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You Suck Ashley!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FRANKLIN, WISCONSIN -- It all began when we decided to buy two 14-piece sets from Ashley in Franklin. We thought we hit the jackpot so to speak. The couch and love seat were exactly what we were looking for and we found matching tables rugs and laps to go with it. We also decided to get a new bed room set which we weren't crazy about but it would do. In the bed room set package, you were also allowed to pick out a mattress and box spring. I sat and lied down on the Ashley Sleep Tempur-Pedic style mattress and loved how it felt. It was soft and very comfortable. So with throwing down a little more cash we decided to upgrade to that mattress. After everything was picked out we paid and set up delivery. About two weeks later our furniture was delivered. The delivery guys did not speak good English and they were not very helpful and pretty much threw our items in our house. Our coffee table was damaged and our black head broad was scratched very discolored. They took our coffee tables back but did not want to deal with head board because they had just put the whole bed room set together and directed us to customer service. After sleeping on the Ashley Sleep Mattress I found it to be very uncomfortable and hard as a rock. It felt nothing like what was on the showroom floor. We contacted customer service and they said they would send out a "Tech" to look at the furniture. When the Tech came out he took pictures of the headboard and confirmed it was damaged. He also felt the mattress and said "Well it feels soft to me". I asked him if he knew what the one on the showroom floor feels like and he replied with "I Don't work for Ashley, I am just a middle man so I wouldn't know what the mattress feels like in the store." After he left I felt kind of upset and decided to take my concern to the Franklin Store. The salesmen there said that they don't have a sleep guarantee however they will swap out the mattress for a new one. So that was about the only POSITIVE thing that has happened so far. I picked out a new mattress, a pillow top and thought I should give it a try, I also had to pay a 100 dollars more to cover the difference. The store was very fast about setting up delivery. The new mattress came two days later. WITH A HOLE and frayed seams all over it. It was the worse mattress I have ever seen. VERY poor quality. I told the delivery men to take it back I didn't want a brand new mattress that was damaged. And they told me that I WOULD NOT HAVE A BED TO SLEEP IN because they already took my old mattress into their truck. I was furious. Their customer service was pathetic and they pretty much blamed me for the damaged items. After I demanded them to bring my old mattress back in they said have a nice day and slammed the door. I contacted Ashley right away and while the delivery people were still in the driveway I walked outside while on the phone with customer service and wanted to ask the drivers some questions. They tossed a receipt out of their window and drove off all while I was on the phone. I was so mad I went back to the Ashley store in Franklin to complain. All this while The salesmen and women all insisted that they NEVER have problems with delivery and furniture. After reading all the reviews, I think they are lying. So, I set up another delivery of a new mattress and It was ordered to be delivered today. I got a stupid delivery window of 8-12. (They never abide by these delivery windows). I got a phone call at 6:30 saying that they would be there in a half hour. A half hour comes around and they are at the wrong address. It was very chaotic because the dumb driver wouldn't listen to me and hung up on me not once, but twice. Called customer service and I demanded they refund my delivery charge and they did. So now as I am writing this, I am waiting for them to bring my new mattress. We will see if this one is damaged or not. DO NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. And from what I have been reading I am not the only one who thinks this. The delivery men are very rude and show now customer service skills what so ever. The salesmen LIE to you and say they never have any issues. yeah. right. POOR QUALITY POOR APPEAL POOR SERVICE I'm sure a company like this won't last very long.
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Alain on 2012-07-07:
Ashley has by far the worst reviews concerning delivery, customer service and poor products of any furniture company I've seen on Internet consumer web sites. Their company seems to be driven by sales without service. Hopefully, given the frequency of complaints such as yours, they may eventually improve, but I have my doubts.
trmn8r on 2012-07-07:
Ashley will survive, just as Dell will. There is a seemingly endless supply of people who will shop at a large well known company that appeals to budget minded customers. Even with the instant availability of information via the internet. Same thing with discount travel ticketing agencies.

I still have hopes that your review will help someone decide to AVOID Ashley at all costs - even low ones.
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The Company Lies From the Bottom Up!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- We went to the Frederick, Md. store to buy bedroom furniture. It was not a planned trip, but after some remolding, we decided to stop in. We walked into the store, and not one salesman said hello or asked to help us. Apparently we must not have looked like we had money so no one needed to get up off the couches they were sitting in and chatting with other salesman to try to make a sale.

