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Chevrolet Cobalts Gone BAD!
By -

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and after I experienced problems with my car after hurricane Katrina I purchased a 05 Chevrolet cobalt in November of 2005 from a certified used car dealership. I did a Carfax report on the car and nothing came back on the car. I purchased an extended warranty for my car as well. Within the first month it started when I needed my headlights pushed up and my air conditioner was leaking all over the floor.

When I brought my car to the dealership the front desk people came to inspect the problems and informed me that my car had been wrecked in the front that my warranty was now void! Not to mention that I had to bring it 5 hours away from my house b/c all of the New Orleans dealerships were out of commission or I would have to wait 2 to 3 months. The dealership told me they could not do it unless I wanted to pay for it. I contacted the owner of the dealership and basically threatened to call all local news stations and he fixed the problem.

About 2 months later I was commuting from Jackson, Mississippi to New Orleans weekly, and my cruise control stopped working and the wheels began shaking very badly on my way back to New Orleans. I took it to the dealership I purchased it from. They told me while they had it they would fix a recall with the headliner. So I go to pick it up and everything worked fine. 2 days later I realized on my way back to Mississippi that the cruise control would not work at all on the interstate, only on highways.

The dealership made me wait 2 months to bring it back in and gave me a line of crap about my warranty not covering it and the part I needed replaced would be an absurd amount of money. About 6 months my automatic door locks stopped working and would only work when used with my alarm remote. A few days after that my driver side door would not open. 2 months later my car locks started going crazy and locking and unlocking themselves when the car was on and off. A few months ago my unlock button on my alarm remote stopped working.

I changed out the battery but it still did not work. Now here I am driving down the street and I hear beeping and see that my car is telling me that the power steering is completely out. Imagine that.. just when you wonder how could it get worse. Me and my husband are looking for another car for him and I will NEVER buy another Chevrolet or American made car again! EVER!! I can honestly say that I HATE CHEVROLET!

For Suckers Only - Chevrolet Traverse
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- I bought this vehicle in April of 2009, drove it through break-in around town for 1000 miles. I then had Chevrolet change the oil and filter such that I could enjoy my new Traverse on a 2000 mile trip to Washington state! This Traverse was the most uncomfortable of any vehicle I have ever driven in all my 64 years! It was not stable at highway speeds and it drove as if it were a truck with alignment trouble! The advertised fuel mileage was way above actual mileage.

Actual fuel mileage for 2000 miles on the highway was nineteen (19). Actual fuel mileage for around town was 12, and it NEVER improved!(It's a 6 cylinder.) After the trip, I took it to my Chevrolet dealer only to be told that the mileage I experienced was good for the Traverse! Too bad they told me the truth only after I purchased it! I have tried to contact Chevrolet no less than FOUR times and all my requests for help have been totally ignored. GOOD THING PRES. OBAMA NOW owns 60 some percent of this company-- He'll make them fix it! LOL. What to do? All requests for Chevrolet help have been documented for all the good it will do!

What Have They Done to the 2010 Camaro
By -

Have you forgot what the build was supposed to be modeled after? The car was designed to rival the Mustang that was modeled after there "hot rod" 60's era. The 2010 was supposed to be modeled after the same era, the only era that even looked half way decent. I have been a mechanic for over 10 years and been working on cars since I was 7 in the back yard. Currently have my own shop and struggling along like the rest of the city. I would usually start talking about Fords now and say how I like them so much because they keep me in business, being that if I only worked on them they would keep me busy enough to keep my doors open.

Oh I specialize in transmissions not writing letters, but I saw the new Camaro coming out of retirement on a commercial tonight 4/24/09. Hey I might need a new shop soon tell the GM manufactures to call me before they fold up I might be looking to buy, if they don't suck the life out of their business before it folds up. I'm highly depressed when I look at this car and even more so when I think of the poor quality that went into making this car. Because judging by past experiences the quality of all domestic cars has gone way, way, way down. And keeps plummeting.

I am and have always been a Chevy man but when asked what is a good car to own or buy I am ashamed to say "buy a foreign car". Toyota is one of the best on the market, Honda is way up there to the Corolla, Camry, Civic, Accord, Tundra. Man Chevy, Ford and of course Dodge can't even touch those cars. Speaking of that the 2010 Chevy Camaro looks like a Nissan Sentra on crack. I mean really what was wrong with the first 30 designs? They just kept getting worse and worse now it's not even something I want to buy. I'll go buy a new tundra and recommend everyone I come across to do the same.

