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My Recliner Is Busting on One Arm and the Body
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- When I purchased a recliner from a rent-to-own business, I took a further look because the material started busting. I complained to the store. They told me that because the item was more than a year old, I have no recourse, I further looked at the chair and discovered that the two arms are not the same. I bought this chair for relaxation, it's in my bedroom so I'm the only one who sits in it.

I know you have thousands of customers, and don't really care about one customer. As it stands, I would not suggest anyone to buy any of your furniture, I thought the Ashley brand was of quality, but now I know better, this piece of furniture cost me dearly and frankly I'm the laughing stock of my family, soon I'm afraid the chair won't last very long.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Went into a Ashley Furniture store to test a rocker recliner to see if it satisfied my comfort level. I picked the recliner but the one that delivered had a different firmness than the one I tested in the store and it hurt my back. The manager says there's nothing they can do I and I have to deal with it. What's the use of going into the store to test a piece of furniture if it's not going to be the same firmness as you tested in the store.

I suggested to the manager that he replace the floor model Furniture in the store so it compares to what the customer's going to get delivered to their home. He says they can't do that. To me that's nothing more than false advertising furniture firmness and comfort to the customers.

Lies, Poor Quality, Rude Corporation
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 11/18/2011 Here is the update to this MESS. I received a box of stuffing and an envelope containing what looks like a cover for the Chaise. Have not received a call about when a TECH Repair person will be here to FIX the problems. By the way the stuffing they use is VERY FLAMMABLE!!!

I am still not sure if this is their Final resolution and that I am to FIX it myself. The only resolution in my opinion is a FULL REFUND AND PICK UP THIS CRAPPY FURNITURE. Of course if I don't hear from them or my idea of a Resolution is not met I will be at the store the day after Thanksgiving with the box of FLUFF and Cover to show other consumers the quality of the material they use.

7/9/2011 purchased $2,476.06 "Leather Blend" 3 recliners, 1 Chaise. I have contacted the corporate office 4 times, called the store 4 times, had two tech service calls - one arrived instructed me to unzip the arm rest that was flattening supporting your arm on the wood of the arm rest frame. He would do nothing about my second complaint of "SCRATCHES" appearing from my dog. He commented the corporate office position was that pet damage is not covered under the warranty; the second Tech never showed up or called, and this is after receiving assurance from ** the store Manager that he would take care of me and make me happy.

However my position is that a couch made of this fabric was unacceptable and having owned prior other Leather blend and leather sofas this "SCRATCHING" was never an issue with my pets. After sending lots of emails with pictures Corporate called me today 11/11/11 willing to only replace the chaise and "Fix" the arm rest stuffing which is the only issued coverage on the warranty. My position is NO after reading the entire rip off stories of the poor quality of the material in their products with strong complaints with this particular model sofa set, I demanded a full refund.

Of course that is not their policy and I have to wait 4-6 weeks before I will receive a call to schedule an appointment for another repair tech (still not sure if they are replacing the chaise or recovering the Chaise, which they are doing as a courtesy this time but not any longer in the NO I did not agree and my comments to you were "do what you have to do").

With copies of my damaged furniture and a sign warning consumers, I sat in the PUBLIC Parking lot in the shopping center where Ashley furniture is located. I showed others and they agree this kind of damage is not
from PETS - it's from Faulty material. And considering the cost of the furniture the material is lacking in durability which people expect from a sofa. I don't know anyone who purchases furniture with the intention of placing BLANKETS ON THE CUSHIONS TO PROTECT FROM SCRATCHING.

By the way what do you say about the faulty cushions and stuffing used, which if you read the websites this is MAJOR COMPLAINT OF CONSUMERS WHO HAVE PURCHASED FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. If a full refund is not given then I have other measure of publicizing the FAULTY Quality of Material Used in this sofa set. YOUR POSITION THAT IT WAS CAUSED BY PET DAMAGE, I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH!

