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Rude interuptions
Posted by on
I'm sick and tired of being interrupted before I can finish telling the counter person what I want on my burger. As I'm speaking they interrupt and ask if I want a combo meal. If I wanted a combo meal I would've told them at the beginning, i. e., " I'd like a Superstar combo meal with...". After I say "no", I usually have to start over and repeat most of what I've already said. This is obviously company policy to try to sell you the combo meal. Why don't they teach their young employees some manners instead of requiring that they be rude and interrupt the customer. At the very least they could have them wait until the customer stops talking.
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The Hurricane on 02/14/2010:
The reason they have to interrupt is because they have to ring up the combo differently than just the burger by itself. A lot of customers say they want such and such burger and when the employee hits the button, the customer then says, make it the meal and the employee has to back track and remove the item and re-ring it as a meal. Also, customers have a horrible habit of spouting off their order faster than the employee can physically move to ring up the items so they have to interrupt and ask questions to slow you down and make sure they hear and ring up the order right.
Ytropious on 02/14/2010:
I've never been to a place where they don't have some sort of "would you like to try an X today?" It's just drive through etiquette, don't take it so personally.
Anonymous on 02/15/2010:
You know, I don't like the interruptions either so I see the OP's point especially at the drive through, but I also agree with Hurricane and Yt. I try not to let it bug me because they are just trying to get cars and people in and out as quickly as they can even though interruptions ultimately can cause a delay because we may often have to repeat what we've already said. In principle, I agree.
Starlord on 02/15/2010:
Something a lot of people are not aware of, and my wife and I were told at the Carl's Jr. in Casa Grande, AZ. is that you are on a timer. When your car gets to the speaker stand, the timer starts, and and does not stop until your order is passed out the window. In the event there are too many cars with excessive times, the staff is harangued by management. Amazing what you find out when you just ask.
Flexanimous Fellow on 02/16/2010:
Starlord, almost all fast-food places have that timing system. I think most companies have a hard time finding a good balance between speed vs. friendly/efficient service.

OP, why not state to the order taker something like "I'd like the XYZ burger, sandwich only please!" That will eliminate their question. When I worked at Wendy's, I would actually get penalized by voiding an item from an order, which is what I had to do if the combo wasn't rung up in the first place. I would get written up if the dollar amount of voided items was 2.0% or greater than the total amount I rang up on my drawer. So try to be a little understanding.
The Hurricane on 02/16/2010:
Starlord, like Flex said, all major fast food restaurants have a time they they're supposed to meet. At McDonald's it was 3 minutes from the time the person pulls up to the speaker to the time their order goes out the window and they leave.
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Kim Kardashian/Carls Jr. Commercial
Posted by on
ROHNERT PARK -- I was impressed by the Carls Jr/Kim Kardasian TV commercial for the NEW
Chicken, apple, walnut, cranberry salad...very well produced commercial..
great looking, juicy, fresh products.
So, I bought the salad - to go, and, for the first time in my life, I took it back and asked for my money back !
If it had looked like the salad that "Kim" was eating, or the beautiful
full color ads in the restaurant, I would have been a happy customer.

It was nothing but a big jumble of ugly looking lettuce, 4 slices of discolored apple, a pathetic tiny bag of smashed walnuts, another pathetic tiny bag of cranberries - I counted 10. I believe there should have been cheese in it, didn't see any cheese.

One word - Terrible
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Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
Its a fast food restaurant. Were you really expecting the same quality salas that she was eating in the commercial? Have you lived under a rock for 30 years?
Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
The food in the commercials always look better than what you order in real life. The chances of you getting a meal that matches the ads is about as good as your chances of actually dating Kim Kardashian
Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
Showing a Trashy girl like KIM K in a AD does not make me think about going out and getting a salad at Carl’s.
Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
*hands wally a box of tissues*
MRM on 01/13/2010:
Kim Kardasian gets two bottoms up in my book!
Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
I know MRM she is bootylicious huh?
MRM on 01/13/2010:
Oh yes, Kim is a dime!
Class Advocate on 01/13/2010:
That's what my last date said after seeing my photo on then meeting me in person!
beanbagbritches on 01/14/2010:
Was the salad bootylicious? Is that what kids are saying today? Bootylicious? HAHA!
PepperElf on 01/14/2010:
bleh @ that phrase =)
cos it makes me think the salad was full of booty
and who wants an @$$ salad? not me!

