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Extended Warranty Is a RIP OFF - Do Not Waste Your Money
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I bought a premium reclining soft set with 5 year extended warranty from Ashley Furniture located in Phoenix Arizona about 2 years ago spending over $2500. The product worked good for a year and then problems started with leather peeling off in certain places. I reported it to the customer service, the customer service was rude to start with and then she told me that the regular wear and tear is not covered under extended warranty and left me hanging there. This is a total shocker for me when I spent over $400 for the extended warranty.

I do regular maintenance of the leather soft with leather conditioner and still it resulted in it. The leather is of low quality one and extended warranty sucks and not worth the money I spent. I would recommend all of you to avoid Ashley Furniture and Extended Warranty for sure.

Recliner Supposed to Be Leather Is Peeling
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Rating: 1/51

CORBIN, KENTUCKY -- We bought a living room sofa and recliner about two years ago. They were supposed to be leather. The recliner is peeling and the sofa is very easily shifted in otherwise you are afraid to move it for fear it will fall apart.

Unbelievable Business Practices
By -

I liked the idea of buying furniture from Ashley because it is made here. What a joke!!! We purchased the set in September from Roomful Express. It took forever to get it because it was supposedly ordered for us. We received it in November 2010 and it was not working properly. Apparently Ashley does no quality check before it leaves the factory. Our chair had no power pack and the sofa one didn't work. We also failed to receive the warranty "bible" that is filled with legalese allegedly relieving Ashley Furniture from any and all warranty claims.

About 2 weeks ago, the sofa was reclined (with me in it) and it got stuck. I had to climb out of it, which frankly is no fun at 50. I called RE and asked to have it fixed because I had company coming in a few days. They told me they could not do anything for me for 2 weeks!!! I asked for a loaner and they acted like I was crazy. We are talking about a $1,500 set of furniture here. Today, they came to fix it. Of course, the guy had no parts and has to order them. It will take 3 WEEKS to get them.

So I have to wait 5 weeks to get my couch fixed. He supposedly gave us the number for AF, but it was actually their own customer service phone. I looked up Ashley online and called. The first person transferred me to a woman in Lord knows what department. I've never talked to someone so frustrating. She told me it was clearly stated in the warranty (which I didn't get) that AF is not responsible for their product once RE took possession of it and that they were trying to fix it. I asked her if 5 weeks was reasonable to her, but she refused to answer. She kept telling me that something WAS being done, so I gathered I was just supposed to accept this and shut up.

ASHLEY FURNITURE REFUSES TO STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCTS. Giving someone else authority to warrant on your behalf is NOT customer service. Especially when the agent does such a frankly lousy job. To top it off, I asked to speak to a manager. She puts me on hold, gets back on and says "she's not available." No surprise there, which I told her. She asked if I wanted the manager's voicemail and I said yes. Of course, when she transferred me, I got disconnected.

This is supposed to be an American firm, not some third world country where they've never heard of customer service. I will never buy from AF again and I'm in the process of telling everyone I know. It's already on my FB page and I have several friends on Twitter who I've told as well.

Stay AWAY!!!
By -

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I bought this and as I was going to show the salesman the chair I wanted (after I described it) he said He knew which one and to go ahead and sit at the counter and he would be there in a moment. I bought the furniture (a sofa too) with no problem. They didn't check to see if I had a job for sure even (I do but???). Two days after the furniture came the recliner locked up and wouldn't recline. I called the store. The receipt I had said all sales final because I thought it was a sale. But that doesn't mean they can deliver a defective piece of equipment and not fix it. Even the paperwork I got said that floor models have a manufacturer's warranty.

They told me that since it was a floor model that the warranty was void. I didn't even know I bought a floor model!!! The salesman said that they had the furniture in the warehouse there. I would never buy a recliner that was a floor model. It doesn't even say floor model on the receipt but I got a hard time from the store employee who said that they are not responsible for fixing it. Well I also got told after I asked about the manufacturer's warranty that they did not have the number for the manufacturer that I would have to look it up online. I found out later that the store holds the warranty.

The warehouse not the store gave me the number to a place in Texas who gave me more run around. I called customer service in Wisconsin finally and got unsympathetic ears that floor models have no warranty. Again I have no paper saying I have a floor model. Page five of the warranty booklet apparently has this info but I never got this pamphlet.

