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Bad Customer Service Part 2
Posted by NotHappy on 04/26/2006
TOWATA, NEW JERSEY -- I want to give a big thumbs down to Bob's Discount Furniture. This is my 2nd Post, the first on my3cents.com. I know why their prices are cheep. They do not provide any customer service! I ordered my furniture in December.
What should of took the salesman 15-20 minutes took him over a hour and a half to place the order. I gave them the benefit of doubt being this is a new location for them. I had just purchased a new house and ordered 3 rooms of furniture. (over $4,000) On January 14, 2006 I got my items, all were not damaged expect for a small scratch on my big entertainment unit. It was not that bad because it was on the back bottom of the unit and you would not able to see it the way I placed it in my house.

I did however did not receive an item that is very simple and very cheep. I had ordered a buffet and hutch, and it came with one broken glass shelf and no shelf clips to hang the shelves. The same day I got the delivery I ordered the clips to hang my shelves. Mind you I have received none, and needed 32 pins to hang all my shelves. My glass shelf and pins would take, get this 4-6 weeks to get a replacement because they do not stock them in CT warehouse they would need to come from MFG from overseas. I could see the glass takeing this long but simple plastic clips.

While I waited and searched Lowes, Home Depot, Ikea, mom & pop hardware store, no one had the clips in the correct size. I even tried e-bay. No luck. This piece of furniture came from overseas, and I guess only clips from overseas would work.

I waited 6 weeks and on the start of the 7th week received my shelf, but no pins. I have all my glass china meanwhile still in my moving boxes. I called bobs and got a response of “they will be mailed to you soon” I received them the end of that week, to my horror when I opened the paper envelope to find 4, yes 4 clips. I called and spoke with a manager, and she was not cival at all. Brushing me off for a simple 5 dollar item. “Well that was what the order was placed for.” And I quote. I got a new order placed and was told 2-4 weeks again. Well I got my package 3 weeks later with again 4 clips. I called and spoke to the same manager, and she said, well you said you needed only 4. She heard me wrong. I had told her I only got 4, she heard that I need 4 more. Then she argued that the unit takes only 24 clips and not 32. I assured her that it did take 32, and counted the holes one by one with her, and I got 32, she got a total of 24.. We went on for a half hour arguing over a 5 dollar item. At this point I am livid! I went to bobs in person and spoke with the store manager, and he said, there is nothing he could do for me. It is now 4 1/2 months, and I still do not have my 32 pegs.. Something so simple, something so cheep, has driven me to report bobs to BBB and write this letter…


I got a response from my post at my3cents.com on 4/11/06 advising me that they are sorry and more clips are in the mail to me, as well as a $100 store credit for all the trouble that I was having. Well today is 4/26/06 more than 2 weeks later, and no clips or credit arrived to my door. As of today I did hang 3 of my 6 shelves in my hutch, and unpacked my boxes of all my glass china that I had to trip over for 4 months to find one of my glasses broken. I can’t blame bobs, it could have been the movers, however I can not put a claim in with the movers because of the time that has passed, so I have to eat the $30 broken wine glass which was lead crystal. I am bitter, and would not recommend bobs to anyone. They can not follow up on something simple like this, I hate to see what happens if something should break on my furniture, because yes I said yes to his no goof insurance. They need to stock these weird clips in there warehouse/store. It would not take up much floor space and save consumers like myself 5+ hours on the phone trying to order the correct amount.

Need 32, received 12 to date…
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-26:
At least you know they are reading My3Cents.com. I am sure what they told here was to calm you down and not neccesarily to handle your problem. Cause they know bad comments like yours will effect there business. I hope you get your problem resolved. Thanks to you, I know I will not shop at Bob's Furniture.
Posted by id10t on 2006-05-13:
Bob's Furniture...so disappointed. Had to buy a new couch for a dying cancer victem. Could only fit one couch in home. Bob's gave me the name of someone who would take the old one...the salesperson assured me that it would be no problem. After many phone calls, I could not find someone to take it away for free. I called Bob's & explained the situation & they just brushed me off saying they could not help. Meanwhile, this patient cannot get around in the wheelchair because the old couch is in the way. My friend died 2 weeks later...thanks for nothing, Bob!
Posted by Kiran on 2008-01-14:
On November 23, 2007, I ordered a table and chair from the Bob’s store in Monmouth Junction, NJ. On December 20, 2007 I got a call from Bob’s informing the goods have arrived and I can pick up the goods. On December 22, 2007, before going to the warehouse, I called Bobs once again informing them that I will be reaching there in a couple of hours to pick up my goods.

Upon reaching there, I was informed that only the table has arrived. Having rented a truck, I did not want my money and visit to be complete waste; hence I picked up the table. The next day, I called the 1-800723-2627 for the delivery of the chair; however I was informed that as per the records I have collected all the goods. Thinking the data may not have been updated, I called the same number after a week, but I got the same response.

