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Bad Ball Joints
By -

I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber I bought new. I now have 60,000 miles. Both front end ball joints have gone bad. I was told this is not normal for this to happen. I also been told that this is a problem with these Calibers.

Greedy Sons of a Gun.
By -

SHAWNEE MISSION, KANSAS -- Was given a payout quote on 6/29 and told I had 10 days at that quote. On 7/2, paid off loan well within the 10 days and guess what, they would not honor the quote! They charged more. For the employees at Chrysler I spoke with, who would not help or honor their quote, what goes around, comes around. What would they do if they lost their jobs??? After all, with the economy the way it is, it could happen. :-)

Left With an Unsafe Vehicle
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I have a 2004 Pacifica that I cannot operate safely because the motor mounts are broken. I have not been able to locate motor mounts for this vehicle. The dealer where I bought this vehicle said that the parts have been on backorder since early December.

Dodge Confused About the Capabilities of Their Sprinter Dealers
By -

I have a Dodge truck and Chrysler cannot give me accurate information on where I can get service done on it. They've repeatedly given me misinformation. Now they've moved corporate customer service to India. The Indians aren't any clearer on the matter than the Americans.

It just astounds me that Chrysler is so complacent about the matter. It's as though high school kids are running the company. I have this picture in my head of company executives taking refuge in Starbucks all day or playing video games from 9-5. They sure don't seem to be taking care of business.

Lease Return Nightmare
By -

On June 29th, 2007 we returned our leased dodge caravan to our local Chrysler dealership. At this time the dealership inspected the vehicle with a fine tooth comb. The van did have a small dent in the rear quarter panel and we did point this out and covered the financial cost of repairing this damage. Besides this dent there was no other damage and the dealership signed us off of the van. We then proceeded to sign a new lease on a new van.

All seemed fine for five months, when we received a telephone call from Chrysler Canada financial on Nov 28th 2007, asking us why we had not yet responded to the letter they had sent us and how did we plan on paying for the $7,000.00 worth of hail damage on the vehicle. I advised them we had received no such letter and more importantly that when we handed the van in there was no hail damage on the van. Well they insisted there was and that this matter was in the hands of Chrysler credit collections department! I again told this lady that we had never received any such letter and would she please fax a copy of this letter off to me asap.

Well that fax was never sent and it took a week of constant calling our dealership before we were able to get a response back from Chrysler collections. We did not have possession of the van for almost 5 months and therefore no care or control of the van. I gather there was indeed a lot of hail damage on the van which clearly happened once Chrysler took possession of the van. What it all boiled down too was Chrysler Canada was not interested in follow the paper trail on this van and arbitrarily decided that we, the lessors of the van would pay for the damage.

Be very careful when you hand back a leased vehicle. Do not take the dealership's word for anything. Take pictures of your returned vehicle and have the dealership sign off on those pictures. Chrysler is interested in one thing and one thing only.. the almighty buck at any cost and to hell with the customer. Unless that customer hasn't yet made the deal, then they care a whole lot. Once the deal is made.. to heck with them!

Paying Off My Lease Was a Nightmare!!
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- In August 2004 I leased a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica from Chrysler Financial for 3 yrs. On July 30, 2007 I decided to purchase the vehicle. I went to a local bank and refinanced the vehicle. They sent a cashier's check to Chrysler on July 30, 2007. They check cleared on August 10th. On September 4, 2007 I received a letter from Chrysler stating that I was in default of my loan (that had a ZERO balance) because they needed the "Vehicle Purchase Package". This package was sent via Fed Ex to my previous address.

The finance department had my new address, but evidently the lease area did not. On September 4th, 2007, I dealt with **, Lease Maturity Advisor-Remarketing Operation. She sent me via email the package. I completed it and faxed it back to her. I know she received it because she sent me an email bank. The copy of my driver's license did not make the fax for some reason, but I just found that out today.

