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PI Lost in Mail
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Rating: 3/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- I opened an account with Citizens Bank in December 2016 (around the 10th or 12th not sure of exact date). I was told my debit card and PIN would arrive, separately, within 7-10 business days. 2 1/2 weeks go by and nothing. I then call and am told a 2nd debit card would be sent with the same PIN as the first. I explain that the first was never received and am told a PIN will also be sent. My card arrives a week later, no PIN, I wait 2 days, still nothing and call, "It will 100% arrive by tomorrow". 3 days later, still nothing.

I call again, speak to the RUDEST man, I am told that a 2nd PIN was never sent and that it would be $12 to get another sent because I want it expedited since it has now been over a month with no PIN and I am severely limited on my card due to this. He says that it doesn't matter, Citizens holds no responsibility for me "not checking" my mail. Mind you, I have received every other piece of mail sent to me and he also just admitted that a 2nd PIN was never sent as promised. When I stated that the 2nd PIN was never sent he denied ever saying it, before every call it is said to be recorded, I told him to put me on hold, rewind and listen to himself.

After dealing with his lies and rudeness for another 3 minutes, I asked to speak to a supervisor, I refused to pay the $12 fee. I was put on hold for FIFTEEN MINUTES AND NEVER GIVEN A SUPERVISOR!!! But the jerk got back on and could all of a sudden waive the fee. I was told the PIN would arrive emergency status by Monday, and no signature needed.

Well, today is Tuesday and no PIN. I call again and get Gina, she was AWESOME and the ONLY reason I am not closing my account. She explained that the jerk from Saturday did not put my delivery through until today and also that she could set up my online banking over the phone with no PIN (a question I asked in every single previous call). I called tonight with every intention of closing, but Gina changed my mind. I will still close if I have one more even slightly bad experience with their customer service reps, they should all be like Gina, she is great.

86 Year Old Customer Gets Hurt On Bank Property And They Refuse To Pay Ambulance Bill
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Rating: 1/51

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My 86 year old mother was knocked down by the wind entering the bank (it was on a high wind alert day 11/21/16). She sustained injuries and the door entrance was subsequently closed and needed to be repaired after the accident. The bank called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She had an MRI and quite a head bruise and was very kind and nice about everything.

When she received the $1420 ambulance bill she called the bank to see if they would assume responsibility for it. They simply sent it to their insurance carrier Liberty Mutual who denied it because the bank does not carry medical coverage payments. In fact I spoke to Liberty Mutual and they said it wasn't a slip and fall case and they did not have to act as if they should have known something could happen on a bad weather day because she didn't fall, it was an act of God.

So we have a long time senior customer who goes to the bank, gets whacked on her head by a door, they call for medical attention because she is a senior and then release themselves of doing the right thing for someone is injured on their property. Great customer consideration. I say find another bank who takes responsibility for their customers.

Overdraft Fee Charged but No Overdraft
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Rating: 2/51

NEW JERSEY -- I was overdrafted a fee for a pre-authorized debit. They decided to pay 1 day but the next day they changed their mind and reversed the payment but still charged me the overdraft fee. 😡😠 I've banked with them for quite sometime but this is unacceptable and within the next month after my money has all come in and I have found a new bank I won't hesitate to leave and never look back. Please don't waste your time or money with this bank.

Boat Repo
By -

PO BOX 1790 FLINT, MICHIGAN -- My family as well as the rest of the country has fallen on bad times. I am a boat owner for the last 6 years who has struggled with a payment that was never supposed to be mine longer than a month. To make a long story short, I have had to struggle with this burdensome payment that has put my family's well being at an additional risk since I have been injured, laid off, and lost my personal business.

I had advised Citizens of my job status, communicated, asked to have the loan modified, I made sale efforts recently and successfully was able to sell the boat, or so I thought. I connected the bank and buyer and both parties had decided on a price of 20k discounted from 27k and to take the boat on a cash deal.

The auction price of this particular 21' Crownline and trailer even with the low 300 hrs would probably bring 10 to 12k I had been advised by many local boat dealers and buyers. All that being said, we the buyer and I asked the case worker lady to provide us with the bank wiring instructions and the buyer would wire the 20k immediately. The buyer had viewed and inspected the boat and immediately offered 5000.00 Cash to put down and to wire the balance within 24 hrs!

