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Bob's Discount Furniture
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Customer Service Sucks
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Rating: 2/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My apt had been painted so I was still in the process organizing my living room when my sofa was delivered. I subsequently noticed that there was a small damaged spot on the back of the sofa behind the pillow (the nap was missing). I phoned customer service and was referred to the Goof Proof Protection plan that I had purchased. When I called them I was told by their representative that the coverage doesn't start until the one year warranty has expired and that I should call customer service again. And that Bob's is always trying to get out of honoring their warranty.

I phoned Bob's again and was told that since I hadn't reported the defect within the 3-day period there was nothing that they could do to remedy the situation. The representative also implied that I should create a story about accidental damage to get it covered by the Goof Proof plan. When I told her I wasn't comfortable lying about this she told me that there was nothing that they could do for me. Unfortunately this is a lesson learned. I will not be a repeat customer.

Company Response 06/07/2013:

That doesn't sound right to me. I'd be happy to help. Please send your order info to and I'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

Terrible products, Poor Customer Service, Goof-Proof a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- I bought a complete living room set for my home, I bought a sofa, two chairs and a three piece table set. When I first received the tables they were delivered damaged. The coffee table came dented and there were screws sticking out of the legs of the side tables. The screws actually scratched up my floor. It took them 3 months for me to get tables, and the only reason we got tables was because we had to go in and reorder new tables. The originals were on back order and they told me it could be another 2 months before I got the tables, but they sold them to us anyway.

Now less than two years later, the sofa I bought is falling apart. The couch has sunken in and collapsed and the arm is broken. There are no young children in my home and it was not abused. When you touch the right arm of the couch you can hear the wood cracking. The cushions can not be sat on because they are sunken in. It is almost like the foam or whatever is inside is decomposing. There are springs sticking out of the cushions as well. We no longer can sit on the couch.

I bought the goof proof and was told at purchase that is covers everything. They will repair it or replace the furniture if it can not be replaced. I went to Bob's stores and told them what was happening, and that I had goof proof. They told me it only covers small rips and stains, which is not what the salespeople tell you. They sell the goof proof as the ultimate additional coverage. The salesmen told me that it is additional manufacturer coverage, as well as it covers all additional stains and damage caused by anyone even pets and kids. So they told me that I should call Bob's.

I called them today and they told me that goof proof does not cover the quality and that Bob's only gives a one year warranty. There was nothing they were going to do. The couch is collapsing from poor quality and there is nothing I can do. They sent a Bob's technician to my home anyway, and the tech guy walked in and told us that this couch is crap, he has been on many calls about this couch and couches similar to it. I called Bob's and they said they can't help us that the warranty is up, call goof proof. They even told me what to say to get Guardian (Goof Proof Company) to come.

The guy came two months after my initial call, and the guy was at my home for 5 minutes, and also told me that this couch is garbage. He took pictures of the collapsed arm, and the cushions. He then told us "Good luck getting something done, Guardian will only cover small stains and burns and not manufacturer's defects." So essentially we are out of luck, we now have to buy another couch to replace the one I bought 1 1/2 years ago.

I was planning on buying a dining room and bedroom set from Bob's. Thank goodness that the couch fell apart and Bob's poor quality was shown to me before I dropped another 2500 at Bob's. I will go someplace else where I might spend more initially, but will not have to drop more money every 1 1/2 years to replace the cheap garbage I already bought. Update: As predicted, Goof proof will not do anything for my couch, and I am currently shopping for another couch. Bob's furniture is made to last 1 year, just to get past the manufacturer warranty. DO NOT BUY FROM BOB'S, and if you do DO NOT BUY THE GOOF PROOF, it is completely useless.

Company Response 08/07/2013:

I'd like to help. Please email me at with the name, address and phone number associated with your account.
Thanks, Eric.

Mislead by Sales Rep With Buying Goof Proof
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTHINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I recently purchased a 6-piece sectional from Bob's in light brown suede. My fiance and I were hesitant with buying suede because we have a 2 yr old. We voiced our concern to the sales representative and he then introduced goof proof. After telling us all about goof proof we thought hey we can't go wrong. The sales representative even gave examples like if our son took a crayon, pen or marker an drew all over the couch it would be covered or if his cup leaked and left a stain.

