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Difficult Equipment Return
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I ordered high speed internet from AT&T U-Verse at the end of November 2010 after having some difficulties with Time Warner cable internet. After my problems were resolved I canceled the installation of AT&T internet 1 business day after setting it up. Within 2 days of cancellation, I received the hardware for installation which cost over $100.00 and which I was told I would receive a $75.00 credit for. I mailed the hardware back to AT&T via their enclosed return labels. These labels were EXTREMELY uninformative as to the carrier and I saw no tracking data. I dropped the package off at my local post office to an agent and they could also not tell it was not for them.

I received a bill for 105.10 in January and called U-Verse billing support and was told they had not received the return and I would be held responsible for it if they did not receive it. I was also told that they deal exclusively with UPS for shipping - this was NOT CLEAR on the label. I have seen other reviews saying that even with the tracking info, people are still being held responsible for the amount of the hardware returned to AT&T. These practices seem like a very good way for AT&T to make a bit of extra revenue off their customers who cancel, AT&T should be aware that they are alienating their customers as well.

BEWARE of subscribing to this service which requires you to purchase hardware. It seems to me that AT&T is getting tricky with returns. Based on the shipping labels I received, I don't really think they wanted the equipment returned to them. It seems they would rather have their customer on the hook for the amount of the "returned" hardware than actually getting it back.

AT&T Uverse... Stay Away!
By -

AT&T U-VERSE IS AWFUL! After a long and satisfying relationship with Dish Network I bought into all the slick paper advertising with AT&T U-VERSE. After a year and a half I'd have to say this has been the WORST experience I have ever had as a consumer. Their equipment is cheap crap that is constantly breaking down. Their so-called "customer service" is also a joke.

When you call in you spend a ridiculous amount of time in their automated system (IRS is actually much better!) entering data that they immediately ask you for AGAIN when you FINALLY get a real person, that is assuming you actually get the RIGHT person (Once when I complained about the way they were burning up my peak-minutes on my cell phone they actually tried to sell me AT&T wireless! What a joke!). And then you don't get straight answers when you do get a live person (Which often their tech support sounds very foreign outsourcing American jobs maybe?).

There was on instance where I called to cancel the service in the guest room (gave them the receiver number and all) and they nuked ALL my boxes but the main one then even though it was their mistake, they made me wait two weeks for a repair technician to come out and get them back up and running. For some reason they could deactivate these boxes from their headquarters but had to be onsite to turn them back on TWICE (during the MANY times). I have taken off work to let their repair technicians in (after a delayed wait of days for an appointment). Nobody showed, called or anything!

Even though they screwed up (again) they put you back in the hopper to wait for repair AGAIN in hopes that maybe when you take off work to meet them again they might actual show up. GOOD LUCK! I'm going back to Dish Network and have actually found their prices are lower and their service is MUCH more reliable. If I had to use one word to describe doing business with AT&T U-Verse, HIDEOUS! DON'T BUY INTO THEIR SLICK PAPER ADVERTISING!!!

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Rating: 1/51

HARTFORD CITY, INDIANA -- In June, 2011, when we were planning our move from Alexandria, Indiana, to Mooresville, Indiana, I contacted AT&T to transfer our phone and Internet services (account **). After going through the whole process and documenting everything, we moved. Then to our dismay, AT&T started charging us for breaking a contract and starting new service. After several months of trying to resolve this with AT&T, I resorted to posting the problem on Internet sites for complaints. That finally got quick results. **, AT&T customer relations appeals and escalation team, contacted me and corrected the problem.

Now, when we just moved again from Mooresville to Hartford City, Indiana, the same old problem arose. We would have once again transferred our AT&T phone and Internet services when we moved to Hartford City; but we are living in housing provided by our employer, which includes AT&T phone and Internet. AT&T is once again charging me $150.00 for breaking a contract, although the contract from Alexandria had expired. The strange thing is that they just paid me a check for $117.97 to finally pay me up for the overcharges of last year!

I have twice called **, ID ** and phone **, on April 16 and again on April 27, leaving detailed messages each time. I have provided her the case number from last year, ** to reference. I have not received any response thus far, thus I am posting the same continuing problem on this Internet compliant site. It seems that is the ONLY way to get a response from the giant, impersonal AT&T corporation. If they would just treat their customers fairly and respond to them, this would not be necessary. The only response I've received is from a collection agency that AT&T has turned the case over to!

Equipment Return Ripoff
By -

ROCKWALL, TEXAS -- My U-Verse saga includes a 14 month history of trying to return equipment when I cancelled my U-Verse TV services. Since Oct. 07 I've called and written twice a month to get my return boxes from U-Verse! It is now Jan '09, and I'm not able to return two pieces of equipment that AT&T says is worth $167. I finally received one box with "permission" to return the Internet gateway equipment, but U-Verse is not providing me boxes for the two TV boxes.

By the letter of their own contract they are to provide boxes and return labels and they will not accept the equipment any other way. First they said they sent boxes to the wrong address (yet they never miss a statement to that same address!). Then they said the 2007 holiday season interrupted shipping. Then they said they couldn't explain the delays.

