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The Big Cost of Small Scratch on the Bumper/Renault Megane
By -

I have been working with Budget Hungary more than 3 years and I was very satisfied so far. However I rented a car again for 4 days between 28 June and 02 July 2010 and I got the car with basic insurance which my responsibility is around 450 EUR...

When I returned the car, they realized a small scratch on the front bumper lower part and they told me that they can not give me invoice now as they have to see the cost of this damage..It was so small which the cost can be maximum 40-50 EUR. But I saw they did charge 110 EUR for this damage..

I called the downtown office in Budapest and the lady on the phone told me that she can send me only the invoice.. I several times told her that I need to talk to the guy who made this invoice but she refused my request and hanged up the phone... I do not accept such amount for such a small mistake.. Otherwise I will rent a car with full insurance next time and I will return the car wrecked up..

Hidden Fees and Taxes
By -

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I arrived to pick up a reserved car at a promised rate of 175.45 (plus tax and 89.37 fees). Upon arrival, the counter person stated that our reserved car (Chevy Aveo 4dr) would be too small for my mother's wheelchair and our luggage so gave me the option of either a Prius or Thunderbird to choose from, stating that the Thunderbird had a large enough trunk. She never once mentioned the daily costs of the car and insurance upgrade.

Imagine my shock when my bill ended up being $748.37. Not only was we charged almost $400.00 additional for the upgrade, but we were also charged a 48% tax fee! I would never had knowingly rented a vehicle for only 9 days at the cost off $748.37. I had used Budget many times in the past but never again. I just cannot afford that kind of additional cost.

Fraudulent practices - RUDE people
By -

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- I rented a car on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 from the airport location, which is independently owned and operated. I called the location first and explained that I only had a debit card and the manager stated that would be OK. At that time Manager took my debit card ( despite the written sign stating that they do not accept debit cards. The estimated charges were going to be about $215.00. He placed a hold on my account of $200.00. I called back on Thursday to request an extension and a better rate comparable to the one posted on website. S**** said I would need to bring the car back and close that rental out and re-rent the vehicle to get the new rate. I brought the vehicle back on 07-14-2011. She closed the rental out and opened the new one at the better rate. She took my debit card and without disclosing the amount placed a $500.00 hold on my debit card for estimated charges of $61.50. I received a text message from my bank indicating that my account had been over drawn by $167.21. I then asked her if she had just held $500.00 on my card. She said yes that was their policy. I explained that earlier in the week Budget had only held $200.00. She again stated this was their policy. I asked to see the policy, because nowhere on the contract I signed did it state this policy or was it indicated anywhere that they had held any amount on my card. She brought out a book and stated that these were also listed on the website. I read the policy and it states that "generally we require a debit card authorization hold of estimated charges plus $200..." I pointed this out to her and she said it was for credit cards. I showed her the words "Debit Card Hold Rules". She then claimed that they do not accept debit cards. I told her she just accepted mine. And that she couldn't say they do not take them and then accept them and charge whatever they want. I asked to speak to the manager. He came out and I questioned why they had only held $200.00 earlier in the week (which was still being held on my card at this time as well. He replied with" I don't know you from Adam. We are basically giving you a $20,000.00 car for $ 500.00. You could just take off in the car. I would hunt you down." I said "so now you are calling me a thief?" They refused to release the hold. I called the corporate office, who stated that because they were independently owned they were not able to do anything. They had requested several pieced of information from my rental contract that was not filled in my S****. I called my bank who was unable to release the funds even though the charges were disputed. I never gave them authorization to hold $500.00. They never requested authorization to hold this amount. I called the Budget office again and asked to speak to the owner, who conveniently had just left for the day. I find this suspect as I was sitting in the parking lot this entire time and had not seen anyone leave. I returned the vehicle on Saturday 07-16-2011, a few hours early. On Monday morning the $500.00 hold was still on my account. I spoke to my bank and they had not received the release from Budget. The written policy states" Upon returning the vehicle, we will process a released of the unused portion of the debit hold..." I called budget and spoke once again with S***** who states they funds had been released and it was my bank that was holding things up. I informed her that I had just spoken to my bank and they have not even received the release. She said it was sent. I asked for the name of the person who sent it. She refused to give that to me. As of the time of this complaint the hold is still on my account. This company was unethical, unprofessional, and deceptive.

