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Processing Transactions on a Closed Account
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HALIFAX, MASSACHUSETTS -- I opened 2 checking accounts and an IRA with Citizens Bank in Halifax, MA. Over the past few years, the mistakes had gotten to the point where I had to check my personal account as well as my business account to find the errors made, call the bank and have them corrected. Long story short, I ended up closing my accounts, and going with another bank.

I received a call a few days ago from Citizen's Bank regarding some charges that were processed (against my CLOSED account) and was told I would have to visit the local branch, which I did today. I explained the situation to the robot behind the counter, who simply kept repeating, "when you have a pre authorized debit set up, we honor it." Apparently, the changes to my new bank information from PayPal did not 'go through' and they went to Citizen's for payment.

I had a credit submitted for a returned product on the same day I closed my checking account, so, without telling me, Citizens re-opened my account and started processing transactions against my overdraft protection. When I explained that I had closed the account, I got the same answer repeatedly about the "pre-authorized" debits. As I explained to the teller, I wouldn't "authorize" a transaction on a CLOSED account because that would be FRAUD.

I have to contact the "manager" tomorrow to see what he says, but this has been an exercise in frustration, to say the least. To have a bank re-open a closed account, instead of sending notification to the companies looking for payment that the account was CLOSED, is ludicrous, and almost seems illegal. If anyone can advise just WHO oversees banks, and their operations, I would be very appreciative to know that information.

In the meantime, STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM CITIZENS BANK AS YOU CAN. Go with a local Credit Union, or anywhere else!!!!
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trmn8r on 07/31/2012:
I believe what you describe is standard practice in banking. I had a credit automatically open a closed account, and subsequently earned a monthly maintenance fee, etc.

I contacted the bank and had it corrected. A few months later the same thing happened.

I believe you will find out this isn't improper, though I admit it seems like an odd practice. There must be a rationale for it.
CrazyRedHead on 08/01/2012:
I went through the same thing with SunTrust a long time ago. It took them 10 years from when I closed the account to tell me about it.
leet60 on 08/01/2012:
As trmn8r said it is a common banking practice. Additionally it generates fees for the bank against your account. Part of the issue is the person who is paid the debit is using outdated information (if you updated them with the new account) so they also hold some culpability in this matter.
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They billed me for .07 cents!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- I had made a payment of $8000 towards my Citizens Bank credit card. Shortly after that payment I mailed what I thought would be my last payment - $265.00 using First Class USPS mail. The $265 payment was $1.43 more than the balance I owed on my statement. My payment was mailed in plenty of time before the due date!

I waited two weeks then checked online and noticed the bank still hadn't processed my payment. So I called and was told they hadn't received my check! The representative I spoke with blamed the post office then advised me to wait another week. I did. In fact more than a week went by then I finally noticed my payment had been processed! Two weeks later I received a statement in the mail from Citizens Bank regarding my credit card account. The statement said the account had been closed. It listed the previous balance($263.57), the payment I had made ($265.00), no interest fee, but an unexplained fee of $1.50. Since I had paid $265.00 on the previous payment and the balance at that time was $263.57 the difference was 07 cents owed after the unexplained $1.50 fee! The statement also stated "If we do not receive your minimum payment by the date listed above, you may have to pay a late fee of up to $39.00 and your APRs may be increased up to the Penalty APR of 29.99%."

I mailed a check to them the next day using Return Receipt this time to have proof of mailing! If Citizens Bank takes another three weeks to process and post 7 cents to my account I will contact the proper authorities to file a complaint! I've grown tired of Citizens Bank fees, their ways of delaying payments and them diming me to death!
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User Replies:
Alain on 04/25/2012:
If you need to file a complaint, you might find this web site helpful:
Starlord on 04/25/2012:
The power company once billed us for one cent. On the sheet letting us know they said if it was not paid immediately, it would be turned over to a collection agency.

tnchuck100 on 04/25/2012:
Starlord, I can see a collection agency champing at the bit for a crack at your account. LOL!
Anonymous on 04/25/2012:
When I worked collections, I called someone who owed something like 3 cents (don't remember the exact amount). I thought it was ridiculous so I waived all late fees and wiped the account clean.
Starlord on 04/25/2012:
One time, when I was collecting taxes, I had a mobile home that the tax bill was just over a dollar. The owner was a lady in her eighties, so I put the amount in an envelope and turned it in. A week later, there was an envelope on my hook when I got to work. She had repaid me for the tax payment. I did this because the County Assessor had just forgiven a 16 million dollar tax bill on helcopters that I really wanted to bring in for the county, but I was supposed to seize this old lady's trailer home for just over a dollar? Tain't funny, McGee!
NOTGUILTYURHONR on 11/27/2012:
$16 MILLION forgiven?sounds like corrupt county assessor was paid well to "forgive"an amount like that.there should be an investigation there
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Deceptive business practices
Posted by on
CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND -- Citizens bank convinced me to use their Platinum Credit Card. My complaint requires some basic understanding of how credit reporting and credit worthiness works. I had the card along with others for almost 3 years and used it often with a $30,000 credit limit. I never missed a payment and had nearly an 800 credit score. My issue started when I had charged $16,000. I paid off $12,000 in 6 months leaving a balance of just under $4,000. One payment was paid late do to an admitted error with Citizens Bank Checking. An admitted error ! After paying off $12,000 of $16,000 in 6 months, the late payment which was 1 day late caused Citizens bank to "re-evaluate" my credit worthiness. Why was it one day late you may ask ? I pay everything two months in advance to avoid missing anything. After years of this policy I had this one slip through though it was an admitted mistake by the bank. The Citizens Credit Department took my available credit and adjusted it from 30,000 to less than the balanced owed. This effectively did three things... lowered my available credit, increased my debt to credit ratio and reported a major account as being over drafted. This in effect triggered a cascade effect with all other creditors who effectively did the same. Over the course of 10 days my score went from near perfect to really bad. To be fair to this forum and process, I had made a purchase of a home two years prior but my credit score had rebounded by the time this incident took place. Citizens bank response when I informed them that it was ilegal to lower a credit limit to below an amount owed was to keep charging me late and overdraft fees until the balance was lower. The kicker is if you close the account... your score drops even more. The really funny part is when you call the bank they completely remove themselves from any affiliation with the Credit Card division and forgo any responsibility what so ever. I took my money out and put it in a local credit union. Not only did they give me a better rate on a car, they are just so pleasant to deal with. Final thought... that comercial where they open a door for a customer early.... it is B. S.! It has happened several times where I show up 5 minutes early and the guy states "I cannot open its a security issue !" Go figure.
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Anonymous on 05/18/2011:
What a mess :(

