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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I was misled by CheapCaribbean's representative which created over $1,500 in unnecessary costs. Background: I booked an awards trip for my company (11 couples, over $30,000). When I visited the airline site and checked the seating for my guests, NO FREE SEATS were available! I called CheapCaribbean complaining that there were no seat assignments for my guest. The CheapCaribbean representative told me that they do not make seat selections. That was my responsibility.

I quickly returned to the airline site and lo and behold no free seats were available on the seat map. So I had to purchase seat assignments which added over $1,500 to the trip cost. A few hours later a CheapCaribbean Senior Reservation Services Agent calls to inform me that I did NOT need to purchase seats. The airline will open seating closer to departure at no cost. I told her that I was misled and spent $1,500 unnecessarily. I asked her to ask her management to do the right thing and credit the $1,500. CheapCaribbean management declined. Sleazy move in my judgment. Avoid this agency.

Doesn't Back Product
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Rating: 1/51

Cheap Caribbean will not back its product. Hurricane Matthew hit us. We were not allowed to use the beach the whole 5 days that we were there. First Cheap Caribbean told me that the hurricane didn't affect us but I had a letter from the hotel telling us that the hurricane was here, to stay away from beach, and to bring patio furniture in. Once I email them the letter from the hotel they offered me $100 off next trip. We couldn't use the beach at all. 5 days, 2 people, $100 comes to $10 per person per day. That is nothing. We couldn't swim. The 100 off the next trip is a small portion of what they could get from us so please use someone else.

Terrible Company/Even worse Resort
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Rating: 2/51

My husband and I decided to try out the all inclusive resort stays and found a site online called We have five children and were excited to get away with the money we had saved for an entire year. We found a resort that looked like paradise and booked it. Before we left for our trip, we got notification that our trip had been changed and we would have a Four Hour later departure arriving home close to midnight instead of our anticipated early evening arrival. This was more than annoying since they wanted to charge us for any change to their plans.

Needless to say, we left and arrived to the resort we thought were based on the pictures and description on the website. The information on the site described the resort as featuring 384 rooms exquisitely decorated in modern, chic style. Let me paint a more realistic picture for you because when we got to our room, there was a damp, wet musty smell and paint was flaking from the walls. We wondered where the closest convenience store that sold air fresheners would be. The beds had a thin sheet and were hard as rocks. The red light that switched on and off though masked the stains and illuminated the most potent glare from std room that was staring us in the face.

It gets better. The "exquisite detail" they were talking about must have been the dust and dirt lurking from the air vents and corners of the room. The table holding the "flatscreen TV" was suppose to be white, but from the looks of it, was more beige in color. Perhaps, this is modern and chic. The resort itself was run down and old. If you think you'll be relaxing, imagine a group of 40 and 50 year olds with their saggy boobs and hairy bodies soaking in the nearest swimming pool. That makes you want to get in doesn't it?

And, if you think you're going on a getaway from kids, think again. Because you've just bought a golden ticket to the loud and obnoxious older crowd who are even more annoying than my 2 year old nephew! The resorts rooms and view are even more comical. The beach is surrounded by dock on both sides, so if you're looking to swim in the fuel endured waves, you've booked the right place. Make sure to bring your camera and capture the boats that surround this resort because you've got a front row photo! The "restaurants" are probably the funniest thing about this resort.

They are top notch buffets and if you've been to the local "Chuck's Wagon" or "upchucks" as we affectionately refer to it, you have hit the jackpot! The tables are an arm length from your neighbor and the environment is seductive if you like under dressed 60 year old porn stars. They call this "sensory overload". Yes, they are correct...Take cover!!! Dress code must be optional. The food, is the main reason you book an all inclusive, but don't look for variety or have a sensitive stomach and I don't recommend the item labeled "exploding orgasm."

If you're looking for babysitters, you've also come to the right place. When we tried to leave the resort, we were harassed and questioned for 5 minutes before they would allow the resorts cab to come help us. I didn't take a vacation to be surrounded by Cancun's greatest FBI agents and staff when I want to check out the city. Let's talk about the bar scene. This is crafted from the local homeless shelter's throwaways. The chairs literally have holes in them and if you think the plethora of nightlife they describe is available, make sure to do your research. It's one bar and plenty of desperate folk come to devour from the lack luster dinner meal.

