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Horrible Experience
Posted by Nics on 05/15/2009
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- I would like to start off saying that I warned my MIL about buying from this company because of things I had heard. She found a sofa/table set that she LOVED however so I went to the store with her to check it out. I used to be a sale associate at another store so I knew what to look for.

The sofa/love seat seemed like a solid piece, especially for the price. The tables looked great! The sales person informed us that the tables were being discontinued and there were only a handful left in stock. One end table was out of stock, so I asked if we could order the first two and take the floor model from the one out of stock.

He said "No we don't sell floor models. There is another shipment coming in so you can still get the second end table but it will be delivered later."

This was fine with my MIL, so she came back with my FIL and put the order in that day. They scheduled delivery for May 15th and called twice ahead of time to remind them.

May, 15th the truck pulls up. The two guys were very professional and careful with the tables as the brought them in. I noticed right away though there were scratches and chips. They told us that Ashley store had them take them off the floor! We DID NOT ORDER FLOOR MODELS!!! As a matter of fact we were told they don't sell floor models.

The delivery men then said it would be $75 for delivery. My in laws had already paid Ashley Furniture $99 to have everything delivered. Apparently the had started using another delivery service that charges when they arrive. The poor delivery guys had no idea what was going on, we showed them the receipt and asked them to take the furniture back, which they happily did.

My MIL got on the phone with the store and then talked to her sales person. He told her that he said she was getting floor models and she knew it. This was a flat out LIE, I was there and I talked to him personally. He told my FIL the same thing he told me also!

The couches arrived on an Ashley truck (we were not informed it would be delivered separately). Everything looked ok from a quick inspection so we signed for the couches. Later after looking closer the cuts on the leather were shoddy and barely covering the couch in some areas. You could easily pull the leather away from the couch around the base and it looked horrible!

They told my MIL that she could pick out new tables TONIGHT only otherwise she was stuck with the crappy floor models that she didn't want. They said if she canceled the order for the tables she would lose the discount on her sofa and have to PAY THEM MORE MONEY!

My in laws are considering canceling the whole order but here's the kicker...Ashley charges you 10% for canceled orders. It will cost my family $240 to canceled on an order that this "company" promised and didn't deliver.

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-05-15:
Go to a garage sale...you will find better.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-15:
You should not have to pay a restocking fee or any additional penalty when they sent you a used product when you paid for new.

