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Chunky Mashed Potatoes
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I like to use Bob Evan's side dishes occasionally when I don't have time to fix a side dish with dinner. They taste okay and save time. However, I just got some of their Cheddar Mashed Potatoes that had a lot of chunks in it. Chunky may be fine for peanut butter, but I don't like it in mashed potatoes. They used to be smooth. I've sent an e-mail to Bob Evans and hopefully they'll run their industrial blender for a bit longer and get rid of the chunks, but until they do I won't be buying their product.

This doesn't rise to the level of a complaint (which is why it's just 'informative'), but it's a minor annoyance. Unless you happen to like chunky mashed potatoes, in which case this product is just what you're looking for!
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 10/20/2010:
Have you tried Country Crock potatoes? Those are pretty good. I prefer homemade myself, but 9 times out of 10 they are lumpy anyway, so...
Thanks for the informative review.
momsey on 10/20/2010:
I like lumpy potatoes! But that's just me. I know not everyone likes them that way.

I don't know how much easier it would be, but instant potatoes don't take too much time or effort and never have lumps.
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
You can use a mixer for a few seconds to blend the lumps Alain.
Starlord on 10/20/2010:
If you watch Good Eats, on the Food Network, Alton Brown intentionally makes mashed potates with lumps. I for one don't mind lumps, even though Crystal's potatoes are very seldom lumpy. I find it gives a bit of texture to a dish that if totally lumpless would be rather bland in texture, if not taste.
Obsfucation on 10/20/2010:
I'm kind of a lumpy potato fan also. Do you think this is intentional by Bob Evans, or truly a manufacturing flaw?
Venice09 on 10/20/2010:
I like my mashed potatoes with lumps and garlic. But if you were expecting smooth, I don't blame you for being disappointed. When I'm in a hurry I use Betty Crocker, either the flavored instant ones or potato buds. They're quick and easy and taste pretty good. I would probably like Bob Evans. Thanks for the information, Alain.
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
Some places make them a LITTLE lumpy to show that they are potatoes and not potato flakes.
Nohandle on 10/20/2010:
I remember the time when good mashed potatoes meant there wasn't a lump to be found. The cook made certain of that since it was something to be proud of. Nice creamy mashed potatoes.

Lets just call them smashed potatoes now. Boil some potatoes, squash them with a fork a time or two, pour in a little milk or half and half, a tad of salt, some butter and go for it. At one time it was called a lazy cook, now it's the sign of fine mashed potatoes.

It's funny how times have changed. And you can buy those instant potatoes that advertise there will be lumps.
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
Chunky mashed potatoes is an oxymoron. If they were mashed, then they wouldn't be chunky.
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
PM, I disagree. Whipped potatoes should have no lumps. Mashed is just mashed.
azspots on 10/20/2010:
If you use milk, rather than water in the "box potatoes" they are almost forgivable ;)
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
I don't care for lumps in whipped potatoes but they're alright in mashed potatoes.

Ya know six one hand or while in roam in the other either way it's all good.
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
The term "mashed" refers to crushing or pulverizing something into a pulpy consistency, which by definition is soft or soggy...not lumpy. By true definition of the words, they are oxymorons.
Venice09 on 10/20/2010:
Perfect explanation, NH. Cooks were proud of their whipped potatoes with no lumps. Now you can even mash a boiled potato right on your plate, add a little milk and butter, and you have mashed potatoes! There are instant potatoes with lumps? I wonder if they're any good.