After an hour in the store, we had to find someone to help us. We decided on what we wanted and was excited to get the furniture. Friends warned us that they had promised a certain delivery date on their furniture and it took 3 months to get in, but I figured it was a fluke. But, to make sure, I had the salesman verify everything was in stock. It was and was promised a 2-3 week delivery date. When I called to verify the delivery, I was told it would not be delivered in Mid March as promised but rather late April because NOTHING was in stock. I was furious and called Customer Service. What I thought became a very productive conversation, did not end well. The salesperson told me she could get me everything but the bed delivered by March 23rd. I was OK with that and willing to work with them on the bed delivery. I had to call her back the week before to verify the March 23rd delivery, only to find out it wouldn't be delivered. I was told she never told me that date - which she did, and it would be delivered mid April.

This company will tell you anything to get a sale. You can't cancel the order unless they don't deliver within 8 weeks. We spent $6000.00 and I wish I never stepped foot in that building! Do not trust a word they say or better yet, don't do business with them. I NEVER will again.
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BigAl on 2012-03-24:
It seems you may not get the furniture in their 2 month window so you will be able to cancel. A word of advice. Do not accept a partial delivery. Insist that all items be delivered within their contractual time agreement.If not you could be waiting a very very long time for everything.
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Immature unprofessional sales people
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TOLEDO, OHIO -- I went into Ashley Furniture earlier today expecting to walk away having purchased a sofa which I had previously looked at. Upon entering not one associate greeted me or asked if they could assist me (please note that there were only a handful of customers and the store was not overly busy). I had to wander around the store to get someone's attention while two sales women sat at a table in the middle of the store talking to one another and ignoring the customers. When I finally flagged someone down, he wasn't very professional. I inquired as to whether or not I could use a coupon and he had to check with the manager, which was not a problem. However, when I walked by the two ladies who were sitting at the table decided to belittle me and say how stupid I was to think I could use that coupon on the particular couch I was looking at. I'm not sure they know I was the customer they were talking about. Instead of letting the sales associate that was with me calmly and professionally tell me that I couldn't use the coupon they decided to belittle me. I did not know that the price I was looking at was a sale price, as there was one price listed on the couch and it did not display "sale", "discount", "clearance" or any other phrase which would enable me, the customer, to know that the price listed was not the original price. There was an "as advertised" listed on the sales tag, and had they calmly told me that was their way of saying "sale" it wouldn't have been an issue. The final straw was that as I was leaving and the sales associate apologized for me not being able to use the coupon, he called me "kid." It was extremely disrespectful and I don't care how old I look, they have no right to ignore me, get nasty with me and act completely unprofessional. They assumed that I was a high school or college student and wasn't going to spend a great deal of money so they didn't care how I was treated.

I am a 24 year old professional that works for a fortune 500 company. I have a great job and I was looking to spend quite a bit of money as I am in need of several things for my new apartment including a couch, bookshelf, rug, end table and dinning room set.

I do not appreciate them formulating an opinion of me when I enter the store and tailoring their level of service to it. I have never experienced such unprofessional staff that completely lack the ability to respect and serve the customer. I worked in retail sales during college and I never treated a customer like that. No matter how crazy or stupid their questions may have seemed, I always assisted the customer as best I could. I will NEVER go to another Ashley furniture store or purchase anything from their distributors. I work hard for my money and they will not see a penny of it. Don't waist your time going to an Ashley furniture store unless you're are hoping to be belittled and treated unprofessionally. Hopefully something similar hasn't happened to anyone else, but based on the number of negative reviews, I don't think that is the case.
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tara on 2013-08-27:
There are 427 Ashley stores throughout the world, each of them staffing 16 to 36 plus Sales Associates...If someone gets your order wrong at Fast Food restaurant, or is rude, does that mean the entire chain is bad? If so, NO ONE would eat at McDonalds...
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Buyer BEWARE!!!
Posted by on
User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
by Cynthia