The good news is that even though they "re-evaluated" your credit worthiness due to your late payment, they most likely didn't report it to the bureaus. Most credit card companies report 30 days and over so that one-day late probably didn't affect your score.

The debt ratio will repair itself once you have paid off the last $4000. There really isn't a delay on it, you pay the balance down and the score shoots up immediately.

You can't really pay a credit card two months early. I don't understand that part so maybe it is at the root of whatever problem you had.

It doesn't look like there is any long-term or permanent damage and I hope you have a more satisfactory relationship with your new credit union. Sounds like Citizens is a skunk.
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Good Riddance
Posted by on
I am in the process of leaving Citizens Bank. I was a customer at a local bank 20 or so years ago. It was acquired by another bank, which was in turn acquired by Citizens Bank. So I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been a Citizen’s Bank customer, but it’s been years. When I opened my account, I arranged for an overdraft line of credit. When you go below 0, it automatically credits you the money, and you pay it back, just like a credit card. I only use it at Christmas time and vacation time and it’s always paid back in a month or two. Yes, I could use a credit card instead but to me this is easier.

Citizens Bank is now charging $10 each day that there’s a transaction to use the line of credit. This service used to cost nothing. It costs the bank absolutely nothing to provide – it’s an automated transaction. In fact, they get to charge a high interest rate to people using it.

When I went in to talk to a Citizens Bank employee about this, she had a condescending attitude, which is pretty much the attitude I've received any time I've had a problem with them. She acted like the bank did me a huge favor to loan me the money. WRONG. It’s no different than a credit card, and I have excellent credit, with credit offers in the mail every day. I'm paying them quite the interest rate as I borrow the money.

Right after my experience at Citizens Bank, I headed to my local credit union and opened a checking account with overdraft line of credit. I asked them about their service fee for using the overdraft line of credit – and of course, it’s ZERO -- all you pay is the interest. By the end of the month, once checks have cleared and automatic payments have been redirected, I’ll be out of Citizen’s Bank completely. Good riddance.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 02/15/2011:
the new banking laws changed everything. did you verify this once the laws changed? my bank sent me a notice of the changes.
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Citizen's Bank... Should be Closed Down!
Posted by on
After all these years with them... they do this!?
Paid incredibly ridiculous overdraft fees... even when it wasn't my fault.. I signed up for a "FREE" checking account... they charged me a dollar for reviewing my account at an ATM... which put me about 60 cents overdrawn on the next check that went through....
Recently... after complaining about the "NEW" fees that were going to be charged to my "FREE" checking account... my account was closed, without my permission... and that was even after telling them I "still had a check out..." and automatic withdrawals for the gym and my insurance... not knowing my account was closed... all hell broke loose.. and now cost me $500.00 off my limit on a credit card for being late with a payment.... because I had no bank account to make my usual payment with... Then I had to wait for the money to be returned to me via the USPS.... the West Springfield branch... I was running late... and the, I believe, the bank manager was there...was getting Spanish lessons from another teller... leaving me standing there with a look of disust on my face... They saw my impatients... and my fustration... and continued their little word game... asked how my day was...when I finally got to the teller.. I replied..."LATE!"... and was then greeted with a "TSK" and rolled eyes, from a snotty teller... and was informed I could have used the ATM... I explained... I need to put the money in so I could avoid bouncing a check and paying ridiculous overdraft fees... the mouth (I believe, manager>) replied..."That's TO BAD".. so sarcasticly.. I left before I said another word...
I have NOT been back to that branch and have stopped shopping at that Stop & Shop since that altercation. He should be Fired!
I owned a business for almost 10 years....and have been in retail ALL my adult life... had a loan through them which I paid off early... and when I complained... I was at the bank in a Stop & Shop... (in Holyoke) I never swore....raised my voice or anything... all I said. was "This is how you treat people after 10 years of loyal service?"
I NEVER treated a customer like this.... NEVER!!!I will be looking into filing a lawsuit... and joining the class action suit against them....
If Stop & Shop was smart.. they'd start proceeds to get rid of this bank... I like Stop & Shop but will no longer do any business with them unless it's out of the comfort of saving gas and/or being avoidable... except W. Spfld... I will never shop there again... !
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/15/2011:
There is a lot going on in this complaint - too much for me to comprehend. It sounds like things kept happening and then the dam burst open. Good luck with your new bank - I assume you will be changing.
Anonymous on 01/15/2011:
When you keep an account on the brink of bouncing checks all the time your bound to bounce one.
jktshff1 on 01/15/2011:
throwback, say that 3 times fast:)
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Worst Bank In The World!!!!!
Posted by on
Citizens Bank is without a doubt the WORST bank in the world!! They enjoy nothing more than charging ridiculous fees at every opportunity!! The overdraft policy REALLY gets me furious!! Recently I had 5 checks presented for payment. I had enough to cover 4 & most of the fifth. Citizens chooses to pay the largest check first because (according to one of the not too helpful agents)they think that would be the "most important" check. By doing it that way, the other 4 checks were paid & I was hit with $148 in Fees!!! The latest way that this awful bank is gouging people is to charge people without a Citizens bank account $7 to cash a Citizens Bank check. I wrote my son a check for his birthday & when he went to cash it thet said there would be a $7 service fee. RIDICULOUS!!!!!
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User Replies:
Kurizumaru on 01/08/2011:
You could try going into your local branch and talking to the manager there. I'm with a different bank, but have had a similar situation due to unforeseen circumstances and the branch Managers are usually pretty helpful no matter what bank I've been with.