Apparently bank changed their decision without warning and did not provide the wire instructions to us or answer our constant phone calls for two days... I personally called at noon to the bank and asked politely via our case workers voice mail to please call back so we could find out what's was going on? 45 Min before their close of business time on the 10th of November (the dead line date), the nice lady who I had been dealing with got nasty and said we had not called and that we were now passed the given dead line!

I was very angry and asked if they were one of the banks that had taken the federal bailout money and if that was how they were going to pay my boat off and double their money? After the heated discussion I offered to return the boat and even drive it to the repossession man who I had spoken with multiple times previously. After hanging up at 5:00 pm the buyer called and said he spoke to the seller twice and was waiting on final closing instructions and we are still 8 days later!

I am trying desperately to keep a repo. And or a bankrupt off my record by paying this boat payment by feeding my family Mac and Cheese without gifts special treats or turkey for holidays and Christmas the past 2 years going on 3 we were on temporary disability and loans from friends! I can't believe that America is being manipulated by such crooked banks and employees! This is crippling Americans and our economy!

Instead of Citizens Bank of flint Michigan taking nearly double the auction price they would rather bankrupt a small American family who has taken bread off their table and assumed a personal responsibility for helping their institution sell a boat saving the bank thousands in repossession and legal costs!

These selfish narrow minded folks are not willing to do their jobs and cooperate civilly to save their corporation from a larger loss that might require them to do their job correctly and fight to help a fellow Americans family who cooperated and communicated honestly during the loan, and went out of their way to find a solution to their own personal 6 year family problem rather than take the easy way out and bankrupt on their personal debt!

Shame on these crooks in flint. Imagine this; if every boat, house, or car owner in default would try to be responsible, citizens could save 10 k per loan possibly like I am trying to! At that point citizens might be able to fix this little balance problem they have.

Companies » bank (public) citizens republic Bancorp $300,000,000 committed 0.3% of bank bailout commitment 0.1% of total bailout commitment. Disbursed $300,000,000, returned $0 revenue to gov't $13,875,000 net outstanding $286,125,000. Jump to table of transactions, profile, sec filings, Google finance static map? Corporate headquarters of citizens republic Bancorp. Flint, Mich. See all recipients in Michigan.

Awful Loan Process
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Rating: 1/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- While working with Citizens Bank to secure a construction loan we were required to provide documentation multiple times, even after documenting that we had previously submitted it. Every timeframe for each process they provided was incorrect and always took much longer. Our loan processor lost our paperwork and instead of telling anyone, did nothing, which resulted in us having to submit the paperwork again. The Vice President – Sales Manager then took over our application, only to loop back in the same loan processor who had no idea what he was doing. It was very difficult to get a hold of anyone during this whole process.

It took four months for us to get any sort of answers from the bank. They kept saying it was because construction loans take a long time to process. I know the issue was incompetence. The kicker: once we finally received something in writing (they basically refused to provide anything in writing and would avoid our questions) it was all wrong, and none of the numbers lined up.

Still unsure how the underwriter (who had all documentation submitted to him multiple times), the loan processor and the VP-Sales Manager all missed this. Needless to say we walked away. I would never refer Citizens Bank to anyone and am shocked how they operate. Albany, NY Branch 833 Broadway, Albany, NY.

Citizens Banks: Nickel and Dime with Fees
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Rating: 1/51

DELAWARE -- From the moment I opened a Citizens Bank account, they started nickel and diming me with fees. I applied for a home equity. I had to open a checking and a savings account I didn't want to avoid fees. And then all 3 of these accounts had service fees that had nothing to do with the fact that I was a high-quality loan customer. Minimum balance fees, annual fees, inactivity fees.

As soon as I could close the loan without an 'early payment' fee(!), I did. Closed all of the accounts. 1 year later, I just got a letter saying I owe $10 for a 'dormant account' fee. Ridiculous! But every time, it was not worth the effort of fighting. I'll just go and pay like I did all of the others - even the ones that were their fault. I just want out!!!

Unconscionable Thieves - Do not Bank with them.
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- I have had a checking account with Citizens bank for about 16 years but as of lately have used it only for limited use because the closest branch is too far. When I originally opened it I lived in another state and the branch was five minutes from home. I have my SS Disability checks deposited into the account which I then used to pay my health insurance premiums and other bills. I receive SS disability because I have stage 4 breast cancer.

On July 13 I find a letter in my mail box dated July 9 from Citizens Bank telling me that all accounts associated with my name would be closed effective immediately and that any balances in the account would be sent back to me after August 20. I had called their 800 number on July 9 to check my balance and was told that I had an available balance in excess of 1200.