The people that work at this store are very deceptive! They all lie to you to get you to purchase. I waited 3 months to get my furniture that I ordered for my nine year old child, only to be told that it still was not in, and it would be at least another month, with no guarantee that it would come in then either! I was promised delivery in 4 to 6 weeks! I promptly cancelled my order when informed of this, only to be treated rudely & even hung up on by Sarah who has a real attitude & acts like she is doing you a favor by talking to you. This woman has no business being in a customer service role what so ever! Their store manager Matt Garrison refused to talk with us, and NEVER bothered to return my phone calls, not even once. I was never given a courtesy call to inform me that my furniture order would be delayed, I had to find this out myself after calling them. They changed the delivery date 3 times and never bothered to call & let me know. My 9 year was disappointed one to many times as a result of deceptive practices by the sales staff and management! The store is not even a "corporate" location and the corporate office can do little to help when you have a problem. I was promised a phone call from their regional manager as well that never came. Ashley ought to be ASHAMED for allowing this independent owner to use their business name on their product, and needs to step in & do something about their Management, customer service, and make sure that they are doing what any reputable business should! Honesty is NOT their policy! Do not shop here. It has been the most terrible furniture buying experience I have ever had! I went to Babcock today and my furniture is being delivered tomorrow. I would have rather paid more to get what my child needed when she needed it instead of being strung along for over 3 months by Ashley. They also do not answer the telephone when you call the location. Terrible, terrible business. Go elsewhere!
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trmn8r on 2011-04-20:
Sigh. Another day, another Ashley Furniture complaint.
Whiteduck on 2011-04-21:
Ashley customers don't seem to have any problem finding this web site and all its complaints afterwards, so I wonder why they never come here before they buy from these losers?
Anonymous on 2011-04-21:
I know, whiteduck. But its good that they do share their experience for others.

What's a day without Ashley and Radialabs complaints on here.
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5 months and still waiting!!!
Posted by on
EDMONTON ALBERTA -- Well the story starts back in November of 2010. We decided to spend $3000 on a fabric 3 seater sectional because it was their best. 5 weeks go by and I am wondering where it is, I call and they say it should be here soon. 6th week it comes, (you get a 3 hour window) the guys bring it in and it doesn't fit together properly. So they start to move brackets around, one and a half hours latter they tell me all is good. So I sign they leave and I go upstairs and see the reclining schase won't line up. I call customer service immediately and they say they will send out a tech. A couple of days latter they call and tell me they will send someone out in 4 weeks. I couldn't believe it but what am I to do. One day before the tech is to come, they call me and tell me it will be another two weeks. Well he finally comes and I tell him the problem, this time I stick around. He takes it all apart (I took pictures) and fixes two other problems I didn't evan know about and then says that the problem I called about can't be fixed, its just the way its made, it doesn't really fit together that well. He leaves and I call customer service, they tell me he fixed it and we are done. Customer service was so rude it was crazy!! So I go to the manager of the store and he says he will make thigs right, I was so happy. 4 weeks go by and they bring us another sectional. As the guys bring it through the door the reclining back snaps(not due to the delivery guys),so we called the store and they said we can pick out something different or have another piece delivered. Our space is unique so this set was perfect, nothing else in the store fit. They told us we couldn't have our money back. So we were told that the same set in leather was produced at a different factory, so evan though we didn't want leather we went for it. Of course it turned a $3000 set into a $3800 set, but they said they would give us a $200 credit. So we go through the paperwork and the $200 credit went towards a restocking fee, I couldn't believe it!! I called them on it and they took $200 off. So now it is April and we got our new leather sectional last week. It looks great and fits together perfectly. But wait...it has been scraped on something, not deep but you can see the light color of the leather(sectional is dark brown). The salesman said it was dyed though so the color wouldn't change if it was scraped or ripped. I called the sales person and left messages twice now, the receptionist says she is busy and will call. Still nothing!! Next step B. B.B. I hope they belong but from all I have read on the company I really doubt it. Keep smiling it could be worse!! :)
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Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
Sorry they put you through this OP. Better Busimess Bureau is an excellent idea. I was lucky to had a good experience with them, but could have easily have had the same as you. Goodluck.

I found this review very helpful and informative.
Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
That is really frustrating. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully others who are considering Ashley will see your story.