The check fee is pretty standard for non-members to cash a check at any bank. PNC does the same thing. You're better off taking it to your own bank and depositing it instead of cashing it.

Good Luck!
MaggieMcT on 01/08/2011:
If you write checks that your account can't cover, I wonder how you expect the bank to know which ones are most important to you? The best solution is to be careful with your register.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
You knowingly wrote a check for money you did not have and you expected them to be cashed so that only one would bounce? Just about every bank would do the same thing. The only answer in not to write checks for more money than you have. Simple.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
As usual, the bank huggers will consistently fail to acknowledge the real issue. It's not the one overdraft, it's the re-ordering of transactions for the sole purpose of maximizing the penalty against the customer.
SteveWiginowski on 01/08/2011:
Your son was charged a fee because he doesn't have an account there. Think of it this way. You write him a check for $100. He goes to a bank and cashes it. A day or two later, when the money goes to clear from your account, they find out that you only have $5 in your account. The bank just lost $95. They would probably charge you money because it didn't clear, but what if you were done with that account and never used it again. They lost money.

It's the same reason why when you put a check into your account, you can't cash the entire thing until a day or two later, unless you have enough funds in your account to cover it.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
Steve, that was very weak. It's a check drawn on that bank - they have INSTANT access to the money.

It is just greed - plain and simple.
yoke on 01/08/2011:
The OP spent more than was in the account. The bank did the favor and allowed the largest check to clear thinking it was the most important. Are we to believe the largest check was written last?
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
yoke, "most important" didn't have a thing to do with it. It is GREED. Nothing more. Nothing less.
trmn8r on 01/08/2011:
As usual, the bank haters fail to acknowledge the cause of overdrafts is the depositor's failure to keep track of their balance. I had my second chargeable overdraft in my life about a month ago. I blame myself 100% - my explanation is that my attention was focused on a legal matter. The other overdraft was due to attention focused on the loss of a family member.

It never occurred to me in either case to blame the bank.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
See? trmnr8r misses the point too. The overdraft itself is NOT the issue!
trmn8r on 01/08/2011:
I've never gotten any point in my life. I'm such a loser. Where's a suitable length of rope? I just can't go on this way.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
Don't take it so hard. It's just conflicting points of view.
Nohandle on 01/08/2011:
I don't have any rope but do have an extra long extension cord in the storage room. Would that work? I'm teasing you!!
yoke on 01/08/2011:
chuck, it is not greed. The OP spent more than they had. When the last check was written the OP knew there was not enough funds and wrote it anyway. At what point was the largest check written?
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
I agree that people should not spend more than they have, but WHY do banks kick the consumer when they are down by changing the order they are processed. Chuck is absolutely correct on that point. THAT is greed!
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
yoke, IT'S NOT THE OVERDRAFT THAT IS THE ISSUE! Why do you refuse to see that?
jktshff1 on 01/08/2011:
tnchuck, I understand that the overdraft is not the issue, but the way the checks were processed. Seems as if largest to smallest is the way most banks are doing it now. The order the checks were written in as well as the specific times the bank received them is not known and probably never will be. This is where the overdrafting comes in. If you don't have the money(and apparently the op knew that), don't write the check. Now, that's not hard is it?
As far as the charges, when people sign up for a checking account, they are given the fees, charges,rules etc, that the bank charges up front. High and outrageous, yes. Let the buyer beware.
momsey on 01/08/2011:
So should the bank cash checks in the order that will cause the least number of overdrafts?

I still don't see why anyone should care in what order banks process debits. If you have enough money to cover, it doesn't matter.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
jkt, yes, that is the way most banks do it. Much to the detriment of their account holders. Many credit unions process transactions in the order they are received. ie: No reorder takes place.

That does not avoid overdraft fees when you write more checks than you have money to cover. But at least the credit unions do not crucify the customer to the farthest extent their imaginations and the law will permit.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Do not rob Peter to pay Paul.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
momsey, if you ever experienced the result of reordering because you made a mistake you would then care.
Nohandle on 01/08/2011:
I had an employee who formerly worked at a bank and she could tell you exactly how it worked. One elderly customer she took aside and gave her some tips. The customer was not trying to cheat anyone, nor was she ignorant, rather.. counting on her deposit being in her account BEFORE she wrote her checks. She had no idea the bank was holding her deposit for several days. The employee fixed that for her at no cost then or in the future. Some do have the authority, believe it or not.

Yes, banks in fact can re-arrange the order checks are processed. Who are they to decide what takes preference? They aren't doing you any favor. If you go out and write a boatload of small checks and the big one bounces then look in the mirror or change banks.
madconsumer on 01/08/2011:
"I had 5 checks presented for payment. I had enough to cover 4 & most of the fifth."

so you knowing and admittedly wrote checks for over the available amount in your account.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
madc, you too are failing to recognize what is at issue here. He knows he over drew the account. That is NOT what the complaint is about.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Chuck, what precipitated this, the banks know.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Banks are not your friend. It is an uneasy alliance much like the lion lying down with the lamb.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Banks are not my friend, cash in my pocket is.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
I agree, hothead.

Oh, and I pay everything through my online bill pay. Everything is scheduled to go out and does. I haven't had the misfortune of making a mistake (yet, but it could happen). If I do make a mistake and there is not enough in the account to cover the auto bill pay, the transaction is not processed and I do not incur a fee. That is how my credit union works. I don't know how it works for the banks.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
JISCal1, my credit union just decided to start charging me for online bill pay. They hit me (charged me) for a month before I noticed. I do not get paper statements from them, nor did they email me of this change.

