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Hidden fees and taxes
Posted by on
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I arrived to pick up a reserved car at a promised rate of 175.45 (plus tax and 89.37 fees). Upon arrival, the counter person stated that our reserved car (Chevy Aveo 4dr) would be too small for my mother's wheelchair and our luggage so gave me the option of either a Prius or Thunderbird to choose from, stating that the Thunderbird had a large enough trunk. She never once mentioned the daily costs of the car and insurance upgrade. Imagine my shock when my bill ended up being $748.37. Not only was we charged almost $400.00 additional for the upgrade but we were also charged a 48% tax fee!
I would never had knowingly rented a vehicle for only 9 days at the cost off $748.37. I had used Budget many times in the past but never again. I just cannot afford that kind of additional cost.
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trp2hevn on 2010-04-02:
So what did your contract show before you signed it?
YunkaG on 2010-04-02:
You thought they would be nice and give you a much bigger car for nothing more? I rent from Budget frequently and I always look at the contract before I sign it and it has always had the amount that I am expected to pay for then rental. Sorry you feel you got messed over, but reading the contract is they key. As a note, I always rent the cheapest car and about 7 out of 10 times I am automatically upgraded because they are out of the little car - of course for no extra charge but I never accept if they ask me if I want an upgrade, only if the give me the upgrade. I hope that makes sense.
danbury on 2010-04-02:
An upgrade is ALWAYS more money unless they tell you otherwise. I'm not really a fan of budget, only because other places are cheaper, but giving them a bad review just because you didn't read the contract is not fair. When I've mis-read contracts in the past, I always accepted the responsibility for my error.
mmcree on 2010-04-03:
I agree with not reading the contract and paying closer attention. First of all the other car was not mentioned as an upgrade. When she said the reserved car would be too small for the wheelchair and luggage she then immediately told me what other cars were available. Had I not been so tired from a 35hr train trip I probably would have realized that she was upgrading our reservation. That is my fault for assuming that because the reserved car would not fit our needs the other cars she offered were of the same rate.
The 48% tax however wasn't even listed on the contract as being that high and was never told to me until I called to question the bill. Apparently, it is a special airport tax (even though the rental place is not actually in the airport).
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Absolute Crooks!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- In May of this year, my wife and I rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Budget. It had less than 200 miles on it when we picked it up at SFO. After five days and about 800 miles, we returned it to the same lot at SFO. It was full of gas, that they initially tried to charge me for, but we got that straightened out before we headed to the terminal. After an inspection by the attendant found no damages, we unloaded our luggage and went inside.

Now it's August. I received a call from the Claims Department telling me that I owed another $206 for damage to the windshield. I was never notified that the windshield was damaged, but they tried to tell me that in the summer heat, the windshield cracked because of damage that was done while I was driving. I asked if they had rented the car in the last three months to anyone else. I was told that they did rent it out, but it was my fault, even though the damage was never pointed out to me at the time I returned the call. I asked for Julio's manager and he was conveniently at lunch at 3:00 in the afternoon, and he couldn't afford me the courtesy of a return call. What a joke.

I can't believe they are even in business if this is the way that they treat customers.

I called the Budget office at SFO to get a copy of the damage report and the lady that I spoke to on the phone had no clue what I was talking about. She did send me another copy of my receipt, which showed no mention of damages, but she couldn't find any notes about damages.

Like I said above, they are absolute crooks. They wait until 90 days after the rental and then try to steal from a customer.
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User Replies:
Peter on 2014-08-19:
"... they did rent it out..." So I'm sure Budget is charging all the other renters for the same damage. Fight it until your patience runs out.
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Sad Poor Service and Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Their customer service phone reps are horrible. I had 2 reps and 1 person in corporate hang up on me. I should have taken that as a sign. I booked a car 3 weeks in advance I decided to call to check on my reservations the week after I made the reservations, come to find out the representative booked my date the same day I called. I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor during the time I was speaking with a supervisor I got hung up on twice. Supervisor finally got on the phone rebooked my reservations told me he would honor the rate I originally had thinking everything was OK I decided to double check again on my booking well the supervisor gave me the date I originally booked the car, but had me at a higher rate.