I like your attitude..."keep smiling it could be worse". So true, but I hope that you are able to have the issues fixed!
Andy on 2012-01-10:
We ordered the exact same sectional without the chase. on their website they sell the fact that this setctional is configurable but putting 2 recliners together caused a 2 inch gap in between. it looked so bad. I sent it back without accepting delivery
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I bought our first furniture together, the event that started out as a fun step together has become a nightmare because of Ashley furniture. The sales person was friendly although he was the beginning of our problems. We bought our new furniture 3 weeks before my in-laws were coming from out of state to visit. Ashley called to confirm the delivery for Monday the Friday before (they are not lenient about switching the time at all, even if its a half an hour difference)...everything was going according to plan, we decided to throw all of our furniture away on Sunday morning, cleaning out our house for the new furniture. Sunday night I received a call that they were not going to be able to deliver my complete sectional, only part of it was going to be delivered and the other part would not be ready for another month. We decided to get the couch part of it anyway because our family was coming into town that Tuesday and we didn't have much time left. When delivery came they did not call me half an hour before like they had promised but rather just showed up to my front steps, luckily I had asked my mom to be at my house to receive the furniture. They brought all the furniture they had promised but ended up taking my dresser and mirror because they didn't fit together (contrary to what our sales person had said when we purchased it). Customer service did not contact me to tell me the situation and when I called the next day to find out about my dresser customer service claimed that they were not aware of my situation and had to call me back (talk about lack of communication!).

When they finally called me back and I asked for the dresser to be delivered the following day, customer service said that their cut off time is 1pm for next day delivery so it wasn't possible. Ashley furniture is not at all about pleasing the customer, I was very impressed with their sales person and prices for the furniture we purchased but getting the furniture to our home has become a nightmare. At the present time the chase (the other part to our couch) is not coming for another 2 months. I don't ever want anything to do with Ashley furniture again!
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leet60 on 2011-03-02:
I refuse to buy furniture from Ashley after the myriad of delivery horror stories I read. When I do have an opportunity to purchase furniture, I never do so if the sales contract is absent a firm guaranteed delivery time in writing.
leet60 on 2011-03-02:
There is a very good article here about purchasing furniture and just what the salesman won't tell you:

49er fan on 2011-03-02:
Its a shame your excitement about your purchase was ruined due to Ashley's inability to provide adequate customer service. And, your comment regarding "communication" is also right on!!!! Communication has to start at the top, from the store owner to the sales manager to the sales staff to the customer service reps and delivery drivers. That's why in my opinion there are so many complaints about Ashley that are all almost identical.
clutzycook on 2011-03-03:
I wish Wicks were still around. Hubby and I got our furniture from them when we bought our house. Our bedroom set and downstairs couch/chair still look pretty good aside from the few injuries that our cats and my not-too-bright husband have inflicted on it. My upstairs couch is nasty, but that's just courtesy of Baby C.
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Rather lose a customer, than work out something fair.
Posted by on
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- We were building a house and went to Ashley\'s to start a layway at
our salesman\'s advice saying that they could work with us, as our home being
build was based on a contingency of our current home selling. We started our
layaway with $1000 deposit. A month later we had not sold our home and we had to
cancel our contract with the builder. We contacted Ashley to let them know and
update them and asked if we could get a refund and if not we could use the money
towards a purchase in their store. They informed us of a 30% \"restocking\" fee
that they charge for not fulfilling our layaway and I explained again what we
told our salesman, come to find out, he had just started there the week we went
in, great. I asked for a little mercy and told the representative that we would
be more than happy to purchase something in their store and pay the difference
after applying our $1000 deposit and also told them what we were told they would
work with us if the contract fell thr
ough and the answer was no, no, no. So this store would rather keep our $1000
as a fee then sell their consumers a piece of furniture with OUR money. They are
at NO loss here. They don\'t hold or order any furniture until final payment is
made, they are crooked and are thieves and we will never step foot in that store
again to spend a dime. With our next home another store will have the advantage
of a great paying customer who will spend about $10k on furniture. I have called
around to the competitor stores and no other store has this policy and they all
say that they would never do that to their customers. This is NOT good business
and loss of yet ANOTHER customer because you can\'t give us our hard earned
money back or some sort of store credit.
Damage Resulting = We are out $1000 cash, simple.
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User Replies:

