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Equipment Return Ripoff
Posted by Pkstinn on 01/09/2009
ROCKWALL, TEXAS -- My Uverse saga includes a 14 month history of trying to return equipment when I cancelled my Uverse TV services. Since Oct. 07 I've called and written twice a month to get my return boxes from Uverse! It is now Jan '09, and I'm not able to return two pieces of equipment that AT&T says is worth $167. I finally received one box with "permission" to return the Internet gateway equipment, but Uverse is not providing me boxes for the two TV boxes. By the letter of their own contract they are to provide boxes and return labels and they will not accept the equipment any other way. First they said they sent boxes to the wrong address (yet they never miss a statement to that same address!). Then they said the 2007 holiday season interrupted shipping. Then they said they couldn't explain the delays. Then they charged me over $360 for unreturned equip. In Nov. 08 I rec'd one box, but haven't rec'd the other two. Is there a statute of limitation for AT&T compliance of their own contract?

My balance due is $167 which was sent to a collection agency. Several times they claim they sent boxes, but they refuse to provide me evidence such as tracking numbers verifying shipments.

[solicitation snip]
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Posted by GSargent on 2009-02-09:
The same thing is happening to me. I have been trying to return their equipment since October of 2008. Every inept customer service person I speak to will wonder aloud at why we haven't yet received the return boxes. We've made at least 6 requests. Now I got a bill for $600. This is unbelievable.
Posted by nate22 on 2009-04-15:
Hello, I am having the same Uverse problem. In December 08 I cancelled Uverse and returned the equipment using the boxes they sent. I checked online and saw that the equipment was delivered to a Laredo, TX address, so I assumed all was well. I threw out the tracking #! (Big Mistake) Now they are sending me to collections for an unreturned equipment charge of over $800!! I tried calling AT&T to no avail. I will not pay this fee. I'm trying to put together paperwork in order to state my case. Does anyone happen to have the address that Uverse equipment is shipped to in Laredo, TX? I could use that to retrieve my tracking #. Please let me know.
Posted by pkstinn on 2009-04-15:
Nate22: I contacted ATT billing and filed a complaint/appeal and opted to excersize my contractual right to appeal through mediation. I told them I would show up to mediation with my equipment in hand as well as all of my ATT cell phone, email and written correspondence supporting my allegation that U-Verse did Mott honor their own contractual obligations with me. The billing dept assisted me with resolution to this misunderstanding. The Laredo depot wasn't any help to me at all. They will not provide you any info. Collect everything you have, contact the 800 number and meet them at the mediation table. A call to your State Attorney General wouldn't hurt, either.
Posted by nate22 on 2009-05-01:
pkstinn: Thanks. I was able to call UPS and they found my tracking #. Then the UPS rep put me on hold and called Operational Technologies (the company that handles Uverse returns), and they were able to confirm that they recieved the returned equipment. Operational Technologies called me back to assure me they recieved the equipment and would sent a note to AT&T. I called AT&T the next day and sure enough, my account balance was returned to zero. So, Thankfully, i was able to get it resolved.
Posted by kyslas on 2009-07-09:
I am also going through this exact same thing with Uverse. They are stating that I owe them 645.16 and have now sent me to collections. I advised them that I have already sent in the boxes last year and they said they never received them. They even sent me a bill in October showing a zero balance due. But I sent the boxes in November last year and right after that they sent a letter stating they did not receive my boxes. I did not keep my tracking number with UPS as I figured they received it. I contacted UPS and they were not able to find anything showing I shipped those boxes back. They said I need a shipping address. Does anyone have that address?
Posted by lrod on 2009-10-14:
All too familiar story, I went through the same thing last year, fortunately they reversed the charges when I gave the tracking #; now again they have billed my credit card for non-return of equipment that I sent 2 months back! Why can't we walk-in with equipment like Comcast? Either they are trying to scam us, or the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing! Very annoying, and frustrating, I'm done with AT&T. Can we file a complaint with the FCC?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-14:
at taht point i'd say dont wait for them to send boxes
just get some boxes and ship it to them ... and used registered mail.
it will be slow but you'll have proof it was sent

and yeah it'll cost you but... it might end up being cheaper that way
Posted by pkstinn on 2009-10-15:
PepperElf: Our contact specifies customers will use boxes provided by AT&T. If you use your own boxes, you will not have an assigned return item number and AT&T will refuse them. You will be in breach pf contract if you send equip back in boxes not provided by AT&T.
Posted by DallasTX on 2009-10-29:
Same problem here.
Returned Uverse eq. in March 2009 with UPS confirmation.
Received balance $154 in May 2009.
Received collection letter in Oct, 2009.
No resolution.

