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Anti-Customer Service
Posted by Harpo on 06/29/2006
MESA, ARIZONA -- June 19, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Unfortunately I have to take the time needed to write this. It has to be a pretty bad situation for me, and probably most people, to actually have to write a letter of complaint about your (anti) Customer Service Dept.

I’m 59 years old and have been buying furniture for our homes for so many years I would have to stop to count them. Never…. NEVER, in my life, have I or anyone I know, had such a horrible experience which seems to have morphed into a creature all it’s own. A creature Anti-Customer Service.

My first question is why do you call it Customer Service? Here is what I’ve gone through and continue to deal with;

-2/23/06 bought furniture
-3/17/06 delivered on 3/15/06 or 3/17/06
Some furniture was broker. One end of the sofa looked like it had been dropped. When they took it apart the wood inside was smashed and broken.
Called Cust Svc and my nightmare begins…
-3/23/06 box arrived. They said they would call me. They didn’t.
-3/27/06 I called Customer Service, call was dropped while on hold
Called again, call was dropped again while on hold
Starting to think they use the same Cust. Support people AOL does. Which is to NOT deal with the customer but hang up on them…
Called again, service appointment set for 4/4
They had my number but never called me back so I was continuously in
Que waiting every time I called waiting for someone to answer.
-4/4/06 called Cust. Svc to see where cust. Rep is who was supposed to show up between 8am and 5pm. No call and no one showed up for appointment. An entire day wasted waiting and he was a no show and didn’t bother to call.
When I called cust. svc they said I didn’t have an appt. and that’s untrue.
I’m now scheduled for 4/6 between 8am and 5pm which is an unrealistic window to have people wait!
-4/06/06 called cust. Svc., the Rep. didn’t show up again and no call. They said they would check and call me back. An hour later I called them back. Talked to Eric this time, and he didn’t return my call. Asked to speak to Manager and he said he WAS the Manager.
They gave me the repair rep’s phone# and told ME to call him (Joe). I called Joe 5 times and never received a call back.
-4/07/06 called cust. Svc. Again. Talked to Kristy this time?. Now I’m scheduled for the 20th.
-4/20/06 Joe showed up, and what an ass. Fixed broked furniture & tightened bolts. Couldn’t fix Recliner. Pad falling apart and un-reclining is too hard to do for all but me.
-4/21/06 called Ashley and gave details about recliner & got disconnected again. I just didn’t call back this time. I wanted to see if they would call me back. Of course they never did.
-4/25/06 called back. Talked to Marleana this time? Asked to speak to Mgr. so I ended up talking to Kristy? I said I thought Eric was the Mgr. and she said NO, I am??
-5/11/06 box arrived.
-5/12/06 called. Talked to Kelli this time? Scheduled for 6/6, 8am -5pm. Again horrible window.
different rep showed up, Raphael, and said the parts they sent were the wrong parts, figures! So they ordered parts again. Raphael said the cushion where the padding is falling down CAN NOT be repaired so he ordered a new cushion(he said verbally).
-6/19/06 box arrived and I called. However, there was no new cushion in the box. Now I’m scheduled for 6/22, 8am - 5pm again. Horrible window.
-6/20/06 Kristy called to confirm service appt for 6/22. I asked for Raphael and she said I would get him. I told her that I will not let Joe in my house anymore. He was a nightmare and a mess. He smelled like alcohol and like he hadn’t showered in days. He also told me that Ashley won’t replace the recliner, only fix it. I said that wasn’t acceptable and he told me to call Cust. Svc. Their solution for everything.
-6/22/06 repair tech actually showed up. This time it was a new repair guy even though I asked for Raphael and was confirmed I would get him.
This guy put on a new metal frame. To fix the falling form in the cushion, which I saw when he took it apart and was all squished out of shape. All he did was wrap the out of shape foam in lots of fiber stuff. He didn’t replace the squished out of shape foam. He just wrapped the hell out of it with stuff that is now falling apart again, less than one week from “FIXING IT”. When I called Cust. Svc. To say it’s falling apart again they said “well you signed the work order so as far as we are concerned, it’s fixed”…. And it would LOOK like it was fixed and didn’t have a problem if no one EVER sat in it again. Once we started using it you could see it get worse with every use.
-6/24/06 this is when we started to notice that the cushion was falling apart again.
-6/28/06 called Cust. Svc again talked to Shelly this time and told her I just wanted a new recliner or I would turn it over to my credit card company and that I was finished with repair guys AND Cust. Svc. She then had me talk with Kristina and all of a sudden guess what…. My call was dropped… how can one company drop so many calls. Maybe because this is how they deal with problems. Keep dropping calls and maybe the customer will stop calling out of frustration.
Also I never received a call back.

I called WFB Dispute Dept. at this time to find out what my options were. I wanted to return everything. I just don’t want to deal with a company like this. WFB asked me to get a little more info. Like return policy.

I called the store where I purchased the furniture and spoke with the Mgr, Renea? At 480-222-4663, and she said they have a 30% restock fee. When I explained my problems all she said was to call Cust. Svc. I told her what I’ve already been through and she just said “I can’t help you, you will have to call Cust. Svc like I just said”

So like an idiot, I called Cust. Svc. And told Jessica (this time) my story and that I just wanted a NEW recliner. She couldn’t do that without sending out ANOTHER repair guy first… AHHHHHH!

