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Auto Europa
Posted by Housla on 06/30/2008
PORTLAND, MAINE -- In April 2008, I rented a car in Milan from Auto Europa thru Kemwel, Portland, Maine, USA.

I paid for the full insurance coverage with ZERO deductible. Two days before I returned the car the front door lock could not operate by remote. The return rental desk person said some one had tried to open the door and it was an act of vandalism. A month later my credit card was charged $750 for the repair of a lock. Since it was rented thru Kemwel in the US I called their customer department. Their representative told me that full insurance coverage does not include any damage to the car due to theft unless the car is stolen and not found or damage due to an accident. Any damage to the car due to theft or an attempt of theft is not covered, IT IS ONLY FOR TOTAL LOSS! BEWARE, ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. Their full comprehensive insurance is very misleading. I learned the hard way. Don't be fooled by Auto Europa and Kemwel.

I will be grateful if some one who has similar experience can advise me on on how I can recover Auto Europa charge to my credit card.

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Posted by Massillon on 2009-01-05:
Have an ongoing similar situation with Auto Europe in Catania, Sicily. The rental agency in Sicily charged my MasterCard with $472 for damages to the vehicle which we did not do. I disputed the charge on my card but just received notice from Sears MasterCard that they determined my claim was not proven. In the same mailing I got a form from Sears Security Services requesting information so that they can prove fraud. Haven't heard back from my call to MasterCard yet but will cancel it as soon as this ends. Auto Europa claims they can't do anything about it since I've disputed the charges. I'll never rent another car from them.
Posted by H Clay on 2009-01-27:
I had a similar case at the beginning of November, 2008 at the Palermo airport. We had to leave our car without inspection as we had a 7 AM flight. I have received to master card charges for $100+ and $200+ to repair the car. We left the car in better condition than we found it-cleaner. My wife and I have never had a ding in a rental in over 30 years of traveling. This appears to be fraud on the part of the AutoEurope/Europcar staff in Palermo.
Posted by darkman.lv on 2010-11-09:
I have the same problem. I was in Milan in October 2010. I got a car from Auto Europa silicy by car company. It was Nissan Micra 1.2. 7 days car havent got any damages and problems. We was in many cities in Italy, about 2000 km was done for 1 week. After we gave car back (i gave keys in office to a man, he said nothing needed more, we dont checked car, it was 2 hours on parking when we waited for office opening) and when we arrive to out home country i checked internet bank and saw that there were charged 860 EUR more (first 1200 eur charging was still there, not unblocked). I called to Auto Europe and they said that car was damaged and this 860 EUR deposit is for repairing. After 2 weeks they unblocked money but not all, minus 380 eur for mirror repair.

Also i find real prices for repair. They prices are fake. Mirror cost is only 80 eur in Italy not 180 Eur like they send me some fake papers. You can see them in attachment.

So i recommend to all people, if you get car in this company you need full insurance + photo car when you gave it back + check car with office man so they can`t charge you more and damage car after you gave it back like it was with my car.

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Beware of Auto Europe
Posted by Zap on 05/19/2006
NY, NEW YORK -- I rented a car in Ireland through Auto Europe based in NY. At the Dublin Airport I declined additional insurance coverage. The clerk told me to initial the decision to decline (as in the US). When I got back home, I found almost $250 worth of insurance fees. The company told me they couldn't do anything about it. To add insult to injury, the car we had for two weeks looked like it had been crushed between a wall and a truck on a narrow country road.
Beware of Auto Europe!
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Posted by RobDFW on 2006-05-19:
Auto Europe is less of a car rental company (like Hertz) and more of a travel agency specializing in rental cars. While you book and pay Auto Europe, your car is actually provided by a proper car rental company. They have great negotiated rates with all the major car rental companies, and only sell to people outside of the rental location - i.e. someone in Ireland could not rent a car in Ireland from Auto Europe. While AE does offer prepaid "inclusive" insurance rates, it sounds like your complaint should really be with whatever car rental company you actually got the car from. Check your bill (or remember the name on the sign at the airport where you got the car) and contact them directly.
Posted by NAGY on 2006-07-22:
Auto Europe is a broker, not a car-rental agency. I have used them successfully for years. We have had a couple of mishaps, one in Budapest, one in Ireland, and they were handled quite fairly. This person doesn't even know who rented her the car!
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Auto Europe Stole Our Money!!
Posted by Watersth on 08/02/2012
BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, MICHIGAN -- AUTO EUROPE STOLE OUR MONEY! We reserved a car through their website and this was the only email we ever received....