Ripped off company--At&T
Posted by carolyngl on 2010-08-02:
Here is the address:
ATT Uverse Returns
Operational Technologies
805A Union Pacific Blvd.
Laredo TX 78045

I returned my equipment but I was past 90 days and now even though they received it (confirmed) I still owe over $600. I would understand being charged late fees. I DO NOT understand being charged the full equipment value. That is unreasonable.
Posted by fedup10 on 2011-12-28:
Happy to read these comments. Getting ready to ditch U Verse and AT&T. Had an idea they might do something like this. Will be sure to be extremely careful when returning equipment. I'm sure they will still find a way to try and screw me. Buying an indoor antenna. No more AT&T. Ever!Ever!
Posted by carl lehr on 2013-11-04:
trying to return equipment to ATT what is model # STB VIP 1225 suppose to be. help
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Don't fall for AT@T's promised rebates - they are a scam
Posted by KeepApromise on 09/25/2009
Before choosing AT&T for my internet provider, I was with Comcast. I was looking for a less expensive means of service and ATT's Fast Access DSL looked good – no contract and a good price that would not change for 2 years. But the real "carrot" that was dangled before me was the $175 rebate that I was told I would get, but then denied. Here's how they manipulated me and likely thousands of other customers into believing that they would come through with the rebate.

First, the AT&T sales representative will hand out several rebates to try and Win you over, and the big one is the $175 for switching from another internet service provider. What they do is first use the term "qualify", but then in further discussion with the sales representative the language turns to "you will get..." The hidden piece of information here is that the $175 rebate is ONLY for those people who switch AND order a phone line and AT&T long-distance. Does the sales representative mention this...? NO. When you say "I only want internet, not a phone line" does the representative say "you will not get the rebate"...? NO they don't. This is the first step of the manipulation. As with most sales interactions, you think that the deal is being made and finalized in this phone call, but its NOT. It’s a car sales tactic. First set the customer up with a good picture and confidence in the sale and then it’s the “hold, on I need to run this by my sales manager.” In this case, you are not told about the second part of sale where you are denied the rebate.

Now the second part is what hits it home. After you get off the phone and you go to the rewards center to claim your rebate, you will see it listed. Yes, that's right, AT&T will even show you that it is being processed to further punch home the belief that they will follow through and you will be 125$ richer. Even if you come back 3 weeks later to claim your $125 rebate, ITS STILL THERE. That’s right, every thing is done with the intent to making you believe that you will get the money. Why do they do this? Because it protects them when you find out a few weeks later that your claim has been denied. That's right, ATT's defense is that their sales representative throws out as many rebates as possible to dope you into thinking you will get them, but then there is this 4-6 week "processing" period where the Rewards Center looks over the rebate request and decides who gets what rebates. Yep, the sales representative that gave you the quote, told you when your first bill would arrive, and of course when you would get your rebates SAYS NOTHING about the fact that the service bundle you have ordered WILL NOT QUALIFY YOU FOR THE REBATE. Thus, it doesn't matter what the sales representative tells you, the final decision as to whether you get the rebate is not made until after you have the service installed and you are less likely to send it back as a result of not getting the rebate you were told you would get.

From a marketing perspective, the scam is superb! You are left feeling manipulated and cheated, which in fact you were. Most people don't do anything to follow up, I would imagine, as they have the internet service, and after calling AT&T customer service and getting all of their apologies, they go surf with their new service and forget about.