I called WFB and talked to Ronnie 800-390-0533. she will fax the papers needed to refund my money for the recliner.

What I really want to do is return everything and NOT pay a restock fee. I REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH ASHLEY ANYMORE. Their Cust. Svc. Dept is nothing but a circus.

Who knows what’s going to happen on my umpteenth service call. So far your service
has been a Joke and should be an ALARM, and an embarrassment, that something is
amiss in your Cust.Svc.Dept. and perhaps a change is in order??? Or at least some

I tell people about the nightmare I’m going through with Ashley Furniture and they
Can’t believe it. Ironically most of these people have roots in Wisconsin.

I’m about at the end of my rope. I can’t continue dealing with the circus you call
Customer Service. This is your last shot. If you can’t get it right this time I will do
Everything I can to return all items even if it means getting an attorney. It will be well
Worth any money just to get you people out of my life.

This will be posted to www.my3cents.com and any place else I can find on the internet to
get the word out about Ashley, the store and their Customer (non) Service. I will also
mail a copy of this to all the Officers and Board of Directors I can find that have
anything to do with Ashley Furniture.

The store I’m dealing with is located at 6233 E. Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ. 85210. The
names of all the people I dealt with are in the text above.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-29:
Click on the "More reviews on this company" personally I would stay away from Ashley Furniture Homestore and their cast of cockeyed nincompoops. Dispute it with your credit card and be done with Ashley, they're not worth the heartaches.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-06-29:
Wow, that sounds just awful! Thx for noting this info & we are very glad you posted. Hope things work out.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-30:
Thanks so much for the detailed post. Your treatment by this company has been horrid. I'd simply dispute the charges with my CC issuer. Failing that, a Small Claims case may get your money back. Take pictures! Given the number of Ashley complaints on m3c and other sites I'd be as likely to buy furniture from them as I would be to consult with Dr. Joseph Mengele for surgery.
Posted by Liana on 2006-07-20:
We are dealing with the same issues here in Fayetville NC with Ashley. Been waiting since March '06 to get our furniture delivered in one piece. The lies employees tell, to them not returning calls to them not answering your questions, a true nightmare. Complain to the BBB like we did and good luck.
Posted by ceramicgal1 on 2006-08-12:
We have been dealing with horrible service from this company also. Find out thru BBB the name of the owner then call everyone who deals with them what kind of company these people are running. Maybe if enough voices are heard they will be closed down. They are frauding the public. The quality of the furniture is great looking til you get the product. I have had two dining tables and chipped both times taking a leaf out and they will not return my money.
Posted by Refuse on 2008-07-06:
First off, I just want to extend my sympathy towards your appaling experience with that particular Ashley Homestore.

I want to point out that each Ashley Furniture Homestore is individually owned and does not, nor could not possibly reflect upon other Ashley Homestores.

I am a sales rep for Ashley Furniture Homestore in Easton Md and cannot believe how horribly (for lack of a better word) you were treated. It's a severe shame because I can comfortably say you would never recieve such treatment at our store. I would not be surprised in the least if that particular store ends up failing and flopping on their rears out the door.

Again, My sympathy's but please don't judge other Ashley Homestores on this account.
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Wrong furniture delivered
Posted by Spring on 10/11/2005
AHWATUKEE, ARIZONA -- I ordered and paid for a beautiful bathroom vanity from Ashley furniture. Several weeks later, we got contacted to pick it up at the warehouse. There was no vanity to be found. We waited another week and they discovered it hidden at the warehouse. They apologized and delivered it to our home but was the wrong piece!I had signed for it but after the cover was lifted, discovered the error. The delivery men refused to take it back on the truck. I went, immediately, to the Ashley store and voiced my complaint. The assistant manager looked over my receipt and discovered they had written the wrong stock number for a different vanity and a cheaper one at that. Nevertheless, I had been charged for the more expensive one that I originally ordered. I was assured that my credit card would be adjusted back, headquarters would contact me within a couple days or so and Ashley would come and pick up the vanity. I have now been waiting for contact from Ashley, for over a week. I tried to email Ashley Furniture Industries but there is no address on their website for emails or for that matter, on any of their sites. That is very odd. I suspect that is a sign that customers are not welcomed with emailing negative feedback or questions about problems with the merchandise or delivery. I will get my attorney involved if I do not get something done soon. It is shameful that they cannot have a quality control in their company as large as it is. I know their stores are individually owned but are still under their corporate management.
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Posted by guchiedad on 2005-10-14:
I wouldn't hold your breath. Might as well get your attorney involved. All these furniture companies have no regard for the customer. It's a wonder they're all still in business. You said you've waited over a week. We've been waiting almost 6 months now on a set from Levitz. Good luck.

