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Will never use Cheap Tickets .com ever again
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I booked a flight on November 27th to return to Wilmington NC from Modesto Ca through However while I was in California I ran into a legal problem and could not leave the state till I appeared in court so I originally tried to change my flight. However cheap tickets had disabled that button and I had to actually cancel the flight according to the customer service at cheap tickets. I wouldn't have a problem using my credit. The legal issue was solved and I called cheap tickets to rebook my flight. I knew that there would be extra charges but I wasn't prepared for the crap cheap tickets was about to put me through.

On Thursday 12/01/11 I called cheap tickets with my canceled flight number and informed them that I wanted to use my credit towards another flight back to Wilmington NC as soon as possible preferably by Saturday 12/03/ 2011. According to the CSR they couldn't find a flight on either Saturday 12/03/11 or 12/04/11 that I would be able to use my credit on. However call United for me and see what they could do. I was placed on hold and 5 minutes later I was disconnected. I called them again and got the same spiel from another CSR and once again the phone was disconnected this was a 431.00 ticket.

Anyway after three attempts of contacting them and all 3 times of being disconnected I had to rush and purchase another 491.00 ticket in order to get a flight home to North Carolina so I could be at work on December 5th. I have contacted the BBB concerning this and was told that they could not refund my ticket but that they would give me a voucher to use on an identical flight if they could find one minus the airline fees of 150.00 which I already knew and a fee of their own of 50.00 and the difference of the ticket. I tried to go that route they kept stating but there was no other flight that I could use my credit.

I went down to United myself and spoke to a representative and was told that if it hadn't been for the simple fact that I had used cheap tickets in the first place that because I had and have all the documents as to why I had to cancel my flight United would have been able to either have changed the flight or issue me a refund and it would not have been a problem. But because that cheap tickets expect a fee of their own 50.00 which is a scam United was not able to make any changes to my ticket.

Cheap tickets is basically holding onto my money and if I can't find a way to reuse their worthless credit within a year they keep my money. I will never use cheap tickets again and I have told everyone I know what happened including the company I work for as result they have stopped using cheap tickets to purchase any kind of tickets or hotel reservations.

Refund for US Airline Ticket to Japan
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My daughter-in-law purchased an airline ticket through It was a U.S. Airlines ticket. She was traveling to Japan to visit her husband who is a U.S. Marine stationed in Okinawa. Unfortunately her husband was called away at the last minute to help with the disaster relief in the Philippine Islands. She had to cancel her travel arrangements.

You people at will not provide her with a refund. Your company should be ashamed!!!! I will writing to our government and to our public and let everyone I can know of this situation. They are a young family with a 1 year old son. Cheaptickets should be ashamed. Apparently they are unpatriotic and do not have any customer service responsibilities. This is shameful.

This frequent traveler will NEVER use Cheap Tickets again
By -

I recently purchased tickets from San Francisco to Fiji, for a vacation. As most know, we cross over the international date line right before Fiji, which adds a full day to the date at the destination. Cheap Tickets' itinerary did not reflect this date change. I consider this to be as basic as it gets for the travel industry. According to the itinerary, I was supposed to land on Tuesday and then, 7 hours later, fly on to Vanuatu on a smaller, local airline.

There's only one way to get to Vanuatu and the flights are only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I had reservations for a very nice apartment on Vanuatu starting Tuesday, for 7 nights. As we were taxiing to the gate in Fiji, the flight attendant, of course, announced that it was WEDNESDAY. I had completely missed my plane the day before due to this huge error on the itinerary and lost $700 in the apartment reservation, due the lodge's cancellation policy.

In the end, I could have accepted this mistake but when I called CT, they took ZERO responsibility for this error. Several of the customer service agents didn't even know about the international date line so were unable to understand where the problem was or what error had been made. I had to call several times and escalate several times. I encountered plenty of excuses, can't-do attitudes, brick walls. I was told over and over that there was nothing they could do for me. After several hours of aggravation on the phone, the best I had been offered was an insulting $45 “goodwill” gesture.