The fact of the matter is that this is another example of where BIG CORPORATE AT&T does not give a damn about its new customers, only the opportunity to manipulate them into buying their services. Underneath all the "great customer service" and advertised deals that show how much AT&T “cares about their customers”, it’s all a lie. And you are #1726354 who just got doped into thinking that you found a company that was transparent in their deals. Is that the kind of business you want from a company? PLEASE do not fall for this manipulation. Stay away from ATT. They do not deserve our hard earned dollars as their only motivation is to turn a profit at your expense. They are laughing all the way to the bank every time they manipulate someone who is simply looking for a better customer service relationship.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
I got my $125 rebate. I had to wait 30 days before I could do the request online. I went to att.com/rewards. If you don't have the service for at least 30 days, you have not qualified yet. Once you have had the service 30 days, on day 31, go in and do the request. I had my check about a week later.
Posted by tbettetr1 on 2010-03-12:
I have also had a terrible time with ATT Uverse rebate program. It is a complete fraud and a rip-off. My two sisters and I got tricked into switching from Cable to ATT Uverse with the promise of rebates and referrals. To this date, ATT has not honored their promise. These predatory practices are typical of the huge corporations that step all over the consumer to get the big bucks. Shame on ATT. I am switching to back to cable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-12:
tbetter, did you follow the rebate instructions? I don't get what it is with people not getting their rebates. I have yet to not get one I apply for. I do everything exactly the way they say, and keep copies of all info sent to the company (printed if done on line).

As to the comment about being tricked into switching, come on. You had the choice to say no. Blame yourself for your own decisions.
Posted by gesellman on 2010-09-05:
I came in to leave my horror story about AT&T and ran into this thread... Absolutely true. LadyScot you are an employee of AT&T or a very lucky ATT customer. ATT charged me over $800 for all kinds of hidden fees and early termination fees... They went as far as reverting to my old credit card on file to collect nad did exactly that. Tey took my money from a card that was not in their system supposedly. BEWARE OF FUTURE THEFT FROM ATT
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Worst Product And Customer Service!
Posted by Cukivel on 05/03/2009
PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- On April 7, 2009 I was going out to pick up my son from his friend's house, and a person approached my car and it was an AT&T U-verse representative and started telling me how wonderful his product was in cable and internet.

At that time, I had land phone and DSL internet with Bellsouth and cable with Comcast. I live in Pembroke Pines, FL and never had an issue with my providers however my husband who loves the new technology wanted to try the new U-verse product of AT&T. I made a quick quote with the sales representative and I would end up paying like $ 30 more of what I was paying before but according to him for a much better service and qualify. He set up the appointment for us and the technician was scheduled for April 15.... the worst day !!!!

On April 15, the technician showed up and started with the installation process. To begin with he installed the modem in my kitchen because he said that the signal was coming through them and that would be better. He assured us that we will not have any kind of issues with the wireless internet, my husband explained to him that he was a home base employee and he needed to have the connection via wire directly to his desktop. Technician didn't care and assured him that he wouldn't have any problem. He left that day and of course when my husband tried to work late at night he didn't have signal so he had to do an internal connection and run a cable from the kitchen to his office and that included that the cable will go across my living room and dining room. I was very upset because I personally hate the wires and cables showing up everywhere however it was more important for him to work. My husband had to go out of the country the next day for two weeks so actually I didn't make any change or contacted AT&T because he needed to have access to his e-mails and I didn't want to make any change.

He came back on April 30th so we discussed about this and we decided to cancel. We were thinking about more money and not a great service, neither internet or cable which you used to freeze very often. I contacted AT&T and asked them to cancel my service and explained the situation with the wires and the fact that the quality of the cable wasn't great she accepted to cancel my cable and insisted in allowing them to fix the issue of the wires and assure me that I will have the best internet ever. She sent another technician and they moved the modem... same story, the technician left and after a couple of hours the connection failed and we didn't have internet, my husband was hysterical and I was worst. We contacted them and they sent another technician (now the third one) on May 2, he came in and measure the signal and he told us that the signal was coming very poor and nothing he could do improve it. He apologized and asked us to cancel the service. I immediately contacted their office and spent 3 hours trying to cancel my service and to put me back with DSL. Well nobody was able to do that and their office close at 5 pm on Saturdays. At the end we called Comcast and upgraded our cable and got the internet service from them. We had a modem at home so the same day was working perfect.. what a difference ! Tomorrow I will call AT&T again and cancel the service.

LISTEN, if you have another provider and you are doing fine with them DO NOT CHANGE IT TO AT&T U-verse they are freaking liars and their service is the worst. You can spend hours on the phone and they don't care. Don't do it for the offers of month free or HD free because at the end if you don't have good service that is what it counts. I think they are not ready to provide a good service neither in technology and professionalism.
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Before you order AT&T Uverse you should know/ask....
Posted by Pete K. on 02/15/2009
BRANFORD, CONNECTICUT -- The quality of service or lack of depends on your distance from a "Cross Box" located somewhere in your neighborhood to your house. AT&T claims that you can get service if 3,000 or more feet away from the "Cross Box". I am exactly 2,975 feet away from their box which is on the next street.

