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Never book International tickets through
By -

I wanted to book an International flight from ATL, GA to Bombay, India. So I called Customer Service. The guy was over friendly and gave me route through Canada and other halt at Munich, Germany but he never ever gave me the right information about the transit Visa required for halt of couple of hours at Toronto airport. Why would he give me that option without notifying anything about transit Visa..

Anyway, I was not able to board the flight and I wanted to talk to the supervisor at Customer representative hung upon me!! They were not ready to make any arrangements for me or refund my ticket - finally I just canceled my tickets and wasted my money. This is the worse company and please don't fall in the trap of "deals" they provide... They have worse customer service - the people are not at all qualified, unaware of what they do and are really rude!! Stay away!!

Cheap Tricks
By -

I called in Jan of 2010 for to get 2 tickets to Florida. I had been a member since June of 2006. This was the first time I ever needed their service. I was told that for $99 I would get 4 tickets to ANYWHERE I wanted to go. Of course I didn't believe them so I called back to ask to double check that deal. I was told the same thing over and over still not believing them until she gets angry that I just don't take her word for it.

I was told I would receive my "Packet" in 7 days. After waiting 2 weeks I called to cancel, well within my 30 days. I was told I would need to return my packet to get a refund. 7 weeks later I receive my packet and returned it same day faxed them my request for a refund. Every week is a different lie. The refund is going to take 2 to 3 billing cycles. I call every week on the list "we will call you to set an appointment for you to call us!!!" 5 months later still no refund.

Poor Customer service and No Response on calls
By -

I booked through cheaptickets flight from JAX to CHICAGO. Flight timing changed and no one informed us. We have to pay $200 to car rental for that. And when we called cheaptickets they didn't response and make an excuse. I called 2nd time. They say "we will send you travel voucher of $150 in 24 hrs" but I didn't received anything. I called 3rd time on 8th March the representative say "we going to email you today" but I didn't got anything.

I called 4th time on 10th March but the lady say they have emailed me on 5th March, and she lie that you got it so I just told her I didn't received anything, email me back again same thing. But she is "sorry we can't do again." And hang the phone. This shows Cheaptickets never response and reply you. If you book your flight be prepared for no customer service. So it's good to go on other travel agents. Cheaptickets is really cheap. My cheaptickets record locator is **.

Company Response 03/17/2010:

I saw your complaint about CheapTickets on I'm with CheapTickets and might be able to help. Could you please send me your CheapTickets locator number? I will be glad to research it for you.



Never Booking With Cheaptickets Again.
By -

We booked a flight for November in July, thinking we'd save money on our flight. At the time, 700 dollars per ticket was a good price. But this whole idea was a nightmare. First off, they wouldn't refund us for our tickets as their prices dropped over 200 dollars. Therefore we paid over 2000 dollars more than we were supposed to altogether.

If that isn't bad enough, we go to get on one of our connection flights and they told us changed our flights without notifying us. So now, we've been waiting for the next plane to come and get us which we've been waiting for more than five hours. Way to go we're letting everyone know to never book with you ever ever EVER again.

What Good Is Your Insurance?
By -

My third son ** died suddenly on April 23, 2009 from a seizure in his sleep. My oldest son, a poor dental student in Florida, wanted to get home as soon as possible to be of support to his family. He made arrangements to come home leaving the very next day on April 24, 2009.

At that time funeral arrangements had not been confirmed because there were a lot of family members traveling and we hadn't gotten in touch with everyone yet. He guessed that the following Tuesday might work for his return flight but bought insurance in case he would have to change his return flight arrangements. As it turned out we ended up having to plan the funeral for Tuesday because a large group of people were traveling by car.

When my son called to change his flight home he was told that the insurance would not be helpful in his case because he knew his brother had died before he left. What? There was no sympathy for this situation and no reasoning that funeral arrangements could not be confirmed immediately at the time of ** death. His insurance was useless. He ended up having to buy a whole new ticket to return to Florida. What a scam! I'm very disappointed in this company's policy and would highly recommend using another agency.

On-Line Seat Selection Is A Waste
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- NEVER USE CheapTickets' ON-LINE SEAT SELECTION! I'VE been a customer of CheapTickets (CT) for years. May continue, but will never use their on-line seat assignment feature. Here's why: Based on experiences on 11/4 when I ordered Christmas trip tickets, and today, when I tried to recover from the damage, here's how their on-line service actually works.

CT reads the current data from whichever airline for the flight in question, and populates CT's display. You pick the seats as displayed. CT STORES your request, and moves onto your next flight leg. After you have ALL your selections for ALL your flights, and finish, THEN CT sends your seat requests to the airline(s). If ANY of the seat requests are rejected by the airline(s), CT throws away ALL YOUR SEAT REQUESTS without telling you. You may even have a screen shot print-out with the seats you asked for. Too bad.

After purchasing tix and picking seats on 11/4, for flights on 12/19 and 12/24, I forgot to check the SECOND e-mail confirmation they sent that evening, since the first one had my flights, the airline's record locator number, my freq flier numbers, and the price. BUT it's the second e-mail, the one with the airline's actual ticket number, that said I still needed to select seats.

