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Rented a Chevrolet Traverse
Posted by Edeslaur on 09/24/2009
After 900 miles in a Chevrolet Traverse, and halfway through my rental, I thought I'd share my impressions.

We currently own a 2001 Yukon XL K1500 (4x4) and have long been fans of Chevy trucks.

Overall, the Traverse does not disappoint. The kids (3) and wife really like the interior of the Traverse, and we all found it to have decent room.

The compartment under the rear floor was very handy when going into national parks, using that to sequester our valuables and hide them from view.

Our longest single ride was about 200 miles, and the seats are very comfortable though the steering requires constant correction on the highway. I normally drive with my left arm on the arm rest and my right hand on the shifter (bad, bad habit, I know, but after about 800K miles, all I can say is it works). After several days of trips, my left hand is a bit tired from keeping the wheel a smidge to the right. It's a rental, so a previous renter could have tagged something, sure.

On the road, we regularly pushed around 9 over the limit, which is 70mph through most of areas in Kentucky and Tennessee we've been driving through. At that rate, we're seeing high 17s to low 18s, much lower than the EPA-rated 24mpg a front-wheel-drive Traverse is suggested to get. It's not far off from our non-cylinder-deactivating V8 Yukon (rated at nearly the same HP, by the way).

The OBC reported gas mileage matches the numbers we're seeing when comparing gallons to miles.

The speedometer reads 1mph low at 80 according to our GPS. 80 indicated is 81, just enough to get you that ticket.

The stereo is quite reasonable for a factory effort and no one had many complaints about the seats. My 14yo girl did raise concerns that the center-belts dug into her hips after that much seat time. Center seats are a bit narrow. Many formal reviews indicate 3 adults can sit int he middle row, I would disagree given the feedback from several people in the rear middle seat. I would say two adults and a pre-teen would fit.

My very fit tri-athalon-winninng sister spent 2 hours in the middle today and did shared my 14 year-old's concerns about the middle seat of the middle row.

The rear seat access is very good, and the kids frequently argued over who got to sit in the back (at first it was the hot spot to be, later the less-desirable spot. Kid politics!).

The rear seat folds in 2 parts. With luggage, the truck could seat 6. With luggage for a family of 5, junk food, iPods, video games, and other road-trip must-haves, 5 was just right.

In the rain, the handling and performance was unchanged. It felt sure-footed and the wipers worked well, front and rear.

My wife is probably a good representation of an average car buyer. I, on the other hand, am not - I'm pretty picky and a bit assertive driving my cars. I'm more at home in a taut sports-sedan or a healthy SUV than in a cushy Cadillac or Buick.

In the curves of 54 in Tennessee, which would be a great motorcycle road, the Traverse did well for a crossover. A bit more body roll than I would have liked, but acceptable for this class of vehicle.

The transmission and I, however, are having a love-hate relationship. I love that it's a 6 speed, I hate that it's clueless.

Add in cylinder deactivation and you have vehicle that can't seem to make up its mind as it turns off or turns on cylinders or unlocks or locks the torque converter. To my family, these shifts are imperceptible. To me, someone who's highly in tune with my ride, it's fingers on a chalkboard. After 150 miles, I stuck it in L, manually selected "5" and left it there for a while so I could get some respite from the constant changes. It feels like the transmission is hunting.

Again, no one else in the car really seemed to realize this was happening, and I'm pretty sure most drivers won't either. After all, how many drivers can tell one of the tires is low from driving the car?

Two things my family did notice - when we go to pass someone on a 2-lane highway, the transmission will frequently shift from 6th to 4th, or worse, 3rd. The power is welcome, the lurch and neck snap from the shift to 3rd, not so much. It's hard to drive this car smoothly when applying power, tip-in is aggressive.