Thank you for your internet request. Please note that your car is not yet confirmed. As your reservation is considered last minute, we need to verify availability with our supplier. We will notify you once the reservation is confirmed. If our supplier cannot confirm your request, we will look into all other available options and contact you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you! We are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for your convenience.

Best regards,
Internet Reservations
Auto Europe

They never provided us a car and THEY CHARGED US ANYWAY !!! Their customer service told us "you are not getting your money back, I am doing more that I should by even telling you this much." They are liars and thieves!
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Posted by bob932304 on 2012-08-02:
Of course dispute this with your credit card company immediately.
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Total Ripoff
Posted by Cmayer46 on 02/28/2012
PORTLAND, MAINE -- ~I went online to rent a car.

~I wrote down four quotes from Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, and Dollar. All of these quotes were within $75 of each other.

~I 'discovered' Auto Europe online.

~I explored its rates and found them to be significantly less than all of the others.

~I began the process of completing a rental (charge card to be charged upon finishing...unlike the others). I went to the final step to see if any 'hidden' fees appeared. They did not.

~At the very last step, before completing the process, I called the number I found online (see above) from my home telephone, which is 1-802-436-2838

~I asked the agent why Auto Europe's cost was so much less than the others. It had raised a red flag for me. I was told that by renting through AE I avoided paying several of the "fees and miscellaneous charges" because AE's contract with the auto renters specifically excluded those fees and charges. I asked for further clarification on this matter as it seemed strange to me that if this was true, I had not heard of AE previous to this occasion. I was assured that I had nothing to worry about, and that I would in fact be paying the significantly lower total amount. The agent then added something to the effect of, "If this does not prove to be true, call me back and we'll make it right." He then went on to give me his name and extension.

~I competed the rental online.

~My charge card was charged the agreed upon rate 48 hours later.

~Upon renting at the airport I was charged an additional $161.07 by Hertz, the actual Car Rental company. The agent at their desk put in considerable time and effort to try to 'solve' the issues I raised, but in the end could not find a way to avoid making the charges. She advised me to call Auto Europe after the trip.

~I called Auto Europe Customer Service this morning. I was told to try to dig up the name and number of the agent I'd contacted originally. I did. I sent it and a long explanation to them via email.

~ After a Class A Runaround, I was offered a $25 discount off my next rental with them. If I had not been so angry, I'd have laughed out loud.


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Hidden charges with AutoEurope and Dollar
Posted by Vanlopez on 09/30/2009
Never rent with autoeurope in your life ..
I paid the voucher to rent a car with AutoEurope. The, I pick up the car at Dollar Los Angeles.
They took my credit card, according to them, to place a hold on it, in case we do not return the car. Then, they try to convince you to upgrade your car and rent a GPS. We decline everything.
When we returned the car and came back home, I noticed we have been charge twice for the same rental car. Once from Auto Europe and once from Dollar. I contact auto europe and Dollar to solve the misunderstanding.

To my surprise, auto europe reply a couple of weeks later saying that Dollar has billed as for the following:
$55.92 USD -- Personal protection plan
$47.92 USD -- Roadsafe
$36.77 USD -- Prepaid fuel
$9.78 USD -- State tax billed on above items
$15.62 USD -- Airport surcharge billed on above items
$1.19 USD -- Tourism surcharge billed on above items

We already had an insurace with auto europe and we never agree or talk about any other insurance with Dollar. As far as I understood, everything, including the fuel, was already paid with the Auto Europe voucher. No extra charges are mentioned anywhere.

Auto Eruope fail to take any responsibility for the service they provide, or at
least, clearly inform the customer of extra expensive charges, like taxes. As a
reservation company, they do not protect the customer and they deal with
dishonest companies like Dollar, and agree to support this kind of frauds .

I just regret I did not have a look at the forums before to check the reviews from Dollar and AutoEurope, as I now see there are much worse cases that mine. There was not any misunderstanding, this is an scam, even if legal. And it is not fair, that the customer does not know in advance how much he is going to have to pay for what it should be a straight forward car rental. It is pathetic how little protected the customer is in this kind of situations.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-30:
What did it say in your contract regarding these charges?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-30:
One of those billings was probably an authorization that should reverse itself in a few days. Most rental places, even gas stations, charge your card an authorization to verify the card is active, and has enough credit for the purchase. Once the actual charge is submitted for payment, the auth hold falls off.
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Abusive and unprofessional!
Posted by Tudor.popescu94 on 10/11/2011
Booked a car through them for 5 days, to use in Spain. There was no mention about any particular fuel policy during the booking process, so one could well assume that this would be the standard "pick up full, return full" policy. Only after I'd paid and received the voucher, I noticed that the fuel policy was an abusive one: you had to buy a full tank of petrol (overpriced even, at almost double the average price per litre!), with no refunds given for any unused petrol at the end of the booking.