Today, two months later, the day before the flight, I went through EXACTLY the same process at CT, with GREATLY REDUCED selections (no kidding!) and found two legs out of four that still had a pair of seats side-by-side, for me and my wife. Went through the whole selection process, then went back to my CT itinerary, and it STILL said I needed to select tickets. So I went over to the airline's site, used the locator to find my flights, and one of the two pairs of seats had become a single seat. All the other seats I had asked for, on all other flights, were still there. So I did all my seat reservations through the airline's site, and I have those confirmed now.

Spoke with the folk (singular) at CheapTickets, after a 40-minute wait, and she confirmed that a) they bundle and send the requests to the airlines at the end of your transaction, that it's not really interactive, and b) CT does not guarantee their seat selection process. Well, I learned the hard way. Save yourself the trouble. Just pick your seats at the airline's website. Better yet, have Cheaptickets find the best seats for you, then order them on-line at the airline's web-site. Why give CT money when their service isn't reliable? Airlines themselves are bad enough.

Especially when this 'ordering airline tickets' example is the standard example problem used in all computer schools to demonstrate database data locking. When two reservation clerks are looking at the same seats on the same flight, who gets told their request was rejected? Apparently, NOT CheapTickets Customers!!!

Bait and Switch-Cheap Tickets Scam
By -

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- I would like to take this time to warn future flyers about CHEAP TICKETS practices. I order my tickets on line and never got a confirmation number. I quickly called my bank and the money was gone * I used my ATM/check card. I called Delta Airlines and they did confirm I was on " a plane" but it was not the flight schedule I had selected. They placed me on any plane they wanted. I saved a copy of my purchase place on line which showed proof that I was simply placed on a random plane. I was told by Delta that they could not do anything and they gave me an 1800# that is not available on the web site of Cheap Tickets-there is no 1 -800 number available at Cheap tickets-only e-mail and they do not respond.

I spoke with Cheap Tickets and they refused to put me on the flights I paid for without charging me ( for there error) a $ 475 dollar fee. I asked for a supervisor and I was a victim of outsourcing -I was transferred to a Rose in Minnila and Mindy MRV also in Manila and neither could speak English and they hung up 2 hours on the phone. She laugh and said "wrong plane mam....we change little bit more to change you...even though it was there error.

I called Delta again-they said I could be change to the correct flight but the new price was 616.00- much higher than what cheap tickets quote. This was there error and I was stuck with a flight schedule I could not use. Now I'm working with my bank as this is a freudulent charge now.

I wish I had seen other compliants. This is obviously a lucrative business if you change peoples flights and charge them to change it. my flight was 233.00 originally now I would have to pay 425-600.00 additional for mistakes that Cheap Tickets made.

Cancellation of Membership
By -

TEXAS -- After I signed up for Cheap Trips,I received their "kit" (a few pieces of paper including the Welcome Letter, Airline Savings Certificate, Reward Miles, "4 Free Trips (HA!) and Member Benefits) and, due to the nearly false advertising (the 4 "free" trips had so many qualifications and you have to book them 60 days in advance, with choices that must have at least 30 days between each choice) I decided to cancel immediately.

I tore up the papers and called the company to cancel. They said that they needed their "kit" back (even though it would be useless for anyone, including myself to use ANYTHING they sent me, because you must use your Member Id Number) and that they must receive it within 30 days of initial sign up. When I asked why and said how do I know that they would even receive it, they said I could send it certified return receipt - in other words, I could send more money. I asked if I could just fax in my letter requesting cancellation. Sure, I could, and they would cancel me immediately - but I would not be refunded.

I wrote them the following letter:

November 15, 2006

Att.: Cheap Trips Refund Dept.
PO Box 2036
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

From: Bonnie Mallen
International ID # 1085178
Your Pin # 8183

I would like to cancel my membership in Cheap Trips because of the bogus offers that you present upon sign up. The hoops and jumps required for the "4 Free Airfare Trips" are ridiculous and I do not appreciate the advertised representation.

Also, I just spoke to James Saylor, a Supervisor with your company and find his uncooperative behavior reprehensible. You make it so 'easy' to sign up and take payment immediately, yet there are more hurdles in canceling. You have to get back your "kit" (mine will be returned in pieces), which is entirely useless without a member ID number anyway. There is absolutely NO REASON to make someone go through all of this (and you must receive it in 30 days from when you mailed it or when I received it?), except to hold on to their money longer and to create circumstances where people will not meet your return specifications and you would then not be liable to return their membership fee.

This company is despicable and I am SO sorry that I even though to sign up with you. I consider your behavior to be criminal.


Please Don't Buy Tickets On
By -

The worst company.

I had the tickets on airport and they didn't bought the tickets and they said to schedule for another day!!!

Worst worst worst!!!!

Do not use this service
By -

We booked a roundtrip flight using Are complaints are simple: We did not receive any notification of a cancelled flight, and were not confirmed on a return flight. This caused a ton of headaches and their customer service is simply not reachable. We do not recommend using this service at all.

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