hah hah

but as a side note - anyone else do this?
every time I see Kardashian's last name I'm tempted to pronounce it "Cardassian"
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30 dollar order in 3 minutes
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Store 874 in Las Vegas, NV is the worst Carls Jr in Las Vegas. I've been there before and they were nice and service friendly but today 11/05/09 at 4:00 service was soo terrible they should be shut down. I ordered 30 dollars in food and got it in about 3 minutes. Yes its fast food I understand but at least make your food better than Mc Donalds. Yes, this Carls Jr is worse than Mc Donalds. I, ordered a Jalapeno 6 dollar burger and got a Famous Star meat patty, unmelted cheese and cold jalapenos. Disgusting. I even went inside and told a black woman manager(didn't catch a name)and asked her is this the right burger, she said yes it is. I said are you sure, she said yes. So I went to another Carls Jr, ordered the same burger and it was HUGE. The way a Six Dollar Burger should be made. I asked that store manager if this was the same burger(the one made at the other store) she replied yes but its a Famous Star meat patty not a Six Dollar meat patty. So not only do they have terrible service and terrible food but they also lie to you. No thanks to Store:874 for a horrible dinner.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/05/2009:
What's the point of announcing to M3C that the manager was black?
i_am_canadian on 11/05/2009:
3 minutes, heavens to Betsy.
MRM on 11/05/2009:
The Six Dollar Burger at Hardees are big and delicious and they are only $4.00.
Ytropious on 11/05/2009:
"black woman manager"...racist much? And you got 30 dollars of food IN 3 MINUTES. I'd say that's pretty fast and efficient.
Anonymous on 11/06/2009:
The food was so fast the cheese didn't have time to melt and the japs didn't get warm. Lol...
clutzycook on 11/06/2009:
Sorry, you lost your credibility the minute you mentioned that the manager was black.
TGT101 on 11/06/2009:
You said it yourself that there had always been good customer service prior to this event. Then one thing happens and you want them to close down and people to lose their jobs?
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Carl's Jr Manager Lies To My Face
Posted by on
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I went to my local Carl's Jr for lunch with a friend.

After ordering a burger I asked the worker, who happened to be the manager, for a cup of water. He told me, "out of cups," so I went to go find a seat.

As I sat down to wait for my order to come out, I heard a lady (much older than I am) ask for "a cup of water."

Without saying anything, the manager hands her a cup of water and directs her to where she can find water.

I was very upset as I went up to the cashier once again and asked the manager why he lied to me by saying there are no more water cups.

He yelled, "People like you get soda in the water cups!"

I told him that I was not those "people" and asked him if he has ever witnessed me getting soda in my water cup.

He just went on to talk about how so many young teens always get drinks in their cups.

Well, I am sorry to hear that there are people that get drinks in their water cups for free, but I have never done that in my life and I am very offended at how the manager just assumes that I will do the same and lies that there are no water cups. That is pure discrimination and how can a manager lie to its customer??

