customer service to retain the customers they have and to create good buzz about them. But I guess Ashley doesn't care. Another frustration: the website doesn't offer an corporate address to write a formal letter or a customer service/complaint line; for a big corporation that is very unprofessional.

Never Buy From Ashley Furniture Home Stores
By -

CALGARY, ALBERTA -- I have recently fallen into a scam, On January 28 2006, we bought a leather living room set from Ashley Furniture Home Stores (88 Heritage Gate SE Calgary, AB T3A 6G5 Calgary, AB T2H3A7) at Calgary location. The unit was bought brand new not a floor model.

We received the unit on Feb 26, 2006. Upon receiving, we checked the units for any possible damages. And indeed we found the following damages: 1) Sofa: Loose frame, loose feet, scratches on the leather, crack in the wood frame, leather wrinkle at the back and both the left and right hand are caved in. 2) Love seat: same as the sofa. 3) End table & Coffee table: scratch/crack in the marble.

In addition to the above problems the delivery guys has left the furniture upside down in the middle of the room (sofa and love seat were laid on their back) as you can see from the attached photos. As it wasn't bad enough, the delivery company damaged the drywall. And as of yet, it hasn't been fixed.

After two weeks their inspector shows up on March 9 to asses the situation and see if it can be fixed at our home. According to his evaluation of the damage, it is a major operation that can't be easily repaired on spot. It requires the removal of the unit back to his factory for repair. He advised us that the arms for both the sofa and love seat has to come off to be re-padded, the wooden frame has to be removed as well and for the leather scratches he cannot do anything about them except of adding a color to cover the scratches.

On March 25th they have provided us with replacement set which again all three pieces where damaged. We have refused to accept the second time damage furniture. Then they have advised us that they will not exchange them but will be repaired. On May 25th we to receive the furniture and again it was in terrible conditions.

The following are some of the major new damages that we have seen (3rd time): 1) Love seat: Scratch marks on the left arm, first and back. A tear in the leather on the right arm towards the lower part. (This was not repaired we have noted this the first time we got the furniture). The left arm require re-padding as it seems that something heavy has been placed on top of it causing it to sink.

2) Sofa: Scuffs on leather top and back cushion, sides. A leather wrinkle on the right arm it appears that the seat was placed upside down which cause this damaged to the leather. 3) Marble top still had the scratch on it plus a burn mark (new). All three pieced where in a terrible condition an incredible amount of dust and dirt was on both seats. The damaged caused to this furniture was even more than the first time we have seen these pieces.

Again we have rejected all pieces as it does not meet the minimum standards for the quality furniture Ashley company claims they got or even minimum standards for new furniture. In many cases used furniture would be better than what I have seen yesterday.

When I contacted them the following was the respond: Hello, Our technician inspected the pieces and found the following; Sofa - 2 loose threads on one cushion - 1 loose thread on back panel - 2 small rub marks in back bottom edge leather - 2 small rub marks in back left corner leather at bottom - wrinkled leather in right arm. Love -small rub marks on both corners of wood squares that feet attach to small scar on inside back panel -falls within manufacturer's specs - wrinkles in both arms. Table - orange mark in marble. Normal marble markings. In my opinion it would take about .5 to 1 hour to fix all these concerns. ******

The above is not what we have seen and yet does not come close to the real conditions the furniture was in. They are refusing to refund us the money and I cannot accept the furniture in this condition, we have paid $5,000.00. We feel we have fallen into a scam and I do not know what to do from here. I have contacted The BBB which they told me that the company has unsatisfactory report our.

I also have tried to contact the ASHLEY Corp. (Head office in the states) But they told me that the stores are independently operated and they cannot help me. I have to deal with the store which was a shock for me as I was thinking I buying from a well known name but….

