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Don't risk your life with a Budget Truck!
Posted by Eleasmom on 08/30/2010

Budget rents out un-maintained, un-checked vehicles, and doesn't care about the fact that their vehicles are risking lives.

I rented a 24-foot truck and car-trailer to move from Vallejo, CA to Tucson, AZ.

I flew out my brother to help me drive back. The first thing he did was to check the brake fluid on the trailer (in case the trailer comes loose, it has its own automatic brakes), and OF COURSE it was empty. LIVES RISKED NUMBER ONE. If the trailer had come loose, it would not have stopped and would have seriously injured or killed other people on the freeway.

U-Haul advertises that they have the lowest decks. I thought that it wouldn't be that much of a difference - but it sure was. U-Haul's decks are lower than waist level. The Budget back deck was almost neck high. The ramp they provide has very little traction. We almost couldn't get the washer & dryer up the ramp. MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE NUMBER ONE.

After the truck was loaded, it had a HORRIBLE shudder between 45 and 65mph. My brother said that there was clearly something very wrong with the front end. Given that the max speed when towing a trailer is supposed to be 55mph, and there's no way I could go under 45 on the freeway...we shuddered along. By the time we got to Tucson (20 hours later), we were beyond sore. MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE NUMBER TWO.

The AC vents had broken flaps. You couldn't turn them off of one person and on the other. MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE NUMBER THREE.

Now the good part. It got dark, we turned on the lights, and were shuddering merrily along. Suddenly my brother says, "What happened to the running lights?" We were completely dark on the sides & back of the truck & trailer. We checked the fuses (I happened to know exactly where they were, because the cover kept falling off onto my knees). It was clear which fuse was bad, because it was burning hot. Literally burned my fingers. Of course, there was no fuse diagram, so we couldn't just pull one of the "extra" fuses and plug it in - even if we had, it probably would have burned out in a second, because there was obviously a short. Driving down the freeway in an invisible-dark truck? LIVES RISKED NUMBER TWO.

My brother asked me to be sure to find the fire extinguisher. I looked around the whole cab, and couldn't find it. The next day, in the bright sunlight, I found it, completely inaccessible, WAY behind and under the driver's seat. It's a law that there has to be a fire extinguisher in a truck like that, but, of course, it doesn't have to be ACCESSIBLE! What if the short had caused a fire in the dashboard? LIVES RISKED NUMBER THREE.

I tried to call Budget's Roadside Assist, but I was on hold for about 25 minutes. Finally, my cell phone ran out, and we couldn't risk using up my brother's cell, because there might be (and WAS) a real emergency. So, we went the rest of the way with the hazards on. Have you ever driven with hazards on? TICK. TICK. TICK. TICK. For hours. And hours. And hours. MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE NUMBER FOUR.

Still, we continued. We had been averaging about 100 miles per quarter tank. We were approaching Phoenix, and I asked my brother (he was driving, thank goodness!) how much gas we had. Just over a quarter tank. We decided that we'd play it safe and get gas at some truck stops just the other side of Phoenix. About 10 miles later, we were just the teeniest amount under 1/4 tank. That should be enough to go another 12 to the truck stop, right?

WRONG. As we're driving along, my brother WATCHED the needle drop from 1/4 to zero. Then below zero. Then it ran out of gas. 1/4 tank in 10 miles. When a truck like this runs out of gas, it loses power steering & brakes. My brother is a big, strong, strapping guy, yet he was fighting with all his strength to stop this beast. I was TERRIFIED! We literally almost ran off the road. We would have flipped over, and been seriously injured or died. If I'd been driving, I wouldn't have been able to safely stop the truck. LIVES RISKED NUMBER FOUR.

There's more of a long story about how we unstrapped my car, got gas, but the truck wouldn't start due to a lack of a priming button, and then my brother sent me to Tucson while he waited for roadside assist. They did show up (after 90 minutes) and get him on the road again - that guy was great. Meanwhile, another semi almost ran him down (LIVES RISKED NUMBER FIVE) so he had to go sit outside of the truck, at 4:30am, in southern Arizona, in the dark desert, by himself. (Animals, illegals, and drug-runners...) LIVES RISKED NUMBER SIX.

The next day, when we called customer service, we were proudly told that they always do a 10-point inspection before renting the trucks. (Whee... so, the brake lights and blinkers work. What about the ALIGNMENT, the FUSES, and the GAS GAUGE???)

Do you think Budget is offering me any sort of fair compensation for RISKING MY LIFE? Not a chance.


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Posted by Skye on 2010-08-30:
Did you send their corporate office this letter?
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Posted by Ssyoung on 08/17/2009
PARSIPANNY, NEW JERSEY -- As many other reviewers have said, Budget truck rental is horrible. Here is my experience:

I rented a 10' truck for 5 days for a move from Denver to Chicago with pickup and dropoff times at 3pm.

