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CaptialOne System Errors Causes Customers Suffer a Big Lost.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
The CapitalOne Credit card company advertises and frequently sends promotion checks to customers allowing them to use checks for purchases, cash, or transfers with no transaction fees. However, their system automatically put on hold customers credit account for trivial/wrong reason. Consequently, customers suffer charge back for returned checks and fee for cancelled checks even they have never spent over limit on their CapitalOne credit accounts.

On 7/17/2012 I paid $2000 for my credit line of $2000. CapitalOne accepted this payment and my balance became -$90. That meant CapitalOne owed me $90 and my balance had $2000 available. The next day, 7/18/2012 I wrote a CaptialOne promotion check #12923 of $1800 and deposited to my checking account at Bank of America. However, until 5 days later, on 7/23/2012 I knew the check was denied. Bank of America charged back $12 for returned check and subtracted $1800 from my bank account. I also suffered fees from other cancelled checks due to insufficient checking account at BOA.

On 7/24/2012 My account balance is $0, my available credit $2000, I wrote another check #12924 of $1820. Still, again my account is on hold due to other banks deposit $3000 into my account on 7/26/2012.

I contacted CapitalOne five times about this problem. They said: "An account will be put on hold if there is (1) Large amount of payment or (2) Multiple payments. It is automatically system, they cannot change it.

These are wrong reasons because Capital accepts large amount and multiple payments from customers. Why did they accept payment and then put on hold their customer account? They can put on hold the amount deposited until it is cleared. But they should not put on hold consumer credit line or their entire credit account. Put on hold credit line and put on hold the check is different matter.

CapitalOne said they want to make sure the amount received is cleared. However, the amount should be cleared before posting the transaction. They should post only after the amount is cleared and should give the accurate balance on their customer credit accounts. For example, it is very confused for customer having balance negative -90 after paying $2000, but credit is not available as if they paying late. The payment from customer in large amount to CapitalOne is not customers' fault. Customers do not spend over limit on their account. Instead, customers pay to increase the amount available on their account. It is different from late payment.

CapitalOne also failed to notify me about their decline as they stated in section “Important Information About this Offer” on the info how to use Capitalcheck promotion.

I believe hundred thousand customers have been suffered such wrong and unfair practice. FTC and STATE should investigate to protect other Citizens from this error.

I want CaptialOne pay back any charge back fee by Bank of America, other cancelled check fees, and other lost due to CapitalOne system error.

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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 07/26/2012:
If you paid it on the 17th and wrote a check on it on the 18th, chances are their computers did not update the account yet. Yes, the transaction will show online, but until that transaction is processed and cleared, what they are showing as 'available' isn't really available yet. There should be something on your statement, stating the funds may not be available until a certain time.

Also, if you uses those 'convient checks', it will go as a cash transaction and the fees for cash transactions are usually waaaay more than a purchased transaction. They got me once on that, even though I used the check for a purchase...they never got me a second time because I learned from that mistake. Also, CC companies will put your payments towards purchase balances and continue to add the cash fees to your cash transactions until ALL of your purchase balance is paid off first...THEN and only then, will your payments chip away at the cash transactions and all those fees.
trmn8r on 07/26/2012:
Those "convenience checks" are an invitation to nightmare city. I looked into them only once, when the offer finally seemed attractive. The representative was able to explain the terms to me such that it became apparent it was not a good deal at all.

A credit card company is simply not a good place to get a loan. That's what it boils down to. My guess is they did nothing illegal or outside the terms and conditions. Banks can place holds on deposits, and I'm not surprised CapOne does it.
ok4now on 07/27/2012:
Most excellent advise DB and 8r!!
CowboyFan on 07/27/2012:
These checks work well, I used them a number of times when the interest rates were 3% until paid in full. The key is this has to be clean account that you do not used to purchase anything, so that your payments go toward the check amount. Otherwise, the 14% interest on the purchases get stuck behind the 3% check, and basically are not paid until you have paid off the 3% check amount.

