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MaxCare Warranty Scam
Posted by Dreamersdawn on 10/02/2007
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I bought the MaxCare Warranty on my car when I purchased it from CarMax last year. The salesman said it covered everything except for normal wear and tear like wipers, brake pads, alignment, etc.

Recently, my alignment started pulling to the right really bad. I knew I had to pay extra for it, but when I got there, the service guy started looking into other things.

A quick re-alignment turned into:

Bad fuel injector that needed to be replaced
Cracked power steering belt that needed to be replaced
Cracked AC belt that needed to be replaced
New front tires costing $256 (for just the two tires alone!)
And the re-alignment

My $50 MaxCare deductible went to a soaring $500 bill because all the other stuff had to be fixed before they could re-align the car. Additionally, they couldn't even work on the car because it was still under warranty with Nissan. They told me I could either come pick it up and drive it to Nissan or they could take it there for me.

When I went to pick up my car, they told me I owed $81 just for the estimate. I'd never heard of such a thing and complained to the manager, who waived the fee.

I then took it to Bridgestone and Nissan. Bridgestone charged me $200 for the tires and alignment and also told me the reason my alignment was off in the first place was because one of my wheels was bent. I was very surprised because even CarMax couldn't tell me that. We got the new wheel for $40 and Bridgestone swapped it out for free the next day.

Nissan looked at my car and told me that the fuel injector did *not* need to be replaced -- it was just clogged -- and a special cleaner could be put in it to get it running correctly again. They also said there was nothing wrong with my power steering or AC belts.

And by the way, my car is only 1 year old!

I may continue to purchase cars from CarMax because their sales staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and fair, but I will *never* take my car to the service center or buy the MaxCare warranty again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-02:
Sounds like you got the shaft ?
Posted by ChrisIsSocial on 2007-10-10:
My name is Chris and I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office. I am sorry to read of your poor experience at one of our stores. Please contact the CarMax Customer Relations Department at 1-800-519-1511 and give them the opportunity to assist you with your issue. CarMax strives to offer excellent customer service and we take
it very seriously when we hear an instance such as this. Thank you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
Car dealers and tow truck drivers are the lowest forms of humanity the way they prey on their victims, I mean customers. People I know in our area won't go near the local CarMax because of all the horror stories attached to it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-10:
dreamersdawn, I think ChrisIsSocial is putting out the olive branch now would be a good time to call and see what he has to say and how he can help you. Let us know what happens!
Posted by Janetk on 2007-12-12:
I used to be in the Auto field...I bet you have the 350z it known to have ongoing alignment issues. Here is what you do get your new tires from a regular tire shop and buy their warranty that forever covers alignment/balancing. I bought the Maxcare its saved my butt on the AC and has now more than paid for itself. But your right about the front sales staff being good and the back service dept sucks.
Posted by Jenni Ford on 2008-04-13:
I loved my sales lady but THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime I have gone there it has been an annyoing experience. They boast about things being quick/easy/and they will keep you informed.