The next day, I went to the store to talk to them about the situation. Hence I spoke with the store manager, I was amazed by their courtesy and client servicing. I was told that they have done their job by showing the right product, giving the right price and booking the right order. Here after, if I have to get my problem solved, I will have to speak with their corporate office. There is nothing the store can do and they are not responsible for this issue.

I am still struggling and running pillar to post to get the chair delivered.
Posted by warble on 2008-07-28:
Purchased a $2500 set from Bobs. Looked great in the store, furniture delivered the first time and 4 pieces were broken. It took 2 months to redeliver to replace the furniture and GUESS WHAT? IT WAS BROKEN TOO. Yeah, that's right, they delivered broken pieces of wood to me two months after the original delivery date. This is Bob's correcting a problem, they send more BROKEN FURNITURE to your house so you have to send it back and wait for them to maybe, if you are lucky, send you a real piece the next time. We aren't talking scuffed, the pieces had broken pieces of wood and were assembled incorrectly by their manufacturers at Singapore. The first person to do quality control in the UNITED STATES is YOU. Thanks, Bob's, for making our life a living hell.
Posted by katoandjovi on 2008-09-22:
Yes, their customer services leaves much to be desired. When my sofa had a wax spill, and the Guardsman protection I purchased refused to cover it, I called Bobs. They wanted to hear nothing of Guardsman policy - not their company - they only make money off selling you the plan. My furniture was only 3 weeks old. I told them I could turn over the back pillows, but I needed 2 new covers for the seat cushions. I asked if I could purchase the COVERS (not the whole cushions) for my armelss loveseat that is part of my sectional. The whole armless unit was $210, yet they wanted $100 for 2 COVERS!!!!! Not to worry - I removed the stain myself with a paper bag and an iron. Too bad Bobs wouldn’t charge me $25 or even $50 for the covers - they still would have made money and I would have been happy. No, they wanted to rip me off. Making money off me once wasn’t enough. I’m sure with all the bad reviews I wrote, they have lost ten times that much in sales. Stop making those annoying commercials and do some research on customer service.
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Bob's Furniture Writes Bad Checks
Posted by Maggi72 on 03/10/2007
BROOKFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- As a consumer if I purchase an item and write a check as payment, It is required by law that I have the funds in my account to cover this check or face the possibility of paying penalties. Bob's Discount Furniture wrote,in essence, a bad check to me. They sold me furniture that they do not have. On 10/04/06 I ordered $4,400 in furniture. At first I was told the furniture was back ordered. When it finally came in and I scheduled a delivery day for 2/20/07 (4 months later), took off the day from work, no delivery came. Bob's "customer care" staff obviously were not working that day. They failed to notify me that 2 days prior upon loading the delivery truck, the table I ordered was found to be damaged. On 2/21 I went down to Bob's. I was then informed that back in November they knew the table I had ordered was defective and therefore had ordered me a "similar table". I was then told the "similar table" that was found "damaged" upon loading it on the delivery truck would be reordered and in stock on 3/1. Scheduled new delivery day for 3/10. Delivery came this time,one broken chair leg and no buffet. Spoke with the warehouse and was told the buffet was "damaged" and could not be reordered because it was discontinued. Same goes for the chair. Advised to come on down to Bob's and just pick out another buffet at no extra cost to myself or have the delivery guys re-load the truck and just get a refund. Gee Bob's, thanks for that great, caring, customer service that you falsely advertise.

