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Organized Effort to Not Honor Refund
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. I am writing to inform you that Dell is a fraud. The company offers a 30 refund policy. But when I asked for the refund within my 30 day window due to wrong parts installed and corrupted operating system, Dell would not refund my money because they said that 'they have to exhaust all their avenues/resources before that could be granted'. I repeatedly asked for my refund and tech support (from India with severe language barrier) continued to stall by troubleshooting with me.

During this process, I had to leave work early to call from home, was on hold for hours, transferred many times, more holding time in between each transfer, just to speak to people that couldn't speak back to you. The tech support blamed the malfunctions onto my printer, software applications and many other things, but none was correct. While I kept asking for my refund, they just wanted to troubleshoot with me.

Then after literally every weekend, at 4 to 8 hours each for over 2 months, Dell still wouldn't give me my money back and said that I'm now outside my 30-day window and I can no longer get my money back. The best they could do for me is to send me a 'REFURBISHED' computer. Now, I've spent over $1800 for a used computer. I'm a teacher and bought this computer with my own money for my class. This really hurts!!!

Also, while I was troubleshooting with Dell on the average of 4 to 8 hours every weekend for 2 months, I've asked them to call back due to my phone battery dying, each tech said they would call but no one, I mean NO ONE ever called once. I started documenting all my calls and asked for names for accountability reasons. The techs would give me fictitious names or wouldn't give me a name at all. One even tried to say 'he had to get a drink of water' before giving me his name. At least, make a more believable lie!

Initially, I thought I was the only unfortunate soul. I asked for the name of a Dell official to send my letter of complaint to. No one would give me a name! I contacted the producer of TalkRadio Show, K-ABC, Technology Show in Los Angeles. He tried to email 2 Dell officials on my behalf, as well as my 3 page airmail letter I personally sent to another Dell official, but no one, I repeat, NO ONE has responded to my letters.

I searched the internet on Dell, and to my amazement, I found thousands of complaints on numerous sites, dated from year 2000 to current dates. The scariest part was that every complaint I read about was identical to mine: wrong parts installed, Dell not willing to replace wrong parts, collect your money for more expensive parts but install cheaper parts, long holding time, refuse to refund customers, paid for extended warranty but Dell would not honor their contract, replace parts with only refurbished parts, just to name a few.

In summary, Dell MISrepresents themselves, sells parts/computers that they claim would do a certain job, but they don't live up to their claims, does not honor 30 day refund policy, extended warranty and tech support service are not delivered up to standard, (contract to India where techs can't speak English and read from a manual), and an organized concerted effort to push consumers outside their 30 refund window by stalling and troubleshooting with them, and not allowing the refund to take place, even when consumers repeatedly ask for their money back during the first 30-day window.

I'm not the only one that have fallen into Dell's unscrupulous business practice. Thousands of people who do not know each other, yet share the same stories cannot be all wrong! Please investigate Dell's fraudulent practice. They cannot continue to mistreat people's hard earned money with no regards. What happened to America's integrity and moral standards? I, as an individual, is helpless. But the District Attorney's office has the power to weave the moral fiber back.

Please look into Dell's business practice. Perhaps a class action lawsuit might be in order?!?! I've already filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and I'm at the end of my ropes. Please help! As a teacher, I try to teach my students, as well as my own children, the importance of INTEGRITY! Please help me teach and demonstrate to the next generation the true meaning of INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and RESPONSIBILITY!

Thank you for hearing my plea! If you need more information, I would be happy to share them with you. I've documented my dealings with Dell! My email is **. Again, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter! As a resolution, I would like the following: I would like 100% money back refund from Dell, which means the computer and monitor included. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Sprint PCS Wireless Service
By -

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. I have had a Sprint PCS phone for over 3 years and in December 2004, I went to use my phone and the phone was completely blank. Only the LCD light was on. After much trouble explaining to various Sprint Customer Service reps., I was told to get a temporary replacement phone with a temporary new number.

After this, I was forced into buying a new phone because they can't replace mine or give me a comparable one, and also they couldn't port my phone number out and I had to get a whole new phone number. I've also had to change phone plans because they couldn't let me carry over my old plan with the new phone and I am forced to pay a higher monthly payment. On top of that, Sprint cannot seem to take off my old phone number which is absolutely unusable off of my account and are charging me for the phone's monthly bill.

In addition to all of this, the brand new phone I bought is experiencing some kind of electrical damage and Sprint will not fix or replace it for me. I've had the phone for only a month and a half and now will have to spend money again to purchase a new one. I can't cancel my service because then they will charge me $150 for an early termination fee.