unhappy999 on 2011-02-09:
That's a real shame. Thanks for warning others about this.
49er fan on 2011-02-10:
Yes, that is their policy and I agree it is a shame. In fact almost all of Ashley's policies are favored to benefit them, not the customer. Example: a restocking fee, all sales final etc etc. And you are also correct when you say that most if not all other furniture stores don't have policies like this. While what the salesperson did was wrong (if he was uncertain about something he should have sought clarification) I cannot necessarily place full blame on him. Ashley does have a fairly high turnover rate for salespeople. While almost all stores are owned and operated by independent owners it appears they all have one thing in common. They are more concerned with their "sales" or numbers and place a lot of pressure on their salespeople to make sales. A good salesperson should make sales based on confidence in the product and priority in service. Unfortunately when a "good" salesperson is pressured then it leads to overselling of the product and the need to make a sale based on desperation and not on service, confidence or quality.
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Don't Ever do business with Ashley Furniture
Posted by on
GREECE, NEW YORK -- SO it all started we were buying a house and wanted a brand new bed set. My mom and I went into Ashley Furniture and we were looking around and came across this beautiful bed set. The employee came over and helped me for about an hour deciding on what I want and helped me get financed, he was great. Before buying the bed and dresser he had informed me that because it was before thanksgiving it would be about 2 weeks before delivery which I thought about and said OK. After an hour of leaving the store I received a phone call stating my bed was in and could be delivered when I was ready. We were closing the following week on our house so I asked the girl if it could be delivered next week, she said yes. The following Tuesday came around I received a conformation phone call that the dresser and bed would bee coming the next day. Within a hour or two I received another phone call saying they didn't have my bed and it would be another two weeks and when I told her about receiving a confirmation call just before that and that everything was all set the customer service girl argued with me on the phone saying I was wrong it was never said to the point I hung up on her because she was so rude to me and would not fix the mistake and get me my bed. I called the guy I bought the bed from and he called customer service to find out that they but two peoples name on one bed set and I was going to have to wait two weeks. So meanwhile he offered to bring a bed so we had something to put our mattress on and I was pissed at this time said no and we slept on our mattress on the floor for two weeks. THEN delivery day came I was at work my husband was home with our two year old and 8 month old he took them outside so they would stay out of the way, the bed got upstairs fine on the other hand they couldn't get the dresser upstairs so after shoving it into my wall they took the dresser and put it in the hallway. They came outside and told my husband we left it in the hallway and the one delivery guy was so involved in talking about my husbands truck he wasn't helping the other guy and they told my husband to sign they set up our bed and sign they left it in the hallway BUT they left out that they shoved it up my stairs took finishing off the dresser and marked up my wall. I can again the next day to hear they wouldn't do anything for us because we signed the delivery papers and no one would of thought to come examine furniture with two young kids before they left. Needless to say they sent someone out a week later and but a rub on the furniture that as soon and I put my finger across it, it came off if I knew they were going to do that I wouldn't of waited a week and I could have but old furniture on it myself. I will never do business here again they are rude and unkind in customer service and no one wanted to help me for all there mistakes.
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49er fan on 2011-01-28:
I think it is amazing after years of documented complaints, the majority of which are all almost identical that this company still continues to conduct business is such a way. Requiring customers to put their money (the entire amount of their purchase up-front)and then the customer is forced to wait for weeks or months to receive their furniture. During this time customers experience little or no follow up or service. If their furniture is damaged or unsatisfactory they have to wait even longer to have it repaired or replaced. Then if they decide to cancel they are told they have to pay a "restocking fee". Seems to me the owners of these franchised stores are only interested is their "sales" and not customer service or satisfaction. Just because someone has enough money to operate a franchise does not necessarily mean they are a good "businessman" or have the customers best interests at heart.
Bethie Mae on 2011-02-01:
It is hard to believe that anyone would accept delivery and sign a waiver without inspecting the furniture and the location of placement. Consumers need to take some responsibility for themselves.
PepperElf on 2011-02-01:
eh I've never heard anything good about this company
except when they send their employees in to write up fake reviews
Patti Bell on 2011-02-03:
Well I went into an Ashey store in NJ today and found 2 sectionals that I loved and was going to buy. Thanks to all these reviews, and there are hundreds of bad reviews, I will not be buying from Ashley. So hopefully you people know that posting your experience does matter..thanks for taking the time to do so and saving people from making the same dredded mistake.
momsey on 2011-02-03:
My first review on here was an Ashley compliment. We bought our furniture over a year ago. I'm still happy! I will be honest, though, even though we had a great experience, all the bad reviews make me question whether we'd shop there again.
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No Excuses for Ashley "Corporate Headquarters"
Posted by on
I am in the market for some new furniture for our den and after reading these reviews, I am stunned at some of the experiences posted here. First of all, the very few 'positives' here could be from sheer 'dumb luck' and at least one of these seems to have been written by Ashley personnel or an owner of one of their stores, although I am sure that there must be a few 'OK' Ashley stores around, but in this poor economy some people will put up with what they otherwise would never put up without of necessity. That the bad experiences are, for the most part, being 'blamed' on the individual franchise stores by some customers as well as from the Ashley main corporate headquarters in some of the posts I have read is pretty lame, to say the least. If everything posted here is true, the fact is
both 'headquarters' and these particular franchises/independent stores should be held accountable! Just who actually manufactures some of this shoddy merchandise...? Not that this excuses the franchise stores for abominable treatment of their customers. Ashley headquarters obviously is, or certainly should be, quite aware of all of the thousands, or hundreds of thousands?) of complaints, as one person previously posted here, made against the quality of their furniture, poor customer service and dubious practices of their independent franchises encompassing many issues. Therefore, the fact remains that any company that would continue to allow these kind of practices to continue and these 'independent' store-owners to continue to operate also must not care very much about their own reputation and the Ashley brand and, therefore, seem also not to care a great deal about the consumer either. Ashley Furniture Co., after receiving knowledge of so many bad experiences, so many dubious business practices which have harmed and inconvenienced so many people, may want to re-structure their business model and 'pull the plug' on those independent store franchises which certainly must damage their 'bottom line. Note that just recently an Upstate NY furniture dealer was fined a hefty sum by the state's Attorney General for similar kinds of practices posted here for which anyone could and should report to their state Attorney General's Office. It seems to me that any business who repeatedly & as a 'routine' practice takes possession of a customer's hard-earned cash for such a long time prior to actually shipping/delivering the goods, let alone their similar excuses with regard to 'sudden' discoveries of 'damaged' mercandise 'ready to be delivered,' but then conveniently having another excuse not to deliver, etc. is using their customers more like a bank! Check with your state's laws regarding sales, returns, refunds, etc. as they can vary from state to state. The 'restocking' fee for merchandise never 'stocked' in the first place is almost funny if it weren't for the fact that, sadly, I have to wonder how many actually pay it! So glad I spent the time to review these posts and a big thanks to you all for likely saving me from a similar unfortunate fate!
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User Replies:

Skye on 2011-01-01:
Who else are the posters supposed to blame? They are blaming the Ashley Furniture stores, which screwed them over. Just because you think their complaints are lame, does not mean that are not valid.

It's great you did your homework. It's too bad some people didn't, and only found all the Ashley complaints, after they themselves, had a horrible experience with Ashley Furniture.
msnanny on 2011-01-01:
The bottom line is you get what you pay for. People shop at Ashleys for CHEAP furniture then wonder why they get CHEAP furniture. Honestly I have no sympathy for most of them.
AbbySonja on 2011-01-03:
True the furniture is cheap. Most of it is anyway, no matter where it comes from. NOTHING in this world is made to last anymore. But that's not the point, it's being treated like crap as a customer by the company.

Recently I had another company basically tell me in not so many words "you're getting this free or discounted, so we get to treat you like crap."
I don't care if it's free, next to nothing or a gazillion dollars, I will be treated with respect, and not treated like some dumb idiot off the street that you think you can scam. Ashely Furniture tried it with me, I fought them, and I won, and then I threw their pieces of trash out for the trash!
49er fan on 2011-01-24:
The furniture displayed in their store's for the most part is not the best quality, it is for the most part manufactured oversea's despite their attempt's to make cutomer's think due to the elaborate layout and design of the stores they are in a "high end" or "upscale" furniture store. Most store's are independetly owned and operated, so warranty or delivery policies may be different. But, the continued success of this company,in my opinion, is based on getting the money for the sale "up front" and leading customer's to believe (due to the elaborate design and layout of the stores) that they are getting a great deal on the furniture they are purchasing. But, despite the fact the company appears to have a good selling strategy they lack in the most important aspects of a successful business, quality, customer appreciation, customer service and care. Customer's purchasing furniture have to live with that furniture daily. They should be able to be confident and satisfied (especially if they put the money up front) with their purchase.
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Buyer beware
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ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Below is A e-mail I wrote to the corporate office on the 5th and they still have not gotten back to me (so much for second chances)....