The OP's problem is that she did not wait until the next credit cycle, when she got her statement. One cannot expect to pay a large amount today, then write a check on the credit card the next day or next week. It has to go through the cycle. (Also, why not just pay $200 to the credit card, and deposit the $1,800 instead of paying $2,000? on the card)
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLORADO -- This is the sorriest company I have ever dealt with. They added new charges after I closed the account and paid off their so called balance. They transferred a balance without my permission when I had merely called to ask questions about this procedure. Had all kinds of trouble getting that taken care of. I was hung up on several times. My bank tried to help. Same thing happened. She was hung up on too. Had 6 fraudulent charges that were never resolved. I paid them just to get rid of these Bimbos. Never again!!!!! Would never recommend this outfit to anyone except an enemy.
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Capital One Does Not Appreciate Their Customers
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am very disappointed with the service I received from Capital One customer service. I have had their credit card for more than 10 years and I have never been late in making payments. In the past, I have always paid my balance in full. This past year, I was not able to pay off my balance in full but I was making my regular payments as scheduled. I was just recently able to pay the balance in full, including a purchase that would have showed up in the next billing cycle. The whole balance was paid well before my due date, which should reflect a zero balance. Well I get an email with my new statement balance and there is a fee of $51.29. I logged on to my account to view my previous statement to make sure I paid off the correct amount before I called Capital One to inquire about the fees I was being charged. I did make the correct payment, so I called customer service only to be told that the fees were correct even though I paid my account in full by the due date. I was told it was accrued interest. When I asked if there was anything I could do to have the fees removed, the customer service representative said "no". I told him that I was very disappointed with the company and that they obviously don't appreciate their customers when they do not work with them on such minimal amounts. I would not recommend getting a credit card by Capital One if this is how they treat their loyal customers. There are a lot more other credit card companies that are willing to work with their customers, especially when the customer has never been late with their payments and they have had their credit card for over 10 years. This is one long time customer Capital One has lost.
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User Replies:
Susan on 06/22/2012:
You will encounter this situation no matter which credit card company you do business with. After you pay off an account they always charge you for interest accrued from the time of your last statement to the date of pay-off. Therefore the $51.29 are not fees that can be written off because it is the interest you agreed to pay when you used the card. So even though I'm not a fan of Capital One they did not provide you with any worse customer service than you will receive from your next credit card company.
danie1442 on 06/22/2012:
Does it say in your paperwork about when the balance will start accruing interest? In some cases it may not be the due date.

Also, if I read correctly, you said you were not able to pay the balance in full at a point. Then you paid it in full. Was the new purchase before the due date? That could be the reason for the interest or, they assessed interest from not paying the bill in full before.

I would ask them to explain in detail what happened. That way you could protect yourself in the future. Many times these companies update their policies and they send out letters but we may toss them aside. They tell about big changes in the new paperwork but don't tell you what has changed so you have to read it in full. I am sure they have made a number of changes during your 10-year patronage.
CowboyFan on 06/22/2012:
Susan is right: fees and accrued interest are not the same. The $51.29 is interest on the amount owed for the time prior to you paying it off. If you want to pay off the exact amount, then you have to call the company and ask what the pay-off amount would be. It is simpler though, to simply pay the statement amount, and then the following month pay the accrued interest.
Churro on 06/22/2012:
It's very confusing with these credit card companies. If you don't carry over a balance then you have a grace period and so long as you pay off the full balance before the due date then no accrued interest is applied. BUT if you do carry over a balance from one period to the next then there is NO grace period and accrued interest will be computed regardless of paying the balance in full or not. It didn't used to be that way but these days it's pretty standard practice with the big card issuers.

You made a reasonable 'one time' request and they denied it. If it were me I'd cancel the card and tell them to kiss my rear.

Good review!
trmn8r on 06/22/2012:
I agree with Susan as well, including not being a fan of Capital One.

All credit card companies would treat this the same way. If you are not paying your balance in full, you need to contact the CC company to find out how they handle interest - it gets tricky. If you try to pay off the balance, but have more new purchases prior to the next closing date, you may wind up paying interest anyway. In other words your grace period goes away. Something like that.

