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False and Misleading Sales Practices
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MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- In August 2004 we went to David Stanley Dodge dealership in Midwest City, OK to purchase a new van. We found one we liked and began negotiations. After many back and forths over the payment we were told we were approved for a van and the payment would be $521. a month for 48 months. We had never bought a new car before so this sounded reasonable to us. We went into the financing office and began to sign papers.

We were told that the paper we had sign out with the salesperson was preliminary and the papers we were to sign in the finance office was just a formality and contained the same thing as the paper we had signed in the salesman's office which said $521 a month for 48 months. We signed the papers one by one with each presented to us as a formality nothing to worry about.

Forty eight months later when the van was paid off we found that there was something to worry about. We had signed a BALLOON note and we still owed $10,000. We didn't have $10,000 and the van was only worth $5500. So they took the van. Now we are out over $25,000 and no van to show for it. If I could find anyone else who was taken advantage of by David Stanley in this manner, I would join in a class action suit against them. I know there has to be others who were duped like this. Any takers?

Chrysler Financial Customer Service
By -

I bought my first Chrysler in 1994. I spent about $25,000 on a Jeep Cherokee after interest. Since then I've leased four vehicles through them for a total of about $85,000 that has gone from my wallet to their company. So what do you do with a client who spends that kind of money with your company? Apparently nothing. Our business has gotten lean and I've been a week or two late on some payments, although not 30 days over. What I get is a barrage of phone calls, sometimes five or six a day from early in the morning until late at night.

Meanwhile I have clients who are struggling and I work with them because I value the relationship. If Chrysler had any clue, they would assign a personal representative to long term clients to show that they value the loyalty and relationship. Their customer service has really soured me to Chrysler. I'm looking at a different line of cars next round.

Extended Warranty
By -

I will never buy another vehicle without extended Warranty coverage, even if I have to finance it with the purchase of the vehicle. In 2000 I bought a new Dodge Caravan. Before this car had 97,000 miles on it I had to have either the transmission and or the torque converter replaced 5 times at an average of $2,500.00 a pop. Luckily I had bought an extended warranty which I paid cash for. The first failure occurred at 38,000 miles and the fifth at 97,000. Since we were traveling all over the southern U.S. at the time, these failures often left us stranded in cities 5-6 hundred miles from home and involved the use of five different dealerships replacing the transmission. I

n fixing it when it failed for the fifth time, the mechanic discovered that the auxiliary transmission cooler had been defective since manufacture. This should have been detected by each of the first four mechanics who worked on the transmission, but the "pencil whipped" the transmission cooling line pressure test because there, "was never anything wrong" with those lines.

The last failure had damaged the torque converter so it had to be replaced along with a new auxiliary transmission cooler. I put another 70,000 miles on the car after the last fix with no problems, and have since given it to my daughter who is still driving it, and it now has over 200,000 miles on it and runs like a new one.

Rudeness, Incompetence At Customer Service And Collection
By -

PATERSON, NEW JERSEY -- In October of 2008, after not having had a job for 3 months, I fell behind on my lease payment. Immediately after the grace period, I would receive calls from collectors sometimes 5 times a week. After I explained my situation to the first two callers and that I would be able to catch up with my payments by the due date next month, I was still urged to make a payment per telephone.

I would also constantly hear that this would ruin my credit rating. No kidding, I did not know that. Anyway I was able to make my payments as I said in November. Now in December as always I am trying to make my payment online but for almost one week, they are experiencing technical difficulties. The Customer Service assures me I can pay over the phone but it would cost $9.00 and I would incur a late fee of $25. It seems to me that this dysfunctional bunch is trying to save their lousy company with late fees. Tomorrow would not be soon enough for this company to fail.

Collection Agents Rude and Disrespectful During This Failing Economy
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Chrysler Financial customer service dept is so rude and disrespectful. They call you 5 times in a day and the way they talk to you is uncalled for because for me that is not going to help send a payment any quicker if I'm going through financial issues especially in this economy. The place I worked for shut down out of my control causing me to fall behind 2 payments. Instead of trying to help me with arrangements I was asked do I enjoy driving my car as if to say we are going to take your car instead of helping me with other options.