Absolute Crooks!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- In May of this year, my wife and I rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Budget. It had less than 200 miles on it when we picked it up at SFO. After five days and about 800 miles, we returned it to the same lot at SFO. It was full of gas, that they initially tried to charge me for, but we got that straightened out before we headed to the terminal. After an inspection by the attendant, found no damages, we unloaded our luggage and went inside.

Now it's August. I received a call from the Claims Department telling me that I owed another $206 for damage to the windshield. I was never notified that the windshield was damaged, but they tried to tell me that in the summer heat, the windshield cracked because of damage that was done while I was driving. I asked if they had rented the car in the last three months to anyone else. I was told that they did rent it out, but it was my fault, even though the damage was never pointed out to me at the time I returned the call. I asked for **'s manager and he was conveniently at lunch at 3:00 in the afternoon, and he couldn't afford me the courtesy of a return call. What a joke.

I can't believe they are even in business if this is the way that they treat customers. I called the Budget office at SFO to get a copy of the damage report and the lady that I spoke to on the phone had no clue what I was talking about. She did send me another copy of my receipt, which showed no mention of damages, but she couldn't find any notes about damages. Like I said above, they are absolute crooks. They wait until 90 days after the rental and then try to steal from a customer.

Sad Poor Service and Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Their customer service phone reps are horrible. I had 2 reps and 1 person in corporate hang up on me. I should have taken that as a sign. I booked a car 3 weeks in advance I decided to call to check on my reservations the week after I made the reservations. Come to find out the representative booked my date the same day I called. I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor. During the time I was speaking with a supervisor I got hung up on twice.

Supervisor finally got on the phone. Rebooked my reservations. Told me he would honor the rate I originally had thinking everything was ok. I decided to double check again on my booking. Well the supervisor gave me the date I originally booked the car, but had me at a higher rate. So now i'm furious. Spoke with another supervisor to make sure I had the right rate and date in the system. I was told they could not see the rate in their system but when I get to the location the morning of the pick up they should have the correct rate.

I get to the location to pick up my car that day at 7:00am when they first opened just to find out they did not have my correct rate in the system. I immediately got on the phone to speak with corporate. While on the phone with one of the corporate reps she asked me for my conf# which at that time I left at home because I thought everything was good. I informed her I didn't have my conf#. Can she look me up by my name? Well she refused to look me up by my name, gets mad and hang up on me.

I finally get someone else in corporate that looked my name up to see if I had reservations and to get me out and on the road. I did not get on the road with a rental until after 10am. I never got an apology, coupons or nothing. Not one time did anyone feel the frustration or sympathy I had. I was one my way home for a family matter and almost didn't make it. I will never rent from Avis/Budget ever again. They have really poor customer service.

Fast and Efficient, Paid Exactly What I Expected. Definitely Recommend
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

MIAMI AIRPORT, FLORIDA -- I have to say that I was very happy with my experience with Budget. Especially the Miami Airport location. I found the operation very efficient, and easy to navigate. I have never written a review of anything before, but I researched a lot for which place to get my car from. I chose budget because they had an easy site to navigate, and it was easy to find all of the answers to my questions. They also do not require that you buy their insurance, which I did anyway, and if you prepay for the reservation with a debit card they only place a 100 dollar hold, which is lower than most places that I looked into. I was worried about my flight being late, but they told me that they would hold the rental for 15 hrs with no fees, which they did and I was 4 hrs late and accrued no fees.

The counter was easy to find and pick up was pretty quick. We also had to leave very early in the morning, so I left extra early not knowing how long the turn in process would take. There were signs clearly posted so finding the drop off was also very easy. It was very fast, and I never even had to go to the counter. I also was concerned about a few small scrapes on the car because nobody walked around with me when I picked up the car, so I waited until the hold on my card was released before writing this review, there was no hidden charge and I paid exactly what I expected, plus they only put a 2 dollar hold instead of the 100! The car was great, clean, and great gas mileage. I forgot exactly what type of car I reserved but it was the type after economy and compact.