On October 10th, myself and the loan officer at the bank where I refinanced both left multiple messages for ** regarding where the title to my car was. No response!! This morning at 6 AM, Chrysler sent a tow company to repossess my car that is paid off!! They said I owed $66!! I have been on the telephone all day dealing with this. I finally got a hold of ** and she told me that she did not call me or email me to tell me that she did not receive the copy of my license because and I quote "I am not her customer".

She said that she has lots of other customers to deal with and that the representative that handled my account had made calls (to my old telephone number). The funny thing is that my name, address, telephone number, cell phone number, and fax number was on all of the emails that she received from me. I can't get her supervisor to call me back and I just found out that they have now sent a check back to my bank rejecting my pay off that they already cashed!!

They told me that I would have to go through a local dealership to buy my car AGAIN! Are they crazy!! This is the most ridiculous thing I has ever happened to me in my life! I will never deal with Chrysler Financial again! I will never BUY another Chrysler product again because of the way I have been treated! I am outraged at their customer service! If they worked for me, I would fire them!

Passenger Door Noise
By -

PEORIA, ARIZONA -- On April 21, 2005, I purchased a brand new 2005 Chrysler 300-C Hemi from Moore Chrysler and Jeep, located at 8600 Bell Road, Peoria, Arizona 85382. After driving it a very short time, I discovered a wind-like noise coming from the passenger door side of the vehicle. I returned it to Moore Chrysler Jeep dealership on May 6, 2005 for correction. The dealership test drove it and indicated that the noise may not be fixed and stated that the make, model,and year of this vehicle has known problem, but they did indicate that they would attempt a window run and special ordered the part with mileage at 360.

On May 13, 2005, I returned my car to the dealership for installation of the window run. After installation, the test run still revealed the "noise" and a determination was that "it was not an air leak, but turbulence from door and body with chassis ears". Hence, the noise did not go away. **, the shop manager stated that the problem was a Chrysler known problem and Chrysler is working on the fix. ** also informed me that he had about 10 other customers complaining of the same noise problem with their recently new purchases of the 300-C's. He also related to me that he has had customers come from other dealerships for assistance in resolving the noise problem.

I called the customer service at DaimlerChrysler on May 16, 2005 and spoke with ** who told me that there was no such problem recorded in his research and that I as a customer should go to another dealership. To put it in layman's terms, this is truly a "passing the buck" scenario. I would appreciate your assistance in contacting someone who can be of some assistance to me. This noise is irritating and an extreme annoyance and something that should be resolved promptly. I don't feel that a $40,000 vehicle should sound like an approaching tornado.

Perhaps Class Action Lawsuit Will Spark Change
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- My 2007 Dodge Charger I purchased in May 2007 and only had 6,500 miles on it. Well I started noticing small things such as the headlights guts had fallen out inside the head lamp, paint chips, etc. Got those fixed and a few minor scratches that were there when I purchased it. I then was noticing the speedometer would jump from 80 mph to 20 mph and then back to 80 mph without changing the actual speed of the car. About a week ago, as I sat at a light going to lunch, the car sputtered and choked but didn't die (I thought it was going to). I brushed that off thinking it was because the idle dropped too low and then since it didn't die I thought nothing of it.

Sometime Wednesday (Aug. 1, 2007) it started with a squeaking (under the hood). It stopped shortly after it started so I brushed that off too. Nothing happened on Thursday. BUT FRIDAY was a whole new ball game. The car drove fine for the most part but it started squawking and under the hood was rattling like the idler pulley was loose. I turned it off called David Stanley Dodge service and they were closing in 30 minutes. I grabbed the kids, the keys, and headed out there. I started the car back up the noise was gone. SO, I thought great maybe they will tell me nothing is wrong with it.

About 7 miles from home, on the highway, it felt like the transmission was slipping, so I started to pull over and the car died ON THE HIGHWAY. I thought perhaps the serpentine belt came off and I lost power/steering etc. NEVER did a light "ding" come on warning me of any problems. The temp gauge still showed cool. I pulled over and it was so hot it was almost an hour before the roadside service got there. They towed it to DS Dodge and of course they closed 30 minutes ago. So I wouldn't know anything until Saturday.