So what's the real deal with the furniture? Is it back ordered, damaged, defective, discontinued, or perhaps just fictional? I realize for a big corporation like Bob's that my time is of no concern to them and shouldn't I just be happy, after-all, I'm getting a full refund. What about the day I took off from work and no delivery came? What about the Saturday I wasted for a partial delivery that was taken back anyway? What about the 6 months that my house has had no furniture? When are we going to stop allowing these corporations to walk all over us? I can promise that's the last bad check I'll ever let Bob's Discount Furniture write to me, my family, or my friends!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-11:
Your subject line is misleading. They did not write a bad check.
Posted by prcalmb4storm on 2007-03-11:
Look Passingby person is having a bad time with bobs and all you can do is bash the subject line? Have a little compassion and offer some advice instead.
Hey Maggi thanks for the heads up on bobs, i will not be purchasing anything from them. thanks for sharing your bad experience and i hope you have better luck with another company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-11:
PB is absolutely correct. The subject line is misleading, and in fact, probably libelous. Just tell us what happened without the drama.
Posted by yoke on 2007-03-12:
Get the feeling maggi and prclam are the same person. I am still waiting to find out about the bad check.
Posted by Maggi72 on 2007-03-12:
No I am not prclam. My subject line is called an anology and my story is laced with sarcasm. The bottom line is Bob's sold furniture that they do not have. Apparently this has happened to several people. I don't see how a company can get away with this time of business practice. Think of the interest they made on my $4,400. Also isn't a set delivery date a binding agreement? How can they just no show and face no penalties. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, so we'll see what happens.
Posted by prcalmb4storm on 2007-03-12:
I've never met Maggi we are not the same person thank u very much!
Posted by prcalmb4storm on 2007-03-12:
I get the feeling kenstorm and pb are the same person.
Posted by yoke on 2007-03-13:
sorry, you stated they wrote bad checks. They did not write you a bad check, therefore the subject line is misleading and a lie. Wonder if Bob's would like to know that there is a person claiming they wrote a bad check to them.
Posted by prcalmb4storm on 2007-03-14:
Dang did i just read Maggi call me prclam? its PRCALM, thanks!
Posted by jennym on 2007-06-10:
I actually had almost the same exact experience with Bob's Discount Furniture-to a tee! They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. To top off the bad experience just trying to get the furniture, now it is all falling apart after less than a year. I could have bought furniture locally and been more satisfied. I wish that I had. It's such a shame that we are so easily fooled by promises that turn into lies.
Posted by jryan22 on 2008-01-28:
If you take the "bad check" comment figuratively instead of literally, it makes perfect sense. Writing bad checks is basically promising something you dont deliver which is exactly what bobs does! STEER CLEAR of Bobs.
And maggie, I dont know where your from but if your from NH, you can expect similar service from the Better Business Bureau
PS...if any of bobs lawyers want to contact me, please do...maybe i can get some service!
Posted by CrappyCrap on 2008-01-31:
You ordered over $4000 worth of crappy furniture made by underfed Chinese children, out of old-growth wood from clear-cut rain forests. Stay away from discount throw-away furniture and buy your furniture from quality American manufacturers using hardwoods from managed forests and proper furniture making techniques. You're better off spending $4000 now on a few great pieces, and building your furniture collection around that. In a few years, your Bob's furniture will be on the curb, and in MY landfill. None of their products are even worth reupholstering, because the frames are soft pine and simply nailed together. For the kind of money you spent, you should have furniture that you hand down to your kids.
Posted by noname1234 on 2008-03-22:
I feel the poster was over the top, self absorbed(sitting around on half his saturday, taking a day off of work etc....) and,has probably told a very one sided view of this story. I have dealt with Bobs and they were great.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-22:
You should be happy you can afford $4000 worth of furniture. Why use a "crappy" discount store if you could actually afford quality stuff?
Posted by er630 on 2010-01-17:
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-17:
you seem to be under the impression that it somehow means others are obliged to agree with the person complaining?

show me where that rule is written
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-17:
+10 Alley and Pepper
Posted by Rich on 2011-07-13:
Very disappointing experience.I bought a bedroom set,mattress and foundation.They forgot to load the foundation on the truck.5 days before next truck could deliver it.Customer service just terrible.I was disconnected 3 times while being transfered from one supervisor to the next.I asked for a credit for the screw up that cost me a days work.They offered me first a $50.00 gift card not a charge card credit and when I refused they made me a final offer of a $100.00 gift card and said take it or leave it.
So I spent $2200.00 with them and They gave a $100.00 gift.I was asking for a $200.00 credit to my charge card which is less than 10% of my total purchase.DO NOT SHOP AT BOB'S FURNITURE just a terrible experience !!
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Shame On Bob's
Posted by Sabrina Badal on 03/05/2008
FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK -- As with all the other complaint, I was very happy with the sales people at Bob's Discount Furniture in Farmingdale, New York. I was so excited to receive my new furniture we actually re-did the entire house. We purchase 4 full bed room set and 2 leather soda sets. Here comes the problem when the delivery people came more than half of the furniture was broken or missing. They would not set any of the side table together, could not speak English. I was on the phone with customer service all day. I went back to the store and spoke with the sales person and manager and after 2 more delivery of wrong furniture I still to this day have had no response.

I would never recommend this company for anyone to buy from. The customer service was rude and everyone was a supervisor, the manager never had any answers. What kind of business is this? So much for Bob's commercials what a load of ......
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Posted by sabletaz on 2008-03-05:
His furniture is just crap...
Posted by PleasedAsPunch on 2008-03-05:
The delivery people were probably ILLEGAL Aliens, too.
Posted by Tenaceus on 2009-10-27:
I recently made a furniture purchase at Bob's discount furniture in Farmingdale, NY and I strongly advise anyone who contemplating doing the same to run, not walk, away from this store. I waited through seven (7) deliveries of the same piece of furniture which was delivered damaged every time. After the last failed attempt, Bob's stated they would pick up my sleeper sofa and give me a full refund of the purchase price, however, since I purchased the style and color of sofa to match the other Bob's furniture I bought, changing out the set would now totally destroy the coordination of the all the pieces. Add to that the fact that the curtains and carpeting also compliment the furniture and the cable guy would have to reinstall the connections to the TV console and you'll discover that Bob's refund does not adequately address the failure of their performance on my furniture purchase contract. In short, this furniture purchase was a disaster and any remedy proposed by Bob's is a laugable joke.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-27:
Now now Pleased. Illegals are those who our President want to welcome into our country and give them citizen status to show how warm and welcoming we all are.
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No customer service!
Posted by NotHappy on 04/10/2006
TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY -- I want to give a big thumbs down to Bob's Discount Furniture. I know why their prices are cheep. They do not provide any customer service! I ordered my furniture in December. What should of took the salesman 15-20 minutes took him over a hour and a half to place the order. I had just purchased a new house and ordered 3 rooms of furniture. On January 14, 2006 I got my items, all were not damaged expect for a small scratch on my big entertainment unit. It was not that bad because It was on the back bottom of the unit and you would not able to see it the way I placed it in my house.