Now, that is $5 gone. And I'm pretty ticked about it.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
I would be ticked too! I will have to double check my statement to see if there is a charge on my account. Thank you for the heads up. I'd give you a helpful vote but my stars were forfeited. LOL
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
hothead, that sounds so out-of-character for a credit union. Not to say it can't happen. If it were me I would pack my bags (money) and go elsewhere. Many local banks are still customer oriented.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Oh, I forgot to mention. It doesn't matter that I don't use this service with them. They just started charging every account holder.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
NO WAY! hothead, are you kidding?? That is BS and I'd tell them it was!
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
If Mr Smith has $50 of your dollars and you can get $30, then $10, then $5 & $5, then $4, what would you take back first? Barks are not belivent associations, they are a business to make money. If you don't take out more money than you have, then you will have no problems. What is so difficult to understand?
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
A bank or credit union is/was supposed to be someplace safe to keep your money. They want more.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
throwback, let me turn the question back to you. It's not the overdraft. It's the re-ordering to persecute the customer.

What is so difficult to understand?
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
JISCal1, I am not kidding. How many people are even going to notice right away? It's just $5, right?

What's next? Whatever they can come up with or get away with, legally.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
No one should be surprised that banks are charging new fees. It is an effort to pick up revenue lost from new regulations. We knew that was coming when plans for new regulations were rolled out. The only plus, if you can look at it as such, is that it will create greater competition among the banks as they look for new ways to draw in customers.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Great, ript. Draw in, and bend over the table?
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Right. And what if that $5 fee caused another transaction to bounce. It could happen. Who would be responsible then? They would blame the customer because the information is buried on their webpage somewhere. I call shenanigans!
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
Personally I reconcile bank statements and credit card statements every month. I spot check every day. Not one cent would slip by unnoticed.

You can bet the bank will not let a penny slide either. And given the opportunity the bank would parlay your one cent error into a $39.00 overdraft fee. Further, if possible by reordering transactions fleece hundreds of dollars from that penny.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Hasn't been my experience yet hh. This lamb keeps a wary eye on the lion and makes sure it is well fed.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
Not yet.
yoke on 01/08/2011:
chuck, the issue is the overdraft. The OP wrote checks they could not cover. Who is to say that the largest check was not written first. I get what you are saying, but the consumers have to take responsibility for their actions.
Nohandle on 01/08/2011:
I don't do online banking but do believe my primary credit union charges $5.00 a month for that service. I'll have to check into that to make certain, but I think it's clearly stated. I will say that credit union does not charge for checks and also provides paper statements at no additional charge.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
yoke, you don't get it. Probably never will. In the years you have been here I don't think you have ever understood the reordering issue. You remain blind to the fact the OP is not upset about an overdraft but the number of unjustified (I did not say illegal) overdrafts.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
I have an extremely hard time imagining that someone purposefully writes checks that they can't cover. Stupid me. That said, I don't do it. It's simple. Should I be penalized if I do?

Banks are taking advantage of the fact, nay, the hope, that I might.
yoke on 01/08/2011:
chuck I do get it. I wonder if you do. If you write checks the funds should be there that way you never have to worry about reorder. The ones that complain about reorder do not have the money to cover what they spent. This OP admitted the funds were not there.
jktshff1 on 01/08/2011:
Good point to my reply way up there.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
yoke, I got to hand it to ya. You just keep reinforcing the idea you are not understanding how banks can take a small mistake by a customer and convert that into a windfall of profit by transaction manipulation. And to top it off you seem to think the banks are the best things since sliced bread for doing it.
yoke on 01/08/2011:
chuck, the OP did not make a mistake. The OP admitted to writing a check knowing the funds were not there.
I don't think banks are the best thing, we use Credit Unions.
Anonymous on 01/08/2011:
To file a complaint about a bank, you can go to the website at the link below. This is a Treasury Department site. This particular link takes you to the FAQ about Overdraft Fees.

Everything the OP and others have brought up is addressed, though none of the answers, I believe, will appease the OP in the slightest. In a nutshell, the onus is placed on the consumer. (E.G.: "If you feel that your bank's account fees are too high, do some comparison shopping for your banking services.")
FlShopper on 01/08/2011:
Banks are not friends of the consumers and will go out of their way to gouge them. However, the issue in this complaint is neither the overdraft nor the reordering of checks. Someone had only enough funds to cover 4 out of 5 checks. Did the bank exacerbate the problem by reordering? Yes. But none of this would've occurred if there had been enough money to cover ALL the checks. Personal responsibility has to come into play at some point in these situations.
tnchuck100 on 01/08/2011:
Yes, the OP caused the problem. The bank made it worse.
momsey on 01/08/2011:
Chuck, I've overdrawn before. I blamed no one but myself.
CrazyRedHead on 01/09/2011:
In my opinion, if he would have had enough money in the bank to cover all of the checks he wrote then they all would have cleared and there would have been no reason for the bank to reorder them. Yes, the bank made it worse, but he started this mess by not having enough in the bank in the first place.
madconsumer on 01/09/2011:
some people will never see writting checks for more than is available in the account is actually theft.
Anonymous on 01/09/2011:
A good gambler never bets against the house.
skelly39 on 01/10/2011:
I'm with tnchuck on this one. Think of it this way: the bank says they are doing you a favor by paying the largest check first. Then why, oh why, do they pay the other checks as well? If they were going to pay all the checks, why not pay them smallest to largest? Because they want to squeeze the consumer. Mistakes happen. That's the checkwriter's fault. Accounts are pillaged. That's the bank's fault.
tnchuck100 on 01/10/2011:
skelly, congratulations on your very accurate assessment. Few have ever realized the bank is paying them all anyway. Largest to smallest means nothing in that regard. The ONLY purpose is to maximize overdraft fees.