I called Saturday and they said "well, it won't start." I said "yeah, I know" DUH!!! There is water in the engine! Pouring out antifreeze from somewhere?!? Now I am still waiting the outcome. I sure hope it's covered. Perhaps there should be a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT if these cars keeps effing up and they continue to blame loyal customers for faulty, crappy products!!!

Harassing Phone Calls and Violation to My Privacy
By -

Two years ago my husband and I purchased a Dodge Ram pickup from Chrylser. We never had any problems until Sept. of 2005. You see, I live in Mississippi and as everyone in the world knows last year MS and LA were hit with the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States. We are all still TRYING to bounce back from this devastation emotionally, physically, and financially. My husband who owns his own business lost over 80% of his income due to hurricane Katrina.

In the month of October our income for the month was $300. We came close to losing everything. I helped my husband with his business but because of the lack of income I had to find work elsewhere, not making nearly what my husband's normal income was. Because of this huge loss of income we got behind on our truck note. Did Chrysler care what we were going through? Hell no, they just wanted to know why we haven't paid and when were we going to pay. I told them numerous times that we were struggling financially due to Katrina, but they continued to harass us numerous times daily.

It is now August of 2006 and almost a year since Katrina, and my husband and I are just now starting to get our feet back on the ground financially. However, Chrysler has gone through great lengths to find out my neighbor's name and phone number, my brother-in-law's name and phone number, and my mother-in-law's name and phone number. They have contacted each of these people about me and told my mother-in-law that I was behind on my note. By the way, I'm only one month behind!

Today Sheila ** of Chrysler Financial called me and demanded that I make a payment today. When I asked her about the phone calls to my family and neighbor, she called me a liar. She then said that she was tired of hearing about hurricane Katrina and that we should have the money. When I asked to speak to her supervisor or for a number, she refused to give it to me and hung up.

My husband is an attorney, a trial lawyer to be exact. I will be filing a lawsuit against Chrysler Financial for calling anyone other than me or my husband and disclosing any information concerning me and for the continuous harassing phone calls. We will also start a class action lawsuit against Chrysler Financial.

5 Months Waiting for a Title, Poor Customer Service
By -

WA -- Wow, first off let me say I am not surprised to see so many complaints in regards to Chrysler Financial. I too have a bad experience with them. My husband and I paid off our vehicle in February which we had financed through CF (we were never late on a payment either). I requested the title within days of the payoff check clearing. I was told no problem, I should receive within 6-8 weeks. Of course it never came, and so I called again. Once again I was told that he would make sure it was sent out. About a month and a half ago I called again because I still did not have the title in my hand. The female CS told me "I am going to be quite honest, it has not been sent out". Great!

We have been waiting since February for the title, and a few months ago we decided we want to sell it. Well since I was assured it would arrive within a few weeks (she would put a rush on it), we found a buyer for the vehicle. In WA state however, I cannot sell it without a title. So I call again yesterday, and after spending the majority of my day calling WA DMV and CF, I find it was never sent. I did receive a letter by the way from CF stating that it was sent 2 weeks ago to the DMV. They of course did not send it via any trackable means, just regular mail, and so now the DMV considers it lost.

It took a bit to get a supervisor on the phone from CF the last time I called, and when I did I was not pleased. He first informed me that from now on, I need to explain the entire situation to a CS rep before being transferred to a supervisor, and that I needed to know that it was a special case that he got on the phone. I told him that I was quite aware of the fact that they had also been calling the DMV looking for the title, and that they record notes from each phone call I have made. I also mentioned that I did not feel like wasting another 15 minutes of my time explaining how many phone calls it has taken to request a title that is legally mine. He did seem to understand that.

So to make a long story short, CF treated me great when I made my payments, however when I paid off the vehicle earlier than expected, there were no signs of customer service or responsibility from them at all. I can honestly say that I will never purchase another vehicle through them or any place of business associated with them.

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