I am today contact an attorney to collect not only the full purchase price of the furniture but also compensation for my time, and cost for protecting my rights as a consumer. I have informed ** the operations manager on Saturday 11/12/2011, that I will continue to sit in the parking lot with copies of the damage as well as printing business cards to pass around where ever I go to discredit Ashley furniture and their practices and faulty material used in their products.

If ** took the time to look at the web sites she will find other complaints regarding professionalism of the Corporate office of Ashley furniture, the quality of furniture, the no shows of tech repairs, delayed deliveries, etc etc etc.

Defective Recliner at Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MOREHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchase a sectional in Jan 2017, the $2000.00 purchase has been nothing but frustration, aggravation, and lack of resolution from day one and continues to this day. The sectional was delivered with parts missing that make it recline, the delivery person said he could take it back and another one would be delivered in a few days, but his recommendation was to leave it in place until the new one arrived so it wouldn't look bad with the unfinished end exposed. We agreed.

Then 2 days later we got a phone call from the service people saying they would not replace the recliner but they would mail the missing parts to our house and when they arrive we would have to call the service department to set up a time for them to put it on.

It's been 10 days with no parts and when you call the service people all they can tell you is the parts will be sent soon, well when is soon? Next week, next month, or next year, they can't say. At best the quality assurance is lacking at Ashley to even let something like that leave their factory floor, and if the customer service can't answer questions what good are they. The store says they have nothing to do with it, you have to call customer service. I don't think they stand behind their products, and your best bet would be to buy somewhere else.

Two Year Nightmare!
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BOZEMAN, MONTANTA -- I am sorry to have to write to you in these regards, but given the circumstances of the past two years, I have no other choice. My name is **. The account to what this is about is under my husband's name, **. I will be retelling the events for the past two years, since I am the one that has dealt with 99% of what has happened. I do not know where to start, other than the beginning. So, this will pretty much follow the notes that I have kept since day one.

My friend and I walked into the Bozeman Ashley Furniture Homestore (BAFHS) on March 8, 2006. She and I were there to scout for furniture so that I could take the ideas we had found to my husband for him to look at and compare to some other furniture we had seen. He works nights at the local newspaper so his weekdays are limited. We spoke to ** that day and she assisted us with getting the print out and prices of a particular brand, the Contour-Burgundy sofa, loveseat and recliner. She wrote the prices on the print out for me to take back to my husband.

On March 13, 2006, my husband and I went back to BAFHS and found a salesperson to help us. ** helped us, and went over again the prices, and started the purchase and delivery. We decided to purchase the Contour Burgundy sofa and recliner. We also purchased the 10 year Ultrashield Leather Program. Here is the breakdown: Recliner: 655.00, Sofa: 895.00, 10yr ULP chair: 69.00, 10yr ULP sofa: 99.00, delivery charge: 39.00, fuel surcharge: 5.00, total 1,762.00. Our new furniture was scheduled to be delivered on April 12, 2006. It was in fact delivered on that date around 3pm.

When the chair was brought into our home, I pointed out that the color looked different. The delivery guy (**), even my husband said it was just the light. BUT when the couch was brought in and set next to the chair, we ALL saw immediately that the chair was in FACT brown, and NOT burgundy like that couch. The delivery guys looked under the foot rest and double checked the number (4740727) which is what it said on our original order form that it was to be the burgundy color. I immediately called the BAFHS and asked for **.

** answered the phone. I told him about the chair and that I needed help. He told me that ** was off for the next two days, and since HE (**) was NOT my salesperson, he could not help me and that I would have to wait. I asked him who else I could speak to, and he gave me the phone number and names (**) of the customer support in Missoula. This began a two-year relationship with the ever helpful ladies in Missoula!

I spoke mainly to ** (until recently, to whom I have spoken with **). I was unable to get a hold of **, and because this seemed to be of an urgent matter to me, I called the Missoula AFH, and spoke to **, she took a message and was able to contact **. ** called me back soon after and we set up a time for ** (repairman for the BAFHS) to come look at the tear on the couch.