I can't believe these are the tactics used by Chrysler to collect because in the long run you're hurting potential customers by doing so because I will never use Chrysler Financial for financing and will tell everyone I know not too because it's not worth the aggravation.

Parts Pricing Discrepancy
By -

I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. The driver's door power window failed. What breaks is a plastic piece that attaches the cables to the window slide. You cannot buy this piece that breaks. You must purchase the entire regulator assembly. The motor, gearbox, bracket, cables, and window slide.

I ordered this assembly from the local Dodge dealer. The part cost $200.00. When the part arrived the mounting studs did not match the original one. They did some additional research and determined there was an error in the parts manual revisions. A second part was ordered. This one cost $142.00. I opened the box and lo and behold this part was EXACTLY the same as the $200.00 part. However, included in the box was a screw and template to drill new holes in the door to accommodate the new mount. I also noted that the new part still has this part that fails made of plastic.

Two years ago I also replaced the window regulator assembly for the right rear door. It had failed in the same way. At that time the cost was $104.00. I wrote to Chrysler for an explanation of this pricing disparity. They had no response as to why the two identical parts had two very different prices. They just don't seem to care. No surprise though. Most corporations have contempt for customers that question them.

Rude & Nasty Customer Service
By -

I recently had the WORSE experience of my life with Chrysler Financial. I am currently going through a rough divorce and have also moved to a totally new city and had fallen behind in a payment (unintentionally). I contacted Chrysler financial to work out a payment plan to bring my account current and while speaking with the customer service agent I received another call from a **, another customer service agent, who ended up leaving a very, very nasty and rude and disrespectful message on my cell phone.

When I got home that evening I was informed by my sister that he had also called there and was very rude to her and when she told him that he needed to speak with me regarding the account and that she could take a number and have me call him back he proceeded to discuss my account details with her anyway. When I called the 800 number listed on my invoice to place a complaint I was transferred to yet another customer service agent who was also rude, nasty and disrespectful and refused to give his name. I explained (again) the situation and asked for a supervisor or manager to which his response was, "We don't have supervisors or Managers that you can speak with."

I then asked for an email address to where I can send a complaint and once again was told, "We don't have an email where you can send complaints." He then stated "Maybe if you would keep your account current then you wouldn't have to worry about people calling you being rude, leaving nasty voice mails and speaking to 3rd parties about your account" and he then hung up on me. I was so appalled and upset that I didn't even call back. I sent a letter to EVERY address that I could find for Daimler/Chrysler and I went on the internet and saw that there were MANY other people who have had similar experiences to mine and it is truly disturbing.

I had to explain my situation to at least 4 different customer service agents and out of the 4 only 1 was understanding. It's not like I'm not trying to pay my bill. If I wasn't then I wouldn't have initiated a call to them to make arrangements to bring the account current. Their agents talk to you as if you are just some kind of a deadbeat or a child. They are very rude and disrespectful. Being in a customer service based field myself, I know that respect and confidentiality are key factors to customer satisfaction.

It's also a fact that "WORD OF MOUTH" can destroy a company but I guess that Chrysler Financial doesn't care about customer service or customer satisfaction. If this is the type of service that I have to look forward to w/ Chrysler Financial then I'm truly sorry that I EVER became a customer and will NEVER finance another vehicle through them. I will also advise ALL OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS to do the same. Regretfully a Chrysler Financial Customer.

Morons at Chrysler
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Apparently Chrysler Financial has nothing but morons working for them. I have been having problems since December, 2004. I had a Chrysler Voyager which was leased. We also had a Dodge Ram truck. We took the leased van back and traded the truck in for a new 2005 Chrysler Sebring. Nice car.