So now I'm furious spoke with another supervisor to make sure I had the right rate and date in the system, I was told they could not see the rate in their system but when I get to the location the morning of the pick up they should have the correct rate. I get to the location to pick up my car that day at 7:00am when they first opened just to find out they did not have my correct rate in the system. I immediately got on the phone to speak with corporate while on the phone with one of the corporate reps she asked me for my conf# which at that time I left at home because I thought everything was good I informed her I didn't have my conf# can she look me up by my name well she refused to look me up by my name gets mad an hang up on me.

I finally get someone else in corporate that looked my name up to see if I had reservations and to get me out and on the road I did not get on the road with a rental until after 10am. I never got an apology, coupons or nothing not one time did anyone feel the frustration or sympathy I had, I was one my way home for a family matter and almost didn't make it. I will never rent from Avis/Budget ever again they have really poor customer service.
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Fast and Efficient, Paid Exactly What I Expected. Definitely Recommend
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
MIAMI AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- I have to say that I was very happy with my experience with Budget. Especially the Miami Airport location. I found the operation very efficient, and easy to navigate. I have never written a review of anything before, but I researched a lot for which place to get my car from. I chose budget because they had an easy site to navigate, and it was easy to find all of the answers to my questions. They also do not require that you buy their insurance, which I did anyway, and if you prepay for the reservation with a debit card they only place a 100 dollar hold, which is lower than most places that I looked into. I was worried about my flight being late, but they told me that they would hold the rental for 15 hrs with no fees, which they did and I was 4 hrs late and accrued no fees.

The counter was easy to find and pick up was pretty quick. We also had to leave very early in the morning, so I left extra early not knowing how long the turn in process would take. There were signs clearly posted so finding the drop off was also very easy. It was very fast, and I never even had to go to the counter. I also was concerned about a few small scrapes on the car because nobody walked around with me when I picked up the car, so I waited until the hold on my card was released before writing this review, there was no hidden charge and I paid exactly what I expected, plus they only put a 2 dollar hold instead of the 100! The car was great, clean, and great gas mileage. I forgot exactly what type of car I reserved but it was the type after economy and compact.

They let me choose from between several, and the guy at the counter suggested one with good mpg and sound system and low miles, which I chose. Every employee I encountered was helpful and friendly. They put a Sun Pass in the windshield for toll roads which is awesome, and made navigating the congested highways a breeze. Overall, if you look for a car at a site with multiple companies, go to their sites and read the terms, this was the best deal, and very efficient service. Also, I recommend prepaying on-line. It eliminates some of the restrictions(like pick up time and card holds), and it is the best rate even over other discounts. I give this location a 5 star as well as budget themselves. Good Job, and I will use them from now on.
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Breach of Contract by Budget Golf, Crest Hill, IL
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CREST HILL, ILLINOIS -- Had an experience with Budget Golf from Crest Hill, IL not a good one. Bought an item from them on eBay (buy now), which is a legal contract according to Ebay. I paid for the item, but they couldn't deliver because they did not have the product. They did refund my money and offered a 10% discount on an item on a purchase from their website and with a little coaxing, offered 2 other items for the same cost which wasn't acceptable to me (They knew up front what color & style were needed, but offered something else). I contacted eBay and they told me I had to deal with them direct and the only way I could complain was in their feedback system.

Their final compromise on their breach of contract was a 10% discount on an item from their website. I though a 50% off coupon on a purchase was a fair compromise. They wouldn’t even discuss it. Even with the discount, it would have cost me more to buy from their website then the item cost me on eBay because of shipping charges on the website versus free shipping on the item from Ebay.

Being in business myself for over 20 years, I found that the character of a company is ultimately decided by the way it reacts to adversity. They failed my expectations.

Caveat emptor- Let the buyer beware. I don't know if eBay's policy on contracts or the sellers unwillingness to do everything in their power to avoid responsibility for their lack of business skills.

