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Equipment Return Ripoff
By -

ROCKWALL, TEXAS -- My U-Verse saga includes a 14 month history of trying to return equipment when I cancelled my U-Verse TV services. Since Oct. 07 I've called and written twice a month to get my return boxes from U-Verse! It is now Jan '09, and I'm not able to return two pieces of equipment that AT&T says is worth $167. I finally received one box with "permission" to return the Internet gateway equipment, but U-Verse is not providing me boxes for the two TV boxes.

By the letter of their own contract they are to provide boxes and return labels and they will not accept the equipment any other way. First they said they sent boxes to the wrong address (yet they never miss a statement to that same address!). Then they said the 2007 holiday season interrupted shipping. Then they said they couldn't explain the delays.

Then they charged me over $360 for unreturned equip. In Nov. 08 I rec'd one box, but haven't rec'd the other two. Is there a statute of limitation for AT&T compliance of their own contract? My balance due is $167 which was sent to a collection agency. Several times they claim they sent boxes, but they refuse to provide me evidence such as tracking numbers verifying shipments.

Horrible Customer Service - Do Didn't Go Through With Switch From Time Warner
By -

GAHANNA, OHIO -- We had a young man knock on our door and say AT&T could save us money on our combined phone, cable, internet. After TWO hours of him talking back and forth to a supervisor via phone, we came to an agreement. The appointment was set up with strict instructions to call my husband's cell phone and he would meet them at the house. The day ended with no call and AT home on the machine was a message from AT&T.

My husband then spent two additional hours on the phone trying to get the appointment rescheduled and find out why they did not follow directions. The customer service person said they had an outage and was calling to cancel the setup anyway. So they rescheduled for today from 8 to 10. My husband took off work, sat at home and at 11:00 had not heard a word. Starting calling customer service and was told a foreman would call him back.

An hour later he received a call that they would come out today and hook up the TV and internet, but couldn't get to the phone. He canceled the service and feels grateful that they never came to our house, because they would have really messed us over. So we will run and hide if another AT&T person shows up at our door. Good luck to those of you who got stuck already.

Was ripped off
By -

SPRINGFIELD, OHIO -- I ordered the AT&T advertised package I saw on TV for unlimited phone, satellite dish and DSL for a good deal. First satellite was put in then I got a call from someone in the company telling me I couldn't get the DSL where I live. I called the company back and the rep said there was no way they could tell until the phone was hooked up [which would be the next day]. Well guess what, I couldn't get DSL. They could not offer another package deal to me so I had to keep my cable company package which was about 20 more a month. I had to give my credit card number for the discount [total of 100 dollars] which I was to get a rebate for.

But guess what, there was no refund and my account was charged. AT&T paid for the disconnect fee but would not refund the 100 dollars on my credit card. Could not get rebate because I had to cancel the package. I saw satellite TV for one week for a hundred dollars. When I tried to file a dispute [on my AT&T credit card] they never responded and never took off a penny. All they had to do was wait until the phone was installed, then tell me I couldn't get DSL then cancel the package. I'll be cancelling my AT&T credit card shortly. Not only did I go through all this trouble, I had to speak very nicely or they would not help me, VERY POOR SERVICE.

Customer service is Horrible/Dsl not as fast as they claim!
By -

GEORGIA -- I switched to AT&T and it was a big mistake. I Love Comcast but unfortunately I can't get them in the current area that I have moved in. Big bummer!! Their customer service sucks. They will keep you on hold for 15 minutes without coming back to refresh the call and thank you for holding. They all sound unprofessional and they just seem as though they don't care. As well the internet I have is supposed to be 6.0 and when I run a speed test on a brand new computer it's nowhere close. Don't bother if you don't have to!! Good luck to those that do.

Internet Speed Never Up To Par

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Although I pay for the highest-speed connection offered by AT&T, I find that it only lasts for a week or two at a time. My internet is always slowing down or screeching to a halt. After many, many attempts at calling Customer Service, I have learned by now that it just isn't worth it. Even if you feel like waiting an hour and a half on the phone, you'll only be connected to someone who can't, or won't, help you. They always feed you some BS excuse and say that things will be back up to speed shortly. They never are. Keep in mind, this is not just one bad experience I have had, it is a string of many events over the past year. If you want a crappy connection and you enjoy being lied to, I recommend AT&T.

Being Kept On Inferior Internet Services At Higher Prices
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- A few days ago, we dropped AT&T's internet services because the speed had slowed to a crawl. We switched to (much faster and cheaper) Time-Warner cable. When I called AT&T to cancel our telephone and internet services, a chipper little customer service type informed me that "we haven't offered your package of services for a long time" and suggested she could get me faster and cheaper service.