Additionally, when accelerating to pass someone, the car slows down when you hit the gas as it shifts into a lower gear, then accelerates, further exacerbating the neck-snapping sensation. I'm guessing it's friendlier to the transmission overall, but it's incredibly annoying to the passengers - and to the driver's who's expecting to go faster when the gas is depressed, not slower first.

It's also taken me nearly 4 days to be able to leave a stop assertively without squealing the tires. Like when jumping into traffic. Try getting into traffic with an officer parked near you and see if your heart doesn't get pumping.

Add in that the drive-by-wire gas pedal changes its calibration when in reverse (the pedal becomes less responsive), and the Traverse requires some relearning and new skills.

Overall, it's a nice vehicle. Gas mileage is really not much better than what we see in our Suburban, which is much better than many people expect.

All I can say is be sure you drive it through some city, and also check its highway manners on at least a 10 mile loop after it's warmed up.

If you like it there, you'll like it.

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Chevy - NOT Built to Last
Posted by Concealed1 on 08/22/2012
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I have a 2008 Chevy Aveo with 103,000 miles on it. The air conditioning compressor just failed on this car, and I have been told that replacing it will cost $850. The fact that such a vital and expensive part failed on a car that is only 4 years old and does not contain an extreme amount of miles is unbelievable and reflects the poor quality of Chevrolet.

Thus, I contacted Chevy about it, was assigned to a representative, and was told to take it into a dealership to have it diagnosed and then we would talk about them possibly providing cost assistance. The dealership said that the expansion valve needed to be replaced and that the compressor should work fine after that. I reported this to Chevy, who said that they would not provide any cost assistance because of the mileage on the car (by the way, they knew the mileage of the car BEFORE they told me to take it for a diagnosis, which I paid $40, and that they would determine afterward whether to provide cost assistance or not).

So I took the car back to my mechanic, who replaced the expansion valve. Guess what? The air still doesn't cool and, just as my mechanic had originally stated, the compressor has to be replaced. So, I am having to spend $850 to replace the compressor on a 4 year old car that Chevy deems as high mileage. Thus, Chevy is basically telling me that their parts go to crap around 100,000 miles, which is very early on vehicles these days. They could have at least paid for the part.

I have owned numerous vehicles and driven them until they stop; I have never had such an expensive part failure on a vehicle this young and at this amount of miles. Oh, and this is not an isolated incident. Strangely, my friend who owns a Chevrolet truck is going through the EXACT same issue with his compressor; this will be his second compressor in 4 months! This is my first and last Chevrolet purchase. So, beware potential Chevrolet buyers: if you want a vehicle that's in it for the duration, look elsewhere.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-08-22:
Understand that your car isn't really a Chevy product, it is essentially a rebadged Daewoo. No offense intended but if this the only major repair you've had in 103k miles, on a car that's pretty much built with affordability in mind, then that's pretty good IMHO.
Posted by Bill on 2012-08-22:
The compressor costs more than the car is worth.
FoDaddy is right, it's a POS Daewoo. I'm surprised you made it to 100,000 without the wheels falling off.
You would of been better buying a used Honda then a new Aveo.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-22:
Personally, I think 100K+ miles is a lot for a 2008.

I have a 1998 car with 61K and a 2005 with 57K. I believe the average per year in the US is 15K. You are way over that.