Urrrrggg.. The company has absolutely no process in place for complaints. Customer service is very circular and the training of the agents is atrocious. I eventually got a refund of my $700 but I had to fight tooth-and-nail to get it and no valued customer should ever be treated this way, after losing a large sum of money due to someone else's mistake. I have sent a 14-page letter to Mr. Barney Harford, President of CT. We'll see if there's any response at all.

They stole my money
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Rating: 1/51

HONG KONG -- I paid for 2 tickets BKK - DPS at a cost of B21,650 [about US$700]. They didn't issue any tickets. I phoned their customer center in Hong Kong, which was an international call and quite expensive. They told me I didn't have a reservation, I said "yes but you have my money." I called my credit card company and filed for internet fraud which they accepted and they took the money into an investigation account. Their Bangkok office doesn't issue a phone number, presumably they got fed up of complaints. I'll never use this site again.

Worst Company Ever
By -

I am a reverend and am supposed to do my cousins wedding this Saturday. I bought a ticket online three weeks ago, got the confirmation and the money came off of my credit card. 4 days ago I got another email saying that my trip on 8/29/08 is approaching, don't forget to book a car and hotel, yada yada. So I signed onto the site last night to go over my flight info and it says, reservation canceled. I called the airlines who told me to call cheap tickets and that's where the trouble really began. told me the reservation was canceled 42 hours after I booked it but I never received any notification it was canceled! I was transferred 4 times between customer service and reservations because they wouldn't listen or take a minute to talk to each other to find out what was going on. Finally one woman tells me she explained the situation to a customer service representative and they would waive the online ticket purchase fees since it was canceled and that he would find me a new reservation.

The guy I was transferred to finds me a reservation, tells me unfortunately there is nothing I can book on that day since we are all booked up. Can you drive to an airport an hour in a half away? Can you come home a day later? Can you leave a day later? I finally settled on a crazy flight plan and the tickets are 400 bucks. I told him I bought the ticket three weeks ago (in advance for better pricing) and chose the cruddy itinerary I did because it was only 170 dollars. He said "It's the airlines fault ma'am, not ours" and then tells me on top of it I had to pay a 100 dollar fee for changing my flight and an online booking fee, I was on the phone! I told him the lady said it would be waived and that didn't change it. It was canceled!

We argued a bit and finally I found something for $280.00. His connection was so bad I couldn't hear him and he got rude when I asked him to repeat himself and then to use the money I paid for the other ticket toward the new one. He told me I would be refunded that payment in the next 5-10 days but needed to pay again for the new ticket. I told him I couldn't and would have to call back and he told me the prices would be different by then. I said that this was the worst company I have ever done service with and that this is devastating if I am not able to get to my destination and he just said it wasn't his fault and to have a nice day. I will NEVER use this company again.

Cheaptickets Is A Ripoff
By -

ALTADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased 2 round trip tickets for relative from Cheaptickets and a mistake was made on one of the names. I called Checptickets to correct it and they kept me on line for 1:35 minutes and still didn't help. I spent a total of 9.5 hours over a 3-day period trying to fix this matter. Every time I called I get someone in the Philippines and not the states. I could never get the original customer rep and had to constantly repeat my problem -- which added more time to the call.

Finally they told me they corrected the mistake on the ticket, but take my ID to the Delta counter and they would change the tickets. I did that and Delta practically laughed saying I might as well change my name. Not professional of Delta either. I got so tired of wasting my time with Cheaptickets that I cancelled the reservations (which took another 35 minutes with Cheaptickets who didn't have both reservations together). I then called my credit card company to dispute the charges and have it debited back to my credit card because Cheaptickets only wanted to give me credit for another flight.

This company has the most unprofessional bunch of people I ever had to deal with. They don't want to take any responsibility and I won't use them again. Cheaptickets does not care about customer service just the money. They are pathetic. I emailed them several times and they stated they would get back and never did.