He even said, "have a nice day!" as I walked out of the store so upset, with an empty stomach, and dehydrated.
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Anonymous on 09/12/2009:
You paid, but walked out without eating?? Granted, the manager was "profiling" you, but that's no reason to cut your nose off to spite your face.
Anonymous on 09/12/2009:
it was all good, til that last sentence. oh the drama. however did you manage to drag your poor dehydrated self home and muster up the strength to type up this review? poor thing.
Skye on 09/12/2009:
The manager was rude to you, but if you ordered, paid and didn't stay to eat, that, as Raven says, was cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Fufu487 on 09/16/2009:
I think the OP has a valid point. I would be offended if it was myself, and would make it a point to complain to corporate about the managers snappy judgment based solely on age. However, I would have taken the food I purchased, as it was already paid for.
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Car's jr Bad Service and Bad Food
Posted by on
MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- The Carl's Jr at 1600 OAKDALE RD, Modesto has without a doubt the worst record for getting your order right, getting it hot & getting it fresh
I placed my order with Cynthia (the Manager) within two or three minutes after getting in line (I was the only customer in line) When she finally got to me, I placed my regular order of one single guacamole burger and medium fry, one double western bacon cheese burger and large fry. I got home to find my double western bacon cheese burger had shrank to a single western bacon cheese burger. Both of the burgers patties were burnt and cold, although the western did have a tiny sliver of bacon on it.
I called Cynthia (the Manager) to complain about my order but was told that it was "I" who was wrong. that I had gotten exactly what I had ordered and that her food was always hot and fresh.
Needless to say, I will never go back to that restaurant and maybe any Carl's Jr restaurant.
On top of all of this, I was given a single burger that was on sale at the time and charged the full price for a double.
So, not only are they bad cooks... they are also thief's!
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Skye on 08/07/2009:
That sounds like a lousy meal. You certainly didn't get what you paid for. Contact them, and let them know about your poor, food experience:
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Racial Prejudice
Posted by on
BISHOP, CALIFORNIA -- I am an employee of Carl's JR in Bishop CA when the work is slow all the whites get sent and all the Mexicans get all their hours. That is what is called Racial Prejudice. This has been brought to the General Manager's (Jose) more than once. All the managers are Mexican. A man can not support his family or get even close when they only work you 2 or 3 hours a day and only three or four days a week. If a white person clocks in after a Mexican does they are sent home and the Mexican will get their full shift in.

This has been e-mailed to Carl's JR headquarters and nothing has been done to correct the problem.
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/26/2008:
You did not state your race, but I am assuming you are African-American, correct?
yoke on 10/26/2008:
He did state his race. He is white.
DebtorBasher on 10/26/2008:
It may also have to do with Seniority. Has those who are getting the hours been hired before you?
MRM on 10/26/2008:
That sounds right.
MRM on 10/26/2008:
DB, I'm still playing the MegaMillion and still no luck.
DebtorBasher on 10/26/2008:
OH! I have to check my ticket from Friday! Thanks for reminding me, I may be a multi-millionaire and I don't even know it!
MRM on 10/26/2008:
Somebody must have won the jackpot because the prize went down to $16 Mil.
DebtorBasher on 10/26/2008:
Well...sorry to report, it wasn't me...not even a nickel!
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
If you are feeling discriminated against, report it to the Dept of Labor. Otherwise, the next best step is to find another job where you will be treated equally.
Mommy_2_Brayden on 10/26/2008:
Actually, the restaurant my boyfriend works at does the same thing. He is one of only 5 Americans working in the kitchen, and they have cut his hours in half, along with the other Americans, while the Mexicans get near over time hours.
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
wait a minute mommy 2 brayden. just because they are of hispanic origin does not mean they are not americans.
MRM on 10/26/2008:
She must meant illegal immigrants.
jktshff1 on 10/26/2008:
Always blame it on someone other than yourself, I don't believe we are getting the "rest of the story".
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
The hours are going to the workers that show up,and do their jobs.
jktshff1 on 10/26/2008:
Mommy, if I understand your post, one does not have to be black or white to be an American.
Like I said there is more to this story.
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
Find another line of work I guess
Mommy_2_Brayden on 10/26/2008:
When I say "American", I mean those of us that were born here or who came here legally. The General Manager herself has told myself, along with my boyfriend, that all of the Mexicans that work there are all illegal. The Kitchen Manager has complained to the GM about the Mexicans taking all the hours, and she has yet to do anything. We are looking to report them.
jktshff1 on 10/26/2008:
That is a different story. You need to report the business to every government entity that you can. Be sure to give the GM's name and be ready to give sworn statements.
amarys05 on 10/26/2008:
Actually Yoke.. I don't see the OP stating their race, but one can only assume he is white.
DebtorBasher on 10/26/2008:
You're right AmarysO5...the poster only states the Mexicans get the work and the whites are sent, therefore, the poster just may be a Mexican complaining that they have to do all the work while the whites get to go home? LOL!
amarys05 on 10/26/2008:
Hey.. I dunno.. I'm just saying. Yoke said the OP stated they were white.. but not ONCE in the letter does it say "I'm white". You never know.. but like my mom says.. DNA-DO NOT ASSUME. :)
MRM on 10/26/2008:
Assumptions is mother of all fcukups...
old fart on 10/26/2008:
To assume makes a ass out of U and me...
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
The OP has stated that this has been reported to Carls Jr. corporate offices. I do not believe that Carls Jr.'s HR department or legal department would go along with the hiring of illegal immigrants. I do not want to put the OP's line of work down, but there are fast food places almost everywhere. Go somewhere that will appreciate the hard work and hours you are willing to put in. You might find that it will lead you up the ladder into higher positions with the new company you choose. Just a thought.
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
I'd like to hear the other side of this story.

