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Badcock Furniture
P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, FL 33860
1-800-223-2625 (ph)
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Awful Customer Service/poor Quality Furniture/ Shady Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- I purchased a bedroom set (4 pieces) from BADcock Home Furniture. The sales agent gave me a delivery time window of 10 AM - 2 PM. I was also advised that I would receive a call at least 10 to 15 minutes before my delivery. I finally called at 2:15 PM after not receiving the furniture. The female that answered the phone advised me she didn't have anything to do with the time and that I should speak with "my" sales agent. When "my" sales agent picked up the line, she advised me that my delivery time window was from 2 PM to 6 PM. She placed me on a long hold.

When she came back she assured me that they would be on their way after packing up their current delivery. I left work early so I could be there when they arrived. Three hours later there was a knock at my door. There was no phone call like I was advised I would receive. The delivery men carried my furniture up stairs to the bedroom. Once the furniture is in the room, one of them asked "Did the sales representative call you about your dresser?" He proceeds to tell me that the dresser was damaged coming from the warehouse. He said that she was supposed to call me to set up a time to deliver my replacement dresser. Of course no one called me.

He pointed out the damage for me to see. I called immediately to advise of the damage and was told I would get a call back. This time I did receive a call back 5 minutes before the store closed. The same sales agent asked me what did I want her to do when I advised her of the damage. Really??? I want the replacement. She then stated she would call me back the next day because she couldn't find my paperwork. Once I was off the phone, I checked the bed. GUESS WHAT, the bed was broken too!!!

Why would any business deliver a product to a customer that they knew was broken, defective or damage when they received it??? I didn't purchase any scratch/dent furniture or as-is furniture so why would it be delivered that way.

Badcock Will Not Take Any Responsibility
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Rating: 1/51

CONYERS, GEORGIA -- I bought a North Shore living room furniture set in November 2012 (couch, chair with ottoman and an accent chair) in GA. I asked that the furniture be left in the plastic to protect it because I was moving to TN. In Sept 2014. I noticed something was on the cloth of chair. I cleaned it immediately to keep it from staining. In Oct 2014, I turned cushion over to maintain the fullness of cushion. There was a big #55 & a #2 in blue on the cloth. With help of my family, we figured out someone wrote those numbers on the cushion with a black marker.

When I cleaned the cloth and left it damp to dry, the marker on cushion bled through onto the chair's cloth. We saw other numbers with a word stamped in black on side of cushion 452fusion 8/17. I called customer service in Fl, and I told them I needed to speak to a supervisor when I was told my warranty was up. The supervisor was no help either. The supervisor said that I had no protection plan, and my warranty was over. Also, I was told it wasn't their fault. It was the manufacturer's fault, and the product was no longer made.

I told the supervisor that I saw the accent chair still on their website. I was told that they had a few more left in stock, but they couldn't take the cushion off a chair and give it to me or a different cloth cover. I told the supervisor that even though the company hadn't manufactured the product; it was sold by Badcock so they should be responsible. Of course, supposedly, I am the only person who has had this problem. I have bought Badcock products at different times over the last 20 years.

This will be my last time, and I hope anyone that reads this review will take my advice. Please pass it along to others too; DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BADCOCK FURNITURE STORES. I had trouble sending pictures. I'm not sure what this is. I will try again to send correct ones.

I worked as a Manager in Training for Badcock
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Rating: 1/51

MULBERRY, FLORIDA -- I worked as an MIT for Badcock & More Corporate for a little over 2 months. Their sales practices are misleading and they also make their managers do Unethical and Illegal things too. Sales associates are trained to sell warranties to customers on everything they buy, even though there is a manufacturer's warranty on everything.

The Sales Associates are told to offer the warranties to the customer and to tell them that their payments on the financing will not go up. They are never to tell the customer that the warranty cost will be added to their financing and cause the duration to be longer. Basically they mislead the customer into thinking that they are not going to pay any more for the warranties.