Posted by jedi on 2005-10-14:
hello, i am michael jedlowski and i own the company. i am sorry for your poor experience. i would love for you to contact me at mjedlowskicustomercare@ashleyfurniture.com i will give you your money back, order you a new one and give you a gift certificate for use in the store. let me know how to resolve this unfortunate issue. michael
Posted by McGann on 2006-08-06:
I'm sorry to hear your story. If you need Perhaps I can help you. Please contact me at anetteshelby@Yahoo.com

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Complete Lack of Customer Service
Posted by Mobile on 05/31/2012
BUFORD, GEORGIA -- A few months ago, my wife and I visited the Buford, GA location and talked to Anthony [snip] about the Porter Collection (specifically, we were interested in the bedroom pieces totaling more than $4,000). Anthony was very courteous and helpful and provided a positive shopping experience. We already own an entire bedroom set from Ashley Furniture that we like very much, so we have no concerns about the quality of the furniture.

On May 22nd, after hearing about the Memorial Day Sale, we returned to the Buford, GA location to purchase the furniture at 20% off. We asked for Anthony and were told he was not there. Another individual, I think his name was Joe (but I really am not sure), helped us. Although Joe was very nice, it was obvious he was new. Indeed, he later alerted us that he has been working there for about 1.5 months. Initially, Joe included the wrong bed on the order resulting in an inaccurate price quote (fortunately, I had asked him to create a comparison quote including the other bed and he noticed his error. imagine if I had not and the wrong bed arrived).

My wife and I were deciding if we wanted to put the purchase on our personal credit card or through the 12-month financing option being offered by the store. I asked Joe for more information related to the 12-month option and he was unable to speak intelligently about how the program works. He provided me the in-store flier of which I read the fine print, myself. It was clear I wanted a better understanding of this financing option and that his training did not provide him enough information.

I alerted Joe that we will definitely be buying the furniture today but that we would like to decide between putting it on our credit card or on the 12-month financing option. Joe said, "I understand. Let me point out the kiosk where you can determine how much money you will be approved for on the 12-month plan; that may help you make your decision. The kiosk runs a credit check and prints out how much you are approved for, you will just bring that piece of paper to the front once you are ready to check out." I told him thank you and my wife and I began to discuss.

We entered our information into the Kiosk and began agreeing to Terms and Conditions related to Ashley's financing option. I had no concerns with Ashley Furniture Home Store performing a Credit Check and meeting their requirements if I chose their financing, as described by the employee, so I agreed. After determining the amount for which we were approved (plenty to cover the purchase), my wife and I decided that given the benefits on our personal credit card (and knowing we would be able to pay it off in the current month), we would use our own Visa. I then read the receipt from the Kiosk and noticed it said. Your credit card will arrive in 7-10 business days.. CREDIT CARD???

I immediately went to the Financing Desk and was told I opened a Credit Card. When I alerted the lady that her employee said the Kiosk only performs a Credit Check, she just shrugged, laughed (along with another male employee beside her) and alerted me that I indeed opened a Credit Card. She offered to cancel it for me, obviously not realizing that canceling a credit card does even more harm than opening the card did in the first place (by negatively impacting my credit-utilization ratio which is a direct feed to credit score calculation). She then tells me that the card is automatically cancelled after 12 months of non-use. Oh wonderful, now I get to decide if I want to hurt my credit score now, or in 12 months. All for a credit card that I didn't want in the first place.

I called the Credit Card Company (GE Capital) the next morning to alert them the card was opened in error. They said there was nothing they can do until I talk to Ashley Furniture Home Store, first. I called the store 3 times on Wednesday and was told the Store Manager was in meetings and lunch. I left two messages that day for him to call me back. I also told the entire story to one of the female employees and she let me know that the store manager will return my call. After receiving no call, I contacted Corporate on Thursday, repeated the story, and was told that a Regional Manager would call me back. It is now Tuesday and I have not heard back from the Store Manager nor the Regional Manager. Poor customer service from management makes me even more mad than the poor training/execution of the floor employee that misunderstood and misinformed me about how the 12-month program works. I am now glad that I had the opportunity to see the lack of customer service prior to the purchase.

Fortunately, I was telling a friend about the situation and that I want the furniture but I don't want to give the Home Store any money. He alerted me about an awesome furniture store in NC called Gibson Furniture. I contacted them and they offered me a price $670 less than Home Store. s sale price, with free shipping and no sales tax (out of state)! My wife and I were within 3 minutes of paying too much for the furniture. Of course, I still have a credit card that I don. t want that is going to negatively

My wife and I have already spent more than $3,000 at the Home Store (on the previous bedroom set we bought), were minutes away from spending another $3,500, and had plans to purchase the matching living room furniture in the near future at approximately $2,000. Due to poor training and unbelievably poor customer service from Management, the Home Store has lost those sales and a previously happy customer (well done!). In addition, my generation relies heavily on online reviews...this situation will be included appropriately on the respective review sites for the store.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-06-01:
When you get the Credit Card...DON'T Activate it! (There's usually a phone number to call and activate it. DON'T even call the number).

I believe if it's not activated at all, it can't show as an open credit on your credit report.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-06-01:
I wonder if it would have THAT much of an impact on your credit rating. Unless you're looking to purchase something big like a car or a house in the next 6-12 months, wouldn't your score likely recover after a comparatively short period of time?