Slimjim on 10/27/2008:
Just for clarity, are you AND other whie folk sent home together or are you the only white there on a shift and sent home alone?
Mario The Great on 10/27/2008:
OK JohnInSoCal....There's a tear in my eye. That was the best answer anyone made. Plain and simple thinking. BTW, Bishop, CA has approx. 4K residents of which 85% are white and the rest are either Hispanic, Black, etc. There are 24 churches and of them, only 1 is Catholic. Something doesn't add up.
yoke on 10/27/2008:
amary, when the OP made the comment about all the whites that go home when it is slow it sounds like he is white. Why would he mention "white" if he was Mexican?
Chris on 07/02/2013:
I have have years of experience working in restaurants. I had to move so I sought out another job. One place I went to was Carl's Jr in Laguna Hills, CA. I filled out app and gave my resume. I went back 4 times and called them inquiring about the job. The last time I went back I started talking to one of their employees. He informed me that I would never get hired there because I wasn't Mexican. I am white. I gave up on that store and now three years later I can say I have never seen a white person or any other race besides Mexicans working at that location. I am now a General Manager of another restaurant. Not saying name. Wow Carl's Jr missed out. Damn racists. Pretty bad.
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Good customer service
Posted by on
KING CITY, OREGON -- On Thursday, Sept. 18th, I went to the drive-through of the Carl's Jr. in King City, Oregon, and ordered a Super Star combo meal and an additional small order of fries. I got my food and started to pull out of the drive-through when I thought the bag didn't seem quite bulky enough. I checked and, sure enough, they had forgotten the extra fries. I would have reversed to the window right then but another car had pulled up so instead I parked in the lot and went inside.

After waiting a few minutes for the person at the counter to help another customer, I explained that I was missing part of my order. I didn't get an argument, I wasn't asked to show my receipt (which I would have done gladly) and he didn't have to chase down a manager. He simply turned around, filled a fry container with fresh, hot fries, put it in a bag with napkins and handed it to me without question. I thanked him and went happily on my way.

Good job, Carl's Jr.!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/22/2008:
That's the way it should be. Good write up Crown Jules!
Anonymous on 09/22/2008:
Great service! Got to love the Western Bacon Cheeseburger,good stuff
Anonymous on 09/22/2008:
Come on revolutionaries! Vote it up! This review deserves the same accolades that the Denny's one received today! We've got a rating system here, let's use it!.... Properly!!
VH! Thanks for the post!
Anonymous on 09/22/2008:
I love the six dollar burger.
bugsy on 11/26/2008:
Carl's Jr.

I went to the Carl's in Thousand Oaks three times and thought it was an abberation. Certainly someone there speaks or relatively has a grasp of the English language, right?

WRONG! The times I've been there, they couldn't even understand my request - "do you have a Famous Combo" after a five minute delay, I get something totally incomprehendable.

When I got to the drive - through each time, the guys behind the counter were touching their noses, running their hands into the bag where my food was going. And, it seemed that, at 10:00 pm, they had many other places they'd rather be and let me know that I was an inconvenince. Perhaps they had some English speaking classes to attend the next day? Hmmmm, who knows?


You know, you don't have to like living here, you don't have to like working at Carl's but, hey fake it. At least act like you want to learn the language of the majority (HINT - English) or get a different gig. And if it really is so bad here, (BIG HINT), just think - you could actually living in a country where you had to pay taxes and contribute to the economy - and God forbid, have to learn to speak the language of the majority.

I WIlL AVOID CARL's JR FROM HERE OUT. What a horrible place.