I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB. It would probably be best to return all of the furniture and get a full refund.
Posted by checkedout on 2009-06-11:
You need to be speciffic about what Ashley furniture store you are bashing. Every one of them is independently owned and operated. I have been shopping and buying from the local one here in Albuquerque and have had nothing but the best service and satisfying products every time. Funny how almost no one compliments good service, they just make a huge deal out of tiny problems. When was the last time you people read the obituaries and saw "Cause of death: furniture didn't arrive in time." HAHHA. Here is an idea; try being proactive instead of procrastinating. Start shopping several weeks BEFORE you have the deadline. And for you third-party commenters, save these forums for the people with the first-hand experience because, face it, you don't have ALL the facts. Why would you try to pull the leather away from the base anyways?? Oh, and if you really did get the floor model set of furniture, I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving a bit of a discount. I have noticed as a customer that being nice, and eager to understand will get you much closer to being satisfied with your service and salespeople than if you are jumping to conclusions, making demands and throwing out threats and insults about them. Don't be a grumpy guss, life is far too short for that.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-11:
Do you work for Ashley Furniture?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-11:
MSCANTBEWRONG, best answer.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-11:
you CHECKEDOUT long before you wrote your comments. The op has legitimate complaints.
Posted by checkedout on 2009-06-12:
jktshff1, how mature, what is this? Second Grade? Perhaps besides remembering the insult game so well you will remember having played the game "Telephone" where a message is passed from person to person until it gets to the end of the line and is completely different. The op's "complaint" is of an experience not his own. MSCANTBEWRONG and superbowl, try doing a little research on your own besides what you read in forums and you will find what I said is true. Ashley Furniture Homestores are franchises, independently owned and operated. Each one operates under their own set of standards and while I'm sure some of them are quite capable of poor customer service that does not mean that they are all the same. Subsequently, complaints should be lodged much more specifically at the store where the incident took place. Like I said, I have been shopping and buying from the local Ashley Homestore here, which would make me a CUSTOMER, not an EMPLOYEE. Not to mention my comment "I have noticed as a customer that being nice..." Read it for yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-12:
My, my, checkedout, that *ahem* chip you are sporting is pretty huge.
Posted by Nics on 2009-06-19:
In response to checkedout, my "3rd party" complaints are as legitimate as anybodies. I live in the house with the people who bought the furniture, it was a purchase for our family in this home. I was with them when they made the purchase and through the botched delivery. I was there for every thing so this experience is not word of mouth, the only difference between me and anyone else is that I didn't not actually pay for the garbage that was sent. As for what store it was Kenosha, WI if that helps. I was witness to the lies that were told by the sales person and company, I was witness to the floor models being delivered and the only reason we knew they were floor models was because the delivery men were nice enough to tell us when they weren't supposed to. The problems that I discussed were not TINY by any means and while its true I wont drop dead from having bad customer service that doesn't mean I have to bend over and take it. Writing a well deserved BAD complaint is very appropriate and if I come across a company with GREAT service I will review them in the appropriate manner. As for peeling back the leather on the base...there wasn't much peeling needed. It was shoddy craftsmanship and having worked at a furniture store as sales person myself I am appalled at the service of this company, I would have been ashamed of myself if I were an employee at that store.
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Improper Selling Practices-Rude Managers!
Posted by Hiker6 on 09/29/2005
TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -- My husband and I went into the Ashley Home Store in Tupelo on 9/14/05 and was greeted by Stephanie (sales person) After we found the furniture we wanted she gave us a date of delivery of the end of Sept. or 1st of Oct.
On Sept.27 we called the warehouse in Jackson,TN 731-951-0053 To inquire what day the furniture might be delivered, The customer service Rep. told us none of the furniture had came in, she stated that they never know until they open the boxes, its all shipped from overseas, I asked if our furniture was being shipped from overseas, she said Yes.She said that on your sales contract it states the date of 11/01/2005, I told her that wasn't what the sales person had told us,As I looked over the sales receipt 11/01/05 was the tentative date of delivery, I told her that I would have never ordered the furniture if I knew it was going to be that long, she said we tell our sales people to make sure and tell the customer.She said no rush can be put on furniture because it comes from overseas and we have no idea when it will come in. I assumed that the furniture was made in the USA, She said very little.When we placed the order Stephanie told us all the furniture was in except some of the dining chairs, this was a lie.The customer Rep. in Jackson TN. said this wasnt true.I asked if she thought it would be a problem cancelling the order, She said I see no problem since NONE of it has arrived , she said to contact the store.
When we contacted the store and talked to Stephanie, she said I told you a delivery date of 11/01/05 I told her that wasnt true, my husband and I both heard her say the end of Sept. or 1st of Oct. I told her I wanted to cancel the order because I needed the furniture now. She said NO, all Sales Final, Stephanie never once said all sales were final when we bought the furniture.She said we signed a paper stating this, I told her we did not have a signed copy.
The salesperson at this store said what she had to , to get the sale. That meant lieing about the delivery date,lieing about where the furniture was made and lieing about the fact that all furniture was ready except some dining chairs, and not going over with us the fact that all Sales are final.
Yes we also made a mistake, the fact that we trusted our salesperson and didnt read the fine print and assumed this wasnt a going out of business or an outlet furniture store, because all sales final usually applies here.
Stephanie was very misleading, would it be to much for this store to have a policy before you sign the contract of explaining( All sales Final), have them initial this?
And have them initial the Tentative home delivery date? And tell the customer most of the furniture is shipped from overseas?
The selling practices of This Ashley Furniture Homestore is improper and consumers should not be mislead like I was.