April 13, 2006. I took photos on my digital camera of the chair and couch next to each other and you could see the color difference. I had to take my camera DOWN TO THE STORE and show the sales lady that I spoke to on the phone the photos, because I had called and tried to tell everyone the wrong color chair had been delivered. I felt like nobody believed me, and that they were labeling me to be a liar because they said they had had no other calls about wrong colored chairs.

I asked to speak to the manager, and he was not there. She gave me his name, writing it down on the back of the sales sheet that I had to take along with my photos to show the label and serial number off the chair did indeed match, although the color was not correct. She wrote down: ** BZMN MGR.

** arrived on Friday, April 12, 2006 at 4pm. He checked the slice on the left cushion and he said he could repair it. I told him I didn't want him to repair it, we had just paid almost $1,800.00 for a brand new couch and chair, and that is what I wanted. He then checked the chair, which he agreed was in fact BROWN, and checked the serial number on the bottom of the foot rest, it was also indeed the correct number for the BURGUNDY chair. He said there must be some mix up at the main warehouse. He went back to set up a new delivery for the chair and a new couch.

May 6, 2006. The new and CORRECT color recliner chair was delivered with a brand new couch. The delivery guys swapped chairs, and took out the (1st) couch and then brought in the new (2nd) couch. I noticed right away there was a 3" gouge on the right front side of the arm of the couch. I pointed this out to the delivery men and they decided to SWAP the 1st couched right section with the brand new 2nd couches right section. This looked terrible because now I have a couch that the left and middle are plump and new, and the right section is all flattened out. I was tired of all the trouble so we left it how it was.

Around the 20th of May we received in the mail a $200.00 "refund" check from Ashley Furniture. I called and was told that it was for all the trouble we had gone through with the chair and the couches. I was still angry and upset at the fact that during the WHOLE TIME we had all these troubles, not one person EVER called us, not even our ("we can only talk to you") sales person, ** never even called us to ask us how anything was!! We never heard anything from him until June, 2006. We again, IN THE MAIL got a note card from ** - it read: "** (not correct spelling) & **, Sorry for all the mix-up. Please enjoy this gift card. Thanks, **."

In the card was a $100.00 Ashley gift card. By this time, I didn't want to spend another penny at any Ashley Furniture store. So, I drove down to the store with card in hand, and happened to find the infamous store manager, **. I told ** how disappointed I was with everything that had happened, and asked if I could just get the cash for the card, because I didn't want to put in another penny into the store. He told me that the card was not intended for cash, and it said so on the back of the card.

So I asked him: "So basically you have given me a 100.00 worth of nothing?" To which he replied: "If that is how you want to look at it." I left the store, never intending to EVER AGAIN set foot in ANY AFHS, and would tell all family and friends and any other living soul I encountered the trouble that we had gone through and suggest them to avoid the stores as well. And they all have.

Well as my luck would have it, I had no other choice but to once again call on **, AFHS Missoula customer service rep. Ten months later, March 2007. I had cracking on the sides of the cushions, tearing of material in the corners of the stitching, and fading on the leather that looked like chocolate milk, and tearing on the underside of the foot rests. (Yes I took pictures again.) She again set up another appointment for ** (repair) to come take a look.

He came a couple days later and took a look. He said it would take about a week to get the leather in to make the repairs, and about a week to make the repairs. I figured towards the end of March that it would be done. I asked him about getting a loaner couch while he did the repairs, he said that the store did not lend loaners. I asked, "do they expect for a family of 6 to all share the chair and sit on the floor?" He said it was pretty much "my problem." This was very upsetting, so I called ** again and asked why, she said she would make sure we got a loaner while they had our couch and were making the repairs.

March 22, 2007 AFHS came to pick up my couch and did indeed bring a loaner couch. The couch they brought was dirty and dusty and had cigarette burns in the cushions. We had to clean it up before we could even sit on it. They said it would be about two weeks to get our other couch back. 3-30-07 I called and spoke to ** to check on the status of things. He said they had fixed one cushion and had to wait on the leather to fix the arms and the foot rest, so it would be another two weeks.