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Portobello Mushroom Sandwich
Posted by on
WEATHERFORD, OKLAHOMA -- We are so disappointed that the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich is off the menu of our Carl's Jr. in Weatherford, OK. Is this every where? You really had a good one there and we bought one just about every Friday night and looked forward to going and getting it-----hope it gets brought back.
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Anonymous on 02/26/2008:
I hate it when that happens. You did the right thing airing your grievance on my3cents. You might also try complaining to Carls Jr. as well.
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Posted by on
To Whom It May Concern

I have eaten at Carl's Jr. in the past -- but will never give you anymore business. Your ADS have been in very poor taste but the newest one with students and a teacher (???), dancing like a professional hooker is really disgusting. Our children watch your commercials and even at a very young age realize how immoral it is.

The people writing your commercials are costing you big time.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
sick of it, I agree with you and you could do as I have done and turn off the TV!
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Turning the channel works just as well.
Hugh_Jorgen on 09/12/2007:
I didn't know professional hookers danced differently than amateur hookers. Maybe the poster meant "hoofers"?
dogs rule on 09/12/2007:
Agree with you, sick of it.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Let me start this out by thanking [sick of it] for not attributing teenage prostitution and unwed mothers to Carl's Jr. ads and having the good sense to state 'even at a very young age realize how immoral it is'. This is the best Carl's Jr commercial complaint by far.

I too find Carl's Jr commercials distasteful. Not so much the tawdry ones but absolutely got grossed out by the ones with all the eating sounds. In fact after those commercials ran I've never stepped foot into a Carl's Jr. again.

Anyway, [sick of it] great review. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Haven't seen the commercial but I plan on dining at Carl's very soon! If you are so afraid of what the kids might see on TV then try READING to them instead.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Carls Jr,has some great burgers.
Haven't seen the commercial,but I'm sure its not all that bad.
I agree with ZZ
Ponie on 09/12/2007:
I've read/heard so many good reviews about Carl's Jr., I wish we had one in my area.

I'm with you, Stew, about the ones with eating sounds. There's one running now that shows an upside down 'chin' chewing something. It's repulsive. Don't even remember who it's for. Any time it comes on, I either hit the remote or go into the kitchen for a beer.
Starlord on 09/12/2007:
Ponie, it is a commercial for Geico. they have several, one of which is a nerd with glasses making weird faces and sounds, on has college kids 'jousting' with mattresses in a dorm hallway. The overvoice on them says there may be better ways to spend fifteen minutes online, inferring that getting a quote from Geico is that better way to spend the fifteen minutes.
Skye on 09/12/2007:
We had Carl's last night. They make a delcious hand scooped oreo shake. That was my dinner, and my husband had the Jalepeno burger. He said it's the best burger he ever had from a burger place.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Ponie/Stew--that commercial grosses me out too. The first time I saw it, I looked at my husband and said WTH is that? Not a good way to gain customers! And, Starlord, thanks for clarifying who the ad is for. I really had no idea--they lost me from the beginning.
Skye on 09/12/2007:
I feel left out. I haven't seen this atrocious commercial.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Skye--Don't feel left out. Feel good that you haven't had to be subjected to it (yet)! LOL. But, I don't think I've seen the Carl's Jr. ad., just the creepy Geico one.
Starlord on 09/12/2007:
Ponie, it is a commercial for Geico. they have several, one of which is a nerd with glasses making weird faces and sounds, one has college kids 'jousting' with mattresses in a dorm hallway. The overvoice on them says there may be better ways to spend fifteen minutes online, inferring that getting a quote from Geico is that better way to spend the fifteen minutes. To me, threatening to quit going to a restaurant because you don't like their commercials is the height of ridiculousness, Sounds like something EileenBB11 would pull, Of course, she'd do it while on her cell phone with her brother, aksing him for his advice.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
Paris Hilton's Carl's Jr. - Viral Videos - SPIKE Powered by ...
Nothing says Paris like a Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger from Carl's Jr. Apparently. - 90k -
Connie1 on 10/01/2007:
I agree w/ the comments regarding the "flat buns" teacher/students Carl's Jr. burger TV ad. As a teacher I know how difficult it is to establish and maintain student respect. This ad is offensive and disrespectful to teachers. Thank goodness it appears Carl's Jr. has eliminated the "teacher" from the ad.
denise on 10/03/2013:
Omg! I just saw a video today! 10/02/13 obviously it has not been!
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Posted on
PLACENTIA, CALIFORNIA -- I want to complain about the food, quality, service, and prices at Carl's Jr. in general and make a specific complaint about my local restaurant. First, for the price they charge for their food, it's not worth the value...especially when other fast food restaurants have great 99 cent value menus. Second, the quality of the food is horrible. Almost every time I've been there I get rotten tomatoes on my hamburger. The last time I ordered one, my tomatoe had a rot spot in the middle, the bread was stale and hard, and it was cold. My hamburger was so awful I threw it away.
Third, the service is SO slow! I went to the local Carl's located off of Yorba Linda Blvd. in Placentia and it took 10 min. to get a hamburger when no one else was there. Every single time I go there it takes 10-20 min. to be served regardless of the crowd.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I'd like to see some more value priced food