Ok well I bought a nice 06 saturn ion and I LOVE the car. When I bought it, my dad noticed there was one just ONE clip missing from the front grill of my car...no big deal right? Can just order that right? O no!!! Instead they take the whole grill off and throw the dirty thing in the back on my new car and tell me to call Monday morning to schedule an appointment to put it back on. Ok so my dad and I put the grill in the trunk even though it didnt need to be taken off at all. Wasn't lose or anything. Well I call Monday morning and they want me to come in so they can see what clip it is.....I bought the car on Sunday didnt they write it down?? So I came in and the service guy asked me where the clips where.....I'm like ok your guys took them off so you tell me. He then tells me O I dont know what clips you are talking about but this snaps right on. Ok whatever so I let him snap it on. Well then I take the highway to work and when I get there I see the grill has fallen off. I call Carmax Service Dept to let them know what happened. All they tell me is that I have to come back down to see them AGAIN so they can order the part. I go down there and they order it. They tell me they will call me as soon as it arrives. Two weeks pass and I call and ask if my grill has arrived and they gal told me it arrived 5 days ago NO ONE CALLED ME!!! I then go down to get the new grill attached on and it takes them 25 minutes to find the darn thing nevermind I have to go straight to work and they are cutting into my time since when I told them I was coming down to get the part put it that it would take no longer than 10 minutes. These guys are so freaken stupid I can not believe they dumb people they hire. I finally have the grill on but wow annoying procedure all because of ONE CLIP that was missing. VERY ANNOYED and I will be filling out a survey for them withe my compaint. The entire time they were so just no cooperative with me.
Posted by matt on 2012-10-25:
I have maxcare on my wife's car, and I've never taken the car to carmax to get fixed...but I've always had an excellent experience with maxcare. Service departments all over the country (Colorado, Wisconsin, California) have all been sceptical when I say I have a service contract, but they always gush about maxcare after they get off the phone with them to verify whether what's needed is covered. I've gotten ~$2k worth of work for three $75 deductibles. That hasn't quite covered what I paid for the contract, but it sure has been convenient. No unexpected multi-hundred dollar repair bills, and I still have 20k miles of coverage. I had a service contract on a previous car and that one was a waste. Maxcare alone is plenty of reason to buy from carmax!
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CarMax - Warranty - "NOT"
Posted by R Freeman on 06/09/2010
ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- We bought a 2007 Nissan Sentra in Aug, 2009 with only 7000 miles on it. I bought the MaxCare Warranty on the car and he salesman said it covered everything except for normal wear and tear like wipers, brake pads, alignment, etc. Now the car ha 11,000 mile on it.
This past week, we rolled down the driver's side windshield and the window was off track and wouldn't roll up. So, we first took it to our local Nissan dealer. They diagnosed that the window clips and track were broken and it would be $450 to replace the window. This would not be covered under Nissan warranty because it WAS NOT a NISSAN window. this of course, was news to us because when we bought the car, who would think to check and see if the all the windows were Nissan authorized? Anyway, we then took the car over to CarMax because we had purchased the extended warranty. After checking out the broken window, CarMax told us that the warranty did not cover "windows," but that they would pay for the part if we would pay for the $129 labor. How frustrating!!! - the sales pitch about the warranty covering everything except for normal wear and tear, etc is a NOT TRUE!

This was our 2nd CARMAX car and next car (which we will purchase in 6 months) WILL NOT be from CARMAX!

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Posted by saj80 on 2010-06-09:
Listen, consumers: most after-market warranty programs are worthless. They are very eager to take your money, but very resistant to paying claims.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-09:
was the car in an accident? did you receive a carfax?

I had an extended warranty on a 2003 Dodge Caravan; used it with <1000 miles to go; saved me $2000. Not all of them are worthless
Posted by saj80 on 2010-06-09:
MD, who was your warranty through? I have purchased them in the past, but only if offered through the original manufacturer. It seems as if the third-party warranty companies can simply walk away from their business if they get too buried in claims.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-09:
I bought it through Chrysler when I purchased the vehicle.

If you are talking about these new companies that tele-market and sell their useless warranties, I agree
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Posted by Janetk on 12/12/2007
Good and Bad feelings For CarMax:

At Carmax my sales guy was helpful and pleasant. I had meet with him three times and called him with plenty of questions.

HOWEVER: This poor nice young man helped me over three days, picked up the phone every time I called and they only pay him 150 for the sale. By the time he finished with me he must have been on minimum wage by calculation. I really felt bad for him when I told my menopausal/hormonal friend to ask for him , she took six visits !!!

I was once in sales and told his manager my feelings on their pay structure He got upset with my sales guy I guess the fact they so underpay their staff is supposed to be some corporate secret.