So we said well you can't go wrong let's do it. So we purchased the sectional which we found out was not in stock until the following month and we spent the extra $99 for goof proof... The couch ended up being delivered in almost 3 different deliveries they had kept saying that certain pieces were still not in... My fiance was frustrated at that point and we should have taken that as a sign to just cancel the whole order.

So about 2 months after have the couch one day my son gets his hands on a black marker and scribbles all over our storage ottoman and the wedge console to the couch.. My fiance was upset at the time and I wasn't so much. I was like hey I will just call goof proof that's what we brought it for right... It was a weekend and goof proof was closed so I used the cleaner that was given to us at Bob's which after scrubbing for quite a while got most of the marker out.

So a few days later I called goof proof I was on the phone for about 20 minutes before anyone assisted me. I told the representative that I needed to file a claim. He asked what happened and what was damaged. I told him which pieces they were and that it had marker and pen and my son had drawn on the couch. The representative then tells me how many marks are on each piece. I thought he was joking but nope they want you to count each mark dots and all. After counting each mark line and dot on each piece he put me on a brief hold. Only to tell me when he returned that it was not covered due to marks greater than 6 inches and being excessive in markage.

I was speechless. I asked him why wasn't it covered, he said because it didn't happen at one time. I was like were you here when it happened - no.. I told him the pamphlet says it covers marker and pen. He then says "yes if it's an accident", how is a two year old scribbling on a couch not an accident. He said it's more like if you sit down with a pen in your pocket or something and you mark the couch. When asked what does excessive mean he told me "because you said there are about 20 marks on the ottoman." I said "we'll yes but only because I counted dots."

I mean really I told them they were full of crap and said some other not so great words and then hung up on them. I knew it was to good to be true.. I will never buy that crap again. What a waste of money.. Don't buy goof proof no matter how good it sounds, that Bob's sales representative is full of crap.

Company Response 06/07/2013:

I'd be glad to see what we can do to help out. Please send your contact info to and I'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

"Goof Proof" Is Not Worth the Paper It Is Written On
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Rating: 2/51

Good proof is not what was stated to me. I will try to summarize my experience with Bob's and with the "goof proof" warranty that they sell through Guardian and Guardsman (formerly). We all know that we get what we pay for and that Bob's furniture is cheap but you figure the goof proof will save you when you need it. Not so in my case.

We bought 2 bedroom sets from Bob's in mid 2010 and a sofa love seat combo in 2009. All of the furniture now needs repair so we called Bob's. The 2010 purchased items are under warranty from Guardian and the 2009 sofas are under Guardsman warranty. In fairness to Guardsman, they have not yet acted on the claim and may very well agree to do the repairs (I will update this if they do).

Bob's sent a person out to look at the furniture. He tried to glue a piece of veneer back on the bed but it didn't work and now looks worse than when he started. We were told that nothing is under manufacturers warranty so we would have to deal with Guardian and Guardsmen. A few days later, Guardian called to let us know that the glides on the bureau and the peeling veneer were "normal wear and tear" and "didn't happen in one single incident" so nothing is covered. I specifically asked the salesperson about normal wear and tear when I bought from Bob's and was told that it was covered (they even showed me in writing where it was). Now there's a new story.

I noticed Bob's Facebook page showing an ** to email so I did. ** told me that they could replace the glides for $10 each and they wouldn't charge me labor costs. They would also try to re-glue the veneer. Not really what I expected but by this time it was all I could get so I asked him to order them. I soon got an email back stating they don't sell them anymore. I'll never trust Bob's store again but I'm glad I learned this now because we are just starting to search for another bedroom and a living room set. I would have given them 1 star but the mattresses we bought are still good. Our sectional from Macy's is still in great condition so perhaps we will start there.