Improve the quality of the produce
Make sure you are not serving customers stale, hard, cold, bread
Visit this location and see if someone can improve the service
My past 3 Carl's experiences have made me swear never to go back. What can your company do to change my mind?

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/19/2002:
Eat at home!
Anonymous on 04/19/2002:
The quality of fast food and service aint what it used to be. Good thing I learned how to cook!
Anonymous on 04/19/2002:
Stop going there!
Anonymous on 04/20/2002:
I have complained to their corporate HQ repeatedly and all they do is keep sending me free food coupons. I'll tell you what, their food is so bad these days along with the crappy service, I won't go back and I tell everyone how bad it is. I am a business owner and I wouldn't be in business anymore if I ran it like them.
Anonymous on 04/22/2002:
Who cares!
Anonymous on 04/28/2002:
Why should this customer have to stop going there? I've a better idea: the company should rectify the problems. Otherwise, they should close down.
Anonymous on 05/03/2002:
I'd like to rectify your attitude.
Anonymous on 03/27/2003:
I have been to a CJ down the road from there, and I had to wait a long time to get my order. The employee left me alone there. I can remember standing there, wondering why I was waiting so long even though the place was nearly empty inside and no one was in the drive-through. I know they have to make the food, but the time they took to fill my order would have been enough to fill five orders. But that's just how all the ones I've been to are. Some of the food is pretty good, but CJ does tend to have higher prices than its competitors. I've never heard anyone say that CJ made their favorite burger. In my opinion, the food quality is not so superior to that of its competitors' products that it justifies higher prices. As for the service, it all just depends on the location and who's working at the time. Overall, they're usually pretty polite at the very least, and sometimes they're very nice and warm.
jennell54 on 12/29/2006:
Wow, Hope this site gets popular as its clearly needed. Yes, Some energy the Carl's Jr. night shift manager Jennifer may have in Fontana Ca. on Merril and Sierra Location. Bought a simple 6 dollar burger through drive up (Not Combo w/drink, Just Sandwich(No cheese) and medium fry) and she(Manager Jennifer) was personaly taking orders at the window and the car in front of me not even to the window yet(Other car just left) and she is already waving (That's right, Hanging way out the portal window Waving the order back and forth like right here! come and get it, LOL, How Hoakey can you get LOL, like there going to miss the window and drive by LOL) there order outside the window(Mind you, its super icy cold windy day 12/28/06 8:35 PM 92335) and the car comes up and gets order, pays and goes with a long look at her(Manager) as there leaving(OK, that's fast, but what if they snatched it, LOL, I thought any manager would know to get paid first before handing out order, LOL, she gave them order then took payment L O L ), and then I am telling myself at first maybe she is new and does not know the protocol/hygene/customer respect ropes yet(I used to do resturanting service's too) Also hope she dosn't dangle my food out there to long till I get to the window(Freezing out, Brrrrrr), But low and behold she does it to me(Hangin way out the window again), and when I get to the window, I asked her to please hold it inside til I secure the vehicle(put in park) and finish roll window down and pay for the already confused at the order box about what ordered, then let me pay for it and then hand me the order please! then be on my way like normal(Why do we always feel like were being herded around like cattle anymore LOL, Wal-Mart cattle prods must be around everywhere, LOL ), I left and not far from establishment I like most do, reach in the bag for a few frys and find they are so way stone cold that I have never ever in my 54 years experienced that COLD!(Thought A&W was there for awile L O L ), I never even looked at the burger, but figured like any Honest fast food outfit they would promptly make another fresh hot without a problem, But this Jennifer manager gave me my money back and told me to leave in a rather nasty huff after I simple requested politly to give me a hot order(I asked her to check or feel the order I just got to confirm and she out of the blue came somewhat unglued and snapping at the other employees, L O L, A real show for me to witness the inept world again). Asking her politly witnessed by other employees to give me her name she did reluctantly(Hiding her name tag at first)She said "THERE, JENNIFER, ALLRIGHT!!" Then Thanked her(Other employees/patrons witnessing this seem to be already aware of hostile reaction), Then as I am leaving quietly and before going out the door she yells to other employees that I called her a b- is why she refused me service and I still without even turning back continued to leave to go to IN & OUT burgers down the street(Was OK). Most of these fast food places can be good or bad different locals I imagine at different times, Remember most hire kids or cheap migrants with skills/education/respect lacking as some of us can look back (LOL), Like the one above posted here said, "cookin at home" is rewarding but a choir for us money talks and bull walks society folks, you get what you pay for generally. You never know what's happining behind ANY!(ANY PLACE!!) food counter if your not there yourself, don't fool yourself. Working at a Top Notch Restaurant long ago(As Teen) I once watched a Head Cook German chef spit soup back into a pot after tasting it, Ya takes yer chances. Perhaps the one above posted here says "who cares" works in this exploiting food chain, L O L.
Lardy Liddie on 03/07/2008:
To tell my story I will post the message I sent to Carl's Jr customer service.