Still no phone call, I tried to call and there was no answer from **. I called ** to see if she knew anything. She said that **'s notes showed that they had fixed the arms and they were waiting for the leather to fix the cushions. To top it all off, he was on vacation for the next two weeks!!! I was LIVID - I had talked to him two weeks ago, and he told me the complete opposite, and never mentioned a word about going on vacation. ** said she would contact ** and just order a whole NEW couch (#3).

May 15, 2007 New couch (#3) arrived, I went over it on all sides. No scratches, rips, tears of cuts. FINALLY - maybe the end of my nightmare! I wrote on the delivery slip they took back to the store that I would like documentation showing that I had insurance on this couch, they said I didn't need it since it was the exact same couch with the exact same number. TELL ME IT ISN'T HAPPENING.. AGAIN!?!?!

8 months later, Jan 14, 2008 12:55 pm. I find myself yet again with the same problems I had with couch #2. Tears around the stitching, cracks on the sides of the cushions and a rip under the foot rests, and the chocolate milk fading look. And now, the recliner is not rocking right, and is now leaving black dust spots under the chair, we looked and could see where the frame was grinding together. Now I have black stains on my carpet that I have to have professionally cleaned because I cannot get it out. UGH! I called AFHS customer service and was transferred to **. I left a message for her to call me back about the couch and chair.

Jan.14, 2008 2:57 pm. I call CS back since I have heard nothing from anyone. ** answers, says she is not sure why I would have been transferred to ** since ** is the one that answers the Bozeman calls. ** set up Friday 1-18-08 for repair to come look at the couch and chair. ** shows up on time, looks at the chair and the couch and informs he will be leaving AFHS and someone new will follow up in a week, he has to order the leather and the mechanism from the chair.

Feb 18, 2008 2:20 pm. I call ** back. I tell her that I have not heard from anyone since ** was here almost a month ago. She says it shows the leather was to be in the Bozeman store today (2-18-08) and that the middle and right sections were to be repaired or replaced. But she did not see anything about the under carriage for the chair being in or shipped. Was informed I would be getting a call with time and date for repair and replacement.

March 5, 2008 12 noon. Spoke to ** again. Told I have yet again to hear back from ANYONE. She says her records indicate that the material and mechanism is in fact at the Bozeman store but does not see a date set up for repair. I told her that when moving the couch I found some additional tears under the couch and on the back, she set up another appointment for the new guy (**) to come take another look. And apologized for the length of time it has taken to get this fixed.

March 5, 2008 12:15 pm. At this point and time, I am beside myself in frustration and anger. I called Ashley Furniture Industry Inc customer service (1-608-323-3377) to speak to consumer affairs. I spoke to **. I recapped the past two years and requested to speak to the president of the company or someone of that nature. She said she can't do that and could only refer me back to the store that sold me the furniture.

I told her that would not resolve anything, and that I have been having problems with that store for TWO YEARS now and have gotten nowhere. ** said she would contact the store manager on my behalf and she would contact me later. (As I write this, it is now April 15, 2008 and I have YET to hear back from **!!)

3-17-08 1 pm. **, the new AFHS repair man, arrived to look at the couch and chair. He asked me what I would like to see happen. I told him plainly, a new couch and chair, my money back, or for the repairs to be done in such a way that I would not be calling back 6-12 months down the road. He said he feels like "no matter what he tries to do to fix the repairs, that it wouldn't be to my satisfaction, that in all honesty, the same result will happen." I told ** I appreciated his honesty and that I would contact ** and tell her what was determined, and take it from there.

3-17-08 2:00 pm I called ** after ** left, explained to her in full detail what had expired. She said she spoke to ** and he felt that there were too many things on the couch and chair that needed to be fixed. ** said she would email ** (Bozeman store manager) and tell him that ** and I would be back in the store to do a "re-select."