I would vote with FoDaddy - at 100K+ miles, replacing the a/c compressor isn't that bad all things being equal. I replaced my VW Passat compressor at about 100K. Another way of looking at it is the compressor cost a little less than a penny per mile.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-08-23:
I just replaced the compressor on my 100K+mile car. Cost me over a grand, plus another 300 for a week's car rental.
Posted by prince caesar on 2012-08-23:
Ive noticed a lot of times on older cars or higher mileage cars, the AC compressor always seems to be the first thing to go....I mean were talking about a car with over 100k miles.
Posted by Rober M. on 2013-05-07:
Check to see if its actually the compressor. I have a 2005 Chevy Aveo with 125,000 miles and my AC just went out. Turns it it was just the engine belt within the compressor. If you can hear the clutch within the compressor, it's your compressor. If not, get a second opinion. My fix was $200. Well worth it being as I live in the desert. Any car is a good car, just take care of it.
Posted by old fart on 2013-06-26:
next time buy a KIA... It cost diddly to run and the replacement parts are free for10 years
Posted by Bojangles on 2013-07-09:
I have 125k miles on my Aveo. A rock took out my condensor and it cost me 900 dollars to repair the system. After getting the car back I drove it for 3 weeks and now the compressor went bad, cost 850 dollars. Ouch. I have 240k miles on my 2003 Corrola and it has only had a brake job and new tires. So who builds the better car. Air conditioning still works great.
Posted by Bojangles on 2013-07-09:
While were on the subject of the AVEO, why does it howl when I hit 70. In a cross wind the car makes a terrible howling wind noise. My Corrola doesn't. enough said.
Posted by young lady on 2013-07-23:
I have an 08 Aveo also with 97,000 miles and my air conditioning just went out too. The funny thing is that Chevy just sent me A notice to service my ac at 100,000. It seems that they make them to break asset this interval. But i do admit that i drive quite a bit.
The gas cap also comes loose often causing poor gas mileage And the check engine light to come on. I had to replace it. But after a few months out starts all over. Must be pressure build up.
Oh and Yes that Howling sound is horribly annoying.
But It Was cheap. No wonder they don' make these anymore.
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For SUCKERS ONLY ---Chevrolet Traverse
Posted by P.T.Barnum's walking advertisment on 07/11/2009
RENO, NEVADA -- I bought this vehicle in April of 2009,drove it through break-in around town for 1000 miles.
I then had Chevrolet change the oil and filter
such that I could enjoy my new Traverse on a 2000 mile trip to Washington state !
This Traverse was the most uncomfortable of
any vehicle I have ever driven in all my 64 years ! It was not stable at highway speeds and it drove as if it were a truck with alignment trouble ! The advertised fuel mileage was way above actual mileage. Actual fuel mileage for 2000
miles on the highway was ninteen (19).Actual fuel mileage for around town was 12,and it NEVER improved !(Its a 6 cylinder )
After the trip, I took it to my Chevrolet dealer only to be told that the mileage I experienced was good for the TRAVERSE !
Too bad they told me the truth only AFTER I purchased it ! I have tried to contact Chevrolet no less than FOUR times and all my requests for help have been totally ignored.
GOOD THING PRES. OBAMA NOW owns 60 some percent of this company----He'll make them fix it ! LOL What to do ?
All requests for Chevrolet help have been documented-------for all the good it will do !
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-11:
when you test drove it, did you take it on the highway?