My second issue deals with sales manager-Tammy
I tried to talk to Tammy to explain the situation, the lady had her mind made up before she even talked to me, she was very RUDE. She went into this whole story how Stephanie never had any complaints and how she owned her own store at one time, she spent alot of time praising Stephanie instead of addressing the issue.(By the way the store has been opened less than a year) Every point I brought up, her tone got louder and louder, at one point I had to hold the phone away.She told me that she Would not cancel the order and I was lieing about calling the warehouse, she said the warehouse would have never said that to me. She pretty much called my husband and I liars on every point we tried to relate to her. She said I was unreasonable and she wasnt talking to me.
I have never been talked to the way Tammy talked to me, she was very rude, loud and insulting. She needs a course in good Customer Service.
I then asked to speak to someone else, she put me on hold.
Jeff -a manager- came on the phone, he was singing the praises of Stephanie too, he said she has never had a complaint, he pretty much said the same thing Tammy said.Every point I tried to make, he raised his voice and said I'm trying to be nice to you. He would not listen. he said he really didnt know the whole situation he just walked into the room. When I told him how rude and loud Tammy was, he said" I was standing maybe 25 feet from her, I didnt hear her getting loud with you"
Jeff just got through saying he wasnt in the room.
Talking to both of these managers were pointless. When I asked Jeff for the Corporate office address and phone, he said it was in his briefcase, he would call me back and give it to me. He never did.
These 2 managers need a course in anger management and customer service. I hope no one is ever treated and talked down to the way I was.
They also need to make sure consumers know- most all of there furniture is shipped from overseas, this is why Ashley Furniture says all Sales Final!
Its not like thay can ship it back to their warehouse overseas.
I havent received the furniture yet, from all the complaints I have read on the quality and damage of Ashley furniture, I pray my furniture arrives in one peace!
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Posted by KenPC on 2005-09-29:
How did you pay for the furniture? If by credit card, you may have some protection for 'non-delivery'. If so, have your CC company reverse the charge, and send a registered letter to the furniture store stating that you have done this.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-10-01:
Ken has a very good suggestion which may help you in this case. However, how many times have we been told to read before we sign? Are you certain you weren't a bit unreasonable in your demands? I know it's frustrating when you're waiting for a delivery. If the points you say the sales personnel should bring out to you were so important, why didn't you ask them before purchasing the furniture? The word 'liar' has been bandied about so much in this complaint. I especially like the pickyness of standing 25 ft. from her, but just walking into the room. Heck! In my apartment you *have* to be in the next room to stand 25 ft. away from a person. Biggest room is only 19'. If the tone of your complaint was the tone of the phone conversations, I can understand the reluctance of the store personnel in trying to resolve this issue. However, I hope you soon get your furniture. I'm sure I'd also be unhappy having to wait for new furniture for so long.
Posted by loopyrn on 2005-10-07:
Good luck with Ashleys....our furniture did not arrive in one piece and they would not come pick it up and give us a refund--hence the whole "all sales are final" thing, which we were never told either. And customer service was rude with us, too. It seems that no one in that company has any clue about what is going on with their furniture. You should try to cancel your check/credit card prior to your furniture being delivered. It would save you a lot of time--trust me. IF you ever do find a customer service e-mail address or main phone number, be sure to post it. I am sure a lot of people like us NEED to have our situations resolved too.
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Insisted Numerous Times I Will Be Paying Cash on Delivery
Posted by Rhcox on 01/25/2013
RED DEER, ALASKA -- My wife and I bought a dining room suite, and some living room tables. Total approx. $4500.00. Numerous times insisting that we would be paying cash on delivery. I suggested we decide on a sum as a down payment prior to delivery and the sales person Drew up a written agreement. As I thought I understood what this agreement was I did not read it thoroughly. I paid the suggested down payment and my wife and I left the store, expecting the delivery of our furniture in 3 to 4 weeks as stated. 1 week later I received a letter and credit card from City financial confirming the fact that I now was in a financial relationship with them for the furniture. I had in fact signed a contract financing it. As you can imagine...... I was furious, but screwed. Not matter what I did, because I had signed this agreement without reading it I was on the hook for it. Refusing to accept the furniture was not possible, as well refusing to pay balance would put me in a bad credit situation with the finance company. I returned to the store and tore a strip off of the salesperson I dealt with, in front of their co-workers as well as other customers, and have told everyone I know. 6 months later the furniture looks like it is 6 years old, Chinese junk. 100% bad experience, do not recommend shopping there.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-26:
As much as I may look down on Ashley, I think this is the first time I've heard of someone expecting to purchase COD. I'm not aware of anyone expecting to purchase in such a fashion.
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This company is nothing but Scammers!!!
Posted by Cdunca8 on 03/18/2012
WEBSTER, TEXAS -- When we walked into Ashley furniture, they had a promotion going on where you could enter your name to be pulled in for a drawing for a giftcard there. It was noon and the lady said the drawing was at 1. Well we walked around the store for an hour, where we were nagged by every sales person working on commission to buy this and that. One o clock came around and I asked the lady if they were going to do the drawing, she said no it was at 2.... What a SCAM! They tell everyone that comes in that the drawing is 30-45 minutes after they arrive so that people are more likely to stay and look around. And that's not the first time Ashley pissed me off, about 6 months earlier they delivered a couch to our house and when they put it together, they BROKE it!!! ( not to mention the couch was not wrapped in plastic and had the sweat of the delivery men all over it!) the delivery guys would not take the couch back down to there truck, and when we called Ashley to tell them the couch was broken they said they would send somebody to fix it in a couple of week ...... Excuse me, the couch was 900$ and all you could do is send somebody to fix it?!?! I bought a NEW couch and I expect a new couch to be delivered.... NEVER BUY FROM THIS OVERPRICED STORE....HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!