They also approve just about anyone for credit, even if the customer CLEARLY cannot afford it. I personally saw one application where they customer's income per month was $600 and it clearly stated that their rent payment was $610 per month. This person was approved for more than 2500 dollars in credit.

Sales Associates mostly work from opening to closing for 5 days each week. Most of the time, they don't take a lunch because there is only one or two sales associates in the store to deal with customers. But at the end of the week, the store manager must go into the system, called "Workforce", and adjust hours to make it look as though the sales associates all took 30 minute lunch breaks.

The Unethical part of this is that they Take the 30 minutes a day away from the associates (who are paid hourly). They don't expand the end time by 30 minutes and keep the hours the same, they just remove that half hour and the associate never sees a dime for it, when they really worked it. This is not only Unethical, but it is also Illegal. I spoke up and told my trainer about it and the response I got was that it was OK. I explained to him that Walmart was sued and LOST hundreds of millions of dollars for doing the same thing, but he insisted it was OK to do. It's NOT.

As a former Salaried MIT, I cannot sue Badcock for this, but I sure do hope that one of their hourly Sales Associates see this and go to a lawyer about it. Badcock not only misleads its customers, but it also violates federal law by not paying their employees for every hour worked.

As an MIT, I worked for 13+ hours a day, went home to bed, woke up and went back to work. It was like that every day. They kept telling me that Badcock employees are like family. They must be as I saw them more than I saw my own wife and kids. And they kept telling me that it would get better, but yet the trainer was doing this every day. How could it get better for me when it was ALWAYS like this for him? What a screwed up company.

Why Not To Buy Into Their Franchises Or Products
By -

FLORIDA TO VIRGINIA & HOPEFULS BE-WARE -- After 18 yrs. of service many rewards, some from state representatives etc. and 30 yrs. of hard credit worthiness we bought into the BADCOCK lies. Overnight this Badcock company ruined us without cause in the middle of a 1.5-million-dollar conversion. We bought a Badcock home furnishings center franchise. After 2 yrs. into the business we were told all stores had a new renovation to take on, this is at the franchise's expense. The name would also change to BADCOCK & MORE along with a whole new look and color theme. This was hard on most but we were okay as we took the store to a new height.

We for the first time made this store a producer in excess of a million dollars our first year. We funded with banks the SBA etc. This company Badcock & More is bad... business. We bought our franchise for a few reasons. My husband was faced without having a job, and 10 yrs. of service with the Badcock corp, previous to this he had left Badcock for a few months and had gone to another state. We had moved looking into starting new careers. BADCOCK had a no re-hire policy as well, but had called and asked us to come back and manage this location. We managed this location for 2 more yrs. then bought this location.

As this location was closing and they had no prospective buyers. Other Badcock stores wanted to buy what is called the debt and merge this store to another as this location lost money and was a tax write off. This meant they would have lost a store yet again. The owner of the store previous to us was in fact a Badcock vice-president. We worked hard and produced income for both us and Badcock, my husband was called a sandbagger.

The inventory was and is owned by the corporation and consigned to all the stores, they pay what they call a settlement of 25 percent of the total store sales and receipts at the end of each month. Well as you can guess they didn't pay 44,000.00 to us at the end of this either. They claimed that we had shortages. We asked for proof to no avail because we had none. We got a lawyer and was told to file suit for civil-theft. They have fought us all the way and still haven't done the right thing. But it just so happens they open all dealer shows with prayer. It should be PLAYER instead.

Corporate lawyers won't work on a contingency basis. They knew we had all our lives tied up in this business financially as it's their business plan - franchise that's bought. Our INVENTORY was always on the low side as far as lost merchandise we had a 2.5-million-dollar producer with inventory loss of 1800.00 at worst which is paid back by us the dealer. Our employees were mostly family and all had no jobs over night. Till this day they still close stores without cause (this is written). In addition to the franchise matter ruined credit, lost wages, without cause they do the same type of business to their customers.

