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Furniture Is Junk
By -

ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- We bought a loveseat and sofa from Ashley Furniture in Rohnert Park, CA two years ago. They were beautiful and so comfortable. Still beautiful, but in a few months the cushions were caving in. Had it "serviced" but within a month or two it was the same thing. Called customer service and was told "Oh well nothing we can do about it, as the furniture is now one year old."€ I explained that they had to fix it once already, but they didn€™'t care.

So now we have beautiful AND the most uncomfortable furniture we ever owned! Where can you get good quality furniture anymore? Not Ashley's that is for sure. And forget their customer service. They truly couldn't care less. So now we have furniture two years old that no one wants to sit on. It was a huge ripoff and close to $2000.00 down the drain.

Walmart Quality Furniture With a High Dollar Price
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat totaling over $2000.00 in the Ashley Furniture store back in January 2010. Unfortunately, for me the delivery was over 2 hours late. It was now dark outside and the room is not a well lit room. I signed off on the paperwork and my troubles began. The next day, when I sat down on my new loveseat, I noticed some stuffing coming from under the arm. I proceeded to look and discovered the entire seam was torn and completely unacceptable. There are zippers so that you can restuff the loveseat and the entire zipper was ripped. I was shocked and called as soon as I realized I had a problem.

Long story short, I went through many customer service employees who were unfriendly and unwilling to transfer me to the appropriate person who could help with my problem. Meanwhile, I also had a small tear in the middle of the sofa that a repair could fix. After several hours and days of total frustration, I finally got someone on the phone who could make decisions. There again, I had to explain that I paid a lot of money for what I thought was a high quality loveseat and sofa to have it in the condition that it was sent to me. I did not want a repair I wanted a new loveseat.

Thanks to my determination, finally 4 months later I received my new loveseat, only to find, you guessed it... a tear, small but nonetheless… a repair is needed. I once again will need a technician. Not a good experience at all. Very unhappy. :( I only wish I had read the reviews left by others prior to purchasing furniture from Ashley Furniture. My experience has been nothing but terrible.

Very Good Customer Service From Ashley
By -

My wife and I bought a matching burgundy colored, leather faced recliner, sofa and loveseat 9 years ago from Ashley Furniture in Phoenix, at what I considered to be a very good price. In 2006, we moved (with our Ashley furniture) to Arkansas. About a year ago, the lever handle mechanism on the recliner broke. The local Ashley furniture dealer offered to order one for $18.00.

I decided I would try calling the customer service 800 number I found on the Internet first. Upon calling, and explaining what had broken, the young lady in CS said, "I'd be happy to send you a replacement at no charge!" I was flabbergasted! True to her word, within a week, a package arrived with a new handle… which took care of my problem!

Last week, the recessed plastic handle on the left side of the reclining loveseat broke. It had a flex cable and retaining clip attached. This time, I looked up the Ashley customer service web page and sent an email, detailing that I needed to replace the broken assembly. The next day, I got a reply via email asking for my address, and telling me they would UPS the parts at no charge!!!

Within 4 days, the parts arrived, and I was able to replace the assembly good as new… at NO CHARGE, even for the delivery cost! They never even asked me where or how long ago I had purchased my furniture! I've NEVER had better customer service than with that furniture company. So I have to say, they really do stand by their products, and the customer service has been absolutely outstanding! I would definitely buy Ashley products again.

I Would Not Buy From Ashley Furniture Every Again!!
By -

I bought a leather reclining Couch and Loveseat from Ashley Furniture in Southaven MS. We liked the furniture in the store and bought it. Which was our first mistake. We had it to be delivered on my husband's birthday which was our second mistake. The deliver was to be anywhere from 8 am to 5 pm. Our furniture didn't arrive until 8:30 pm, which ruined our plans for my husband's birthday! I called multiple times and was told they would call back and never did. I also called the store manager who had this guy call who was his manager and they said they would refund our $100 delivery charge which I still have not gotten!!

The saleswoman also sold us a warranty which is worthless for $300. She made it sound really good in the store but trust me it is absolutely worthless. In just a few months I realized the cushions in our furniture was breaking down and it was getting very uncomfortable and you could feel the wood on the sides of the frame, so I pulled out the warranty and realized it didn't cover the cushions!!!

After a month I decided to turn it over to see what was really going on and the support for the couch was made out of elastic band which had broken and the seams were all ripped. So I just knew that would be covered again I pulled out my warranty and guess what seam ripping was not part of the warranty either. I will never ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture again! I would suggest strongly you avoid it too. I have been thoroughly unhappy with the whole experience and we just wasted $2000 dollars!