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Posted by yoke on 2007-12-13:
jay, at Carmax they get a flat commission on cars. We sold and bought a car there and that is what our salesperson told us.
Posted by Janetk on 2008-01-04:
150.00 there bud. 150 is all those poor sales guys make from helping us customers. Thats nuts, I used to make more than that selling a cell phone contract back when I was in sales.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-04:
Commission= work your bu** off put up with all the stuff customers hand you, and live with it.
Ya make as much money as you are willing to work for and put up with as much stuff that you want.
If you can't handle that go back to punching a clock.
Posted by Janetk on 2008-01-05:
True enough Im not in sales any more...I just love CarMax alot and wish I could at least see one or two familiar faces each time I go back instead of the high turn over they have due to my guess of underpay.
Posted by jackbelias on 2008-01-08:
Nothing new here. The dealership I worked for insisted on flat rates for new cars and often tore the price off the top of the used cars we could make our money on. They would then rob the customer in the back of the sale to make up for what they took off the top. In the end you work hard, long weeks for sales managers with bad attitudes, criminal minds, and no people skills. Car salesmen make squat in most places and whats more they get the blame when the sales managers and finance managers rip the customers off.
Posted by macyanddan on 2008-01-23:
I visited Carmax prior to purchasing my latest car. Our salesperson was a supernice guy who gave us great service. The rub was that they give the bigtime schpiel about how all their cars receive 12 plus hours of detailing. We asked to look at an 07 Honda CRV. The car was filthy, dirty inside and out, dusty, with coffee spilled all over the interior. It had not been so much as wiped down on the inside, and had been driven into the ground. And the were asking more than what the car would cost new at the dealer. The poor salesperson was mortified by the condition of the car, but remained ever the gentleman. We spoke with a manager and told him that they should be embarrassed to even show the car. Then they gave us a lowball offer on our trade, and we left. Not sure how they are going to make money at this rate.
Posted by Dave73 on 2008-01-24:
Its so hard to find a PERSON you want to buy from not really a dealership. CarMax with its Ivey League Corporate Genius staff at its Headquaters doesnt really seem to "Get it" no matter how they streamline their process with something as complex as a Car purchase they should try to keep some good people there and worry less about being futuristic. I buy things sometimes because of great service and couldnt care less about how fancy the company is. No joke they change staff like people change socks. Retention is everything when building a good company.
Posted by Melas on 2008-06-23:
The Carmax Salesmen get $150.00 per car. Current and Ex employees have mentioned that. Where do you think they come up with tha $149 (not required by law fee)?? :-) Carmax isn't fooling anyone. I feel sorry for the salesmen that are nice and have to put up with the horrible company service for their customers (like mine did) and Carmax has a poor way of doing business. Their dealership is new to my area and it is not doing well and I can see why after buying from them. The actual purchase was easy, but trying to get everything corrected and done after the fact is very difficult.
Posted by Melas on 2008-06-23:
I wanted to mention one other thing about their Salesman turn ovee. When I started shopping with Carmax, I sat with a young man and we did the whole "computer thing" and found the car I wanted. While I decided which out of the 2 vehicles I picked out I wanted, we exchanged e-mails for questions and status on the vehicles, so 2 or 3 days later when I decided which car I wanted they connected me to someone else, who ended up being my salesman in the end, but they had to run everything through the computer again, as all of my information I sat with the other guy and gave was gone. They had to rerun my credit and get all of my information again! The only good thing that came out of it was that some of the bank offers changed. Some requested lower interest rates or down payments than they did the 3 days before. Luckily the vehicle I wanted was still available so I was able to get it, but nothing has been write since then (see my review I posted) I started the vehicle transfer at the end of March/ beginning of April and it purchased it on May 1st..it's now June 23rd and Carmax still has not resolved these issues.
Posted by Marky Marc123 on 2008-12-12:
hey all i once worked at carmax its nice to see you are all so caring about your sales rep but honestly if you guys look more into the history of carmax they are a fortune 100 company we are pay ed 150 per car yes but customers usually buy a waranty which is another 150 not to mention if you are in higher sales clubs you get paid even more we also get paid each time you sell us a car 50$ yes it doesnt sound like alot but there are salesmen who buy 20 cars a month and sales 15 plus i went there straight out of highschool and was instantly making 4 grand plus a month carmax is the best company i ever and will ever work for in my life i was immiture at my age and wasnt able to handle the job maturly not showing up at work and so on and was terminated even so i still admit excuse my language but id sell my left testicle to have that job back in a hot second
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Carmax Tries To Rip Me Off
Posted by Steerclear on 10/10/2008
FREDRICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- The wife wants to upgrade her SUV so we stopped by Carmax close to her parents house while visiting. After thirty minutes of looking they have nothing she likes until they pull up one from the internet. So we start the process I do most of the paper work salesman tells me we will finish the rest when the SUV is delivered. So I give him the transfer fee then says he will call when it comes in. Two days later he calls we go in I check the SUV it looks great finishing up the paperwork. I look at the contract and the salesman has the $2000 warranty on it I told him we did not need it.

The in-law is a mechanic he takes care of our cars. So salesman says are you sure I say yes he proceeds too tell me about it I say again I do not need it. So salesman just gets up and walks off and starts talking with others sales guys. After 5 minutes comes back and tells we were not approved note( 2 days before when we were there I was approved been approved for triple than the price of this SUV for another vehicle we own I know my credit is good not trying too say I am rich or anything ). So I say how can that be he says well we made a mistake on the paperwork then says but if you put down a thousand we might be able to work something out. I get up and tell the wife lets go and get my transfer fee back.

Next day another salesman calls me and ask if I still wanted the vehicle I tell him too late we already bought from another dealership with 500 hundred off the asking price with no hassles. I tell him if your salesman weren't trying too screw me over I would of got it there. So the way I see the salesman was trying too make extra commission off us ans we will not be going back to Carmax ever again they have lost our business. So be wary of what they say to make a sale.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-10:
Used car salesmen...hmmmpffff
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-10:
What is the deal with car dealerships in Virginia? Tom Kline with his RK dealerships and now this outfit.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-10-10:
Before your time here zz, we had larry/lwrhps griping about every body shop too in Fredricksburg. I don't think the blame was on the shops in those cases though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-10:
LWCrookedBodyShop, right?
Man, if it's that bad in VA can you imagine how it must be in WEST VIRGINIA?!!!
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-10-10:
LOL, ok I guess he wasn't before your time
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Lack of intelligence and outright lying
Posted by McGuiver on 03/09/2010
CALIFORNIA -- Where can I start this nightmare???