I am almost certain any review that was written with more than 2 stars is from employees or tactics used to take your money and call it a vacation you've just booked. Save yourself the time and money and go somewhere that is really adult and not a page ripped our of the naughty 99 cent store section. Long story short, we left the resort after 16 hours and stayed somewhere else. With No Help or Contact from or Temptation Resort and Spa, do your research! If you're going to go on vacation, book it from a company that sells it honestly and from a resort that isn't second hand nasty.

Replies Do Not Use This Company
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Rating: 1/51

DOYLESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- On 03/20/2015 I purchased a vacation package through, to the Lifestyle Resort in Puerto Plata, DR for my wife, two daughters and two of their friends. My wife traveled to this same resort the year prior, she loved it. She purchased her trip on, which came with access to the resort VIP Beach, Presidential Suites pool area, and the VIP Pool. When I purchased the vacation package this year my wife specifically told me we had to have access to the areas listed above or do not purchase the vacation, because without the above access the vacation is not worth the money.

On 03/20/2015 prior to purchasing the vacation I was assured by my sales representative at that myself and all of my guest would have access to the above areas. Fast forward three months to our check in, not only were we not allowed in the areas I specifically asked about, we were put in a downgraded room that only has access to, with a broken AC unit, no door on the shower, ETC. A Motel 6 room was nicer than the rooms at the resort.

After multiple hours of calling and asking the resort employees if there was any possible way to upgrade we were told no, that contract does not have access to the VIP Beach, Presidential Suites pool area, and the VIP Pool, only the contract has access to these areas. This trip was planned to celebrate my daughter's graduation from nursing school, imagine the heat I took from my wife and daughter thinking they had access after said they did, not only to find out that we do not, and that customers never gets access to these areas.

Since I could not get a resolution via or the resort management, I went online and purchased the same vacation as promised via, but I used Once I purchased the package the six of us received the correct rooms, beautiful rooms with marble floors and shower, a nice television, working AC, kitchen and a dining room and access to the VIP pool, Presidential Suites Pool, and the VIP Beach. Thank God for

Backed Out on Our Travel After It Was Booked
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- We arranged group travel through Cheap Caribbean for a spring break trip for 16 girls. They confirmed our flights/tickets and even gave us confirmation numbers. Later that evening, they called one of the members back and said that they were unable to honor the confirmations they provided. They tried to tell us that it was a "problem with the airline due to the AA and UA merger." I spoke with both airlines and they said that the Cheap Caribbean agent canceled the flights. I called and spoke to the manager who said that by the time the got around to processing the tickets (more than 4 hours after we booked), the price went up and they weren't going to honor the bookings.

When I booked, they made it clear that if I canceled for any reason without buying the insurance, they would charge me 30% of the fair. It's unfortunate that they weren't willing to stand behind their commitment because now we have a group of 16 left without reservations. DO NOT USE CHEAP CARIBBEAN!

FALSE Advertisers for Poor Resorts
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Rating: 1/51

My husband and I were concerned ongoing to the Lifestyle Tropical Resort prior to leaving due to the poor reviews we were seeing recently about the resort and requested to switch to another resort in the area and keep the same flights. The representative from Cheap Caribbean ensured us that this resort was fine and that there were no issues with people getting sick or unsanitary conditions. We stressed the fact that we were traveling with a child that has one kidney and did not want to be in a situation where she would get sick and become dehydrated as this would put strain on the one kidney that she has. They refused to allow us to switch to another resort.

Well what they told my husband was all lies! This is the complaint that I wrote to Cheap Caribbean after we returned from our horrifying trip to Lifestyle Tropical Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic:

We were provided extremely poor conditions for our rooms. Toilet made an extremely loud siren noise when flushed for aprox. 2 minutes each time. Water would spray out of the top of the tank. Spring popped through mattress and cut my husbands foot open. Refused to replenish bottled water, called the desk and they said that it is not included in the Cheap Caribbean package.