I did however did not receive a item that is very simple and very cheep. I had ordered a buffet and hutch, and It came with one broken glass shelf, and no shelf clips to hang the shelves. The same day I got the delivery I ordered the clips to hang my shelves. Mind you I have received none, and needed 32 pins to hang all my shelves. My glass shelf and pins would take, get this 4-6 weeks to get a replacement because they do not stock them in CT warehouse they would need to come from MFG from overseas. I waited 6 weeks and on the start of the 7th week received my shelf, but no pins. I have all my glass china meanwhile still in my moving boxes. I called bobs and got a response of “they will be mailed to you soon” I received them the end of that week, to my horror when I opened the paper envelope to find 4, yes 4 clips. I called and spoke with a manager, and she was not sympathetic at all. Well that was what the order was placed for. I got a new order placed and was told 2-4 weeks again. Well I got my package 3 weeks later with again 4 clips. I called and spoke to the same manager, and she said, well you said you needed only 4. she mister stood my conversation, I had told her I only got 4, she heard that I need 4 more.

Then she argued that the unit takes only 24 clips and not 32. I assured her that it did take 32, and counted the holes one by one with her, and I got 32, she got a total of 24.. We went on for a half hour arguing over a 2 dollar item that US pegs do not fit in my holes, so that is why I still have no shelf’s in my unit. I went to bobs in person last week and spoke with the store manager, and he said, there is nothing he could do for me. It is now 4 months, and I still do not have my 32 pegs.. Something so simple, something so cheep, has driven me to report bobs to BBB and write this letter…
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Posted by yoke on 2006-04-10:
E-Mail Bob. He claims from his advertisments he cares. Let's see if it is true!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-04-10:
While working thru Bob, you might also try Lowe's. Believe it or not, in the nuts and bolts department, they carrier a pretty decent assortment of all those clips, pins, latches, knobs, etc that you need. Buy them and send Bob the bill.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
It hardly seems worth it over something you can get at a hardware store. If they are a little bigger you just take a drill and simply make the wholes work. I understand your frustration thought.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-10:
I travel by Bob's everyday on the way to work and back. Bob's is a brand new store, took over the building that use to be Hoffman Koo's furniture store that went out of business. I would take pictures of the hutch and show them in person since it seems they don't know what they sell.
Posted by NotHappy on 2006-04-11:
It does seem very simple, problem is Lowes & Home depot does not sell the right size. Funny that I tried calling Bobs directly, Going in person, writeing a letter to corporate, and 1 hour after posting on this site, I get a response. They are sending 4 more in the mail. What gives, that leaves me 12 shy of the required amount needed to put up the shelfs. I even got a voice mail message from the supervisior that I spoke with, played to to corporate, and they offer me $100 credit for the store. Yea! can I give my credit in exchange for 12 more pegs?? Bottom Line there is no Customer Service here, the manager in store, and I quote" That is not my problem, call the 800 number"
Posted by Bobs Employee on 2006-04-11:
Dear Not Happy, I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. Bob's prides itself on quality customer service and we would like to help. Please contact our Customer Care Department to resolve any unresolved issues. We do have a total of 28 pegs on order for you and offered the $100.00 gift certificate as an apology for your frustrations and nothing more. Again we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied but we are here to assist you if you allow us to.
Customer Care Management - Bob's Customer Care 1-800-569-1284.
Posted by kylel5747 on 2007-05-30:
obviously bob's stinks, in every way! maybe it's worth the extra 100 bucks or so to shop at an old fashioned family run furniture store that stands behind its products 100%.
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Bob's Discount Service/Mattresses
Posted by BRog on 11/02/2006
STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This turned out to be the worst mattress I have ever slept on, and the customer service at this store is practically non-existent. I bought this mattress in March 2005, and since then the product has deteriorated so much, it's not something anyone can get a decent night's sleep on anymore.

I called the store to complain and they sent a "sleep technician" to my home to test it. Their so-called test consisted of a wooden stick held across the mattress. If there was no space showing under the stick, then the mattress was declared perfect. The man didn't lay on it, or put anything on it to test it, except for the stick. What kind of test is that? The thing sank in the middle whenever there was any weight at all on it. Even my little 2 year old granddaughter could put an enormous hole in the mattress. While the "technician" was at my home, my husband spoke with customer service and all the woman said was that they do not guarantee comfort!!!! I sent a letter of complaint to the company with nary a response.

