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I have driven GM cars for 40 years and currently own a late model Cadillac DTS Luxury Performance Sedan. I also own a 98 Buick Park Ave with 140,000 miles on it,(my everyday driver), and my wife drives a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville with 80,000 miles on it, and I honestly believe GM builds the finest cars made today. These cars have been virtually trouble free with only routine maintenance required. The Cadillac is the finest quality automobile I have ever seen, and I have compared it to all the high end Japanese and German cars. It is better in fit, finish, ride and handling, and overall quality. Some of you folks should try a GM car before you hammer them. Get out of the 80's when the J cars were good, we've long passed them by.
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Slimjim on 06/23/2010:
Agree Cat. GM does not make the same cars they made in the 80's (especially now that Saturn is gone). All the American manufacturers have really stepped up their game over the last decade. Very comparable at the least, with better European and Asian makers.
CJ Gruesbeck on 11/21/2013:
well actually I have been a GM fan all my life,and they have made many fine cars.The comment that Saturn(which we disliked as mechanics due to being to reliable to make $ on) is gone is only part true. GM is gone would be more correct.they killed the Saturn name and Pontiac(great cars awesome performance huge sales #'s) to consolidate.I did just purchase an '08 Lucerne(w Cadillac v-8) but after 09 model I will be strictly "other than" GM on my choices. Sorry my wife liked the Saturn Vue (gone? nope it's a Chevy Captivia)
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Cadillac DTS
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My 2007 DTS, with under 5000 miles, has suffered a dead battery three times. No satisfaction from Cadillac Customer service, I assure you. The sullen and rude district specialist says my problem is that I don't drive the car frequently enough. Mind you, it's kept in a heated garage. If I don't drive it for a week it won't start, and this, Cadillac asserts, is my problem. I'd advise all consumers to avoid this model because you will really want to avoid dealing with Cadillac customer service.

They claim:

1) I should disconnect the battery if I'm not going to drive it for a week (Know where the battery is on this model? In a position that requires removing the back seat.)
2) The instruction manual I received when I bought the car disclosed this advice, therefore
3) There's nothing further they can or should do for me.

Think you've gone to the best in class when you've gone Cadillac? Think again. If the product defects don't infuriate you the customer service will.
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Anonymous on 05/29/2008:
It seems you have a direct ground somewhere or you have a bunch of electronics on the instant on circuit that are causing the problem. Also, you could have an alarm function that is a problem. You might have it checked out by an IGO mechinic. If you don't drive it for weeks, try cranking it up every day or two and just let it run for five or ten minutes.
Anonymous on 05/29/2008:
Their claim #2 is wrong. According to the owners manual: "If you are not going to drive your vehicle for 25 days or more, remove the black, negative (−) cable from the battery. This will help keep your battery from running down."

I noticed that the dash has many warning indicators. There are quite a few relating to the battery. If none of them are activated then you have a major problem.
DigitalCommando on 05/29/2008:
According to Cadillacs own technical service bulletin, there is a ground issue with the body control module. Here is the data you should provide to them:

NHTSA Item Number: 10022963
Service Bulletin #: 070847004
Replacement #:
Vehicle/Equipment Make: CADILLAC
Vehicle/Eqipment Model: DTS
Model Year: 07
Mfg Component Code: 110000 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM
Date of Bulletin: 2007-08-01
Date Added: 2007-10-09
flipper on 05/30/2008:
We had the same problem with our 2006 DTS. Be persistent! They finally agreed to extend our warranty for 6 more years. Since we are in our late 70's, when we need our car, we need it at once, not whenever the service man happens to get here. I think their information that not driving the car for a while is a bunch of baloney. There are many retired people who don't drive every day (and they are a lot of the Cadillac owners). If that is the problem, they should build a better battery!
chow on 06/01/2008:
Low quality car brand always behave this way!
maxsu80 on 03/29/2009:
I have a Cadillac 2006 DTS. If I don't drove the
car for 7 days the batter dies. I have had 3 new batteries installed, numerous visits to the dealer and each time I get the same answer, "we checked everything and we don't find any problems". After reading all the the similar complaints on line how is it that GM can't come
up with a resolution. Plus the battery is located under there rear passenger seat. Brilliant
desisgn. Is there any reason the tax payers should loan GM any money. They need to be allowed to fail and thus survival of the fitist
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Dead Battery
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A few weeks ago I wrote about our problem with the 2006 Cadillac DTS battery dying twice in the 10 months we have owned it. I also wrote to the "In Your Corner" column of our local newspaper. The article about the Cadillac was printed yesterday, and this morning I received a call from a couple who live 14 miles from us, who bought their car at the same dealership, and have had the same problem twice since they bought their car in June.

We are wondering how often this problem has occurred. It seems odd that it only happened to two cars, bought from the same dealership. I am sure there are many others who have had battery problems with 2006 DTS's

If you, or anyone you know, has had this problem, please get in touch with me.
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Frenchie on 10/08/2006:
This is a dumb post as far as I am concerned. If you have the money to buy a Cadillac then have the problem analyzed and fixed. Did you go back to the dealer? You don't even say what you have done to solve. I don't believe the dealer had anything what so ever relating to your battery.
There can be a myriad of problems relating to batteries and one could only speculate on here. As I said I think your post has no merit. If I bought a new Cadillac (and I have owned them) I surely wouldn't be writing on here nor to my local paper, unless the dealer refuses to do anything; and I doubt if he would not help. Did you call Cadillac's hot line to find out if they were having problems with the electrical system on your car and/or if the particular battery was defective? I still say posts such as this are dumb from my perspective.
flipper on 10/08/2006:
Yes, I took the car back to the dealer. After keeping for a day to check it out they said we don't drive it enough. They told the other couple it was the computer. I think there is something radically wrong with the car. Since I'm sure we are not the only two this has happened to, I'd like to find others in the same boat. I am NOT saying it is the dealer's fault. I do say they can't find the problem and so are giving each of us a different excuse. If I can find others with the same problem, we may have enough for a class action suit. And by the way, we are not rich. Just like comfort.
LANDON on 10/08/2006:
OK, maybe this post isn't newsworthy to u frenchie, but I do believe flipper has a valid complaint. How much money flipper has or doesn't have is irrelevant. if I had bought a Cadillac and the battery had messed up on it twice in 10 months someone would be hearing my complaint! and flipper has every right to complain. even if I could afford to do a diagnotic test on it and figure out what's wrong I'd have issues with this. who expects to buy a car and have to repair it within a year!
flipper on 10/08/2006:
Thank you, Landon.
Nohandle on 10/08/2006:

I wish you, Flipper, had added this post as an addition to your original post on the Cadillac complaint and it might have made more sense to those who just read your latest. After all you've gone through with a new car, to have finally received a response from a stranger due to a letter in your local newspaper at least lets you know you are not the only one who is having a problem with this particular model.

I hope you get something resolved soon. Problems from the beginning certainly take the enjoyment out of a new purchase, car or anything else.
Frenchie on 10/09/2006:
I admit I don't have much patience for the majority of the posters on here because this will NOT solve a problem. I will ask you to try one thing: With the motor NOT running turn ON the headlights. See how bright they are. Then crank the motor over with the key on, just as if you are trying to start it. What happens to the headlights? Do they go dim or out? Yes you do have to drive these cars somewhat because of all the electrical power "gadgetry".
Frenchie on 10/11/2006:
Did you try my suggestion? What was the result?
Frenchie on 10/14/2006:
I don't suppose you were really looking for help. I am not sure if your complaint was/is valid or not.
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