Loyalty doesn't matter much to any credit card company, the same way banks don't consider it when charging overdraft fees on checking accounts.
kansasgal on 06/23/2012:
This happened to me. I paid my bill in full of $2000. The next month I got a bill so I called them. They told me it was interest accrued from the time they sent my bill until they received my payment. They did take it off my bill and my balance was $0.
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Capital One Assessment Job Application Unfair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BROOKLYN NY -- I just finished completing the assessment for Capital One Job Application for an Open position, for part-time bank teller. Took me 2 hours to complete, what I do not understand is after I finished the assessment that I just took, that I took my time and completed all the questions, comes back telling me that due to carful review of the assessment that I took, I am no longer an candidate for the job!

Excuse me I took two hours to fill out a Part-Time job, that is just basic counting and customer service, and you have the nerve to tell me that I am not qualified?! OK what did I do wrong? I tried to get the results of the assessment the Capital one site locked me out! How in the world do the Capital one HR are going to find people to fill positions, if the assessment comes back talking about after careful review, what do you mean careful review I just submitted the assessment less than 4 minutes ago.

Than the Capital One want to send me some more job offers for what may I ask? Forget Capital one!!!! If I guessed failed the assessment but won’t tell me the score what I am going to apply for positions for?!

Save yourself the trouble walk into places of employment and ask for an application! Enough of thee online assessments and applications!!!
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User Replies:
onlooker on 04/11/2012:
Often these assessments use simple check boxes for school, degree etc. If you check BA and not MA - you are out - GED is checked instead of HS Diploma etc - no matter what your experience or abilities - you are not a candidate.
I can see you are frustrated from the experience and time invested being kicked back so fast - but come on - if your application also contained the spelling errors I saw in your message above, some positions might not be proper for you.
Don't kiss them off, if you get in and like it, then you can try to work towards the position you want. It is a option, they can pay you to learn your next job.
Rick on 11/05/2012:
The job market is such that a blunt firewall that blocks perfectly qualified candidates does not diminish their hiring efforts. They don't care if 50 people check the "wrong" checkbox and are filtered out because 100 others checked the "right" one and made it through. Employers have the advantage in times of high unemployment.

Even so, I have completely sworn off online applications, even if they absolutely insist you use them to apply. Sometimes they'll accept your resume, other times not. HR and hiring managers are full of superstitious beliefs and these online tests full of subliminal gotchas that are the new norm are just a nightmare for applicants.
what on 12/16/2012:
It is useless to apply for online jobs to CO because their online assesment is strange and results are based on abnormal criteria for simple normal job openings
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Self Destruction
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- In November of 09 I received a blank check from Capital One Auto Financing. I wanted to have the financing done before going to the dealership. They advertise for the blank check program as cutting the red tape and hassle dealing with car dealers by having your financing up front. After completing the paper work needed to leave the lot and signing the Capital One check for the new car I drove home.

I find out later they applied for a bank loan on my behalf for $20,000 with Wachovia. No application, never mentioned the word Wachovia and when my attorney asked the dealer what happened to the check he say I can't talk with you now.. Later the manager said to my attorney I came on their car lot needing financing. They receive a commission from the bank for making that bank loan, not the case with a Capital One Blank Check. Much higher interest rate for the Wachovia loan.

The point is very careful using this kind of financing. The dealer will just destroy the check and apply for a loan on your behalf not telling you. They have enough information on you after filling out license and registration and warranty and disclosure on your trade in that the bank thinks it's you on the computer. Why the bank gives dealer the right to apply for a loan on your behalf is crazy. I don't trust any car dealer or finance manager.

This occurred a week before Wachovia was taken over by Well's Fargo so I don't know how lax they were at the bank handing out car loans but it must have been easy not to know who I am. Now I try to get a loan today and not a chance. This dealer and finance manager have ruined my credit. As for Capital One, they are self destructing. Stay away from dealership and their employees.