I will never buy anything from this store again, and will discourage anyone looking for a mattress to stay away from this store. The very least they could have done, is send a letter of regret and possibly a store coupon, but nope, we got nothing.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-02:
So you've had the mattress for a year and 1/2............and now discover you can't sleep on it? You seriously can't expect them to replace it at this point do you? Have you flipped it end to end and over to opposite side every few months per directions? Are you sure it's not the box springs that are bad? Trust Me.
Posted by BRog on 2006-11-03:
I did all of that. Of course, I don't expect a new mattress, but some sort of response would have been appreciated, or at least an acknowledgement, that there may indeed have been something wrong with the mattress. The box spring also came from them. It was a gradual breaking down of the mattress, not an overnight thing. It gradually became more and more uncomfortable. I've had other new mattresses, which lasted 10 or more years, which is what you would expect, not a year and a half.
Posted by kylel5747 on 2007-05-30:
I would expect any furniture store to back up a mattress that fails after only a year and a half, I'd also expect that store to replace it with a completely new mattress in good faith in order to keep the customer! My furniture store would do that for me!!! Bob's is unbelieveable
Posted by trucksales on 2007-06-21:
I am on my second bob o pedic and now just like the first one after 7 months or so it turns hard in the second layer.Your arm should not go numb on a $1000.00 mattress. You should get 7 years out of it not 7 months.I called cust.service again but I don't know if I have the fight in me again..this product is junk..stay away
Posted by bosbuddy on 2008-02-03:
Thank you guys, I didn't like the corcky old man in TV add it self. These all stories back up my feeling that this "Bob" guy is a thug.

Posted by Tomas090 on 2008-05-19:
Search under Tomas090, same problems. I wish I had visited this site before throwing my money away and being treated like crap

I have filed a complaint with my State's attorney general (Maine) I suggest you do likewise and if enough of us complain....
Posted by Nikolee1 on 2009-01-27:
I'm glad that I saw this website before throwing my "very hard-earned money out the window too. I am a leasing coordinator for a residential community and have heard three nightmare stories regarding the following: (Bob's, if you're reading this...listen up!) 1.) Merchandise Not delivered as agreed. 2.) When the merchandise if FINALLY delivered, it is scratched or cracked. 3.) When you call the store you are transferred to several different departments, forced to explain yourself several different times and the end result....a $50.00 coupon, a massize headache, defective merchandise and thousands of your hard-earned money out the window. P.S. And yes your mattress should last more than a year and a half. My husband and I have had ours for 7 years and are on the market for a new one, but not at Bob's because they obviously don't need return customers or care about word of mouth. Buyer Beware.
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Bob's Discount Furniture--NEVER AGAIN.
Posted by Meglr on 06/25/2006
SAUGUS, MASSACHUSETTS -- Me and my fiance were moving into an apartment in the month of June. Towards the end of April, we went into Bob's Discount in Saugus, MA to look for a bedroom set at a decent price. The only one i really saw that i liked was an Arlington Oak bedroom set. I bought the Armoire, the Queen bed, 1 nightstand, and the long bureau with tri-fold mirror. Everything came to about 2,000 with taxes and delivery. I didn't think that price was too bad. They didn't have a couple things in stock at the time, but it was okay cause we weren't moving in anytime soon. My fiance asked the sales person if our "FULL" mattress (that is basically only 2 years old) would fit this bed (since it was a queen). Because sometimes Queen beds can go into a full. The salesperson said he wasn't sure, so he went and asked his manager. At this time, we had waited and waited to get an answer because the salesperson was between us and another customer (trying to get both deals done). The manager came up to us and basically said "yes, no problem your full mattress will DEFINITELY fit this bed.. it will be really sturdy enough" So when he said that we bought the bedroom set and it was going to be delivered in a few weeks. The day of delivery... that's when the problems started. They delivered on a Saturday.. and when they brought the furniture in we noticed a 6 inch crack on the armoire and on top of that.. a crack on the bottom of the bedpost. They said they would be back on Saturday to fix it and would leave it here so we had something to sleep on. The next day (Sunday) we put the mattress on the bed.. and that's when things went crazy!! When we put the mattress on the bed.. the manager said it would fit.. well.. it DIDN'T! There was a 12 inch difference.. and it didn't reach the edge of the bed. If a 2 year old were to sit on it.. the thing would crack through the floor. So we called the store in Saugus and talked to the salesperson.. the salesperson (dale) did not even care that we were even a bit frustrated and he just transferred us to the manager. We explained to the manager what happened and he said that we could get a "kit" that would help make it fit better. The mattress looked so stupid cause it looks so small compared to the bed. He gave us the number to customer service, and told us he would write it in our account so when we call they 'll know what's going on. The next day we called the store again and talked to another manager. We AGAIN explained what was going on.. and the 2nd manager said there was no kit that could be installed on the bed and 2nd of all he said whoever was there that told us the bed would fit.. doesn't't know what there talking about, cause if it was him he would of definitely said the bed wouldn't fit. So after we talked to him we called customer service. My fiance talked to a CSR and towards the end of talking to them he got really frustrated because it seems like they don't care at all. So he started flipping out and screaming he wanted to talk to a manager there. So, she hung up on him. Then i called again.. and the only thing that she could do was give me a 50$ gift certificate (seems like that's all they do for ANY situation) So i hung up.. and on a Monday night at 6 o'clock went and tried to go to all these stores to find a mattress. (Since we were sleeping on the floor since the delivery date). So.. all the mattresses that we looked at were over 1,000 and i wasn't going to buy a 1000 mattress. Luckily, my mother came through and find something at a good price. So, we grabbed it. On Saturday, when they were going to re-deliver the damaged furniture.. they took out the two pieces and must have hit my wall like 10 times with the furniture. I am DONE with bob's furniture. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed??? Yeah RIGHT.. Him and his wife can SHOVE IT!

