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Lack of USB Cable
Posted by on
Bought a Canon MP480 printer, opened box to find a power cable but no USB. Checked web site and yep... no cable provided ... WHY???
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CMcIntyre90 on 03/23/2009:
I don't get why these companies stopped providing USB cables. I would assume because it's cheaper not to include them, but it's still ridiculous. Nowadays it's not a problem for me because I have a ton of USB cables, but only because I've bought so many electronics in the past that CAME WITH THEM!
Anonymous on 03/23/2009:
Printers have never come with cables. Evan back to the days of parallel and serial interfaces you had to choose the type of cable you needed, and purchase it separately. I buy a LOT of printers and have never known one to come with a cable.
jktshff1 on 03/23/2009:
+1 ken
Frenchie on 03/24/2009:
There are a couple of points to be made: True printers do not come with USB cables, probably for the reason the cable does not wear out like the printer. The problem is that the caveat on the printer box of no USB is printed so small and in such a spot as you can't see it. I have argued this for years but the people who write up the words to be used on printer boxes are among the dumbest!
I encounter this problem frequently. Might add that, if a sales person was involved they should have warned you. However I bet it is printed on the box someplace.
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Over A Year - Zero Issues
Posted on
VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- This camera was not dropped or abused ever. It was kept in perfect condition. Tonight, I was using it and the lens froze open. I cannot get it to return no matter what I do. I spent almost $450 on this camera so I will now go on a public relations campaign letting EVERYONE know to avoid canon and it's inferior product. I will also let the other consumer advocacy groups who are out to help.
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Anonymous on 04/29/2007:
I have a Canon Power shot 330 and it is a very good camra, never had any problems with it in 7 years.

But it sounds like you have some other issues, "I also wil let people know about the multiple groups swho were out to get me." Do you see any doctors?
Anonymous on 04/29/2007:
Huh? I think you need a doctor.
Anonymous on 04/29/2007:
Read this:

Anonymous on 04/29/2007:
I see you get up set very easily? Why do you get mad so easy?
There is no need to call people names that is judt not nice.
chemman on 04/30/2007:
Contact Canon first before you get so upset. I had the same issue happen with one of my Canon cameras, the E18 error is well dcoumented. I sent my camera back to them and they fixed it for free, not only that they cleaned it while they had it apart and put a new cover on it (the original was very beat up from being carried in my pocket/backpack on a trip through Europe). They went above and beyond with their customer service and would highly recommend them.
clayton patterson on 12/12/2013:
Is Cannon Too Big to fail?

It seems that traditional photography is going the way of the horse and buggy. Eastman Kodak is laying people off and discontinuing the production of cellulose acetate film the product that is heavily associated with the name Kodak. We know that Polaroid cameras and film have suffered the same demise. Well, what about the Canon camera? My guess is the Canon camera is starting to free fall into the same pile of a obsolete 20th century inventions and products.

I came to this conclusion not from reading some consumer report but rather my own experience of dealing with the equipment.

I had purchased, a more than I thought I should spend, zoom lens for my rather expensive, considered to be top of the line, 7D Canon Camera. I had finally been able to move up to one of the “Big Boys” in the camera world. After several months the lens started to fail. It was not focusing properly. Following Canon’s instruction, I sent it in for repair to the New Jersey Canon service center. Sadly for me, I had not spent the extra money and bought the extended warranty. After all I had used an inexpensive Pentex camera and lens for years and never had a problem. I figured what can go wrong with the lens. Well it would almost cost as much to repair the lens as to buy a new one.

My old Pentex camera seemed almost indestructible. Over the years I had really put it to the test. It had few moving mechanical parts, and it would take a hard crack with a hammer to damage the metal body. The electronic digital camera is different. A few bumps and knocks and it will stop working. My 7 D did suffer a hard bump, which caused the plastic door holding in the battery to fall off, and the camera would not turn on. This complete failure of equipment put me into an emergency situation.

The 7 D was my main camera and in 3 weeks I was off to Europe for a month long tour showing my photographs, videos, and another part of my job was to document Jochen Auer’s WIldstyle and Tattoo Messe extravaganza.

I contacted the official Canon repair factory. NO problem. I was assured if they got the camera right away I would get the camera back in 5 days. The camera was still under warranty so cost of repair was not a factor. I spent $34 for a Fex-Ex over night. Checked the next day they had the camera. I waited a week and a half. No word,. I almost obsessively called the factory to find out the progress of the repair. No problem. Then there were only 5 working days left to get the camera back into my hands. I got on the phone and pushed all the button. Turns out the camera had not made it past the first step towards repair, which is in intake center. No problem. The camera would be moved into the repair department and I would have it back in time. Again, calling and calling.

On the day of my departure I was sweating. I had to be at the airport by 2 PM. Relief, The arrived at 11 PM. I opened the box, and there was a note on the camera saying I needed to charge the battery. I turned the camera over and the door was still broken off. I slipped in a fully charged battery into the camera and it would not turn on. The repair note says they fixed a focal problem in the camera. I was like what? How could they check the camera if it would not turn on.

The factory could not charge my battery? How could they send it back with the broken door and unable to turn on? This was a repair? Nothing I could do. I left the camera at home and was gone for a month.

WIldstyle and Tattoo Messe has continues stage entertainment. The majority of the audience is under 40. In watching the crowd document the show I realized the youth were using iphones, cell phones, and other computer devices to record the acts. Only a couple of young people had SLR cameras. Those over 40 tended to use the, what now seemed, old fashion cameras.

Back in America I called the factory. All I could get was people with a first, but no last name. After heating up the water enough I finally reached a service manager with a first and last name. I confronted him with the fact- it is my opinion the company must be in deep trouble if this is how they handle one of their prized and bragged about products. No! No! No! Was his response. Well then how could this happen? Yes, before a repaired camera leaves the factory there is a fail safe, multi-hand, triple check process a camera has to go through before the repair is sent back to the customer. Did not happen. He tried to reassure me that my experience was not typical of the factories work.

Send it back. Meanwhile I had another shoot that was important to me. I would never get the camera back in time. And all they can offer is for me to send it back. No replacement in the meantime? Nothing?

How well can the Canon camera be selling if the largest percentage of the new market is no longer buying the SLR camera or Canon photographic products? I think the company is in deep trouble. Buyer beware. I sense a crash is coming. and pageid=r and mode=ALL and n=0 and query=New york times and lang=en
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