My boyfriend and I ordered a shake, chili-cheese fried, and a Hawiian Pineapple Teriyaki burger. While eating the burger I tasted something rotten, and then I looked at my burger and found a green and fuzzy mold growing on the tomato.

I want back to the location with the remaining burger and fries (we had already finished our shake)and showed her the mold. Without apology, she asked me what I wanted to her to do. I said I wanted our money back for the full order. She refused to give our money back for the shake. She said it was "obviously" good since we finished it all. I told her that although the shake tasted good, how am I to know that there was nothing wrong with it. I then told her that the burger "tasted good too" UNTIL I bit into the mold. She answred that with tomatoes there could sometimes be Slip-Ups.

I then asked her if there was someone higher up I could speak with. I also told her that moldy tomatoes can make someone sick. She said I would have to call back, as the manager had just left. So I will do that tomorrow.

Poor service or a mistake on an order are to be expected from time to time, but I see no excuse for rotten ingredients.

How did this happen? Don't employees look at the food when they prepare it? Aren't they in a well lit kitchen?

Why should we not get refunded for the entire meal simply because we finished our shake before finding the Burger's mold??

In my opinion I was asking for very little! But this was too much for Carl's Jr.

I got no apologies whatsoever for having bit into mold. I did vomit by the way. And for this I don't even get a full refund?

Slip-ups can happen with tomatoes, the shift manager admits. This is acceptable to carl's Jr?

She even offered to replace the food! Tell me who would have an appetite, especially one for the same food item, after vomiting because of finding mold? It was repulsive.

I am thoroughly disatified with the outcome, and I will continue to pursue it, as I see no excuse for errors involving rotten ingreients who that could portantially repulse or make someone sick.

Did she say sorry? Did she say that the workers would be more careful in the future? Nope.

I expect more, and will press the issue.


I also called them at the 877 number and spoke with a person.

Today I got back in touch with the local restaurant, and was able to speak with the manager. She said that she had received my complaint. She had somehow been notified about the complaint I gave at the 877 number. She said she spoke with the worker who does the prep, she apologized, and said she told the shift leader that I should have been refunded for the full meal. She also said that the tomatoes would be checked. I was told that I could come back to the restaurant and get my money back or get another meal.