Found a worker who we paid to give us 6 bottles of water for our room. Gave us reservations for two restaurants, which you do not get to choose the time or restaurant. Went to Italian restaurant and were treated differently than others with the VIP gold bracelet. We were given completely different dishes than other guests had and the food was inedible. Food at salad bar at restaurant was not kept cold or hot, just out on trays in the heat. At the buffet, conditions are unsanitary. Birds landing all over the food, defecating, and eating. Workers just shooed them away and did not remove the food that was contaminated by the birds.

A cook was wiping their sweat off their forehead with their hands and then serving pasta. The food was horrible and mostly inedible at the buffets. What we did eat (white rice and chicken), we got extremely sick from. My two daughters, husband and myself had severe diarrhea and vomiting for several days. There is a sewage line running down onto the beach. Workers were digging the trenches deeper to accommodate the flow of the sewage into the ocean. The smell at the cofresi side of the resort was to say the least putrid. It was so bad that the smell burned your nose and throat at times. How on earth can you promote this resort to anyone!

Cheap Caribbean should be ashamed that you FALSE advertise for this resort. Would you send your family here? You are not receiving any VIP amenities except access to the VIP fake beach and bar. This resort treats people with the yellow wrist band very poorly and unfairly. I work for a large hospital corporation and am extremely appalled at the unsanitary conditions and poor customer service.

They did not mention the Bravissimo show at Ocean World nor the Party on Sunday night. When we inquired the girl at the desk told me she would check to see if it was happening and let me know. When we went to Ocean World during the day, we asked about the show and she said "Oh didn't they give you your reservation for tonight?" Needless to say they didn't! Which you advertised we had access to.

We also did not get to go the party, they told us that we had to go to the buffet at Casablanca. We didn't want to eat, because our stomachs could not handle it, we just wanted to see it. We ended up buying boxed corn flakes and Gatorade in the gift shop and that is what we lived off of until it was time to go home.

We tried to change the flights to come home early, but we could not endure the cost. I feel that I have been "had". Cheap Caribbean promotes this resort, yet the staff on the resort state "This is what Cheap Caribbean allows you to have". They blame everything on your company. When we went on the tour. First they lie and tell you they want to take you around the resort to show you where everything is and give you your welcome package of t-shirts and rum.

When you go on the tour they show you the Villas and suites for members and shareholders and the great stuff we could have if we "buy in". Meanwhile on the tour they tell you that they know that the food, service, and accommodations that you are in are mediocre, but that is what you paid for with Cheap Caribbean.

I have to say that the system I feel is very poor and deceitful. My husband and I have the ability to buy in to a time share if we wanted, however I would never go back to a resort that treats people that poorly, and provides them with food and conditions that intentionally make people sick. I really feel that you should strongly consider discontinuing the promotion of this resort.

This is definitely a way to lose customers, business and revenue. I feel that my family is entitled to compensation for what we endured and the false information we were provided by your company. At minimum, I feel we should be reimbursed for cost of the vacation through Cheap Caribbean. Needless to say they have yet to respond to my concerns!

Canceled trip to Cancun
By -

I agree with other postings warning consumers not to use this service. We booked a trip based primarily on the promise of "worry free" bookings and free comprehensive travel insurance. Nothing could be further from accurate. When we needed to cancel, we were immediately told that we needed to work with an outside insurance company to try to obtain a full refund or credit. After 10 weeks of effort and lots of documentation for the insurance company we were told that our cancellation was not covered and we were referred back to CheapCaribbean.

For the following 8 plus months we contacted CheapCaribbean repeatedly to obtain the credit, and were told that it was either in process, or that it would be processed by the end of the week. When we finally received a credit on April 30, 2008, it came via email, looking like the several ads per month we get from CheapCaribbean, so we never opened it. When we called to follow up in early May, we were told that it was issued on April 30, and expired on May 2.

First we waited nearly 3 months to find out that we could not get a full refund; then waited another 9 months to have the company tell us that because we didn't book within two days, our credit had expired (no one ever told us the credit would be issued via e-mail.) Caribbean **'s representative (**) went so far as to say that if we had called to book a trip anytime after we canceled, the credit would have been in the system. We told her that we had made monthly calls at a minimum, and that no one ever told us anything other than that it had not yet been approved.

After multiple efforts to persuade the company to do the right thing, we have now asked the Attorney General in Pennsylvania to investigate the company, as it is hard to understand how their position makes any sense, unless it is an intentional effort to retain fees paid for a trip we were unable to take.