I then wrote a check on the account and deposited into another account that I have with another bank. When I received the letter on the 13, I called the bank and was told that yes the account was- depending on who I talked to- under review, closed, being closed etc and that they had reversed the check that I had written even though there was sufficient money to cover it (and charged me a fee).

I am then told that if I go to the bank branch to get my money I am not guaranteed that they will give it to me and I will have to wait until August 20 to get it out. I explain that I am very sick and need my money and that since they have already decided that the account is closed and are not honoring any checks they need to give me back my money. I then spend forever on the phone and finally get someone who gives me a code to give to the teller (it is already after banking hours) that they can look up to see that I need my money for medical reasons and to let me have my money.

I then call Social Security to ask them to change my direct deposit and they tell me that I am too late for this month and that the present months payment has already been sent to the bank (but is not yet showing as part of the balance) so the SS telephone agent and I call Citizens Bank and are told that the auto deposit of the SS disability check will not be rejected (in which case SS could have reissued a check), but will instead reopen my account with Citizens and that there is no guarantee that Citizens will allow me to withdraw my money.

I explained that I depend on my SS disability for many things mainly my health insurance payment since I have end stage breast cancer and cannot lose my insurance. No go. Apparently Citizens must freeze my account while they take forever to close it while denying me access to my money. Even money that was not in the account when they closed it. How can this be legal? I am so sickened beyond belief.

Worst. Bank. Ever.
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PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- Let me start by saying, I live in Florida and my parents live(d) in Vermont. My mother and father had a mortgage with Citizens Bank. My dad died 10/23/10 and my mother was in the hospital. I was in Vermont helping with things at that time. Citizens Bank called about payment, I explained the situation (and that my mother would be getting to her financial business when she got out of the hospital). I wrote the check out and had my mother sign it. All was right with the world again.

I returned to Florida in late November, but booked a flight back to Vermont, as my mother was still in the hospital when I left and I felt I needed to get Power of Attorney and take over her bills until she was better. Sadly, after having flown my mother down to Florida (with her money) so I could care for her in my home, my mother passed away 1/23/11. I had to return north to arrange for her funeral and start the paperwork to become executor to her estate.

I contacted the people that needed to be contacted and explained the situation. Everyone was understanding and sympathetic. However, the day after I contacted Citizens Bank a very rude woman called asking for, first my dad, and then my mom. It was Citizens Bank. I could not believe these people! Even after I told her the situation, she was coarse and rude. She told me to fax the death certificates and executor paperwork as soon as I was named.

After returning home, my sister, who lives down the road from my parents' house and stops in frequently, called to tell me on 2/25/2011 that Citizens Bank called and I needed to call them. I did and spoke at great length with **, who told me to fax both death certificates, my driver's license, my contact information, and a note asking what I can do to keep the account in good standing until the paperwork gets through the courts (how customer friendly is that!?!). I did all of that on 2/25/11.

Thankfully, I had received a check from my mother's insurance and was able to pay all the bills due (I am still waiting for the court to name me executor). I paid Citizens Bank's February payment (due the 10th) and March's payment on 3/4/2011.

Yesterday, 3/7/2011, I receive two letters from Citizens Bank, one addressed just to my dad and one addressed to both my parents demanding they contact them within 10 days of the date of letter (dated 2/28/11, mailed 3/1/11) or they would turn the account over to a collection agency! My mother and father never paid these people late and have $8000 in one of their local branches. It wasn't like this was a problem account...not to mention the fact that I had spoken to numerous people there explaining the situation AND faxed everything their employee asked me to fax!

Needless to say, I called them in a rage. I did not call the number on the threatening letter, as it is their Consumer Counseling Dept. and I did not need help with paying my bills...although I will probably need counseling after dealing with these inept buffoons. After dialing and connecting to their automated service, I had to put in my father's social security number so they could "better serve me," and waited for “the next available representative,” ** was finally available.

I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor. She needed the account number I was calling about...thanks for serving me better. I gave it to her and she stated she would take a look at the account. I told her no, that I wanted to speak to a supervisor for the reasons listed above.

After some back and forth, she said she needed to connect me to the 'correct' department and asked what kind of loan it was dealing with (did she not just get the account number?!?)...I told her it was a mortgage. She transferred me to ** the Customer Counseling Dept!

** requested the account number, which I gave her. I told her I didn't need to speak to someone about anything other than the fact that I had notified them numerous times over the phone of the situation and had even faxed over all the things listed above and now I just wanted to speak to someone about the threatening letters and ineptitude of their bank. We had a few more back and forth.