On the day of pickup, I called the dealer and asked if it would be possible to pick up the truck early. They said "sure, come on in." When I got there they only had a 16' truck and failed to mention that until I brought it up. Their response was, "the two trucks have the same gas mileage. You can call around for a 10' truck if you want." The claim that a 16' and 10' truck have the same gas mileage is BS. I did not need all that space and the extra hassle of driving a larger truck so I called around for a 10'. In the end, I got stuck with the 16' truck because no other locations had a 10' truck. What use is a reservation if it reserves nothing?

On the day of the return, we show up to the return dealer at 2pm to find that they are closed. There was another person there trying to drop off a truck as well as someone trying to PICK UP a truck they had RESERVED! I called the store and they tell me that I would have to drop off the truck at another location that was open and had parking space.

Frustrated, but wanting to leave the truck in a safe spot, I drove to the next location and found that it too was closed. At this point I left the truck there and dropped the keys through the key return.

A week later, I find an extra $150 charge on my credit card. I called Budget and was informed that this charge was for an extra day's rental. Apparently, by picking up the truck early, I had moved my RESERVED return time to the earlier time. Had I known this would happen, I would have waited to pick up the truck. But I'll accept that as my fault for not reading the fine print of the new contract that was printed. Apparently, the word RESERVED means nothing to Budget.

Debbie, the woman I spoke to at Budget customer service informed me that there was nothing that they could do because, "the rentals are on a 24 hour cycle." When I asked if there was a manager I could speak to about it, she said, "there's nobody else you can talk to" and HUNG UP on me.

Even allowing for my mistake of not reading the changed contract, the customer service of Budget is unacceptable. Failing to uphold reservations and treating customers like a chore.

NEVER RENT FROM BUDGET! Save some time, money, and hassle and go with another company.

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Posted by Mukki on 2009-08-17:
rented from Budget once and when I returned the car they tried to block me from going out with the employee to inspect the car. I actually saw him keying the painted bumper! It still had the paint spiral hanging off the scratch and this after I drove through salt and slush to turn it in! the only clean spit was the scratch LOL. Whe I complained they said I had a gold card and Visa would pay for it! I was wondering why I was upgraded free of charge to a luxury car! Visa didn't care and said they would pay for it. I refused to make a claim and refused to pay. I kept all my receipts, photos and I even had a friend who saw them do it (they thought I was alone) Budget tried for three years to threaten me, I kept mailing them copies of the evidence and they tried to make me go to Florida to court from Boston! I fought back and they eventually disappeared, it's been over ten years. I wonder if I had gone to Florida with my friend and a lawyer if they would have had to pay for our vacation LOL
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Worse Truck Rental
Posted by Guerrw on 06/23/2012
This is worse truck rental place. Arrived and truck was not there. Had to wait like 5 hours after complaining for 2 hours. Yes rate is cheap. But not worth headache.
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Budget Truck Rental - Unreliable, unethical and dishonest
Posted by Carioquinhaveras on 01/08/2012
CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I called Budget for an estimate on a 10 foot truck rental. The customer representative gave a reasonable price and I made a reservation.

When I went to the pick-up location to get the truck I was told that they did not have a ten foot truck available and that they would then give me a sixteen foot for the same price. However, my move was small, I didn't have enough to fill up a 16' truck and, more importantly, I did not want to pay for gas for such a big truck. (About $130 to fill the tank). The representative at the location said "this [not having the reserved truck] happens all the time" and that "the phone reservation representatives do this on purpose to rent the bigger trucks." I asked him to check on other close locations for a truck with the description I reserved. He checked and said none of the locations within 50 miles had one. Therefore, I told him to cancel everything and that I was very upset because I had my move all planned and packed. He then tells me that he will cancel but that I would lose the deposit money.

Unbelievable, right? I know!

I told him I would not pay one cent to this terrible, dishonest company. He kept saying that the computer system simply would charge my card and there was nothing he could do. I called and complaint until the phone representative told me she would remove the charges.

Budget is UNRELIABLE and has a terrible customer service. Do not count on them for a rental, they are likely to leave you hanging and you are likely to have to change all your plans. Also, after not meeting your expectations, they might charge you for a service they failed to provide.

