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Horrible Customer Service - Regretting To Being Loyal Customer From Last 13+ Year
Posted by on
ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILLINOIS -- I decided to share my experience with all consumer out there after I lost all hope with AT&T service including CEO also does not care about customer and their executive assistance yield and harass customer over the phone and threatened to disconnect service. I have to admit I never had this kind of service before at least in USA. Let me try to explain you when I call AT&T couple week back sales person was successfully sold me U-Verse TV, Digital Internet and Phone line. Later I have canceled Digital Phone line and still decided to go with U-Verse TV and Digital Internet and I was scheduled to install between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM on October 3rd.

I have waited until 2:10 PM then call customer service after long wait person came on line instead of offering me help conformed that I have been schedule today for above time and gave dispatch service number which I tried nearly 15 times where automated message says ‘Due to heavy volume tried again’. After then I gave up and called 210-821-4105 and at least person was helpful and followed back with me to make sure Technician arrived.

Finally Technician arrived around at 3:45 PM and told me he will take about 90 min. At 7:10PM he told me he can not connect today so they have to rescheduled it and I noticed DSL was not working to I ask him to stay until that work, it turn out to be installation problem which cause during set up and he fixed that however I made a big mistake not testing TV while he was here and I noticed 10 minutes after he left TV is not working and I called him and he told ‘he supposed to re-connect all wire’ which he did and making TV work is my job to call Dish network.

I noticed he disconnected wire from my Basement TV and also wire comes to my family room TV which my husband found later and reconnect them back, one of the TV is still not working and all channels are not working in another TV.

I had to canceled my daughter Ice Skating class and could attend important meeting at work due person came almost 2 hour late and had to spend another 2 hour after he left and I had to spend my whole day just making calls at AT&T. This is very frustrating and I am afraid to try AT&T again and I am not sure what will my kids do without TV over weekend.

After then I have send you couple e-mail to CEO no response and yet I did not give up as I am AT&T customer from last 15 years, so I called executive office and open up a complaint and [snip] was handling case so he scheduled a Technician to come out on October 18th and Technician came out on October 18th and set up everything and at the end he could not register me as AT&T have set up my account active date as of 11/08 so he said he will restore the service which is TV and Internet and he did. After he left I found out on my Security System is not working and I am trying to reach out Richard from 10/20 and no response so ever. Today person name [snip] (at ext. 41815) told me in very rood manner that she will handle the case and called me back. Every time I called her she yield at me and hang up the phone.

Now [snip] is telling me there were no Technician was scheduled for service and record shows no one came en I have proof of voice mail from Richard conforming Technician appointment so my feeling is AT&T is declining to they do not have to take ownership of my Security System is not working. When corporate id denying appointment last night someone from AT&T called himself manager came to find out what is going on.

Finally I paid to Brink to fix Security system and they provided reason in written that AT&T had disconnected wire from outside, I hope this is sufficient for AT&T to accept that their technician had done the damage.

I hope someone really follow up and take some actions. My account number is [snip].