** then told me that they had received the faxed death which I responded that “I knew that. That wasn't the point,” and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor about the things listed above. She then interrupted me to tell me they had received payment (which I had already told her I had paid with the insurance money); I again went over why I was calling and when she interrupted me the 3rd time, I finally screamed at her...asking her what part of, I know they received the death certificates and payments and that I just wanted to speak to a supervisor, did she not understand?!?

Finally, and very condescendingly, she agreed to get one; asking several times if I would mind being put on hold...each time I told her that would be fine as long as I would be speaking with a supervisor. After about 5 minutes, ** comes on the line and informs me that I have contacted the wrong which I tell her, "No, one of your employees transferred me here!" She then tells me that this is the auto loan department (but, ** told me it was the Customer Counseling Dept?!?) and she would need to transfer me to the mortgage department and to please bear with her and she would supply me that number as well, in case I needed to call back.

She was stumbling over herself because she was lying through her teeth...and, after more hemming and hawing, starts to give me an 800 number, which I finished for her because it was the number I had called initially...she then ignored what I had said and asked to put me on hold to get the number.

When she came back to the phone, she gave me an 877 number (877-754-7366) and was mumbling something about everyone still thinks this department deals with all email had been sent out, but she guessed not everyone had read their which I responded that that was why I was calling...information given to that bank seems to fall into a black hole. She then tells me she will transfer me to the correct department.

I'm on hold again waiting for, "The next available representative". Finally ** answers. She asks for the account number. I calmly give her the account number, my name, and that I'm calling about my deceased parent's account. I also inform her that I have already spoken to ** as well as numerous other employees on different occasions and I am just trying to talk to a supervisor.

She asks if I can verify who I am by giving her my home address, phone number, and last 4 of my social security. I tell her I have faxed all that information to them and she should be able to see my parent's death certificates and all the other things I faxed and to put a supervisor on the phone. She then says she would just like to get a few bits of... I finally just told her that I would contact my lawyer and hung up.

I have not dealt with one employee there that gave me the confidence I was dealing with a professional business. They are a waste of space and as soon as the executor paperwork comes through, we are paying off the mortgage and pulling all my parent's money out of their bank. I can only hope my parents insured the mortgage against their death...which might explain why they are so eager to put a loan that has been in outstanding status into a delinquent status for a payment 15 days late.

Citizens Will Drop You Like a Fly if You Learn to Fight Their Fees
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NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Summary of Experience: Branch customer service is good - but corporate office eventually ruins it. Placing your money with Citizens Bank is not a safe bet; e. g., my fiancée and I made a deposit worth thousands of dollars: this deposit was returned by no fault of ours. When the deposit was returned we were assessed a $10 fee, which we paid. We had also spoken extensively with our branch and phone banking service and made sure to correct the problem in less than 24 hours by depositing the returned amount in cash.

Despite this, the bank's "fraud" department closed our account - even after all the evidence of our acting in good faith to correct a problem we never caused. Our ChexSystems record is now soiled with an "account abuse" item based on an event which we addressed immediately and was not our fault - the branch gave up on helping us and succumbed to the corporate decision, which was based on partial information. Citizens Bank is as problematic as Bank of America. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CITIZENS BANK.

Branch service is initially good - but eventually the corporate office will ruin it - quite unjustifiably too. The branch will make the effort to work with you and most other branches have friendly personnel too, but they struggle as mediators between customers they are trying to keep and a bank corporation eager to assess fees unfairly whenever it can. After many months of working well with us - and in some cases going out of their way to help us as customers - our account was closed by way of a unilateral decision on their part.

My fiancée and I deposited a check for thousands of dollars. This check was returned by no fault of ours. When it was returned we were assessed a $10 fee, which we paid despite not being responsible for the returned deposit check. Over the course of the next 24 hours my fiancée and I spoke repeatedly and consistently with branch employees as well as phone banking employees making sure to understand the repercussions of this returned deposit (to find out, for example, how payments coming out of our account would be affected, etc.).

We also spoke at length of how we could correct this issue immediately. Within 24 hours we re-deposited the money in CASH. We left the bank relieved that this problem was taken care of only to find out a couple of days later that Citizens Bank had frozen our funds - we could not withdraw a penny - and that the account was scheduled to be CLOSED. Shocked by this, we called the branch, the phone bank service, etc. and received conflicting feedback: everyone but the branch employees ascertained that the branch could correct the problem.

