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Fast and Efficient, Paid Exactly What I Expected. Definitely Recommend
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Rating: 5/51

MIAMI AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- I have to say that I was very happy with my experience with Budget. Especially the Miami Airport location. I found the operation very efficient, and easy to navigate. I have never written a review of anything before, but I researched a lot for which place to get my car from. I chose Budget because they had an easy site to navigate, and it was easy to find all of the answers to my questions.

They also do not require that you buy their insurance, which I did anyway, and if you prepay for the reservation with a debit card they only place a 100 dollar hold, which is lower than most places that I looked into. I was worried about my flight being late, but they told me that they would hold the rental for 15 hrs with no fees, which they did and I was 4 hrs late and accrued no fees.

The counter was easy to find and pick up was pretty quick. We also had to leave very early in the morning, so I left extra early not knowing how long the turn in process would take. There were signs clearly posted so finding the drop off was also very easy. It was very fast, and I never even had to go to the counter.

I also was concerned about a few small scrapes on the car because nobody walked around with me when I picked up the car, so I waited until the hold on my card was released before writing this review, there was no hidden charge and I paid exactly what I expected, plus they only put a 2 dollar hold instead of the 100! The car was great, clean, and great gas mileage. I forgot exactly what type of car I reserved but it was the type after economy and compact.

They let me choose from between several, and the guy at the counter suggested one with good mpg and sound system and low miles, which I chose. Every employee I encountered was helpful and friendly. They put a Sun Pass in the windshield for toll roads which is awesome, and made navigating the congested highways a breeze.

Overall, if you look for a car at a site with multiple companies, go to their sites and read the terms, this was the best deal, and very efficient service. Also, I recommend prepaying online. It eliminates some of the restrictions (like pick up time and card holds), and it is the best rate even over other discounts. I give this location a 5 star as well as budget themselves. Good Job, and I will use them from now on.

Avoid at All Cost!! Budget Is a Dishonest Company With No Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Worst car rental experience ever!! Got to MCO at close to midnight with tired kids and the line at Budget was over an hour long. Finally made it to the counter and agent refused to rent a car to me based on last name difference between pre-divorce last name and maiden name. Took another hour to straighten out. Exhausted and screaming kids at this point. Online reservation from third party quoted $578.04; Budget slapped on "upgrade" and "liability insurance" after I told the agent I don't need anything and looked away to calm the kids. Ended up being charged $853.82 ($275.78 and 48% more than online reservation).

DON'T use Budget just because they are the cheapest you can find. You get what you paid for. In this case, I did pay for my lesson. Worst experience and customer service just built more frustrations. Ground agent Adil was especially rude amongst them all.

Deceptive Practices
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Rating: 1/51

KAHULUI AIRPORT, MAUI, HAWAII -- BE CAREFUL! Tried to charge me for a full tank of gas when I returned it with 3/4 full. Luckily, I had time to go in and deal with the issue before catching my flight (others may not have this luxury). When I picked the car up, I was told that I could return the car without filling it up and they would only charge me for the amount that it took to fill it up (3 gallons).

When I went in to speak with the SAME PERSON who I rented it from the week before, she reverses her story and tells me that she did not say that!!! I told her that I would be reporting these deceptive practices upon my return to the mainland. She credited the full tank charge and only charged me for the 3 gallons it took to fill it up. Return it full next time or completely empty and watch out for this scam.

Used My Credit Card for Tolls Without Approval. Had Paid Cash for Tolls
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO FLA -- Just got a surprise charge on my card. I used to rent from Budget regularly as I have a place in FL. From Orlando to a south town I always paid cash tolls. This time they stuck a charge of 15.75 for a 1.00 toll. When I called them on it, they said there was no toll booth and the state of FL takes a a picture of the license and sends them the bill. Budget must be desperate for money to create this new scam. I've traveled this road many times and this has never happened before. They have lost my business forever.

Customer Service Staff Does Not Know Any Things & Says She Cannot Do It
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Rating: 1/51

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I was charged 3 times in my Credit for TOLL. I haven't got any bills, so I called the customer service (800-404-8033). I was asked for the Reservation confirmation number, but I have rented the car before 1 month. I have been renting on weekends, so I did not keep track of my rental confirmation numbers.

