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Very Unhappy With Repair History
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased a 2008 new Cadillac CTS and had a water leak from the sunroof. I assumed it was an isolated issue and decided to trade up to a newer model. I purchased a 2009 new Cadillac CTS in 2009 with 14 test drive miles on the odometer. My car is still under the manufacturer warranty and has 40k miles.

I have had NOTHING but issues with this car. The sunroof leaks and there was a broken weld on the frame in the trunk. The complete interior carpet and padding have been replaced due to mold and water damage. The navigation system shows an error every time it rains that the electronic key is not detected and the navigation screen is blank while the radio is playing with no display.

These issues occurred after the sunroof leaked and caused major damage to the electronic system. I have taken my car a minimum of twice a month to the local Cadillac shop and shown them pictures and videos of the issues I am experiencing. The "mechanics" state they are unable to duplicate the issue and cannot determine the cause. The electronic module has been replaced twice and the remote keys have been replaced twice still my car is unable to detect them after it rains. The interior headliner has been replaced completely three times.

THIS CAR IS A LEMON and I cannot get anyone at Cadillac or GM corporate office to help me. The Corporate office has now declined to provide a loaner car for any issues I may have with this car while it is being tested at the shop.

Unintended Acceleration
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Rating: 1/51

I have a 2008 Cadillac CTS. I purchased it as a "Certified" that's a joke, Cadillac. I experienced unintended acceleration in a Walmart Parking Lot with people crossing in front and back. Thank God my foot was on the brake. Courtesy Chevrolet, Salisbury, MD said they found the problem and fixed it.

300 miles later, I am sitting behind a car in the bank drive through, foot lightly on the brake, and my engine starts roaring, back wheels screaming & smoking. Turned the engine off. Had dealer come get it and it's been reported to Cadillac, to no avail, National Safety Bureau, Better Business Bureau, Facebook and anywhere else I can warn drivers of GM Vehicles.

I discovered that it's a widespread problem that is being covered up by GM, instead of recalling and fixing the problem with "ENHANCED SMART PEDAL TECHNOLOGY". It is in the software messaging from the brake to the throttle to GO instead of STOP. They know it's happening and they know the fix. I have the articles to prove what I am saying.

CTS Bad Battery... Luxury Not So Luxurious
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I have a 2003 Cadi CTS and I have had battery issues but when I call the dealership they seem to think it's just me. My car just dies when I was at the grocery store and it won't even catch a charge and when I tried to turn it, I get a clicking noise. At First the radio or nothing wouldn't start. I charged it and checked the battery volts and it went from 9.3 to 13.5. Now the radio will come on but it still won't start.

Would this be a recall because when I checked online I see a lot of different reviews about the battery. I had no problems when I had my standard eclipse. Once I moved up to luxury it hasn't be so luxurious. I have gone through two brand new batteries and I don't want to have to buy another one. It hasn't even been a full two years. What do I do?

Oil Leak or Should I Saw Gusher!
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LAPEER, MICHIGAN -- I own a 2003 CTS and while driving, oil suddenly started spraying all over the road. Smoke from the oil filled my car and clothes and now I cannot remove the smell. The Cadillac dealership informed me the problem was oil was leaking from the crank case valve cover and this only happens in cold weather.

This is a known condition by Cadillac and the document ID #** verifies it. The dealership cannot get parts from Cadillac to fix the problem. In fact the manager was told by Cadillac to go to a junk yard and get the part because they do not know when parts will be in! I want my car fixed and the smell gone!

2005 CTS
By -

I have a 2005 CTS with 50,000 miles that Burns a quart of oil every 1,000 miles or less. They say this is common at the Cadillac Dealer here in town. I bought the extra warranty from them. What a waste of money. Plus I see mine isn't the only one so do a lot of checking before you buy one. I think it's pretty bad when you have to check the oil on a Cadillac about every day before you drive it.

Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
By -

PINOLE, CALIFORNIA -- In November 2007 I purchased a brand new Cadillac CTS, fully loaded and totally dressed and priced just under $50,000. Shortly after taking possession of my "dream car" I experienced problems that were identified as defects in the cars manufacture, namely a broken suspension link and a faulty differential housing bushing. The repair of these two items required four round trips to the dealer for diagnosis, parts ordering and installation, not to mention two other trips to have the car properly detailed. I felt that Cadillac should provide some type of compensation for my expenses (bridge tolls, mileage, gas and time), though modest, and inconvenience in fixing items that occurred during assembly.

I contacted the Cadillac Customer Assistance Center, through the official website to seek assistance, compensation or at least a good faith effort. Over the course of about 6 weeks, I submitted emails, phone calls and a letter to attempt to resolve my issues. I was finally told that my warranty covered the costs of repair and that Cadillac did not feel any compensation was due me beyond fixing these defects. When I asked if my time, expense, and inconvenience were worth anything to Cadillac, I was told that there would be no further discussion of the matter and I would be sent a form letter giving me the option of contacting the Better Business Bureau, and that Cadillac had closed the book on my issue.

I am shocked that a brand as respected and well known as Cadillac and General Motors would be so shortsighted and aloof and disregard the Lifetime Value of its customer and of its premier line of vehicles. A few dollars or a gesture of good faith beyond the offer of a free initial service visit, which, of course, I already had been given at purchase, not to mention a purchased 3 year maintenance program, would have gone a long way towards me purchasing another GM product. As it stands now, I have purchased my one and only Cadillac and GM car. Don't get me wrong, I love my CTS, but wish that Cadillac truly supported and embraced their Customer Assistance program.

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