First, I had the funds to purchase the vehicle I ALWAYS wanted, BRAND NEW, CASH MONEY... I found the vehicle listed online at CarMax in Huston Tx. After about a dozen calls and three days of dealing with that dealership to get pictures of the described vehicle with no luck, I asked for someone to go out and describe the vehicle to me, I got two hang-ups from them. I guess they were to busy for a $40,000.00 cash sale. I finally asked for the GM and DEMANDED the for him to go out to the vehicle and describe it to me since they were "TO BUSY" to post the pictures.

I liked the vehicle so paid the $599.00 to have it transferred to California. I was told it would take 28 days, FIRM. I said that was fine, for the funds for the sale were also 28 days out. It arrived 14 days early and I was treated like I was lying about the funds and was asked for PROOF that the funds were soon to be available.

I showed the deposit receipt for almost $94,000.00 and the funds would be available in 5 days. I was asked to give a check and it would be held for the five days and then deposited for the sale of the vehicle. THEY LIED..... The check was deposited the SAME DAY... and it BOUNCED TO THE MOON and completely RUINED my vacations because my account was in a multi-thousand dollar NEGATIVE amount... PLUS the day I did pick the vehicle up it looked like S@#$, I asked for it to be detailed and it was nothing more than rinsed off and not even
vacuumed out.

I was then apologized to PROFUSELY and PROMISED it would never happen again and CarMax, I was then asked to provide a cashiers check for the amount since the check bounced (CarMax's fault). I went to my bank and acquired the cashiers check as requested. In the infinite wisdom of CarMax, they REDEPOSITED the check when I had ALREADY taken the funds out in a cashiers check... SO, this check has now bounced for a second time...

My checking account, for the second time, is now over $50,000.00 over drawn and checks are bouncing all over the place. I spent several hours on the phone and at my banks ATM doing damage repair for what CarMax had done to my account and had to re- deposit the cashiers check to keep other check from bouncing, namely checks written to my daughter that they, employed by other banks, had any holds waived. Had these checks bounced they would have lost their jobs due to CarMax's stupidity.


Total tally:

Pictures of the truck... three days
Arriving 14 days early and demanding proof of the money...
Received the vehicle looking like S@#$...
CarMax Deposited a check that was supposed to be HELD for five days....
Almost causing the termination of my 3 daughters from their jobs as bank tellers...

Can I express how angry I am with CarMax??????????????
Their incompetence is not measurable......
CarMax must start some MAJOR damage control RIGHT NOW!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
I don't know where to begin.

For $40,000 your should have taken yourself to the dealer to buy the car. Your whole complaint sounds like a common scam. No wonder they hung up on you. Really? Go outside and describe a car to someone over the phone?

Then, you pay to have a car you have never seen transferred to another state and complain when it gets there 2 weeks early. Did you ever tell them that the funds would not be available until that time?

As for the check being redeposited, the bank will normally attempt 2-3 times to clear a check before they send it back. You can not blame CarMax for this. If you run a business you would, or should, already know this. You should have waited to take the money out until you made sure the check was not going to clear.

No...you should have waited until the funds were available to FLY to the dealer to LOOK at the car BEFORE you bought it. Hind sight is twenty twenty.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-03-09:
LadyScot, is there something in your psyche that absolutely refuses to accept that any reviewer could have a legitimate complaint?

Your response on this one clearly indicates you did not comprehend all that took place.

Carmax definitely caused the OP much grief.
Posted by goduke on 2010-03-09:
Ah, the old post dated check routine. How many folks have fallen for that one over the years? What a mess. I guess we all now know not to buy a car that we haven't seen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
Chuck, my psyche is full of common sense. I would not buy a vehicle I have never seen with money I currently do not have while blaming a company I wrote a bad check to for trying to cash it.

Go back and read it. How is CarMax in the wrong IF they OP did not tell them the check was not good? WHY would they take a check they knew was no good? WHY would they LEAVE a vehicle in another state with a person they knew was giving them a check that was not going to be good for 2 more weeks? Come on. No dealer is going to do that.