**UPDATE: i love how bob's commented on this complaint, saying it was "MY" fault for having to purchase a queen size mattress due to the fact that sales people at bobs told us my full size mattress WOULD fit.. what a JOKE!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-25:
Bob's furniture is a BBB member. I would advise you to file a complaint/ either by phone or form. (Though I have serious doubts you'll do it anyway) Good luck.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-26:
Uhmmm not sure what made you or anyone at Bob's think that a full-sized mattress would even remotely work on a queen bed frame?? There's a reason they are two different sizes. That was just plain silly.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-06-26:
rhondam, maybe because some comforters are full/queen? I don't know but I sure would measure first!
Posted by B-D-F rep1 on 2006-07-07:
I work for Bob's in the Consumer Relations office, and I handled this customer's complaint through the Better Business Bureau. This customer ordered a queen sized bed, knowing that he had full sized bedding. When it became apparent that the bed could not be adapted to hold full sized bedding, our Customer Care department offered to pick up the bedroom set and refund the customer's money. This offer was refused, because we would not refund the delivery fee. The delivery fee would not be refunded because the delivery was made, and no damage was caused by the delivery team on initial delivery to warrant the return of the product. In regards to the team bringing the replacement merchandise hitting the customer's walls, we have a Home & Property Damage department that handles these types of claims, and no damage was ever reported to this office. The $50 gift certificate offered by Customer Care was done as a courtesy if the customer wished to keep the set and purchase queen sized bedding from us. The customer has requested through the BBB that Bob's reimburse him for the new queen sized bedding, to which we responded that we would not be responsible for this cost as the customer took it upon himself to keep the queen bedroom set and purchase bedding elsewhere.
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"Goof Proof" Is Not Worth the Paper It Is Written On
Posted by Greg2013 on 03/20/2013
Good proof is not what was stated to me. I will try to summarize my experience with Bobs and with the "goof proof" warranty that they sell through guardian and Guardsman (formerly). We all know that we get what we pay for and that Bobs furniture is cheap but you figure the goof proof will save you when you need it. Not so in my case.

We bought 2 bedroom sets from Bobs in mid 2010 and a sofa love seat combo in 2009. All of the furniture now needs repair so we called Bobs. The 2010 purchased items are under warranty from Guardian and the 2009 sofas are under Guardsman warranty. In fairness to Guardsman, they have not yet acted on the claim and may very well agree to do the repairs (I will update this if they do).

Bobs sent a person out to look at the furniture. He tried to glue a piece of veneer back on the bed but it didn't work and now looks worse than when he started. We were told that nothing is under manufacturers warranty so we would have to deal with Guardian and Guardsmen. A few days later, guardian called to let us know that the glides on the bureau and the peeling veneer were "normal wear and tear" and "didn't happen in one single incident" so nothing is covered. I specifically asked the salesperson about normal wear and tear when I bought. From Bobs and was told that it was covered (they even showed me in writing where it was). Now there's a new story.

I noticed Bobs Facebook page showing an Eric Maurer to email so I did. Eric told me that they could replace the glides for $10 each and they wouldn't charge me labor costs. They would also try to re-glue the veneer. Not really what I expected but by this time it was all I could get so I asked him to order them. I soon got an email back stating they don't sell them anymore.

I'll never trust Bobs store again but I'm glad I learned this now because we are just starting to search for another bedroom and a living room set. I would have given them 1 star but the mattresses we bought are still good.