** told me that we could spend up to the amount we spent in total of our other purchase (1762.00). I asked about the delivery charges and insurances, she said we would not be penalized for either. And that if we couldn't find anything, our options were limited to either other furniture such as a bedroom set or an in-store credit of $1762.00. She said the final decision would be up to ** and also said we wouldn't be penalized the $200.00 that we had received two years ago. I received the email 3-18-08 at 3:48 pm and I made a copy for my files.

3-18-08 3:37 pm. I called the Bozeman AFHS to speak to ** about the re-select and email. He was not in, so I spoke to **, she said Tuesdays were ** day off. I told her about the re-select and the email ** sent to him. She said she will speak to him and give him the message and whether he or she would call me sometime on Wed. 3-19-08. I gave her a couple choices we had seen online and asked for the prices, she called back and told me. 3-19-08 6 pm, no phone calls from AFHS, and I just wasted an entire day waiting for a call!!

3-21-08 4:00 pm Friday. My husband and I went down to the Bozeman AFHS to go look for new couch and chair. We walked in and asked for **, was told she would be at the back of the store at the desk. She was, and I introduced us. I asked if ** was available, and she said he was in Helena for a meeting. I asked if ** got the email, and she was unaware if he had, so I took out my copy and showed her! She went and got ** to be our sales rep. We took some time looking and asked for some prices. We finally made a choice for the Navigator/saddle couch and recliner. They were cheaper than what we had paid for the Contours.

I was at the desk as they did the sale, and I reiterated to them that ** had told me over the phone that we were not supposed to get charged for delivery or charged higher for the insurance. Since Ashley no longer used the Ultrashield leather Program, and were now using Montage Fabric Only Plan. On several occasions, ** both called to speak to ** and asked a couple questions (how conveniently is seemed he got disconnected so many times). They said we had to pay the full price on the insurance because it was a different insurance (and I again told them, THAT was NOT what I was told from **).

** call ** again, I tell my husband that we will have a 252 credit, so he should look at some end tables or something. ** tell me, that NO we will not have a credit. That is doesn't matter how much or how little of a balance we have left, that it will NOT be an in store credit. My husband tells them that that is "bs" and I explain to them that ** said we would have in-store credit if we didn't go over what we paid before.

They again try to call **, say something, and look at each other and say to call **. ** tried calling and nobody answered. I told them I would be calling ** as well, I called on my cell phone and left a message and said I would call Monday morning (3-24). They give us a sale receipt with a delivery date set for April 12, 2008. 3-24-08 8:30 am Monday. Called **, and let message asking for her to please call me.

3-24-08 10:30 am I called ** back and got a hold of **. She informed me ** was on vacation until Thursday (3-27-08). I told her I had a problem that needed fixed now! I explained what ** and I talked about regarding the re-select, she saw the email ** sent to **, and CONFIRMED that it was STORE-WIDE POLICY regarding in store CREDIT!! She said she will send an email to ** and the general store manager, **. I again requested that I be Cc'd to it, because had I not had the other email, ** probably wouldn't have believed a word I said last week when we were there.

We went over the numbers again and she confirmed we should have a $252.00 credit. She said she will contact me after she sends the email later today. 3-24-08 3:10 pm. No word from **, called and left message. 3-25-08 9:00 am. I checked my email and saw the email ** said she would send out, she also sent an apology email explaining that she had gone home ill after speaking to me on the phone. I again, made a copy of this and put in my AFHS folder/file along with these TWO YEARS of notes. Don't worry, we are ALMOST done!

4-10-08 11:00 am. I called BAFHS and speak to ** again and ask to confirm the delivery state of 4-12-08 for the new couch and furniture. I was supposed to go out of town, but had changed plans due to the delivery. She said she saw a different delivery time for the following week but was uncertain of the exact date and time, so we set the 16th for the new delivery and she told me to call back next week to confirm! So again, I had to change my ENTIRE week of school appointments for IEP meetings for my kids and doctors appointments because I didn't know, and AFHS didn't know for sure when or at what time my furniture was to be delivered.