The OP claims to have a business. How would he not know that a bank will attempt to clear a check several times before returning it? And a $40,000 bad check? The check comes in, bounces, then the OP takes the money out, then the check comes in again as standard procedure and bounces again? I am surprised that the bank hasn't filed fraud and bad check charges.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-03-09:
Ok, something doesn't make sense, and I know i am comprehending what is written here.
"and it BOUNCED TO THE MOON and completely RUINED my vacations because my account was in a multi-thousand dollar NEGATIVE amount..."

Twice the poster stated the check bounced when presented, but made references to many issues related to that, including overdrafts. Fact is, if the check bounced, then it wasn't paid on, as evidence of the redeposit. So outside of maybe a return item fee neighboring around $35 (2X), what is all this other stuff? How can they be overdrawn becuase of it when the check was never paid on, unless the second time the bank covered it? $5ok in overdraft protection? So why then didn't that kick in the first go around with the deposit?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
I dare say, this must be a first, but I am agreeing with ladyscot on this one.

something doesn't add up here. are you implying sir, that you wrote a check for $40,000.00? a personal check? and not only did you write a personal check, but you wrote a post-dated personal check?

and car max. they shipped a $40,000.00 vehicle cross state lines to you, before it was paid for?

nope. no siree bob. I am not gonna fall for these shenanigans.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
""and it BOUNCED TO THE MOON and completely RUINED my vacations because my account was in a multi-thousand dollar NEGATIVE amount..."

If the check bounced the first time, how did it throw the OP in the negatives of the whole "multi-thousand dollar" amount? If the check bounced, there would only be the nsf fee of $35 bucks. Checks bounce, meaning there's not the same funds in the account. How did the OP's account get so negative from a $35 dollar nsf fee?

So, the funds weren't collected on the check.

Now, the second time the check bounced, because the OP took the funds out in the form of a cashier's check...; if the check bounced (meaning the funds aren't collected) how is the OP negative $50,000 dollars?

I'm not understanding something here, I suppose. If the check bounced... twice, how is the OP negative that much money. Bouncing checks mean money *isn't* collected because the matching funds aren't there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
The math on this one isn't adding up or perhaps I don't get the terminology but like Slim I can't get over how the OP was overdrawn by $50,000. That's some serious overdraft protection I'll tell ya what.

As far as buying car sight unseen well I did it. The first time I saw my Dodge truck was when I went to picked it up. I don't see the big deal there.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-03-09:
Sounds like the OP had funds being held, so the available balance was zero. So when they tried to cash the check, that caused an overdraft fee. Maybe he made 3000 $1 purchases with his debit card that would have cleared no problem had it not been for that overdraft fee. Then that started a spiral. We've heard that story enough.
Posted by goduke on 2010-03-09:
I think he paid the $599 fee to have the car moved to the local Car Max lot. I can buy that Car Max would do that.

It may be that his bank, knowing that there was a $94K deposit out there, paid the check and just left it draining all of the available funds pending the crediting of the $94K deposit. It's a bit fantastic, but conceivable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
Right, skelly.
I'm just curious how his balance is now in the "multithousands" of dollars in overdraft. If that were so, when his deposit did go through, those funds he wanted to use for the car wouldn't be there as the multitude of overdraft fees that resulted from the check being presented for payment before he actually had the funds.
Now, a check being presented for payment and then bouncing back due to no funds... which would result in one nsf fee... if that one nsf fee caused a spiral effect of all his purchases overdrafting; he must have not had that much in his account to begin with.
But, that's not really here nor there... or the point of the complaint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
interesting handle you chose, op. maybe tis simply a coincidence but I'll make a wager right now this is a hoax.

Posted by skelly39 on 2010-03-09:
You're right, bkk, it's not. Somehow it just ended up getting there. Whatever the point is, it's a screwy situation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
goduke, Good point and it would make sense if the check was paid but the OP claims it was bounced 'to the moon' twice. I think the OP has a valid complaint somewhere there but the complaint as written or at least the way I comprehend it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-03-09:
If "I had the funds to purchase the vehicle I ALWAYS wanted, BRAND NEW, CASH MONEY..." I would have went straight to the dealer. Doesn't CarMax deal in used cars? Used is not brand new.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-03-09:
t2h, another interesting point. I also always thought Carmax sells nothing but used cars.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
And if "I had the funds to purchase the vehicle I ALWAYS wanted, BRAND NEW, CASH MONEY" then there would have been no bouncing checks.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
Carmax sells new cars as well.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-03-09:
LOL @ LadyScot.
Stew, I did not know that. Thanks. However, I still think I'd go directly to the dealer of whichever make it was.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
"First, I had the funds to purchase the vehicle I ALWAYS wanted, BRAND NEW, CASH MONEY... I found the vehicle listed online at CarMax in Huston Tx."