We also had what they call a dealer, show twice a year at this convention. Dealer stores are recognized on performance levels - we were in the top 10 stores 4 times and just four days before they stole our franchise, we won yet another prize of a 61" color TV. In 2000 we beat out 350 stores in a Harley Davidson contest and won 10,000 or a bike. Notice at that time there was 350 now down to approx. 320. As you can guess they didn't give this up either, we called small claims court and got a TV… not the right one of course.

We could go on and on the bottom line is they lie, steal, laugh and profit on the misery of dealers and the consumers. After 30 years of MARRIAGE, 18 YEARS WITH BADCOCK, A MILLION. 5 BANKRUPTCY WE HOPE TO BE HEARD.

P.S. We have been told to recoup any monies from this we have to go to arbitration we need help and a GREAT LAWYER. We are seeking 2.8 million for our losses. DON'T BUY A Badcock & More franchise ever ever ever...

P.S. S “Badcock will treat you right.” That's the slogan they use but they forget to tell you that's only till the ink dries on your check. TO FIND OUT MORE PLEASE REPLY. LOTS MORE TO THE STORY WITH ALL THE PROOF.

Wilson NC Badcock Store & Poor Customer Service
By -

WILSON, NC, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a Chelsey Park loveseat to match my sofa the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend. Once the loveseat was delivered, the deliverymen could not get one of the legs on the chair. They called the warehouse manager who came out and placed a leg on the chair that was not the same length as the others. He told me that he would be back in about 2 days with the correct leg for the loveseat. I said OK. Upon leaving, I noticed the warehouse manager had ripped the bottom of the chair to determine why the original leg would not fit. He did not say a word to me that he had done this.

I immediately called the store the following Monday in order for them to order me a new chair. The manager told me that they would put in an order for a new chair and once it was delivered to their Wilson, NC store they would deliver it to me which would consummate taking the damaged chair.

After waiting and waiting, I finally called the store to ask what was taking so long. I called the store several times and spoke with the warehouse manager (who kept saying he did not know anything about a re-order for a new chair) and ** who is one of the store managers there and the same ** who opened my account and who I had been dealing with if I wanted to add furniture to my account.

He finally told me (after putting me on hold 3 or four times stating he would call his warehouse manager to see what was going on and he would call me back and never did none of the times), and I quote, that "if I bought a new car and something was wrong with the brakes that they would not give me a new car but fix the brakes." So the ** offered to have the warehouse manager come out and sew the bottom of the chair. I tried to explain to the ** that the way in which he tore the bottom of the chair that it could not be fixed like that. Then he offered to have the entire piece under the bottom of the chair replaced.

I refused and told them to come pick the chair up and take it OFF of my account. They were scheduled to come pick the chair up on a Wednesday after 6:00 pm. The ** came to my house before that time and left a "We missed you" delivery note on the door that stated to call & reschedule. After calling to reschedule several times and them not showing up to get it after they reschedule, I figured they were not coming to get the dam* chair because they were mad because I wanted to return it.

The phone call before the last phone call I made to the store went something like this (7/2/08): I called and spoke with a manager (**) I believe was his name. I told him that after several weeks they have not come to pick up the loveseat. (By this time they know exactly who I am.) He says, "the chair in Knightdale?" I said yes. He said “we have made SEVERAL attempts to come out and pick up the chair" and that he “didn't deliver to my area every week." I told him that they tried to pick up the chair before I got off from work and I explained to them that I didn't get home until after 6 pm.

The ** said it didn't matter and that they were not coming to pick up the chair because gas is too high and I would have to get it to the store myself. After a surge of vulgar language to him, he hung up. I called back immediately and told them that the dam* chair would be out by the dumpster. Thinking I could get some type of resolution with customer service or the president of the corporation, I opted to call the customer service # listed on website and left a message because it was after hours.

A CSR rep named ** called me back and I explained the situation to her. She in turns hangs up with me to call the store to find out what was going on. Then she calls me back after an hour or so on 7/3/08 to say that she spoke with ** and he said they had made THREE attempts to pick up the chair.