Our sectional from Macy's is still in great condition so perhaps we will start there.
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Posted by greg2013 on 2013-04-25:
After much trouble, they did refund the $400 I paid for the "goof proof" . Now I have to get the furniture fixed.
Posted by chris Normandin on 2013-06-08:
I was told any thing could happen to this furniture as long as I bought the protection I could stab it with a knife ect. and it would covered well my cat put its claws into the leather on the back I put a claim in an they denied they the claim what a scam they told me animals were excluded I read the pamphlet and no where is that stated don't buy from bobs they rip you off I will never buy from bobs again oh yea thanks bob maybe jordans is were to go
Posted by chris Normandin on 2013-06-08:
8 moonbeam ave Chelmsford ma 01/824
Posted by Mandy on 2013-10-03:
AGREED!!!! I bought the 'goof proof' and had a hole and my couch. They asked how it happened and I said I don't know. Then Ask me what I think could have happened. I said kids or dog I have no idea. As soon as they heard I have a dog they denied my claim. I am furious. I paid good $ for the plan
Posted by Brett on 2013-11-13:
Yup, avoid Bobs, you get what you pay for. They just denied my claim for my recliner that is now peeling apart on the headrest. Next time I'm spending the money on a real company.
Posted by Bharathi on 2013-12-17:
We bought a living room set. the bonded leather sofa ripped on the headrest. My husband mentioned he did not know how this happened to 'Goof Proof' and that is it. They said they cannot refund if we do not know how this happened. We have kids and we dont know how this happened. They said they cannot help. The associate on the phone was very rude.
Posted by Cg on 2014-02-22:
Goof Proof is a joke and doesn't provide any service to their customers. It's a shame that Bobs sells a protection plan that doesn't support their products. I will NEVER buy another item from Bobs if they do not resolve this problem.
Posted by amy on 2014-03-17:
Goof proof total waste of money!! I called on my living room set that I bought March 5, 2013. The chair cushion is bubbled up, and my children decided to color on the ottoman. I was told that the foam in the living room set is not covered, and since the ink is over 6% of the ottoman that is not covered either. Contacting better business bureau may help!
Posted by L Duffy on 2014-03-18:
I will be contacting the better business bureau also. Do not purchase warranty or furniture. I was told the same thing. You can have a screw driver in your pocket and puncture seat. Its all covered!!! The run around and hold times are crazy!!!!
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Bob's Furniture Is Crap And No Customer Service
Posted by ROK on 06/06/2008
NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- If you like nightmares then you'll love Bob's Discount Furniture. After three different price changes because of "Addition Mistakes" we bought our living room and bedroom sets. Now on to the delivery, or lack of it!! I had asked that the delivery people call my CELL number NOT my home phone when they were on their way. I only work 2 blocks away and can be at my house in less than 6 minutes. They (Bob's Store) called the night before to confirm the delivery and said it will be there between 9:05am - 12:05pm. I waited until 1:30pm to call and ask where the delivery people were. I was told I needed to reschedule because no one was home when the delivery people were there. I asked why they didn't call, she said they did and repeated back my HOME number, grrrrrrrrr!!!!! I told her it says to call my CELL number, she was like, yeah whatever. I was livid!!

Things got pretty ugly when she said I'll also have to pay for another delivery for the missed one that day. I'll spare you what happened next only to say it's not settled yet. Anyway, the stuff finally got delivered and in the right places.

Fast forward 2 weeks.......

One night we had some friends over and we were in our living room sitting on our new Bob's couch and chairs when all of a sudden the couch drops to the floor. Yup, 3 of our guests were now sitting on the floor, the couches frame snapped!! The crappy wood split and snapped into 3 pieces. One little 1/4" board holding the whole 4 person couch up. I was astounded and embarrassed too!! Customer service blamed us for having too many people on the couch. I wanted to reach into the phone, grab that lady by the throat and ring her neck when she said that!!

We're still working on that issue, plus now the bed frame that we bought is starting to crack. I called about that and they told me they were not coming out here anymore until the couch problem is solved, WTF??? This is BS, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORES!!!!!!

Now I know how they can afford to have all those stupid commercials. It's by ripping off hard working peoples money!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-06:
and those commercials sure are stupid.
Posted by Inko on 2008-11-19:
I agree 1 million percent. I live in NYC. Almost verbatim, the same thing happened to me. Delayed delivery and, once they arrived and assembled, everything went to hell two days later. I have to CONSTANTLY tighten all the CRAP I bought. Kitchen Table, Kitchen Chairs, MY GIRL'S BEDROOM FURNITURE.

Just the worst company in the world. I hope they get what's coming to them.
Posted by old fart on 2008-11-19:
I would no more buy something from a place called "Bob's discount furniture" than I'd buy something from "Fred's Car wash emporium and Sherman tank sales"...

