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Peeling paint
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KERNERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My husband and I bought a Chevrolet, Malibu one year ago. No it was not new however we were told that it was in great shape. Yes it is in great shape. Well all of the sudden my husband tells me that my paint is peeling off my car. I called car max first because we did buy an extended warranty on the car, only to find out that it does not cover exterior parts of the vehicle. I went to Chevrolet here in town and found out that the paint is peeling. The man explained to me that he can tell that it has not been replaced or repainted. He also told me that it is the manufacturers fault. There is nothing that they can do.

Oh yeah he also showed me four other spots that were getting ready to bubble and pop out then peel. No one will help me and I don't think that it is right for them to create the problem and stick is with hard working people. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHEVROLET AGA
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Starlord on 02/25/2012:
This is not unique to Chevrolet, but GM cars in general seem to be having a big problem with finish quality. I can't count the number of GM cars I have see the last couple of years running around with huge spots of grey primer showing where the paint has peeled off. I have seen other cars with the same problem, but GM is by far the biggest offender.
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2002 Chevy Malibu Is Junk!!!
Posted by on
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Over the past few months, my 2002 Chevy Malibu has stopped running about 6 times, stranding me so that I can't get home from where it decided to die or to work. The last time, my mechanic had my car for 12 days. Time before, he had my car for 7 days. Meanwhile, he replaced sensors, synched the computer w/the sensors and this has cost me nearly $2,000 since February. I researched these problems online and was SHOCKED to find hundreds of complaints on the government's by people having the EXACT same problem...since 2001!! I filed a formal complaint with General Motors and they were calling me daily. Now I can't get "Guillermo" to return my calls. I was told by a local Chevrolet service manager that "ignition modules wear out and have to be replaced." Really???!! I guess that's what they've been coached to tell consumers.

Further, I was told if the car won't start, turn the key forward and wait several seconds for the key chip to be read by the new module and the car should start. The car should START after spending $608. on an ignition module! This is my first and LAST GM product because I feel they are trash. Oh, did I mention my Malibu fills with water when it rains?? No apparent reason for it but the carpet and headliner are rotting and moldy thanks to the rain that blows in through my side A/C vents, dashboard, and leaks on my legs from under the steering column when I am driving! Real American know-how?? After a taxpayer bailout, one would think that GM would turn itself inside out to make customers happy with their cars! Next car is foreign...
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Helpful on 08/12/2010:
How long have you owned the vehicle?
MDSasquatch on 08/12/2010:
How does a "bailout" in 2009-2010 impact your 2002 Malibu?

The car is eight or possibly nine years old, things don't last forever.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
yeah sounds like you need to trade it in a get yourself a newwer car.
dan gordon on 08/12/2010:
its always good to blame GM when your mechanic keeps your car for 7-12 days. That is definitely GM's fault right?
rockfishing on 08/12/2010:
An 8 year old car is an old car. When things on old cars start breaking down all the time, you need to buy a newer car. After 8 years you've gotten your moneys worth out of a vehicle.
MRM on 08/12/2010:
Not to brag, but I'm still driving a 1988 Jeep Cherokee and still runs great. As long as you take care of your car, the car will take care of you. Please see my blog of my 1988 Jeep.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
What? Are you even being serious, rockfishing? "After 8 years, you've gotten your moneys worth out of a vehicle" ... That's ridiculous.

