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2011 SRX - Very Unhappy
Posted by on
Recently I purchased a new 2011 3.0L Performance Collection SRX FWD. I currently have 3,000 miles on the vehicle. I am at a complete loss (1) I didn’t read the fine print nor was it brought to my attention at the time of purchase that the automobile was manufactured in Mexico. (2) The first time I washed it, I noticed a small dent in the left rear quarter panel, and after examining other SRX’s on the dealership’s lot I noticed all of them had the same dent. My dealership was able to repair the dent. (3) The right dash board has a huge gap where it meets the door panel; it is not like that on the left side of the dash. The dealership was unable to repair this because that it is “the way it manufactured”. (4) The front curb assist only works when a button next to the shifter is pressed or when the car is put in reverse then back to drive then as an obstruction in front of the vehicle is brought closer does the beep, beep, beep sound. This makes no sense to me, I would think they would work the same as the rear driver assist. (5) There seems to be a wind noise coming from either the sunroof or the rear hatch, my dealer is unable to repair or “duplicate” my concern. (6) The fuel economy is the most disappointing to me. On a flat road at 70mph with cruise control set the best overall mileage in a ten mile test is 22.5 mpg. at 75mph the best is 21.5mpg. Yet, the sticker claims an average of 18mpg city and 25 mpg highway with most drivers able to get up to 29mpg. My dealer could not help to rectify this problem and I was told to driver 65mph and would likely get the 25mpg. Most highways in my area are at a speed limit of 70mph, and at that speed I take a chance at being run over. Contacted "customer relations" only to get a return phone call from Manila, Philippines; did you know customer service for a United States Automobile was in the Philippines? Asked to speak to someone within the United States, they are investigating my concerns. If you have experienced similar problems please contact me ( Will post the updates as they come available.
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MRM on 02/17/2011:
I agree that your gas mileage would improve if you drive at 60 MPH. I believe the sticker MPG were tested at 60 MPH.
Sparticus on 02/17/2011:
Thanks for the review. My wife and I were actually looking at used versions of this car. I wonder if 2010 models have similar problems?

Slimjim on 02/17/2011:
This I think, is the only Caddy made outside the US for some reason. When our Escalade lease was up, one of the reasons we went with Buick's Enclave, was that it was completely built in the US. I wouldn't say it means everything to me, but it is important. As far as mileage, you are driving way too fast to expect stickered numbers. Those figures usually come in at around 55 to 65 mph. A taller car, like a crossover or SUV, is even more impacted due to wind resistance. I remember barely squeezing the rated 20 mpg out of our Escalade by doing around 60 mph with the windows up and no air on. Once we cruised at 75, it dropped to around 16.5.
MRM on 02/17/2011:
Excellent, Slim, for additional tidbits!
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
My only question, is when you test drove the vehicle, didn't you bother to check all of these features and look at the vehicle thoroughly for any flaws before you signed the paperwork? It just seems odd to me. I just don't understand why you are complaining about all these little problems now, after you already bought it.
azRider on 02/17/2011:
first off, its an American car, they are not known to have high quality. its basically a very fancy Chevy. some of the parts in your car are interchangeable with standard Chevy's. next MPG is test on a closed course, with a test driver, with optimal conditions. in real life you never get what the sticker says plus its a 3.0L engine hauling around heavy American steel. its going to burn some fuel. some a lighter foot may help in that. lastly, did you research the car? do you walk around it test drive it? if the flaws are there when you got it, there is no one to blame but you. buying a new car is waste also, as soon as you drove it off the lot it was worth less than you paid for it. I'm betting you could have gotten a deal on a year old car and still had the same features you wanted. but as GP Barnum says..
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
Slim> Just a note to add to your sentiment on American made products...There is often times the misconception that American made means the product is American made. Much like our out-sourcing friends in the telecommunication industry, several companies have their parts shipped in from foreign countries, and have it "assembled" in the USA. Technically, they can then classify it as being American made. When in reality, it isn't.

Nothing screams Red, White, and Blue more than a Harley Davidson. For years, that was the quintessential American product. Nowadays? Not so much. The majority of parts used to build a Harley are foreign made, close to 75%. But it's "assembled" in the USA. Huge difference.
trmn8r on 02/17/2011:
I am at a loss as well. It was nobody's responsibility to tell you where the car/parts were manufactured or assembled. This is information you can determine on your own.

Wind resistance increases with the square of the speed. That is why reducing speed from 75 to 70 and 70 to 65 has much more of an effect on fuel economy than 40 to 35. Ethanol also reduced gas mileage (thanks, Uncle Sam). Do the EPA estimates use an ethanol blend? It sounds like your car is in the ballpark.

If you want better fit and finish, buy an import. Wind noise is one of the most common complaints with new cars.
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
Cadilacs made in Mexico. Are you kidding me? What the bloody hell.