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Being charged for services never received
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- AT&T was called and asked about installing internet service back in May. I was informed that I was able to receive this service and that someone would be out in 1 week to turn this service on. I had to wait at home from 8am - 5 pm for someone to show up. At 5:30 pm someone showed up and said they hooked up the internet and left. I went to go on the internet but it wouldn't work. I called AT&T and they said that they had until midnight for the service to work and told me to call back. At midnight the service did not work and I had to reschedule for someone to come back out in another week. One week goes by and I wait at home again from 8am - 6pm for someone to come out. A guy comes out and tells me that there is a problem and says that it is late and I will have to reschedule. I call AT&T again and in about another week someone comes out and "fixes" the problem. I try to go on the internet and am not able to. I call AT&T and they say that there was 2 problems but the guy only fixed 1 problem hoping it would work. I had to reschedule for another week and waited yet again at home from 8am-6pm. The guy never shows up! I called AT&T again and reschedule waiting another week and a guy comes out looks around and leaves. I later get a call from AT&T saying that they are unable to provide me with internet service because my distance is too far. The guy says that I won't have to pay anything. Well...I receive a bill in June for $133.80!! I call AT&T on June 29 @ 2:27 pm and get a lady named Christina who says if I don't pay I will go to collections and that they will ruin my credit. I explain to Christina what happened and am told that I have to pay. After threatening her with the BBB she says,"Well if you ask me nicely I can transfer you to customer care who backtracts accounts." I ask nicely and am transferred to Lynda. Lynda tells me that my problem is not her problem and that I have to pay. After arguing with her she finally says, "Well if you ask me to backtract your account I can." I ask her if that is her job and she says yes but she cannot offer a service unless I ask the right question. Well this goes on for a while, me trying to guess the right question and I thought my charges were backtracted and reversed. Well on Aug 30 I receive another bill, and a threatening letter for collections. On 9/14/06 @ 10:13 am I call AT&T and get Edna who refuses to talk to me and says this is not her problem that I did not receive service I still have to pay. I have recently received a letter from collections for AT&T service that was never received but AT&T says that they have my social # and all my info and I have no choice but to pay them even though I never received even one second of service from them or they will destroy my credit!!!!!!!!!!! This company is awful. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with
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rhondam718732 on 09/25/2006:
You know...I feel for you. Direct TV does this also...their cust service reps are alloed to credit but it must be on record that the customer requested it. So I have had reps "steer" me by saying "Well if you are asking for a credit then I can provide it...are you asking for one?" It's silly games
CautiousConsumer on 05/18/2007:
As soon as it goes on your credit, launch an investigation through the credit reporting company. Get a lawyer if you have to.
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AT&T is horrible
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
GLEN ELLEN, CALIFORNIA -- ATT is the most horrible service I have ever had. I was warned against them, but decided I just wanted to reinstall the service that was there from previous owners so I thought it must be easy. After 8 hours on hold on 3 different phone calls and 3 missed appointments ( I was very specific that I had to drive an hour to meet the technicians) I finally got a very nice technician who told me I needed the service that had been previously at the house and not what was ordered. But I had told AT&T I just wanted the internet service that was already there!! The technician tried to change the work order so that he could get the work done, but after a half hour and 3 different transfers, he gave up!!!! What an absolute joke! The people I dealt with were very nice - it is obviously mismanagement by the uppers who do not give the employees what they need to get information from different departments. I despise this company and will cancel my current phone service with them because I don't want to pay them another dime!!!
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AT&T Uverse...Don't even consider getting this JUNK
Posted on
SOUTH CAROLINA -- If the idiots at AT&T would spend just half the time developing and providing a good product as they do trying to swindle the public with lies, deception and second rate equipment, then we would all live a much more tranquil life.

This is a company whose supervisors spend most of the day trying to make their "numbers" look good.(To hell with the customer) Where a Prem-Tech will come into a home on a mission to get out of there.(To hell with the customer).

Where "Customer Service" is completely clueless as how to provide um.. customer service. But have become artistic in the practice of the run-a-round. Just a voice on the phone, not responsible for words or actions.(To hell with the customer).

Well folks welcome to the future. An un-regulated utility in bed with the FCC.
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trmn8r on 08/19/2011:
Is there a specific problem that you had that led you down the road of calling for service, and then having to speak with a supervisor?
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Horrible Customer Service - Do Didn't Go Through With Switch From Time Warner
Posted by on
GAHANNA, OHIO -- We had a young man knock on our door and say AT&T could save us money on our combined phone, cable, internet. After TWO hours of him talking back and forth to a supervisor via phone, we came to an agreement. The appointment was set up with strict instructions to call my husbands cell phone and he would meet them at the house. The day ended with no call and AT home on the machine was a message from AT&T. My husband then spent two additional hours on the phone trying to get the appointment rescheduled and find out why they did not follow directions. The customer service person said they had an outage and was calling to cancel the setup anyway. So they rescheduled for today from 8 to 10. My husband took off work, sat at home and at 11:00 had not heard a word. Starting calling customer service and was told a foreman would call him back. An hour later he received a call that they would come out today and hook up the TV and internet, but couldn't get to the phone. He canceled the service and feels grateful that they never came to our house, because they would have really messed us over.

So we will run and hide if another AT&T person shows up at our door. Good luck to those of you who got stuck already.
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Customer loyalty?
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SOUTHERNO.C., CALIFORNIA -- I have been with AT&T for many years. I haven't had many problems and for the most part loved their services, but not any more. I'm back with Time Warner and plan to stay. They know how to treat a long term customer unlike AT&T who only seem to give the new customer a fair deal. They lost my whole family now and I'm spreading the word.
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Weedwhacked on 04/24/2013:
The fair deal you are referring to was extended to you as a new customer. It's a tool to recruit into their customer base. Unfortunately, it does not extend to already existing customers.
trmn8r on 04/24/2013:
You haven't provided the details needed to know exactly what wrong with ATT, but your complaint implies that you became aware that ATT was offering new customers an incentive that you were hoping to take advantage of as a loyal customer.