It was refreshing to see another financially savvy individual.
raa68 on 06/11/2012:
I agree with the banks should not put in largest to smallest, I opted out of there overdraft protection cause I didn't want them to let me use more than what is in my account. I for one do not overdraft purposely but sometimes if you live pay check to paycheck not all of us have lots of money or cushy jobs so that we don't incur their stupid fees. If its my fault I don't care to pay the fee's. but in my situation there was a check out there held for a period of time I knew I didn't have enough to cover so I got what I could to cover it but still fell short. my avail. bal $544 in my account check was $624. instead of incurring 1 fee which by rights I should cause its my fault. I incurred 4 fee's why? not because there were other pending transactions but because transactions that were already cleared and posted on the online they took those transactions reversed everything large to small and charged me 4 fee's. those other transactions were not checks either. do you think that was fair of the bank? to repost already cleared transactions just so they can collect more fee's? I don't think that was fair, I also don't think that was my fault...I have had citizens for over 10yrs and what banks they were prior never had issues with nsf fee's as I have since 2009 and I never blamed them at first but now that I go online everyday to see what cleared and I copy and paste my online transactions each day so I can see how they rearranged the post, I have had transactions cleared and post with a positive balance and seen where they re-post to and actual different day. Example: I had items that cleared and posted on 5/29 with possitive bal. and then reposted on 5/30 large to small causing negative balance and incurred $ fee's all because of 1 pre-auth check came through that was given as pmt months ago just came through that I forgot about so I don't get to pay just 1 fee as I should I get to pay more because of their reposted - then the bank tries to tell you what your seeing posted online is not really cleared and that includes deposits... so I should never assume anything cleared and that my available balance they show is really not my available balance which is what the bank said to always go by and I do and I still get screwed over.
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Citizens cancels the service (my gift cards) and has the nerve to keep charging a service fee!
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RIVERSIDE, RHODE ISLAND -- I have an ongoing problem with Citizens Bank gift cards. The bottom line is this: they cancelled my two active gift card before their expiration date, but they continued to charge me a monthly 'service charge' for these cards, cards which were no longer in service. When I complained, they refused to reimburse me for service charges on the out of service cards. Doesn't a service charge mean that you are paying for a service? If Citizens cancelled the service ( i.e. use of the gift cards), how can the service fee continue to be charged?

I am just as angry about the very poor way I have been treated. Citizens could have made it easy to find out that the cards had been deactived, but they did not. I used the card and it didn't go through at one business. Odd I thought, so I tried a second time, different place, a few weeks later. Still no luck. I went to the website, typed in my card info, and all looked fine ( i.e. there was money on the cards). Figuring my website verification might have activated something on my cards, a few weeks later I tried a purchase again, and still no luck. I tried the 800#. There was no option to talk to an operator, and pressing 0 did nothing, but I keyed in my card info, and the system said there was money on the cards. I shopped again. No luck again. Back to the 800# to do the optional card registration, figuring this might solve my problem. I was surprised that this option lead to a human operator, who told me that citizens had cancelled the cards.

I was sent checks for the card balance LESS card service charges. The 800# person gave me a Massachusetts Citizens bank address to write to for service charge reimbursement. I wrote. Citizens ignored my letter. They didn't even respond! Am I not worthy of a response? I emailed Citizens customer service. They said they couldn't help me, but gave me an address, this time in Atlanta, to send yet another letter to. I did so. Once again, I never got a response! I am pretty shocked at this. Is this the practice now, to just ignore letters from customers? I wrote to the places Citizens told me to write to, and they just ignored me.

I didn't give up though. I wrote to the head of Citizens at their Providence HQ and I actually, finally, got a response. It was a short letter saying that Citizens was just following service charge policy as outlined in the gift card rules they had attached to the letter. They presented no justification for charging a service charge for cards that they had taken out of service, nor did their gift card rules address this situation. What I felt even more disappointed about was that Citizens HQ did not offer one word of apology for ignoring both of my previous letters, when I had sent those letters to the very people Citizens told me to contact in order to resolve this issue. Ignoring a customer letter once is bad enough, but twice is pretty rotten, and then failing to apologize when I told them about this says to me that the people at Citizens HQ care very little about their customers.

I know I share blame, as service charges don't start until the "13th month after issuance". I got the two $300 giftcards from my siblings. It was their way of thanking me for taking care of our 92 year-old mother as she needed 24/7 care, and my job had been outsourced to India, so I had time to do so. To be honest I felt guilty taking money from my siblings to take care of our mother so I just had a hard time using the gift cards. Weird, I know, but it didn't sit right with me. I did use one of the cards once, but after that I just put them aside.

I lost $45 in service charges ($2.50/mo for 9 months, on two cards). The 800# person told me that Citizens cancelled the cards on 6/3/2009, and I got my check, less service fees, in December 2009. Of the nine months of service fees, 3 months were while the card was active, and 6 months (June through December) are service charges on cards that had been put out of service. Those service fees bought me nothing but bad service! They made it so difficult even to find out why my cards were suddenly not working, and they expect me to pay them service fees for all this aggravation. It is beyond belief to me that Citizens would, when I have repeatedly presented them with these facts, all the way up to the very top of the corporation, would not make things right. I am really very surprised how little they care about doing the right thing for their customers, and it is obvious that this poor attitude is prevalent at the very top of the corporate ladder.

I am left to again ponder the question in Citizens online ads: “Is this how you define a good bank?”
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tnchuck100 on 10/18/2010:
In my opinion gift cards are nothing more than corporate fine print to collect money from people and give nothing in return if at all possible. Sometimes inadvertently. Sometimes by design. But it works for them. Very profitably. Ignoring customers is another profitable thing for them to do.

