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Bally Total Fitness
8700 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631
773-380-3000 (ph)
562-484-2444 (fax)
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Who's suing them?
By -

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- All Bally's really have from you is a signature and a promise to pay. No goods or services have been provided, it's a piece of paper... therefore, Bally's goes from getting nothing from the victim, to getting a hundred dollars from the collection agency when they turned over the contract. They're not out of any money if it's never fulfilled.

Bally's sued me for hundreds dollars AFTER I proved I had moved outside of their coverage area. Even the attorney of the collection agency who met me outside of the court room agreed that THEY DIDN'T HONOR POLICY PACIFICS WITHIN THEIR OWN CONTRACT but said that few people rarely get out of it. She recommended instead of fighting in court (and having it show public record against you), just make payment arrangements of nominal amounts to get rid of them, like $15 per month and they'd (the agency - not Bally's) would drop it in one year as debt settled and she put it in her records on the spot.

So for a total of $180(because she only had the judge dismiss the case instead of hearing the case) I was rid of their nasty butts. Better than putting in hours of research and trying to take them to court on my own for violating their own contract stipulations of MOVING 20+ MILES FROM ANY FACILITY and having them charge me the remainder of the contract - about $1200.

I've worked collections for many years and suggest you try for a 30% or less settlement. The agency makes money and avoids court fees when they loose because Bally's is usually in the wrong to begin with. You're only out of a couple of hundred instead of thousands, everybody is off your back and if you start the little payment quickly enough, it saves your credit (if you hadn't gone past 90 days on the original payments).

Here's the best part... because Bally's breached their own contract (make sure you have an original copy which the collection agency can provide - meaning Bally's wouldn't be able to alter it at that point - and documentation for everything that's happened to you) you can join in with hundreds of others that they've done this to and go for a class action against them at a later date. It's my turn. Any suits pending that I can join in on? Let me know. -g-

Bally Total Fitness Are Money Grubbers
By -

This entire company is the lowest of the lowest class you can get. I have had memberships at two other fitness clubs and never had the experiences I had with Bally. First of all I paid extra for the daycare to take my 8 and 10 year old. The daycare workers were terrible. There is no way I would leave an infant or toddler in there daycare. My children were old enough to tell me what was going on in the room when none of the parents were around including yelling at the toddlers and cursing at the older children. From that point I know longer took my children to that daycare. I continued to use the gym until I ran into some financial hardships over the past year.

I signed a one year agreement and when I called to cancel the auto drafts from my account I was told that I couldn't cancel because I had signed a 3 year contract. I told them that I didn't sign a 3 year contract and that I wanted a copy of it. I was told that it would cost me $10.00 for a copy of the contract. This company has known customer service and were down right crude to me when I told them that I could not continue to make the payments.

The representative ** was absolutely the worst and continued to argue with me about my financial situation. I asked if they had any way that I could cancel because of my financial situation and she told me yes, that I had to pay a $50.00 fee to cancel early plus the remainder of my contract amount of $500+. Oh and she would give me a discount of 20%. Gee, thanks. I continued to ask if there was any other reason that I could qualify to cancel and she began to lecture me about how she is not going to give me any reasons that I don't qualify for.

If this company were to be more hospitable I may have cancelled and came back to them when I was able to afford it because that are the closest gym to my house but between the gym cleanliness, the daycare and there service I would not recommend ever going to this gym and I surely wouldn't sign a contract or take my children to there daycare!

Upgrade Scam
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My boyfriend gave me a membership to Bally Total Fitness last year. (He's been a lifetime member for over 20 years, and the rate is unbelievably cheap.) So we go to the location nearest my house - which was totally ghetto. People just hanging out, talking and trying to pick each other up. The machines were on top of each other and everything was cramped into one tiny room. No towels and not much to be desired as far as the classes went. Reluctantly, I got my membership card and promised that I would try it out.

