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If you want reason to kill yourself, please by all means think about applying at Big Lots!!!
Posted by Jackjeckelette on 11/27/2010
OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- This place is a horrible place to work. It is minimum wage hell. Supervisors and managers to do not fully explain policies or rules and then get mad when you do not comply with the rules they never explained. They make you follow stupid rules that you know are just going to piss the customers off. If you like to help ppl and actually apply your knowledge and time to help their needs, this job is not for you. I've wanted to go home and shoot myself many times due to the quality of the treatment of employees. I do recovery part time, and cashiering the other half, and let me tell you. This place at the end of the day always ends up looking like a zoo. The organization system they give us to follow is horrendous, and if you try to go above and beyond to fix it and make it look nice and do not finish in time you get penalized. They give you three hours at the end of the day to recover the sections and expect it in tip top shape, but like I said, if you REALLY make sure it is in tip top shape and don't finished you get penalized, so it still ends up looking like a zoo at the end of the day. There is only three of us most nights, plus the 5 something carts of go backs we are usually left with at the end of the day. At the register, no matter how busy, even if there are customers backed up all the way to the aisles, we must hound each and every customer to join our rewards program or else we get written up. It does not matter how many ppl are back there in line and how you just want to get them out quickly, you HAVE to take the time to hound each one about the rewards club. No matter how annoying it is. My managers are b***hy, and I think there may be some kind of racism or favoritism of race going on for who gets bumped up to management. Not proof, just a theory. But still nonetheless, this is a horrible place and I advise you go work at Wal Mart or something. This place suckss!!!

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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-11-27:
if you find it bad, contact your local labor board and file a complaint.
Posted by Skye on 2010-11-27:
OP, we've all had jobs or bad days at our jobs, but I can say with total honesty, I've never thought about killing myself over it. You sound so miserable. Please take care of yourself, and find another job. I know things are tough out there, but a job that would make you consider shooting yourself, is a job it's time to leave. Please take care of yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-27:
They should have given you an employee handbook with all the rules, or should at least keep one around or tell you where to find it (some companies keep the handbook online). A lot of retail stores require that employees ask customers to join a rewards program or sign up for their card. It takes two seconds to ask and most customers don't care that you're asking. As far as wanting to kill yourself, well maybe you should seek some therapy as you may be depressed
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-27:
If you really have left work with thoughts of suicide, it just might be time to look for a new job. That has never happened to me, and I have had several jobs where things were wrong that were out of my control.

I've heard that even comments on consumer websites have led some people to consider suicide. Imagine - someone reading something on my3cents that would make them think of that.

I hope you can find a way of changing your outlook or situation so that you may have a healthier life.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-27:
Imagine that...
Posted by jhk on 2012-04-02:
Well to all of you who replied I am sure that that person didnt really mean what they said about killing themself. Besides, my wife used to work there and everything that was said was true. I encouraged her to quit!
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Posted by Problem on 05/13/2009
Beware Beware:

I bought a NEW TV from them in Nov 2008, come to find out this TV was refurbished not new as advertised when we tried to go thru the manufacture for warranty.
Everything I read says closeout stores, are discontinued, business overruns, clearance, but certainly not USED... If I wanted a used TV I would have gone to a USED store, beware your lotion and makeup may be used next....

No help from district manager maybe I'll get some from the BBB.
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Posted by lobo65 on 2009-05-13:
Strange. I've bought many things from Big Lots with no problems. I doubt I would buy a TV from them though, as the brands they sell aren't reliable ones. However, every time I've seen them advertise TV's, they always have a disclaimer that says they are factory reconditioned models.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-13:
Right, lobo65. It's even stated in their weekly flyers. It's in the usual 'fine print' of the ad. Any time a store advertises a TV at the price of $275 and it regularly sells for around $500--a red flag should go up. The BBB, FTC, or any of the other alphabet agencies won't and can't do a thing about it.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
A lot of their products are reconditioned. They make no secret of it.

I got a paint sprayer from them that was reconditioned and I use it every year for painting my grandparents old wicker furniture. Its a small job (3 pieces) that doesn't warrant paying out a lot of money for the equipment. The sprayer works perfectly too.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
I gotta say, though, I'm a bargain person, and the idea of something being reconditioned doesn't bother me in the least. We ain't fancy. :)
Posted by Starlord on 2009-05-13:
Boki, how often do you repaint your grandparents? :P
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
Hahaha@Starlord! :D
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2009-05-13:
I would a Big Lots up here. We have ValuVillage here. When I go home to Orlando, I try to stop by one of the Big Lots stores and look around. My mom is a gardener and I try to get things she can use. It's funny we see commercials for them, but they are nowhere near us.
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2009-05-13:
OMG, I stand corrected. We have 2 an hour and half from here. Now, I start my writing campaign to get them here.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
Silver, I hate when you get advertisements for a store that is nowhere near...we have that with Kmart and there's a Chucky Cheese equivalent for adults (can't think of the name) that they're always advertising here and they are nowhere in sight.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
Oh great, now I gotta figure out what ValuVillage is and why we don't have one! :D
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-13:
Boki, I think that they do that when they are preparing to move into a market area. Up here, we got ads for Papa Johns for at least two years before there was ever one in New England. Currently we get constant ads for Cecy's (which might be what you are thinking about), but there are none here. I bet there will be, though.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
Ken, that is very promising information! VH
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2009-05-13:
Cici's Pizza is a pizza buffet that charges around $5.99 for the meal and you purchase the soda as an extra.