I thought CarMax sold pre-owned vehicles.

Anyway, don't write checks your arse can't cash. If the money is not in the account when the tip of your pen meets the paper, then it should not be written.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-10:
Pro lol...you borrowed my word. I thought I was the only one on here that used the word 'arse'.
Posted by yoke on 2010-03-10:
I was wondering the same thing about the check bouncing and being in the multi thousand negative. If the check bounced then the $40,000 did not come out of the account. The only check that may have been deposited would be the $599, which they would have gotten before they made the transfer from one Carmax to another. That is not something you pay after the fact.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2010-03-10:
I would really like to hear why the OP didn't go to a local dealer. If they don't have the exact accessories you want, they can bring it in from another dealer. BTDT.
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Horrible price/service/product
Posted by CrippledKnight on 06/25/2010
HUNTSVILLE, AL, ALABAMA -- I bought a 2004 Mustang V6 from these ruffians... Worst thing I could have ever done.

- I was eager to buy the car "My Mistake" which made me sign fast. I did not look through the options properly and it stated that the car had cruise control on it... when it didn't... I went to them a few months afterwards to claim it but they told me that they would charge an extra $200.00... an extra $200.00!!! After they overcharge you for the regular car, they charged me for the features, they wanted to charge me again!

- The clutch was worn out, the engine had lost horsepower that could not be fixed with any gas cleaners, treatment or filters, the driver side window got damaged, The car's Radio malfunctioned when reading CDs, The Rack & Pinion had to be replaced because I was having problems steering. Turns out that the power steering pump was damaged too. Then I went to complain about the clutch, the idiots told me it was engine sound... the clutch. These people know NOTHING about cars, they just rip you off and get off with their overly expensive price... I really wonder, if they inspect the car... how come MY car had so many issues? I can bet you they only Carfax it and they go with whatever Carfax says. I don't think they spend a dime inspecting cars... How could they fully inspect a car when they miss out on ALL that I mentioned + they miss out that the car has cruise control on it... HOW?! They did not helped me with the clutch problem sine they told me the car was... "fine"... I found out I did their no haggle price for $3,000 more of what the car was worth...

- Please, don't buy from them... do your research & look for another used car. Or you know what? Buy a new one, because buying a used car from carmax is gonna be a heck of a lot more thna a new one.... They charge you extra for doing something they don't do... which is inspect the car...

- I implore you to go somewhere else, don't give into their hype, I'm a serious person and I try not to overreact, but I lost thousands of dollars due to this & this is the only review I can make...

- I finished trading off the car, loosing some money, but hey, I got a way better car that has given me no issues so far...

- Good luck getting your car & have a tgreat day,


An disappointed customer from carmax.
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Broken and Out of Money!
Posted by Lauren.spinelli on 10/24/2013
VIRGINIA -- I have purchased two different cars from CarMax that have somehow ended up breaking down after 6 months. The first one was in and out of the shop a few times a month. The end result was 3 catalytic converters died; my muffler crumbled to pieces, and my ball joint was so old the mechanic told me I was lucky to still be alive. One time I had my car in the shop at CarMax and an employee stole multiple belongings out of my car that were never able to be returned. When I asked about trading my car in because I had enough, I was told they would only give me $4,000.

I complained and complained until they raised it to $6,000. I am now $14,000 in debt with my last car and now this car that I bought after. When I called CarMax they pretty much told me I was out of luck or could trade this car in for another but that would possibly make me a good $20,000+ in debt. I will soon be left with no car, no money to fix my car, and no money to get a new car. If this wasn’t the second car I had bought from CarMax I wouldn’t be so mad but it is. I am officially left high and dry. I work 13 hours a day to be able to afford my car but it has now left me unable to feed myself half the time.

This is unbelievably ridiculous that I have been through all of this with no help from CarMax!! I have looked into legal advice but figured I would contact someone higher than a store manager. I have wasted almost 2-3 years’ worth of money on broken cars from CarMax. I am not happy!!!
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-24:
Buying a used vehicle, unless certified by the dealer, is a crap shoot. If you purchased their extended service you would have been covered. They only offer a 30-day warranty with each vehicle.

When a used vehicle is purchased taking the it to a trusted mechanic is a good idea. They give you 5-days to return a vehicle.