The installation date was October 17, 2008. The tech with four months of experience used the very old Comcast outdoor Co Axe cable and drilled through a bedroom wall to attach the cable to their "Router" from which cables run back outside and to the other rooms which require TV connections. The wires are then attached to a receiver which feeds the TV.

We experienced complete drop of all services several times daily and I had to reset the router. A second visit by a tech resulted with all new Cat5 wire installed to the three rooms with TVs. We experienced the same daily loss of phone, internet and TV service.

By now I knew enough that when I call Level 1 technical support 1-800-ATT-2020 I would ask for Level 2 support where they would review my case number and read the last entries explaining the repair steps taken. After several weeks and more visits I could dial Level 2 support, enter a four digit code for that day and get directly to upper level support.

I also learned to request a senior tech with more experience and they agreed that was needed.

A senior tech and the brother of a neighbor who lives 500 feet closer to the "Cross Box" was advised by his brother the tech not to get UVerse because of the distance issues.

This senior tech discovered that the wiring from the outside connection to the inside Router had not been replaced and was original old Comcast cable. This was overlooked by at least three previous techs. He used his AT&T laptop computer and reviewed 218,000 errors recorded in an hours time!! He replaced the cable. He also had a pole tech reduce the power or surge at our pole which in effect gives us an addition 400 feet of service from the cross box.

The HD TV reception is now very sharp and clear. The second analog TV is also receiving a much better picture. We did away with the third analog TV.

Now in rainy or snowy weather we experience occasional "Ghosting" with black lines outlining people or figures on the screen, temporary several second freezing of the picture and audio freezing. When getting GOOD reception fast moving video such as viewing basketball or such often shows uneven movement in the action which has to do with their method of streaming. I just don't like it as it is unnatural.

There is no further cure except for AT&T to upgrade the Cross Box at great expense which they will not do. They rather invest in upgraded more powerful boxes in highly populated areas such as cities rather than rural areas with fewer customers.

If you have enough complaints they will reduce your bill. When we signed up we had the choice for their "Everything" service with either $280 something worth of prepaid debit cards which could be used at restaurants of for purchases etc and a monthly bill of something like $184 OR $170 monthly and a $50 debit card. We elected for the $170 & $50 card for one year of service. After many complaints and six tech visits we are paying $140 a month for one HD receiver/DVD, one analog receiver, the full premium TV package, faster Internet speeds and unlimited long distance phone calling.

The TV reception is very high quality when there are no errors as described above and the errors are only in poor weather it seems.

My message is that you FIRST have them determine your exact distance from the Cross Box. If it approaches 3,000 feet forget Uverve as you may experience many problems if they have not upgraded the cross box. The do not use Optical Cable on your street or to your house but only to the Cross Box. Inside and outside your house IS hardwired and they do not use a WIRELESS Router as suggested by their salesman.

We will continue to use the UVerse service as long as it gives quality reception. If it reverts back to it's former "Unacceptable" service we will have no options but to switch back to Comcast which in my opinion utilizes inferior often refurbished receivers/DVRs. Comcast also has a standard policy of increasing your monthly bill substantially once a year if you do not read the fine print on your bill and call them once a year to extend your contract with them. After 32 years with Comcast they did this to me, a daughter living withing the state and many people I have questioned.

Just my findings,

I hope this may save you aggravation and dismay and help you in your decision making.

