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I was driving to work last week and spotted a mini van-Dodge. The bumper sticker on the back said Elect Ronald Reagan. Sure looked like the original sticker. Never had a Chrysler but may consider in future considering age of vehicle.

A real blast from the past Reagan and the van.
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ChuhBaca on 06/01/2011:
If you really wanted a minivan, there were 2 years where the Caravan/Voyager had a 4 cyl turbo. Well, some care enthusiasts decided that was something they could work with. They did some engine work to lower than compression, then increased boost. The end-result is a mini-van that is faster than the v8 camaros of the time! I think the website was turbominivan. Hilarious!
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On March 15 2,010, I took our van in to replace what I thought to be a simple replacement of a cooling fan relay. A job I thought would be roughly 300.00 dollars. Once inside the shop, it was suggested that spark plugs be replace, which was coming up anyway. I allowed that, only to find that for some reason they pulled wheels and said that tie rod ends and bushings were faulty and had to be replaced. I am not a mechanic, so have to trust people.
The van was road tested after all this and yet they missed the real problem where the noise was at the rear wheel driver side.
I talked to two other mechanics and both asked why the wheels were pulled in the first place, since this was not what the van was brought in for in the first place.
The end result, instead of a bill for the relay and the spark plugs, I ended up with a bill of over 1,700.00 dollars. They now THINK the noise is a driver side rear wheel bearing that nobody picked up on in the road test.
The likelihood that we will buy another Chrysler product is slim to none. Something is not right here and we are very unhappy with whole event.
It appears that there will be an additional cost of another 300.00 plus dollars. Where does it end?

Thank you for giving us all this added expense. Bill Moore
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2005 Town and Country minivan
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Purchased my 2005 Chrysler Town and Country minivan new in 2005, it has 51,500 miles on it. Started getting a noise which I believed was in the steering. The dealer is now repairing the vehicle at a cost of $1200 to replace the cylinder and reservoir with a possible additional charge of $500 if the pump is out. $1700 is a chunk of change to spend on a vehicle with only 51,500 miles on it. You can say what you want about the recalls announced by Toyota but my other cars have always been Toyotas and I never spend $1700 in repairs on all five of them combined. Never again will I purchase a Chrysler, Dodge, Ford or Chevy product, never.
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MDSasquatch on 02/18/2010:
I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan with close to 90k miles on it. Just before it hit 70k miles I had some significant noises coming from the front end. I took it to the dealer and they replaced most of the "front end". Fortunately, I had an extended warranty and the whole job cost me less than $50 including an oil change. I too would have been saddled with a $2000 repair bill had it not been for the warranty. If you were offered an extended warranty when you purchased the vehicle and declined, then you took a risk and got burned. Things break.
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Buyer Beware
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VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- We began having an electronic problem about six months ago with our 2006 Chrysler Town and Country. At the time it was 2 1/2 yrs old. For all these six months it has been in the shop 7 times, the Chrysler Dealership where we bought it has said they cannot fix it. They, themselves manufactured the car. This same dealership, wants to wash their hands of the whole thing. We feel that a Van only 3 yrs old, to have a major problem like this is devastating. This is a new car, we should get many more years out of this van! This is such an unbelievable thing!

This is exactly why Chrysler needs a bail-out! But do they stand by their products? No they don't. Beware of buying from Chrysler.
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Aerocave on 02/07/2009:
Just to correct something...The Chrysler dealership that you bought it from did not "manufacture" the van...Your van was built off of an assembly line--not at a dealership. Your dealership has a franchise agreement to SELL and SERVICE their products--not "manufacture" them. In these types of situations, the dealer has some "pull"...but you as the customer has a lot more...have you contacted Chrysler? It seems to me that if it was an electrical issue that cannont be fixed more factory help would be on the way...or is there more to the story?
Suzanne 06 on 02/07/2009:
I know the Dealership did not manufacture the van, Chrysler did. Both the company and dealership have washed their hands of it.
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AC Condensate leaks inside vehicle creating mold
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BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- Our 2005 Chrsyler Town & Country AC leaks water condensate inside the vehicle. We did not find that out until the carpet inside started molding - there is no physical way to notice that until the mold appears because the water leaks under the floor mats.
We have now 37280 miles on the van - wouldn't you know it? 1280 over the warranty mileage. We are still within the 3 year warranty period, but...
We called Chrsyler to find out about our options because as I mentioned earlier we believe this issue has happened before the warranty expiration. There is no real way to notice the issue until later... more than 1280 miles later... of course high and mighty Chrysler does not acknowledge that and will not do anything about (call reference # 16513172).
Oh yeah... and we took our kids to day care everyday in a moldy car... until we found out... now we drive with windows open and no AC in the Florida heat.