When you left the car in their shop you should have removed any and all items of value. Leaving anything is an invitation for theft.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-10-24:
You are trying to obtain cars on the cheap. Go to a local used car dealer, preferably one associated with a large new car dealer and buy an auto. Much safer and with a better chance of getting a car that does not have major problems. And, of course have a friend, relative check out any potential cars for you who has some knowledge of cars.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-24:
Buying a used car always comes with risk. Unless CARMAX has a bullet-proof warranty, I would not expect them to cover any deficiencies months after purchase.

You would be well advised, though too late, to give CARMAX the heave-ho. I would call this a lesson learned and move on, if this happened to me. Having a car independently inspected prior to purchase is great insurance, though not a guarantee.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-10-26:
Also, buying another car, while you still owe on the previous one, is a no-no, because the unpaid balance, aka "negative equity", is rolled over into the loan on the next car, thus putting you deeper into debt.
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A Dream car... Yeah Right
Posted by Dezig209 on 08/03/2013
MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- We all hear stories about friends, or just plain out strangers buying cars and a few short months down the line, their dream vehicle is sitting in the driveway collecting dust, unable to drive it but still have to pay for it. Well unfortunately that's my 'car' story and I'm sticking to it. Well pretty much, I don't have a choice but to stick with it.

About six months ago I bought a car from Carmax, the sales associate was very nice, helpful..Actually the whole entire staff was so I never thought negative about the whole situation. I test drove a 2005 Chevy Aveo. I fell in love with the car, my very own car I bought and saved up for. They showed me a report on the vehicle said it was inspected up and down, sideways back and forth you name it they inspected it. The car even came with a certificate stating it has been though various tests and protocols. I couldn't afford the warranty but didn't think it would be a big deal since the car was inspected my numerous mechanics that work at Carmax. Six months later..My car is sitting..Collecting dust...I'm unable to fix it because I still got to make the payments and the repairs to my car are equivalent to buying a whole another car. The timing belt broke after just six months of having the car. I'm just thankful nothing happened to my family and I because I was on the freeway when the car broke down.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-08-03:
The timing belt broke and that's the replacement cost of the car? It's not a cheap fix (what is on a car?), but it's not usually the most expensive one either.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2013-08-05:
A timing belt failure often leads to an engine replacement, since the inside parts of the engine can be damaged should the belt break. Good advice would be, if buying a used car that has a timing belt engine, to immediately have the timing belt replaced, regardless of age, to be on the safe side, because you wouldn't know if the belt went 1 mile or 100,000 miles.
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Carmax, the Run-Around, & a Lost Car Title
Posted by Duagdinn on 02/11/2013
NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- We were recently at the store in Norcross, GA. It was very unpleasant. I had went in to look/buy a 2010 Dodge Caliber. It took about 5 minutes to find the vehicle we wanted since we had done some research on their website prior. We sat down with the salesman Keith [snip]. The first day we spent 5 hours there. We went through everything paperwork, down payment, insurance. You name it we did it. He kept running back and forth, and coming back with "The financial department needs this, and this". He was extremely UN-organized. When it was all over with we had given him everything. Just as we went into the signing room he pulled us out of the signing room and said "Carmax" would not let us have the car until my DL had been changed over to GA. Now..I can agree that was my fault, but he had seen my DL at the very beginning he couldn't tell me this before I wasted all that time, and we had went through all of that? Well I left the dealership and the next day I went and got my correct DL. So at that point there was nothing else that needed to be done. I had kept in contact with him every single day since he had said he would hold the vehicle for me. He assured me when we came in again that it would be a very quick process and nothing else would happen. Well we showed up a 2nd day, and he had to redo the paperwork. After telling us he wouldn't have to, that everything was finished with the Caliber. That took almost 3 hours. The sales person was extremely UN-knowledgeable and did not answer many questions. When we asked him why he kept re-submitting the information for the loan approvals he said he had to do that every time he had to correct something on the paperwork. All the mistakes on the paperwork was his fault. I was sitting behind him in the office looking at his computer screen and I corrected him several times on things that were wrong. Finally when the paperwork was done and we went into the signing room we sat there for almost a hour. No one came over people kept looking at us and finally I asked, "What is going on"? No one said anything. Finally someone came over, sat down and said.."We are sorry we cannot find the Calibers Title. We are looking for it.." Now..we had spoken to our sales person several times we were under the impression the deal was done, then when we get to the final stages the car title is not available. My sales person was not even going to tell me this until I asked him. Let me add to this my Grandmother was with me she is elderly, has some health problems..but she was there helping me find a good vehicle since she has had some dealings with dealerships, and she knows how they work. My grandmother had to ask the sales person 3 times, "What was going on with the car, and why was it taking so long"? He kept dodging the question and would not answer her. Finally he told her, and she asked him the same thing we did, "How can you have a vehicle for sale on your car lot and have no idea where the title is"? Now out of all of those days that I spoke with him, and the first day of going through the paperwork I was told all of this was done. It wasn't anything of the sorts. I would think if he knew we were coming back and had shown that much interest in that vehicle he would have made sure everything was together. To top it all off shortly after that happened, he told us he had to go home. His wife was there to pick him up. So he handed us off to another salesman. Yes the other salesman was great, but we had to go through everything all over again. To top it all off..They had no other calibers, and told us they could have one shipped from another Carmax but it would not be there until tomorrow. So we ended up having to choose something else off of the lot. We did not leave the dealership until 10:30 P.M. that night. All over Carmax there were signs up saying, "You can have a stress-free, enjoyable, good price, buying experience." We got none of those things. Also the commercials that say, "The way car buying should be". After that I will probably never go through any of that ever again. I walked away with a car I do like, but some what feel like we settled because we could not get our first choice. The car is a great car, but it was not exactly what we wanted. I am very unhappy about this whole situation. I've never had a experience like this in my life. I feel lied to, and ran-around.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-11:
I've purchased two cars from CarMax, and while it's supposed to be low stress because they aren't going to haggle with you over the price of the vehicle or the value of your trade-in, I think their prices are quite a bit higher than other "traditional" dealerships--especially since they primarily deal in used cars. I recently purchased a new car and when I would look at prices of the pre-owned version of the car I wanted at a traditional dealership, then went and looked to see what CarMax wanted for the same vehicle with similar mileage and specs, they were almost always a few thousand dollars higher. I also think that they don't work to get their customers the best financing possible. On both cars we bought from them, in 2005 and 2007, they put us in 72 month loans with over 8.5% interest. However, just a week ago, I was approved for two separate loans where the 60 month was 1.49% and the 72 was 2.9% (the 2.9% loan was through the same bank than handled our CarMax car loans too). Our credit situation hasn't changed THAT dramatically since 2007, although our income is definately more than it was back then, and I know that interest rates are lower across the board than they were 5 years ago but I'm not sure that all of that would really result in an interst rate that was about 1/4 of what my last loan was.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-11:
These people played you like a fiddle, IMO. That is sad. Helpful information - I would avoid this location based on your experience.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-12:
Excellent post Clutzy and voted as such.
Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-12:
The salesman, going back and forth to the "finance manager/office" has little to do with the actual financing. The finance manager is normally a salesman with a high level of experience. The point of going back and forth is to find ways to write any discounts you received back into the paperwork and doctor the numbers so the dealership receives the highest profit possible. The waiting game is also part of the sales process, the longer you wait, the more worried you become that the deal will not be finalized or financed so you agree to things that you may not have intended to upon arrival.