They let me choose from between several, and the guy at the counter suggested one with good mpg and sound system and low miles, which I chose. Every employee I encountered was helpful and friendly. They put a Sun Pass in the windshield for toll roads which is awesome, and made navigating the congested highways a breeze. Overall, if you look for a car at a site with multiple companies, go to their sites and read the terms, this was the best deal, and very efficient service. Also, I recommend prepaying on-line. It eliminates some of the restrictions(like pick up time and card holds), and it is the best rate even over other discounts. I give this location a 5 star as well as budget themselves. Good Job, and I will use them from now on.

Breach of Contract by Budget Golf, Crest Hill, IL
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Rating: 1/51

CREST HILL, ILLINOIS -- Had an experience with Budget Golf from Crest Hill, IL not a good one. Bought an item from them on eBay (buy now), which is a legal contract according to Ebay. I paid for the item, but they couldn't deliver because they did not have the product. They did refund my money and offered a 10% discount on an item on a purchase from their website and with a little coaxing, offered 2 other items for the same cost which wasn't acceptable to me (They knew up front what color & style were needed, but offered something else). I contacted eBay and they told me I had to deal with them direct and the only way I could complain was in their feedback system.

Their final compromise on their breach of contract was a 10% discount on an item from their website. I though a 50% off coupon on a purchase was a fair compromise. They wouldn't even discuss it. Even with the discount, it would have cost me more to buy from their website then the item cost me on eBay because of shipping charges on the website versus free shipping on the item from Ebay.

Being in business myself for over 20 years, I found that the character of a company is ultimately decided by the way it reacts to adversity. They failed my expectations.

Caveat emptor- Let the buyer beware. I don't know if eBay's policy on contracts or the sellers unwillingness to do everything in their power to avoid responsibility for their lack of business skills.

Their Mission Statement on their website:

"We believe in complete customer satisfaction and lasting value, which is why we guarantee a perfect delivery of your discount golf equipment. We'd love to be able to promise that you'll improve your golf game but at least we can assure you that you will get the quality and service you expect, and together we'll improve your golf game”.

They get a double bogey in my opinion, along with Ebay.

Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- My sister rented a car from this company and I went with her. We were lied to about the price and the time to return the car. Budget took more than double out of my sister's account than what the total price that the desk clerk said out of her own mouth. The desk clerk also gave us the wrong time my sister was to return the car. This resulted in her being charged an extra day and double fee. When confronted, the same desk clerk kept apologizing because she knew she was wrong for lying to us. But my sister insisted that something must be done. After speaking to the manager once the clerk did what she can do, they only refunded a quarter of what they were supposed to give back.

Plus, it takes a long time before your money is put back into your account. Well isn't that a [snip]!!! It sure didn't take them long to take the money out! She will never rent from them again and I would never even consider to rent from them either.

Horrible service!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- We had a horrible experience with budget and we will never
Use your service again we had reservations for a month
For a car dolly and 16 inch truck, the night before we were supposed to get
Truck and dolly budget called us and said we rented out the last truck
So you have to drive to Tracy budget and get the truck then return
To stockton to get dolly which was a hassle but we had no choice,
Once we got there the employee called to get the vin # for the dolly
Well come to find out he rented out the dolly to someone else and had no more
And told us we would have to drive 30 minutes out of the way to go to another budget place
And get the dolly we asked for the gas money because this was not our fault but
They refused. We had a very stressful day with this and we are not happy that we had to fork out more cash for their mistake.

Twilight Zone!

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I have already written down the events in this format, so I just copied and pasted, sorry it's so long!
1/2/07 Spoke to Sarah at Budget location re: $9.50 error charged on car rental from December 29, 2006. Sarah said it was too late to credit my card, so she would tape a note on the desk for a free day rental. (Sarah knows me by sight from my continuing patronage, and has never been rude to me.)