i have owned 5 new vehicles, and i have discovered the advertised milage doesn't always seem to be what i get. there are many many variables in determining it. the way one drives, the use of ac, road conditions, and even number of passengers and over all weight. the displayed milage is from smooth test track and computer tests, with 1 driver and zero extra weight.
Posted by P.T.Barnum's walking advertisment on 2009-07-11:
Of course I drove the vehicle on the highway--How do you determine overall fuel milage or any other fuel milage on a test drive ? EPA should advise the public of this test of estimated milage--in fact--I did call the EPA in Wash,DC and they told me a completely different test than the one MR.Madconsumer described !
Posted by BobJohn on 2009-07-12:
The EPA figures do say they are estimates, not actual mileage. And I just blow off anything a dealer says about x number of miles per gallon - it is all hype. This is why you need to read unbiased reviews such as Consumer Reports.
Posted by Kevin Pearson on 2013-09-06:
i had a traverse pruchase on the same moment in 2009 and on the highway i spend 9.5liters by hundred kilometer and its excellent. i have use it in big montain with 4 peoples with alot off package and i was near 85miles hours to reach the point.... consomption was 9,5 !!!!!
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Chevy 4500 medium duty
Posted by 1unhappysob on 09/09/2007
NEW YORK -- Been a loyal Chevy owner since 1972.Bought new in 2005 a Chevy 4500 crewcab,4 WD, Duromax, with all the bells and whistles.Been real happy with it,had no problems to speak of until last week. Brake sensors in rear keep going off. Had brakes checked and found to be alright (87,000 miles on truck).Then on trip to deliver two woodworking machines to GA. hear what sounds like metal rubbing on metal. Bring truck to a big truck mechanic,he checks brakes,axle bearings, universals and rear end fluid level. All are O.K., but he thinks it is the ring and pinion gear. He can't fix it for two weeks because he is backlogged in work right now.He suggest that I bring it to a Chevy Dealer to get fixed.I call the closest one to where i am at but they don't work on the big trucks. I find one twenty five miles away in Reading,PA. and they tell me they can have a mechanic take a look at it on Tues. following the labor day weekend. I leave the truck with them and get a ride home to upstate NY. I call Chevy Corp. up on Tues. and inform them what has happened as it appears that my warranty has ran out the previous month.They inform me that they won't do anything unless i have a Chevy dealer do the work.I inform them that the truck is at a Chevy dealer and then they tell me that i have to authorize the work. The service people at the dealership tell me that it is the ring and pinion gears.the cost will be around $6000. They tell me not to worry as Chevy will help me out because it is so close to the warranty running out.I tell them to go ahead with the work.Bill is about $5600. The Chevy rep. comes and looks at the truck,informs me no help from Chevy, reason is your truck is over weight. Nobody weighs the truck, nobody knows the weight of the machines,nobody knows the weight of the truck empty, nobody knows how much weight the truck can carry. He bases his decision on just looking at the truck and the lift at the dealer can't pick my truck up.My truck weighs about 8500LBS. empty. The dealer in NY where i get my truck serviced can't lift my truck up empty when i get my oil changed.

I will also mention that when i brought my truck to the dealer in PA.where the work was done one of the service techs tells me that they don't work on these big trucks and he also checks with the manager and returns with the same answer.I explained to them that i have already talked to a service tech.and was told to bring the truck in to this dealership for the repairs. I really feel that i am getting shafted by Chevy.

I talked to several people who said at the least Chevy would pay for the parts and me the labor as the warranty has just ran out.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-09:
Something tells me that you are going to be stuck with the repair costs. Have you anything in writing from Chevy that they will help out on the cost? A witness to a conversation? Anything relating to a warranty that's not in writing is worthless. Call Chevy and ask for something in writing just to show the dealer that the costs will be at least partially covered. That will give you something tangible in case there's a dispute.
Posted by lepearso on 2007-09-09:
This is all typical runaround from Chevy.
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Chevy Fails to Back Product
Posted by Rick8192 on 03/26/2014
NOVATO, CALIFORNIA -- My 2006 ZO6 Corvette shot a rod through the block killing the engine . I have owned the car sense new and have had Chevy do all the maintenance including oil changes . My car only has 52K miles but the extended warranty ends at 50 K miles or 5 years .This is an 80 thousand dollar car that according to the corvette certified mechanic at Chevrolet, he believes the dry sump oil delivery system failed causing the engine to seize . After checking on line this was a known problem to Chevy as they redesigned the dry sump in 2009 ZO6 models moving forward .I have asked GM and Chevy to help off set the cost to put in a new engine and to date have been offered 15 % off of the full retail cost of the engine and labor at $150.00 per hour .

This part shouldn't have failed and if there was a known problem which there was Chevy should have been diligent in checking out the system.I am not asking for a Free repair but a reasonable cost to repair as GM knew of a problem with this part and are only offering me a paltry sum off of a full retail mark up off the parts and labor.
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Posted by BigAl on 2014-04-06:
In reality they do not have to do anything for you. Your car is out of warranty.
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Chevy Paint Failure
Posted by Ondubuque2 on 01/05/2014
WASHINGTON -- Paint was bubbling within months of purchase & they did nothing for us- even their customer service denied any defective paint.