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 02/26/2012:
Why didn't your attorney straight this out back in '09?
macdave on 02/26/2012:
I think your complaint should be against the dealership not Capital One. They have no way of knowing what the dealership did with the check you presented them. I second chuck in that if you never signed an application for a loan with wachovia, it should have been a simple matter for your attorney to straighten out.

clutzycook on 02/26/2012:
I'm surprised your lawyer took that kind of response from the dealership manager. What's more, no one has been able to track down that check you signed. Something doesn't sound right here.
tnchuck100 on 02/26/2012:
When you get right down to it I'm guessing the OP is only "talking" lawyer, not "walking" lawyer.
Nohandle on 02/26/2012:
Zippo, I don’t know anything about the Capital One part but honestly have received mail from car dealerships in my area with a check enclosed to be used toward the purchase of a new vehicle. I did no more than tear the entire packet up but it might be the same type thing. I'll try and remember to read the entire letter the next time, not that I would use it. Just curiosity.

You stated in your review to be very careful of that type of financing. The dealer will just destroy the check and apply for a loan on your behalf not telling you. Thanks, you might save someone else from making the same mistake.
bigal on 02/26/2012:
The OP must be confused. There is no such thing as a blank check for a car loan. Certain parameters must be met, such as but not limited to, model of car and equity in financing. Even if the check has a preset limit of say 30,000 dollars the amount must meet certain standards of equity.
Exterminator on 02/26/2012:
A "blank check" sounds like a scam to me. I don't understand why any bank would hand a blank check to anyone.

Why was your credit ruined by this loan? Were you made aware of the interest rate prior to signing?
bcd on 02/26/2012:
The Bill of Sale should indicate the form of payment. That is the bottom line.

The Capital One web site does verify the OP's claim that they do issue a blank check to be used at an auto dealer.
clutzycook on 02/26/2012:
OK, that was confusing me too. As I said, something doesn't sound right here.
Vina on 02/26/2012:
Not sure what the OP means by blank check, I received a check for a car loan for $20,000 but the payee was blank. The interest rate was very low (credit union). I took it to the dealership and traded in my car. All went well.
CowboyFan on 02/27/2012:
Why didn't the attorney do something in 2009, e.g. action to rescind the contract, breach of contract, etc., instead of doing nothing? I wondered whether the signed paperwork indicated the loan was from Wachovia, which would have limited the ability to take legal action.

Also, how did a different financing company, ruin his credit, if he made his payments. Perhaps, the thing to have done was, and is, to refinance the auto loan at a cheaper rate.
Dan on 03/01/2012:
There was a Lien on the car at the time of sale. Could not refinance.The biggest problem I have had is with the police and not being able to acquire a report. Without that your dead in the water.
Seriously? on 12/25/2012:
This issue that you had was not the fault of Capital One blank check. This issue was the fault of the dealership. They are the ones that switched your financing. You can't blame Capital one for that. When you apply for blank check, you do it directly with Capital One. They send the check out to you once you are approved with the terms and conditions. You then take the blank check to the dealer and all they have to do is fill out paperwork and send to Capital one. Capital one does not have anything to do with Wachovia Bank. Sounds like to me that you must have received a check from the car dealer themselves promising financing through certain lenders and you was not approved for Capital one so they switched it to Wachovia. You had to sign your name to give permission for them to find you financing. Otherwise this transaction would be null and void. I think the issue here is not reading all the fine print before signing.
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Customer service
Posted by on
I have been a long time customer of Capital One banking and credit cards without a problem. I started the online bill pay several months ago and was excited to have a new easy ability to pay bills. I downloaded the iPhone app for Capital One to pay some bills. I paid them through my phone and it did not look like it went through the next day. So, I made them again. Once I got back from vacation, I got to a computer to check and there was double payments for everything. However, it was not showing up that way on my phone app. I immediately sent an email requesting that they void the double transactions and never heard back. So, I called the next day and they told me they phone app does not work correctly. I asked them to void and the representative wanted to charge me $35 a check. What? It was your app that was not working correctly.
I cooled down for a couple of days and called back a second time. This time things seemed to be more understanding and I was told that the stop payments would be put in place at no charge to me. I wake up this morning to see my account overdrawn. I call bill pay and was told the representative from before told did not leave good notes and there was nothing about covering the stop payments. Then I went on to explain what happened. I was told it would be her word versus mine and they do not place things in writing. Then the representative told me that even though the app was acting up (even though I did not know) I should have called before making double payments and it was my fault. I was like, " so since you app does not work and you failed to let people now, it is my fault because I did not call you?" Yes, that is correct.
Unbelievable that a company cannot recognize a systems issue and correct it for their clients. This is poor judgment of the bill pay side of the bank.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
I'm not saying it is your fault, but I am of the opinion that anything queued on an electronic system should be assumed to have gone through or will go through. In other words, I would agree that calling to check what happened is a wise preventative measure.
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How to Complain for Effect
Posted by on
As many noted, Capital One's Fraud & Identity Theft support leaves much to be desired (my experience, noted elsewhere, is that I was unable to find a representative who knew how, nevermind would, take my report of what appeared to be phishing focused on Capital One customers; over a week ago their on-line response said they'd investigate--but so far they've not asked for any details, making the assurance impossible to other words, this appears to be a lying form letter/e-mail!!!). Here's how to complain:

NOTIFY the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) via their website, specifically citing Capital One's failure to comply with the RED FLAGS RULE. Capital One is subject to Subpart J of this law.

Use "Red Flags Rule" +FTC or +Treasury to find a lot of background info. Basically, under this law, the enforcement of which just began in early 2011 (even though it was passed in 2007) mandates that banks have policies and procedures that:

I. Idenfity relevant "Red Flags" (defined by the statute to mean a pattern, practice, or specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft);
ii. Detect Red Flags;
iii. Respond appropriately to any Red Flags that are detected;
iv. Ensure the [compliance] Program is updated periodically as risks change.

Part of the mandatory provisions (Section 571.90, Subpart J, subparagraph (e)(3)) mandates a staff training program to "effectively implement" the Program.

Most people, it seems, that have a fraud issue involving any Capital One account (savings, credit card, etc. etc.) seem to encounter substantially more extreme difficulties, and do so much more often, relative to other banks, etc.

Clearly [it would seem], Capital One's implementation of the Red Flags Law has been egregiously deficient .... one might even have the impression that since the FTC has postponed implementation for so many years Capital One decided along the way to disregard the law entirely.

Now they MUST comply & seem [to me] unprepared to do so. Thus, complaints to the FTC will generate a pattern that WILL be investigated. Prompting, hopefully, improved performance--which will help all of us. Every confirmed violation carries a fine, by the way.
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Worst Bank Ever
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- I don't know where they found the people who work for this bank, but they are without a doubt the most ignorant people I have ever encountered in such a setting. I never had any problems with Chevy Chase Bank, but as soon as Capital One took over, everything started to go wrong. The two most frustrating things are: 1. You have to have at least two and a half hours to kill if you need to go to a branch and speak to a person (who has that kind of time?). 2. In this modern age, they have no way to provide you with a statement except by mail.

I had the day off yesterday, so I went to a branch and waited.. and waited.. to see someone. I asked why I can't get access to my account through their online banking system. I had some little ghetto ass punks make fun of me and tell each other I must be stupid if I can't get it to work. One little kid just stood there playing with his crotch the whole time and looking at the guy next to him. The other one gave me all kinds of attitude, but couldn't answer a single question.

I then waited again to speak with a "specialist" who was no better. I also asked why my "incredible interest" account is not earning any interest despite meeting the necessary balance requirements. The "specialist" was able to view both my balance and the account minimums. However, she was completely incapable of comparing the two and determining which one was greater. She got so confused, she decided to just close the account and start a new one??? When she told me her intent, I said "NO!" I will be back later to close my account and will not be opening any new ones with you". I then asked for my ID back and she refused to give it to me. For 10 minutes I demanded she return my license and she only did so after I indicated I would call the police.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/23/2011:
Sounds like they hired people who know absolutely nothing about how banking is supposed to work or how to treat customers. Nevertheless, I would definitely find a small local bank, or, even beter in my mind, a credit union. My credit union treats me like the good customer I am and they have everything a bank offers and more.
Anonymous on 01/23/2011:
The best part I read was you closing your account....Take your money to a local bank or credit union where your business will be appreciated.
dan gordon on 01/23/2011:
ghetto ass punk holding his crotch? Gee you have no attitude do you? I do everything with them online we don't have branches and I find them easy to deal with.
MotleyCrueGuy on 03/15/2011:
I can't imagine why she'd "refuse" to give back your ID...that makes no sense.

