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Read the Fine Print - No Refunds
Posted by Elainewmoses on 06/03/2013
I paid to rent a car for a week through Auto Europe for use in Dublin Ireland. I picked the car up from Hertz. The coupon said that I was guaranteed an upgrade. Hertz said they did not have to honor that. Then I tried driving and just couldn't drive on the left side of the street. I returned the car the same day. Hertz said that I would have to work with Auto Europe to get a refund. I called Auto Europe and they said that on page 3 of the terms and conditions it states that no refund would be issued.

I will NEVER use this service again.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-04:
No offense intended, but it wasn't Auto Europe's fault you were comfortable driving on the left side of the road. I imagine this situation is like when you buy a non-refundable airline ticket
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Auto Europa Scam
Posted by Cdeangelis3 on 12/23/2012
ROME - LEONARDO DI VINCI AIRPORT -- When traveling to Rome Italy recently my sister and I had a very bad experience with Auto Europa at the Leonardo di Vinci Airport. The reservations were booked through Expedia and under Thrifty Car Rental.

Upon checking in we were told that the reservations were with Auto Europa which is affiliated with Thrifty. We were told to proceed to the garage to pick up the vehicle. We went to the service booth to check in and were told the car was parked in a certain location and they were rude and did not retrieve the car for us. No one inspected the car with us and signed off on it for any prior damages.

Upon leaving, I noticed the indicator light on the SUV was on for the back latch door not being closed. I remember I had to slam it several times before it would lock. It was over cast and dark in the garage, and the car was black. We noticed when we got to our destination the next day that there was a dent where the back door latch was located and that was why we had trouble closing it.

Upon leaving the same airport that we originated from, again, no service agent and we used the drop box and indicated the problem with the back latch door on the SUV we rented. When my sister received the bill from American Express there were several additional charges unauthorized on her credit card from Auto Europa amounting to $3000. She was not contacted by Auto Europa about the addition charges. She is in dispute with the credit card company and the charges were reduced to $1000, which still is not the original agreed upon charges. I think this company is a scam artist and I would not recommend using this company to any one in the future.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-24:
A lesson well learned. One should always inspect the vehicle before leaving. If you are not able, the person running the counter should sign a waiver that you are not responsible for anything that may turn out to be a problem in the future.

I normally photograph the entire vehicle before leaving. No reason not to with everyone walking around with some sort of photographic device these days.

Thanks for posting.
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Car Renters Beware Auto Europe
Posted by Mary.mailman on 07/26/2012
PORTLAND, MAINE -- I rented a car for 9 days in July 2012 from Auto Europe and the Rental Company was BUDGET. Upon arriving at Shannon Airport I asked if I could upgrade to an automatic. The original voucher of $302.99 included insurance was paid in full to Auto Europe. The upgrade to an automatic came to $1102.64. I’m sorry I assumed they would take the $302.99 off that price for a balance of $799.65. However not only did they not take off the $302.99 they ADDED it on for a total price of $1405.63 charged to my credit card. Also BEWARE the car they gave me was a 2008 Corolla with damage to rim, several dents and scratches which luckily I had noted on paperwork.

I spoke with a couple of people from Auto Europe one felt they charged me for both agreements. However Customer Service said because I upgraded I owe both the $302.99 and the $1102.64 for a total of $1405.63. She said although they are affiliated Auto Europe BUDGET in Ireland can charge whatever they want and disregard the original voucher of $302.99.

Live & Learn and BEWARE of Auto Europe BUDGET.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-26:
Yep, good information to know. Automatics are rare in Europe, the reverse of here in the US. My memory is there can be a hefty premium to rent one.

I've rented a car twice abroad. The best advice I could give is to make sure to do your research before booking.

I don't think they penalized you by tacking $303 onto your bill. You just didn't get this $303 voucher applied, so you had to pay the entire bill which came to $1406. What was the voucher for? Did you pay for it before travelling? The crux of the matter is why it was not accepted - especially if you paid for it and assumed it was a credit to your eventual bill.
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Terrible service and without a car
Posted by Justinacton on 06/27/2012
WASHINGTON -- Well- think twice about this company. They took my order, claimed it could be cancelled or modified as long as there was a 72 hour notice. My flight was changed to a later hour in the day, and I would not be able to pick the car up on the original date. I called and requested to pick it up the following day. The customer representative to me it was not a problem. I asked if I could have a credit for the unused day, they told me to just change the pick up date because the costs went up for the other days I was going to keep it. That seemed fair.

Then I went to pick it up on the new date. Guess what, Auto Europe did not change my reservation. The car company rented the car as they thought I was a no-show. There were no other cars available at any class. But then I remembered, no worries, customer service will help me, right? HELL NO. Called, they were closed (American Company which does not stay open to help during Europe business hours when the car companies are open). I called the number to make a reservation and explained myself. The guy told me there was no mention of my change in the system, there was nothing I could do to until business hours. He suggested I call customer service when I got back. Seriously? Stuck in a country with no car, and they charged me. RIP-OFF. Thank god Visa will credit me back.

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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-29:
Very smart of you to use your Visa card so that they could retrieve your money. I've seen other poor reviews that would make me choose another company rather than Auto Europe. Thank you for the warning!
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Thank you
Posted by Rui44 on 09/30/2011
I have been using Auto Europe for a number of years now, for hires on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have had nothing but excellent service. Not once have I had a complaint or issue with any of my bookings.