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm blaming Obama for this one.
trmn8r on 02/17/2011:
At this rate, this place will look like Yahoo! soon.
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
If I'm not mistaken, isn't there a "breaking in" period on brand new cars before they meet the expected MPG? I thought I heard/read it's somewhere around 5k miles.
PepperElf on 02/17/2011:
I don't know but... I do know your mileage also depends on how long you drove for and what you have the car packed with.

I'm betting when they test these cars they test them with an empty load - aka just the driver (and a small driver too) with no luggage or extra crap in the car.

plus you have to make sure your tires are properly filled to get the most out of your mileage.
madconsumer on 02/17/2011:
seems like you could expect more from a Cadillac.
Disaster Worker on 02/17/2011:
I've had 5 Cadillacs in a row with a CTS now. My gas mileage is about 22 in town and 30+ on highway. I've had no issues with any of my Caddys.
dan gordon on 02/17/2011:
ford has made many cars in Mexico for yrs. The Lincoln MDX or whatever is one of them. They are some of Fords most highly rated cars. I think there is considerable nit picking going on with this 'review'.
Slimjim on 02/17/2011:
I disagree with azRider's assessment. American cars have come back very strong in quality perception and Cadilacs are among the leaders. The CTX is one of the hottest cars in the market right now, and their V version is a 556 hp dynamite buy at only aprox $63,000. Many foreign cars are assembled right here in the states, while many models by American brands are assembled in Mexico or Canada. I strongly prefer buying an American brand built by American workers on American soil. We do make good cars, and our economy and job market need your business. US residents win on many levels.
Starlord on 02/17/2011:
I never saw whatever it is that makes people go glassy-eyed and slack-jawed at the mention of Cadillac. He (Cadillac) was in auto racing about the same time as Ray Harroun, winner of the first Indianapolis 500 race. The car named after him was always touted as a kuxury car, and you paid through the nose for it. I find this hard to understand, as it is just a tricked-out Chevrolet, ironically, another racer from the teen years. The doctor my mom worked for at one time bought a Caddy, and since Indiana only had one plate per vehicle, he looked for a piece of chrome to close the opening in the front bumper for a front plate. The Cadillac dealer was glad to order him one, and it would only cost him $85.00 plus shipping. I had an Eldorado at one time, and it was a land yacht. The heck of it was, the engine made a funny noise. Give me a gallon, give me a gallon, give me a gallon. :D
PepperElf on 02/17/2011:
don't look at me star... I like the mini cooper myself tho ... I could be happy with a classic rolls... ;)
MRM on 02/17/2011:
Jeep fan over here!
Starlord on 02/18/2011:
Mopar rules!
Cady13 on 02/23/2011:
Prince C..This is our 13th Cadillac.. we've never had these issues before..thus continue to buy Cadillac. As far as, "looking the car over", yes we did and as with any purchase sometimes "things" are missed. The dealership didn't even know all the features of the car. I read the owners manual to find most of my information as to how everything works. As a veteran Cadillac owner, I expect as good as or better than previous year purchases. And, I expect more from Cadillac, period.
Cady13 on 02/23/2011:
To the many other comments.. Yes I am aware that driving "slower" will increase fuel economy. As I stated.. most highway limits in my area are at 70mph. Unless, I want to be the hazard in the right lane, I will continue to drive around the posted speed limit. I just feel on a flat surface without obstruction, the vehicle should be able to perform at the "estimated" limit.
Cady13 on 02/23/2011:
Just a it is about a week later. I have had no resolve to my issues. But, I did get another call from the Philippines after 9 o'clock in the evening two days ago. That's customer service? I asked them to call me at a reasonable hour of the day and have yet to hear from them.. hmmm????
trmn8r on 02/23/2011:
Well then you need to research rolling friction and wind resistance. Newton's laws are at work against your car. This isn't physics class, where a puck zooms through space with nothing to perturb it.

In your terminology, relative wind and friction are "obstructions".
Cady13 on 03/10/2011:
Update.. Cadillac Corporate Office contacted myself and the dealership and has picked up the vehicle for inspection. Since it is getting the 'estimated' city miles it should be within range of the 'estimated' highway miles. We will see if they can figure out what the problem is.
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Posted by on
My wife visited me in the hospital the 1st week of June. She left to go home - but quickly returned! Her CTS had no brakes!

Thinking it was the recall for front brake problem, I had the car towed to the dealer. They say that was not the problem so the tow was my expense (IF: I hadn't been in the hospital, I would have gotten it to the dealer; I had known it wasn't the recall I would have taken it to a nearby shop) After about 4 weeks, GMC tells me there is no part available in the country for the failed brake lines!!!