Azspots, I use milk in the instant. It does make a difference.
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
I bought these mashed potatoes before and they were really lumpy didn't like em.
leet60 on 10/20/2010:
mashed potatoes without lumps of potato in them are potato soup : )
Alain on 10/20/2010:
Thanks to everyone for their very helpful advice and views! I always learn something every time I'm here. Tonights meal featured nothing contrversial: the brown rice came out like, well, brown rice! The roast was a little tough, though. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Spice in the longest time....
Alain on 10/24/2010:
Additional Information and Update: Carol Parsley, Guest and Consumer Relations with Bob Evans, promptly sent me a letter (with a coupon for a free Bob Evans product which I used to get some Mac & Cheese side dish that my wife loves) via snail mail addressing my concerns about the mashed potatoes. A tip of the hat to you, Carol, for demonstrating that Bob Evans cares about their customers. Your thoughtful letter will assure I continue to purchase Bob Evans products!
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Poor customer service
Posted by on
PICKERINGTON, OHIO -- I visited Bob Evans today. I placed a to go order and was told it would be ten minutes. I had no problem with this. Five minutes after waiting another couple came in to place a to go order as well. After placing their order they wear asked if they wanted a drink while waiting. When my name was called I ask the waitress why I wasn't ask for a complimentary drink while waiting. She resonded she was busy gave me my order and walked away. I ask to see the manager she went over to the dining area and talked with him. He came out and I ask him what was the difference. He ask me did I have the same waitress I told him no, but what was the difference. He said no difference would you like for me to offer you a drink. I walked away. I feel as if he should have said let me he had to ask give you a drink as well. My thought was why ask me.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/22/2010:
I would have taken the drink from the manager at that point.

How was your food?
DebtorBasher on 05/22/2010:
I went through McDonald's drive through last week and ordered one of their bagals. I was asked to pull up and they will bring my order out to me. I pulled up and waited less than two minutes an the guy came out with my order, handed it to me and said, '1 bagal' I said yes...he said, I threw in a hashbrown for your wait. I thought that was really nice of him, since, like I said the wait was not more than two minutes.
Anonymous on 05/22/2010:
Basher, what's a bagal? Is it like a bagel?
Anonymous on 05/22/2010:
It's foreign, pronunced buhgahl. oops.. ::running::
Alain on 05/22/2010:
A bagal is similar to a bagel except that it is covered in chocolate. It was invented by Luthern Monks in about 1564 in the Westphalia Region of what is now Germany as a substitute for fruitcake.
MRM on 05/22/2010:
Aweome Proconsumer and Alain, for dropping the knowledge on us!
Anonymous on 05/22/2010:
See, don't I get credit for knowing that it is foreign? lol
DebtorBasher on 05/22/2010:
What can I say, I'm not Jewish!
Venice09 on 05/22/2010:
The fact that it was a different waitress does make a difference. Your waitress was too busy at that moment to offer you a drink. Apparently the other waitress had more time. This is not something to take personally, especially since an explanation was given, and the manager offered to make it up to you by giving you a drink.
PepperElf on 05/22/2010:
wait ... you were mad, complained, and the manager offered you what you asked for, but you walked away upset

if you didn't want the free drink
what did you want?
Venice09 on 05/22/2010:
The OP said, "I feel as if he should have said let me he had to ask give you a drink as well." I think that's what the OP wanted, but I'm not sure what it means.
Ytropious on 05/23/2010:
OP, there were 2 different girls. One was busy, one was not. You are complaining over a free drink to sip while waiting. I'm sure if this girl had the time she would have offered you a drink too. Also how do you know it was complimentary? The other waitress may have added it to their check.
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Cooks getting slower
Posted by on
BIRCH RUN, MICHIGAN -- The Birch Run Mi. restaurant seems to be getting slower every time I go in there. I am a regular customer two times a week with my family. There were 8 tables that were occupied, five ahead and three that came after me. It was a slow time just before the rush at 4:13 pm. It took 17 minutes to get a cherry cobbler with ice cream desert. I split it with my wife. The waiter brought it out and plunked it in the middle of the table. I asked where is the extra plate I asked for and you never gave me silverware? I can remember when the wait staff was happy. The management people now seem to be ridiculously ignorant and unable or unwilling to promote decent working conditions. I'm about to find another place to hangout. Many of my family already have stopped going there.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/02/2010:
I guess sometimes we do have to just sit back and relax when at a restaurant. If I order something and it takes 30 minutes or longer, then I start getting annoyed. Otherwise, we are usually too busy talking to notice. If I am unhappy with a restaurant's service (or lack of) I simply just find a new place, like you said. There are a lot of choices out there! Thanks for the post.
redmx3racer on 04/02/2010:
Right before dinner (aka in between shifts) is usually a time when restaurants are minimally staffed and/or preparing for the dinner rush. Not saying it's OK at all you had to wait/get poor service-but if there is just 1 cook behind the line during that time than 8 tables probably would keep him pretty busy.