People wonder why we mechanics buy a 200 dollar car, fix it and drive it. Because it's better quality that way -- and at least it works for once. Oh and yes I own several Chevys everything from a 67 Camaro to a 95 s10 and even a 90 Suburban. Some of the cars I feel they got right, the 67 because it's a sexy ass hotrod, the suburban because it's a huge freaking tank and the 2.2 S 10 because it's a gas saver and it's a truck. I call it mighty mouse because I put it through hell and it takes it and asks for more. But try to buy something like that new. Good luck, better buy from overseas I'm telling you, you'll be a whole lot more happy.

Outstanding Employees
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Rating: 4/51

QUINCY, FLORIDA -- Availability of non-warranty work.

Power Train Warranty
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Rating: 5/51

ST GEORGE, UTAH -- I have a 08 Chevy Uplander with 79k and it needs a body control module and it is not covered under the powertrain warranty. So now I have to pay 600 dollars!

2008 Impala Is Terrible
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I just brought a 2008 Chevy Impala and have nothing but problems since. I borrowed from my 401k in order to have a reliable car and this is what I get for it. I need a dependable car that doesn't eat tires or scrubs or shakes while driving. I haven't had the car 1 year and I'm thinking of changing back to dodge. Can someone help me trade this car in for another Chevy? I'm paying a 450 dollar not on a car I really don't love.

LSX 454 Crate Motor Blows Up - and Has Thin Cylinder Walls
By -

Lsx 454, lsx 454 crate motor- THIN CYLINDER WALLS. An important component of the engine block's strength comes from having enough metal thickness to support a load. The industry standard and Chevrolet's standard for cylinder wall thickness is a minimum of .200 thousands of an inch. Chevrolet's own advertising for the lsx block states “maximum 4.250 bore at .200 minimum wall thickness”.

My defective block had a smaller 4.185 bore, hence the remaining cylinder wall thickness should have been .2325. However, the sonic testing that was performed post-mortem discovered a bore thickness as little as .177 which effectively cheated me of .0555 thickness of metal or using a simple analogy in dollars, I was entitled to $232.50 but only received $177.00 dollars. A shortage of $55.50 or 24 percent! Clearly this engine block was defective even by Chevrolets own standards.

2003-2004 Chevy, GM, Cadillac Full Size Trucks and SUV's
By -

2/16/11. Friday, February 11, my oil gauge showed no oil pressure. I had a friend look at my vehicle and decided the gauge was bad. I took my Avalanche in to be serviced by an independent shop who told me all vehicles with the same chassis and year had the same problem and GM issued a Special Coverage Adjustment to cover the defective part. Problem is my vehicle has over 70,000 miles. Under 70,000 and everything is covered, between 70,000 and 80,000 just the part is covered.

Now the amusing part, to get the free part you have to pay the dealer $60 dollars to get the numbers off your gauges! So much for free part. The real kicker is that GM has known about this problem since 11/8/2007 (date of the Special Coverage) but thought best to keep this knowledge to themselves. I'm sure hoping all the vehicle would rack up more than 80,000 miles!

Bad Wheel Bearings
By -

I bought this Chevy truck new after driving Chevys for 45 years. At 52K miles, the left front wheel bearing was loose enough to cause a vibration. I was amazed to find that the bearings are not serviceable but have to be replaced as a unit at the cost of $550. The dealer covered this repair under extended warranty. Now at 94K miles, the right front bearing failed.

The cost at this time is $757, not covered by warranty. For the first 100 years of automobile manufacturing, wheel bearings could be serviced and adjusted for a nominal fee. To change this assembly to something that can only be replaced for an exorbitant price is outrageous. The next vehicle I purchase will be a Honda.

2004 Trailblazer
By -

I have a 2004 trailblazer that we drive not too often and baby it and keep all records up to date including changing the oil and all fluids breaks bulbs... I mean everything and keep a detailed list of it. At 22 thousand miles we had our transfer case fluid changed for the second time, this was in July of 2008. DEC 2010 with only 30100 miles on vehicle the transfer case is gone and so is my powertrain warranty even though 30 thousand miles on car. It's 6 years old. I have been a GM man all my life and have bought mostly GMC trucks and have loved them and still own one but this trailblazer is not keeping up with the 34 thousand dollar sticker price.

I mean come on, if a transfer case is gone in a vehicle after just 30 thousand miles then I'm sure it's a problem that us as the consumer should not have to eat. This is a costly fix as a new transfer case is about 1700 dollars and that is just for the part. GM should definitely put a recall out on this problem. My brother is a mechanic at a shop and Gm did do something. They sent out a service call saying that one of the parts in the transfer case is faulty and needs to be replaced with a certain part number that they remanufactured. Problem again, no recall. So they admit to problem but still don't want to fix it.

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