Cheaptickets Cheats
By -

At the beginning of this year I needed to book a flight from Florida to Denver for my daughter. I went to and found a flight from Orlando to Denver and proceeded to book the flight. It rejected my credit card. I don't know why. I have a perfectly good credit card. Frustrated I decided to try a different web page and ended up paying $40.00 more for tickets to Denver through Frontier Airlines webpage, but they had no problem with my credit card. Although Cheaptickets declined my credit card and gave me no itinerary to print out, they still charged me $225.00 for tickets to Denver. I didn't find this out until I got my credit card bill.

I called Cheaptickets and they were extremely rude and told me they had sent me a confirmation e-mail 8 minutes after I booked the flight. WHY WOULD I CHECK MY E-MAIL FOR A CONFIRMATION WHEN THEY REJECTED MY CREDIT CARD? They told me I should call United Airlines and maybe they would let me use the ticket later in the year. My daughter went on a church retreat in Colorado. There is no other reason for me to use one (one-way) ticket for Denver. I called my credit card company and they disputed it and took it off my credit card. Now Cheaptickets is turning me over to a collection agency!

I called them again and explained the whole thing over again. Again they refused to listen and told me that they could see nowhere that my card was rejected. I asked why I would book a flight 3 minutes later and pay $40.00 more if I already had a ticket from them. "I don't know ma'am, unfortunately we have a lot of people who do things like that." She basically told me I was lying about my credit card being declined.

So I told her I was going to let everyone I know what happened, that I would e-mail everyone and post it on the internet. "Fine ma'am, do what you want." So I will pay because I don't want to be turned over to a collection agency. All together it is now $490.00 for a one way flight to Denver. PLEASE DON'T USE CHEAPTICKETS.COM FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Do not patronize this service!!
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My husband and I booked a round trip from to Laos, and I subsequently learned that I had to delay my departure until three days. I called the cheaptickets 888 number to change my departure. I spent 3 hours on the telephone with several of their agents. They continually handed me off to someone else and I had to start over again with each of these individuals. I was put on hold for long periods of time. In the end, it was determined that China Airlines had no available seats on my new departure date, so I had to cancel my departure ticket and buy a new one-way ticket to Laos.

While I was prepared to pay the extra cost for a new departure ticket, I was very clear with each of these agents that I needed to retain my return ticket. When I checked my booking the next day, it became apparent that they had cancelled my return ticket, with no authority from me to do so.

I spent another three hours on the phone with your agents the next evening, once again being passed from one person to another and placed on lengthy holds. I ended up at someone named ** from, who told me that they had made a mistake and they would fix it the next morning because the China Airlines office was closed and they could not re-book my return flight at that time. All I had to do, he said, was call in and ask for the Resolution Department supervisor, leave a return phone number, and they would fix it and call me back with the confirmation.

Instead, I spent a very disagreeable 2 hours+ on the telephone the next morning, accused of agreeing that my entire flight should be cancelled. That conversation with the fourth agent was entirely with regard to the departure ticket, never with regard to my entire reservation. She refused to rectify the situation.

I am disgusted with their service. If you think that you can buy a cheap ticket and not have to make ANY change, you might be OK with this service. Otherwise their "customer service" is geared to make you give up and buy a new, more expensive ticket through them. Stay away.

By -

Bought a return ticket for my son from Rome on 9/24. Plane was delayed two and one-half hours out of Rome and my son missed his connecting flight. Called Cheap Tickets to re-route my son and they wouldn't do a damn thing because they claimed the flight left and arrived on time. Sure, right, my son is going to lie so he can stand in line and catch a later flight in a country where he doesn't even speak the language. Absolutely will never do business with Cheap Tickets again. Pathetic!

Cheapticket takes your money and take no responsibility when flight cancel
By -

Cheapticket takes your money and screws you when flights get cancel. They have the worst customer service. Their only line of defense was to say they have big time lawyers and consumers have no power to consents. Their attitude is go ahead sue us you don't have a chance. AS consumer we should rise against such corporate ignorance because companies like should not be in business.

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