Best Wishes,
Pete K.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-15:
What's inside the Cross Box is an amplifier. You can file a complaint with the Dept of Public Utility Control at: http://www.ct.gov/dpuc/cwp/view.asp?a=3352&q=404030
Posted by Pete K. on 2009-11-06:
Follow up to my original post;
After several tech visits over several months our U-verse TV reception was fairly consistent with only a few glitches, freezing, ghosting etc and then out of the blue the audio did not match the video and the above problems returned. I called level 2 support and they immediately determined that we were experiencing AM Radio Frequency interference. A tech removed an old overlooked Comcast connector that was allowing the AM waves to enter the wiring outside the house. The quality of reception returned to normal. We now experience only occasional problems with the U-Verse service rather than daily problems. It took seven of so visits from various skilled techs, dozens of phone conversations with Level 1 and Level 2 online support with many hours consumed to get to this point of nearly perfect service. I say nearly because we still experience occasional interruptions with either video or audio.
If you are near the limit of the 3000 feet from the Cross Box (amplifier) you may never receive the full quality that is possible at closer distances.
Was the many month ordeal worth it? Well I don't like the fact that Comcast after 32 years has no customer loyalty and will jack up your monthly bill if you miss the fine print at the bottom of you bill informing you once a year that by a certain date you have to call them and renew your service. They could send you a letter if they cared about you. U-Verse quality does seem better. We have few other choices as Dish Network won't work where there are many trees and has weather issues. Verizon also uses a "Cross Box/amplifier. Cox is not in this area. Lastly I do not wish to go through this process again.
If you are considering AT&T U-Verse has a tech determine the exact distance from the amplifier first. They say you can be up to 3000 or more feet away. This was not true in our case and any and all the fixes did not provide the quality of service that is possible at closer distances.

Good luck,

Pete K.
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Was ripped off
Posted by Bingaw_57 on 08/29/2007
SPRINGFIELD, OHIO -- I ordered the AT&T advertised package I saw on TV for unlimited phone, satellite dish and DSL for a good deal. First satellite was put in then I got a call from someone in the company telling me I couldn't get the DSL where I live. I called the company back and the rep said there was no way they could tell until the phone was hooked up [which would be the next day]. Well guess what, I couldn't get DSL. They could not offer another package deal to me so I had to keep my cable company package which was about 20 more a month. I had to give my credit card number for the discount [total of 100 dollars] which I was to get a rebate for.

But guess what, there was no refund and my account was charged. AT&T paid for the disconnect fee but would not refund the 100 dollars on my credit card. Could not get rebate because I had to cancel the package. I saw satellite TV for one week for a hundred dollars. When I tried to file a dispute [on my AT&T credit card] they never responded and never took off a penny. All they had to do was wait until the phone was installed, then tell me I couldn't get DSL then cancel the package. I'll be cancelling my AT&T credit card shortly.

Not only did I go through all this trouble, I had to speak very nicely or they would not help me, VERY POOR SERVICE.
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Posted by mrctx on 2008-06-10:
Yes, they are a rip off. That phone/internet/TV package they advertise: You're first bill will be about $300. The programming on that Dish Network ("America's Top 100") is horrible as well.
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Horrible Customer Service with AT&T U-verse installation
Posted by Cali7 on 09/17/2009
AT&T DSL Installation is the example of the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’ve experienced in years.

A month ago I decided to sign-up for AT&T U-verse (TV) and Internet packages. Called and scheduled an installation appointment, they gave me a 2-hour window for a technician to arrive. The technician arrived 30-mins past the end of the appointment window (though I have to mention that they called and notified me about the delay). After arriving, the technician spent only 5 minutes taking a look at my apartment and immediately stated that she would not be able to complete an installation that day because she needed access to the phone/cable room outside of my apartment which was locked at the time (I live in a condominium building). I was very frustrated that I ended up taking 4 hours off from work (unpaid time!) for nothing. If they told me, in advance, that they would need access to the phone room I would have arranged that with my HOA. The technician offered to reschedule the installation for next day and gave me another 2-hour window.

Next day, I took a time-off from work again and was sitting and waiting in my apartment. When no one showed up or called at the end of the allotted appointment time, I called AT&T’s customer service myself. They told me that they had NO RECORD of any appointment for me in their system for this day. I can’t express how shocked and upset I was with such an unprofessional dealing. Taking another half-day off from work for nothing!! I demanded to talk to a manager. The manager sympathized with me (per their usual protocol) and offered me a $50 credit off the first month bill for the inconvenience they caused. Then he suggested another installation appointment in a couple of days. I couldn’t wait any longer for the Internet b/c I needed it that evening for work so I decided to activate the Internet with my previous cable provider (Cox) and take only the TV package from AT&T. So, I scheduled the third installation appointment for TV in 2 days.

(BTW, Cox technician arrived the same day in a few hours and activated my Internet).

At the time of my third appointment with AT&T a new technician came and worked for 3 hours going back and forth between my apartment and the phone room outside. He ended up using a coaxial cable (leftover from previous Cox TV service) instead of a phone cable b/c of the inconvenience of the phone jack location. After he left I realized that I lost my Internet (which was using a separate coaxial cable in another room). Luckily, the technician left his phone, so I called him and he returned back. After working for another hour, he reconnected the cables and I finally got TV service from AT&T in my living room and Internet service from COX reinstated in my other room.