Then they charged me over $360 for unreturned equip. In Nov. 08 I rec'd one box, but haven't rec'd the other two. Is there a statute of limitation for AT&T compliance of their own contract? My balance due is $167 which was sent to a collection agency. Several times they claim they sent boxes, but they refuse to provide me evidence such as tracking numbers verifying shipments.

Horrible Customer Service - Do Didn't Go Through With Switch From Time Warner
By -

GAHANNA, OHIO -- We had a young man knock on our door and say AT&T could save us money on our combined phone, cable, internet. After TWO hours of him talking back and forth to a supervisor via phone, we came to an agreement. The appointment was set up with strict instructions to call my husband's cell phone and he would meet them at the house. The day ended with no call and AT home on the machine was a message from AT&T.

My husband then spent two additional hours on the phone trying to get the appointment rescheduled and find out why they did not follow directions. The customer service person said they had an outage and was calling to cancel the setup anyway. So they rescheduled for today from 8 to 10. My husband took off work, sat at home and at 11:00 had not heard a word. Starting calling customer service and was told a foreman would call him back.

An hour later he received a call that they would come out today and hook up the TV and internet, but couldn't get to the phone. He canceled the service and feels grateful that they never came to our house, because they would have really messed us over. So we will run and hide if another AT&T person shows up at our door. Good luck to those of you who got stuck already.

Was ripped off
By -

SPRINGFIELD, OHIO -- I ordered the AT&T advertised package I saw on TV for unlimited phone, satellite dish and DSL for a good deal. First satellite was put in then I got a call from someone in the company telling me I couldn't get the DSL where I live. I called the company back and the rep said there was no way they could tell until the phone was hooked up [which would be the next day]. Well guess what, I couldn't get DSL. They could not offer another package deal to me so I had to keep my cable company package which was about 20 more a month. I had to give my credit card number for the discount [total of 100 dollars] which I was to get a rebate for.

But guess what, there was no refund and my account was charged. AT&T paid for the disconnect fee but would not refund the 100 dollars on my credit card. Could not get rebate because I had to cancel the package. I saw satellite TV for one week for a hundred dollars. When I tried to file a dispute [on my AT&T credit card] they never responded and never took off a penny. All they had to do was wait until the phone was installed, then tell me I couldn't get DSL then cancel the package. I'll be cancelling my AT&T credit card shortly. Not only did I go through all this trouble, I had to speak very nicely or they would not help me, VERY POOR SERVICE.

AT&T Uverse...Don't even consider getting this JUNK
By -

SOUTH CAROLINA -- If the idiots at AT&T would spend just half the time developing and providing a good product as they do trying to swindle the public with lies, deception and second rate equipment, then we would all live a much more tranquil life. This is a company whose supervisors spend most of the day trying to make their "numbers" look good. (To hell with the customer). Where a Prem-Tech will come into a home on a mission to get out of there. (To hell with the customer).

Where "Customer Service" is completely clueless as how to provide uhm... customer service. But have become artistic in the practice of the run-a-round. Just a voice on the phone, not responsible for words or actions. (To hell with the customer). Well folks welcome to the future. An un-regulated utility in bed with the FCC.

Customer service is Horrible/Dsl not as fast as they claim!
By -

GEORGIA -- I switched to AT&T and it was a big mistake. I Love Comcast but unfortunately I can't get them in the current area that I have moved in. Big bummer!! Their customer service sucks. They will keep you on hold for 15 minutes without coming back to refresh the call and thank you for holding. They all sound unprofessional and they just seem as though they don't care. As well the internet I have is supposed to be 6.0 and when I run a speed test on a brand new computer it's nowhere close. Don't bother if you don't have to!! Good luck to those that do.

Internet Speed Never Up To Par

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Although I pay for the highest-speed connection offered by AT&T, I find that it only lasts for a week or two at a time. My internet is always slowing down or screeching to a halt. After many, many attempts at calling Customer Service, I have learned by now that it just isn't worth it. Even if you feel like waiting an hour and a half on the phone, you'll only be connected to someone who can't, or won't, help you. They always feed you some BS excuse and say that things will be back up to speed shortly. They never are. Keep in mind, this is not just one bad experience I have had, it is a string of many events over the past year. If you want a crappy connection and you enjoy being lied to, I recommend AT&T.

Being Kept On Inferior Internet Services At Higher Prices
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- A few days ago, we dropped AT&T's internet services because the speed had slowed to a crawl. We switched to (much faster and cheaper) Time-Warner cable. When I called AT&T to cancel our telephone and internet services, a chipper little customer service type informed me that "we haven't offered your package of services for a long time" and suggested she could get me faster and cheaper service.

It turns out that I had been paying $59 a month for vastly inferior, slow internet service, and that AT&T had long since been offering -- at $30 and even $25 per month -- faster speeds. When I suggested that THEY might have taken the initiative to inform ME about these changes, she seemed genuinely puzzled.

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