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Poor customer service
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PICKERINGTON, OHIO -- I visited Bob Evans today. I placed a to-go order and was told it would be ten minutes. I had no problem with this. Five minutes after waiting another couple came in to place a to-go order as well. After placing their order they were asked if they wanted a drink while waiting. When my name was called I ask the waitress why I wasn't ask for a complimentary drink while waiting. She responded she was busy, gave me my order and walked away.

I ask to see the manager she went over to the dining area and talked with him. He came out and I ask him what was the difference. He ask me did I have the same waitress I told him no, but what was the difference. He said no difference would you like for me to offer you a drink. I walked away. I feel as if he should have said let me he had to ask give you a drink as well. My thought was why ask me.

Cooks Getting Slower
By -

BIRCH RUN, MICHIGAN -- The Birch Run MI restaurant seems to be getting slower every time I go in there. I am a regular customer two times a week with my family. There were 8 tables that were occupied, five ahead and three that came after me. It was a slow time just before the rush at 4:13 pm. It took 17 minutes to get a cherry cobbler with ice cream desert. I split it with my wife. The waiter brought it out and plunked it in the middle of the table. I asked "where is the extra plate I asked for and you never gave me silverware?"

I can remember when the wait staff was happy. The management people now seem to be ridiculously ignorant and unable or unwilling to promote decent working conditions. I'm about to find another place to hang out. Many of my family already have stopped going there.

Bad Place To Work
By -

THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- Seasonal Bob Evans may not be a good choice to work. Was fired for no true reason at a Bob Evans in central FL, just due to labor cutbacks and a lame accusation with no witnesses. So if management decides to lie and accuse employees for labor reasons it's OK, Bob Evans won't question its own management. Posted earlier but used names/location, wasn't aware that broke any rules, sorry.

The point remains the same though, after they totally re-wrote company policies it became a bad place to work with too much power put to a few people, and no-one for non-management to turn too in case of rash management decisions. Customers also have made many complaints since the policy changes, expect mediocre service for prices that are too high -compared to companies that are in a very similar industry.

Customer Service At Checkout
By -

ONATRIO, OHIO -- My friend and I had dinner at a Bob Evans ordering from the senior menu. The food and the service were all right but when I went to pay the bill with a credit card, the cashier asked to see my ID. Showing your driver's license for the purpose of verifying identity or age at restaurants is off putting but the cashier managed to be even more offensive. After returning my ID, she loudly asked if the tip I had put down was correct, mentioning the specific amount, for everybody in the room to hear. She was clearly reading the amount wrong even though the writing wasn't that bad.

Now I'm not a big tipper but I always meet or exceed the standard 15%. And I wouldn't mind someone asking to confirm the tip but the way she did this, her unfriendly manner, was insulting. This was the first and only time ever I had anybody question the amount of the gratuity I have indicated on a check in more than 30 years of living in the U. S. in various cities. I was so offended I had half a mind to say that I changed my mind and would not be leaving any tip. But I can tell you I will not be visiting a Bob Evans in the foreseeable future.

Food & Service
By -

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- We recently ate at your store #0439. We ordered 2 Cobb salads which we have had there several times, this day they were the most awful salads we have ever had. We had to wait 40 minutes for two salads. With the economy and people not going out to eat that much you would think that when you do you be glad you spent the money and got good food... not so.

No service!
By -

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- On June 8th, My husband and I had decided to eat dinner at the Kissimmee, Florida Bob Evan's but ended up walking out of the restaurant because of poor service. The Hostess had seated us to a non-smoking section, but the waiter had never came to take our order. Instead, he was standing behind the counter talking and kissing on a girl. It was obvious that this was more important than doing his job. After 15 minutes waiting for someone to ask if we wanted drinks, we decided to leave the restaurant and go to Red Lobster.

The restaurant wasn't busy and only had three people seated in our section, so the poor service wasn't due to an extremely busy night. I have eaten at this restaurant before during the daytime and had no problems, but the service at night time is awful and will never eat there again after 5pm. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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