Since I was not able to provide the Confirmation, the Staff said that "They cannot provide the bill details". They haven't sent any bills till today for charging 113$ on my card & when asked for details, the staff refused. The staff did not know, whom to transfer to help me, as she herself does not the details. I have requested to get the details from her supervisor or co-worker, but she was not ready to ask any one of them. She spoiled my day... So I would suggest not to go to Budget.

Fraudulent Practices - RUDE People
By -

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- I rented a car on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 from the airport location, which is independently owned and operated. I called the location first and explained that I only had a debit card and the manager stated that would be OK. At that time manager took my debit card (despite the written sign stating that they do not accept debit cards). The estimated charges were going to be about $215.00. He placed a hold on my account of $200.00.

I called back on Thursday to request an extension and a better rate comparable to the one posted on website. S**** said I would need to bring the car back and close that rental out and re-rent the vehicle to get the new rate. I brought the vehicle back on 07-14-2011. She closed the rental out and opened the new one at the better rate. She took my debit card and without disclosing the amount, placed a $500.00 hold on my debit card for estimated charges of $61.50.

I received a text message from my bank indicating that my account had been overdrawn by $167.21. I then asked her if she had just held $500.00 on my card. She said yes that was their policy. I explained that earlier in the week, Budget had only held $200.00. She again stated this was their policy. I asked to see the policy, because nowhere on the contract I signed did it state this policy or was it indicated anywhere that they had held any amount on my card. She brought out a book and stated that these were also listed on the website.

I read the policy and it states that "generally we require a debit card authorization hold of estimated charges plus $200..." I pointed this out to her and she said it was for credit cards. I showed her the words "Debit Card Hold Rules". She then claimed that they do not accept debit cards. I told her she just accepted mine. And that she couldn'€™t say they do not take them and then accept them and charge whatever they want.

I asked to speak to the manager. He came out and I questioned why they had only held $200.00 earlier in the week (which was still being held on my card at this time as well). He replied with "I don'€™t know you from Adam. We are basically giving you a $20,000.00 car for $500.00. You could just take off in the car. I would hunt you down." I said "so now you are calling me a thief?" They refused to release the hold.

I called the corporate office, who stated that because they were independently owned, they were not able to do anything. They had requested several pieced of information from my rental contract that was not filled in by S****. I called my bank who was unable to release the funds even though the charges were disputed. I never gave them authorization to hold $500.00. They never requested authorization to hold this amount.

I called the Budget office again and asked to speak to the owner, who conveniently had just left for the day. I find this suspect as I was sitting in the parking lot this entire time and had not seen anyone leave. I returned the vehicle on Saturday 07-16-2011, a few hours early. On Monday morning the $500.00 hold was still on my account. I spoke to my bank and they had not received the release from Budget. The written policy states" Upon returning the vehicle, we will process a released of the unused portion of the debit hold..."

I called Budget and spoke once again with S***** who states the funds had been released and it was my bank that was holding things up. I informed her that I had just spoken to my bank and they have not even received the release. She said it was sent. I asked for the name of the person who sent it. She refused to give that to me. As of the time of this complaint, the hold is still on my account. This company was unethical, unprofessional, and deceptive.

Budget Rented Me a Faulty Car
By -

LOUISIANA, LOUISIANA -- On July 11, 2011 I made an online reservation to rent a car from Budget Rent A Car. My reservation was for 6 o'clock. I got to Budget at 6 o'clock and my car was not available. The girl working at the front counter told me they did not have my reservation on file yet and sometimes it takes 30 minutes to an hour after the scheduled reservation time for reservation to come through their system. I then waited 30 minutes after my 6 o'clock reservation before I asked if they could check to see if my reservation had come into their system yet. It still had not.

At this point I asked if I could cancel my reservation and just rent a car without one. The woman told me they were currently out of cars and were only offering SUV's so unless I wanted to pay for an SUV it would be best to wait for my reservation to come through. To make a long story short my reservation was made for 6 and I was not in a car until 8. That was 2 hours after my car was supposed to be ready.