1/18/07 Rented vehicle from Budget car rental (with Sarah), since I was getting an Explorer, which cost more per day than my normal rentals, I verified that it was OK to use the free day (along with an extra day, that I would pay for), to which Sarah said "absolutely".

1/20/07 Returned to Budget, spoke to Sarah and extended the rental an additional day, to make it 3 days (paying for 2 days, and getting the one free day to repay their error), again Sarah was amiable, and said "you're all set".

1/21/07 noticed I had a coupon for budget for a free day ("Rent a budget car for a minimum of 3 weekend days and enjoy the third day free") I called budget, spoke to a man, not sure of the name, told him that I already have a free rental day because of an overcharge on their part, and asked if I could use the coupon, since the rental started on a Thursday, and I would keep it through Monday if they would accept it, paying for 2 days, getting a third free, and the fourth being free for the error. He said yes, and took the coupon code down, and said I was set. Let me add here that if they had said that I could not use this coupon, I would have returned the vehicle that day, paying for 2 days, and getting the one comp day.

1/22/07 returned vehicle at around 4:30. I made sure to tell him to take off the 9.50 refueling charge, because I filled it with gas. Eddie helped me, and I asked if he needed the coupon, and he said yes. At this point he tried to tell me I was an hour late, and the total would be 200 something! I calmly explained that Sarah had arranged a free day rental prior to my renting this vehicle because of an erroneous charge on my previous rental, and that with the coupon which, I explained, I got an OK from the employee yesterday to use, I should only owe for 2 days (which clearly falls within the coupons requirements). To this, Eddie said (in a rude tone of voice, I might add) "I'm not giving you 2 free days" he also said that the employee I spoke to was a temp. I tried to explain that the person I spoke to yesterday took down the coupon code, and asked specifically for the "bcd" number from the coupon, so he must know something about the business, as there are two codes on the coupon, one starting with "bcd #" and one starting with "coupon #". He (Eddie) continued to argue and first tried to say that the coupon did not apply, since I kept it longer than 3 days, then when he realized that the coupon would still be good, he reverted to "you're not getting 2 free days". In the end he gave me a receipt that charged me $190.11 (As far as I could tell, this amount, again, included the 9.50 refueling service charge, and $1.80 Fuel services charge!) I was so angry at this point, and told him I wanted to speak to Sarah, he said she wasn't there, so I told him that I would be contesting the bill, and left. I came back 10 minutes later to get the original paperwork from when I rented on the 18th.

1/22/07, later at home I know I did nothing wrong here, and made every effort to be sure that the free rental from their error could be used on the Explorer, and then calling for confirmation that I would be able to use the coupon. I really am just very confused as to why Eddie (I assume he is the manager) would behave in such a rude fashion to a semi-regular customer! And to reverse the other persons statement with his reason being that the guy was a "temp" in my eyes he was representing budget, and if he is allowed to answer the phone, then what he tells the customer should be honored! If I had come in on Thursday, got a rental, and used the comp day, then return it, then come back on later that day and rent until Monday and use the coupon, this would not even be an issue, so again I am extremely confused at what the problem was!
After thinking this over, I called (Eddie) and stated my case again saying that I was giving him another chance to rectify the situation before I take action, mentioning the bit about renting Thursday, using the comp, returning Friday, and come back later in the day, renting through Monday, and he said "no, you still would not have gotten 2 days free!" So from what I can tell, he would not have let me use the coupon no matter what, but he still ASKED for the coupon when I first returned the car again, very confusing.

1/23/07 Called Budget customer service, told her (Nicole) the story, and told her she could speak to Sarah at that location to confirm the comp day. When Nicole came back on the line, she said that Sarah said she didn't authorize that! I called Sarah, and she was very cold (this I couldn't believe, as she is normally very nice, and accommodating, a true customer service star), and told me that she gave me a coupon (which she did NOT)! So now it looks like I was trying to double use the coupon I had from before! I called Nicole back, and in the end, I DID get my credit for the day and the gas charge, but at the expense of being forced to first visit the Twilight Zone! I couldn't help but call Sarah back and tell her that their attempt to screw me had failed, and that they lost a good returning customer to boot.

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