They have definitely shown you that you mean nothing to them.
FrankOfBos on 10/19/2010:
Thanks for the supportive comments, and I agree with you 100% on gift cards. Actually ignoring customers: well that one is a new experience for me, but apparently that is what Citizens Bank does, at least some times.
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Rip Off Artists
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I wish I had read these reviews before I gave them 15 years worth of Mortgage Interest. Let me start by stating that I was 18 when I opened my first checking account with Baybank (now Citizens Bank) and have had some issues in the past but not enough to make me leave. I married and my husband and I have had a joint checking account and savings with them for our entire 18 year marriage. We have direct deposit of our income and I use the on line banking almost daily. We took out a home equity loan and then last year paid off this loan with a full mortgage refinancing through them. Having the Home Equity load qualified me for gold checking with free checking and overdraft. Little did I know that CCO Mortgage (Citizens Bank) was 'not the same company' even though I went to their branch office and did all the paperwork off their letterhead. This means I was no longer a gold member but no one informed me of this. About 5 months ago, out of the blue, they started charing me $17.50 a month service fees. When I asked why, they stated the above and that I was no longer in "fee free" status.

Having used the Automatic payments on line to set up every bill I pay (to get the Green Fee Rewards), I requested my mortgage be withdrawn from my account on the 12th of the month, knowing that my paychecks would be in that day. They paid CCO Mortgage with a hard check mailing it out on the 10th and cashing said check on the 11th, a day early causing a $37 fee overdraft of my account. They then proceeded to charge two additional fees of $37 for a total of $111 for a $5.95 debit and a $17 Debit because "They can clear all the days charges in whatever order they wish." REALLY??? bunch of rip off artists. When I called and told them that the check was requested to be withdrawn on the 12th I was told that they clear checks when requested and that the date on my check and/or the date of my automatic payment request mean nothing.

They do not take this into consideration and since this was not Fraud or a bank error, they would not consider reimbursing me any fees. I then asked about the $17.50 checking fee to see what they would say. I was told that I only needed to ask that my mortgage be tied into my checking and then I would be eligible once again for the free checking and the Gold Member (which has overdraft protection). So I asked why I was not given this automatically as a service without having to ask for it and was told that they do not offer it, only give it when requested but that she would reimburse me up to two months worth of fees or $35. BIG WHOOP. I paid $17.50 for 6 months and was charged $111 and the supervisor acted as though she were doing me a favor by giving me the $35 back. What a joke this bank is not to mention the hours on the phone I spent talking reps and supervisors, all who gave me the same generic answer. One pimple faced kid "supervisor" even told me he knows how I feel. This was not the right thing to say to the recently unemployed mother of two who was just screwed our of several hundred dollars.

Boy did he get an earful for saying that! Sorry Johnathon but perhaps you will not say that to another customer unless you truly do get it! I will be taking my business elsewhere to one of several smaller banks in my area who come highly recommended. No wonder why big banks are in trouble! Maybe everyone on this feed should consider filing a 93A Action against them to see who they feel getting charged triple damages like most of us have!
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acntlaw1 on 01/24/2011:
It looks like you should take them to court. They appeared to have breached an agreement.
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Citizens Bank Has Special Rules for Those Special Customers
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BENNINGTON, VERMONT -- On October 2, 2009 My Social Security Disability direct deposit hit my checking account. On this same day a check that was reported to be lost from my old landlord in March (Which I replaced with a bank check) was cashed. I only found this out when I needed to get more insulin (I'm a type 1 diabetic and I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Slerosis) Well I couldn't get my insulin because I my account was overdrawn. I called the automated system and found out that my old landlord had cashed this stale check. I called claims and told them about it, and dealt with my local branch of citizens and the claim department. I was charged $681 dollars for bouncing the checks that I had out there, and for being over drawn. They would not even refund me the money for my insulin. Now this all happened 5 weeks ago, and I got smart today and called the Bennington VT Citizens and asked them there policy on cashing a stale dated check, I was told that they wouldn't cash a stale dated check at all, if it was over 6 months old it would not be cashed. This customer service representative even checked with other tellers and was told the same thing.

So now I called the claims department figuring that I was actually helping them out. I was told that someone else was now handling my claim. When I spoke to him he told me that he couldn't tell me anything because he had just received a letter from the OCC today that I had filed weeks ago, and I would have to wait until the middle of next week for his letter to get to me. I was so mad. Now all of this stress has caused me to go into an acute flair with my MS and then I had a reaction to the Solu-medrol and was hospitalized for three days (just got out today).

Well I decided to call back the Bennington VT Citizens for some more clarification. I spoke with the branch manager and he actually told me that he knew the person who cashed the check (MY old landlord that I have not rented from in 3 months I might add) So I asked him if he cashed the check himself and he said now he didn't. I told him what his teller told me about not excepting a stale check, and he told me she was new at her job, so she wouldn't know all of the rules, well apparently all of their tellers are new, because she verified her information with the other tellers and they all said that they would not honor a stale check. especially a stale check that was a starter check. Funny how the Branch manager can contradict what his own personnel say and do. SOMETHING FUNNY GOING ON HERE! Well needless to say, this check has caused me a lot of trouble, I have had 2 trips to the ER, 4 new medications, and then I had 3 days of Intense Solu-Medrul infusions, including having a bad reaction to the first round. I'm not even out of the flair yet, so more is probably on the way the beginning of next week, not to mention the infusions wreak havoc on the diabetes and kidneys. So far this fiasco has caused me over $8900 in hospital fees in addition to the money that the bank has charged me. But I still can't get over how the Bank Manager in Bennington VT knows my old landlord, and knew to tell him that he could cash the check, and he would look the other way.

