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2003 PT Cruiser
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GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO -- I am very unhappy with the service I received at the Grand Junction Chrysler dealer ship. My mounts broke on my engine the air conditioner quite working the Turbo was plugged. Tried to blame me. I am also over 70 and the service manager is a Jerk. I think it was because I had an extended warranty that the service manager didn't want to honor. Said I didn't keep my oil changed. Guess what I had all my records.

All of the month of July 08 I was in and out of the garage at Chrysler. I wouldn't by another Chrysler product.
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dan gordon on 08/07/2008:
re read your post and see if you understand your point. Is there a question in there somewhere?
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PT Cruiser has possible fire hazard
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Some PT Cruisers have a serious defect. The fuel line is right next to the AC pressure fitting. It has rubbed through on some vehicles and sprayed fuel on top of the engine. This is a serious problem. The vehicle could catch on fire and kill the passengers. The proper authorities have all ready been contacted to get a recall. But they are being to slow with it or it has been brushed under the carpet.

If you own a PT Cruiser be sure you check out this link.

It will show you how to check yours for improper fuel line routing..

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Anonymous on 07/18/2002:
Hey this is true !

Chrysler needs to get on the ball !
Anonymous on 07/18/2002:
I'm the one this happened to!! Also another person in California I believe. This is a *dangerous* situation with the 2001 fuel lines. We have done our best to notify the online 'PT Community'.. now it is Chrysler's responsibility to get a recall notice out for those who are NOT 'net aware'!! ASAP! Thank you!
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Idle Flucuation
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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I had a 2004 Pt Cruiser at 4,000 miles the idle started to drop to 500 and below. The whole car was shaking and stalled at times. I took it to the dealer six times. They couldn't find the problem and said the car is normal. I contacted Daimler Chrysler they looked at it once and said the car is normal. I was told by Chrysler it is normal for the cars idle to drop to 500.

It isn't normal. Chrysler was no help! I got rid of the car with about 9,000 miles on the car. I had it 11 months and dealt with the problem for 7 months too long!

Buyers stay away from this product because their service won't back it up!!!
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