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Extreme Displeasure With Meal, Service, and at the Cash Register.
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Rating: 1/51

PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA -- This afternoon my husband and I ordered from the senior menu. Our waiter was, apparently, the manager, a male, even though the register tape said it was a woman. He was prompt and courteous enough at first but then things began to deteriorate. My husband had the Country Fried Steak. He did pass the driver's license eye test this year but had to ask me if I could see any meat between the layers of batter. He commented that if there was any meat, it certainly wasn't steak.

My meal, the Open roast Beef Sandwich, was lukewarm and the baked potato almost cold. The reason for this was that I witnessed my meal sitting under the heat lamp while my husband's meal, which was served warmed, was prepared. The gal in charge of fixing the sour cream and butter to put on the plates was busy flirting with the manager, our waiter. She took more than two minutes (I timed her) to fill two cups with sour cream.

She then alerted our waiter that our food was ready but he was too busy laughing, flirting, and otherwise having a good time to put our meals on the table. Three minutes later, the gal finally got another waitress to bring our food. We did complain and we were offered new meals but it was very late and we needed to leave. The manager, who delivered our check, had obviously heard about our complaint and was less than friendly.

When paying the bill, the cashier, same gal who prepared the sour cream, asked if everything was OK. Our answer was that the meals were average. Her response in a flippant manner was, "Well, you can't be perfect all of the time!" This was followed by a flippant laugh. Not only was the food very poor, the service was pathetic, and the attitude of the staff less than business friendly. This is just a very poor Bob Evans.

Service and Food/Cooks
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Rating: 1/51

ABERDEEN, MARYLAND -- We stop at Bob Evans for a Sunday Dinner. The restaurant was cold, I order a bowl of soup and when it was delivered there was plenty of broth but hardly any vegetables. My husband ordered a Cheeseburger and it was so greasy he could not eat it. The waitress was not very helpful. I ended up getting a salad and a baked Potato which was burnt!!! My husband ended up getting breakfast. While we were waiting for our so called meal, one of the cooks was standing there blowing his nose and never once washed his hands.

We have ate at this Bob Evans often and we were never so disappointed. The waitress and the manager just didn't seem to care about our complaints. I really hope you look into this. The money we spent $37.43 was a waste, we could have gone to Golden Corral.

Flat-out Rude!
By -

TRIDELPHIA, WEST VIRGINIA -- Recently, I had a job interview at the Bob Evans restaurant located in Triadelphia, WV (also known locally as 'the highlands'). I have never in my life been treated so poorly. I arrived for my interview right at 2:45, when the interview was scheduled at 3:00. I try to be early if possible, to me that seems to make me appear very prompt for future reference. The restaurant itself was a ghost town. The only I could see were an elderly couple.

I entered the restaurant and stood up front in the small store section, no one was at the register, nor was a greeted by a Hostess. I waited a good five minutes before I noticed that all of the staff were standing around the bar section of the restaurant talking to an employee who had not clocked in yet. I was slightly irritated but assumed (having worked as a server and Hostess before) that the employees must have just not heard me come in. This offense in my mind was forgivable considering I myself had done the same before.

I approached the carry-out end of the bar, where all the employees were standing and chit chatting. I did not say anything, though it is pretty obvious I did not work there, considering I was rather dressed-up. The employees continued to chit chat for a good ten additional minutes while I stood there and stared at them.

Eventually, the Hostess (I know this because of her uniform) very rudely asked me what I needed. I informed her that I was there for a job interview. She proceeded to ignore me, she did not go get the manager, she did not ask me to sit down, she rolled her eyes and continued to talk to her fellow employees. I had never met the Hostess before, so this rudeness came as a shock to me. I couldn't believe that she would allow me to stand there for 15+ minutes before she even asked me what I needed then roll her eyes and continue to chit chat without bothering to help me with what I needed! I was very disheartened.

A server then came out, who was also very rude, asked me what I needed and proceeded to scream (yes, scream) for the manager to come up front to give me my interview. She informed me that I 'did not have to stand there, sit if I wanted', while she stormed away, acting like I had been bothering her by asking her to do her job.

The manager then came out. He did not greet me, he did not apologize for the behavior of his staff, he rushed over to a table and informed me to 'hurry it up' when I wasn't moving as fast as he was. We sat at a table in the back section which was closed off from the rest of the restaurant by a small half wall. So my interview began, he was very rude. He did not ask me my name, he did not ask me if I needed anything as most interviewers in restaurants do (such as a glass of water or tea). He simply pulled out a piece of paper and began to scribble on it.