I'm sorry, But I have no great sympathy for your plight..
Posted by jdg78 on 2009-01-05:
I just purchased a couch there about a week ago, hope I do not have the same problem. Was the couch you purchased one of their cheaper models? I know they have sets for like $800 up to sets for $3000. Just wondering which end of the price range the set you had a problem with was in.
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Bob's Furniture - Buyer Beware!!
Posted by Kristeena7 on 09/28/2006
NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS -- On Sep. 24, 2006 I ordered a complete full size bed set from Bob's. They assured me that it would be delivered by Wed. 9.27 with no problems. They took our money from the credit card no problem. But when they delivered it, that is when everything changed into a nightmare! On Wednesday, I received a phonecall at my work from my fiance informing me that things were not what they promised. The delivery people could not speak English, and when they were bringing the mattress out of the truck, they dropped, and dragged it across my driveway. They tried to bring it into my house, proceeding to rip the boxspring on our dresser. (NOT GOOD!) When my fiance pointed this out to them, they looked at him briefly and walked away to their truck. One of them asked to use OUR PHONE, to call their Connecticut office to confirm delivery (on our phone???) the person he contacted asked to speak to my fiance, and when he took the phone, the delivery people took off. Now, I failed to mention, that the mattress had a stain on it and was torn inside the plastic wrap. It was obvious that the mattress had been used.

To make a long, LONG story short, I spent a lot of time that day at work calling them trying to resolve, also my fiance from home doing the same, and we got the same thing- "You have to talk to the damaged goods center" Well, that is I GUARANTEE you, a 30 minute wait. Try to E-mail Bob himself from their website, you will get one of their flunkies! Anyway, I am getting my money back, and I went to Sleepy's, and got a beautiful PP Sealy with a fluff mattress, and a queen size to boot for the same money! So the lesson is, DO NOT SHOP FROM BOBS DISCOUNT FURNITURE!!!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT! Would I buy from them again? I DOUBT IT!!!!!!!

Unhappy-Plainville, MA
p.s. We feel they owe us money for time and aggravation!!! They Suck!!!
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Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-09-29:
You know what to do. Come on downnnnnnnnnnnnn and yell at them. Heh.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-29:
Bob is opening a new Bob's Discount Furniture location in Woodbridge, New Jersey next week and he's looking to hire sales consultants. If interested, you can apply at http://www.mybobs.com/employment/location.asp?city=woodbridge_nj
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-09-29:
ack I think working for Bob would drive me insane.
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Bobs Discount Furniture: Ripping off Labor
Posted by JCTwitchell on 07/07/2006
MASSACHUSETTS -- Heres a story for you.. Bobs Discount Furniture hires third party company's to deliver its furniture. I formerly worked for the eastern mass logistics of this company LMS logistics. I just spent over an hour trying to find any trace of this company. No luck .

These company's have thinly worded contracts that basically are illegal (i am not sure due to the fact i never engaged in this contract) making the driver of the truck a independent contractor. Out of his check comes truck rental fees, pay for helpers, and insurance. About a month ago the owner of this company started charging an additional 200 dollar a week "fee" to offset the cost of covering this years down payment on the insurance covering these trucks. I thought this sounded very fishy and mentioned it to anyone i knew who had run trucks and they confirmed it sounded like a scam. I had since stopped working for this company due to injuries and difficulty having days that were less than 16 hours long. But my step-father Dave continued to drive trucks for them.

Two weeks ago the parent trucking company for bobs delivery's in eastern mass shut its doors with no notice to its drivers and workers. No contact has been made with the owner of the company and the phone number in Connecticut has been shut off. This company hasn't paid a penny of the 3 weeks of contract work they owe their drivers either. That is 14 drivers all owed at a minimum 2000 a week. Almost 100 grand. The extra 200 a week that was skimmed off the top of the checks for insurance went to directly lining the pockets of the owner.

These are drivers with families and labor who depend on them. It is no easy task missing 1 pay check but try 3 for a sizable chunk of money. I am going to blog this story and update as it unfolds.

Please Repost this to get the word out about Bobs Discount shady business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-07:
You make the point that the delivery company is an independant operation, with no oversight from Bob's. If that company stiffed its workers and closed its doors, how does that make Bob's a shady operation?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-07-07:
Give Bob a break - you admit the company is an independent contractor - you have no idea what Bob knew or if he even had an idea that the company was about to go out of business.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-07:
You charge contract irregularities in contracts where you were not a party and have no first-hand knowledge. Bob's subcontractor suddenly closes shop "without warning". I fail to see how this is misconduct on Bob's part or illegal. "Slander" and "libel" are terms Bob's lawyers may decide to acquaint you with.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-07:
Theoretically you could sue that company but with the caveat the p r o b a b l y skpped out in paying workers compensation insurance to the state. Also you could report them to the the Labor Board in your state and to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)http://www.osha.gov - as far as I'm concerned, from the tone of your message Bob sounds like a no good heathen cheatin' ba&tA## Good luck
Posted by B-D-F rep1 on 2006-07-22:
As soon as Bob's Discount Furniture was made aware that LMS, the subcontracted delivery company, was not paying their employees, Bob's immediately contracted every driver/independent contractor that we had contact information for or that had already contacted us. We have offered to pay the amount due that LMS has failed to pay. Bob's has also invited every driver/independent contractor the opportunity for employment directly through Bob's, and some drivers/independent contractors are already delivering to Bob's customers. If the party that originated this posting has not made contact with Bob's, please contact us and we will pay any amount still owed by LMS.
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