But if what DB says is correct, then just don't activate the card and it'll be fine.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-01:
Whether it's activated or not, if you cancel the card before GE Capital reports it to the credit bureaus, it won't impact your score...but, if they've already reported it, it doesn't matter if it's activated or not, it will show up and can affect your score...also, the credit check will stay on your credit report for 2 years, which is standard.
Posted by anonymous on 2013-12-03:
Wow the same exact thing has just happened to me!!! I was told they were checking my credit and now I have a credit card I was sooo upset and all employees and managers and owners are very unprofessional, rude, decieving, and untrained!!! I was at a dover, de ashley furniture store...
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Unhappy Customer
Posted by SaintsFan on 10/07/2007
REYNOLDSBUREG, OHIO -- I am friends with an employee of Ashley furniture and when construction began on our new house, the decision was made to furnish it with new furniture. We wanted to work with your employee (i.e. our friend) so we visited her numerous times, maybe 10, going over color schemes, size issues, motif, etc. She had actually been to our home while it was being constructed so had a definite idea of what and where things could be furnished. She was very instrumental in our continuous patronage of Ashley. Once our decision was made, we arrived at the store not realizing that she had not come in to work due to illness. Being our friend as well as a vested party of our purchasing decision, I called her cell phone to let her know we were looking for her. She said that she would come in to handle our purchase, over $8000 worth of furniture. Also, being our friend, we were well aware of the Ashley commission structure and wanted to work solely with her with this sale so she would get a full credit. While we waited in the store, one particular employee would not take no for an answer even after we told her that we were waiting on our friend to come in. She insisted she was only doing the credit application and our friend would get full credit. It has now come to my attention, my friend did NOT get full credit and had to split it in half. As a business owner, this seemed ludicrous when I found out the way Ashley employees are treated by their management.

For close to a year, we had talked about this purchase and now we think our purchase from Ashley was a mistake. If a company treats their own employees with so little respect, I have to ask myself how will they treat me or any other customer???? As far as my wife and I are concerned, we may decide to cancel the order completely and definitely spread the word about how disrespectful Ashley Furniture Homestores are.

Repeat customer are always key (remember I am a business owner)but Ashley won't be getting any more of my business.
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Posted by furnitureman on 2007-10-07:
If you cancel be ready to be hit with the 30% restocking fee.
Posted by furnitureman on 2007-10-07:
if you want to cancel, I own a furniture store about a hour away I'll be more then happy to make sure you get the right furniture and right price.

The Ashley Furniture Store your talking about is owned by Morris Furniture in Dayton, Ohio. They own both of them in Columbus
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-08:
Nice friend you are. You made her go in sick. You couldn't wait until she returned to work to complete your purchase? And you thought Ashleys treats their enployees badly. At least they weren't making her go into work when she was ill.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-08:
Good post. Yea, be ready for the fees.
It's really good to see someone who understands that commission=salary and tries to go to the salesperson that helped them. IMO..your friend was taken advantage of.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-08:
Some people are so cut-throat. How pathetic does someone have to be to steal a commission from a co-worker? What a low-life scumbag. I, like you, always get the name of the person helping me so they can get credit for the sale--even if I don't purchase until a later date. Sorry for your bad experience and hope you get this worked out to your satisfaction. Furnitureman sounds like a reputable guy to go to from his past posts. I would check him out if you can.
Posted by openeyes247 on 2007-10-18:
Knowing the store's commision structure your friend should have stayed home and accepted the split commission. Shouldn't he/she be disciplined for coming in after calling out sick? Some friend you are putting him/her in such a predicament!
Posted by Mustang Jonny on 2007-10-24:
I have a hard time believing as a business owner you can blame a company for the way one salesperson handled a situation. Did you ask to speak to a manager and explain the situation? Didn't you want to protect your "friend"? Would anyone really want to buy furniture from a guy who goes on a website that gives reviews about furniture stores and tries to drive business to his store? Talk about scumbags.
Posted by furnitureman on 2007-10-27:
Mustang Jonny Are you bitter because your purchase is already falling apart.

You ask who wants to buy furniture from me? About 38,000 people. I tell it how it is, I sold Ashley for a little while and it was JUNK, I either replaced or fixed 60% of the pieces I recieved. I am marketing my business so what, don't be mad because I tell it how it is. Thats why I have been in business for over 25 years. If you look I give reviews of my experience thats what this site is about. I'm sorry if you don't understand that. As far as the scumbag commet, I'm sure your just a bitter man whose furniture is falling apart and Ashley won't do anything for you. So sorry that you where picked on and beaten up as a kid and your way of acting macho is sitting at the computer in your parents basement acting like a tough guy on the internet.

If Ashley is as Honest of a business as mine was there would not be any complaints.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-27:
Furnitureman, who is the top manufacturer nowadays?
Posted by furnitureman on 2007-10-27:
Depends on whta you are looking for.

