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Very Upset Customer.... Beware!!
Posted by Petula on 11/19/2008
STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Please Beware NOT to purchase your trip from this company! I purchased a trip for myself & 3 children... We saved money to afford this trip! A month before we were to take our trip....My Grandmother passed away and I had to cancel the trip. I called Cheap caribbean and they told me that would be fine but I had to fax over the death certificate to get my credit! I did as they asked and when it came time to book another trip....they told me that the credit had expired and that I had just lost $3,000.00!

They NEVER told me that the vouchers they had sent me had a expiration date on them (which they don't have). They then told me that they had NO RECORD of my cancellation and that they had nothing to offer me! They then in fact hung up the phone...when I ask to speak to supervisors (Thank you Angelique) the sales girl. I demand that this company give me my credit of $3,000.00!! I saved for 2 years to afford this trip with my children....being a single Mom. This company can not scam me out of my trip!

Please BEWARE of this company not crediting you if you have to cancel! I don't have a expiration for my credit..... Please help!

Single Mom from CT

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Posted by Diamond Lill on 2011-07-19:
How Terrible the more I read about Cheap Caribbean i am convinced that they are a scam. I purchased insurance also and had to have emergency surgery. Trip.Mate denied my claim. How can you be under a doctor care on short term at work and still take a vacation. I was told i would receive a credit back of 900.00 to my credit card instead got a credit. Thanks for the heads up regarding the expiration date. There is no way I will allow them to rip me off for the remaining of my deposit. Go figure the insurance company wants me to commit insurance fraud under a doctor care and off work but take the freaking vacation.I WILL NEVER EVER CONSIDER THIS COMPANY NOT EVEN TO BROWSE>.........STAY FAR AWAY!!!
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Left stranded at the airport!
Posted by Traveleverywhere on 08/26/2009
I booked a vacation through Cheap Caribbean at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya Resort in Mexico (June 2009). The resort was wonderful! Cheap Caribbean was not. I requested (and was told I was getting) private transfer from the airport for a price of $180. (Their invoice after booking only gives the bundled price of your package; it does not break down hotel and transportation). We arrived at the Cancun Airport and there was NO transportation arranged for us. None. We went from one customer service person to the next. Four total -- while we waited in the heat with our luggage. Each consulted their clipboard and came up empty, and then directed us to the next person, who also came up empty. I used my cellphone to call their "in-country customer service representative" (an expensive international call) but she told us we should just get on the group shuttle that stops at every person's hotel -- since that would be the fastest way, at that point, to get us to our hotel. We took that cattle car ONE WAY and took a private taxi back to the airport. They refunded exactly $46.50. Total ripoff! My name is Dawn Kanarish, and I will never use Cheap Caribbean again.
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Posted by saj80 on 2009-08-27:
You pay for cheap, you get cheap.
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CheapCaribbean.com - WARNING better read the terms and conditions!!!
Posted by Skydivertracy on 09/21/2010
I feel robbed by this company. There was absolutely no difference in Cheap Caribbean's price (Iberostar Punta Cana) and their web-site rates BUT I chose C. C. ONLY b/c you offered trip insurance. I know for a FACT that the Iberostar Punta Cana allows up to THREE (3) changes to your reservation with NO penalty. I had to change my reservation with Cheap Caribbean (C. C.) the FIRST time b/c I was told by C. C. to book on the wrong side (old, not renovated)of the resort. SO, I had to pay the penalty for that change even though it wasn't my fault.

The 2nd time I had to change the dates due to my fiance's grandmother having cancer (and eventually dying) so we moved our wedding date that was supposed to be in the resort but we changed it to a local venue for that reason. I felt that the 2nd time around that C. C. could have and SHOULD HAVE waived the fee as a courtesy. This company is greedy and taking advantage of peoples situations and not using the HUMAN side of a situation to be considerate.

I just had to make final payment and I can honestly say that I wish I could have cancelled my honeymoon but, once again C. C. is truly AWFUL to deal with in offering NO REFUNDS!!!
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Posted by travelgal08 on 2012-03-03:
Before I confirm any of my travel plans I make sure to thoroughly research the resort and read reviews from those who have stayed there. It is not uncommon that there might be penalties to change travel dates, especially with the airline flights. Normally, airline flights are also nonrefundable. It is always a good idea to purchase travel insurance to ensure no money is lost should an emergency occur.
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Cheap-Reap - NOT CHEAP
Posted by Mtitoff on 06/29/2013
DOYLESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Sway away from CheapCaribbean. NON refundable policy and 'GOT you' customer service recording all conversations linked to your phone. They call their 1-2 stop flight packages with inflated prices and star rating luxury... Must be a joke.
They keep over $5,000 for the future date hotel reservation cancelled within 48 hours. I lost $200 right on the spot since the booking was made for 2 adults and 2 children. The rest is the credit you must use for the travel to be COMPLETED within the year from the date of the purchase. If you book for future travel date you automatically shorten the time frame you can use the credit.
Their website malfunctions and you may end up completing the transaction you have not authorized (full balance charged while Deposit was selected). I have recorded session when their radio button issue is apparent but they are located in the town covered by the District court where the navigator cannot locate it.