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Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-18:
If you do not sign for the delivery how can they not take it back? I would never sign in your situation.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Ashleys sucks on 03/02/2011
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I bought our first furniture together, the event that started out as a fun step together has become a nightmare because of Ashley furniture. The sales person was friendly although he was the beginning of our problems. We bought our new furniture 3 weeks before my in-laws were coming from out of state to visit. Ashley called to confirm the delivery for Monday the Friday before (they are not lenient about switching the time at all, even if its a half an hour difference)...everything was going according to plan, we decided to throw all of our furniture away on Sunday morning, cleaning out our house for the new furniture. Sunday night I received a call that they were not going to be able to deliver my complete sectional, only part of it was going to be delivered and the other part would not be ready for another month. We decided to get the couch part of it anyways because our family was coming into town that Tuesday and we didn't have much time left. When delivery came they did not call me half an hour before like they had promised but rather just showed up to my front steps, luckily I had asked my mom to be at my house to receive the furniture. They brought all the furniture they had promised but ended up taking my dresser and mirror because they didn't fit together (contrary to what our sales person had said when we purchased it). Customer service did not contact me to tell me the situation and when I called the next day to find out about my dresser customer service claimed that they were not aware of my situation and had to call me back (talk about lack of communication!).

When they finally called me back and I asked for the dresser to be delivered the following day, customer service said that their cut off time is 1pm for next day delivery so it wasn't possible. Ashley furniture is not at all about pleasing the customer, I was very impressed with their sales person and prices for the furniture we purchased but getting the furniture to our home has become a nightmare. At the present time the chase (the other part to our couch) is not coming for another 2 months. I don't ever want anything to do with Ashley furniture again!
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-02:
I refuse to buy furniture from Ashley after the myriad of delivery horror stories I read. When I do have an opportunity to purchase furniture, I never do so if the sales contract is absent a firm guaranteed delivery time in writing.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-02:
There is a very good article here about purchasing furniture and just what the salesman won't tell you:

Posted by 49er fan on 2011-03-02:
Its a shame your excitement about your purchase was ruined due to Ashley's inability to provide adequate customer service. And, your comment regarding "communication" is also right on!!!! Communication has to start at the top, from the store owner to the sales manager to the sales staff to the customer service reps and delivery drivers. Thats why in my opinion there are so many complaints about Ashley that are all almost identical.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-03-03:
I wish Wicks were still around. Hubby and I got our furniture from them when we bought our house. Our bedroom set and downstairs couch/chair still look pretty good aside from the few injuries that our cats and my not-too-bright husband have inflicted on it. My upstairs couch is nasty, but that's just courtesy of Baby C.
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What Most Consumers Don't Know About Ashley
Posted by Ksmith26 on 02/17/2008
HAYS, KANSAS -- It is hard to please anyone when it comes to your home and how specific you want it, but I do have a few things on how to help you with your purchase at Ashley, or any store for that matter.

1. Don't be afraid of the salesperson. They DO know what they are talking about. Being at the store almost every day out of the year, product knowledge is a must. If your salesperson seems to be running away every five minutes to go double check their answers, then it is time to consider asking someone else. It is VERY easy to spot out the knowledgeable sales person. A few clues to look for are how they approach you, if they keep busy with work (not conversing with other employees), and if you ask a question they can respond instantly without hesitation.

2. Ask as many questions as possible!! It is important to question them - if something starts getting fishy you know they don't understand their product. Asking questions also helps you, such as will this fit through my front door? How long does this set normally wear? Will leather fade? What happens if I spill my drink?

3. ASHLEY STORES ARE INDIVIDUALLY OWNED! Not one Ashley store is like the other. If you have bad service in one store - the other won't be the same! Also please keep their warranty in consideration!

"Ashley Furniture HomeStores offer a 1-year warranty to you, the original purchaser. At our discretion, we will correct or REPLACE defective products for the one year from the date you received delivery. The warranty only covers defects in workmanship and construction that occur under NORMAL use and care."

4. Ashley cushion cores are the same density as la-z-boy. If you state Ashley as "cheap" furniture how do you describe la-z-boy? This is why it is important to ask questions!!

5. All Ashley furniture from Ashley stores must be ordered in! This is how Ashley cuts down on the cost of their furniture! They don't have a huge warehouse full of furniture that they tack onto the price of the 'unused' items. Also think of it this way - you are getting a NEW piece that has NOT been used before! If it is NOT satisfactory you can call back in and get it fixed to your liking or replaced! Dates are tentative so please be patient and understanding! Your local Ashley store will work with you!

6. If you have concerns about the care of your furniture, the wear, or any detail, your sales person should know the answer!! If not, call in and ask for a manager the care is simple I promise!!

7. And finally, understanding why there is a delivery charge! Ashley has a delivery charge because that is NOT included in the cost of your furniture. Ashley has an itemized list to help you know exactly what you are charged for. It's just like buying a new car, you choose out the sports package with a few added features, would you sign the deal if you didn't have the itemized list stating what each charge is for? Of course not, because then you may not get what you were "promised". This is why Ashley places each individual item in a list so the customer can know what they are being charged for! Other furniture stores don't use a delivery charge but do you notice how almost the same product is about twice the price you would have paid at Ashley? They add in hidden fees to their furniture and don't itemize out those costs!!

So PLEASE ask questions, and understand Ashley's product! And Customer Service is a MUST!! If you have any other questions you can think of please respond to this post! I will try to explain as much as I can to my knowledge! But keep in mind, the stores are individually owned, and I will not know how your local store has treated you, or how their policies work. But please ask!! Also know this – Ashley is not only the number one selling furniture in America, but it is the number one selling brand in the world!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-17:
This begs the question of the hundreds of postings I have read here about the extremely poor quality of the product that Ashley sells. Cushion cores or not, you don't see the same volume (or anything even close) of complaints about LaZ-Boy, or any other furniture retailer.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-17:
Sorry but I read at least 3-13 post a week that say otherwise.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-17:
Why are 99% of these pro-Ashley reviews always posted by a brand new member that seldom if ever writes another review? I will say it, the word is shill. If we could get one of these from a regular member or a member that ever wrote more than one review we could add a bit of credibility to the pro-Ashley reviews.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-17:
Ashley stores may be independently owned but there must be consistency and they should all provide quality customer service. If they don't, Ashley should pull/revoke their franchises. The reviews on this website show that Ashley does not hold their franchisees accountable. For this reason I will never shop Ashley Furniture.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-17:
When Ashley used to make the stuff themselves the quality was OK. Now Ashley has a double problem. The junk they import from China and elsewhere is well, just a bunch of junk. To add insult to injury the Ashley stores and franchises also treat the customer like krap now. So between selling imported junk and treating the customers to terrible service after the sale Ashley now has some very serious issues. I suspect unless they replace the CEO and some other dullards running the place that Ashley will suffer the same fate as Levitz has.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-02-17:
So Ksmith...How long have you been working for Ashley Furniture?
Posted by amanda06 on 2008-02-17:
I have Ashley furniture in my bedroom and in my living room and I LOVE it. It is beautiful, affordable and if it can handle my 18 month old son it can handle anything!