All the same I will never eat at Carl's Jr again. I ate there rarely to begin with. I liked their food but the location was not convenient.
neder on 11/09/2008:
email sent to CKE on 11/9/2008

To: CKE Restaurants

From: A H
Re: Carl’s Jr / Green Burrito #110312 visit 11/6/2008 – Food Poisoning, Unprofessional Service, and Product Mis-representation/Overcharge

To Whom It May Concern,

I am just now well enough and writing to you on my 3rd re-write for the events that happened to me since 11/6/08.

I am sorely disappointed in the service and quality of food received.

1. I was blatantly mis-led and overcharged.
2. The service was unprofessional.
3. The food was unsanitary and resulted in food poisoning.

On Thursday, 06 November 2008 at approximately 4:45 pm I utilized the drive-through to purchase food at the above location ID in Clearfield, Utah for my son and myself for the drive to Salt Lake, Utah. This issue revolves around several issues; the first and later on the least of my worries was the mis-representation (aka fraud) of a product as well as an obvious overcharge while the other turned out to be food poisoning which kept me sick for 2 days in bed to include diarrhea that lasted into the 3rd day. My 9 year old and 12 year old ended up taking care of me as I couldn’t even get out of bed except to run to the bathroom.

Background: I am not a frequent patron of Carl’s Jr - nor many fast food restaurants. Normally I don’t go to fast food at all but had gone to the same Carl’s Jr on 10/29 as I had missed lunch due to a parent teacher conference and purchased their hard beef taco which was very good. Late for an appointment on 11/6/08, I decided to stop by and get dinner on the go for both my 9 yr old and myself. My son does not eat meat so at the very least they (Carl’s/Green Burrito) would have a bean burrito but not having time to scan the menu just asked at the drive-through order station if they had a veggie-burger. The staff said yes but it was not listed on the menu. They asked if I wanted it made into a combo and I said yes. I also ordered a Green Burrito (Steak) for myself. Told it was to be $11.26 (I believe) they said to pull forward. I paid at the first window, pulled to the first and waited. After a couple of minutes and another vehicle behind me, they asked if I would pull forward. I asked how much longer it would be and the staff said they didn’t know as it was a special order. I pulled forward, parked, and then went inside hoping to save some time as I didn’t want to get behind.

This is where it didn’t hit me until later. I got to the front counter and heard in the back 2+ people laughing/giggling about the “veggie-burger”…”can you believe it”, etc. As a supervisor as well as the Food Service Officer for two years, all I could think of was how unprofessional and ignored it as the front counter person looked surprised and asked if this was my order.

I took the bag and passed to my son, got on the freeway. My son was dismayed and surprised to find his “veggie-burger” was nothing but lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and bread. Then it hit me what the staff was laughing about. This was a very blatant act and totally wrong! If this was to be nothing more than lettuce/tomatoes, etc then this should have been explained at the get-go. Add the fact that I was charged the full price was mis-leading that I was to receive a “veggie-burger” pattie otherwise I would have just ordered the cheapest thing on the menu. A consumer advocate, I told my son that I would write and complain the next day (11/7/08). On 11/7/08, I was just fighting to stay at work, chair an 8:00 am meeting with heads of Program Management and Contracts, then try to hang on for the rest of the day.

I had the Green Burrito (Steak). I ate it on the road at 5:15pm. At 9:00pm, something was wrong, my stomach was gurgling and I was couldn’t stop throwing up from 11:00pm and I don’t know when I quit. I had to be at report to work at 6am, was feeling ill from my stomach to my bowels. I took ibuprofen and pressed on. My briefing suffered and by the end of the day I couldn’t focus, still nauseous and started to have a terrible headache and diarrhea was setting in. I went straight to bed at 4:30 pm on 11/7/08 (Friday) with my boy’s cooking for themselves, making me tea and cold compresses with mint (yes, I am an organic person most of the time). They called my neighbor to get them to school the next day and I couldn’t do more the get to the bathroom. 11/8 (Saturday) I still have diarrhea but am feeling better and it abates toward the late afternoon.

I don’t need my experience as the Food Services Officer or Quality Assurance Evaluator to know food poisoning when I see it.

1. The management needs to be informed.
2. The staff at the above location needs to be reprimanded and re-trained in food safety practices.
3. An apology.

MARIA on 10/13/2012:
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