Their Mission Statement on their website:

"We believe in complete customer satisfaction and lasting value, which is why we guarantee a perfect delivery of your discount golf equipment. We'd love to be able to promise that you'll improve your golf game but at least we can assure you that you will get the quality and service you expect, and together we'll improve your golf game”.

They get a double bogey in my opinion, along with Ebay.
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Taken Advantage Of
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Picture this. We rented a car via Priceline. When we arrived to pick up our vehicle we were met by "Sikandar" at the airport in Orlando. Our understanding was the vehicle had already been paid for.

Mr "Sikandar" was a mumbler with a heavy accent and failed to inform us of numerous details on the contract and the items he was offering us. First off he offered us insurance at approximately 60.00. Great! We will take it. Failure one is he forgot to mention it was per day. Offered us a GPS. Approximately 12.00. Failure two. Didn't tell us per day....again. Keep in mind we just got off the plane, we are excited and believe that all people have good intentions especially companies who want our business.

As the staff member continues to not only speak with a heavy accent he mumbles. After several times of asking him to repeat himself (my husband and I had clearly indicated to him we could not hear or understand him) it was very clear we were confused and had the deer in the headlights look. As a result an additional 730.00 was charged to our credit card in addition to what we paid to Priceline. This was a preplanned trip. My husband just lost his job before the trip but because it was paid for already we chose to go anyway. Then we get hit with a bill we simply cannot afford.

When I spoke to the Company what did I typically hear throughout the conversation..."did you read the contract....you signed the contract". Yes yes we did.. believing you were good people and trusting you would not rip us off. WOW!!!! Not at any time did this "Zikandar" inform us IT WAS PER DAY for the insurance. He also said he was going to give us the GPS for free. DIDN'T HAPPEN. Charged us per day.

Good customer service is training your staff to inform the customer. NOT RIP US OFF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And of course the supervisor that I spoke to at Budget say "I'm sorry mam but I can only tell you what the contract says not what the staff member says." Really so your not accountable for your staff!!!!!! Who is then. This is a real cop out and I will never rent a car from this service again. I really truly feel like we have been taken advantage off and will never rent a vehicle from this company again. I feel ill informed and I believe that the company should take responsibility for their staff.
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User Replies:
Susan on 2013-03-12:
It would be great if people were all good and trusting but they aren't - - that's why you have a contract to protect yourself. This situation is unfortunate but it is not Budget's responsibility to eat the costs for up-sells you agreed to without asking the right questions and getting all the details.
trmn8r on 2013-03-12:
What they told you after the fact is true, they have to go by what is on the contract. When you rent a car, you have to read the contract over with a fine toothed comb and look at every line item before you sign - it shows the charges and per day, week, etc.

$60 per day for insurance does sound insane. I guess that is what was printed on the contract though.

I'm sorry you were taken for a ride. Expensive lesson learned.
BigAl on 2013-03-12:
Whenever a written contract is involoved it superceedes any verbal contract. The clerk could tell you anything and I repeat anything and it will not matter when a written contract is involved. The clerk could explain for 20 minutes what you are signing and be completely untruthful and it would not matter. The only thing that matters is the contract that you sign. Read and understand before you sign anything.
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Terrible Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- My sister rented a car from this company and I went with her. We were lied to about the price and the time to return the car. Budget took more than double out of my sister's account than what the total price that the desk clerk said out of her own mouth. The desk clerk also gave us the wrong time my sister was to return the car. This resulted in her being charged an extra day and double fee. When confronted, the same desk clerk kept apologizing because she knew she was wrong for lying to us. But my sister insisted that something must be done. After speaking to the manager once the clerk did what she can do, they only refunded a quarter of what they were supposed to give back.