I think the fact that they are independently owned has a lot to do with it...seems like a lot of the owners aren't operating their stores properly.

I'm sorry people are having such bad experiences with them but I loved everything about shopping at Ashley. The sales people are nice and helpful, like you said the furniture is made after its ordered so you know your getting something new, financing is easy and flexible, the delivery was fast and the furniture is beautiful and comfortable. I am an extremely satisfied Ashley customer and will go back next time I need furniture.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-02-18:
When I dealt with Ashley, I liked the salesperson I dealt with...I still like the furniture we purchased (the quality is definitely questionable)...but what was unacceptable was the 3 dining room tables, 6 chairs, and 2 bunk beds over the course of 8 months (and countless unreturned phone calls to the "manager of the week") that we went through to get our order finally right--all items had been delivered damaged--some were delivered 3 times damanged. I think you should add the question, "Now will I be getting the damaged version, or the ready-to-use model?"
Posted by qualityappliance on 2008-02-18:
I have quite a few pieces of Asley furniture that I am happy with, however, I bought them from an indepent dealer long before Asley had their own stores. So, if Super is correct, I'm glad I got the stuff when I did.
Posted by ksmith26 on 2008-02-18:
KenPopcorn -
you do have to understand with ashley furniture it is NOT a solid oak or cherry wood, if it were Ashley could not sell it at the prices they offer. If you are ok with spending $3,000.00 for an end table be my guest, but myself personally I can not afford that kind of purchase.
Posted by ksmith26 on 2008-02-18:
superbowl -
I posted this just because a lot of consumer reviews looked like they were customer service issues - which because the stores are independtly owned it will be different with each store and that shouldn't discourage another customer from buying here! I agree totally with the thought that they should not be in business if they don't have great customer service. It is deffinately not right! But there are just some things you can not help, although if you do have issues with the customer service it is recommended you call Ashley headquarters and state such. As for Ashley making their furniture, the sewing and cutting is done over seas to cut down cost for the consumers, but it is put together here in the united states.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-18:
Ksmith26, got it. Are you sure that it is put together here? A lot of blog sites claim otherwise. We would all like to know what is fact or fiction.
Posted by ksmith26 on 2008-02-18:
I agree with you, it is hard to see another Ashley store treat someone like these people have been treated, but there is nothing I can do to stop it. I just wanted to help out others on here to understand a little bit more on how Ashley companies work.
Posted by ksmith26 on 2008-02-18:
superbowl -
Yes I am POSITIVE. I work at the Ashley store in Hays, KS. At our store every employee has to undergo training once a month to make sure we are up to date on all Ashley product knowledge. Ashley owns a warehouse in China where all fabrics are cut and sewn together, and then several other smaller places across seas cut the wood pieces for us. It would cost more to do that here in the US, that is why the cutting is done overseas. It is sad to see that the labor charge and shipping charge is less than what it would cost to do in America, but that is how it is. From there they are shipped in and all put together on huge assembly lines one location for this is Arcadia Wisconsin (where we get our furniture from). Now there is a lower quality of Ashley furniture, that is all cut and put together in the united states, but those pieces of furniture aren't what you'd buy for someone looking to keep the same set for 30 years.
Posted by ksmith26 on 2008-02-18:
amanda06 -
Amanda that is great to hear! If you have any questions on a piece I will be glad to help you out!
Posted by ksmith26 on 2008-02-18:
Aerocave -
That is horrible it took you that long to get the furniture. I would suspect you probably got a floor model because your set may have been discontinued and your sales person didn't know it at the time of the sale. Look over all floor models when you are at the store - if you notice the same flaws on the furniture you received you need to speak to management. But in any case that is unacceptable unless you were notified you would be receiving the floor model. All I can say is that is not how our store is run and I regret that you had to go through with that! I am sorry! If I could change it I would I promise!
Posted by Mrs. Fantastic on 2008-02-19:
ksmith26- you claim Ashley furniture is assembled in the U.S., however you're only talking about upholstery pieces, i.e.- living room. All of your wood products, dining room, bedroom, living room tables, are manufactured overseas.
At the end of the day- no matter how many days of training or how great the sales and management staff are, you still sell the same product as the other Ashley stores sell- not to mention a ton of non-Ashley stores, and Rent a Center's. It's cheap, poorly made and does NOT last.
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Unhappy customer
Posted by Badbusiness on 11/27/2007
REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to tell you the following information as simple as this
I purchased from Ashley Furniture, and paid cash for a living room set, a dinning room set four months ago, so far the following events took place the couch has fallen apart,the dinning room chairs have fallen apart and the cousin's in the chair are flat, now when I went to the store mind you four months ago I had no problem paying cash for the furniture, I also purchased insurance, in case something went wrong also special fabric spray to protect the furniture
"Here is what happened"
I have been transferred to many different people
(not good practice)
I have ask them to bring me a new couch and chair
as I do not relish the thought of eating on the floor or setting on the floor because I have no springs in the couch,
the response from the employee is (it can be fixed, "YES BUT WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT)
and not what I expected I have never experienced such disappointment, and poor business practices.
I was to my understanding that this company clearly would stand by there furniture,this is not what I purchased, I asked for my money back which is in the sum of $6,000.00 or there abouts and what do I get in return, (I have to transfer you to someone else) If the furniture fell apart in four months, how is fixing it going to help it is faulty and I would like my money back to go somewhere else, so I can set on my furniture, as that is what I bought it for or bring me a new couch and chair
So far I have received nothing but the run around
I am posting this message because I have never been treated so bad, and with such unconcern.