I wouldn't do business with this bank. There commercials show them going out of their way for there customers, but I find that they go out of their way to make money everywhere they can, even if it means taking advantage of the disabled, and basically stealing their Social Security Disability funds that are supposed to be used for housing and feeding their families. DO NOT DUE BUSINESS WITH CITIZENS BANK, THEY WILL ONLY STEAL YOUR MONEY ANYWAY THEY CAN. PLEASE THINK TWICE!
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dan gordon on 11/06/2009:
I think you need to sue the landlord in small claims court for trying to collect twice. The bank isn't going to be responsible.
goduke on 11/06/2009:
Agreed Dan. The checks go through automatically. There's no way that they see the date on the check.
CSD on 11/06/2009:
I would think that the landlord would be more at fault here. And you also stated they didn't even refund you for your insulin. Why would they pay for your insulin?
Donlord on 11/07/2009:
First off the check was cashed by a teller at the branch, The stop payment had just gone off the check 2 weeks prior to the stale check being presented for payment. I was told by the head teller at the bank that they do not cash stale dated checks, it is their policy, especially a starter check, which is what this check was. And as far as paying for my insulin the reason I did not have the funds in my account is because when the bank posted this check, they posted it to my account before posting all of the smaller debit, and credit transactions that happened on the same day, hence they could get multiple $39 dollar fees out of me instead of bouncing the one check and letting all of the other transactions through. So Citizens Bank chose the way of posting these items that all happened on the same day, and some happened a day or 2 before this check, but the bank choose the order in order to make more money on my account. I don't think that I was asking to much for the bank to refund at least some of the funds in order for me to get my insulin and other meds. You have to remember that the money that goes into my account is from Social Security Disability, so if you really want to take it one step further the bank fees were taken from me, and basically everyone else out their that works and pays into Social Security. after all its everyone who pays. and when you don't get things like insulin and you are a type 1 diabetic, you end up in the hospital, and who do you think pays for that when you are on social security disability and you have Medicare?? If you said you do, then you are right? because Medicare is the insurance that is billed and every working American pays into social security Medicare to cover health expenses. So basically by Citizens Bank not help with reversing some of these super inflated fees to my account, it made it so that everyone had to pay part of my meds, and every time a bank is uncaring, they everyone pays. Just my point of view. Also I was not asking for the check that was paid by the bank as that I understand now is a civil matter, but the bank could have a heart and could have stopped charging me the overdraft fees so that me and my family could have gotten through this tough time, but they choose not to. Well one last thing, over the course of these past five weeks without any help from my bank, I have decided to sue my old landlord, not only for the fees of the bank and the check, but also for 2 trips to the ER for emergency meds, and MS Flairs. Then I had 3 days of Solu-Medrol treatments for the MS Flair, and I ended up having a bad reaction to the first round, and needed more meds to cover the reaction. I may end with a 2nd series of infusions this week if things don't start to improve. So so far the lawsuit to my old landlord is over $7800 dollars and that does not include pain and suffering, that is just bank fees, meds for the flairs, ER visits, Dr. Visits, and treatments.
So like I've said before, Beware of Citizens bank, they do not have a heart like their commercials show, in fact maybe I should sue them for false advertising. Sorry for how bad my typing is, but it just a reaction to the drugs at the moment.
goduke on 11/07/2009:
Your remedy is against the landlord. He's the one who cashed the check which had already been replaced by you. Why aren't you upset at him?
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
can you file a police report against the landlord for stolen money?
goduke on 11/07/2009:
Pepper, I believe the police are going to say it's a civil matter, as its probably that the landlord found the check, didn't remember that there was a replacement and just cashed it. There's a pretty strong civil remedy though, and the consequential damages will also come into play. The OP would rather go at the bank because it seems like they are rich and it would be easier to get the cash from them.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
good point. only other thing I can think of is a lawyer then
Soaring Consumer on 01/23/2010:
If there was a stop payment put on that particular check why was it allowed to be cashed? Something is fishy about this situation.

Since the damages resulting from this are over $5,000 a lawyer may be needed for a civil suit.
Donlord on 01/24/2010:
A stop payment put on a check is only good for 6 months, if you want to keep a check from being cashed then you must reput on the stop payment. This is Citizen's bank policy, a policy that they do not tell you about. A check that is over 6 months old is considered to be "Stale" and shouldn't be cashed.

According to the Bennington VT branch where the check was cashed, I was told by the tellers that they would not cash a "stale" check. I then found out the the branch manager is friends with our old landlord, and the branch manager himself cashed the check.

Our old landlord banks with Citizens Bank, and instead of depositing the check into his account, he cashed the check. I believe this was done so that he could insure that they bank would not pull the money back out of his account.

Why is it that a branch manager would cash a check for a special customer, then when questioned about it he would lie and tell you that the teller's were wrong about bank policy. I could see if it was only one teller, but all of the tellers at that branch? That is very fishy!

I spoke to other branches and all of the tellers that I spoke to tell me the same thing, "they would not cash a stale check". So why did the branch manager in Bennington VT do it for our landlord? Maybe it was because he owed him money? or maybe it is because our old landlord is also a dentist and he needed some dental work done? who knows, all I know is that Citizens bank will rob you blind if you don't keep an eye on your money.
acntlaw1 on 01/24/2011:
You could argue that the check was not cashed in good faith.
yoke on 01/24/2011:
I would go after the landlord. Even if the landlord found the check 6 months later he would have had to have known the tenant made good on it. I can't think of a landlord that would allow a tenant to go past 6 months without paying a months rent.
Something is up with the landlord and bank manager that cashed it. The bank should be liable for all that they bounced.
Anonymous on 01/24/2011:
Edit - just realized this is a 2 yr old complaint
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Stealing money!
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DERBY, NEW YORK -- I have been a banker with Citizens Bank for over 5 years, Today I have been robbed of over $300 from this pathetic excuse of an institution! I balance my checkbook daily and have done so in order of when purchases and charges and checks are made. Today I went to check on my account online and found that I was over drawn over $150. I had a balance of $4.35 this past Monday. I had also made 2 deposits on that day in the amount of $350 total. I check my account daily and have done so all week waiting for the deposits to clear. Today when I saw the over draft charges I called them to see what had happened. I was informed that a check was cashed that day at the end of business for $50. I was aware of this payment and knew I would have an overdraft fee. They took that payment and put it ahead of every other thing that had already gone through that day causing me 4 over draft charges! And that made my account completely off from what it should have been. The checks I deposited cleared and I covered the charges but the new charges on my account caused my account to overdraft again. I am divorced mother of 3 and have very limited resources and they have stolen my money! I will be writing reviews on every available website and newspaper until everyone knows not to bank with them... they informed me that it is there policy and they are not willing to work with me even though I have been a customer for over 5 years... I have direct deposit so I will be losing my pay for this week and will then empty the account and open a new one at another bank or credit union because after my research today I have found that credit unions are the least likely to steal money from you.
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skelly39 on 10/29/2009:
Look, everyone by now has to know that the biggest item clears first. That's how they get money out of you. You knew you didn't have the money and chose to overdraw your account anyway. Now you have to pay the consequences. The banks want your money and will use any legal means to get it. You agreed to that when you opened your account. If you don't want to pay your bank, don't overdraw your account. Otherwise, know how your account works and accept the fees.
Skye on 10/29/2009:
I think overdrafts should be done away with. Banks get rich off them, people don't know how to use them.