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Posted by griffin21 on 2012-01-08:
I made a comment yesterday on a different post on how Budget Truck made multiple reservations against the same truck, and when I got there at the confirmed time, the truck I reserved was already gone and I ended up with a larger one. It was 10' --> 16' truck too now that you've refreshed my memory. I recall the gas mileage was about 9 miles / gallon.
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Budget truck rental
Posted by Eagles34 on 09/29/2010







Read more: http://www.rateitall.com/i-7031-budget-truck-rental.aspx#ixzz10vV1hpCV
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Budget Truck Rental Nightmare
Posted by Prorater on 09/21/2010

Everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong with a Budget Rent a Truck reservation. First, their website doesn't return a receipt to your email account. The time you request to pick up the truck means nothing. After an hour waiting with only one employee on duty, the truck I reserved wasn't available. Instead of a ten foot truck, I was handed keys to a 24 foot truck. The larger truck was in terrible condition, and the engine vibrated violently and quit several times along the way. When returning the truck, the unbelievably rude employee (still the only one working at the Orange City, FL, location) argued about the condition of the truck and couldn't answer any questions, which included whether the mileage qualified for the discount code shown on line, what taxes were charged on the bill, or even why the mileage being charged conflicted with what was recorded at the time the truck was rented. When I complained both by telephone to the corporate office and on-line for the unprofessional treatment and being overcharged and for being provided an unsafe vehicle, there was no response at all (this was almost two weeks ago). Budget is a terrible rental agency, and this makes two horrible experiences in a row. The last time I rented a car, Budget again didn't have the car and fixed me up with a much smaller vehicle that also vibrated terribly and had to be returned within ten minutes and the rental agreement canceled. Don't waste your money or your time; find a much better and more ethical rental company unless you enjoy pain, suffering, and terrible treatment.
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Even if you reserve weeks ahead, Budget won't guarantee a truck
Posted by Dcreporter1 on 08/27/2010
Customer service doesn't get any worse
I reserved a truck online with Budget on Aug. 15 for Sept 3
On Aug. 25, I called the location only to find it had no trucks for over a month
When I called Budget to complain, they did not try to help me and said the reservation does not guarantee a truck will be available
I tried calling corporate headquarters and even with my reporting skills, I could not reach a real live person
I finally got a call back from a media relations representative at Budget who said again they don't guarantee a truck will be available
The only help she offered was suggesting I try a competitor
There are a lot of bosses who would fire her for that
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-08-27:
They overbook just like airlines do.
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Budget is a Bust!!
Posted by Marbug on 07/31/2010
DO NOT USE BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL!! My friend reserved a truck to move out of state weeks in advance. Yesterday he called and confirmed his reservation. I took him to get his truck this morning only to find out that Budget had overbooked their reservations (10 trucks and 24 reservations!). We then found out that every Budget center in Austin (where we live) was over booked, and that this is a common practice for Budget. My friend spent almost an hour on the phone with Budget "customer service", only to have the terms and conditions curtly cited to him by a less than helpful or compassionate representative ( a reservation only guarantees the rate, not the size of truck or that one will be available). If moving is not stressful enough all ready, add to the mix scrambling last minute to find a moving truck and you are well on your way to an unfortunate comedy of errors. SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE! SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY WITH ANOTHER COMPANY AND REST AT PEACE KNOWING YOUR TRUCK WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!

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Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-31:
You will find this is common practice for all Auto and Truck rental companies. While inconvenient for the customer, they look only at the bottom line. Consider, from their point of view, 100 rental "reservations" a week and likely only 70% of the customers will ever show up. Either overbook or have a truck sitting empty making no money.

Same with car rentals and airlines.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-31:
Happened to me with another company. Have alternate plans when renting a truck.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-01:
Leet60 is absolutely right. If you find a rental company that doesn't do this, let us know.
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Horrible Service & Extreme Overcharges - Trumped Up Damage
Posted by Nofool1 on 06/23/2010
Do not rent from this place. My husband and I rented, while trying to move. I am 9 mos pregnant, so our rental needed to take a few days longer. The manager came out, took the truck, charged us over $900 for nothing (our rental rate was about $15/day), took our belongings on the truck, and trumped up a bogus accident claim for a dent on the bumper that was there.

We are talking to legal counsel now, as the charges are trumped up, they've debited vast amounts of money out of our account, and the manager seemed like he truly had an issue with us due to our race!

It is the most awful experience we've ever had. These guys are lunatics and low-lives who try to prey on customers.

As soon as I have the baby, we will be pursuing this full force to make sure they never do this to anyone again.

He took our TV, and gave me (9 mos pregnant) the option to lift it off the truck if I liked!!!

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Posted by Braintree on 05/10/2010
Please take my advice and do not use Budget if you want to rent a truck. They lie to you and misinform you of the drop and pickup times. I picked up a truck in Queens, NY, they said you can drop it off by 5PM on Sunday, however, when I went to drop off the truck in Braintree, MA, they close before 5 PM. When I called the Braintree location, they said just leave the truck outside with the keys and paperwork and you will not be charged a late fee. When I received my bill there was a $125 late charge! I called customer service to complain, their response was, we spoke with someone in the Braintree location and they remember telling me they could only waive a $10 fee for drop-off. How could someone remember our conversation two weeks later, when all they wanted was to get me off the phone. They didn't care about any late fees I was going to incur. The customer service attendant was rude and did not listen to anything I had to say. They definitely do not follow the policy that the customer is always right! Avoid BUDGET at all cost, it's not worth dealing with them no matter how good of a deal they are promoting!
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