Bedroom and dining room furnitue Kincaid, Hooker, Stanley, Thomasville,
They are more expensive but are solid wood and majority of it is made in the USA

Living Room furniture
Lazy Boy, Lane, Flexsteel,Best Chair,Norwalk. All good warranties and can get 2-4 weeks delivery
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-27:
Was just curious. I have seen some really nice stuff that looks like its worth 10,000 but sells for 1,800. Probably made in a chinese sweatshop.
Posted by furnitureman on 2007-10-27:
Most furniture these days are made in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Hope this help. The Chinese have perfected making furniture look as good as it does. Thats why everyone falls for Ashley then regrets it a year later.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-27:
DC--I have Norwalk Furniture and it looks as good, six years later, as when I bought it. They make their couch frames out of hardwood in the US. Furnitureman knows what he's talking about! It is more expensive, but you won't be replacing it every couple of years so it's really a bargain in the long run.
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Durahind and warrany
Posted by Sheryle on 09/17/2007
MADISON, TENNESSEE -- We were told by a sales person that Durahide would be much better than leather for our household (kids) and they also duped us into the Guardian protection plan. DO NOT BUY DURAHIDE OR ANY WARRANTY ITEM FROM ASHLEY. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. THEY DO NOT STAND BY WHAT THEY SELL. Our furniture after 2 years the 'durahide" is flaking off everywhere. I called Guardian and they told me I had five days from when the problem occurred Well it is an ongoing problem and I tried to fix before calling. What kind of company gives you only five days to report a problem that is ongoing? Ashley furnture should be ashamed of themselves. I have reported them to the BBA and I am going to report Guardian also. The practice of selling goods that are very misleading is wrong.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-17:
Ashley no longer makes what they sell. They get most of the junk they sell from China now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-17:
Because of your post,ive decided not to buy anything from these KOOKS...TY
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-18:
Another Ashley complaint.
I voted your review 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by mike on 2011-07-12:
that store is awful. i too bought the durahyde after being told by the staff about how amazing that product was. I also purchased the warranty. What a joke in both cases, the durahyde on my sofa began flaking within two years....and the horrible warranty did not cover it.
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Pitiful service
Posted by Markel on 12/10/2005
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- A little over a year ago we purchased a living room suit from ashley furniture. we also purchased an extended warranty that the salesman said would cover anything that went wrong with it after a year.About a week before the year warranty expired I called ashley to tell them that some of the springs were damaged on the right side of the sofa. They in turn referred me to the warranty company, even though it had not been a year yet. In the brochure that we received with the sofa, it says that the springs were warranted for 5 years. Finally after arguing the point with ashley furniture that it was still their responsibility and not the extended warranty companies, I called that company.
That was when I found out that the extended warranty that I purchased was only for stains and tears, period. Ashley's salesman lied to me about that.
After a lot of phone calls and screaming ashleys finally said they would take care of it. They gave me an appointment 6 weeks from the time I called them. The day before they were to arrive, they called me and told me my window for the service man was between 12:00pm and 3:00pm. Well needless to say they didn't show up until 4:00. The man was here for about ten minutes, agreed that there was something wrong with the springs and that his office would call me. All that time for nothing.
It has been over a week since the service man was here and they still have not called. I have called twice. The first time the people could not find my paperwork. The second time I was told that the lady that took care of this was out of the office until Monday. Still haven't heard anything. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN will I buy from ashley furniture.THE worst customer service I have ever dealt with.
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Horrible Experience
Posted by Nics on 05/15/2009
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- I would like to start off saying that I warned my MIL about buying from this company because of things I had heard. She found a sofa/table set that she LOVED however so I went to the store with her to check it out. I used to be a sale associate at another store so I knew what to look for.

The sofa/love seat seemed like a solid piece, especially for the price. The tables looked great! The sales person informed us that the tables were being discontinued and there were only a handful left in stock. One end table was out of stock, so I asked if we could order the first two and take the floor model from the one out of stock.

He said "No we don't sell floor models. There is another shipment coming in so you can still get the second end table but it will be delivered later."

This was fine with my MIL, so she came back with my FIL and put the order in that day. They scheduled delivery for May 15th and called twice ahead of time to remind them.

May, 15th the truck pulls up. The two guys were very professional and careful with the tables as the brought them in. I noticed right away though there were scratches and chips. They told us that Ashley store had them take them off the floor! We DID NOT ORDER FLOOR MODELS!!! As a matter of fact we were told they don't sell floor models.

The delivery men then said it would be $75 for delivery. My in laws had already paid Ashley Furniture $99 to have everything delivered. Apparently the had started using another delivery service that charges when they arrive. The poor delivery guys had no idea what was going on, we showed them the receipt and asked them to take the furniture back, which they happily did.

My MIL got on the phone with the store and then talked to her sales person. He told her that he said she was getting floor models and she knew it. This was a flat out LIE, I was there and I talked to him personally. He told my FIL the same thing he told me also!

The couches arrived on an Ashley truck (we were not informed it would be delivered separately). Everything looked ok from a quick inspection so we signed for the couches. Later after looking closer the cuts on the leather were shoddy and barely covering the couch in some areas. You could easily pull the leather away from the couch around the base and it looked horrible!

They told my MIL that she could pick out new tables TONIGHT only otherwise she was stuck with the crappy floor models that she didn't want. They said if she canceled the order for the tables she would lose the discount on her sofa and have to PAY THEM MORE MONEY!

My in laws are considering canceling the whole order but here's the kicker...Ashley charges you 10% for canceled orders. It will cost my family $240 to canceled on an order that this "company" promised and didn't deliver.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-05-15:
Go to a garage sale...you will find better.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-15:
You should not have to pay a restocking fee or any additional penalty when they sent you a used product when you paid for new.