Leather living room suite
By -

DELAWARE -- We purchased an Ashley living room suite in March, 06, from Furniture and More in Dover, De. Upon getting it home and un-wrapping it we found the love seat frame broken. The sofa had staples which never touched the upholstery in the back area, a tear on the back and the cushions were installed unevenly. I called the store immediately and reported my finds. I was promised by the salesman he would fix the problem and he would call me the next day. (This is the same salesman who was to give me $100.00 off on both pieces of furniture. He made the commitment to me and my husband went into the store and paid.)

Anyway, we never got the discount. I waited two day for an answer from the store and when I didn't hear from them I called the store two days later. The salesman said, "I don't know what you are talking about." I refreshed his memory. Again I waited days for an answer. Again, I called Furniture and More. Had to explain to the salesman again what I was calling about. He said they would send out a technician to fix the problem. I told him I didn't want furniture that had to be repaired. I had paid for new furniture and that was what I wanted.

So he ordered another love seat. (He didn't order another sofa.) When the love seat came in we were told we had to deliver their broken love seat back to the store in order to get the new one. I told them it was their broken furniture and I felt they should be responsible for their own delivering. They refused. I called Ashley Furniture and told them of our circumstance with their furniture. ** said she would file a report to the marketing dept and then would get back in contact with me. No contact back was ever received. A furniture tech came to the house April 19, 06 and said he could not fix the sofa and he would give the report to the owner, **.

In the meantime I called Furniture and More several times, talked with the supervisor, left messages for **, the owner to call me. He never did. The supervisor was anything but nice to me. I made visits to the store, talked with the salesperson who made promises but never heard anything from him. Continued to call Ashley Furniture until yesterday. The person I talked with, **, indicated we may had been the ones who broke the furniture when we brought it home. (What about the upholstery being installed wrong, did we do that also?) I was really stressed out over her comment and I talked with several other supervisors with no help at all.

I had already, prior filed a report with the BBB. I had contacted our attorney and was getting ready to do whatever we needed to do to get this solved. I called Furniture and More again and talked with the floor supervisor who was very nice to me. She called me back in 15 min and said they would come and get the furniture on Monday May 14, 06 and give us a refund. This is what I had requested when we received the broken furniture. It could've saved a lot of stress instead of letting this go on for 6 weeks. So, now I am waiting for Monday to come and see what happens. However, I will never purchase anything from Ashley Furniture or Furniture and More.

Never Buy From Ashley Furniture
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

WESTON, FLORIDA -- Never buy from Ashley Furniture. We went to purchase a sectional, and a daybed for my 5 year old daughter. I provided a drawing of what we needed. The sectional came and the chaise part was on the wrong side. I told the delivery guys this is not what we ordered. We called the store and the manager proceeded to tell me it was my fault and I would have to pay a 200.00 restocking fee. I told him that his saleswoman took the order wrong and I was not going to pay. The delivery guy had to call customer service on our behalf to have it returned free of charge.

Then he told me that he could not get me the one I needed for another two weeks because it was out of stock. The manager told us that as long as we did not give them a bad rating he would make sure we get our chaise very soon and he would follow up with us. Then when I went to my daughter's bedroom we notice that they must have run out of bolts and used different ones to put the bed together which looks ridiculous on a white day bed. Then we notice that the part of the sectional they did leave, one of the cushions did not belong to that set. Wow talk about a total screw up.

Two weeks went by and no chaise and no call. When we called customer service to see where our chaise was that we were promised would probably be on time if not earlier, they didn't know why no one called us to say they needed more time.

At this time I went ballistic. We had a birthday party scheduled and we would not have our new furniture on time. It has been one of the worst experiences. The sad part is that we bought everything cash and we were planning to buy a dining room and bedroom set as well cash. That is never going to happen and I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to get the word out of the terrible service and experience they have been so gracious to provide. Horrible!!!!