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I feel ripped off by Capital One!
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- I have two accounts with Capital One -- for clarity I will refer to them as Account A & Account B. About two weeks ago I used Online Bill Pay to set up some payments because I was traveling out of the country for an extended period. I inadvertently arranged for the funds to be withdrawn from Account A instead of Account B. There were insufficient funds in Account A to cover the payments but more than sufficient funds in Account B. My first indication of the error was when I received an email saying that the payments were not being honored. I immediately logged into the account, saw the problem and corrected future payments to be taken from Account B. The problem was that in the meanwhile, Capital One had assessed $175.00 in fees against Account A. They paid one of the bills and returned the other 4. When I called Capital One, I explained my error and asked them to help me by waiving some of the fees. They agreed to waive $105.00 in fees. I was also told that the payments that had been rejected were going to be resubmitted into Account A and that I should ensure there were sufficient funds in that account to take care of those payments. I immediately transferred from Account B into Account A WITHIN THE SAME BANK funds sufficient to take care of the overdraft (including the amount expected to be refunded) AND the payments that had been rejected. This conversation and transaction occurred between 11:30 and 12 noon on Thursday (8/26). So far so good.

However, now being careful to monitor the situation, on Friday morning I logged into the accounts. To my surprise, an additional $140.00 in fees had been withdrawn from Account A (into which I had transferred funds the previous day)! The fees were posted to the same date as the fees that had been visible during my call(8/25) and none of the payments had been made. When I again called Capital One, I was told that the fees had been already assessed but as I had had a negative balance they were not shown; once funds were deposited they were assessed against my account (A). The ledger (of which I have a copy) clearly showed where the negative balance changed to a positive balance on 8/25, but the actual posting of the transfer is correctly shown as 8/26.

I have the following issues with the lack of service provided by Capital One:

1. A bank interested in providing service would, or should, have noted that there were sufficient funds in one account and not the other and acted accordingly. Whether that was to debit the correct account, to contact me about the discrepancy, or both, an assessment of fees under those circumstances would have been well-earned. As it is the assessment of fees totaling $210.00 ($315.00 minus the $105.00 refunded) for an error on my part amounts to highway robbery.

2. There is something fundamentally dishonest about hiding some of the fees that were being assessed against my account because of the error, but then immediately posting AND withdrawing them once funds became available. I realize that much is automated these days, but the reason for my transfer of funds was to take care of the overdraft AND to cover the payments that had been submitted. Automation means that the so-called "customer service representative" was able to know that the payments had already been submitted a second time, that there were additional fees being assessed as a result, and that payments into the account would be gobbled up by those fees. Her failure to disclose this information to me appears to have been reflective of bank policy and was dishonest.

This is why I feel that I have been lied to and ripped off by Capital One! Acquisition of Chevy Chase, with which my husband has banked for so many years, has changed what used to be an excellent bank into nothing but another uncaring and dishonest institution!


1) The commenter said it is not the position of any financial institution of which he/she is aware to have in some way accommodated my error. My point is that it should be. In fact, I have another account at a regional bank and I know for a fact that they would have withdrawn funds from one account to cover the overdraft -- for a fee but I don't mind paying for real service.

2) The commenter questions whether the customer service associate was doing anything "fundamentally wrong" in not making sure that I knew of the extent to which these fees had accumulated, and further that there is no reason to believe the associate didn't already believe that I knew the full amount of the fees being discussed. My response is that, in light of the conversation that I had with the representative, which extended for about 30 minutes, the representative knew or should have known this information AND acted, perhaps according to bank policy but dishonestly from one individual to another. In fact, I believe I listed to her the fees that were posted at the time of our conversation. Furthermore, we also discussed how much I needed to transfer into the account to cover the overdraft fees AND the outstanding payments. That would have been the opportune moment to tell me that there were other fees that were not visible to me on the account. The only possible explanation that lets her, but not the bank off the hook, is that these fees were not visible to her either. To which I ask - why not?