4-15-08 10:45 am. I call again and speak to ** to confirm the time and date for delivery. She again, looks on the computer and says that it was pushed back until the 22nd of April!!! I AM BEYOND LIVID!!! I am at my wit's END with this ** store!!! I WANT OUR FULL AMOUNT BACK so we can go someplace else and get the service that this store has NOT ONE TIME in TWO FRIGGIN YEARS shown us!!! I want to talk to someone who can actually DO SOMETHING!! I am NOT going to continue doing this for the next 5 years every 6-8 months because my furniture needs to be repaired, or whatever else may go wrong.

I called the Missoula AFHS and spoke to ** and told her my dealings with the Bozeman store. She gave me the number for the corporate office in Missoula (**) she said ** is the general office manager for all the stores, and ** is the General regional manager of all the Montana Ashley Furniture Homestores. I repeated the phone number, and she said she gave me the wrong one, and that (**) was actually the correct number to call. I will call them in the morning to confirm if either of them are correct.

I have had to make phone calls after phone calls after phone calls to make sure the delivery times was correct, or to get it tracked down, or to find out what was going on, or to call customer service with nothing but complaints after complaints.I just can't do it anymore!!

4-15-08 10:55 am. I call customer service again, to try to speak with **, I finally get a hold of **. I tell her what happened since the re-select, and about the delivery on the 12th, then set for the 16th, and now it won't even be in the store until the 22nd.I am SOBBING while talking to her. I am so STRESSED out over all the problems over the past two years, that it has now brought ME TO TEARS!! I told her I want to speak to someone of higher authority whether it is ** I just want this nightmare to finally be over!

I told her I would send this to her, so that she can pass it along to both **. I have asked for the Cc to me as well, just so I know that it was indeed sent, and that this matter will and should be dealt with swiftly. God knows we have put up with more than enough over the past two years!! I have saved all the photos I took of the chair and couch. Since April 12, 2006! If you need for me to send any of these to you, please let me know, and I will be more than glad to do so.

Follow up notes: Wed. 4-16-08. I called ** at the AFHS in Missoula and left him a message. He did return my call. I told him I didn't know what to do at this point, and that the only option we feel we have is to request our money back. He asked "What do you want to do"... (now that I think about it.. he should have been asking me... what can WE do for YOU)... I told him I can't trust that if we get new furniture that we won't be calling again in the next couple of months because something needs fixed, or something was torn prior to delivery... I told him we feel we have the only choice to ask for our money back. *good grief I am crying again*

He said he apologized for our troubles and is sorry that we feel this way. (How would he feel?!) I asked him "I am sure you wouldn't accept this to happen to your wife, or mother, sister or friends would you?" He said no, he wouldn't. He took his own notes during our conversation, and I took mine as I have done the past two years. He informed me that 4 of the 5 people I had mentioned in my email either retired or no longer work for AFHS. (Is he implying that I am making all this up?) And that they can't really collaborate the issues to which I have accused.

I told him that I kept notes and took photos, that I in FACT HAVE the very FIRST photos of the wrong color chair and the cut on the cushion delivered 4-12-06!! He said "you do?" and I asked if he wanted me to email them to him I would! He said that he would see to it that we got our money back. He said that he had to go to Spokane on Thursday, so he would be back on Friday to get this going. He had to talk to the girls in accounting as well.

I asked how "this" was going to work. Are they going to issue the check and as soon as I get it, they can come get the furniture, or what? He said NO, they can no longer do that, that they have problems in the past with doing it like that, and the customers would destroy the furniture before AFHS could pick it up. (So after my TWO YEARS of trouble... they can't "HELP" us a little until we had the money to get new furniture ordered?!)