The first complaint is that Chrysler had the van inspected (because it was leased) for any damage and/or mileage overage. When I got home from work and found the paperwork left by the guy who inspected the vehicle I was shocked to learn that he put down we had gone over our mileage. I know this wasn't so because I had checked our contract and we had gotten the highest amount we could which was 15,000 miles a year (4 years), 60,000. We were under at that time by about 8,000 miles.

However, the inspector had us at 45,000 miles per our contract and had put down the amount from our odometer. Hence we were over. I called them about this and stated that our contract was for 60,000 miles and we were not over. After all was said and done when we returned the leased van and traded the truck, we came out with the Chrysler Sebring and thought everything was okay. This has not been the case.

First of all, Chrysler Financial has sent me invoices stating I owe for the damage and the mileage overage. This was not the case because at the time of the financing for the new vehicle, everything was rolled into the new loan which was written up by the dealership. There was no mileage overage because we were still under by a few thousand miles. However, when Chrysler Financial got the paperwork they took the mileage from the truck as the mileage from the van even though the paperwork states the mileage is from the Dodge Ram.

So here they have payment for the damage and they are trying to get money for mileage overage that doesn't exist. Now they claim there is a disposition fee of $275.00. Nothing was ever mentioned to me during the sale of the new vehicle. I also do not have a bill from Chrysler stating that is all that is owed. No, I have bills coming to me regarding damage and mileage overage.

When I spoke to someone on the phone the beginning of May (2005) I first had to go through the whole spiel about what had been transpiring about what is owed. (I have been doing this since December, 2004). I said if that is all that is owed (and I still am not sure about any disposition fee) I would pay it. I was asked to pay it over the phone (a $7.00 fee) and at first I was going to. Then I thought better of it because if Chrysler still doesn't have their file right (or their system) that I don't have for any mileage overage then I don't want them to have access to my credit card and at some point decide that if they can't get me to pay on my own that they take it themselves. (This has been done by other companies.)

I told that person I would mail in the payment. I did not state I would mail it that day. I did tell her that I wanted a new bill stating that all I owe is the disposition fee of $275 and that everything else has been straightened out. I had recently sold my house and put everything in storage (prior to our move out of state). I got a post office box and at the same time I had a change of address put in. I never received anything from Chrysler.

I received a call on my cell phone on Wednesday, June 1 while I was at the doctor's office. I didn't get his name but he apparently was my "account manager." He asked me if I was going to make the payment. I told him I was still waiting for the invoice. He told me I had to make a payment right then or he would send my file to the collection agency. I snapped. I told him he better not send me to a collection agency, that I had requested a bill and that I wasn't going to pay it over the phone.

He got nasty, I got nasty. I told him I wanted to speak to his manager. He refused to let me speak to a manager. All he said that he was going to note that I refused to make payment and that he was going to send it to a collection agency. I stated I never refused to pay anything, I just wasn't going to pay it over the phone. Needless to say he hung up on me and I never got to speak to a supervisor.

I had to call 411 to get Chrysler's 800 number which I was connected to. The first gentleman I spoke to pulled my file up and stated I owed $766 (plus change). I quickly got irate with him because he I was told I only owed $275.00. (See what I mean about getting their file and system in order?) He put me through to someone else **. She said she was the one I spoke to last time and that her file states I said I would send the payment on the 14th.

This is not what I said I told her the other girl I spoke to I told her that I wanted a new invoice stating all I owed was the $275 since I keep getting invoices with different amounts and clearly every time I call I owe something different. I asked to speak to her supervisor. Of course when I asked them what they titles were I was told they were some sort of a supervisor. I don't believe them. I was told that they have the authority to do things, but when asked for them to do something for you (like extend a few days) they can't.

I was told that they hold a file for 25 days and yet they held mine for 30 and now it was going to a collection agency. First of all, I worked for a law firm for 16 years and never once did I ever hear of anyone being sent to a collection agency after only 30 days. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she refused to let me talk to anyone else. She said I can make a payment over the phone ($7.00 fee) by 10:00 that night. Otherwise, if I didn't, it would be sent to a collection agency.