I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB. It would probably be best to return all of the furniture and get a full refund.
Posted by checkedout on 2009-06-11:
You need to be speciffic about what Ashley furniture store you are bashing. Every one of them is independently owned and operated. I have been shopping and buying from the local one here in Albuquerque and have had nothing but the best service and satisfying products every time. Funny how almost no one compliments good service, they just make a huge deal out of tiny problems. When was the last time you people read the obituaries and saw "Cause of death: furniture didn't arrive in time." HAHHA. Here is an idea; try being proactive instead of procrastinating. Start shopping several weeks BEFORE you have the deadline. And for you third-party commenters, save these forums for the people with the first-hand experience because, face it, you don't have ALL the facts. Why would you try to pull the leather away from the base anyways?? Oh, and if you really did get the floor model set of furniture, I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving a bit of a discount. I have noticed as a customer that being nice, and eager to understand will get you much closer to being satisfied with your service and salespeople than if you are jumping to conclusions, making demands and throwing out threats and insults about them. Don't be a grumpy guss, life is far too short for that.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-11:
Do you work for Ashley Furniture?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-11:
MSCANTBEWRONG, best answer.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-06-11:
you CHECKEDOUT long before you wrote your comments. The op has legitimate complaints.
Posted by checkedout on 2009-06-12:
jktshff1, how mature, what is this? Second Grade? Perhaps besides remembering the insult game so well you will remember having played the game "Telephone" where a message is passed from person to person until it gets to the end of the line and is completely different. The op's "complaint" is of an experience not his own. MSCANTBEWRONG and superbowl, try doing a little research on your own besides what you read in forums and you will find what I said is true. Ashley Furniture Homestores are franchises, independently owned and operated. Each one operates under their own set of standards and while I'm sure some of them are quite capable of poor customer service that does not mean that they are all the same. Subsequently, complaints should be lodged much more specifically at the store where the incident took place. Like I said, I have been shopping and buying from the local Ashley Homestore here, which would make me a CUSTOMER, not an EMPLOYEE. Not to mention my comment "I have noticed as a customer that being nice..." Read it for yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-12:
My, my, checkedout, that *ahem* chip you are sporting is pretty huge.
Posted by Nics on 2009-06-19:
In response to checkedout, my "3rd party" complaints are as legitimate as anybodies. I live in the house with the people who bought the furniture, it was a purchase for our family in this home. I was with them when they made the purchase and through the botched delivery. I was there for every thing so this experience is not word of mouth, the only difference between me and anyone else is that I didn't not actually pay for the garbage that was sent. As for what store it was Kenosha, WI if that helps. I was witness to the lies that were told by the sales person and company, I was witness to the floor models being delivered and the only reason we knew they were floor models was because the delivery men were nice enough to tell us when they weren't supposed to. The problems that I discussed were not TINY by any means and while its true I wont drop dead from having bad customer service that doesn't mean I have to bend over and take it. Writing a well deserved BAD complaint is very appropriate and if I come across a company with GREAT service I will review them in the appropriate manner. As for peeling back the leather on the base...there wasn't much peeling needed. It was shoddy craftsmanship and having worked at a furniture store as sales person myself I am appalled at the service of this company, I would have been ashamed of myself if I were an employee at that store.
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Ashley Furniture: Poor Quality and Service
Posted by Noir on 01/28/2008
MURPHY, NORTH CAROLINA -- In October of 2007, we were in the market for a new sofa. We had never shopped at Ashley Furniture and, since one of their stores had been recently opened in our North Carolina town, we decided to stop in to see what they had to offer. (Of course, we had no knowledge of their reputation or of this website. Had we done so, we would never have entertained the idea of shopping at an Ashley store.)

We had hardly gotten through the door before we were approached by a salesperson. We told her our mission and she showed us several sofas. We listened to her sales talk, but told her we'd like to browse, which we did. After walking around the beautifully arranged store and looking at many sofas, we went back to the sales person and told her that we had decided on a sofa that was covered in what is referred to in the trade as "distressed leather." This sofa had recliners at each end, and a stationary section in the middle. We paid cash and included in the purchase an upholstery repair warranty.

The sofa was delivered a few days later in what we can only call a "flawed" condition. First, the upholstery had several very bad spots that looked like small, grayish-white dots. Second, one of the recliner sections was so far out of line with the rest of the piece, it seemed to be "sagging." Third, the the upholstery seams on that particular recliner were stringy and did not align with the other seams. Fourth, that recliner was almost impossible to release from its reclining position. We had to actually get off the sofa and manually push the footrest down with our hands and a great deal of pressure to get it to work.

We called the Ashley furniture store and were referred to their repair department. We were told that a "repair person" would be out to our home to see what he could do. At that moment, we knew we were in trouble. We did not want to "repair" a sofa we'd only just had delivered to our home! We wanted it replaced with a sofa like the one we had seen on the showroom floor or our money back.

That isn't the way Ashley Furniture does business and we had failed to read the fine print.

The repair person came out and we showed him the flaws. He promised the upholstery would be replaced and the recliner problems would also be corrected. He said, "We will make you happy."

THREE WEEKS later the sofa was brought back and we inspected it ON THEIR TRUCK. It was a good thing that we did that.