Poor Quality Furniture and Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- I went into the store and was helped by a representative name **, he was truly a genuine guy, though he insisted several times that I purchase the delivery and setup for $100. I decided that I would pick it up at the Secaucus warehouse and put it up myself and save that extra $100. ** said that the table would be ready to be picked up in 2 weeks. At the warehouse, the guys loaded the set in my truck and told me to sign on this paper for having picked up the table. I signed.

After one week of bringing home the table I had the time to put it together. On opening the box I realized that some pieces were black and others were brown. Also the paint on the top of the table was smudged. I called customer service. The representative said that she would have to send a technician out to my house to verify my complaint. This took another week for the tech to come to my house.

When he came, he was expecting to see the table mounted up. Since it was in the box, he refused to open the box to see the problems. I opened the box for him. He called customer service and made a report that the table has to be replaced. The representative asked to speak with me, she said that the table is in back order until May 09, delivery would be May 10. I asked for a refund because I could not wait that long. She said that they couldn't refund me because it has been more that 24 hours since I picked up the furniture.

She said that I was supposed to open the boxes in the warehouse and make sure all is well before taking it home. I told her that would have been impossible, how was I supposed to repack a table and 6 chairs back in the boxes to bring it home and bring it up to the second floor.

I had no choice but to wait to May 10. In the meantime, I went back to the store in Wayne, to verify that the table was indeed all black. As usual I was bombarded by a representative to help me. The rep's name is **, after telling him the issue at hand, he said that is what you will get for not paying for delivery and that this should teach me a lesson to always pay for delivery and service plans, whatever I buy. I asked him, if I was wrong to pick it up myself and save $100. He said yes I get what I don't pay for. I asked him, if he would pay for something that he could do himself and he said that it is better to pay.

I have no idea how a person working at a furniture store could afford all these service plans out there. The table in question was creating a problem, I had no space to walk around. I called up and asked them to come pick it up while I wait for the new one. The representative sent for it and also had the brown pieces replaced. On May 10, the guys brought the table, they refused to bring up the new table since their paper work was saying that they have to pick up the old table and brown pieces before giving me the new table.

I have to say that I would never buy as much as a button at this store. Apart from the attitude from **, the customer service does not note the complaints on the account as is should. Please do not waste your time going to this store.

Quality and Service Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ, NEW JERSEY -- My fiance and I went to Bob's Furniture Store in Monmouth Junction, NJ. We were looking for bedroom furniture, consisting of a dresser and wooded bed frame, a mattress, a box spring and perhaps a computer desk and chair on 3/9/12. We were helped by the office manager, **, which she was able to find the furniture pieces to our liking. We specifically told customer service there, that we will have the bedroom furniture, mattress and box spring to be delivered on 3/16/12, while the computer desk and chair to be delivered at a later date. We needed time to have that specific room prepared for that computer desk and chair.

We received the items as promised on 3/16/12, but they also delivered the computer chair in that delivery against our instructions. Since we were so concerned about the bedroom furniture, we made sure those items were in working order before the delivery men left. Everything was fine with the bedroom furniture. Since the room was not ready for the computer chair and desk, we left the computer chair in our living room for the time being.

My fiance did notice about a week later that the black computer chair was defective. There was chipping on the front arms of the chair, a hairline crack in the back of the left arm, and the arm sawed off and sub standardly screwed in, which caused it not to be flushed with the back part of the chair. Since this chair was black, it was hard to see the defectiveness of the product. I called customer service to cancel the computer desk. If the chair is in this quality then, the desk will probably be in the same type of quality. My fiance then called customer service, and since we did not call within the three day window, they could not give us a refund.

A tech person must come out to determine that it is defective for us to receive any store credit. Two weeks later the tech came and told us that it is defective, but the arms can be replaced. We did not want it. What is the sense to have a computer chair without the desk? So we had a schedule a delivery man to pick up the chair on 4/11/12 to get the credit. While this was all going on, we advised customer service that we had a comfort issue with the mattress. We tried the Bobby Bear Euro top mattress in the store, and it felt fine, but unfortunately, it did not translate well in our home. I would wake up in utter back pain ever night for the first week.