The branch insisted that they could not do anything and seemed eager to close the account and stop speaking to us - there was no intent to resolve an obvious misunderstanding. The corporate Citizens Bank office, specifically a "fraud" office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had flagged our account as fraudulent simply because a deposit that we made was returned by the bank it came from. There was never any recognition of the effort we made immediately to resolve the matter nor did employees at the local branch acknowledge this effort.

At the corporate level no one ever accounted for our effort, in good faith, to fix the problem by depositing the cash amount the account was now missing due to the returned deposit. Citizens Bank has now soiled our ChexSystems record with an "account abuse" label - something that is most definitely not merited in this case. We had NEVER had a check deposit returned and we took care of the problem by replacing the returned deposit with an equal amount in cash within 24 hours.

When we spoke with the branch it was like speaking to completely different people - there was no human element whatsoever in their effort or conversation and we left baffled that the bank had made this decision, treated us like delinquents, and moved swiftly to clear us out of their system - all while damaging our ChexSystems record with an inaccurate picture of what happened and a partial account of the story.

DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CITIZENS BANK - they are as problematic as Bank of America and by the admission of at least one employee we spoke to in the course of this event they are getting worse. The online banking system is also very deceiving - you will never really know what your accurate balance is because they take days and days to post items against your account: many of these items are hidden fees and this is most likely by design and meant to catapult you into a nightmare of fees.

For your sake and the sake of your hard-earned money, please don't feed this monster of a corporation. I am a pro-business, pro free-market conservative Republican and I can admit that this company has gotten out of hand in abuse – I cannot stand by their business practices. We should not have "account abuse" and fraud all over our ChexSystems: Citizens Bank should have that all over their customer reviews and ratings.

Citizens Bank's SCAM Operation with Overdraft Fees
By -

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- On Monday evening May 18, 2009, while out of town, I knew I had to get to a computer to add funds to my account as I had several small debits coming in. I knew I had enough to cover 12 out of the 13 incoming debits. I unfortunately never got to a computer to transfer funds. BUT, what I did NOT realize until Tuesday morning is that Citizen's “practice” of debiting accounts is NOT, as I thought the smaller debits all paid first, or even as they are posted, BUT “intentionally” from LARGEST debit to smallest.

Now, when I called Citizens I was given the canned response that Citizens does this to “help the customer pay for their most important payments first”. WOW! Thanks Citizens for knowing so much about ME and what is important to ME! What a nice company, looking out for their customers… And, YOU'RE WELCOME for the SEVEN overdrafts which you just profited over $270 on.

And get this, on May 19, 2009 my last 8 debits were all under 10$ but of course didn't clear because Citizens overdraft system was sure to deplete the funds with all the higher debits FIRST. Resulting in SEVEN $39 overdrafts for debits under $10

Now, such a comment from Citizens is of course nonsense and we all know WHY Citizens has “designed” their overdraft system to post HIGH to LOW. At least while inquiring at Bank of America about the overdraft policy they were honest enough to admit the “real agenda” of banks employing this sleazy tactics was to increase their bottom line with overdraft profits.

And, I am sure it has added a nice revenues increase to your bottom line. But, I must say it is quite shameful that this “hidden tactic” is being employed against Citizens customers. I can assure you if most people were asked about this they would have no idea HOW the overdrafts policy works AGAINST Citizens customers. Unless, they get to read about such a scandalous experience it is pretty much a hidden policy. I am sure it must be buried in the checking account terms and condition in the 3pt font, somewhere on page 5.

And, to top it off before I knew what happened I charged $6.80 for Chinese food, but with Citizens $273 overdraft charges I was as a result $208 negative (because they charged my account and THEY made my account negative), they charged me ANOTHER $39 overdraft fee which would have cleared had they not charged my account $273. The scary issue here is probably 90% of Citizen Bank customers (and other Bank's customers) are unaware of the details of these seedy overdraft tactics.

I may have to bite the bullet and lose over $300, while I take time to move all my personal business accounts to a more reputable, respectable bank. But as Congress is just now debating the unethical fees being charged by credit card companies, I will do my part to make sure they are aware of, and hopefully also address these unethical “overdraft” practices. Is it illegal? Surprisingly no. Is it disgraceful, immoral, and shameful? Unquestionably! The days of personal relationships with your banker are OVER. It's just a computer program ready and waiting to suck your account dry with the slightest opportunity.

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