Come to find out the reason why it took 2 hours to get this rental car was not because my reservation had not come into their system but they did not want me to have an SUV for the car price. So they were waiting for someone to return a car before they would rent me a vehicle. Instead of telling me this they lied to me.

So I finally get in my rental and on my way. Once I got my rental car to my hotel I noticed that the headlights were not working. I did not think much about it at the time I just assumed that the headlights were not turning on because it was still daylight. The next day I drove to Texas during the daylight and once I got there I just parked the car at my hotel and did not drive it at night. The next night though I did need to drive my car at night and the headlights still did not come on.

The parking lights and the bright lights worked but the dim lights did not. I called the emergency roadside assistance number because the Monroe, Louisiana office where I rented the car was closed. I was then informed that corporate could not help me out or send me a new car because the Budget in Monroe, Louisiana was not a car of the corporation which left me stranded in downtown Austin, Texas without a ride so I was forced to take a taxi to my hotel.

The next day was my day to return home and have the car returned. When I got to the Budget in Monroe I let them know the headlights did not work and I was stranded in Texas and corporate told me it should not be a problem for them to refund me one days off my bill because they were not able to send me a working car out. I was then told that they were not going to refund me any money because I did not call them to inform them the headlights were not working. To which I responded with "you were closed when I needed a new car and I was bringing the car back today so what was the point in calling?"

They told me that it was not their fault the headlights did not work in the car, they check all the cars before they rent them out. I know they did not check the car before they rented it to me because it had just come in. Four other people then came to the counter to put in their opinion on why I should not get one day refunded back to me. This one man who worked there asked me if the air went out in a home I rented would I expect money off my rent just because it went out. To which I responded YES too.

Needless to say all I got refunded from my $335 bill was $10.99 so I filed a corporate complaint and when I was filing the corporate complaint they also assured me they did not understand what the problem was with refunding me one day off my bill which was all I was asking for. I am waiting now to hear from someone that working in higher management in the Budget Corporation.

By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I made an online reservation with Budget. I paid for the car rental online as well. After reading the rental contract, I called the location where I would be picking up the car. I asked if the debit card I used to pay for the rental would be accepted at the counter when I picked up the car. I was told yes. I asked for the dollar amount they would be "holding" on my card once I picked up the car. I was told $100.00. I asked why the rental contract says the hold amount would be $200.00? The agent responded with "Oh that is just a standard amount used on the rental contracts." Odd...but OK.

I asked if I would be subject to a "credit check" as this too is included in the rental contract. I was told there would be no credit check. I went to pick up the car and the agent (Crystal in the Downtown Fort Worth TX location) looked at my card and told me she would not accept the kind of card I had. She would give me no explanation other than we do not accept your kind of card?) I told her to cancel my reservation. Crystal cannot do that. I have cancel it online. OK, I cancel the reservation online and I call customer service to complain. I told the agent that I had canceled my reservation and wanted a time frame for receiving the refund.

She asked if I had requested a refund? Canceling the reservation does not entitle you to a refund? You must request it? She told me that she would request the refund for me and I should receive it within 10 business days. I asked questions about their rental policies and why what was on the contract was different at the counter and vice versa and I informed her about how poorly I had been treated at the counter. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, she informed me that I signed the contract and that I was being rude. She then proceeded to act as if she could not understand me.

Fast forward to today, two weeks later and the 10th business day. I have not received my refund. I called Budget again, spoke to Tony who advised my reservation had not been canceled (according to him my reservation was in limbo...Odd, I have a cancellation number) and no refund had been requested.

He said he would take care of this for me and that it would be another 10 business days before the credit was received. I told him that the agent I talked to two weeks ago told me that the $50.00 cancellation fee would be waived. He said it would and that I would receive a confirmation e-mail stating that the reservation was canceled and that the refund had been requested. I received the email. The e-mail said that the cancellation fee would be $50.00 and that it was not waived.