Here are the 3 attempts the stupid frugal ** made: 1) Delivery of the chair. 2) Warehouse delivery manager coming to put the correct leg on the chair AFTER I had called the store and told the manager I did not want that chair and to order me another and he agreeing to do so. 3) Attempt to pick up the chair before 6 pm after I specifically told them I don't get home until after that time.

No other attempts were made to pick up the chair. After listening to the lie about the 3 attempts, the stupid** rep asked me did I want to know how I could get a credit to get the chair taken off my account. She said the same thing the ** manager said about me getting it back to the store myself. I requested to talk to the owner/president of the corporation and she stated he could only be reached by mail. **!!! I asked her how I was going to get the chair to the store (“on my back?” I said) and hung up on the **.

On 7/1/08, I had written a check for my payment for the month of July. I immediately called my bank on 7/3/08 and requested a stop pay on the check. My last and final call to that store (spoke to **) was to ask him to tell the other ** I had been dealing with for over a month that they will not get another ** dollar from me and they can come pick up every last furniture I ever bought from them (that hasn't been completely paid for) or better yet, they could put it on my credit as a charge-off. All I know is that they will NEVER get another penny from me I don't care what they do. They can take legal action - I don't give a darn.

Here is where I stand. The ** never told me that he cut the chair (whether it was an accident or not.) But after speaking with the ** name ** he said that sometimes they have to cut the chair to determine the problem. Well, he (the warehouse manager) never told me he cut the bottom piece under the chair and was never going to if I hadn't seen it. No one ever offered to fix the chair before I requested they take the chair off my account.

The ** got an attitude when I told him to come pick up the chair and take it off of my account. I knew right then there was going to be a problem because when I told him what day and time to come pick up the loveseat, he said, "Is there not an earlier time that you will be home?" I explained to him no, except Saturday. Like I told the customer service rep (poor service overall - She gets an F for Fire her, D for Dumb and E for Effortless), they had a customer for life.

As I got my account down to a small balance each time, I would request other furniture I needed or wanted. There are several pieces of appliances that I need but my business will be taken ELSEWHERE and that is for dam* sure. Here's the thing: They would have never left that ** in the governor of NC house or lieutenant governor's house, the president of the us house, or the vice president of the us house, if you get my drift.

Badcock Furniture Complaint
By -

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I have purchased a daybed that comes along with a twin bed/trundle. It was purchased on 2/5/2011. It was delivered on 2/15/2011. However, the bed was delivered, but not the twin bed/trundle. I ask the delivery man "what happened to the twin bed/trundle piece that goes along with the bed?" He said, "He had no knowledge that there was another piece that was supposed to be delivered." So I then gave Badcock a call concerning the other piece that goes along with the twin bed. They told me the twin bed/trundle piece was on back order and it should be about 2 weeks estimate will be delivered there after (Amber).

Then, two weeks came and the piece that was supposed to be delivered was the wrong piece. So I had to give Badcock another call and speak to my actual sales person who served me. Then she goes on by apologizing for the other salesperson's mistake. So she orders the right piece that goes to the daybed. She tells me that it will arrive on 3/14/2011 and I need to call her around 10:30 am so she can set up a delivery time.

When I call on 3/14/2011, there was another salesperson I spoke with and I was told that my sales person was busy and that all shipments does not arrive on 3/14/2011, they would arrive on 3/15/2011. Then she goes on by saying she needs a contact number so they would call me the very next day and set up a delivery date. When the next day comes around, I, however, did not get a call from Badcock. I call the following day to find out what is going on with my order. When I do call, I spoke to the salesperson (Kourtney) again who served me and she put me on hold for about 10 minutes. Then for some strange reason they hanged the phone up on me.

I called back and she (Kourtney) answers and I asked "what happens?" She says that I had hung the phone up on them. Then I asked to speak to a manager. She quickly gets mad so she hands the phone to the owner (Vickey). She gets on the phone then say Kourtney is her granddaughter and she is a very good sales person. Then she says that they are very busy during their income tax season. So she then lets me know that the order will arrive on 3/22/2011, and it will be delivered on 3/23/2011.