Once they get your money, they are legally protected by the one-way policy.

Unfortunately, I has been trapped into the transaction as I did not see NON-refundable policy in super small fond in grey font (subsequently changed after I complained on Jan 19, 2013). It took several calls and e-mails to convince them to cancel the trip without agreeing to their policy because they wanted to charge NO SHOW fees since they knew I was not going on the trip.

I have to use this abominable company and book the trip using the credit but any vacation package I find is at least $1,000 less on other sites.

Save your time and money!!! CheapCaribbean is a scam.

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Posted by Scott on 2013-06-29:
My best advise is to use your local travel agent! Great service, great prices and a travel agent cares about you! they want you back!
Posted by CheapCaribbean.com on 2013-07-11:
We apologize for the experience you had and appreciate your feedback. If you'd like to discuss the issue further, please email us at customercare@cheapcaribbean.com. Once again, we sincerely apologize.
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Bait & Switch on Advertised PRICE
Posted by Adley5 on 04/23/2013
This hotel runs scams & false advertisement. Per person rate does not mean per person. It applies to people over 12 years old. And no one told me. I was allowed to book, received a confirmation. Called to ask a question and was told my booking was not valid. I have to wait to find out if I will be refunded, ask to pay more, or if the advertisement will be honored as the computer allowed me to book it. BAIT & SWITCH GOING ON HERE!
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Posted by TomSF on 2013-04-23:
Did they charge you for people under the age of 12? What reason did they give for invalidating your reservation? More details please.
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FALSE Advertisers for Poor Resorts
Posted by Kboyle07 on 04/15/2012
My husband and I were concerned on going to the Lifestyle Tropical Resort prior to leaving due to the poor reviews we were seeing recently about the resort and requested to switch to another resort in the area and keep the same flights. The representative from Cheap Caribbean ensured us that this resort was fine and that there were no issues with people getting sick or unsanitary conditions. We stressed the fact that we were traveling with a child that has one kidney and did not want to be in a situation where she would get sick and become dehydrated as this would put strain on the one kidney that she has. They refused to allow us to switch to another resort.

Well what they told my husband was all lies! This is the complaint that I wrote to Cheap Caribbean after we returned from our horrifying trip to Lifestyle Tropical Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic:
We were provided extremely poor conditions for our rooms. Toilet made an extremely loud siren noise when flushed for aprox. 2 minutes each time. Water would spray out of the top of the tank. Spring popped through mattress and cut my husbands foot open. Refused to replenish bottled water, called the desk and they said that it is not included in the Cheap Caribbean package.

Found a worker who we paid to give us 6 bottles of water for our room. Gave us reservations for two restaurants, which you do not get to choose the time or restaurant. Went to Italian restaurant and were treated differently then others with the VIP gold bracelet. We were given completely different dishes then other guests had and the food was inedible. Food at salad bar at restaurant was not kept cold or hot, just out on trays in the heat. At the buffet, conditions are unsanitary. Birds landing all over the food, defecating, and eating. Workers just shooed them away and did not remove the food that was contaminated by the birds.

A cook was wiping their sweat off their forehead with their hands and then serving pasta. The food was horrible and mostly inedible at the buffets. What we did eat (white rice and chicken), we got extremely sick from. My two daughters, husband and myself had severe diarrhea and vomiting for several days. There is a sewage line running down onto the beach. Workers were digging the trenches deeper to accommodate the flow of the sewage into the ocean. The smell at the Confresi side of the resort was to say the least Putrid. It was so bad that the smell burned your nose and throat at times. How on earth can you promote this resort to anyone!

Cheap Caribbean should be ashamed that you FALSE advertise for this resort. Would you send your family here? You are not receiving any VIP amenities except access to the VIP fake beach and bar. This resort treats people with the yellow wrist band very poorly and unfairly. I work for a large hospital corporation and am extremely appalled at the unsanitary conditions and poor customer service.

They did not mention the Bravissimo show at Ocean World nor the Party on Sunday night. When we inquired the girl at the desk told me she would check to see if it was happening and let me know. When we went to Ocean World during the day, we asked about the show and she said "Oh didn't they give you your reservation for tonight?" Needless to say they didn't! Which you advertised we had access to. We also did not get to go the party, they told us that we had to go to the buffet at Casablanca. We didn't want to eat, because our stomachs could not handle it, we just wanted to see it. We ended up buying boxed corn flakes and Gatorade in the gift shop and that is what we lived off of until it was time to go home.

We tried to change the flights to come home early, but we could not endure the cost. I feel that I have been "had". Cheap Caribbean promotes this resort, yet the staff on the resort state "This is what Cheap Caribbean allows you to have". They blame everything on your company. When we went on the tour. First they lie and tell you they want to take you around the resort to show you where everything is and give you your welcome package of t-shirts and rum. When you go on the tour they show you the Villas and suites for members and shareholders and the great stuff we could have if we "buy in". Meanwhile on the tour they tell you that they know that the food, service, and accommodations that you are in are mediocre, but that is what you paid for with Cheap Caribbean.