getting fed up on 04/03/2010:
thank you to marymc and also to redmx3racer for taking the time to comment and give your thoughts and en-sight on this subject.
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Bad Place To Work
Posted by on
THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- Seasonal Bob Evans may not be a good choice to work. Was fired for no true reason at a Bob Evans in central fl, just due to labor cutbacks and a lame accusation with no witnesses. So if management decides to lie and accuse employee's for labor reasons its OK, Bob Evans won't question its own management. Posted earlier but used names/location, wasn't aware that broke any rules, sorry. The point remains the same though, after they totally re-wrote company policies it became a bad place to work with too much power put to a few people, and no-one for non-management to turn too in case of rash management decisions.

Customers also have made many complaints since the policy changes, expect mediocre service for prices that are too high -compared to companies that are in a very similar industry.
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User Replies:
bargod on 08/11/2009:
Sounds like your much better off without them. Good luck with the new job hunt.
lessthanzero on 08/11/2009:
Well, Bob Evans in Florida can terminate an employee any time, for any reason, just like you can leave anytime and for any reason. It's too bad that companies have to manufacture an excuse to terminate when it is not necessary. I agree that there should be a "mediation" policy for employee/manager issues, which is what the Union uses through the grievance process.
chookie23 on 08/12/2009:
phew, the unions are another issue, agree though, FL employment is rough, they can let ya go 4 no reason, if they're willing to pay the unemployment=( this is no more than a simple statement for consumers and possible future employee's sadly, I just want the truth out there
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Food & Service
Posted by on
CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- We recently ate at your store #0439. We ordered 2 Cobb salads which we have had there several times, this day they were the most awful salads we have ever had. We had to wait 40 minutes for two salads.

With the economy and people not going out to eat that much you would think that when you do you be glad you spent the money and got good food... not so.
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Customer Service At Checkout
Posted by on
ONATRIO, OHIO -- My friend and I had dinner at a Bob Evans ordering from the senior menu. The food and the service were all right but when I went to pay the bill with a credit card, the cashier asked to see my ID. Showing your driver's license for the purpose of verifying identity or age at restaurants is off putting but the cashier managed to be even more offensive. After returning my ID, she loudly asked if the tip I had put down was correct, mentioning the specific amount, for everybody in the room to hear. She was clearly reading the amount wrong even though the writing wasn't that bad. Now I'm not a big tipper but I always meet or exceed the standard 15%. And I wouldn't mind someone asking to confirm the tip but the way she did this, her unfriendly manner, was insulting. This was the first and only time ever I had anybody question the amount of the gratuity I have indicated on a check in more than 30 years of living in the U. S. in various cities.