Looks Really Nice if You Don't Plan on Using It
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- Bought a gorgeous sectional looks great. If you don't sit on it for long. Cushions flatten and feels like you're sitting on something old flat and hard. Forget lying around on it with. Any comfort!!! Seating to narrow from back to front you roll off! This was supposed to be bought for the family to all have room to sit and watch TV together, and no one wants to sit in the living room anymore.. and it wasn't some of their cheaper priced stuff.. I'd never let anyone I know shop there, unless I hate them! Be wish shop elsewhere...

Defective product, Very poor customer service!
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Rating: 1/51

BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- We purchased new leather living room furniture in February. It was delivered as expected in March, however there were 2 holes in the sofa and the indicator lights for the reclining feature also don't work. The rest of the furniture was fine. I contacted them right away and they said someone would contact me in 3 days to get this resolved. I called back in 3 days and they said I'd get a call in 7 days. I called back again and they had me email them pictures. I have continued to call and email them weekly (for over 10 weeks!!) about the issue and each time am put on hold for more than 30 minutes.

And when I finally speak to a person, they always put me on hold again for about 5-10 minutes and then tell me that they just spoke to the corporate service manager (**). And he is aware of my problem and will call me back in 24 hours to let me know how they will fix the problem. I have never gotten a call back. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they couldn't get a response from them either and closed my case as unresolved. I have since talked to several others in my area that have had similar issues and also could not get it resolved. I will never buy from them again!

Annoyed to the Extreme
By -

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- As of this date 03-13-2011… I am having a terrible experience after making a purchase at ASHLEY Furniture store in Pearland. My daughter applied for credit to purchase the living room furniture that was on sale at the Pearland Store but her credit was denied because lack of credit. It was the last day of the sale so I decided to purchase the furniture for her and charged the entire purchase to my credit card.

I never asked for credit nor did I pay for half and bill me later. To do something such as that you have to apply for credit I never did.. I gave them my card and said "put it all on my card." As an appreciation for purchasing my furniture and paying for it the store manager gave my daughter a plaque that was on sale that she wanted for her room. I than picked up my own furniture to avoid delivery charges and everything was great.

Here comes my bad experience... It took the clerk forever to input the items on the computer. She told me she was having problems because the computer kept going down... I said "do what you have to but make sure my invoice is marked paid in full..." She said "it did" and she showed me the paid in full on the invoice. Seems that the invoice was divided into 2. One with the items I was carrying out... lamps, rug, and the plaque very clear said paid in full and then the other invoice so that I could pick up the furniture... Never in my wildest dream would I imagine that I would run into any problem.

I picked up my furniture brought it home but the sofa had a break in it which we didn't catch because they were wrapped up and we did not unwrap it because it looked like it might sprinkle on the way home... It did not so we were safe. I called and since I picked it up I had to go back and exchange....Bummer!!!! So I did and everything was fine... I was happy with my purchase. UNTIL approximately six months later I started receiving mail from ASHLEY.
Since I was not interesting in buying anything else, my response is to trash it as junk mail. Later I get another so I decided to open it to see maybe there was a coupon or something...

It read SECOND NOTICE. Not me but my daughter who was denied credit had a balance due. NOTE she never bought anything because her credit was denied. Assuming this letter was for me because my daughter and I have the same name spelled a little different, I called. I was told I had a balance I said “NO!!! I PAID IN FULL!!!!”…The person that answered said he would look into it and get back with me... THAT NEVER HAPPENED.... I now have a THIRD NOTICE!!!! I called and complained again. This time I think a supervisor gets involved... Does it get cleared up...NOT YET, still complaining...

My next step is to report this incident to the BBB because I refuse to get charged twice and then get threaten that they will pick up my furniture for the mistakes they make yet my credit card got charged for the SALE purchase price. And by the way my credit card balance is now -0- because I paid that off to avoid interest charges... I would be more than happy to return this furniture but first I want my money back up front including my time and gas for picking it up twice and then for all the trouble they have caused me trying to resolve this matter which has not happened yet.


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