He asked me where I had worked previously, I informed him that I had worked at a local hospital as a surgical technician and I was currently enrolled in nursing school which was why I was searching for a job where I could work weekends only. He did not say anything, just scribbled down what I had said. He asked me what I wanted my hours to be. I informed him I could only work weekends, even stating that I understood how hard it is for businesses to work with those types of hours. He said nothing.

He did not write my name down, he did not write anything except my work hours down. He then stood up, did not tell me goodbye or thank you for stopping, and rudely said "you can go now".When I approached him, before he had a chance to storm away from me, and ask him if he needed my name so he could verify the information on my application with what I had said, he rudely again said "you can go now".

I have never been treated so poorly during a job interview. I was not offered the position, nor did I call to ask for a second interview. After being treated that poorly as a non-employee, I would hate to see how they treat their employees. I will never eat at a Bob Evans restaurant again due to this occasion.

No Service
By -

PRINCE FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- This could be just a coincidence but today I visited 2 Bob Evans Restaurants that are about 10-12 miles apart. I had similar experiences in both restaurants. In the first restaurant, I was warmly greeted and seated. I sat there unaccosted by a server/waitress for more than 10 minutes. In walks a customer who was seated and immediately his order was taken. I got the eye of the waitress (who responded as if she already knew what I was going to say) walks close enough for me to hear her say that "she will be right with me". She turns and walks away. She returns later and goes to another table of newly seated people. I left the restaurant with no service.

Just as I had given up on Bob Evans Restaurant, I notice another one that was on the same road but about 10-12 miles down. So I pull in hoping to get better treatment and maybe service. I waited a few minutes to be seated and a very friendly gentleman took me to a table in an area where there was only two customers and one of them was leaving the other already had their food. He signaled for the waitress to come and take my order which she did. My order included a breakfast meal and a cup of coffee. In walks 2 customers who sat at the counter.

The waitress who took my order - took their order and within seconds they had their beverages while I sat there with nothing. I sat another 2-3 minutes and decided to ask the waitress why was I not given my beverage. To which she became upset (If looks could Kill - I would be dead) and she asked another waitress to serve me.

Now here is the deal - I am an African American Woman - both waitresses at the 2 Bob E Restaurants were Caucasian. At the second Bob E Restaurant, the waitress who did not want to serve me asked an African American waitress to take my order (there were 2 other waitresses standing around who were not African Americans) she did not ask them. The tone in the waitress voice was said, "you wait on her because I am not going to." Well now I am feeling like I am being refused - so I asked the original waitress again why was I not given the coffee that I ordered to which she just stared at me without a reply.

I then asked for the manager. The manager was the friendly Gentleman who seated me - I described what happened and posed the question to him - Why was I not given my beverage and the 2 customers who came in after me was given theirs right away. He told me that he had no idea but he would be happy to get me a cup of coffee.

What do you think - Coincidence? This happened in Maryland on Route 4 in California Maryland and Prince Frederick Maryland. And by the way all the other customers were Caucasians. I decided not to eat at Bob Evans today nor Ever again.

Bad Service, Bad Food: But ONLY in the Morning
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Rating: 1/51

MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- On Friday August 31, 2012 I go to the Bob Evan's restaurant in Monroeville. My son and I were expecting the usual great service, hot food and a nice environment. We got just the opposite. It took 15 minutes before we got burnt coffee and lukewarm water. I know we should have left right then and there but previous to this experience we never had bad service. A half an hour later our food arrived. See pictures. Everything was overcooked, burnt or greasy. My son's iPhone made the food look better than it actually was during the time of service.

After getting the food, I called the waitress over who immediately got the manager. The manager admitted that the service and food was not good but they were aware of the problem and were going to work on it. He kept asking us if we wanted the food to go. I explained that we did not want the food. Again he responded that he would give the food to us for free. After explaining that we did not want the food for free numerous times, he asked, "Then what can I do to help you?" People behind us complained that they were missing part of their order. However, they openly discussed that it was probably because that the waitress couldn't handle servicing everyone.

Sometimes it pays to serve you customer edible food that is late as opposed to serving bad food late. It also helps to not think that everyone who complains wants a free meal. I do not complain about food that I do not want to eat. I do not want to eat bad food for free. I called and emailed the corporate office. They have yet to respond. To be fair, I will give them until next week to respond. Until then, we will no longer eat at Bob Evan's.