Your best bet is to get a preapproved loan amount from a bank or credit union and go into a dealership to negotiate a deal at the loan amount, not a payment amount.
Posted by biz_results on 2013-08-02:
"CarMax" means they manipulate the deal to earn Maximum profit on a car. I purchased a car for a couple of thousand more than a traditional dealership for the "peach of mind." I also paid $2,000 extra for the extended warranty, and financed the vehicle through CarMax - which was more than most banks would have charged. When I got a job overseas a couple of months later, I went to sell it back to CarMax and they wanted to pay me the lowest Blue Book value for a trade-in. In addition, they lost my title after I had paid for the car in full. They said they mailed it, but I did not receive it, and it took a couple of months to get another one. I'm a first-time and last-time CarMax customer.
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Don't Do It Extended Warranty
Posted by Cegraff1 on 08/02/2011
Purchased a BMW 335i 2008. AS with any BMW the performance requires warranty type issues.

TO use the warranty at Carmax requires 50 co-payment
TO use the warranty out of Carmax is 75.00
The local BMW dealer Momenteum BMW of Houston does not honor warranty.
Like going to dnetist to get service on the car.

Oh and make sure you take a look at fine print if fianace with Carmax. Interest accruuded daily so first 2 years of payments pay all intrest and very little principal.

Wouldn't suggest using Carmax.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-08-04:
I used the keywords Carmax complaints and glanced at the numerous problems some people have had with them reported on multiple websites. You have a lot of consumers that share your dissatisfaction with them. Good review.
Posted by Catmandue on 2012-07-11:
We bought a 2007 Explore (32k miles) from Carmx in 2009 with the extended warranty. We have had problems with it (wheel bearings and raidiator needed replaced), as long as we take it to a certified Ford dealer they will honor the warranty. There is the $75 co-pay which I would rather pay than the $3k for the repair. Funny how Ford honors the warranty and BMW will not.
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