I told her that I wasn't going to pay the $7.00 fee for the check by phone and I certainly wasn't going to pay for a credit agency. Since Chrysler is contracted with them they can pay. She told me that they mailed me a bill. I never got it. She said that was the Post Office's fault. That's funny, I got all of their other mail.

Needless to say all I got was rudeness, inconsideration, and downright attitude. I hung up on her. When I got home that night I immediately went to the Chrysler website and sent them an email. Chrysler employees talk to you, the customer, like you don't have a choice. They think they are intimidating you but don't let them.

Get back at them. Take a stand. Don't let them bully you. They don't think you know the law. Even if you know the law, they think they have their own law.

Also keep a journal of your troubles with Chrysler (or any company) when you have a dispute. Keep all paperwork. I don't know what these people are thinking (the ones who work for Chrysler) but I believe they are in for a rude awakening. Not by me, but by all of us.

False Information, Fraud, and Rude Customer Service
By -

RAYVILLE, MISSOURI -- In march/april 2007, my 22 year old daughter purchased a used 1999 Honda crv from a local dealer and used Chrysler's financial services to finance the balance she owed on the vehicle. She is a full-time student who has consistently paid her monthly account bills on time or before they were due. On November 26, 2007, my daughter was involved in an automobile accident. She is/was fully insured by state farm insurance, who reviewed the accident and later (e.g., within a week) deemed the vehicle a total loss.

Within approximately a week, on behalf of my daughter I made contact with Chrysler financial services to notify them of the accident and to make them aware that, at the time, the insurance company was wanting to "total" the vehicle. At that time, I spoke with a representative in the insurance resolution group (male representative, foreign accent – contacted through #800-556-8172) who assured me that should we choose to retain the vehicle (e.g., salvage), take the insurance settlement minus salvage, and have the vehicle repaired to "factory standards" as per state farm, that Chrysler financial services would maintain my daughter's loan with the vehicle as collateral and that my daughter would not be required to pay off the loan in full, but could continue to make payments.

Currently, her balance is approximately $1,700. During the course of resolving the accident issues with state farm and the collision repair shops, I contacted Chrysler financial services two more times to verify that the information I had been given was accurate so that we (e.g., my daughter and I) could make a final decision to either retain or repair the vehicle. On all three occasions, I spoke with the same individual at Chrysler who assured us all three times that there would not be a problem, even with the insurance company wanting to declare the vehicle a "total loss."

Furthermore, this individual stated that he would note my daughter's account with the status so that it would be referenceable for future representatives. On all three occasions, this individual also indicated that what would be needed for Chrysler financial to continue to maintain the loan would be: The original state farm insurance estimate, a work order from the collision shop, a letter of satisfaction from my daughter following the repairs to the vehicle stating that it had been repaired to her satisfaction, the insurance settlement check, which was made out to my daughter, myself, and Chrysler financial. The representative assured us that Chrysler would sign the check so that we could pay the shop for the repairs.

Again, this individual stated on all three occasions that these were acceptable to Chrysler financial and that there would be no consequences against my daughter's loan status. On January 7, 2008, we (my daughter and I) sent the above referenced items to Chrysler financial via express mail. The items were delivered on January 8, 2008 at 6:53 am and signed for by **. As we had not received the signed check from Chrysler financial as of Friday, January 11, 2008, we contacted Chrysler financial and were told that they had never received the items listed above. At that time, we used our tracking number with the post office and verified that they had indeed received the above items.

Further attempts to speak with representatives within Chrysler financial netted the same "we don't have it answer," until late Friday when I was finally able to reach **, who said she could not discuss the account with me until my daughter ** verified that I had access to her account. On Tuesday, 1/15/08, at approximately 2:00 p.m. (Central time), my daughter and I again contacted Chrysler financial to determine the status of the check as we had not received any information from Chrysler financial regarding our previous inquiries. We were again told that Chrysler did not have the check, to which we responded that they did indeed as per the post office, at which time the representative looked again and noticed that the check was "held up" as non-endorsable.