Customer service advise us to call on the thirty first day to get an exchange. Since this would require another tech to come in to determine the defectiveness of the mattress probably in two weeks, we asked customer service to pick up the mattress. They said they can do it, but the delivery men must call them to get confirmation. They did, and speaking with a customer service, I was told to call the store to order a new mattress. I called later that afternoon, and was told by ** at the store that they do not have the mattress. I then called around 8:30 and they finally gave me credit for the mattress and chair.

Unfortunately, since I return the item, I must pay $39.95 delivery charge for the new mattress then the difference of the new mattress in the amount of $110.00. Being that it was late and I was tired from a long day at work, I put it on my credit card. I decided to speak with **, the sales representative that helped picked out the new mattress, the following morning due to all the aggravation that I went through. I wanted something for the inconvenience. He told me some bull that the price is already a discounted rate and Bob's does not give any refund. ** was boasting that the Bob's provides great quality at a great price.

He was saying that Bob's Furniture is the best and urged me to buy their stock, since they are going to expand down South. ** claims to be the disciple of Bob's. I was ready to hear in his next sentence, that Bob's will be parting the Red Sea next week for everyone to see. Please, **, stop the bs. Bob's is a store with horrible service and crappy furniture. I will never get anything at Bob's again.

One Thing After Another After Another
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WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- On March 15th, 2008 I got married. The very next day, my new wife & I went to Bob's Discount Furniture for our first big purchase as a newly married couple. After meeting with a salesperson we rummaged around the selection of the beds & decided upon a "Bob-O-Pedic" adjustable bed. We tried both the plus & firm mattresses & bought the firm. The only issue was that it was back ordered & wouldn't be in until the first week of April 2008.

We got a call soon after with the news that one was available & would be delivered that week. When I spoke with the store I reminded them that they needed to call my cell phone & not the home number when the delivery people were on their way. These instructions were outlined on the invoice. A couple days later I just happened to be passing my home from a work errand to find the Bob's delivery truck at my house. (Why didn't they call me?) No matter, I was there & all was OK. I let them in. They took the old mattress & installed the new. They reminded me that it'd take a few hours for the mattress to soften up as it was cold that day.

That night we slept in our new bed. Or at least my wife did. I could not relax on the mattress. It seemed a lot firmer than the one in the showroom. I gave it a couple more days & after getting little sleep & a sore back we went back to Bob's to exchange it for a plush version as well as the non adjustable as neither of us used that feature. So April 10 of '08 we went back to Bob's & did the exchange. I tried & retried the plush & firm & decided that the plush was best. JUST in case, we went with a dual that has a plush & firm half.

They said, however, the king size was back ordered to May 20th. So we decided to wait for the new one to arrive & just keep the queen automatic until then. By this time I had started sleeping on the floor on a roll up spare mattress. Fast forward to May 13th 2008. I called customer service to see if the new king size was still going to be available on the 20th. She said "Oh we have those!" I said, "when were you going to call me to deliver it". Basically since I was in there the 20th, they were going to wait.

So I (again) double checked that they delivery people would do the one hour call ahead to my cell number & she read back the number I'd originally given. The next day, on the 14th of May, I got an automated call from "**" about a scheduled pickup on May 15th between 2:09 PM & 5:09 PM on my cell phone. "Yay" I thought, "they remembered!" No they didn't. On May 15th, 2008 I got a call from my neighbor saying that there was a Bob's Furniture truck at my house with people & mattress walking around. This was 2:11 pm. Since I work 15 minutes from home I left work & headed there. When I got there @ 2:28PM & the truck was gone.

I went inside & on my answering machine was a call from the Bob's delivery people telling me they were almost at my house. There was also a call from the Bob's warehouse saying that I'd need to reschedule. I called customer service was told that once the truck leave an address, it can't go back because it has other deliveries to make on time. When I pressed, she said she'd try to get the truck to go back since by this time it was only about 20 minutes away. When she got back she told me that the truck was already back at the depot & was done for the day.