I had thought my troubles with AT&T were over until I got my first bill. Not only that there was no promised $50 credit but I was also charged for the Internet package which I didn’t get from them!!! When I called them a customer service representative said that there was nothing in their computer system about me canceling my request for the Internet service. I was shocked once again! Maybe they didn’t see the canceled request but couldn’t they see that there was no actual usage of the Internet data and they never even provided me with an Internet modem? The representative said that no, she couldn’t verify all that. However, she agreed to revert the charge for the Internet (she made it sound like she was doing me a favor by just taking my word on it). As far as the promised credit, she said there was NO note (again!) on that in the system (how convenient!). There was no record of me having any conversation with any manager. She asked me what was the name of the person I spoke with, I couldn’t remember and she said there was nothing she could help with since I failed to record the name of that person. Since when it’s the customer’s responsibility to log phone conversations? Why AT&T doesn’t take responsibility for not keeping records of customer calls and promises of their own reps/managers? I asked to talk to a manager again, the representative said no manager was available and offered a call back first thing next morning (which is today). As of noon, no one has called yet.

Though I like the selection of channels that AT&T U-verse offers I am going to switch back to COX for my TV as well. I am so pissed with this lack of accountability and professionalism that I don’t want to continue to remain their customer. I also have a cell phone service from AT&T and even though I’ve never really had any customer-service related issues with the cell phone, I am thinking about canceling it as well, just to save myself from any future bad customer service troubles.
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Being charged for services never received
Posted by Stephie on 09/24/2006
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- AT&T was called and asked about installing internet service back in May. I was informed that I was able to receive this service and that someone would be out in 1 week to turn this service on. I had to wait at home from 8am - 5 pm for someone to show up. At 5:30 pm someone showed up and said they hooked up the internet and left. I went to go on the internet but it wouldn't work. I called AT&T and they said that they had until midnight for the service to work and told me to call back. At midnight the service did not work and I had to reschedule for someone to come back out in another week. One week goes by and I wait at home again from 8am - 6pm for someone to come out. A guy comes out and tells me that there is a problem and says that it is late and I will have to reschedule. I call AT&T again and in about another week someone comes out and "fixes" the problem. I try to go on the internet and am not able to. I call AT&T and they say that there was 2 problems but the guy only fixed 1 problem hoping it would work. I had to reschedule for another week and waited yet again at home from 8am-6pm. The guy never shows up! I called AT&T again and reschedule waiting another week and a guy comes out looks around and leaves. I later get a call from AT&T saying that they are unable to provide me with internet service because my distance is too far. The guy says that I won't have to pay anything. Well...I receive a bill in June for $133.80!! I call AT&T on June 29 @ 2:27 pm and get a lady named Christina who says if I don't pay I will go to collections and that they will ruin my credit. I explain to Christina what happened and am told that I have to pay. After threatening her with the BBB she says,"Well if you ask me nicely I can transfer you to customer care who backtracts accounts." I ask nicely and am transfered to Lynda. Lynda tells me that my problem is not her problem and that I have to pay. After arguing with her she finally says, "Well if you ask me to backtract your account I can." I ask her if that is her job and she says yes but she cannot offer a service unless I ask the right question. Well this goes on for a while, me trying to guess the right question and I thought my charges were backtracted and reversed. Well on Aug 30 I receive another bill, and a threatening letter for collections. On 9/14/06 @ 10:13 am I call AT&T and get Edna who refuses to talk to me and says this is not her problem that I did not receive service I still have to pay. I have recently received a letter from collections for AT&T service that was never received but AT&T says that they have my social # and all my info and I have no choice but to pay them even though I never received even one second of service from them or they will destroy my credit!!!!!!!!!!! This company is awful. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-09-25:
You know...I feel for you. Direct TV does this also...their cust service reps are alloed to credit but it must be on record that the customer requested it. So I have had reps "steer" me by saying "Well if you are asking for a credit then I can provide it...are you asking for one?" It's silly games
Posted by CautiousConsumer on 2007-05-18:
As soon as it goes on your credit, launch an investigation through the credit reporting company. Get a lawyer if you have to.
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AT&T Cable Internet is SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by on 05/10/2002
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I subscribed to AT&T cable internet since Nov 2001 and AT&T ALWAYS sent me erroneous bills.