Further more, this van has had 2 recalls already and 1 major repair (dash board lights and CD went out). All this in 2 years since we owned...
What junk!!!
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Hugh_Jorgen on 07/16/2007:
That should be an easy fix as its often the condensate drain line that gets plugged up. An A/C shop should be able to figure it out in a few minutes.
Anonymous on 07/16/2007:
Good advice Hugh.
MRM on 07/16/2007:
"Hugh" are very helpful!
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Chrysler Town & Country - warranty, et. al.
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HAMPTON FALLS, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I own a 2002 Chrylser Town & Country LXi (original owner). This past April with just under 39K miles on the odometer I noted a whirring noise from the engine compartment that grew progressively louder over the course of several weeks. I suspected a bad alternator which the dealer confirmed. Since I was 3K miles beyond the 'bumper to bumper' warranty (36K miles) I assumed it would be replaced under the extended powertrain warranty. Surprise! An alternator is not considered part of the powertrain and I had to shell out $460 to have it replaced. What really frosts me is that I paid extra for the 'heavy duty - extra capacity' alternator package when I bought this car because I tow a trailer with it.

I have owned many different cars over the years from many different manufacturers (Volvo, Saab, Ford, GM, Audi, etc.) and I have never had to replace the alternator in any of those vehicles, many of which exceeded 100K miles while I owned them. I wrote a letter of complaint to D/C customer service and received a polite form letter in return expressing regret for the problems I experienced, and that's all.

My brother-in-law also has a 2002 T&C (LX model) and guess what? He just had to pay to have his alternator replaced too and he has 58K miles on his odometer. Everyone seeing a pattern here?

Bottom line - D/C quality is crap and they don't stand behind their products. This is the first and last D/C product I will ever own.
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Town & Country Issues
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I would not advise anyone to purchase a Chrysler. My Town & Country reach 97,000 miles and began to systematically break down. Within one year my engine, electrical box, transmission, and air compressor broke down. The bad news is that Chrysler will only honor repairs cost while the car is under warranty. My problems with that is that the car should not break down in this manner at 100,000 miles. I am now a believer that American cars are a piece of garbage.I'd rather pay $70,000 for a Lexus that has less car repair issues than $40,000 for an American car that in the long run will cost me $20,000 in repair, car rentals, and aggravation.

My advice - don't buy a Chrysler. They are built to break down and Chrysler will only stand by the warranty that YOU buy. If you have a Chrysler car once you reach 70,000 miles - start shopping around for a new car because what you have will soon go up in smoke.

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chryslersucks on 04/11/2006:
I have the same issues. Don't buy a Chrysler!!
Awyseguy on 06/10/2006:
I've encountered some people with past issues with the T&C minivans; most were on the early 90's models; and once resolved provided the owners with an additional 100-150K of trouble free miles. I see just as many people with problems on other minivans from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, GM, Kia, Hyundia. Keep in mind, Chrysler makes mini vans, the rest of the companies want to be Chrysler minivans. When you push to innovate there are more opportunities for glitches. Otherwise, Why would VW be pushing to sell rebadged Dodges.. "German Engineering"?? I think not.
BOBOLAMA on 09/08/2007:
I've owned one and I will have to say it's the best auto I have ever owned. I have 157,000 miles on mine. I've had one problem that was with a radiator leak, other than that I love it!! Great ride at a much lower price than very expensive Lexus. in a Lexus if some keys you car it will cost you $500.00 for someone to look at it,and $500.00 for repairs,and you insurance is higher, than you car payments in a Lexus...
badger64 on 12/01/2007:
I own a 2001 Chrysler T&C, and recently the battery went dead, the ignition would not turn, and then as a result of the dead battery, the speedometer needle flipped all the way around and now is stopped by the pin, I was told this is common with the dodge vans, any one else experienced this and is their an easy fix?
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Town and Country false sales claims and poor service
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- After 6 months of comparing minivans, we decided to go with the Chrysler Town and Country and purchase through Lithia dealership in Colorado Springs.
We ordered a "tow package" as an option for an extra $300+ AS SPECIFIED in the brochure.
When the vehicle was delivered, the "tow package" turned out to be a bundle of wires in a zip lock bag thrown into the back of the van. There was instructions on how to install the wires that required clipping the wires to existing features and splicing in the "tow package" wires. It was NOT a simple "plug in" system.
When we asked why Lithia hadn't installed the wires, they said it would cost an additional $300.
We decided to have the dealership install the wires when they installed the tow hitch itself. So we ordered a hitch.
For weeks we chased the dealership for delivery of the hitch and kept being put off. Finally they told us that there were no hitches available and they were on back order until January 2005, 8 months away.
So we were sold a "hitch package" for $300 that turned out to be just a bundle of electrical wires and there are no hitches to attach to the wires when you finally get them installed !!
So the literature is FALSE, you CANNOT get a tow hitch for a 2005 Town and Country.
But wait, it gets better. 3 weeks after finally admitting they couldn't get a hitch, Lithia of Colorado Springs charged our Credit Card for a $350 hitch!
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Anonymous on 06/28/2004:
Something is wrong here. First of all when you order a towing package the factory should install the option, if they don't then the selling dealer can install the package a bill Chrysler provided that it was supposed to be installed by them. This should have been detected when the selling dealer did their PDI (pre delivery inspection). The bag of wires though could be the wiring for your trailor ( some trailor packages include BOTH connectors, 1 for the van and 1 for the trailor you intend on towing.)There nust be some sort of change between the 04 and 05 minivan that an 04 hitch won't work if this is the case I would expect that all trailer hitch installers will have difficulty getting the proper hitch for such a new vehicle. Does your window sticker include the tow package? if not chances are who ever ordered your van screwed up!! This in mind the dealership should be flexible in your requests. Good Luck
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