My father-in-law and I went into your store on the 15th of November to purchase a sofa and love seat while looking around I spotted a black leather sofa and love seat I liked and the sales associate told me it was a little over my price range and then said that he had something else that was more in my limit so he walks me over to this what I thought was another black leather sofa and love seat which when I sat on it was a little uncomfortable but I just assumed that was why it was cheaper, So I said repeatedly how I was so happy to be getting a leather couch not once was I told otherwise. When the sales associate was checking the computer he told us it wouldn’t be ready for delivery until that Tuesday (before thanksgiving) which was fine with me. When we made the purchase we were told someone would be contacting us to set up the delivery and we were also told that they would not get rid of the old furniture, So far so good up to that point. I could not find anyone willing to take my old couch so a placed a post on Craigslist for a free couch and love seat and had someone come pick it up so it would not be there when my new stuff arrived. That following weekend I still had not received the call so I checked the paper work once again and notice that it says app. delivery date Dec. 4. So I call the customer service number to find out what was going on and they inform me that everything is on back order and the soonest I could get it was December 1st. So I called the store that I bought it at to speak to the manager and tell him my situation so he tells me that he would be willing to give me a refund or to compensate me in another way but I just wanted to work this out and get my furniture so I told him that I would think about it and call him back. About an hour later I called him and he couldn’t come to the phone so I left a message and waited all that day for him to call me back he never did. The next day I went into the store and he gets on the phone with your customer service dept and tells them the situation about how your sales associate lied to me about the delivery date and they tell him the soonest the could do was the 29th of November. Meaning I now have NO furniture to sit on for Thanksgiving when I have family over He tells me he is sorry and hands me a $100 gift card(that states on the back only good on purchases of 1000 or more which I don’t see until after I leave). So the 28th gets here and I get a call saying that there was a problem during shipping the bench that came with the table I ordered was damaged and they had to order me a new one but that every thing else would be here. The next day they got here with the couch, love seat and table but were missing the chairs and coffee table so once again I was back on the phone with your customer service dept. who was then informing me that they weren’t scheduled to be delivered until that following week so he told me he would see what they could do about trying to get them sooner so I could have something to sit on when I eat and he would call me back that afternoon. Well he never called and later on that day after going through all of this I find out (thanks to Google) that the couch and love seat isn’t even Leather! Which I should have found out from your employee before I bought it. So I call and speak to the store manager and he basically accused me of lying and said that he didn’t understand how the sales associate told me it was leather because he was a good employee, with the company for such a long time and tells me he is willing to do an exchange but at this point I didn’t even want to continue doing business with you. So I talk to Teresa (customer service again) and she tells me that I can’t have a refund unless I pay a 30% restocking fee and that I could not even get store credit until after they came and picked up the first one which means sitting on the floor again. So with what I felt no more choice I go into the store to pick something else out and another associate helps me out. after briefly explaining why I was there he walks around with me and wow actually tells me about the furniture. So I found what looked like a comparable choice and after every thing was calculated there was a $69 difference which the manager was not willing to budge on even after all that you have put me through.I am so disappointed with this experience I have been lied to three times by your company and yet I get treated like the liar.

.....PLUS I just got a call from them on the 6th saying the soonest they could deliver my coffee table and dinning room chairs is Dec. 11th!!this is ridiculous these people need to learn better business skills!!!!

To post an update I received this email message from their main office and will wait to see what comes of it before contacting BBB.

From Tammy02 on 12/11/2007 - Reply
I am an employee at the corporate office of Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I sincerely apologize you felt it took so long for me to reply. I received your email on Friday 12-7-07 and replied the following Monday 12-10-07, I am sincerely sorry I could not reply sooner.

Tammy~Ashley Internet Communications

-----Original Message-----

Hi Almira,

Thank you for contacting Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI.

Each of the stores are independently owned and operated. As such, the owners of the stores develop and implement policies and procedures regarding customer purchases, deliveries and warranty claims.

I am concerned about your situation, and I would like to forward your email to the appropriate party for further review. Please reply with the name and location of the store in question.

Have a great day!

Ashley Internet Communications
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bargod on 2007-12-07:
Oh Ashley you so crazy!
Skye on 2007-12-07:
Bashley furniture strikes again!
Suusan B. on 2007-12-07:
Wow - - this is shocking, isn't it!
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