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Rip off website and they don't care once they have your money!
Posted by SavannahMoon on 07/12/2011
PORTLAND, MASSACHUSETTS -- DO NOT BOOK!!!! They would not honor the booking and would not refund when we showed up and the car agency ran out of cars!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I have been talking to customer service for two months now and they refuse to help. They give me the runaround and are really smug about it on the phone. I never knew they had so many complaints until I got burned by them and goggled Auto Europe online.

We paid for a car rental in full via credit card on their website. We went to pick up the car at exact location specified. When we got there, the car agency had given our car away because they said it was 3 hours after the reservation time. This is undisputed by Auto Europe. They were unable to give us another car. We have a copy of all the terms and conditions and voucher. Nowhere does it state that if you are late by 3 hours, they can charge you 100% and not give you a car. Sometimes planes are late and they never called even though they had our phone number. We had to rent another car at or own expense from Hertz. We also spoke to the manager at EuropeCar at the airport and they said they have spoken to Auto Europe on our behalf and is not charging Auto Europe for the non rental. They apologized to us for the mistake but Auto Europe is still refusing to refund our money. We were left stranded with no car. We are out of the money as well. There are no written terms and conditions that would allow for them to not provide us with a car. They are going against a written contract. We showed up and found out they gave away our car after 3 hours because Auto Europe works with agencies that all have different rules but can't state them clearly on their website. Most and I think all car rental companies hold a car for you for at least 24 hours if you pre-paid for a car. This is want EuropCar and Hertz told us. This is against all terms and conditions on Auto Europe website and on our contract. In fact, if you go to their website, it does not say anywhere that if you are late by 3 hours, they can cancel your reservation and charge you 100%. But that is what they did. I still can't believe it and everyone at Auto Europe gives us the run around. I really think they don't care at all.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-14:
Did you challenge this with your credit card company? You might want to do that, though it may be too late to now.
Posted by Mallorca Orka on 2013-07-02:
Why did you make a booking for a certain time and show up 3 hours later? Was your flight information on the booking? Did you call to let them know you would be late? I am just curious why you would make a contract for example 12 and show up at 1500?
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Ripped off by Auto Europe
Posted by S-dj on 06/29/2011
PORTLAND, MAINE -- In July 2010 I rented a car from Auto Europe (National Car Rental), on a vacation trip to Scotland. When I returned the auto to the Edinburgh airport, I had problems with Auto Europe. First the representative claimed that the car had been damaged; after a lengthy debate the decision was "no damage."
After I returned home to the United States I was shocked to learn that I had been charged for an extra day by Auto Europe. The car had been returned on-time, evidenced by the receipt provided to me by AE, and the company did not advise me that the return was late. I attempted to resolve the dispute with Auto Europe, but the company was unresponsive. After several months the credit card provider (not AE) refunded the disputed balance.
I got ripped-off by Auto Europe and any prospective customer should be aware of the treatment I received. AE was unethical and the customer service was lousy.

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Read The Fine Print
Posted by Jctga on 06/16/2011
When they tell you the price includes full insurance coverage, it does NOT. Add almost 15 euros per day for full insurance coverage. Not a good deal once you add the extra cost. There was no one in the garage to turn the car back in to. Customer service is one person at a desk inside the terminal.

I won't rent from them again.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-17:
Thank you for the helpful information.
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Car Hire from Auto Europe
Posted by Spencer.joseph.uk on 01/27/2011
I'm happy with Auto Europe client service and support. Also the price was the cheapest :)
I've made the reservation to malaga for 7 days and I've paid 7£ per day!!

Joseph Spencer
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AutoEuropa/Sicily By Car
Posted by Cdfhome on 11/11/2010
Having dropped off the car on return in Bologna, my deposit for any damages etc, was fully refunded and Sicily By Car/AutoEuropa signed off on the car. In the agents words "tutti a posto" or "Everything is fine".

4 weeks later, after my return to Australia, I see this charge of over 300 dollars from Auto Europa on my credit card.
The reason? "Damage to interior - not covered by your comprehensive insurance cover".
What a scam!!! There was no accompanying documentation, no photos of the so-called "damage". Thats because there was no damage and this company is simply trying to extort 300 dollars from me.

Any prospective clients beware!
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Posted by darkman.lv on 2010-11-12:
I have the same problem. I was in Milan in October 2010. I got a car from Auto Europa Silicy by car company. It was Nissan Micra 1.2. 7 days car havent got any damages and problems. We was in many cities in Italy, about 2000 km was done for 1 week. After we gave car back (i gave keys in office to a man, he said nothing needed more, we dont checked car, it was 2 hours on parking when we waited for office opening) and when we arrive to out home country i checked internet bank and saw that there were charged 860 EUR more (first 1200 eur charging was still there, not unblocked). I called to Auto Europe and they said that car was damaged and this 860 EUR deposit is for repairing. After 2 weeks they unblocked money but not all, minus 380 eur for mirror repair.

Also i find real prices for repair. They prices are fake. Mirror cost is only 80 eur in Italy not 180 Eur like they send me some fake papers. You can see them in attachment.

So i recommend to all people, if you get car in this company you need full insurance + photo car when you gave it back + check car with office man so they can`t charge you more and damage car after you gave it back like it was with my car.


Posted by clinton on 2011-05-22:
Note that it was Auto Europa and NOT Auto Europe. These are two entirely different companies
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