As per further investigation, the representative (e.g., ** and then the supervisor **) told us that Chrysler financial would not honor their original agreement with us (as stated above) because the insurance company had deemed the vehicle a total loss. I again reiterated that we had already spoken with a representative (the same individual) on all three occasions who had said that Chrysler would indeed honor the agreement given the items listed above. We were passed from rude representative to representative and I finally requested to speak with a supervisor regarding the manner. After being disconnected several times, I was finally transferred to ** voice mail and received a return call from her at approximately 5:30 pm.

Upon speaking with **, I was again told that Chrysler would not honor the agreement as stated above because the insurance company had deemed the vehicle a total loss. I explained to ** that we (e.g., my daughter and I) had made the decision regarding the vehicle based upon false information provided by her department and that I did not feel it should be our responsibility to absorb the consequences given that her department did not have the wherewithal to review their own policy and verify that policy. I furthermore indicated that the vehicle, which has indeed been repaired to "factory standards" is certainly worth the balance on the loan as a collateral vehicle and that state farm is containing to provide full coverage insurance on the vehicle based upon those repairs.

I further iterated that based upon the information provided by her department, the vehicle had been repaired and that there was now an outstanding $6,166 balance due to the collision shop, the amount of the check which Chrysler financial is refusing to sign. ** continued to be combative and rude, stated that we should "read our contract," and made excuses for Chrysler financial's ineptness and false information regarding the repairs to the vehicle. At that time, I asked ** to speak with her supervisor, which she declined, stating that "there is nobody else who can or will speak with you."

I told her that this was unacceptable, demanded that the check be returned, and stated that my daughter would not be paying off the balance on the loan, but that she would continue to make timely payments on the loan with Chrysler until the matter was resolved. Furthermore, I informed ** that I would be going well above her head within the Chrysler corporation to resolve the matter. ** then stated that she was going to close the account and report my daughter to the collections department for not paying the loan. To my knowledge, Chrysler financial cannot do this as they have accepted my daughter's payments and have "cashed" those payments each and every time.

Given the information above and the inadequacy and inept behavior of the insurance resolution group, I do not feel that my daughter (who is a full time student) should have to relinquish $1,700 of the insurance settlement check to pay off a loan that is in good standing nor do I feel that Chrysler financial should "stronghold" and "threaten" her or the status of this loan to achieve its own wishes. Furthermore, based upon the repairs performed by the shop as well as assessments by state farm, the repaired vehicle is more than worth the balance of the loan in a collateral situation. Ultimately, however, this situation would not have arisen had Chrysler financial provided us with accurate information from the beginning.

This most certainly would have made a difference in how the matter was addressed and would not have placed us in a financial hardship pending coming up with $1,700 to cover the loan. Not only has Chrysler financial demonstrated less than acceptable customer service relations, they have provided false and fraudulent information to the customer, failed to investigate and understand their own policies, and are now covering their own inept "asses" by punishing the customer. We are certainly more than willing to honor our loan and continue timely payments to Chrysler corporation, but will not suffer the consequences that have arisen due to Chrysler's own stupidity.

The customer should never be punished for an employee's inability to comprehend, understand, and/or investigate a matter such that the matter escalates and spins out of control to the detriment of a) the customer and b) Chrysler financials further interactions with potential customers. We have tried to locate an email address to complain to parties that are not customer service and have been completely unsuccessful. I guess Chrysler must have something to hide, eh? Note: anybody considering using Chrysler financial to finance their vehicle should definitely consider going somewhere else! Chrysler financial does not care about the customer, is willing to lie to the customer rather than accurately present facts, and will bully at all costs!

Chrysler 300 Piece of Junk
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Only looks good when new in the showroom. After 1 year driven, almost everything on the vehicle started rattling and falling apart.

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