Stop spending money you don't have, and relying on overdraft protection. It can be done.
PepperElf on 10/29/2009:
I'm assuming the "no overdraft" idea means they can't spend money if they don't have it then

tho bounced checks might still incur fees
cos some companies charge you extra if your check bounces
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
They're not stealing your money, they're just taking what you are giving them. Learn how to better manage your money and you won't be falsely complaining that you are being stolen from.
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
Banks have been doing this for a while now. If you've been a customer with them for 5 years; it's not something new.
yoke on 10/29/2009:
The bank did not reorder your checks or debits. The bank cashed the check for whoever you wrote it out for, that came out right away. They could have embarrassed you and said there was not enough to cover the check and the person you wrote it for would be upset with you. What you did was spent money you did not have in your account hoping the check would not get cashed until the deposits cleared. You lost the float game.
JR in Orlando on 10/29/2009:
You had $4.35 on Monday. You should not have used that account at all until those checks cleared. If you had 4 overdrafts and the $50.00 was the highest, this means you are using a debit card or checks for small items. The closer you are to zero, the less able you are to use the convenience of a debit card.

Get only cash out, and pay cash for things in the future so you do not have this problem again.

Repeat: balance - deposit - checks clear - then spend
AMANDAACKER on 10/30/2009:
OK first, I knew I had to overdraw because my kids came down with the swine flu and needed the meds, second I have been with them for years and never overdrawn my account! I know how to manage my money things happen and it's nice to know that the company I have been with for so long that I have 3 accounts with can't work with me once! The smaller amounts had cleared and then they put in the 50 the following day. and put it in as if it went first... Ask any accountant and they will tell you clearly that when you balance any ledger you do so in order of transactions not biggest to smallest... I have found several other posts on this same problem... I have also changed banks today and found that while yes most do do things in order of largest to smallest... they all have a one or two time forgiveness policy.... After over 5 years of having my money with them they could have and should have been understanding... had I been a a customer that overdrew often or even one time before I would understand them not wanting to work with me... this is about morals and keeping long term good customers happy... now my kids college fund is with a credit union as well as my savings and business checking.
jktshff1 on 10/30/2009:
Methinks you answered your own question.
JR in Orlando on 10/30/2009:
And its "moral" to intentionally take more money from your bank account than you have, regardless of the reason. The fact you think this version makes you look better, shows you should spend some time thinking this through. Negligence is one thing. Deliberately doing something is much worse. Then you have the gall to complain about the bank's actions. Its like the murderer complaining the police put the handcuffs on too tight.
sarsly on 12/16/2009:
Come on now, how much do your employers pay you to come here and defend those poor, helpless little banks?

Yes, banks most certainly do reorder transactions to maximize fees. Happens all the time. If you can't understand how that is reprehensible and just plain slimy, you lack empathy, ethics.... something.

Extreme profit shouldn't happen on the backs of the poor. I'll even go so far as to say it shouldn't happen on the backs of the financially stupid, either. If a customer screws up and overdraws an account, they should suck it up and take the charge... but the reordering banks due to transactions in order to intentionally charge a CUSTOMER three, four, five overdraft fees in one day is disgusting. PERIOD.
PepperElf on 12/16/2009:
we work for the banks now?
cool. just 2 days ago someone swore I worked for winn dixie (tho I've never even been inside one!)

apparently we all are holding down at least 5 jobs each.
it's a wonder we even have time to pee with all of those jobs.

as for the banks... there's nothing wrong in planning your finances out carefully
I'm sure as hell not rich. I am just extremely careful in what I spend my money on
and I make a point of depositing money into the account and NOT TOUCHING IT until I see it's present.

too many people spend like crazy without thinking
until they get the overdraft fee and the shocker

and then it's everyone else's fault for it
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
"but the reordering banks due to transactions in order to intentionally charge a CUSTOMER three, four, five overdraft fees in one day"

Which is a bunch of bs.
If people would properly maintain their accounts via check register or Quicken or whatever instead of just relying on what it tells them online because online doesn't show everything... it doesn't matter how they order the transactions... because, in your book, the money is already gone. It's simple math. It's not a hard concept.
Brian Faber on 03/09/2012:
Almost 3 years later and this is still occurring with alarming frequency. For some reason completely beyond me, my mother still chooses to do her banking with Citizen's Bank. They do this to her several times a month. She has been making deposits with ample time in order to cover her expenses, yet Citizen's Bank routinely moves later withdrawals ahead of earlier deposits in order to cause over draft fees. In the last two months alone this has occurred over 12 times totaling a loss of close to 2,000.00 usd.

How is this legal?
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