Research the Reviews and Ask Around Before Buying Ashley.
By -

MESA, ARIZONA -- If my husband and I would have just asked around before we bought, we would have found that it's not unusual for people to have problems with Ashley Furniture. The store manager at the Superstitions Springs store in Mesa pointed out to me that they are the largest furniture retailer around. If they don't change the quality of their merchandise and the way they do business, they won't be for long.

Also, Ashley says that since they manufacture their own furniture they can get right to the problem if there is one. Well, first you have to get them to acknowledge that there is a problem, and then in our case, they don't make the insides to all of their cushions, another company does. Research and ask around before you buy Ashley.

Poor Quality and Customer Follow-Up
By -

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Bought in good faith. After two week both items look like they have been used for years. Ashley replaced foam and was to replace armrest and other foam. What has been replaced is now the same as first. Very poor foam quality and now no one will return call. The owner of the store ** will not return calls or answer emails.

I hope anyone considering a purchase at Ashley check it out first. Anyone that wants to contact me please feel free to do so - **. Maybe we should unite and meet at the store. Numbers speak louder and maybe we could get the local paper interested in a story. This is the worst product and customer service. This even tops Automobile Purchase. What a ripoff.

Will Never Shop at Ashley Furniture Again!
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Bought a recliner, loveseat and couch on Jan 1, 2007. Here it is 2009 and it's already coming apart. The cushions are ripped and the threads are coming out. The couch hardly ever gets set in. Good thing I bought a 5-year warranty. NOT! Number 5 on my 5-year protection plan states that "ANY" puncture, cut, tear or rip is covered. Guardsman is failing to comply with the warranty I purchased and Ashley refuses to fix the problem.

The store manager with the Greensboro store refuses to give me Corporate Office information and also refuses to give me the General Manager's phone number. At two years old the couch should not be coming apart. Guardsman blames it on a manufacturer's defect that only last a year, so they can get out of replacing the cushion. Even the representative they sent out said it was covered but they send a letter instead of calling saying it's not covered.

Don't recommend anybody making a purchase from there, you may want to think twice. Making customers unhappy like this won't keep them in business long. Looking forward to seeing them shut the doors. Maybe they will treat their customers better in the future.

Good Value
By -

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY -- I have been searching for sofas everywhere. The ones I am parting with I had for 10 years. During my search, some were too narrow, not the right color, etc... If you are here you know the search. I bought the Duprella basketweave navy for our summer home 3 years ago. They still look brand new. At the time I just wanted something that looked good and was cheap.

For my main home I thought I would spend a little more and get something that was a little higher in quality. Ethan Allen couches were $3700 and for that price the fabric color wasn't quite what I wanted. La-Z-Boy couches were too small in the styles I liked but reasonably priced at 1800 for a pair. Potterybarn is the most expensive with the sofas I liked there over 4K... and only a 1 yr warranty on the couch/fabric? Thomasville, I liked a lot, lots of color choices, 2900. Macy's furniture had some nice choices too, but to customize your colors, they won't offer sale prices, so their couches would have been 2600.

Went to Ashley to humor myself, and saw my lovely beach house couches in Olive! $880 for the pair after a 22% off sale! If they only last for five years, I still win. For the price I think this particular item at Ashely furniture is a great deal.

Ashley Furniture In Hickory - Never Go There
By -

HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Me and my husband went to Hickory about 4 years ago with the intention of buying a living room set. Since we live in Europe, we were looking for a store where they do worldwide delivery. We found an Ashley furniture store in Hickory, where the sales person told us that they can deliver our furniture to Europe, so we paid immediately 50% of the total amount, $1500 dollars. They told us that they will contact us once the furniture arrived to their store. The call never arrived. So we started to make phone calls to the store, we could never speak to our salesperson, she was always with a customer...

A couple of weeks later, when we were finally able to talk to her, she told us that they do not do worldwide delivery. So they kept the $1500 dollars, and we never seen our Ashley furniture. We also spoke somebody from Ashley Company, but they said that this store is independently owned, so they cannot help us. Basically what happened is that they stole our money. If I lived in the States, I would have gone to court already.

Company Response 10/15/2009:

Our store has researched all the documented information on this complaint filed. Our store finds no customer or any deposit that supports the complaint. If the customer will contact our store and this complaint can be proven to be true we will gladley refund any monies owed.
Thank you

Don't Buy Ashley Furniture!
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Rating: 5/51

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I purchased the Commando Black Sofa & Loveseat September 2011. By December the vinyl was peeling away from the fabric and the cushions were sinking. I contacted Ashley about the problem. Since I have never seen something like this before, I felt they should have checked it for manufacturing defects and substandard fabric. Their response to me was they has nothing to do with the warranty of the furniture, and the store I purchased it from said the fabric wasn't under warranty (I guess that because they know it garbage). Now I'm out of $1000 dollars.

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