They fail to take responsibility for the failure of their telephone staff to give us useful or accurate information. Our next step will be to ask the appropriate Federal agency to look into this since we feel strongly that they should be prevented from behaving in a similar manner toward other consumers. Our cost for a trip we never took and their unconscionable delays was nearly $2000, and the best they could offer was $100 in "sun dollars" per each of 2 future reservations. Clearly, no reasonable consumer would opt to use an organization that engages in this type of practice.

Beware Of CheapCaribbean
By -

FLORIDA -- We purchased our third trip in less than 18 months from CheapCaribbean and returned from it on 11/14/07. This was the first time we purchased a side trip when we made our initial order. A trip to the mountains for $83.40. CheapCaribbean's rep scheduled the trip for us at the resort. The bus never showed to pick us up, so we went to the Rep. and he stated the weather was bad so the trip was canceled and to call when we got back for a refund. We called on 11/16/07 and was told it would take 8 to 12 weeks to get the refund. That was OK until 12 weeks went by.

After several more calls and emails we were told the CheapCaribbean Rep said we went shopping that day and there would be no refund. Shortly after hearing this, we emailed Caribbean ** stating we were going to put our experience on the travel blog.

We got a call from CheapCaribbean and we again explained, that the bus didn't show and that we never go shopping. On January 29, 2008 we received the below email which clearly states CheapCaribbean is refunding the $84.00. It's now MARCH 1, 2008 and STILL NO REFUND. Oh another thing they stated they don't give refunds so BEWARE, if you purchase a trip and you're not picked up you don't get the trip and they keep your money. Great trick! This much hassle over 84 bucks, imagine if you had to cancel due to sickness, what a job it would be trying to collect on the insurance.

Cheap-Reap - NOT CHEAP
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Rating: 1/51

DOYLESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Sway away from CheapCaribbean. NON refundable policy and 'GOT you' customer service recording all conversations linked to your phone. They call their 1-2 stop flight packages with inflated prices and star rating luxury... Must be a joke. They keep over $5,000 for the future date hotel reservation cancelled within 48 hours. I lost $200 right on the spot since the booking was made for 2 adults and 2 children. The rest is the credit you must use for the travel to be COMPLETED within the year from the date of the purchase. If you book for future travel date you automatically shorten the time frame you can use the credit.

Their website malfunctions and you may end up completing the transaction you have not authorized (full balance charged while Deposit was selected.) I have recorded session when their radio button issue is apparent but they are located in the town covered by the District court where the navigator cannot locate it. Once they get your money, they are legally protected by the one-way policy.

Unfortunately, I has been trapped into the transaction as I did not see NON-refundable policy in super small font in grey font (subsequently changed after I complained on Jan 19, 2013.) It took several calls and emails to convince them to cancel the trip without agreeing to their policy because they wanted to charge NO SHOW fees since they knew I was not going on the trip. I have to use this abominable company and book the trip using the credit but any vacation package I find is at least $1,000 less on other sites. Save your time and money!!! CheapCaribbean is a scam.

Replies - WARNING better read the terms and conditions!!!
By -

I feel robbed by this company. There was absolutely no difference in Cheap Caribbean's price (Iberostar Punta Cana) and their website rates BUT I chose C.C. ONLY b/c you offered trip insurance. I know for a FACT that the Iberostar Punta Cana allows up to THREE (3) changes to your reservation with NO penalty. I had to change my reservation with Cheap Caribbean (C.C.) the FIRST time b/c I was told by C. C. to book on the wrong side (old, not renovated) of the resort. SO, I had to pay the penalty for that change even though it wasn't my fault.

The 2nd time I had to change the dates due to my fiance's grandmother having cancer (and eventually dying) so we moved our wedding date that was supposed to be in the resort but we changed it to a local venue for that reason. I felt that the 2nd time around that C.C. could have and SHOULD HAVE waived the fee as a courtesy. This company is greedy and taking advantage of people's situations and not using the HUMAN side of a situation to be considerate. I just had to make final payment and I can honestly say that I wish I could have cancelled my honeymoon but, once again C.C. is truly AWFUL to deal within offering NO REFUNDS!!!

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