The GMC guy says I can not escalate higher in GMC because HE is the top authority! His comments lead me to believe he is looking for the recall parts but that isn't what the dealer says they need. Dealer apparently has recall part but has to replace other lines first.

UPDATE: After 6 weeks got the car back - fixed. The bill: $900+
They had to "redo" one line rec'd to make it fit (guess they got the wrong part!!) DON'T GO TO THE DEALER FOR REPAIRS - WHAT A LACK OF SERVICE ON THE PART OF GMC. Other than the price, I blame GMC - not the dealer.
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GenuineNerd on 06/29/2010:
GM does need to get parts to repair/replace those brake lines. No excuse for having no parts available on a vehicle that is still in production. This needs to be addressed, even if GM has to get brake lines from the plant assembling the CTS's. An independent shop could fabricate one. There are also third party suppliers for brake lines. Have the vehicle towed from the Cadillac dealer to an independent shop-he will probably get that problem fixed, especially since that vehicle isn't involved in the brake recall.
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December 2007 Recall
Posted by on
My husband one day found his "dream car" Cadillac CTS. After talking about it we decided to go ahead and buy it. It was his dream car after all. It was a 2006. My husband loved the car, the xm radio, everything with the car. That was his baby. Then is Dec. of 2007 he was involved in an MVA in which he lost his life. No one knows why, but he went left of center while driving that car. It was at 11 AM. He had a good nights sleep so he did not fall asleep at the wheel. Drug tests negative so that was not the problem. Then I found out about the recall POWER TRAIN:AXLE ASSEMBLY:AXLE SHAFT:SEAL A REAR DIFFERENTIAL FAILURE MAY CAUSE LOSS OF MOTIVE POWER AND POSSIBLY LOSS OF CONTROL INCREASING THE RISK OF A CRASH.

As a result sorry Cadillac I will never own one of your cars again nor do I ever recommend it to anyone else.

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BobJohn on 08/26/2008:
Very sorry for your loss. If you can prove it beyond a reaonable doubt you have one-heck of a lawsuit.
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Lost Key
Posted by on
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My mother lost the keys to her 97 Catera with 68,000 miles. The car has now sat at a dealership for 6 weeks because the home office of Cadillac has been unable to provide the dealership or us with a transponder(?) code to make a key work with the vehicle. The home office of Cadillac informed us that Cadillac deleted the software program for 1997-2001 Cadillacs from it's system in Dec. 2006. Until they get a software update they are unable to help us. They said it also possible they will not get an update. Cadillac will not offer my mother a rental car or any compensation. They only offered a $2900.00 certificate towards a NEW GM vehicle. My mother does not need or can she offord a new car she just needs a key to her car. Can you believe in today's world Cadillac is unable to make a key work in a car. A car with 68,000 miles that just needs a key is useless at this point. Cadillac owners and potential buyers BEWARE, do not lose your keys or it could be the last time you drive it!!!!
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MRM on 02/28/2007:
I could not believe why somebody would need to buy a new car just because they lost their key. Cadillac should find a way to disable the transponder so that a duplicate key can start the vehicle. I think this particular Cadillac dealership is running a scam to buy a new car.
Anonymous on 02/28/2007:
I tried the search on Cadillac's web page. All it responded with was listing to find Cadillac dealers. But I did find a web page that stated all Cadillac dealers have a master key for just such a problem as you have. With that key they can unlock the doors and start the ignition. There is also a procedure to replace the transponder system and create new keys.
Anonymous on 02/28/2007:
Why would Cadillac offer any compensation? They did not lose the keys.

If memory serves me right, the manufacturer only has to retain the records for 8 years by law

You need to contact a locksmith that specializes in coded keys. They are out there , but there is not many of them. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $200 - $300.00 for their service. Try starting with the new car manager and ask if he/she has anyone they would recommend. Good Luck

Replacing that transponder is NOT a viable option, those damn things are expensive!!! ($1500 to $6000)

PassingBy: Where did you find the info on master keys? I have never seen them before at any dealership and I am curious if they truly exist and how the heck they would even work.
Anonymous on 02/28/2007:
Welcome to the world of anti theft, if the id1ots would stop stealing cars things would be a lot easier.
Slimjim on 02/28/2007:
As usual, dealer's right again.
Anonymous on 03/01/2007:
dealerdirect; I did a search for Catera key transponder codes and found a forum of Cadillac owners. There was a response to someone with the same problem. A further response did state that replacing the unit is very expensive. Unfortunately I don't have the URL anymore.
Gando on 03/01/2007:
I thought you get a least two sets of keys for the car?

If she lost her keys, how did she get the car to the dealership?
Was she at the dealership when she lost her keys?

That's a noodle scratcher! =)
Anonymous on 03/01/2007:
PassingBy: thanks
lepearso on 03/01/2007:
I hope that this is the last Cadillac your mother will ever own.
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