Crooks with defective equipment. The store employee did offer to come out and fix it (a salesman). I thought if he tampers with it and I find a warranty it will be void for sure. Eventually with enough screaming and calling the same employee called me and said he would have a technician call in 4 days when they are available to come out and look at it as there is a year warranty. Well I will be glad to see them and will report back if I don't. Have doubts as to the quality of this furniture.

Out Of Warranty Repair
By -

Two of the four recliners on my sofa and loveseat have broken. I am out of warranty and am willing to pay to have them fixed. I went into the Henderson, NV store and after I said my furniture was 8 years old was told that I could still have them serviced. I needed to pay a $45 trip fee to see what was wrong and if they could fix them and I said fine. Today when I got the service call, the customer service line said they could not work on them because they were out of warranty. I told them I realize that and I am will to pay for the repairs.

She continued to say they cannot work on them because they were out of warranty. I told her I thought they were missing a profit center for repairing furniture and she said I was crazy that they would not make money if they had to replace the furniture. I asked her why they would need to replace the furniture if it was out of warranty and she changed brought the conversation back to they cannot repair the items due to them being out of warranty. I also said "I believe you don't fix furniture out of warranty because you want people to buy new furniture."

I told her that once your car goes out of warranty you take it back to the dealership and pay for repairs, you don't buy a new car. It was totally over her head. She didn't understand the concept of making money off repairs. I told her she needs to make sure the stores aren't taking the service fee ($45) upfront if they cannot do the work.

Now I have to go through the hassle of getting my $45 back. They also couldn't refer me to someone who could fix the furniture locally, once again making me believe they only want me to buy new furniture which I will never do with them again. Customer service is awful.

Leather Couches Are Bonded Leather - Not Real - They Will Discolor
By -

I bought a Sonoma Brown Leather couch and recliner from Ashley. Before the year was up, my husband told me to call them about the discoloration and sagging. I did. Guess what? Took them a year to come out. 2 months later, the same thing. THEIR REP CAME OUT, AND JUST WALKED IN. OF course, ASHLEY denied this. But I told him, "LOOK, somethings wrong." He replied, "I did not do any wrong." I am now sitting on the floor on the middle cushion on my couch for 10 months.

Managers were also rude, done with it. Who is Monarch? The one who takes over Ashley's warranty? No one tells, Well, I just found out the Sonoma brown leather couch is not, hear me, NOT LEATHER. Leather really does not do this. IT does not DISCOLOR. They told me it was my abusive children. I do not have children. I am 60. I was nice, even though my husband may have not been to their representative He was rude. Then my husband was. You know, everyone can get up on the wrong side. Obviously, their representative did before we did. Never sign their papers either. Their reps will tell you it is about their work. Naught.

It is a release as I found out, Always say you are not satisfied. Never let anyone of them fool you. NEVER SIGN - ALWAYS BE DISSATISFIED AND NEVER TAKE THEM AT THEIR WORD. IT IS NO GOOD. Even their specialist will tell you after this it will be replaced. Who would actually want their fake furniture? IF anyone near Spartanburg would like to e-mail me my address is **. Also make a sign in your vehicles on this problem. I WILL. COLLECTIVELY WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I hope the best for all of us who have been fooled once by ASHLEY. NEVER AGAIN.

Save Yourself Time $$$ and Frustration, Don't Buy From Ashley Furniture
By -

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Sadly, my experience has not been good at all. I ordered my furniture on Feb. 8th and was told that it should be in by March 4th. Nothing fancy, just a durrapella sofa and recliner that they had on special, their "most popular" piece. Called on March 3rd, the date had been pushed out to March 17th. Called during that week, pushed out to April 9th.

I understand the concept of estimated delivery dates, but don't tell me things like "I don't know ma'am I'm not the person who puts the furniture on the truck." Instead of being understanding the customer service reps and managers I've spoken with have all been apathetic. After a very angry phone call, the sales manager told me he'd put me on a "hot sheet" to try to rush the order, because of its importance.

Aren't all of your customers important? Don't they all deserve to have their deliveries sent to them as soon as possible? That whole concept is just ridiculous and says a lot about their customer service. Hot sheet = this person is pissed and has threatened to cancel their order and tell everyone they know not to shop here. I know what a flagged account is all about, "difficult customer."