I called Tony back. Read the e-mail to him..."Oh, I'm sorry, I should have told you that the e-mail would say that and that the $50.00 cancellation fee will be processed through another department." I have not received a confirmation e-mail from that department; but I am mad as hell. A monkey could do a better job. I'm now in the process of disputing all charges made to my card from Budget Rent a Car through my bank and informing every person I know not to use them. find it quite interesting that at the time I write this, Budget has 80% more complaints than any other car rental company on this website. Go with Enterprise, and enjoy your trip.

Do Not Rent From Budget, Unless You Have a Lot of Time to Call Them Regularly
By -

DO NOT RENT FROM BUDGET!!! ESPECIALLY BUDGET HYATT in SAN FRANCISCO!!! I rented a car through Budget on Sat, Nov 27, 2010 pick up 08:00 AM. The day I picked up the car I asked how to return the car. I was told to drop it off with the Valet they will take care of it. Well, that is what I did.

To my dismay, one week later I get charged -93.25. Instead of 54 USD Total. A few Days later I get charged another -24.39. I called budget, they said it was not their problem and I had to dispute it with the desk. I found out that I was charged 2 days and that the car was checked out of the system on Sunday at 23.00. I had returned the car at 07.30 am before a 24 hour lapse. The location closed around noon on Sunday, and charged me the full Sunday.

If I was a tourist, and not renting from my location I would have had a bigger headache. The next morning I went into the location and disputed the extra charge with the manager. He apologized and said he would fix things. He even stated, "usually I send budget an email". One week later I still did not receive my Money. I called the Budget Location at Hyatt San Francisco, again he said he would send another email. Well the story goes that I had to call him often until I got fed up on the 28th November 2010 and wanted to complain with Budget head office.

Head office said they have never received the email. So I told them that this is an internal issue and that they must solve this problem. Budget central called Budget Location at Hyatt san Francisco, the manager did confirm that I was overcharged. And I was promised the refund.

On the 05 January 2010 I had been refunded only 24.39. I called Budget again and they said I was only refunded the day's rental and not the extra charges of late fee, second day of insurances. They therefore promised another refund of 31.01. But this was still 5 USD higher than what I was supposed to pay. I was told that the extra costs were insurances, and I had to contact Budget Location at Hyatt San Francisco and sort it out. I called Budget Location at Hyatt san Francisco, and the manager told me that Budget central had charged me 2 days of road side assistance, instead of one. I called Budget central again and they refunded me the extra 5 USD.

I have learned a valuable lesson:
-Get the car Time stamped every time you drop off a Rental (even though many rental car companies let you drop off keys in a postal box).

-NEVER RENT FROM BUDGET. I as the customer had to sort out their non communication between head office and local rental. This should have been the manager's responsibility to call. He should have realized that I had been calling for 4 weeks, and that the emailing system was not refunding my charges, and should have take responsibility and called the central budget location. Central Location should call their local rental to verify the charges.

Pay a little extra and rent from any other company except BUDGET. My rental agreement number is ** if anybody wants to verify my review.

Stay Away From Budget!!! Horrible Experience
By -

This letter is stemmed from an unbelievably inconvenient, frustrating and horrible experience I recently had with Budget Rental. To say this was the most dissatisfied I have ever been with a company, would be putting it mildly.
My girlfriend and I were set to move from our NJ apartment to another apartment in about and hour away. The specific move-out date was Thursday, September 30th between 2-5pm. Since our new apartment would not be available until October 6th, we planned on renting a truck for a week and storing our belongings there.

We researched a few places and found Budget Rental to be the cheapest. They had a location that rented out Budget trucks 6 miles away, called Liberty. With a 20% coupon we had, we would be paying $27.99/day + .59/mi, which was great. We booked a 16 foot Budget truck on September 5th. The representative from Budget asked us what time we would like to pick up the truck on September 30th. We told them 1:30pm, as we had a very strict time frame in which we would need to be in and out. Everything was going smoothly.