Carol Ann Brigman
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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-11-27:
I would suggest NOT putting your phone number up on the internet. Anyone can google your phone number and get your address.
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Horrible Quality / Horrible Service
Posted by Rosel on 09/20/2007
EUGENE, OREGON -- In June of this year, I for the first time in my life purchased new furniture from the Ashley store here in Eugene, Oregon. Unfortunately, I did not check with this website before purchasing. Here is my horror story:

I bought a couch, chair,and microfiber chair & ottoman to match plus a storage ottoman. I spent a little over 3000.00. After the deliverymen left, i sat on the chair, hoping to enjoy my purchase. Instead i saw the loose stitching and broken panel on the storage ottoman, and the crooked leather back panel on the chair, and the crooked feet of the furniture that were gouging into my new floor. I was horrified. Did they accidentally send me defective furniture? So I called the Store manager, and explained all this, and that i was extremely unhappy. They were nice, and said that they were very sorry for this and allowed me to re-select. Thank God , I thought. So off we went. They said that they would pick up the damaged furniture when the new selection came in. I said ok, and they charged me another 75 bucks to re-deliver. During the wait, the couch in our possession deteriorated...the leather was so thin in one area, it just disintegrated. The microfiber chairs cushion's stitching came undone as well. It was horrible. 3 weeks later, the new couch and chaise and coffee table arrived. We looked it over carefully, and it seemed ok.

I immediately called on the chair cover, and they scheduled a service guy to come out. While waiting for that service call, the new leather chaise stitching was coming loose. I could hardly believe it. So I called again, and they added that to the service call. About a week later a service man comes out just to take pictures. Next day the service center calls back to say that they will replace the chair cushion cover, and pick up the chaise for repair on Friday. Friday morning I am vacuuming, and move the couch slightly, and to my horror, the right armrest is loose under the leather, and i notice that the piping on the ottoman is fraying. I cant tell you how horrible i felt. It is unimaginable when you spend 3000+ dollars, and everything you bought is less than 2 months old, and it is falling apart. My husband and I both agreed to send it all back with the repairman. Now the living room is empty again, except I have a 3000.00 bill.

So I call the manager, who says he will need to charge me a 20% restocking fee. That's 600.00. I say that we have lost all faith in Ashley furnishings, they just do not hold up. There are serious quality issues. He responds by saying that he can talk to his boss. Ok, I say. Next day this fellow calls me, and I explain everything to him. He says that if his service person has written down all the problems with my furniture then he will help me out, and set me free. He assures me that his serviceman will not lie. Today I got a message that they will be billing me for $600.00. I have an empty living room, and nightmares over this. I not only babysat this horrible furniture, but I was charged for it. I even offered to meet the company halfway, and reselect 600.00 worth of NON upholstered furniture (so I could see how its constructed) No go on anything.

As of today, I put in a call to the managers boss. The manager even said I could speak to the owner. So we will see.

One thing is for sure, nobody deserves this type of treatment. It is simply horrifying. Nobody should ever buy from Ashley, until they get their quality on track. 600.00 + 140.00 shipping is a lot of money for an empty room.

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Posted by Jytte on 2007-09-25:
Take this to the small claims court and/or your local TV station (on your side). That's what I'm doing. we need to expose this store chain for what they are.
Posted by Rosel on 2007-09-27:
Update: As of today 9/26/07, Ashley Furniture in Springfield , Orgegon has not in any way worked to resolve this mess. Infact all they did was give me the phone number to thier customer relations, wich upon calling is really not thier customer relations...it is just a home office for thier furniture manufacturing section. All the stores are idependantly owned, and the decision on this is up to the owner. They gave me the owners name, and the phone number of the Springfield store. Back to square one. To top it off, they have so far held on to my entire downpayment just shy of $1000.00. that ammounts to 33%, not the 20% they promised to extort from our family. I am still waiting to hear from them.
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Why Ashley Furniture Sucks, trade secrets here!
Posted by ExAshleyEmployee on 07/27/2007
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I am a former employee of Ashley Furniture in San Antonio, and I cannot say strongly enough how much I depise the company and their practices. I was in sales for them for 6 months, and that was MUCH too long.