Value Village are thrift stores offering new and gently used vintage clothing, accessories, and collectibles.

The restaurant you are thinking of Boki, is Dave and Buster's. I googled it,lol. I could see it in memories of the commercials. Looks like alot of fun from the website.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-13:
aha...there is a Dave and Buisters in Providence Place...and you are spot on calling it a Chuck-e-Cheese for adults. I love that place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-13:
It's too bad at D&B you can't trade them tickets in for beer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-13:
Lol Crabs, but at least they do serve booze there.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-13:
That's it, Dave and Buster's! I really wanna go...
Posted by blackroseandkosmos on 2009-08-05:
i am fresh here so don't bash me

i work for biglots as an employee i unload merchandise from trucks when it comes in monday morning ( yawn 5am)

well i can say this i always get first hand views at everything that comes into the store and i can safely say ALL electronics that are refurbished are CLEARLY MARKED on the box,and if in doubt ask the BOSS,it works ask the manager to inspect the box for those words,i have had people ask me for that and i will gladly help them (no i'm neutral here not promoting the store)but i believe in utter complete HONESTY with all customers my boss does too.

Now how you got that used product has my head scratching it could have been a return unless the product is defective if not it is returned to the company.If not we inspect and ask what do we do,we always try to make sure everthing is a-ok

now i know reconditioned products are always labeled bad but they are not,
i bought a Gateway Laptop two days ago and it works magnificently but it is not used or a refurb it is new.

we sold some time ago a RCA 47inch LCD tv which was not a refurb it was new and mine broke,so new products also break just like refurbs can.

i also have a wagner paint sprayer refurb and it works magnificently.

same with a mexican made homelite weedwacker it is nearly 5 years old and a refurb and works splendidly.

it depends what you get but if your not satisfied RETURN IT (of course KEEP YOUR RECEIPT) you only have 30 days to return it and no box no receipt no money back.
The company changed it's return rules there is no more merchandise credit,but still if you have your receipt and box and at least within 30 days it should work out.

now about used products people STEAL and open stuff all the time in every store,our stores are always going to have people that open packages,but TV'S it could have been a return just follow the company's policy on the back of the receipt and you should be all right
hope it goes well
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Lots. Its my sto'.
Posted by heard it all on 2011-02-07:
Another case of people seeing what they want to see(or not see).It is LAW that any refurbished appliance be labeled as such.All refurbished appliances are labeled as such.How can you miss that?
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Professional Attitude Missing!
Posted by Chaquita on 05/05/2009
MICHIGAN -- I work at Big Lots as a CSS, I love the work that I do but I have to say that the professional attitude of some of the management is way off.

I have never worked at a place where if you did something that needed to be addressed, that it was addressed in public. I was told to call a coworker for their break ( I am new ) so I asked if they had a a code for that? The assistant manager did not answer me and stated "call so and so for their break". So I picked up the pager to and asked that so and so come to customer service so that I could tell them to take break. The assistant manager proceeded to tell me while I had a line of customers that she did not tell me to call so and so up to customer service she said " I told you to call them for break" Excuse me! Just like that over the PA? So and So take break!What a crock! The people in line said to me that they thought it was very unprofessional and that she needed to lighten up.
Also, this same assistant manager had me clock out and stay to finish my count and to double check hers... I was told my the manager of our location that we are NEVER to work off the clock! What the hell am I supposed to do with the crap that is going on?

I took this job not wanting any drama but it looks as though the people there are gonna cause it. Life is too short for bull****!

Maybe my company has a phone number that I can call and make a complaint?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
Chaquita, you will find the customers almost always take a very dim view of a manager acting like that in public. Scoldings, right or wrong are for the back room, period.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-05:
Super is right bout discipline in public. On the other hand,
"call so and so for their break". How hard it that to do? Your boss said do it that way. That is not hard to understand.
As far as clocking out and continuing to work..no way..clock out and hit the door. Two totally different situations here.
Your human resources dept should be able to help.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-05-05:
I agree with super. There is nothing worse than working for a manager who publicly humiliates their employees like that. If you have an issue with an employee you go to the back room. Work related issues have no business being discussed in front of customers. My grandma always said "If you don't want people to smell your dirty laundry, don't air it in public."
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-05:
Spot on SB. Scoldings and bonuses should both be performed in the back room.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-05:
Just tell the assistant manager what the manager has said about working off the clock and be firm about it.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-05:
If that doesn't work, see the manager..that's the chain of command. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-23:
you should have talked to ur manager about working off the clock. it is illegal period!!!
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Customer Issues with Signage
Posted by Karin_lindgren1 on 03/26/2014
GREENACRES, FLORIDA -- As a Big Lots employee, one of the greatest stressors in my workplace is numerous complaints about signage.

