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Liars And Crooks
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MILFORD PA -- I purchased a vehicle from another Chrysler dealership located in Levittown NY from a used sales person **. I live 2 hours from the dealer that I purchased the vehicle from so I took a whole day off to travel there to see the car, after I set an appointment with the sales person. Shortly after arriving there I was told that the car had not been cleaned yet and was asked to excuse the appearance during the test drive.

When driving the car I was told I can only drive the car around the adjacent parking lot because it did not have any gas in the tank. This was my first time purchasing a vehicle so I did not realize what I was getting myself into at the time. When we parked the car I took a look around the exterior of the car and began to ask questions about the electrical components that came with the vehicle.

I was told that the car was in great condition and reassured me that the car once cleaned would be fully inspected as was a "Chrysler certified car". I asked if he could play the DVD/CD player to make sure everything worked correctly. He advised me he did not have a CD or DVD to put into the system but if I had one I could put it in myself to check it out. I also asked him about the car fax they had posted online where I had found the car which stated around 10,000 miles there was a report of motor mounts being replaced and electrical issues. He continued to reassure me the vehicle and components were in great condition and I should not have any problems.

At the moment I did not have anything to test the equipment and did not think anything of it. I was told that if I had any problems with the vehicle it was covered under warranty and would be fixed at no cost to me for the first few months and can get an extended service plan once the warranty expired.

8-9 hours later I drove away with my new/used vehicle which was cleaned. I signed a million papers in a rush and he didn't even tell me what they were for. At that point I was exhausted with all the talk of loans and new insurance I had to get before I could drive off the lot.

When I finally got home at 11:00 at night I went straight to sleep trusting the vehicle I had just purchased had "no issues". I after 28 days I finally received my license plate which I had to call them for several times to see where they were because my temporary plates would expire in 30 days. Once I received them I went to my local dealership to get an inspection. I was advised by the services department in Milford PA that the motor mounts were bad and needed to be replaced and I had some kind of electrical issue with the vehicle according to their diagnostic device.

I had also asked for them to take a look at the DVD player which only part of it worked and the screen was not clear and tell me if I needed to push a certain button to make it work clearly. The part never worked properly from when I drove it off the lot. I was told from Milford Chrysler they needed authorizations to get the things fixed and they would call when auth was received.

I waited several weeks and did not hear anything at which time I called them back to check the status. They told me they did not hear anything yet and suggested because I purchased the vehicle somewhere else that I call them back to have them look into it. I advised them that my car is under factory warranty and should be fixed at any Chrysler. They kept advising me to call back the place I purchased the vehicle from since was so many issues and they might help me faster. I was furious and asked to speak to a manager who stated the same.

At this point I called Chrysler service warranty dept and filed a complaint which was nothing but a waste of time. They listened to everything and said was documented but nothing ever came out of it and was still right where I left off. I did call the place I purchased the vehicle from whom said they would be more than glad to help but I would have to travel back over 2 hrs to get there. I felt that was absolutely ridiculous as I would have never purchased the vehicle if I would have to travel back there every time I had a problem.

I called back Milford Chrysler and they said they can not tell me anything now and are waiting on authorization. The car was purchased on September 29 2010 the motor mounts were finally fixed November 23 2010. They still did not get auth to replace the DVD at that time and said they would keep me posted. I received a call the second week in December 2010 and was told auth was approved and they would contact me once the unit had arrived which would probably be in a few days.

After about 2 weeks I finally called back again to see what was going on since I never received a call and was told the item has been there about a week now. So I made an appointment December 23, 2010 to get the car fixed again. I took 1/2 day off from work drove an hour and a half from my job to the place sat in waiting room for an hour only to be told they ordered the wrong part and would have to reorder again. At this point I was again furious that this was they type of incompetence I was dealing with. They again said they would call me once the part was received.

I finally received a call December 29, 2010 at which point I was advised by the service manager that they can not get the part any longer and now advised me they can not help me and I should call the place I purchased the vehicle from. The manager above him explained to me also if I had purchased the vehicle from the they would be able to do more for me but since the part is no longer made it would cost them 1400 for the part to compensate the old unit and they were not willing to do that even though I still have a factory & extended warranty which is a maximum care extended plan which I was told was the best once services warranty expires.

During all of this commotion I have also had issue with the car not starting. At which time Milford told me again to re contact the place I purchased it from because it sounds like it could be regular maintenance which they would also charge me for.

Not only have I spent several hours on the phone back and forth with this company but still have not had the issue fixed and am being refused for something that is covered under warranty. I also was lied to as this car was not properly inspected at the time I purchased the vehicle. I will never buy another Chrysler vehicle again... No wonder they are going out of business everywhere!!!

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