I then asked her why I didn't get a call on my cellphone as was outlined in the instructions. She told me that that phone number wasn't anywhere on the invoice. "Then how is it Bob's called me yesterday at that number?" She didn't answer. So I spoke with her manager. She was even less helpful. I was more upset that they didn't call my cell than missing the delivery. But she promised that they'd be back tomorrow (May 16th) with the bed & would "absolutely" call my cell phone.

May 16th, 2008 12:25PM. I was at lunch with some co-workers & I thought, "I'll call the house just in case". I called & wouldn't you know, there was a message from the Bob's guys saying that they'd be at my house by 1PM. I left the restaurant early & got to my house at 12:58 and waited. And waited. And waited. At 1:30 I called customer service about the delivery time because for some reason the on-line customer tracking didn't work. The lady said they they had two more deliveries before mine & should be there soon. I waited until 1:45PM & I had to get back to work.

I left a post-it on my door saying that I waited until that time & to call my cell. I was half-way back when someone called from Bob's saying that they were at my house waiting for me. I asked why they were so late, "deliveries, you know?" No apology. But that's OK. I called my boss as I headed back to the house. I was pulling up then they were unloading. My new, $1400.00 mattresses were on the ground. I thought since they were in plastic, I'd be OK, right?

They brought them in & were struck dumb as they say the still un-retrieved queensize bed that they were supposed to pick up. So they left my new mattresses outside (did I mention it was starting to rain?) & brought the old mattress into the truck. They put the king size on the floor & I inquired about something, "Where's the frame?" So they called the depot & I heard over the Nextel that it was still on back order & then it was that I never ordered one with the bed. That part is true. I looked at the invoice & there was no frame there. However, one wasn't offered either. So my new bed is on the floor. Later that afternoon my wife calls, "This mattress is filthy!"

Indeed, there was wet grass stains & leaves & mud on the ends of the mattress, "probably from where they dropped it in the yard" I said. I was so elated to finally have the new bed I didn't even think to look at the mattress. But there were holes torn into the plastic letting them get in that condition. My wife called customer service about this & they basically did the same thing with me. Didn't listen, didn't really seem interested in helping, "we can get another mattress our there on Tuesday but there will be a delivery charge." My wife felt that unacceptable & felt that we shouldn't be responsible for a delivery charge for an abused item.

They told her that "they'd look into it & they'd call back". They did, a couple of hours later but all they did was move the delivery to Monday, but they'd only bring the delivery down to 50%. I personally don't think we should be responsible for the mis-handling of their delivery people. I also felt that their delivery persons weren't professional. One spent most of his time on his cell phone arguing with someone & quite frankly didn't fill me with confidence in my purchase.

The customer service people were an entirely different story. They were more interested in getting off the phone than actually helping us. They wouldn't listen & had the habit of talking over my wife. At one point told her to "calm down" when she started getting angry. In the future, I think I'll spend the extra money on a company who actually appreciates their customers. I myself work in the services field & I'd be looking for a new job if something like this happened. We'll never shop Bob's ever again.

I had no problem with Bob's furniture or delivery, except wrong color couch.
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Rating: 5/51

NESCONSET, NEW YORK -- I see many complaints here about Bob's furniture, delivery and customer service so I felt compelled to give my positive review figuring that people only post reviews when they have a bad experience, but not the good. I bought a couch and a king sized Bobby Bear bed with euro top (which I've also seen several complaints about). The salesman I dealt with was very friendly, patient and helpful. After putting my order through I even changed my mind on which couch I wanted before even leaving the store, and he gladly changed the order for me and I gave him the additional money because that couch was $200 more than my original choice.

The furniture was delivered the date it was promised and I had a car accident on my way to my new apartment to meet the delivery, so they even came back later the same day because I was not there for their first delivery attempt that morning due to the accident (as a side note, I was not hurt but my Mercedes was totaled, not a good start to my day). When the delivery guys arrived they were nice enough and although they seemed to move quickly, which made me nervous they would damage the furniture, they didn't cause any damage to the furniture or my new place, and in no time the furniture was inside.