Plus, it takes a long time before your money is put back into your account. Well isn't that a [snip]!!! It sure didn't take them long to take the money out! She will never rent from them again and I would never even consider to rent from them either.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2013-01-19:
The TOS prohibits certain language: "...defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, sexually oriented..." Disguising such references isn't really going to carry the day.
DebtorBasher on 2013-01-19:
Thanks 8er, 8er, my 8er...message received, loud and clear. ;)
leet60 on 2013-01-19:
The average person today knows (or should) that the cost of a car rental will rarely be as advertised - it amazes me that anyone would sign a rental agreement without reading it thoroughly and ensuring ANYTHING said by the agent was clearly documented. It really comes down to the fact "if it is not in writing, we didn't say it".
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Billed for a damage not caused by us.
Posted by on
VIRGINIA -- On August 5th. my son and his girlfriend rented a compact car from Budget Rent a Car Roanoke VA (airport)(my son used a credit card in which I am also a co-signer.) They returned the car on 08-08 2011. The car was checked and nothing was wrong with the car. My son and his girlfriend always sat in the front seats and never used the rear seats. A few days ago, (more than two months after the rental) in October 2011 I received a threatening letter from a claim company under the name of KHOURY ALTERNATIVE CLAIMS billing us for the damage of the rear seat belts in the car and the total replacement of the rear bells. The bill was for $ 1,114.73 the following is what they are billing us for: Physical Damage 534.77 - Anticipated loss of use (4 days @ 119,99) 479.96 and administrative fees of 100.00 total 1,114.73.

Some excepts from their letter suggest that they will sent us to a collection agency which will ruin our credit history. "I am writting to you on behalf of BUDGET RENT A CAR,, whereby, one of their vehicles substained damage on or about 08-08-2011...At this time we do hereby request that you send payment for the fees due..if your remittance or response is not received...this matter may be sent to a traditional collection agency" I consider this to be an umbelievable situation when we know that we did not caused any damage in the car. Anyone could be on this situation that we found ourselves into. They can claim any damage and charge anyone anything. By the way the total amount of the rental was less than $ 80.00 for a 3 days rental but they charged 479,96 for anticipated loss of use of 4 days.

I am appalled at this situation since first of all: Car was returned with no damage; in addition, the rear seats were not used which is where they claimed "Replaced all rear seatbelts and shoulder harnesses" To me this is a clear fraud. I know feel nervous to rent a car not knowing if they will be able to bill me for some unknown damage that I did not caused. THis claim is so bogus and so fraudulent. G. Dickson
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User Replies:
bob93 on 2011-10-15:
This happened to me at Budget, - when they called me to pay over $500 I yelled at them long enough they said forget it as a courtesy to me. Hah. They knew it was pre-existing damage and who knows how many people they billed for it. Here is a website that gives some tips: http://consumerist.com/2011/03/5-tips-for-beating-car-rental-companies-at-the-claim-game.html. Look especially at points 3, 4, and 5. Good luck.
clutzycook on 2011-10-15:
I was told this advice by someone a long time ago. When you rent a car, take a complete walk around and note any damage on the inside, outside and even in the trunk. Video tape it if you can. Repeat the process upon returning.
trmn8r on 2011-10-15:
I'm wondering how the heck the seatbelts and shoulder harnesses got damaged. Those things are tough.

I'm surprised that they did not call to inquire about the seatbelt damage. I am also wondering if they really know the OP damaged the belts. This is an oddball incident for sure.
Nohandle on 2011-10-15:
I've never personally rented a vehicle in my life. That little chore was someone else's responsibility on a trip. I recall once flying with a friend and I've never seen such a production. She walked around that car a half dozen times, with an employee of the agency following her like a puppy dog. I stood back wondering if she planned on purchasing it. She did the same upon return. This was years before we ever heard of people being billed for repair damages they didn't cause.

Many people rent a vehicle at an airport at night and there is no way to determine in a darken parking lot if there are dents, scratches, bent bumpers and that sort of thing. Upon return late at night there is only the agent behind the counter, you have a flight to catch and that one person can't leave his post to do a walk-a-round.

I'm not in your shoes but it appears damages were reported at some point and the rental agency just turned in a list of individuals who had rented that car within the past two months to Khoury Alternative Claims hoping someone would pick up the tab. Informative review. I would have never thought of seatbelts being checked.
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Bad customer service at Budget Wilkes-Barre PA location
Posted by on
WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently rented an SUV from Budget to drive from FL to Wilkes-Barre PA. While the people at Budget Florida were nice and courteous, I got the complete opposite experience at the Budget location at Wilkes-Barre.