I explained to him that the money they refund us is going towards new furniture... we had to wait until we got our taxes two years back JUST so we could get new furniture... we are NOT made of money... we live pay check TO pay check... it isn't like we have thousands, or even hundreds of dollars sitting in the bank or credit cards! He said he will call me back on Friday (4-18-08). I think I am going to ask if they can make a little exception... or maybe issue the check, send it to the Bozeman store, when they get it, I will MAKE myself available for them to come do a 'swap" of the check for the furniture. I would THINK that THAT could be the LEAST they could do!!

Well, it is Thursday night (4-17-08) I guess we will see if he follows through... is my saga almost over?? Or will I be furniture-less until they decide to actually send the check? Or will they even send it? Or will they hold it until they get the furniture, and decide that we won't be getting our full $1762 like he already told me I would be getting??? If I could predict the future, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here writing this frigging NOVEL!!

I decided to call around to a couple other furniture stores here in town to find out if we purchased furniture how long it would take to get it.. because if AFHS is going to take the furniture before we get the money back in order to BUY new furniture.. we will be sitting on the floor (for however long it takes), and spoke to a person that used to work at the Bozeman AFHS within the past two years.

I told her the problems we had had, and the furniture we had... she said she had left the store because of the non-truthfulness that surrounded the store and also told me that the Contour furniture has basically a 3 year "life span!" When I told her that I had spoken to the Missoula headquarters manager, and said to him, "I can't TRUST anybody from AFHS" her reaction was: "EXACTLY!!!" So... now I wait... but while I wait, I have another fish to fry with Vann's and my one year old (#2 washer from Vann's in two years) washer... but THAT is a WHOLE other story!!!

May 3. 2008 NO CHECK!!! I was told I would have the check today, and of course not I didn't! **!! I had to call and talk to ** and the BAFHS and she didn't know what was going on, said she would call me back. I ended up calling Corporate in Missoula, and ** were available, seems they both were at lunch and would be back in an hour.

2pm. Calling back to speak to **. Well, now I have been told that both of them are gone for the rest of the day!! Convenient for them! I was told by ** from the Bozeman store that I could call back to corporate and speak to **. So I called her. She said she didn't get the check put on her desk until Wednesday, and she apologized for not getting it out in the mail. So she will FedEx it overnight and I should get it on Saturday. May 3, 10 am. I GOT THE CHECK!!! My ties with the damn store are finally over!! Good Luck to any of you that might be going through this. Make sure you keep good documents, and take photos!!

Resolution Update 05/03/2008:

I finally received my FULL AMOUNT PAID reimbursed today. I will NEVER again step foot into an Ashley Furniture store, and I will forever tell my voice will echo!

Durablend "Leather" Recliner.
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Rating: 1/51

BRYANT, ARKANSAS -- In March of 2012, I paid around $540 for a recliner from Ashley's Furniture in Bryant. It's covered in Durablend, which like others have stated on this site, the salesperson assured me was better than leather, made more supple and tear resistant. It actually is made of 57% Polyurethane, 26% Poly Cotton, and 17% leather. It is awful; the top layer comes off as thin as tissue paper, so you can't even use a duct tape or mending product to cover the holes.

The company won't stand behind their product and the salesperson I dealt with lied about the chair. Also, since the footrest is spring released, I have to do what my wife calls a "donkey kick" to get it down and locked. I lean back in the seat, put as much force as I can in my legs, then press down until the rest are back in position. However, if I don't kick it backward once I am standing up, it will spring forward and hit me in the knees. Were it not for the exercise and entertainment of it all, I'd say it was about the worst purchase of any kind I've ever made!

Cheap junk funiture
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Rating: 2/51

SHERILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I bought 2 recliners less than three years ago. Both are peeling and are junk. DuraBlend products should be taken off the market.

Extended Warranty Is a RIP OFF - Do Not Waste Your Money
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I bought a premium reclining soft set with 5 year extended warranty from Ashley Furniture located in Phoenix Arizona about 2 years ago spending over $2500. The product worked good for a year and then problems started with leather peeling off in certain places. I reported it to the customer service, the customer service was rude to start with and then she told me that the regular wear and tear is not covered under extended warranty and left me hanging there. This is a total shocker for me when I spent over $400 for the extended warranty.