Unfortunately, the one problem I did have was when they started to unwrap the couch, I noticed it was not the color I had ordered it in. I called the store while they waited and arranged for a new delivery of the correct color couch. The salesman said I could keep the wrong color couch for now and when they deliver the correct color couch, they will pick up the wrong couch at the same time. I thought that was cool because at least I still have a couch in the meantime. Other than that I didn't have any problem with Bob's furniture at all.

It is now almost 5 years later and although I have since moved and did have the furniture in storage for part of that time, I have been using the furniture for a total of around 3 1/2 years and I am still happy with both pieces. My Bobby Bear bed is still so comfy, and I believe the problem people are having with it being lumpy or sagging may have something to do with the frame, because I don't have mine on a frame, I have it on the floor with a dust ruffle on the box spring because I don't like my bed too high up and mine is still firm, no lumps and no sagging at all.

My couch is also still in good shape, no sagging and not falling apart and I have pets and fat friends who sit all over it! As far as the stories about the Goof proof insurance, I bought it too but that is a separate company which is an "insurance" company, and to me it just doesn't make sense that they would actually replace or repair anything for such a small amount of money, even damage done due to one's own fault such a long time after purchase and use.

If something seems too good to be true, that's probably because it is. Most insurance is rarely what it's sold as. I got it too but never really had reason to use it. Both of my choices have since been discontinued, and I feel lucky I got them when I did because I am still very happy with both.

Do Not Buy From Here!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WOOD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a dining set online, received confirmation email. I have verified the shipping address was correct and the billing address was correct. I received a call from Bob's to schedule a delivery date and time which was fine. I received a call that they were running early and asked if I would be able to take the delivery early. I said yes. Was waiting and received another call that they were outside. I look and no one is there. They actually went to my billing address and said "Oh well there is nothing we can do."

I sent them the confirmation sent to me by them, showing the correct information (shipping was 10 minutes away). They told me I had to go to the store and correct the issue. I had no time to do that and took a day off work for this. I got absolutely nowhere after speaking to 1 manager through their delivery service that said there is nothing they can do and will transfer me to the store. The store manager said it was ridiculous and would make sure that I received my delivery and would call me back.... Never received a call, so I call her (** for the Woodbridge store). She said "I am working on it and will call you back."

Still nothing so I call again to find out that ** actually left and resolved nothing for me. I spoke to someone else regarding delivery and they stated "the drivers have been released for the day" so no delivery. I asked to then be scheduled for this Sat. as it was not my error. They told me they would send in a request but can't guarantee anything, and I would receive a call within the hour to confirm my delivery. Again till this time (the next day) still no phone call!!!!!!! Haven't even been offered a discount for the inconvenience and their mess up. I will never order from here again. Buyer BEWARE. Prepare yourself for a hassle and headache.

My First Week With My Bob O Pedic
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Rating: 3/51

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- We ordered the bob o pedic after looking at a Sleep Number bed. I personally have never had any problems sleeping in my mattress which was a pillow top from Rotmans back in 1999. My husband has had back problems for some time. When we got our taxes back, we decided to buy a new mattress. We ordered the bob o pedic firm and were very excited. It came in the day they said and the time frame they promised. We did notice beforehand luckily that they ordered the plush when we wanted the firm. We changed it in time for delivery.

The delivery went smoothly other than the hallway they walked through the contracted movers took some chunks out of my wall. I admit it was a tight squeeze, but I would hope they would be smart enough to know not to try to squeeze it in without warning me of the possible results of a damaged wall. They did stick some sticky putty in the holes and asked me to re-paint the damage. Because I was so happy to have the bed, I did not complain much. I did notice the odor people talk about, but it was not unbearable. I waited to put my bob o pedic cover on the mattress as instructed 3 hours.

First night in bed. Loved the feel lying on my back and watching TV. Not easy to be intimate in I must admit. Anyway without TMI, I slept great however woke up with a very bad stiff upper back. Never in my life have I had a back issue on a mattress. So this concerned me very much. Once I was up and moving, it seemed fine. I have now slept in this new mattress three nights and did not have a repeat of upper back pain, but I am skeptical. Looking forward to hearing comments on this experience. My husband says it is fine for his back. How long should I give it before I make a decision without going past the 30 days?

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