It turns out that I had been paying $59 a month for vastly inferior, slow internet service, and that AT&T had long since been offering -- at $30 and even $25 per month -- faster speeds. When I suggested that THEY might have taken the initiative to inform ME about these changes, she seemed genuinely puzzled.

The Saga Continues...
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Tech Service No showed/no called their appointment tonight. This after a month of having AT&T urinate on my leg and tell me it's raining. They promised to send the Tech A-Team, (an inside the home tech and an outside the home tech at the same time) to solve the freeze up, dropped DSL line problem that two previous tech calls failed to fix. No we are not talking occasional we are talking two or three times every 30 minutes for 5-10 minutes at a time!

Try watching anything while missing most of it. Or downloading a file for that matter. And they have the gonads to bad mouth satellite service for failure in storms! They can't deliver on a crisp clear night. Forget these losers folks, the only way they'll survive is with a government bailout!

Harassing Sales Calls
By -

MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- Since, February we have been at a constant battle with AT&T. Our service plan increases every month and we have to argue it back down to where it should be. We receive three and four sales calls daily from AT&T. We have talked to supposed supervisors and managers about these harassing phone calls. We have asked nicely, we have asked rudely. Despite our efforts, nothing seems to work. So we caution you, to ask yourself if you are willing to answer three and four sales calls a day about the same thing, and willing to argue about your bill every month, before you choose AT&T. If this does not seem appealing to you, then we strongly suggest you choose another service provider.

By -

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- What a bunch of liars!!! They tell you your dynamic IP address along with your firewall will protect you against hackers they won't be able to get into your computer WRONG!!! I know a guy who hacks into systems (to help people fix their computers). He has found hackers from AT&T and HP!!! Yes HACKERS!!!! Working for them!!! Putting spyware in new computers!!! Corporations really, really are criminals!! AT&T liars!!!

You all should be locked up!!! I'm hoping to be able to print these FACTS in local papers others who had these problems should as well cause as soon as someone knows your address they can get back into your computer, so I put nothing on mine worth taking... Yes, they know who I listen to for music that's it... So spyware get removed everyday! You people are such losers... I am getting all new products that have nothing to do with either HP or AT&T. Remember when we made sure there was no monopoly and we broke up these crooks!!!

Being charged for services never received
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- AT&T was called and asked about installing internet service back in May. I was informed that I was able to receive this service and that someone would be out in 1 week to turn this service on. I had to wait at home from 8am-5pm for someone to show up. At 5:30 pm someone showed up and said they hooked up the internet and left. I went to go on the internet but it wouldn't work.

I called AT&T and they said that they had until midnight for the service to work and told me to call back. At midnight the service did not work and I had to reschedule for someone to come back out in another week. One week goes by and I wait at home again from 8am - 6pm for someone to come out. A guy comes out and tells me that there is a problem and says that it is late and I will have to reschedule. I call AT&T again and in about another week someone comes out and "fixes" the problem.

I try to go on the internet and am not able to. I call AT&T and they say that there was 2 problems but the guy only fixed 1 problem hoping it would work. I had to reschedule for another week and waited yet again at home from 8am-6pm. The guy never shows up! I called AT&T again and reschedule waiting another week and a guy comes out looks around and leaves. I later get a call from AT&T saying that they are unable to provide me with internet service because my distance is too far. The guy says that I won't have to pay anything.

Well I receive a bill in June for $133.80!! I call AT&T on June 29 @ 2:27 pm and get a lady named ** who says if I don't pay I will go to collections and that they will ruin my credit. I explain to ** what happened and am told that I have to pay. After threatening her with the BBB she says, "Well if you ask me nicely I can transfer you to customer care who backtracks accounts."

I ask nicely and am transferred to **. ** tells me that my problem is not her problem and that I have to pay. After arguing with her she finally says, "Well if you ask me to backtrack your account I can." I ask her if that is her job and she says yes but she cannot offer a service unless I ask the right question.

Well this goes on for a while, me trying to guess the right question and I thought my charges were backtracked and reversed. Well on Aug 30 I receive another bill, and a threatening letter for collections. On 9/14/06 @ 10:13 am I call AT&T and get ** who refuses to talk to me and says this is not her problem that I did not receive service I still have to pay.

I have recently received a letter from collections for AT&T service that was never received but AT&T says that they have my social # and all my info and I have no choice but to pay them even though I never received even one second of service from them or they will destroy my credit!!! This company is awful. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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