The SAME flaws were in the upholstery in the same exact places, and the recliner still SAGGED. NOTHING had been done to correct the flaws in that sofa...NOTHING. We refused to allow the sofa to be taken off the truck. We informed Ashley that it seemed to us that we had three options: 1.Give us our money back; 2.Give us another sofa of equal value for the monies we had already paid to them; 3.Give us the sofa we had selected from the showroom floor itself.

Ashley's policy is NOT to return your money. They would NOT allow us to choose another sofa of equal value, either. (We had an appointment to see the store's manager, but the repair person was who we saw, and this was the the same person who was going to "make us happy.")

We got option three, the sofa from the showroom floor. We're not happy with the furniture and we will NEVER, EVER do business with Ashley Furniture Company again. We learned a valuable lesson in this little adventure. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and RESEARCH some more before you purchase a furniture product. Know the product's reputation. Know the reputation of the store/company where the product is sold. Take the time to read the fine print. ASK QUESTIONS about the product and the company service policies. Talk to people you know and ask them where they buy their furniture and what their experiences have been. Word of mouth can mean a lot.

Ashley's slogan is something about how they want to be your hometown furniture store of choice. If you're smart, you'll not CHOOSE to purchase anything from that furniture company ever. We're sure that in about a year's time. if it lasts that long, we'll be donating this sofa to our local Humane Society's thrift store to sell for whatever they can get for it.

A lesson learned the hard way, but we're passing it along in hopes it will help others to not make the same mistake.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-01-28:
Three major lessons to be learned here:
1. Never pay cash for an expensive item.
2. Check M3C (or equivalent) before doing business with any company.
3. Never do business with Ashley Furniture.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-28:
Over 70% of the M3C's membership agree with you that Ashley is a company to be avoided. There are over 2,900 complaints on M3C's about Ashley. Your not alone with what they put you thru. Hope the couch lasts more than six months as most of Ashley's stuff is made in China now to lower production costs. (VH)
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-01-29:
The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. If a store is unable or unwilling to assist with a warranty claim, Ashley’s corporate office can assist by notifying the store of their warranty obligations. We request that you consider contacting the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department. We are here to help!

Our contact information is as follows:
Email: consumeraffairs@ashleyfurniture.com
Fax: 1-608-323-6139
Phone: 1-800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-02-12:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. responded to "noir"s personal email on 01/29/08, unfortunately we have not received a reply back. An Ashley Furniture reference number was provided for quicker service. Therefore, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should "noir" reply to our email, we will review the information and proceed from there.
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Definitely an Experience
Posted by Picky on 01/11/2008
GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On Thursday 11/25/07 my husband and I entered into the new Ashley Furniture Homestore in Greenville North Carolina to purchase a leather recliner sofa and 2 glider recliners. Paid cash and was told that it would be delivered on Saturday the 17th of November.

On the 17th of November I received a call that my furniture would be delivered between 1:00 and 5:00pm.

Saturday November 17th Received a call at 4:04pm from Ashley Furniture stating that delivery truck was running late. Having issues with truck lift but truck was in my area working on deliveries.

Saturday November 17th 5:27pm I called Greenville warehouse and ask what the problem was and when exactly was I going to get my furniture? They didn't know anything.

Saturday November 17th I called the store and ask was I going to get my delivery tonight or not?

Saturday November 17th 6:21pm Received a call from the truck driver stating where his location was and ask for directions to my house from his location. 20 minutes away. On their way.

Saturday November 17th 7:36 Driver called back to say they had 20 some pieces of furniture in front of my furniture that they had to deliver before coming to my house. It would be around 9:30 before they could get to my house.

Saturday November 17th Immediately after receiving this call, I called the store and talk to the salesman who sold me the furniture and I told him after waiting at home all day for my furniture to be delivered it was still not at my house and I was a very upset customer. This was terrible delivery service. He apologized and I know there was nothing he could do about it, he was a salesman, not a delivery driver. I expressed my anger to him telling him that I wanted my furniture to be delivered tonight or they could give me back my money. (I had failed to read the part on the back of the bill of sale about All Sales are Final.

We cannot Guarantee a Specific Arrival Date, no refund no exchange.)
Saturday November 17th I called and ask for the manager of the store. I did not get to speak to the manager. They ask could they help me and then I just let him know what was going on and that I was not a happy customer. He wanted to give me a $50.00 gift card to cover what I had been through and I told him to keep it. I had no intentions of every going into that store again. I told him that after all the lies I had been told about my delivery today I would be a fool to come in and purchase more furniture.

Saturday November 17th Another delivery driver calls and gets direction to my house stating that he has my furniture on the truck and is on his way from Greenville. The truck arrives at 9:30 and to my amazement the person delivering my furniture is the salesman whom we purchased the furniture from. He told me that after I called he left the store to go get the truck at the warehouse to deliver my furniture. He stated that he sold me the furniture and he felt responsible for it. Now he is a good salesman. How my furniture got from Washington back to Greenville to the warehouse, I don't know.

My furniture was delivered and I told him I was not happy with the service and I was not signing the paper that I had inspected the furniture cause it was dark and I could not see it that well in the area it was set in and I was sorry that he had to be out late delivering furniture.

Sunday November 18th. While inspecting the furniture I discovered a 1 inch tear in the left side of the recliner that someone had made an attempt to repair. I called the store immediately and reported this to sales person. I told him I was coming in with pictures and show them the tear.