Fast forward another month, I haven't gone to the ghetto gym. I look on their website and then notice that they have two "Sports Clubs" near my office. I call one up and go by for a visit. I'm very happy as their facilities are much nicer, more equipment, better spacing and of course towels. I sign for the upgrade - which is about $20 per month. But I figure okay.

So NOW they have changed everything. No longer to they offer towels (since December). They put up some sign saying that people were stealing them - then switched to say that it was due to economics. Now I have to drag around all day long with my wet towel (I go to the gym before work when it's less crowded.) My boyfriend decided one day to try a different location while he was away on business. They said it was a Sports Club and gave him access for one day, but said that if he wanted to go again it would be a flat fee of $180. WHAT THE HECK!!! A flat fee of $180 when I'll be paying $20+ for the next three years.

So I called them up to complain and see if I could get a refund. After waiting the requisite 25 minutes (I truly think they do that as a ploy to get you to hang up), I spoke with someone. She said to me there was no way to get out of the contract that I had. I told her that I would wind up paying almost 4x the $180 fee AND I'm not even getting the towels anymore. (Trust me, that was one of the selling points when I signed up.) She said there was nothing I could do, as I signed a contract. Well, this is not over. I will continue to try to get out of this one way or another. Heck, I think I may just switch us both to NYSC and call it a day. UGH!

The Worst Customer Service Ever!!!
By -

I was outraged today with the way I was treated by the Bally Total Fitness Corporate office! The story goes like this. Right before New Years, I got a great deal with LA Fitness so I wanted to cancel my membership with Bally Total Fitness. The personnel at the club told me that they could not cancel the membership for me and that I have to call the corporate office. But, because of holidays, I would have to wait until Monday, which would be Jan 05.

However, my automatic payment gets taken out on Jan 3rd so how do I stop the payment? Well, the staff members tell me "oh, you'll just get a refund later on, it will be OK". So I just wait until Monday. In the meantime, the store manager tells me that he cancelled the membership for me so I will just have to follow up with the corporate with my refund. When I finally reach the corporate office, not only I find out that my membership has not been cancelled, but they can't refund my money because there was not a record about me trying to reach them! Well, how can you reach someone if they are not working? Unbelievable!!!!

Then I call the store manager to ask him, why did he tell me that my membership was cancelled when the corporate office said they had no record of him trying to reach them. He, of course, does not have explanation for any of it but wants to make sure that I understand that the corporate office and the club are "two separate entities" and that he can't take the blame for corporate mistake. Well, isn't that just what I wanted to hear?

So, if any of you out there are considering this gym, beware. Their staff members are incompetent and can answer zero questions when you need them. To reach someone in corporate office, you'll have to take a day off from work, because that is how long it will take for them to help you out. And do not leave your credit card with them because they will take every single penny from you. No wonder why their gyms are empty and they are filing for bankruptcy!!! Stay away!!!!

Poor Customer Service
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I can't believe the pages and pages of COMPLAINTS against Bally Fitness. Here's another one for the bunch... I joined the club about 4 years ago because all my friends including my boyfriend and his friends were joining Bally's. At the time, Bally'€™s was the "cool" gym because they had decent machines, fun classes (salsa and hip-hop aerobics just came out), and not to mention good looking staff and members - I absolutely loved it for the first few months.

As I explored more Bally's gyms around my home and work, I began to lose interest (I trekked a commute of 80 miles within 4 hours back and forth, therefore it was also important to me that I joined a gym with facilities convenient to my route). In and close to the major cities (such as downtown LA), the clubs were filthy, staff were rude and stuck up. Classes were always full and it seemed like the scheduling was not in favor of the members, but more for the convenience of the club.

The worst thing that I've encountered with Bally'€™s is their telephone customer service. First off, you'd be on hold for 1-2 HOURS before a live CSR came on the line. And when she finally came on the line, you'd think you were talking to some jr. high school student unwillingly answering phones during detention. I wanted to cancel my membership and I fully understood that I signed a contract that bound me for 3 years. I offered to exchange the membership to my brother and pay extra and I offered to pay a fee to cancel my membership all together.