If that is true, the fault in the thinking is that incentives designed to attract new customers should be available to current ones. I don't agree - there are many companies I got involved with at a great deal, but those deals can't be given to all the current customers because their profit would become a loss. Companies have to make money to stay in business.
ok4now on 04/25/2013:
Fox Business Report just stated that Sprint lost over 69,000 cell phone customers causing the stock price to go much lower. Gee I wonder why?
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Customer service is Horrible/Dsl not as fast as they claim!
Posted by on
GEORGIA -- I switched to AT&T and it was a big mistake. I Love Comcast but unfortunately I can't get them in the current area that I have moved in. Big bummer!! There customer service sucks they will keep you on hold for 15 minutes without coming back to refresh the call and thank you for holding. They all sound unprofessional and they just seem as though they don't care. As well the internet I have is supposed to be 6.0 and when I run a speed test on a brand new computer its nowhere close. Don't bother if you don't have too!! Good luck to those that do.
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DSL Internet Rebate A Scam
Posted by on
I signed up for DSL Internet service when AT&T promised me a rebate of $125 to switch from Cable internet service. I have called AT&T many times and they continue to tell me "the check is in the mail".

Don't fall for this Scam!
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Anonymous on 06/17/2009:
The check may look like a junk mail postcard. Lots of rebate checks are delivered this way. People toss them out without looking at both sides.
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
I got mine about 4 weeks after I signed up. Check online at (I think this is it) and you can check the status. You have to be with ATT for the full 30 days BEFORE you qualify. After that, it is just a couple weeks til you get it.
ds2009 on 06/19/2009:
You misunderstood my letter. AT&T never intended to give me a rebate. Their reason they gave me---- I am not a phone subscriber with them, so I don't deserve a rebate. That is what they told me when I called back, after talking to about 10 different people at various times and being bounced around and put off by all of them. Many people have been deceived by this scam.
Anonymous on 06/19/2009:
Well, I called in to get the service. If that is one of the stipulations, well, that is the rule. I qualified cause my check is long spent.
ds2009 on 06/19/2009:
If that is the rule, they should tell me that is the rule. There are AT&T ads all over the internet with this offer. No mention of the RULE. You must have already had phone service with them or signed up for it. Here is a tip for you and everyone else...I have Vonage phone service through my computer. It only costs $25.00 a month. Great deal. Have had it for 2 yrs. with no problems.
Anonymous on 06/20/2009:
I only have DSL with AT7T. I use my magic jack for phone service. $20 per YEAR.
ds2009 on 06/20/2009:
Thanks for the info, Lady Scot. Does the Magic jack only give you one phone? Do I have to buy one of those phones with several headsets, but only one jack. Those are expensive, from what I have seen.
Anonymous on 06/20/2009:
DS, Yes you can only use one phone with the jack. I use my regular portable phone. It has one jack, but there are 4 total extensions that run off the one base. :) Bought it at HH Gregg.
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Internet Speed Never Up To Par
Posted on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Although I pay for the highest-speed connection offered by AT&T, I find that it only lasts for a week or two at a time. My internet is always slowing down or screeching to a halt.

After many, many attempts at calling Customer Service, I have learned by now that it just isn't worth it. Even if you feel like waiting an hour and a half on the phone, you'll only be connected to someone who can't, or won't, help you. They always feed you some BS excuse and say that things will be back up to speed shortly. They never are.

Keep in mind, this is not just one bad experience I have had, it is a string of many events over the past year.

If you want a crappy connection and you enjoy being lied to, I recommend AT&T.
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Anonymous on 03/26/2009:
Is this the internet that is offered through AT&T's U-Verse service, or is it DSL? Or are they the same? I never had a problem with AT&T's DSL service, but I've heard nightmares about U-Verse.
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Being Kept On Inferior Internet Services At Higher Prices
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- A few days ago, we dropped AT&T's internet services because the speed had slowed to a crawl. We switched to (much faster and cheaper) Time-Warner cable. When I called AT&T to cancel our telephone and internet services, a chipper little customer service type informed me that "we haven't offered your package of services for a long time" and suggested she could get me faster and cheaper service.

It turns out that I had been paying $59 a month for vastly inferior, slow internet service, and that AT&T had long since been offering -- at $30 and even $25 per month -- faster speeds.

When I suggested that THEY might have taken the initiative to inform ME about these changes, she seemed genuinely puzzled.
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Anonymous on 03/08/2009:
No ISP offers better deals until the contract is up for renewal. I've gotten a great deal on my FIOS service by simply asking.
Nohandle on 03/08/2009:
Passingby, I've heard the same thing from aquaintances. They found a better service at a cheaper price and when they called to cancel the old service were offered all sorts of deals to continue. I suppose it would be good to have an alternate plan in mind before cancelling. My luck would be, no problem... we'll cut you off immediately.
Ponie on 03/08/2009:
I agree with PB. That's what I did.
Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
If you own a business and change your plans are you going to notify your higher paying customers and inform them they can pay less? Be realistic. You have to check on these things yourself. How many customers do you think they have? I call AT&T every 6-9 months to see if they have any adjusted packages or specials. They ain't going to inform you of it unless you ask.
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