I should have seen something like this coming judging by the way the booking went - site broke down and could not handle online bookings, so had to book over the phone, on an international call, with a slow and untrained operator.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-12:
I took a look at their websites and didn't see them mentioning anything about buying their petrol at their rates when you rented the car. Certainly deceptive. Thank you for the information!
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-10-12:
no but a policy like that WOULD be on your rental agreement
Posted by Mallorca Orka on 2013-07-02:
In your complaint you said "so one could well assume that this would be the standard "pick up full, return full" policy.". . . Is it ever safe to assume anything when traveling abroad? I go to Spain 6 times a year using Auto Europe and every phone agent I have spoke with has been extremely helpful.

If you are a regular booker for Spain and/or Portugal (as I am) one should know that almost ALL local suppliers have a FULL to EMPTY policy.

Not to mention you booked this over the phone and didnt ask? That dosnt make much sense does it?
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The truth will set you free...
Posted by The_truth_about_travel_brokers on 02/02/2010
I am an Auto Europe employee. No one from Auto Europe asked me to write this or knows who I am. I am not going to tell you how great Auto Europe is-I just want to give you a better understanding of all travel brokers so that you can avoid bad experiences. Auto Europe is the oldest and largest car hire broker in the world. That is a fact. Before Auto Europe, consumers had no real advocate in the car rental industry. You could go to a rental counter anywhere in the world and get ripped off by any employee or undisclosed fee and no one would come to your aid. Travel brokers, like Auto Europe and others, negotiate prices, fees, terms of service, and quality of service and then post them on the web for you to compare and out-do the car rental agencies themselves and penalize them for bad service, if necessary.

There are limits. No travel broker can control the experience that you get at the desk! However, travel brokers can act as a liason between you and the rental counter like a big brother protecting you from the bully in the school yard. I have had to do this many times and I would do it for you, if you needed me to.
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Unable to Actually Rent a Car
Posted by Hardraada on 08/06/2013
PORTLAND, MAINE -- Before traveling to Bulgaria, I called to ensure that I could rent a car and then take it to other countries. I was given a list of countries to which I could travel. I asked how close to the trip I could call back and they said that it was just a matter of availability.

So I called back to book two rentals on a Friday - one for the next day and one for the following Tuesday. At this point I was told that it took five days to get the paperwork in order to travel out of Bulgaria. Ok, the next day trip was out, but what could we do about the second trip? They booked it for the following Wednesday - that being five days out. On Monday, I was informed that it was denied because it was not five business days out.

I fully understand some of this is on me, but part of calling a broker is to use their expertise, and knowing my plans to travel outside of Bulgaria, it seems they could have notified me up front regarding the waiting period.

As for booking it out 5 days only to tell me that it is 5 business days, come on! Know your own rules. I could have rented something locally for the portion of the trip in country, returned, taken their rental and gone. It would have sufficed, but now I am simply faced with not enough time to get there and back.

I am thoroughly frustrated by their lack of knowledge of their own product, but I should acknowledge that everyone I spoke with was courteous.

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Last Minute Incompetent Billing
Posted by Dlozada on 07/31/2013
Beware! These guys will rip you off. They have incompetent billing practices. Their website will quote one price and then one week before you leave on vacation they will contact you with additional fees. By this time it is too late to find anything else so you eat the extra cost. I booked a vacation to Turkey and two days before the trip they contacted me saying that it would be an additional 250 euros for additional car drop off fees. Couldn’t find anything else on such short term notice and had to pay. I came back from vacation and went to a dinner party and met a couple who were going to Croatia the following week and they told me the same story about booking through Auto Europe. An agent had contacted them the week before saying that there were additional fees. The couple tried to book something else but everything was already sold out. Beware!
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Read the Fine Print - No Refunds
Posted by Elainewmoses on 06/03/2013
I paid to rent a car for a week through Auto Europe for use in Dublin Ireland. I picked the car up from Hertz. The coupon said that I was guaranteed an upgrade. Hertz said they did not have to honor that. Then I tried driving and just couldn't drive on the left side of the street. I returned the car the same day. Hertz said that I would have to work with Auto Europe to get a refund. I called Auto Europe and they said that on page 3 of the terms and conditions it states that no refund would be issued.

I will NEVER use this service again.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-04:
No offense intended, but it wasn't Auto Europe's fault you were comfortable driving on the left side of the road. I imagine this situation is like when you buy a non-refundable airline ticket
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