Wow! I have yet to see what will happen then. They acted as though I was getting on their nerves and they had other customers to serve, but my order has not been completed. I was also a customer. Is this the way you treat all of your customers that you screw up the order, forget them and have them waiting and waiting for their shipment to arrive? I have a friend who just retired from the military and needs to furnish his whole house. I did not refer him to Badcock. He also knows how much trouble they have been towards me. He says he does not want to even deal with them and will have Rooms To Go as his furniture supplier.

Today is Wednesday, March 23, 2011. I have placed a call to Badcock furniture. I was told by the owner Vicky that still they are having a problem with their shipment and it still is on back order until the middle of April. I asked her, do I give Badcock a call or would they call me whenever the shipment arrives? Vicky said, "they would call me and she appreciates my patients."

Badcock is terrible... I would never use them again... paid weeks ago... still no furniture
By -

CONYERS, GEORGIA -- Horrible... Horrible... Horrible. The customer service we received form Badcock in Conyers, Ga (manager) was terrible. We purchased a sofa, loveseat, and recliner on 3/27/08. We were told at that time it would be in on 4/2/08, and delivered on 4/5/08. On 4/2/08, I was told the loveseat hadn't come in yet, and if it did come in on 4/3 or 4/4, then it would be delivered on 4/5/08. But, if it didn't, it would be in on 4/9/08. On 4/5/08, we were called around 9 am, and told that the two pieces that were in would be delivered between 10-2 pm.

At 1 pm, we got a phone call saying they'd have to re-schedule because their truck broke down. I advised that was unacceptable because all of my furniture had been moved out, and my wife and two children (ages 4 and 18 months) needed furniture to sit on for the next two days. I advised I would get a U-Haul (which they could have done), and pick up the furniture myself.

I was then told by Sharon (the sales rep who sold us the furniture) that "I was aggravating her", and she didn't know where the truck was because it'd been towed away to a mechanic. After telling her this was unacceptable because someone knew where my furniture was, she calls back and gives me the delivery guy's Randy phone #, and says he'll be w/the truck if I want to get my furniture. The truck was in the same place it had broken down 3 hrs. earlier... so she'd lied and said it'd been towed away. I then proceeded to get a U-Haul, and got my furniture to my house.

We called about the scotch guarding we paid for, and was told they would come out and do it on 4/10/08. When we called today to see what time they were coming out to do it and see when our loveseat would be coming, we were again treated rudely by our salesperson Sharon. Instead of answering the question, she puts the delivery/warehouse guy on the phone who has no idea. She then tells my wife she couldn't order the love seat weeks ago because she didn't see it in the warehouse therefore we needed to check back w/ her next Wednesday. Really... huh?... what?

She just told me last Wednesday that it could come in on 4/3 or 4/4 or at the latest 4/9. She sounds like she just ordered it today. Seriously, at this point I cannot see us using this account again. Additionally, my mother in law has an account w/ you, and she chose to buy from Rooms to Go last month, and I'm thinking we should have done the same. This store and salesperson in particular are absolutely horrendous.

Today is 4/12/08, and I still do not have the two pieces I have scotch guarded, nor do I have the love seat. No one from corporate/customer service bothered to call back after listening to my complaint and promising to do so, and in general, just acting so so concerned. This company is a joke. Every time I buy something from them, delivery is always late or re-scheduled, or the items are damaged when they arrive. Remember, Badcock, you brought this on yourselves by ignoring your customers and acting like you're the only furniture store in Atlanta.

Customer Service-Credit Application
By -

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- On February 22 I filled out an online credit application on In their credit process, you select the store you will be using. I selected the store on Mobile Hwy in Pensacola. Once my application had been approved, I immediately called the store to find out how the process works. I was told that it takes up to two days for my information to be faxed to the actual store and that once my information was received, I would be contacted. I called the store on 2/24/07 to see if they had received my information. This was on a Saturday so I knew there was a slight chance they would not have it yet.

The person that answered my call took my number and said that she would check and call me back. Three hours later, I had not heard anything so I called the store back. I was told at that time they did not receive my information. There have been several calls since not only to the store directly, but to the toll free number posted on their website.

