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Capital One
1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, VA 22102
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I Am Transferring My Hard Earned Money Somewhere Else
By -

I'm glad I do not need the money right away! I deposited a check in my Capital One checking account. The check that I deposited actually came from my other account in another bank, so I know that Capital One took the money out of my other account the very next day. Four days after, it is still pending. I understand that out of state clearing or second endorsements takes time, but mine is local. I have other checking/savings account from other banks, and local clearing/fund availability is mostly same day or next day.

The customer service representative that I talked to kept on calling me Mrs... despite me telling her several times that I am unmarried, so therefore I am "Miss so and so..." I know this is not about money, but that reflects the kind of attention they give to their customers! I am a depositor, I wonder how borrowers are treated.

Then I was transferred to someone who "knows better" and I was on hold forever. The one who "knows better" just told me that Capital One has yet to verify from my other bank if I have available funds. They already took my money 4 days ago!!! I am staying away from Capital One from now on!

Capital One Has Terrible Customer Service. Terrible to Deal With.
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Rating: 1/51

NUTLEY, NEW JERSEY -- First, I have "opted out of overdraft protection" on my checking account, which should mean that if I don't have enough money in my checking account, the transaction is rejected (which is what I want). Second, I still get whacked with overdraft fees a couple times a year, even though I've "opted out" at least 4-5 times in the past 5 years.

Third, They flat-out refuse to reverse the bogus fees because of fictional "technicalities." (Once they told me that the "opt out" doesn't apply to weekends... another time, they said it doesn't apply to credit transactions, only debit.) Seriously, guys? Fourth, I have a savings account with them that has never gone below $3000. They refuse to link the savings account to the checking account and simply take the "overdraft" from my savings account. They are a terrible bank to deal with.

Closed Account?
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Two months ago I closed my personal checking account at Capital One. When I closed my account the teller made no mention that the bank would only put the account on hold for ten days and any checks or debits outstanding would re-open the account. Unfortunately for me I had forgotten about a check written to my yoga instructor two weeks prior to closing my account. After I closed my account she cashed it - thus re-opening the account and racking up a 30$ overdraft fee and another 5$ per day that the debt was outstanding.

All the while this is happening I am moving from New Orleans to Chicago. I have no idea. My husband and I take some time to visit his grandma and parents on the east coast. But 110$ in fees later I finally get a letter at my mother's house telling me they have closed my account (finally - two months later!) and they are turning my debt over to a collection agency and reporting the debt to a credit agency. Great.

I have been burned before by their secretive banking policies (like when they dated a check to my account the DAY before I wrote it causing a landslide of overdraft fees). I happily took the 20% off the collection department offered me just so I would never have to deal with them again.

I feel that I should have never been charged the fees in the first place since I was no longer even a customer of theirs and second why not just let the check bounce?! I am sure my yoga instructor would not have charged me 110$ in fees and turned me over to a collections agency. I understand the ten day period is a law (finally found that out through the collection department) but is this still my fault if I was not informed? Who even cares - avoid Capital One like the plague.

Customer Service Sucks
By -

Capital One bank sucks. They do not credit your ATM cash deposits immediately as displayed on your receipts. Be careful because the false balance after your deposit may cause overdraft fees. They also post your transactions a day later in order for you to incur overdraft fees.I spoke to ** in customer service but she insisted on her rant of deceit and lies. She told me to go to the branch!!! So much for her service!!!

Hello **, the branch is closed that's why I unfortunately had to call you!!! I guess the extra fees they charged me keeps you and your rude subordinate employed!!! You would think with the high rate of unemployment we could hire more diligent and competent workers!!! Shame on you and your group for swindling customers out of their hard earned money. Your ATMs and systems are so antiquated that even online transfers that should be credited immediately are held for a day!!! And of course after keeping me on hold for 35 minutes, ** still could explain the reason my online transfer wasn't available!!! Capital One shame on you and **!

Missing Large Deposit
By -

Because of my moving the nearest Capital One branch is now 50 miles away. I made the mistake of mailing in a $2600+ tax refund check (from a 2008 return that they found errors in my favor) and here it is three weeks later and no deposit posted.

I contacted them through the secure email service and they said they never got it and they could not help. Then I called customer service and after some checking was told that it might show up in a couple weeks, because the mail is usually rerouted to the main branch then when they see it is a deposit they send it to the local branch. My mistake for mailing in a deposit - definitely. But a further mistake would be to continue banking with Capital One.

Major Rip Off Bank!
By -

BALDWIN, NEW YORK -- I opened up a Capital One account in Dec. 2010. By Jan 2011 I started getting random charges to my account as if someone was using my debit card, but I had it in my pocket the whole time. They withdrew money from my account without permission or any authorization, literally every time I made a deposit. At first they charged me 49.95. I went to my branch to dispute it and got it back eventually and a new debit card. My next deposit they withdraw $29.95 and show me a check as if I wrote it but I know I am not crazy and I have not written out that check and the strange thing is there was no say and no signature required.

Now that they took all I had left to live off of, they charged another $10.00 to over draft my account even though I opted out. I call customer service to make a long story short Capital One is nothing but a scam!

By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I deposit two checks and still they hold my money. I called them and asked about why still is pending. They said, "We can hold your money from one to ten days. " That's the way, that they make money playing with customer money.

Small Business Checking Rip Off
By -

TEXAS -- Started a new business. Opened a business account. Had personal account for several years with local bank now purchased by Capital One. Upon receiving payment from my first customers, I deposited the checks and was not told they would be putting holds on the deposits. Long story short, accounts snowballed and NFS's charged.

I have had the account since January, it's now July. I deposited a 900.00 check from a large company to the account last Monday. They put a hold on it. I need to buy supplies and get work done for two customers I put on hold over the weekend until funds available. Guess what, they aren't giving me the money until 5PM. I just lost two customers AND just got told from the company that gave me the check that the funds cleared out of their account last Friday so Capital One is holding my money for their use and benefit until they see fit to give it to me, costing me business.

Oh and I almost forgot, I deposited another check last week that was drawn on another Capital One account and they slapped a hold on that one too until I started screaming loud enough for bank officer to come over and remove the hold. They claim it's how I manage my account, but they cause the NSFs and continue to hang me up.

DO NOT OPEN A BUSINESS ACCOUNT WITH THEM. They will bury you. They also won't cash the checks either, as they are made out to my company and not me personally. They are putting me out of business. Does anyone know how to sue these guys? They arrogantly rip off the little guy. As soon as they see fit to release my funds, I am closing accounts and going elsewhere.

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