Sunday November 18th Went to the store to express concerns about the delivery and the defective furniture. My husband and I expressed that we paid for good quality furniture but this was not worth what we paid for. She was very apologetic and she was sorry that we were upset. They would do whatever it took to correct this. They would order us another chair.

December 7th A chair was delivered to my house and when he got there with the chair it had a flaw in it also. We had noticed that the other recliner had slits in the top of it. Now I needed the back for two chairs and a bottom for one. They had tares in them.

January 9 2008 My chairs have been replaced and I am finished with Ashley Furniture. Never will I buy anything else from them nor to I recommend anyone else to.

For Christmas my son and daughter in law wanted a bedroom set. My husband gave them a check and they went to a small furniture store in Greenville, purchased the furniture on Friday afternoon and the next Friday the furniture was delivered and set up before 12:00pm. Furniture was in excellent condition.

I have to agree, buying from Ashley Furniture may seem like a good deal -if you want to mess with a headache. I am worried now that the furniture will probably not hold up.
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Posted by autumn35802 on 2008-01-12:
WHY does anyone buy from these crooks? And Ashley isn't good quality furniture!
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-01-24:
The HomeStores and authorized dealers that sell Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated. If a store is unable or unwilling to assist with a warranty claim, Ashley’s corporate office can assist by notifying the store of their warranty obligations. We request that you consider contacting the Ashley Furniture Consumer Affairs Department. We are here to help!

Our contact information is as follows:
Email: consumeraffairs@ashleyfurniture.com
Fax: 608-323-6139
Phone: 800-477-2222, ext. 5013
Mail: Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
One Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612
Posted by Tammy02 on 2008-02-12:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. responded to "picky"s personal email on 01/24/08, unfortunately we have not received a reply back. Therefore, if we do not hear from a consumer, we are unable to assist. Should "picky" reply to our email, we will review the information and proceed from there.
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From an employee's view
Posted by Ghost on 11/10/2007
FLORIDA -- Disgruntled Ashley Furniture Customers,

I am a mid-level employee at an Ashley Furniture Homestore in Florida. These are my comments based on my experience as an employee at my location only.

Ashley is a privately owned company out of Arcadia, WI. Most locations are independently owned. Each Ashley location pays the Corporate office for the merchandise it sells (Corporate is treated like a supplier of each individual store).

Policies are NOT uniform among the stores. For example, someone posted that they had to pay 50% down and 50% before delivery. That is absurd! My location requires tax and delivery as a down payment and only bills your finance company what was delivered at the time of delivery. You are not financing anything with Ashley but with a finance company. You pay the finance company NOT Ashley. Sometimes there are $1 down promotions. If you have three partial deliveries, you will have three separate billings to your finance account.

The furniture is manufactured in CHINA, Wisconsin, Missippi and maybe a few other places. NO ASSEMBLY is done at the factory. It is shipped to the store that ordered it and assembled in a warehouse by mainly foreign workers.

NOTHING is warehoused except for some chairs that are shipped two at a time from the factory and items that are brought back in for repair or scrap.

Prices are NOT uniform. You might pay $800 for a sofa in Orlando and the exact sofa is $700 in Tampa. Prices are set by the individual owner.

Ashley DOES NOT own the trucks used for delivery and the drivers are NOT Ashley employees. They are independent contractors.

Sometimes delivery is made within two weeks but rarely in one shipment and many times with problems. Many deliveries stretch into months or even a year. It is common for hutches to be delivered with no doors, mirrors cracked, beds with missing bolts, table top with no legs, etc.

You cannot require all pieces to be delivered in one delivery. If they have to warehouse your furniture until everything is received (which can take months) you will be charged a storage fee.

I enjoy reading the customer complaints from all over the country and sympathize with you as I hear these complaints every day.

To use an old quote: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Cheap prices usually mean cheap quality. I only buy from Ashley's because I am given a gift card as an employee incentive. I would never spend my own money for an item.

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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-11-10:
With Ashley you don't get what you pay for. Even Walmart will stand behind their furniture. At least you can get a refund from them. Your new furniture comes broken to start with. Most of the complaints are about customer service and delivery. Maybe Ashley needs to hire their own delivery people.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-11-10:
I agree with grandma...We refurnished our entire downstairs with furniture purchased at Ashley...Yes we did have some delivery issues. Yes some of the items were damaged. And yes, it did take almost 5 months for everything to be delivered in the condition it should be...but overall my wife and I like the items we purchased. It was the incompentent idiots that we had to deal with that made the experience unforgettable.
Posted by yoke on 2007-11-10:
Why would they charge you a storage fee if they can't get their acts together and get an entire order. The customer ordered and some even have paid for an entire order, not pieces of an order. You do not have to take a partial shipment, you have the right to the entire order.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-10:
Well with 3,790 complaints and growing everyday on M3C's I would have to say Ashley has a lot more problems than what the OP has to say. Good post and info and thanks for giving us a little insight to Ashley. (VH)
Posted by david07003 on 2007-11-23:
I worked for an Ashley franchise too. See my write up. Sad, I was told to tell all of my customers the Ashley story, how the merchandise is being made for the customer once the order is put in, and thats why it is so low cost. My goal was to get the customer to sign away their rights on the back of the form.
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