I spoke to a representative at the store on Friday and expressed my frustration that I am the one who has to keep following up with not only the store but calling the toll free number. I told her that my feeling is that I am the customer and they should be doing this work for me and after numerous calls to them, that they should be doing what they can to find out why they have not received my information. She assured me that she would forward my information to the credit manager and that they would follow up first thing Monday (3/5/07). Today (3/6/07) I once again had to call the store because I have not heard anything.

I spoke to a woman who identified herself as the owner. She took my number and told me that she would call me back. I waited 4 hours, did not receive a call. I once again called the store. She at that time advised me that she only received 2 pages of the fax and still was waiting on one more page. She then asked me why I applied online and did not come to the store.

I explained to her that it should not matter where I submitted the application, the point is that it has been almost two weeks and I have had to make numerous calls. She then told me that when credit is submitted for online it can take up to two weeks. She then stated that once the last page was received her credit manager and she would need to review the paperwork to approve my application. I then questioned her on why this needed to be done as my credit was already approved. Her reply to me was that I did not let her finish.

She was going to tell me that she would review my application to see how much credit I can be approved for, but considering the bad attitude I have. This point of the conversation is the first point I interrupted her only to say to forget it, I would be taking my business somewhere else. To be honest, I am very frustrated, however I did not at one time raise my voice or use inappropriate language. I was simply trying to convey to her that as a customer, I felt that they did not seem to be acting as if they wanted my business.

This is the first time I have ever posted a complaint about a company. I am livid that I was told I have an attitude after what I feel was a valid complaint. To say that another company will get my business is an understatement.

No Delivery, No Call
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Rating: 1/51

LUTZ, FLORIDA -- On 2/22/15, I came in and bought a sofa that I had been looking at online. I was told that it was back ordered but that I could have delivery on the 19th of March, 2015. I was also told that someone would call me the day before with a 4-hour window. The sales associate told me that I would have to be responsible for taking out my old sofa because the $100 delivery charge did not include removal. I had my sofa picked up by salvation army a couple of days before by delivery date and have been sitting on the floor waiting for the 19th.

When I called the 1-800-Badcock number, "customer service" told me that she was going to call the store. I was put on hold and when she came back to the line, she told me that she would have to transfer me to delivery. Delivery told me that they had no record of me getting a sofa tomorrow and then transferred me to the store. The sales associate told me that my sofa was still back ordered and it would be another month before I can get it. When I explained that I have had 2 back surgeries and I was sitting on the floor, she responded, "Don't you have any other furniture?" She then told me that she had no resolution for me unless I had one to give her.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that this person was off today. The "Customer service" at this store sucks!!! Do not buy anything from them or you might be left sitting on the floor like I am. I also have company coming in from California next week and can't even offer them a place to sit.

Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experience.
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Rating: 1/51

BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Purchased a power lift chair for my 87-year-old senior citizen mother. When I delivered it to her nursing home the power transformer was not enclosed in the packaging. My mother's nursing home is 50 miles from the store and 20 miles from the distribution center. They refused to give me a power supply from the store or the distribution center. They have no common sense, accountability, or responsibility, all is put on the consumer. The consumer must unpack all furniture at the distribution center to inspect for damage and for all components. If the consumer doesn't then all defects and any missing components is the customers issue and not theirs.

By the way they refused to deliver as too far outside their delivery area. Who wants to unpack furniture at the warehouse and then risk damage during transportation which the customer immediately becomes responsible? Only option is return to the store, cannot return to distribution center where you pick it up or exchange at the distribution service but must return to the store. What pathetic policies. The franchise owner would only state “this is our policy and you have the right to complain anyway you want.”

After reviewing BBB complaints, ConsumerAffairs complaints and this sites complaints I have no idea how Badcock is still in business. I did return the furniture so now will see how long it takes to receive my refund check as they will not refund at the store. Fortunately for me it was my first and now the last purchase I will ever make from Badcock. Buyer beware.

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