MRM, thank you for adding just a tad bit of sense to the comments here.
bargod on 08/12/2010:
Mine's a 98 Jeep Cherokee and still runs great also.
MRM on 08/12/2010:
Awesome, Bargod! Its good to know that a fellow My3Cents has a Jeep Cherokee (or any Jeep model).
Starlord on 02/25/2012:
Does the anti-theft system disable the car if someone tries to steal it? You mentioned the car failing to start and filling with water, but not one word about the vehicle security system.
Glamdring on 03/03/2012:
I too have 2002 Chevy Malibu that will not start. It has been at the dealership for 1, 5 and 7 days. The first day they replaced the 'bad' fuel pump. The second time they replaced the ignition. They had the car for 7 days this last time and said it starts fine for them. One day at home and it will not start again. Tried the 10 minute trick, still won't fire. Just turns over until the battery gets low. I will no longer purchase Chevy products.
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Chevydealer and gm
Posted by on
ARIZONA -- So I'm make it short and simple my warranty just ran up and my car electronic power steering pump goes out every 2 to 3 months since I had it they fix it and I pay dedutable every time I have contacted GM for help that got me no where they said it my problem and they even said that when it was under warranty I have almost ran n to ppl plus freeway walls cause of this damn car shutting down if there is any other malibu owners who wish to join and file a class action lawsuit against GM since this makes it dangerous to drive plus I have young kids n car get in touch with me
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Alain on 05/05/2010:
Take the time to use a free consultation with an attorney to find out more about class action lawsuits. It'll provide helpful information for you.
Augustus2099 on 08/08/2010:
My 2006 Chevrolet had the same problem the Dealer wouldn't fix it the problem surfaced at a bad time during the snow storm in my area when we needed it. Thanks to the dealership I had to wait two weeks for the part.
Alice a on 09/16/2013:
I have the same problem with my Malibu , this is the third time I'm going to fix my. GMC is a where of this problem they just don't care.
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AC System
Posted by on
MADISON, TENNESSEE -- This 2000 Malibu LS has 74K miles and has been well maintained. My complaint with the AC is 2 fold.

(1) The dash board controller for AC allows corrosion to build up on the switch contacts and must be replaced every 2 years or cleaned. This is a manufacturer built in defect and should have been re-engineerd and recalled.

(2) The low pressure valve used to refill refrigerant is in the worst place possible to access. Because it is so low on the firewall a regular commercial refrigerant hose will not reach. Also the fitting is substandard and not only difficult to get on but the hose fitting breaks when removing. This lets all of the refrigerant to leak out resulting in taking to a dealer to remove the fitting and refilling the unit and $$$ to repair.

Just a little forethought in engineering would have solved this issue by making the fill tube longer and placing it at the top of the fire wall for easy access.

This is the first Chevy car I have had that has the poor engineering. It is not wonder that GM has lost millions by making a piece of junk and fostering it on the American public using their long time good reputation.

This is just another example of the poor automotive design and engineering and the poor quality put into the manufacturing.

If GM does not reconsider and issue recalls for fixes to these items- then I like others will never buy another GM product.

How many people like myself not purchasing their products will it take to get the message across to them?

I consider this design to be built-in obsolecense and protection of jobs for their service tech. The American way is to allow the customer to do self repair if we chose and not have to buy special tools.


One more upset consumer and going to do something about it - get it fixed and sell.

Good bye GM

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Slimjim on 08/23/2006:
While I don't disagree it isn't the best design in those areas, isn't a recall initialized when only a safety issue is present? I don't think an A/C bug-a-boo gets that attention. If it did, someone should tell Dodge. Mine has an evaporator that corrodes out every few years. It's almost due to fail again, which of course, I'll be forced to write another informative here.
Anonymous on 08/23/2006:
Slim, please don't I believe we've covered that issued ad-nauseam. To the poster: Obviously you're ride is out of warranty, perhaps you can find an aftermarket fitting attachment to facilitate easier refills.
Anonymous on 08/23/2006:
PWP: I have seen aftermerket adapters before but I have never seen one that did not leak though. By law repair facilities are required to evacuate all AC systems before recharging, so recharging AC systems really is not a "Do It Yourself" job anymore. It is better and cheaper to allow the people with the right tools do the job. As far as the contacts on the controller go, wouldn't a little electrical grease solve the problem?????
Anonymous on 08/23/2006:
Good post, DD. Though it's not ordinarily a "do-it-yourself" job anymore, I bet a lot of people would rather try than to take it somewhere to pay 80 bucks an hour labor!
Anonymous on 08/24/2006:
Yeah, and ruin something else right? Do you know how to do it, p-dub?
Slimjim on 08/24/2006:
I wouldn't try it. Those recharge kits are $40-$80 alone. Risk screwing it up to save a few bucks? No thanks.
Anonymous on 08/26/2006:
That's why they make those Chilton's manuals. (tr)
Anonymous on 08/29/2006:
Yeah, and who hasn't screwed something up "following instructions?"
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