Upon returning the car, the representative who identified herself as Jessica, went out to check the vehicle and came back in to tell me that the car was not full of gas. I had to show her my receipt that I had just filled the tank so that she would believe me, even though the gas tank showed a full tank.

Additionally, she seemed completely unaware of how/unwilling to use the Budget system to rectify the payment issue we were having. She was not allowing me to pay with the card that I initially used to reserve the car. Even after speaking with a customer service representative from the credit card company who told us and her that we had enough credit, she claimed her system would not allow me to pay via that card and demanded that we pay the full amount (+$800) in cash so she could close out the reservation. I asked her if I could use another card and she said no. It was not until we contacted the agency we initially rented from in Florida that she said we could try another card since they said that using another card shouldn’t be a problem. I also noticed that when she was speaking with the Florida agency, she was making excuses to suggestions he was providing for her to resolve the problem. Then, we tried a couple of other cards (which have plenty of credit available) and each time she claimed the system would only allow so much of a charge on the card.

In the end, we had to go get the difference for the card in cash just to finalize our rental transaction. This took over an hour to resolve and it was a huge inconvenience. In the end, she blamed the problems on the Budget company from Florida.
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User Replies:
Alain on 2011-08-01:
Give the Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Bureau's regional office in Scranton a call about this at (570) 963-4913 or you can call the main office at (717) 787-3391.
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Entertainment coupon doesn't work
Posted by on
INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I bought the Kansas City Entertainment book. There was a coupon in there for Budget for a 10 day rental one would receive up to 20% off and $35 off one rental. I put the coupon codes in on their website, but it wouldn't take off the amount. I called the local office that I am picking up the car, and they told me that they were a franchise, and not a corporate store, and I would need to call the main reservation number. I did, and was on hold for 15 min. The person that I talked to didn't understand what I was wanting, and transferred me to customer service. While talking to customer service, the representative said he couldn't hear me, I told him I could hear him fine. He said well I can't hear you, and hung up. I called Customer service back, and talked to a different lady. She told me that they can't give me an estimate of what the total price would be minus the coupon. She told me that I would get the $35 for sure, and part of the percentage. The percentage has to do with how many cars are on the lot. Seems like an easy way to short change. Well, I did the reservation. Even minus the $35 that would be the cheapest one around. I called back to the local store, and then they informed me that this franchise only does one or the other even though the coupon says both. I said why are these coupons even printed here if they don't work. He then told me to call the local reservation number, and see what they can do. Well they can't do anything. I asked the person there, how are people supposed to know if a store is a corporate or a franchise, and why do these show up where there are no corporate stores. The closest corporate store by the way is in St. Louis Mo. That is over 200 miles away. Beware of their coupons.
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User Replies:
olie on 2011-06-21:
It sounds like you were trying to use two coupons for one rental. Most agencies--or any business, for that matter--limit a customer to using only one coupon per rental/purchase/deal/whatever.

That's my guess about why the computer would not allow both codes to be used.

When I've rented cars, using Entertainment coupons, I've priced the rental using each coupon from the book. Then, I decided which one would be best for my situation.

It never occurred to me to try using more than one coupon for one rental.
islulu on 2011-06-25:
It wasn't 2 coupons. It was 1 coupon that said up to 20% and $35 for a 10 day rental. There was only one code on the coupon. One can not use 2 coupons for one item unless it is grocery shopping and one coupon is a manufactur and the other s a store coupon for the item. That s called stacking.
trmn8r on 2011-06-25:
Those Entertainment Book coupons can be hard to use in the first place. The best way to use them is in person, but as you say you can't do that.

Even then, you are often told that location of whatever the company is doesn't accept them.

This particular one sounds very odd to me - both a dollar amount AND a percentage off. The good part of this is it sounds like you get the $35 off (*hopefully*) and you say it is the cheapest around. Good luck.
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