And when I shifted to a new apartment, the AT&T technician collected my old cable modem and replaced with a new modem. The technician also made an annotation on the work order that I had returned the modem.

However, 2 weeks later, AT&T claimed that the old modem is still with me and it CHARGED me USD 150 for the modem I had returned.

I called AT&T and I was told to send them the work order mentioned above to them because the work order is with Sunnyvale Local Office. And, AT&T billing department is NOT ABLE to get the document internally.

I have no choice but to fax the work oder AT&T. Guess what, I got several errors while I faxed the work order to fax number they gave me. And when I called them to verify the fax number, the number is correct. I tried and failed again.

I called AT&T and I was then told to send it to them personally to its local office!!!

I think I should just cancel the AT&T Cable Internet subcription and switch to other ISPs. I would like to urge everyone who planned to choose AT&T Cable Internet to think TWICE before subscribing to AT&T services.

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Difficult Equipment Return
Posted by Bormal on 01/17/2011
CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I ordered high speed internet from AT&T Uverse at the end of November 2010 after having some difficulties with Time Warner cable internet. After my problems were resolved I canceled the installation of AT&T internet 1 business day after setting it up. Within 2 days of cancellation, I received the hardware for installation- which cost over $100.00 and which I was told I would receive a $75.00 credit for. I mailed the hardware back to AT&T via their enclosed return labels. These labels were EXTREMELY uninformative as to the carrier and I saw no tracking data. I dropped the package off at my local post office to an agent and they could also not tell it was not for them. I received a bill for 105.10 in January and called Uverse billing support and was told they had not received the return and I would be held responsible for it if they did not receive it. I was also told that they deal exclusively with UPS for shipping- this was NOT CLEAR on the label. I have seen other reviews saying that even with the tracking info, people are still being held responsible for the amount of the hardware returned to AT&T. These practices seem like a very good way for AT&T to make a bit of extra revenue off their customers who cancel, AT&T should be aware that they are alienating their customers as well.
BEWARE of subscribing to this service which requires you to purchase hardware. It seems to me that AT&T is getting tricky with returns. Based on the shipping labels I received, I don't really think they wanted the equipment returned to them. It seems they would rather have their customer on the hook for the amount of the "returned" hardware than actually getting it back.
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Over billing
Posted by My2weimers on 05/28/2012
HARTFORD CITY, INDIANA -- In June, 2011, when we were planning our move from Alexandria, Indiana, to Mooresville, Indiana, I contacted AT&T to transfer our phone and Internet services (account # 108887641). After going through the whole process and documenting everything, we moved. Then to our dismay, AT&T started charging us for breaking a contract and starting new service. After several months of trying to resolve this with ATT, I resorted to posting the problem on Internet sites for complaints. That finally got quick results. Kathy, AT&T customer relations appeals and escalation team, contacted me and corrected the problem.

Now, when we just moved again from Mooresville to Hartford City, Indiana, the same old problem arose. We would have once again transferred our AT&T phone and Internet services when we moved to Hartford City; but we are living in housing provided by our employer, which includes AT&T phone and Internet. AT&T is once again charging me $150.00 for breaking a contract, although the contract from Alexandria had expired. The strange thing is that they just paid me a check for $117.97 to finally pay me up for the overcharges of last year!

I have twice called Kathy, ID #VS3264 and phone # 866-627-6827, on April 16 and again on April 27, leaving detailed messages each time. I have provided her the case number from last year, IN1102216, to reference. I have not received any response thus far, thus I am posting the same continuing problem on this Internet compliant site. It seems that is the ONLY way to get a response from the giant, impersonal AT&T corporation. If they would just treat their customers fairly and respond to them, this would not be necessary. The only response I’ve received is from a collection agency that AT&T has turned the case over to!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-28:
I assume you still had a contract once at the new address last year?

It sounds like a special case, because you are transferring service to a new address, but your employer is paying for it. So, you are remaining a customer, but indirectly. Stop back and let us know how this shakes out.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-05-28:
It would seem that you still have access to ATT, but are not paying for it directly. You had the contract, which probably had the term reset by your move to a two year term. You ceased to pay for your ATT service, as it was no longer needed. ATT will claim you have an obligation to pay for the full 2 year period. You will claim you still have ATT service, and do not need to pay for it separately. Unfortunately, I believe you will lose.
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