Manager Basically Accused Me of Stealing
By -

BOWIE, MARYLAND -- On August 17, 2009, my husband and I went to Bob Evans on Crain Highway in Bowie, Maryland for breakfast. I ordered French toast, hash browns and sausage. When my food arrived, the French toast was cold and I told this to the Waitress who left the check on the table and took the French toast away - I presumed to heat it up. I finished the hash browns and sausage and my husband finished all of his food and she still had not returned with my French toast. We were ready to leave so; I told my husband that when we pay the check, we can just ask them to take price of the French toast off.

When we got to the register and explained what happened, the clerk said he had to get the Manager. The Manager came over and said “are you sure you didn't get the French toast?” and I said yes. He then said, “If I ask ** (the waitress) will she say the same thing?” I then told him to call her over here and ask her. He then took the price of the French toast off of my bill. After leaving the restaurant, the more I thought about how this Manager (named **) had accused me of trying to get away with the cost of the French toast which was $5.00, I became really angry.

Needless to say, I will never patronize this establishment again. Even if he thought was trying to steal, he should have never accused me before at least bringing ** over to ask her what happened – but he didn't. ** really needs some customer service training. I am sure Bob Evans corporate offices offer training to Managers on how to handle different situations that may arise. I am not going to leave my home address on this message because I am afraid ** will come to my home and harm me and my family. If ** gets to read this – think about... How does that feel **? It does not feel very good when someone has accused you of something that you would never do.

Horrible Breakfast
By -

AVON, INDIANA -- After being ignored in the Brownsburg Bob Evans, we decided to try the Avon Bob Evans. Both are in Central Indiana. When we arrived at about 10:15 on a weekday, the restaurant was not busy at all. We ordered our food and the waitress never came back except once to fill my coffee. A full hour later, our food arrived via another employee and it was stone cold. The orange juice was horribly watered down and the rest of the food was basically cold. Because no one came to check on us (ever!), we could not voice a complaint.

When I went to the cash register to pay, I told the girl that our food was cold and we were never re-visited by our waitress to let her know. She weakly offered us a coupon for a free beverage. I told her with the poor quality of the orange juice that was hardly a gift and we left. Never again. I can make breakfast in 10 minutes at home, complete with eggs, bacon, juice, toast and coffee. You can bet that I'll be doing that from now on, especially for the prices Bob Evans charges for simple, easy-to-cook food.

Breakfast Gravy Was Not Good
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- My 92-year-old mother was eating biscuit and gravy. I noticed she was not eating the gravy and I ask why? She just said, "taste it". When you are eating sausage gravy you expect it to have a sausage/pork like taste. This had a definite beef taste and not very good at that. I had a different gravy on my food and it tasted very good. But, the meat was supposed to be sausage. It may have been. To me it was more beef than pork. This was my opinion. I removed the meat from my dinner and ate the remainder of my meal. I told the waitress as we were leaving. I have always been a patron of Bob Evans and have always enjoyed their gravy and biscuit. As of today that will change.

Poor Quality of Food (Meatloaf)
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Rating: 5/51

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Today I had lunch at Bob Evans on Del Prado Blvd. in Cape Coral Florida. I ordered the meatloaf dinner (as I have done several times in the past). The meatloaf was terrible, bad taste and consistency. Not like before. It tasted as if had been made of a fine ground meal, and not meat. I was told the recipe had been changed. For Heaven's Sake and your reputation go back to the original recipe!!! The manager was very gracious and gave me a replacement. This restaurant number is 476. I am not complaining about the service, But I am complaining about the quality of this particular food item.

Chunky Mashed Potatoes
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I like to use Bob Evan's side dishes occasionally when I don't have time to fix a side dish with dinner. They taste okay and save time. However, I just got some of their Cheddar Mashed Potatoes that had a lot of chunks in it. Chunky may be fine for peanut butter, but I don't like it in mashed potatoes. They used to be smooth.

I've sent an email to Bob Evans and hopefully they'll run their industrial blender for a bit longer and get rid of the chunks, but until they do I won't be buying their product. This doesn't rise to the level of a complaint (which is why it's just 'informative'), but it's a minor annoyance. Unless you happen to like chunky mashed potatoes, in which case this product is just what you're looking for!

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