1. An end cap of cookware was signed $4 TO $18. Many customers thought they could buy four items for $18. I had to explain over and over that the sign said that prices ranged from $4 to $18 per item.

2. On a recent Friends and Family Day, a sun shelter that normally sells for $105.99 was signed simply "$84.79". One customer insisted to me that she should get 20 percent off the $84.79 price. I showed her how it worked, scanned the item and showed the usual $105.99 price, then scanned the F & F coupon to show the $84.79 price, and explained that said price was for that sale day only and that she was indeed getting the item at the signed price. She lectured me for a few minutes about how misleading the sign was, which held up my line, and then, two weeks later, called corporate to complain about me, not the sign!

3. This week's ad features "sandals" for $2. The ad signage also says "sandals". The actual featured item is rubber flipflops like those most of us have worn since we were kids. One woman wanted to buy a pair of men's $10 sandals, a $6 pair of women's leather thong sandals and a $5 boy's pair of canvas camouflage sandals for $2 each. The MOD let me change the prices to please the customer. It cost us $15 shrink.

Customers, please read the signs carefully!

The vast majority of signage issues are from native speakers of English, not people who have come to the States from other countries. In light of this, there might be a problem with signage ambiguity, so I ask corporate to please review signage policies and procedures so that signs are easily understood.

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My Husband an I Had a Real Good Experience With the Managers and Cashiers.
Posted by Canstead on 03/03/2014
Ray (store mgr),lee, Diana, and Sam has real great with helping us making sure we was satisfied with our purchase..we went to the store Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.we got great deals every visit....thank you
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Excellent Customer Service
Posted by Smills216 on 12/14/2013
Every time I go into the Dunmore Big Lots it is always swamped with people. The employees are always working hard to get the customers in and out. The managers there are very helpful, I've asked for assistance from Brittany many of times and she is always very helpful and does what she can to make my experience there great. thumbs up!!
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Excellent Service
Posted by Martha.compton on 12/12/2013
Betty and Tina at the Big Lots in Martinsville, VA were so helpful when I checked out. Wish more clerks were like them!
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Clean Courteous Hardworking Associates
Posted by Cameo1 on 11/10/2013
I am an avid Big Lot customer who enjoys shopping in an organized pleasant manner. The new Big Lots recently opened at 98th Street and Indiana Ave., in Lubbock Texas really exemplifies all of these qualities. Tim at Store #4647 and his associates are really pulling together to make this a pleasant shopping experience...way to go Lubbock!

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Where Are the Checkers?
Posted by Kathon on 11/01/2013
Where is the manager? When there are 15 or more people standing in line, why doesn't the manager call for more staff so customers can pay and leave? Ridiculous! Maybe he or she could operate a register in order to alleviate this terrible congestion.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-01:
It wouldn't surprise if a discount retailer like Big Lots had a comparatively low number of staff on hand. Labor costs money, and Big Lots doesn't deal in high margin merchandise. It's a trade off for the lower prices.
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Line At Register Had Over 12 People And Took 15 Minutes To Purchase 4 Items.
Posted by Eltorres4 on 08/16/2013
EL PASO, TEXAS -- There were several people at the store and only one register open. A man was standing at another register trying to figure out whether to open it or not. He could see that the line was very long and decide not to and walked away. There was a lady standing there too and also walked away. The employees at this store were doing absolutely nothing. I really, I'm standing there with 4 items on my hand and they didn't even consider opening the register. People behind me felt the same way. Unfortunately the lady that was at the register got an ear full. How about making it easier for the customer to check out.

Perhaps, a self register might do the trick!! You think??? Very poor customer service, you just lost a customer. Oh! Well I guess we a dime a dozen.
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Posted by olie on 2013-08-17:
I feel bad for the poor lady at the register who "got an earful". It certainly wasn't HER fault that management wouldn't open another register.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-17:
Don't suggest a self-serve register---they may actually do it!! We hate those stupid things. We tried one once at Meijer and had more problems, etc. and we finally just left everything there and walked out. The only reason we even went to it was because management at Meijer do not open manned express lanes at all times. As for Big Lots, well, what can you say?
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-18:
I like the self-service registers. There's usually not a line, and I check myself out in far less time then it would take to wait in the standard check out. The only thing you have to watch out for is that many of them make you put an item in the bagging area (in a bag) before it will let you scan another item. Overly sensitive ones can be annoying, but it once you understand how they work, it's quick and easy.
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