On the move-out day (Thursday), we were all packed and ready to go. It was 11:30am and I figured I would give the rental location a call to see if the truck was available yet, just get a jump on things. I was informed by the representative at Liberty, "The truck is not here and I'm not sure when it'€™s going to be here." Someone was renting the truck that I needed for a week that morning. I was confused; we made a reservation with Budget and even gave them a credit card to hold it. The man explained that I should call Budget and double-check because this type of thing has been known to happen.

I called Budget and explained the situation. They said the only truck available right now was one in Brooklyn, NY. This trip would have taken a long time. It was not yet 1:30pm, so I figured I would just wait until the pickup time and then go get the truck. I was told that I would be put on a notification list and someone would call me when my truck was ready to be picked up, which could take up to 2 hours.

The man I talked to at Budget did not show any signs of confidence that the truck would be there for me. In fact, He used phrases, such as "€œI'€™m not really sure, I don'€™t know, we can try." This made me feel a bit uneasy; all I wanted was assurance that the truck I reserved with my credit card a few weeks back would indeed be there for the time I needed.

It was finally 1:30pm and I went to pick up the Budget truck. When I got to Liberty, the truck was still not there. I waited until 2:00pm, no truck. The representative at Liberty tried calling the person who rented the truck out, no response. I called Budget again, this time from the Liberty location. I was extremely annoyed and frustrated. I explained the situation again and they had no explanation.

The woman I spoke with was just as unsure as the first man whom which I spoke. I asked her how this is possible that a truck I reserved weeks ago was not here at the time I reserved and it was now 45 min past. She told me and I quote, "We don'€™t guarantee the truck, we guarantee the rate." This set me off. How can you not guarantee a truck being there when you make a reservation? I was never informed that the truck "€œmay not" be there when I called, otherwise who in their right mind would use Budget?? The truck being there on time is the main part of the reservation.

I then asked her what she could do to help me. She replied that there are no trucks available and that she would put me on a notification list when one does become available. This was another 2 hours that I didn'€™t have on the same list I was on before, and still did not hear anything from! There was no excuse for not having my truck. More so, they offered absolutely no help, concern or consideration for my time frame.

At the very least, they should have offered to rush another truck there for make up for it. It was now 3:00pm. I realized at the point, they would do nothing to help me and it was a lost cause. The last thing the woman said to me and I quote, was"€œMaybe you should contact a competitor for a truck." Are you kidding me???

At 3:30pm, I was scrambling through phone books to find another truck at the size I needed. I finally found another truck, which was double the price I was planning to spend. By the time I got to that location, filled out paperwork and drove it to Hoboken, it was now 4:15pm. I had 45 minutes to move my entire apartment into the truck. I had to rush to make the 5:00pm cutoff for when we had the elevators reserved.

My girlfriend called Budget back later that day to AGAIN explain what happened and see if we could receive some compensation for the aggravation they caused us, not keeping a reservation and causing us to resort to a competitor for twice the amount. They said there was nothing they could do about it.

I never received calls for the 2 notification call lists I was presumably on. They did not apologize. If I was unable to find this last minute truck, I would have had to pay a heavy fee for my apartment complex for not being out of my building by Oct 1st. To top it off, I called back Liberty around 6:30pm that day, just so see if the truck was there. Nothing. It was like I never made a reservation at all. There should have been a truck on site for these situations, especially when someone rents it for a WEEK.

Budget Rental was the sole reason for my inability to move out on time. They are fully responsible for the exhausting, irritating and inconvenient day that I had to endure. It was truly the most horrendous experience I have ever had with a company. The conduct in which Budget Rental and its corresponding employees runs its business is disgraceful. Their unwillingness to problem solve was among the worst I have ever seen. There was no professionalism, urgency or regard for my situation. I am utterly disgusted with the provided service (or lack thereof) and will never use Budget services again.

In addition, I will warn everyone about Budget and how unhelpful they were throughout this entire ordeal. They took no responsibility for their actions and did absolutely nothing to make it easier on me. Their solution was to contact a competitor, which I will do from now on and urge everyone else do to as well. Words cannot express my anger regarding this experience. Budget is unreliable, untrustworthy and completely ignorant as a company.

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