I was so offended I had half a mind to say that I changed my mind and would not be leaving any tip. But I can tell you I will not be visiting a Bob Evans in the foreseeable future.
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User Replies:
woodsk1 on 11/16/2008:
not leave a tip? It was not the server at the register. Complain to the manager about he cashier, not the server..
spiderman2 on 11/16/2008:
Was your credit card signed? You admit you weren't sure if it was your age or your identity that was being checked. I imagine if it was your age, the waitress would have verified upon ordering. I would certainly be insulted if someone though I was younger than I was!!! Was your handwriting legible? Maybe that is why the cashier wanted to confirm the amount. Why would you punish the server by not leaving a tip because you felt that the cashier was rude? Not everyone has a sparkling personality like I'm sure you have.
soccermom12h on 11/16/2008:
I can never understand when people make complaints about whatever the particular store is, and they say they will never frequent ANY (Bob Evan's, Circuit City, IHOP, Budget Car Rental, McDonalds, etc.) location of that store ever again. If you have rude service, don't go back to THAT PARTICULAR STORE. Not every single store in the entire country. Now if you have a beef with the overall store policy, then I could see not going to ANY ______ (you fill in the blank) ever again. But why hold an entire chain responsible for one person's rude behavior in one particular location?
Ponie on 11/16/2008:
Identify verification is 'offputting?' If you say the writing wasn't 'that bad'--I'm sure it was and that was the reason the cashier was questioning it.
DebtorBasher on 11/16/2008:
LU...the comment you posted on another thread about this incident, you said it was because you are Asian...I noticed you didn't mention that here.
Crown Jules on 11/17/2008:
Everybody likes to think that their own handwriting is perfectly legible but the simple fact is that it isn't always. A 9 could look like a 7, a 5 could look like a 2, etc. As for asking for your ID when paying with a credit card, every business should do that but a lot of them don't. It shouldn't be considered offensive when someone is just trying to make sure the person using the card is the actual cardholder. Besides, people get too offended by the smallest, stupidest things nowadays.
seriously? on 11/17/2008:
You paid with a credit card and she checked your ID... if I were you I'd be HAPPY she did so. She was making sure it was YOUR card. What if someone stole your card and charged hundreds because nobody would check ID along with the purchase??? And I agree with Crown Jules - perhaps she couldn't read your handwriting and wanted to verify before she charged you??? I think this employee was one of very few who actually follow security procedures...
Lu Mira on 11/28/2008:
You can ask nicely and you don't have to Shout it across the entire dining room twice. You can ask in a normal tone of voice so that the transaction does not have to be a public spectacle. There was something hostile in the entire exchange, something that made me quite uncomfortable. Any employee with customer contact represents the company to the public and one whose manner was not pleasant would be a reason to take my business elsewhere.
Lu Mira on 12/09/2008:
Response to seriously: ID checks happen so rarely they are an annoying exception. Now if an establishment has this policy and carries it out routinely, I would have no problem. Everybody has to go through it, not just you. Anyway, my complaint had more to do with what came after, the way it was handled, when a normal tone of voice would have been appropriate. Announcing you're leaving a $2.00 tip in the restaurant just was overly attention-calling and the amount wasn't even correct. No, I think from now on I will avoid Bob Evans. BTW, I'm Asian, male and the cashier was white and I mention this because there is a related complaint somewhere here from an African-American woman.
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
Perhaps she the cashier was hard of hearing. Before I had ear surgery, I talked louder than I thought I did. What seemed like normal tone to me was yelling to others.

Offended because she checked your ID? If your card had been stolen that's the FIRST thing you would have been demanding: "Why the hell didn't anyone check ID!?" You can't win for losing. And Bob Evans probably is glad you won't be back. I would be.
Jim Goble on 07/11/2009:
Retail personnel need to understand that asking for ID from established and regular customers is VERY offensive to some such customers. Perhaps only older people like me (I'm 62) are bothered by it any more.
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Jim, customers need to understand that just because you have shopped at whatever store for 100 years doesn't mean we all know you. Show ID if you are asked for it and be glad someone is watching out for you.
Minnie on 08/06/2013:
The coffee is weak and is not as good as Perkins, even the bold or dark roast at B.E. for my taste.
I enjoy Starbucks for bold tasting !
The customer service and food in Ft Myers Fl is good. Especially their chicken gravy over mashed potatoes is to die for.
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No service!
Posted by on
KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- On June 8th, My husband and I had decided to eat dinner at the Kissimmee, Florida Bob Evan's but ended up walking out of the restaurant because of poor service.

The Hostess had seated us to a non-smoking section, but the waiter had never came to take our order. Instead, he was standing behind the counter talking and kissing on a girl. It was obvious that this was more important than doing his job. After 15 minutes waiting for someone to ask if we wanted drinks, we decided to leave the restaurant and go to Red Lobster.

The restaurant wasn't busy and only had three people seated in our section, so the poor service wasn't due to an extremely busy night. I have eaten at this restaurant before during the daytime and had no problems, but the service at night time is awful and will never eat there again after 5pm.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.
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