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defective paint
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This is a partial letter I sent to Chrysler along with pictures and a copy of an estimate to repair visible damages:
The 1998 Sebring was a beautiful black car; however after five years, I am asked what happened to the paint. The paint is disappearing on the spoiler, trunk, quarter panels, hood top and the paint on the mirrors has dulled.

On or about Sept. 4, I took the car to the dealership. A lady in the body shop offered to submit a claim to Chrysler for the damaged paint and said she would get back to us within a week. After waiting about two weeks I called and was told they would get in touch with Chrysler and get back with us. We were offered $600 to repair the defective paint and had 90 days to decide. We would then have to have the car painted, take the car back to the dealer, they would then file the claim with Chrysler and we would have to wait for a check. They did not want to help get the proper paint job done. This offer would not even buy the supplies to do a quality paint job. We are not trying to get any money out of this; we only want the quality paint job we purchased with the car.

This is bad advertising for Chrysler. A lady at work told me she had thought about buying a Dodge, but changed her mind after seeing the paint disappear on my car. I know I would have second thoughts about buying a Chrysler car after seeing this. The car is dependable and must be fixed soon to avoid further damage.

A quality factory paint job should last ten years or longer, not five years and less. I believe that Chrysler should take action to correct this issue and not insult its customers with an offer like this. I know Chrysler had paint problems until 1997 and offered secret warranties to repaint vehicles up to seven years; you still have the problem in 1998.

I have an estimate of $2404 to repair the visible damage. This is not to actually repair the defective paint, as that would require completely stripping the car to the metal, because in all probability the rest of the car will suffer from disappearing paint in the future.

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Anonymous on 11/18/2003:
I have a 2001 sebring convt. and it was a beautiful dark blue but now the clearcoat is peeling off in round circles. I took it to the dealership and they didn't help, district warranty admin, and he wouldn't help and last the Chrysler 1-800 line and they won't even address the paint problem. I was told it was from bugs on my car! Amazing as my car is garage kept and washed once a week.
I am going to small claims court. Not hard to do and if I am going to have to pay for my repair myself I am going to make them pay for it in another way.
donna on 11/05/2011:
Iknow what your saying. we have a dodge dakota quad cab 2000. bought it brand new off the storeroom floor. we went to a nascar race in mich., and the motor started knocking. good thing we took out the extended warranty. it didn't even have 3000 mi. on it yet. come to find out , that the factory never polished the crank shaft. so it had to get a new crank shaft and bearings. after we called Chrysler of course! then shortly after that,the trans wasn't shifting right. took it back again and they had to put a new tourque converter and valve body in it. since then the clear coat has been deteriorating on this once beautiful black truck. the roof,its gone, the hood,almost gone, same with fenders and every where else. I look around, and cannot believe how many of the same or similar vehicles have this problem. I know Chrysler is aware of this and yet will not even aknowledge the problem. we also had the issues with the ball joints,but my husband,who is a damn good mechanic,corrected the problem long before the recall came out. there also was the recall on the steering and we had to replace both rt and lft motors for the power windows. both of the leaf springs broke while driving down the road and came up through the bed of the truck. empty! I think its rusting from the underside out. what a cheap piece of @#$*! I will never own another Chrysler product again, even if someone trys to give it to me! they won't back their product. I cannot wait to see what happens next!
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