3) The commenter concluded that I should compliment, rather than complain about the bank's actions in having dropped $105.00 in fees. I acknowledge the bank's token actions, and had the matter stopped there I would have had no complaint at all about its conduct.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 08/27/2010:
First, I want to commend the OP for such a well written review. So many reviews are written very poorly, giving the reader the impression of rather diminished intelligence. Clearly, this is not the case here.

As far as the review, and the last few paragraphs therein, I would disagree that a quality financial institution should have been able to revert funds from one account to another in order to help the OP not incur said fees. This is definitely not the position of any financial institution I am aware of. I would also question that the customer service associate assisting the OP was doing anything "fundamentally wrong" in not making sure the OP knew the extent to which these fees had accumulated. In fact, there is no reason to believe the associate didn't already believe the OP knew the full amount of the fees being discussed. The fact that they dropped over a hundred dollars in said fees should be complimented rather than complained about.
olie on 08/28/2010:
You suggest that Capital One should have notified you of the overdraft. They did. They sent you an e-mail advising that your payments did not go through.

Gone are the days of the personal banker, unless you're fabulously wealthy. They did accommodate you by refunding some of the fees.

I suggest transferring all of your business to your regional bank, which provides the level of service you prefer.
Anonymous on 08/28/2010:
Actually, the days of the personal banker are not entirely gone. :) I grew up in a town where the bank will actually call you if your account is about to be overdrawn (and we weren't wealthy).
andy1116 on 08/29/2010:
To the commenter who said: "Gone are the days of the personal banker, unless you're fabulously wealthy."

I thought that the point of this forum was to point out companies that are not providing the level of service that we should expect as consumers. And yes, I continue to believe that there was nothing wrong with my expectation that Capital One provide an actual service for the fees that they took from my account. I don't consider notification of an overdraft to be a service worth the amount of money that I was charged.

And yes, there are regional banks -- that is what I chose when I opened my account with Chevy Chase before it was acquired by Capital One. So I did not choose Capital One; the bank has literally forced its way into my life. I'm in the process of assessing whether the change has been a good one and so far, Capital One has failed that test.
PepperElf on 08/29/2010:
it's also a site where you get to learn nice facts like...

money transferred into the account after an overdraft doesn't negate an overdraft

also money transferred into an account doesn't show until they run the batch process at night.
which means if you put money into the account on say... Thursday to fill the hole, but you have other charges that occur on Thursday... you'll still get an overdraft because the money isn't available yet.

that's also why many banks post signs that read "funds deposited may not be available for immediate withdrawal"
andy1116 on 08/30/2010:
EXCEPT that in this case the funds were transferred WITHIN the same bank from one account to another and so WERE immediately available. I think that's a well-known fact.
andy1116 on 08/30/2010:
EXCEPT that in this case the funds were transferred WITHIN the same bank from one account to another and so WERE immediately available. I think that's a well-known fact. Let me also add that my problem with the overdraft fees that appeared after the transfer of funds were made was that they had actually been posted BEFORE I made the deposit but were HIDDEN FROM ME until I made the transfer of additional funds. I find that fundamentally dishonest. As consumers we deserve better treatment -- even from a big bank.
PepperElf on 08/30/2010:
when I deposited my checks back before utilizing direct deposit, they wouldn't show up on the online tracker right away. I deposited them on a Friday... they didn't show up as pending until Tuesday.
andy1116 on 09/02/2010:
PepperElf, you're still missing the point, I'm afraid. I wish you would read my posts more carefully. My deposit showed up right away because it was an internal transfer from one account to the other within the same bank.
solo bike on 04/24/2011:
With reference to Capitol One. I got the card, activated it. When I tried to use it, it was declined. I called and was told by someone that could barely speak English this was due to fraud. This is accusing me of a criminal act which without proof beyond a reasonable doubt and not initiating an investigation is a criminal act in itself. Maybe Trump should takeover the company and do his you are fired thing to the incompetent employees. Got to wait until Monday to call them back as they have no idea that they are dealing with a former law enforcement officer (retired)here. My federal classified clearance is rated as exceptional. Yes it is not too swift to tee off a cop.
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Capital One Bank Fraud Alert!
Posted by on
POBOX 85870, VIRGINIA -- To make a long story. I've been a customer for years and have two accounts with them. Each month I would send one check payment for both of my accounts. On my check I would include both acct# numbers, and the dollar# amount for each account. I would also, include both payment slips indicating how to apply my payment.