I have to say that the system I feel is very poor and deceitful. My husband and I have the ability to buy in to a time share if we wanted, however I would never go back to a resort that treats people that poorly, and provides them with food and conditions that intentionally make people sick. I really feel that you should strongly consider discontinuing the promotion of this resort. This is definitely a way to loose customers, business and revenue. I feel that my family is entitled to compensation for what we endured and the false information we were provided by your company. At minimum, I feel we should be reimbursed for cost of the vacation through Cheap Caribbean.

Needless to say they have yet to respond to my concerns!
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2012-04-15:
That sounds awful. I think I would stay away from anything that had "cheap" in the name. You really get what you pay for sometimes.
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Cheapcaribbean a rip off stay away
Posted by Awprovo on 06/08/2010
Be aware of this Vacation site they sound good but the are a rip off. Cheapcaribbean Vacations, Our Lucaya Reef Resort and American Airlines are theives. I booked a vacation with them on April and had a family emergency and they refuse to refund me my hard earned cash, cheapcaribbean sent me to the Resort, the resort Our Lucaya sent me to Cheapcarribean as a result they took me for $1300.
Enough people who agree with these posts, simply pass the word around not to book with CHEAP CARIBBEAN, as I am now doing, this would definitely make management implement a change in corporate responsibility. I am telling my story to everyone I know and even to strangers with whom a conversation develops.

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Posted by goduke on 2010-06-08:
Good advice, awprovo. Thanks for alerting everyone. As a personal policy, I generally avoid any business which has the word "cheap" in it's name. It just never seems to go well.
Posted by awprovo on 2010-06-09:
I think they were a rip off take your hard earn cash , and then fail to give you a refund or credit.
Posted by TravelMan102 on 2010-06-12:
Airlines are not refundable, and resorts have cut off periods for cancelling. This money would not be given back to the travel agent. They didn't rip you off. You should have taken the insurance. I know from looking at their site, that it is not that expensive to take the extra insurance. They include weather insurance. And, they do give future credits. You were not taken for all of your money. There are penalties involved, but the rest would be given as a future credit. Next time when you want to protect your hard earned money, spend the extra and take the insurance. Don't blame Cheapcaribbean. They are a business, and aren't going to absorb all the penalties they are given.
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Deceptive Practices Rude Customer Service - Do not book through Cheap Caribbean!!!!
Posted by Kbrooks22 on 03/06/2010
I called to book a vacation and explained I found a better price the representative assured me they would match it, I just had to book online and submit a screen shot of the lower price and it would be taken care of. I booked on a Friday. I had not heard back from them over the weekend and upon calling the 800 number a message explained they were under a lot of pressure due to the recent storms so I waited to call the next week. The lady I spoke with told me you did not receive my email with the screen shot and that it was too late since it was past the 24 limit. I told her I have the email trail and the proof that I submitted it. Upon searching online they always claim to "lose" messages like this. I spoke to many of their customer service reps who were rude and dismissive, the final "manager" David talked over me and talked down to me telling me to "give up" and get over it, there's nothing he could do. I am extremely upset with this company. It seems once they get your money they are done with you. Upon going on the trip the hotel had trouble finding our reservation, the front desk lady said they always have trouble with this company and most everyone who uses them has been unhappy with their services. Save your self the trouble and book with a better company. The BBB gives them a D+ rating!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-06:
Thanks for the heads up on Cheap Caribbean. Not so sure I would ever want to do business with a company called Cheap Caribbean in the first place.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-06:
If the price had gone up, would you call them to pay the difference? You booked at the agreed price so live with it.
Posted by Kbrooks22 on 2010-03-07:
justthefax- get your facts straight before your respond. a guarantee is a guarantee, if they promote it they should abide it. I'm sure you'd want the same treatment. Unless you work for the company...you sound just like one of their customer service agents!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-07:
I just had what I think is a brilliant idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. How about booking directly with the service you want? Then you wouldn't have to deal with cut-rate agencies who provide nothing for your money.
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Goodbye $400.00
Posted by Howy on 03/05/2010
Before believing that you have a so-called "credit voucher" or "$100 off"
check the fine print. These have expiration dates AND restrictions. All designed to frustrate you to let go of your money. Cheap Caribbean works, but when it comes to getting any of their so-called discounts or god forbid you have to cancel - be prepared to lose money.

Think I'll go back to VacationstoGo. Com

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Likes To Sell You A Trip But Getting Help Is Appalling
Posted by Bham4ever on 05/06/2009
HOOVER, ALABAMA -- With all the things going on in Mexico, I was a little concerned about traveling there during this time. I have tried to contact them through E-mails with no replies and tried to call but get a recording and never anyone on the phone to ask questions about my trip. I have stayed on hole for over an hour without anyone picking up. they sent me a letter telling me I was switched to another hotel but no additional information was attached so what help is that?

Still trying to get some answers without any luck. Their customer service sucks... with a capital "S".
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