I read now that recourse was to take them to small claims court and this sounds plausible for this running board issue as well. Be sure to get all info together on solutions (such as Canada's running boards being standard equipment) and any info on GM internal findings to present at court.

I would not take even a free vehicle from GM after the way they failed to cover the faulty paint. I love the idea of placing the "Another fine GM paint job" on the window!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-06:
The G-Series Van went out of production in 1996. It's now 2014. I'm pretty sure after at least 18 years GM isn't going to do anything for you.
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Fuel Sensor Fails to Work
Posted by Usnfsu1212 on 07/20/2012
LEESBURG, GEORGIA -- The sensor quit working after 70000 miles. The company should replace it a NO COST to the customer. They know it was a faulty part. I just don't understand why they don't pay the full amount. The offer to pay 50% just don't get it. I feel this will be our last GM auto. Sub-standard parts just don't get it. I hope they don't supply parts for our aircraft above us. If the parts are defective just make it right and don't do a half ass job of making it right.

If I did my job and installed something defective I would have to make it 100% right. General Motors you are not the company that I thought you were.

Your letter signed by Jim [snip] is just bologna. Customer service has fallen short of what I expected.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-21:
It is common for car manufacturers to wind up with parts that years later are found to be substandard. Often 10's to 100's of thousands of people pay to have such items (eg window regulators, ignition switches, etc) replaced. If the company eventually agrees there is a defect, they may institute a program and reimburse such OOP expenses with receipts.

Unless this rises to that level, I'm afraid you will have to foot the bill.
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Outstanding Employees
Posted by Idlamirg22 on 07/07/2012
Availability of non-warranty work

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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-09:
Which dealer?
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Power Train Warranty
Posted by Travnlizj on 06/22/2012
I have a 08 Chevy Uplander with 79k and it needs a body contol module and it is not covered under the powertrain warranty. So now I have to pay 600 dollars!
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-06-22:
No way, it's one of those things you can do yourself. Here is one for under $100.

Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-22:
My guess, based only on what was written, is that your powertrain warranty is still valid but does not cover electronics. That isn't surprising, if true. What is sad is that the module would fail at a relatively young age.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-06-22:
The BCM really isn't part of the powertrain. It handles the electronics of the car, it does handle input from some electronic sensors, but it's not mechanical part like camshaft or accumulator pump. I can see where it wouldn't be covered.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-06-22:
KEVINTX> They will not let me join this site but if they did I would vote your answer helpful. As stated this is a very easy do it yourself repair. If the OP is unsure of his abiity to do this himself he can easily find a friend or even a local repair shop to do this for him and save big bucks. The trick is to order the part himself.
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2008 Impala Is Terrible
Posted by Valencia.stegall on 03/10/2012
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I just brought a 2008 Chevy Impala and have nothing but problems since. I borrowed from my 401k in order to have a reliable car and this is what I get for it. I need a dependable car that doesn't eat tires or scrubs or shakes while driving. I haven't had the car 1 year and I'm thinking of changing back to dodge. Can someone help me trade this car in for another Chevy? I'm paying a 450 dollar not on a car I really don't love.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-10:
Did you have a reliable mechanic look at this car before you bought it? When buying used this is often the best money spent. On a bright note it might just need an alignment. Visit a reputable mechanic soon. Best of luck.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-03-10:
Hey BigAl...I noticed you started to capitalize the 'A' in Al...LOL...no more BiGal for you!

You always have good advice to offer, it would be great if you registered. Once you're a registered member we can vote your comments 'helpful' and you can join us in the 'Community Forum' for some fun and laughs!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-10:
What kind of help trading in your car do you need?
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-03-10:
In my experience, dodges have given my family nothing but trouble. To each their own i suppose.
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