I feel that Sprint should stand by their products and services and take responsibility. It was my understanding that phone companies can no longer force a client to change their phone numbers when getting a new phone and that the number is supposed to carry over. Had their product been made well, this would not have happened. These phone companies charge for everything and it seems that it's part of their plan for their product to eventually fail so that we have to keep buying phones.

As a resolution, I would like the following: I'd like Sprint to take responsibility for their product and pay their customers for all of the wasted time, frustration and money for their failure in their product and services. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Mail fraud
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GILROY, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. My friend sent away for some slippers to JD Marvel Products Inc. on May 1st. The check was cashed on May 8th, but to this date (Aug. 5th) no merchandise has been sent. I've read other online complaints about the same thing regarding this company and it seems that they may be scamming money from people with no intention to send any merchandise. I'd be curious to know if you've had other complaints about this company and if anything is being done about it. The check was cashed by Banque TD Bank in Montreal, Quebec if this helps at all.

As a resolution, I would like the following: what I'd like to see done is that if this company is intentionally committing fraud, that it be shut down and it's owners put in jail. Who knows how many hundreds or thousands of other people they've fleeced and haven't spoken out about it, thinking that they'll just let it go and chalk it up to experience. I'm not like that, if someone rips me off, I want to see them pay for it and if there is any class action suit against this company, I'd be more than happy to help, as I'm sure my friend would also. Thank you for any help you can be. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Deceitful company trying to take my money
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NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. January of 2002 I was persuaded into canceling my Sprint cell phone service to join WorldCom wireless by a sales representative. She convinced me by giving me several reasons that did not turn out to be true. First of all, I was going to pay a little less each month and get a little more night and weekend minutes, and the same day minutes (that part is true).

The sales representative also convinced me that the service was the same as Sprint's service. She claimed that I could go anywhere in the US and not have to pay long distance, as long as it was in their service area (this was not true). However, I still did not want to join because I knew it would cost me money to join a new service by getting activation charges. The sales representative convinced me that there would be NO activation charge. She wrote it in comments on my Service Agreement, and in the place where it says 'A one time service activation fee of $____ will be charged on the first month's bill.', she wrote 0 on the blank line.

Of course WorldCom did charge me an activation fee on my first month bill like all wireless companies do, which actually made the Service Agreement VOID. WorldCom did not hold up to the agreement so I wanted to cancel my service and no longer continue doing business with them. Then I was charged a $200.00 early termination fee for not keeping the service for one year.

Although it does say that I would be charged on the Service Agreement, I do not think I should have to pay the termination fee because I would not have terminated early if the service was what the sales representative made it out to be, and if there was no activation charge like it said on the agreement. It was not me who didn't hold up to the agreement; and now after several phone calls, letters, and emails of requests to remove the $200.00, WorldCom refuses to remove the fee and wants me to pay.

As a resolution, I would like the following: remove the $200.00 so I can pay the remainder of the balance. I will not pay what I owe until the $200.00 is removed because I will not pay that part, and if they turn me into the credit bureaus then it is a wasted to pay the part I do owe. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.

Credit card charges, fees, etc....

CALIFORNIA -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.
After reading numerous consumer complaint sites, it comes to my attention and experience that credit card companies, and/or any financial institution is taking advantage in the way of false charges, making charges consumers are not aware of (credit life insurance and/or any other program they want you to contribute to)...the financial institutions have way to much power over Mr. or Ms. average consumer.

Something needs to be done about all this and to assist the consumer, you can be charged with negative reports on your credit file when all the while the reporting agencies are not accurate either and takes an act of Congress to get anything changed...God forbid if you have a common name. Since when are you guilty until proven innocent? Laws are allowing the financial institutions to do as they may with little guidelines, government has given them lots of power here lately. Everyone needs credit and you can do nothing today without it.

As a resolution, I would like the following: make suggestions for new laws governing false charges, sky-rocketing interest rates, etc that affect the average consumer. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.

By -

CALIFORNIA -- Dear Attorney General, as a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. MSN holds itself out as providing 24-7 telephonic support. My experience has been far from that. I have called about 15 times, on different days and at different times. I have encountered a pre-recorded message 14 times saying that they were too busy (at 2 AM on a Sunday night?) and to either try back later or to use their online support. (Query what a user is supposed to do if they only have internet access through MSN and can't log on due to a technical problem).

The one time I got through, I got put on hold. After an hour of holding, although tired of waiting, I decided to find out if they would ever answer, so I left my phone on hold and went and did other things for an hour or so. When I returned, it was still on hold. This is not meaningful telephonic support. Others using have experienced the same problem: **. As a resolution, I would like the following: charge them with wire fraud. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.

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