Well in, January of 2009 Capital One applied my check payment to just one of my accounts, not only that they applied my check as a digital payment. Which means the bank does not receive a copy of the front and back of your check. So the account where my payment was not posted to I got a late fee-of $40.00 month after month. I of course tried calling to explain what happened and that my payment was missapplied without success. To date I have been billed illegally $488.00 in late fees since Feb of 2009. Before then, my account was in good standing and current. Not to mention all the payments I have made the last year have not been applied to my balance, but to late fees in which I still getting every month to date on 3-29-10. Not to mention affecting my credit, higher interest rates.

I thought, that one could only receive 4 or 5 late fee charges for the same occurrence anyway? Capital One has charged 12 late fee charges for the same occurrence?

I continued making my regular monthly $40.00 payments- but Capital One did not apply my payments to my balance-but to my late fees, which I'm still accruing every month. I've tried calling to get resolved with no success until I ended up having to file a complaint with the (Comptroller of The Currency)in Aug 2009, which is supposed to be the Watchdog for consumer with Bank Credit Card Complaints.

Truthfully, (Comptroller of The Currency) have not been much help either, they automatically except the word of the rich Capital One Bank without reviewing the proof I had provided. I'm currently in an appeal status, we'll see what happens.

Today, I received a letter from Capital One offering to give a partial credit $390.00 on my account. Stating, I still owe $151.00 dollars in late fees. I donot accept their offer.

I donot accept to pay what I donot owe-not to mention the $480.00 worth of payments I made within the last year not being applied to my balance. Not to mention my credit being scarred. Not to mention, my interest rate they jumped from 14.99% to 22.99.

See my partial reply to Capital One Bank:###############

How many other people have you done this too?

I notice in your reply-that you ignored my request for a copy of the Front & back of my paid check#59, why? Because as I stated previously it will show how I requested my payments to be applied. Payments for account #24 for $20.00 & #93 for $26.00 was missapplied to only acct#24.

And as you mentioned #24 payment slip shows a payment amount of $20.00, and on that same slip #93 for $26.00 was written. You use the excuse, that because you LIE and state there was no payment slip for #93, that justifies you applying the full amount to #24.

I have had these two accounts for years and have paid the same way with two payment slips. There was a second payment slip for #93 which shows $26.00 on that same payment slip account #24 for $20.00, which matches what is listed on the check.

But say, if it was true, which is not. That is absolutely no excuse for applying my payments to one account, when that payment slip tells you in writing how to apply my payment to the two separate accounts. And list on the payment slip the other account and the dollar to apply payment. Not to mention my check, that it's also in writing tells you how to apply my two payments on both accounts, not just one account.

WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS CRIMINAL- That you would continued to illegally bill me going on a year for late fees, when you have proof of my payment being received and on time. You refuse to admit you made a mistake and correct it! WELL, I REFUSE TO PAY MORE THAN I OWE AND I WILL FIGHT TO THE END. That means contacting and making complaints BBB, News Blogs, Consumer Agencies and spreading the word about your illegal billing practices!

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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 03/29/2010:
I once had two Capital One cards (one, I cancelled due to my not owing anything on it except for the $39 annual fee)...when both bills were due, I always wrote separate checks for each account. This way, there's no chance for error. Paying the accounts online will also save you from writing a check, and the payment gets posted faster. Trying to kill two birds with one stone by writing a single check for two CC accounts from the same bank can cause confusion, especially since the check will pass through numerous hands...especially for a big CC issuer like Capital One.
bcd on 03/29/2010:
Why didn’t you switch to two separate checks after the first notification that your payments were not being posted correctly? You continued to feed the fire by sending one check instead of two.
jas on 06/25/2013:
did the same to me and it's 2013. this company won't last
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