I attempted to cancel my membership in writing and over the phone a few times, and each time I was rejected rudely in a very condescending tone. I lived less than 30 minutes from the main CSR office and I knew people who knew people that worked there, so I know the type of people who were answering phones - very similar to what I mentioned earlier... young people barely out of high school or barely entering junior college, who could use a few more years to mature and learn how to be professional with PAYING customers.

So I let my membership ride out for the 3 years and I convinced myself it was "credit repairing". I placed a call this morning to cancel my membership and this time, I got a CSR in less than a minute. I am glad to see that they have resolved this much. She asked me if there was anything she can do for me and I asked her for a written statement that I cancelled my membership on this day, either email, letter in the mail or fax.

She then continued to inform me in that typical Bally's-condescending way that there was absolutely no way that it can happen. It's the simplest thing, why was it such a big deal to her and why was it put in a such a way that I was the idiot for asking. All in all, I'm done with the crap and I will tell everyone I know this story and not to ever give their money to this company. There are better gyms out there! Thanks for reading this far. You're the best.

Do Not Join Bally Total Fitness
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Rating: 2/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I sent a certified letter to cancel my memberships to them and they should have received it on July 3rd. So, when I was charged on July 28th, that was OK for them to take because I was told it takes 30 days to process but now they charged me on August 28th. I should have never have done business with them at all and now I am stuck with them for life. :(

Thieving Issue
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I paid for my membership with my credit card to find out that someone in Bally Total Fitness applied credit from my credit card to someone else's account. I was literally paying for some other person's membership with my credit card without my authorization. It was very stressful to try to correct this matter with Bally's. Do not leave your credit card or ATM information with Bally's. They will use it without your permission toward someone else's membership.

You have a screw loose if you join Bally Total Fitness
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- They will nickel and dime you to death! They will attack your credit card with fees you never knew about. You will have to work very very hard to cancel or terminate your membership. All the clubs are dirty and never get cleaned. Hours of operation are minimal. The staff are like bumps on a log. They are helpful when selling you a membership, but it drastically stops when you sign the paper. It doesn't get much worse than Bally Total Fitness.

Charging My Bank Account After Cancellation
By -

I joined Bally's 2 years ago with the promise of if I got a friend to join and we both paid for 1 year, the second year was free. This turned out to be false. After many calls to corporate I was told "Sorry, there was never a promotion like that." My son was a member also, he and I both cancelled our membership in June of 2010, with letters of cancellation. They tried to coerce him into staying with them with the promise of 6 months free. He said "No thank you." A year later he discovers they had been charging his account every month for membership.

Phone calls to corporate (at least 15 calls) were answered by different people and different responses. They said to send a letter to them and they would refund his money. A certified letter was sent. After 2 months of no response and more phone calls and apparent "supervisor" said they would not refund any money, and they had not received any letter. Their only offer to make it right was to give him "the 6 months membership that we offered him when he wanted to cancel". Calls and visits to the manager at the local Bally's, Tacoma, WA were of no help either. I am so frustrated and would not recommend anyone to enter into a membership with Bally's!

Illegal Billing
By -

My daughter, husband and I joined Bally in March 2011 on a trial basis. We were told that we could 'cancel anytime' and there would be no penalties. On April 14th, 2011 I cancelled in writing per their requests. I called 6 days later to follow up. I received a notice we had cancelled. (They tried to charge my Visa and were denied.) Since that time they have successfully charge my Visa each month on 3 memberships. I spoke to a Rep (Mike) on 6.6.11 and was assured all 3 memberships were cancelled; they would credit my Visa $64.00.

On June 16th they credited me $32.07 (not $64.00) and the very next day took out for all 3 contracts and through July 8th have continued to do so. I tried to go online today but my membership number is not recognized. We have never received a card nor have we ever used the facilities. I am quite frustrated.

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