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Garbage motor!
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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a new 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad cad pu from dealer. Do all my own fluid services and oil changes on all my rigs religiously with Castrol oil for over 20 years and on time! Own Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and Dodge. This has been my first Dodge and my last! Motor failed with no oil pressure at 70,000 mi. Had towed to dealer and they ran diagnostics. Pulled valve covers and found metal shavings. Also asked me if I did regular oil changes. Told him I always did. They said oil was real gummy. Said motor was shot. Would get me a new crate motor for 6,000.00 and 2,000.00 to install. I checked around and elected to do a rebuild. Found an excellent re-builder in local area and proceeded. Upon competition of build and many pictures later I was informed that this is a problem engine because that this engine's wall thickness is much thinner than a normal block is and that there is problems with the motor getting to hot and causing the oil to prematurely get to gummy and the heads crack.

oil filer tube entrance to block

I checked with 3 other local motor builders and got the same story from them. I have never had any oil pump failures in any of the rigs I've owned in my lifetime and I'm over 50! You should see the pictures I have of this thing. The oil fill tube where you dump your oil was almost plunged shut. Don't buy a 4.7 liter, you'll be sorry! Not a well designed motor in my opinion and a lot of other people's too! Going to break it in and dump the truck. Go back to a real vehicle.

P.S. I used to mechanic at a station and thought I'd just change the oil pump myself but upon getting parts from dealer found out you need special tools which I didn't have so didn't do that but I did ask how many oil pumps where on the shelf and there were 4. Hmmmmmm.....most dealer parts locations can't keep an inventory of all parts for everything except those that they have a high demand for or problems with! Parts guy agreed. Re-builder also had a heck of a time finding gasket sets and other parts because there's a shortage of them due to a lot of the rebuilds of this particular motor.
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Slimjim on 04/23/2007:
Well I hope it wasn't the rebuilder who told you the engine has inherited problems AFTER he rebuilt it using no doubt, the same block.
Tommyboy on 12/24/2011:
I've got a 01 dakota sport 4.7 with 327,958 miles on it and she still runs great, only thing go bad was the water pump and the front right wheel bearing. I love my dakota and I bought her new. planning on dropping a mopar six-pack in when my motor gives (who knows when that will be!) and making her into a drag truck. plan on having her for a long time to come, maybe pass her down to the son if I can let go!
Brian on 01/08/2012:
Glad to hear your 4.7 with high mileage still going. I have a 03 1500 with 126,100. Hope to get 200,000 out of her. Have some sludge in oil fill and pcv valve. I hope I get the same luck out of mine as you did yours.
Scott on 03/27/2012:
I own. A 2000 Durango. With 240000 miles on it 4.7 liter no problems
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