This is a company that will smile to your face, then take your money and deliver shoddy goods. In a short time there I saw so many illegal and ethically shady practices I was amazed.

They refuse to let their employees take breaks, if you try to sit down you will get b*tched out for not talking to customers, even if you have been on your feet for 8 hours straight. They will take 30 min out of your check daily for lunch, regardless of whether or not you get to go. And even then they will dictate when you can go and WITH WHO!

The managers are constantly pushing the sales people to "close the deal" regardless if the customer wants the merchandise or not! We have TONS of returns monthly, as in several thousands worth ($20,000 and up usually!) and the company is always in a panic trying to recover cancelled orders.

The sales people (myself included!) were taught to screen customers for signs of wealth, ie clothes, cars, etc. If you look middle to low income many sales people will completly ignore you. The good ones who honestly do just want you to have the best info available, and the exact furniture you want get fired for not forcing sales on people!

The so called "DTMs" or design team members are a sham. Its just a fancy word for a shark, you know, like a used car dealer. These are the people who follow you throughout the store and hound you till you either buy something or leave.

I've never worked in such a cut throat environment in my life. It was literally the most awful place I have ever worked, and I worked fast food as a teenager!

I know this post is getting lengthy now, and I haven't even gotten to talking about the furniture or the service!

The company instructs all sales people to tell customers that our furniture is high quality and well made and that couldn't be further from the truth. The furniture is made in Mississippi by people who must either be drunk, dumb, or given REALLY bad instruction manuals! I've never seen so many items put together either incorrectly or with so much damage. I occasionally helped in customer service and I can't possibly count the number of times someone called to say their furniture wasn't made right or was delivered to them broken.

And speaking of delivery, the warehouse in New Braunfels texas has pissed off so many day laborers they can barely keep them hired. The company brags about how the delivery guys are part of our company and family, and they really just outsource delivery to the cheapest bidding company. They don't pay well, and treat their delivery employees like crap. I personally know 4 people who quit because of the working conditions, ie no AC in the warehouse (even in the heat of texas summer), making them do deliveries well into the night, like 11pm and sometimes later.

I'm going to stop ranting about the company because I think my blood pressure is rising! Please just be aware that you are buying your furniture from a company who could care less about their employees. The owners are rude, disgusting and chauvinist pigs. They can rot in hell for all I care. They made over 90 million dollars last night, and some of their employees can barely pay their bills while working 50+ hours a week with never a weekend off.


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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-07-27:
Ashley furniture....hmmmm. I believe I've heard complaints in here before.

Taking 30 mins from your paycheck without taking lunch is illegal anyways. Should have called the labor board.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-07-27:
Did you get fired today or yesterday?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-07-27:
I got thrown out of there shawn for leaving a floating turd in their toilet. Left a note saying this is what I think of your raggedy ass furniture.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-27:
Yeah right, you did not notice all this was going on until after you got fired. Also while you were hired, if they were doing illegel things and you let them and did not say nothing you can be charged too for keeping quite and letting them do illetal things.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-07-27:
ExAshleyEmployee......Billydude has a point there! I don't agree with too many people here but this time I do.
Posted by Brian1108 on 2007-07-28:
I think you may have just worked for a bad franchise. I am also an employee of AFHS, but in a different market. I am a salesman, and I love my job. I have never been taught or told to "look for the wealthy ones". We treat people fairly. I have actually had a customer comment on how he was ignored at RC Willey because he was young, but when he came to my store, he was made to feel welcome. He also bought a housefull! The returns are just part of the business. No furniture store delivers perfect merchandise all the time. Yes, there are a lot of complaints, but when compared to the number of happy buyers, they are next to nothing. I work in one of Michael Jedlowski's stores in Nevada, and even though I haven't met him personally, I have heard nothing but good things about him being a great boss and a great business man. My store manager and GM are awesome guys who I enjoy working for. My work environment is awesome too. I pretty much do what I want. If I wanna take a break, I take a break! That's it. But, even though I'm new, I've been putting up some good numbers, so why would they care if I take a break now and then? I guess the business just wasn't right for you. That doesn't mean that Ashley is crap. And that doesn't mean that nobody should work for any franchises, and that surely doesn't mean that people shouldn't buy the furniture.
Posted by ExAshleyEmployee on 2007-07-28:
I haven't worked for Ashley in over a year. I didn't say anything at the time because I was broke and I really needed to keep my damn job. And I can't be charged with anything you moron. I should have reported them to the labor board, but after 6 months I just said screw it and quit. It definitly wasn't worth the effort on my behalf anyways, I had brought up so many situations to my managers who just didn't care. Trust me, I didn't stay silent until they started threatening to fire me for asking too many questions and rocking the rock.
Posted by Ashley Furniture Sucks on 2007-07-28:
Why am I not surprised to read this? It's simple, if employees are well taken care of, they would take good care of their customers. Thanks for sharing...

My case got escalated to Director of Customer Service at Ashley Furniture, Inc. who is now personally monitoring my situation (I hope).