I do regular maintenance of the leather soft with leather conditioner and still it resulted in it. The leather is of low quality one and extended warranty sucks and not worth the money I spent. I would recommend all of you to avoid Ashley Furniture and Extended Warranty for sure.

Unbelievable Business Practices
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I liked the idea of buying furniture from Ashley because it is made here. What a joke!!! We purchased the set in September from Roomful Express. It took forever to get it because it was supposedly ordered for us. We received it in November 2010 and it was not working properly. Apparently Ashley does no quality check before it leaves the factory. Our chair had no power pack and the sofa one didn't work. We also failed to receive the warranty "bible" that is filled with legalese allegedly relieving Ashley Furniture from any and all warranty claims.

About 2 weeks ago, the sofa was reclined (with me in it) and it got stuck. I had to climb out of it, which frankly is no fun at 50. I called RE and asked to have it fixed because I had company coming in a few days. They told me they could not do anything for me for 2 weeks!!! I asked for a loaner and they acted like I was crazy. We are talking about a $1,500 set of furniture here. Today, they came to fix it. Of course, the guy had no parts and has to order them. It will take 3 WEEKS to get them.

So I have to wait 5 weeks to get my couch fixed. He supposedly gave us the number for AF, but it was actually their own customer service phone. I looked up Ashley online and called. The first person transferred me to a woman in Lord knows what department. I've never talked to someone so frustrating. She told me it was clearly stated in the warranty (which I didn't get) that AF is not responsible for their product once RE took possession of it and that they were trying to fix it. I asked her if 5 weeks was reasonable to her, but she refused to answer. She kept telling me that something WAS being done, so I gathered I was just supposed to accept this and shut up.

ASHLEY FURNITURE REFUSES TO STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCTS. Giving someone else authority to warrant on your behalf is NOT customer service. Especially when the agent does such a frankly lousy job. To top it off, I asked to speak to a manager. She puts me on hold, gets back on and says "she's not available." No surprise there, which I told her. She asked if I wanted the manager's voicemail and I said yes. Of course, when she transferred me, I got disconnected.

This is supposed to be an American firm, not some third world country where they've never heard of customer service. I will never buy from AF again and I'm in the process of telling everyone I know. It's already on my FB page and I have several friends on Twitter who I've told as well.

Stay AWAY!!!
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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I bought this Monarch Valley Recliner Harness Colored and as I was going to show the salesman the chair I wanted (after I described it) he said He knew which one and to go ahead and sit at the counter and he would be there in a moment. I bought the furniture (a sofa too) with no problem. They didn't check to see if I had a job for sure even (I do but???).

Two days after the furniture came the recliner locked up and wouldn't recline. I called the store. The receipt I had said all sales final because I thought it was a sale. But that doesn't mean they can deliver a defective piece of equipment and not fix it. Even the paperwork I got said that floor models have a manufacturer's warranty.

They told me that since it was a floor model that the warranty was void. I didn't even know I bought a floor model!!! The salesman said that they had the furniture in the warehouse there. I would never buy a recliner that was a floor model. It doesn't even say floor model on the receipt but I got a hard time from the store employee who said that they are not responsible for fixing it. Well I also got told after I asked about the manufacturer's warranty that they did not have the number for the manufacturer that I would have to look it up online. I found out later that the store holds the warranty.

The warehouse not the store gave me the number to a place in Texas who gave me more run around. I called customer service in Wisconsin finally and got unsympathetic ears that floor models have no warranty. Again I have no paper saying I have a floor model. Page five of the warranty booklet apparently has this info but I never got this pamphlet.

Crooks with defective equipment. The store employee did offer to come out and fix it (a salesman). I thought if he tampers with it and I find a warranty it will be void for sure. Eventually with enough screaming and calling the same employee called me and said he would have a technician call in 4 days when they are available to come out and look at it as there is a year warranty. Well I will be glad to see them and will report back if I don't. Have doubts as to the quality of this furniture.

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