I think what has been the most frustrating is that you have to call/keep on top of them to find out what's going on with the product you've ordered and paid for long ago. No courtesy call when they keep pushing those delivery dates out further and further. Since purchasing from them, I've come across a good deal of people who have had the same bad experiences. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Matter of fact, I dang near want to stand outside the store and warn people thinking about buying from them against it.

Fight and Fight Hard
By -

MEDICINE HAT ALBERTA -- Fight hard I did get a refund from the almighty Ashley!! Furniture quality grossly misrepresented. I was told the furniture was all wood made down east in their factory especially for our climate. When doing the inspection they suggested, I was horrified to find the furniture was made of some kind of plastic. Boxes said made in China, and was in such bad condition. Tried to follow their no return policy but in a few days of repeatedly calling customer service, and the store I knew I was not going to get my money back. I was told the garbage they delivered belonged to me and any repairs were at their discretion.

I read every report on the internet about them. I was appalled!! So My daughter and I went to the store almost every day trying to deal with managers and whoever would listen. We made sure other customers in the store knew what had happened, and that I was ripped off for $1900.00. We stopped customers outside the store, to warn them. We sought legal advice and were told we could put up posters as long as the information was true!! We had recorded every conversation after the first contact with customer service. We were told that you can use a recording in a civil court action.

After about a week and a half they said they would replace the furniture, I would not accept this offer given the quality of the furniture. I did not want to repeat this process over again. I did call consumer affairs and was told we could take legal action.

After about two weeks of making a scene we were given a refund, and told we were never welcome back in the store. I bought 3 pieces of furniture (ALL GARBAGE). Stuffing coming out broken trim cracks in press board. Staples showing all over. I wanted to cry. Our last step was going to be loading their garbage on the back of our truck with a big sign. I am in the process of filing a complaint with consumer affairs and the better business. I hope to save a few people from this nightmare!!

Chair Is Junk
By -

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- My wife surprised me with a New Recliner for Christmas. We looked for a chair that was long enough for me to recline in. I purchased a Cosmo Recliner from Ashley Furniture HomeStores in Grapevine TX. We ordered the chair from a showroom model and it took a month for the chair to arrive. When the chair arrived at my house I was disappointed that it didn't sit like the one in the showroom. 1. The padding was different and it was the most uncomfortable chair I had ever sat in. 2. No spot resistant spray as promised. 3. The chair didn't arrive till January (we were told this) 4. On June 3rd the rivet that holds the mechanism together broke.

I called CS and was told that a tech couldn't come till June 14th to just look at the chair and if what I said was wrong, it would take another 2 weeks to get the replacement mechanism from the warehouse. I was not happy. I talked to a CS rep, a CS supervisor, and a CS Manager. All of them told me the same thing. I said "I am not going to wait 2 week for you to then tell me it will be 2 weeks later before I can get my chair fix."

Finally I called the owner of the franchise and he called me back and arranged for the tech to come on the 7th of June. So now that they came earlier, the part will take 1 month instead of 2 weeks. They got their month any way you look at it. Well I put a bolt in the chair so I could use it till they get her, now the chair mechanism is bent complete and they will not put a better mechanism in it. They also have a NO RETURN POLICY. So I am stuck with a piece-of-crap chair that will probably break again in 5 months and there is nothing I can do about it. I will NEVER buy Ashley JUNK again and please don't you do it either.

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Rating: 1/51

WEBSTER, TEXAS -- Procured two power recliners from Ashley furniture in Webster, TX on April 14,2012 and paid cash. During the purchase I inquired about the reliability of the motors and drive systems in the chairs. The store manager assured me that the motors and mechanisms were A+ and would probably outlast the recliners. Minimal use and less than 2 weeks later both motors have failed. Numerous calls were made to speak with the store manager who is always in a meeting and never calls back which have added insult to injury. The customer service people are only providing basic service and do not take any extra effort to help.

These recliners are junk. It might be acceptable as a fluke if only 1 had failed but two in less than two weeks is not a fluke - it's junk. I want to return these for full credit but Ashley refuses. Now I am told replacement motors will be shipped to me within 7-14 days then they will schedule a tech to come fix. Thus it will take longer to fix than I have had the furniture totally unacceptable. I highly recommend that you steer clear of Ashley and go to a more customer oriented furniture store that sells reputable furniture not this junk.

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