I'm waiting for new set of furniture today to replace the 'garbage' that I received before (you can see pictures on my blog) and I will report on its condition as soon as it arrives. Any bets whether it will come damaged once more or will it be shiny and new?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-28:
You are calling me moron, well whose the moron that got fired. You are still angry about that, we can all see from your letter. I think I know why you got fired, you called customers morons and they complaint, and this letter is getting things off your chest. You knew bad things were going on and you failed to report them so that makes you a moron. You care more about your jobs than ethics. It's a good idea you quit before you got fired. That is if you are being honest with us. Whether you are lieing or telling the truth, you have a grudge against your former employer. Also where are the "so called" pictures on your blog, I don't see any. I guess the furniture was good.
Posted by ExAshleyEmployee on 2007-07-28:
A) I never got fired. I quit.
B) Why are you defending Ashley anyways? What are you, a corporate narc?
C) Since when it is MY responsibility to make sure other employees are treated fairly? Isn't that my employer's job?
D) I really enjoyed selling furniture, and I really love helping people. It was unfortunate that this company treated me and my co-workers so poorly. They failed us over and over again.
E) Get a life
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-28:
A.Why should we you were not fired, after all you were not honesst when you did not speak out while you were employed there so how do we know you are telling the truth now. Not speaking out when you know something is wrong is dishonest. It is very funny that it took you a year to speak out.

B. If you can't take our comments than don't come here. I don't work for Ashley.

C. It is their responsibility to treat other's fairly.

D. Then look for another job, and if the company were really this bad, than why did it take a whole year after you "quit" to speak up.

E. You get a life, if things were really this bad than why did you not speak sooner, you had a whole year to do so after yoiu "quit"
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-28:
The other's are right you should have voiced your concern while you were employed. Also what's with calling other member's moron's, just because you don't agree with someone does not give you a right to call them names. Save the name calling for the playground.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-28:
We don't know the whole situation here but I don't think the exashleyemployee got fired, she quit, sometimes when your job is terrible and you have threatened with termination you quit before they can fire you.
Posted by ethics and morals on 2007-08-18:
I believe every word!I was a service tech for SOFA EXPRESS AND MORE and have seen the same.Being a tech allowed me to tear down the furniture and do repairs.I have been in the upholstery field for 39 years and have watched the quality of all production furniture hit rock bottom.Evidently they make furniture to be affordable to the average consumer,and at todays rates of corporate executive salaries that doesn't leave much to put into the furniture.A $599.00 sofa is about 100.00 in materials.To me,its all garbage.Go buy a 30 yr old frame and pay 2000.00 for reupholstery and you'll have something worth sitting on.
Posted by ethics and morals on 2007-08-18:
6 months ago Sofa Express closed 3 major warehouses and 28 stores nationwide and told the employees the day before.Bad business practices have a way of making full circle.I have seen ashley furniture and it's no different than any other production furniture,and all those accessories are Chinese,Malaysia,Korean,Tiawan crap with a spray can finish.Be a smart buyer and inspect what you're buying(closely).Would you eat a hotdog while watching them be made.And all companies have a yes man.
Posted by david07003 on 2007-08-27:
Look, dont blame this guy, I worked for Ashley too (see my write up). When you work in a company that will fire you just for looking at them wrong, then you have to lay low. The economy is really bad now for furniture. You are lucky to get any job and these companies know this. In NJ there are only 3 major companies standing--Bob's, Raymour, and Ashley. The rest are faultering and may go under. Look, this guy had the balls to post this, give him some credit, most people would just lick their wounds and move on to another employer.
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Ashley Furniture store in Murfreesboro, TN
Posted by Nevaehnidog on 09/07/2006
MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- We will never do business with Ashley Furniture again. We ordered a bedroom suit and a living room suit. The salesman told us that although "they" would say our furniture would be in in 2 weeks, it would probably be more like a week to 10 days. After 5 weeks we received part of our bedroom suit and were told the other pieces were damaged and needed to be reordered. It has now been 4 MORE weeks and our armoire and night stand have still not arrived. We also purchased a sofa and a recliner. Thankfully, the recliner is in good shape. The sofa, however, was broken when it was delivered. It took 2 weeks to get a repairman here to look at it and to tell us he needed to order a part. The part never came in so we finally drove the 40 miles to the store only to find out it had not been ordered until 2 weeks later. We are still waiting on the part. No one at Ashley seems to know what is going on and they will always redirect you to the warehouse. The warehouse people, I will say, are as helpful as they can be under the circumstances (bless their hearts). I would not recommend Ashley Furniture in Murfreesboro to anyone who needs furniture in a timely fashion.
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Posted by perfect on 2006-09-08:
They are big "Copier"..Never buy anything from Ashley Furniture....
Posted by sdp333 on 2006-09-18:
Your complaint sounds almost like a mirror to the one I put on this site regarding Ashley in Murfreesboro. They even told you the EXACT same things they told me! Wish you had read my complaint first........sorry.
Posted by Brent106 on 2008-02-05:
Do NOT do business with Ashley furniture. I have also experienced the deplorable service at the Murfreesboro, TN location.
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