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Kim Kardashian/Carls Jr. Commercial
By -

ROHNERT PARK -- I was impressed by the Carls Jr/Kim Kardasian TV commercial for the NEW
Chicken, apple, walnut, cranberry salad...very well produced commercial..
great looking, juicy, fresh products.
So, I bought the salad - to go, and, for the first time in my life, I took it back and asked for my money back !
If it had looked like the salad that "Kim" was eating, or the beautiful
full color ads in the restaurant, I would have been a happy customer.

It was nothing but a big jumble of ugly looking lettuce, 4 slices of discolored apple, a pathetic tiny bag of smashed walnuts, another pathetic tiny bag of cranberries - I counted 10. I believe there should have been cheese in it, didn't see any cheese.

One word - Terrible

30 dollar order in 3 minutes
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Store 874 in Las Vegas, NV is the worst Carls Jr in Las Vegas. I've been there before and they were nice and service friendly but today 11/05/09 at 4:00 service was soo terrible they should be shut down. I ordered 30 dollars in food and got it in about 3 minutes. Yes its fast food I understand but at least make your food better than Mc Donalds. Yes, this Carls Jr is worse than Mc Donalds. I, ordered a Jalapeno 6 dollar burger and got a Famous Star meat patty, unmelted cheese and cold jalapenos. Disgusting. I even went inside and told a black woman manager(didn't catch a name)and asked her is this the right burger, she said yes it is. I said are you sure, she said yes. So I went to another Carls Jr, ordered the same burger and it was HUGE. The way a Six Dollar Burger should be made. I asked that store manager if this was the same burger(the one made at the other store) she replied yes but its a Famous Star meat patty not a Six Dollar meat patty. So not only do they have terrible service and terrible food but they also lie to you. No thanks to Store:874 for a horrible dinner.

Carl's Jr Manager Lies To My Face
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I went to my local Carl's Jr for lunch with a friend.

After ordering a burger I asked the worker, who happened to be the manager, for a cup of water. He told me, "out of cups," so I went to go find a seat.

As I sat down to wait for my order to come out, I heard a lady (much older than I am) ask for "a cup of water."

Without saying anything, the manager hands her a cup of water and directs her to where she can find water.

I was very upset as I went up to the cashier once again and asked the manager why he lied to me by saying there are no more water cups.

He yelled, "People like you get soda in the water cups!"

I told him that I was not those "people" and asked him if he has ever witnessed me getting soda in my water cup.

He just went on to talk about how so many young teens always get drinks in their cups.

Well, I am sorry to hear that there are people that get drinks in their water cups for free, but I have never done that in my life and I am very offended at how the manager just assumes that I will do the same and lies that there are no water cups. That is pure discrimination and how can a manager lie to its customer??

He even said, "have a nice day!" as I walked out of the store so upset, with an empty stomach, and dehydrated.

Car's jr Bad Service and Bad Food
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- The Carl's Jr at 1600 OAKDALE RD, Modesto has without a doubt the worst record for getting your order right, getting it hot & getting it fresh
I placed my order with Cynthia (the Manager) within two or three minutes after getting in line (I was the only customer in line) When she finally got to me, I placed my regular order of one single guacamole burger and medium fry, one double western bacon cheese burger and large fry. I got home to find my double western bacon cheese burger had shrank to a single western bacon cheese burger. Both of the burgers patties were burnt and cold, although the western did have a tiny sliver of bacon on it.
I called Cynthia (the Manager) to complain about my order but was told that it was "I" who was wrong. that I had gotten exactly what I had ordered and that her food was always hot and fresh.
Needless to say, I will never go back to that restaurant and maybe any Carl's Jr restaurant.
On top of all of this, I was given a single burger that was on sale at the time and charged the full price for a double.
So, not only are they bad cooks... they are also thief's!

By -

STEVENSONS RANCH, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT EAT AT THE CARLS JR. in Stevenson's ranch 91381! It is so sick! I ordered a salad and it was so nasty it tasted like dirt like if the lettuce wasn't cleaned! my friend had gotten a burger from there and it had a slug in it! So PLEASE do not go there! When we had called about the situation the manager had nothing to say but sorry.

Racial Prejudice
By -

BISHOP, CALIFORNIA -- I am an employee of Carl's JR in Bishop CA when the work is slow all the whites get sent and all the Mexicans get all their hours. That is what is called Racial Prejudice. This has been brought to the General Manager's (Jose) more than once. All the managers are Mexican. A man can not support his family or get even close when they only work you 2 or 3 hours a day and only three or four days a week. If a white person clocks in after a Mexican does they are sent home and the Mexican will get their full shift in.

This has been e-mailed to Carl's JR headquarters and nothing has been done to correct the problem.

Good customer service
By -

KING CITY, OREGON -- On Thursday, Sept. 18th, I went to the drive-through of the Carl's Jr. in King City, Oregon, and ordered a Super Star combo meal and an additional small order of fries. I got my food and started to pull out of the drive-through when I thought the bag didn't seem quite bulky enough. I checked and, sure enough, they had forgotten the extra fries. I would have reversed to the window right then but another car had pulled up so instead I parked in the lot and went inside.

After waiting a few minutes for the person at the counter to help another customer, I explained that I was missing part of my order. I didn't get an argument, I wasn't asked to show my receipt (which I would have done gladly) and he didn't have to chase down a manager. He simply turned around, filled a fry container with fresh, hot fries, put it in a bag with napkins and handed it to me without question. I thanked him and went happily on my way.

Good job, Carl's Jr.!

By -

To Whom It May Concern

I have eaten at Carl's Jr. in the past -- but will never give you anymore business. Your ADS have been in very poor taste but the newest one with students and a teacher (???), dancing like a professional hooker is really disgusting. Our children watch your commercials and even at a very young age realize how immoral it is.

The people writing your commercials are costing you big time.


PLACENTIA, CALIFORNIA -- I want to complain about the food, quality, service, and prices at Carl's Jr. in general and make a specific complaint about my local restaurant. First, for the price they charge for their food, it's not worth the value...especially when other fast food restaurants have great 99 cent value menus. Second, the quality of the food is horrible. Almost every time I've been there I get rotten tomatoes on my hamburger. The last time I ordered one, my tomatoe had a rot spot in the middle, the bread was stale and hard, and it was cold. My hamburger was so awful I threw it away.
Third, the service is SO slow! I went to the local Carl's located off of Yorba Linda Blvd. in Placentia and it took 10 min. to get a hamburger when no one else was there. Every single time I go there it takes 10-20 min. to be served regardless of the crowd.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I'd like to see some more value priced food

Improve the quality of the produce
Make sure you are not serving customers stale, hard, cold, bread
Visit this location and see if someone can improve the service
My past 3 Carl's experiences have made me swear never to go back. What can your company do to change my mind?

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich
By -

WEATHERFORD, OKLAHOMA -- We are so disappointed that the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich is off the menu of our Carl's Jr. in Weatherford, OK. Is this every where? You really had a good one there and we bought one just about every Friday night and looked forward to going and getting it-----hope it gets brought back.

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